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SwcoIt violetal
w , Tho ail man could make only one
ip lat Monday. .
,J udgo Norton will hold court 'in
AHiwmpbau next week.
The p>pulation of the world is
- aibout 1 ,QO0U,000.
M. Miles Singleton's family who
have ieen sick are improving.
MAL. J. J. Wakelin, of Central, was
T nith in Pickens last week.
\WBI uome gentleman, from Augus
nd us a shad, prepaid, packed
oil i.:0~
't oo the quantity of guano rolling
on'. froim the depots, cotton is still
i your horse's teeth ever need fil.
0 just put a file in the trough and
b a gnaw it.
; canary psets lonesome, just
ve a looking glass. Who could
h 'f."ing a canai'yl
Th: biting, beautiful, miserable,
*ey, .ushy snow, that disappointed
because we could'hot go.
1m veek Rev. A. S. Lesley tied
., *; for Miss Minnie Martin and
Mr Join Sadler, of York county.
Dr. J. D. Cureton has been recoin
.ro ' for reappointment to the
tSupervisor of Registration.
G. WV. Singleton who has
ite sick with the grip for
f.wo weeks is able to be out
u ,me thief entered the kitchen of
;. . F Mlorgan one night last
1 'tnd stole the sausage made
-me hog.
3. F. Robinson'q friends will
to know that he is much im
a health and strength. He
e a severe spell.
-eported that Collector Townes
*ired the position of raiding
to L. W. U. Blalock, of Gold.
urens county.
jade Cox left last Thursday
.shington, D. C., where lie ex
:o obtain a position ic the gov
It printing department.
.James E. Hagood, Jr. informs
..it the snow in soine 'places
n Easley and1 Pickons was fromma
eight feet (not inches) deep
indonmitable Frank White had
'render to mud and slush Itist
y, and talk to the Pickcns
aants at long taw over the tele
t Saiturday, Chaus. II. Deere, of
, put up twenity-live 11,000
s security for the appeariance of
* as W iman. Deere is the ather
of Wiman's son, who is quite
poor man in Atlanta got in
au ewslocated adovertaken
ret-e wives. WVhere will his
les end
.Thomas Blrown , who came
North Carolina about six~ monthe.
died suddenly, near Doc Alean
on Eastatue, on the 21st ult.
was a good mian 'and a bright
* n.
a the 23d uIt., Savage Tren
icommitted suicide at Flat Rock,
SHe was p~brother of W . L TrenU
iwho was Cleveland's first Comup
er of the Treasury. No cause is
ir. .John .JamisMon, whose death
p~ublishedi last week, was a hfre
iher of Kehvee Lodge, which coni
iber of Bates Lodge, as THIC SEN
L manm supposed.
dispatch to the State dlepartmenit
& .ashingtoni last Satuirdaiy in forjner
-etary Gresham that lion. 1% i1.
*L. 'A ihson is very sick of typhoid
rat Guadalajara, \lexico. 1ie is
ng way from home to he soh sick.
here is no beef license cf force in
town of Pickens, so if there are
among the neighbors who haive a
beef or mutttoni, theLy can put it
-ur mearkiet under the infloence of
trade. ,1 ust so you all do not
.k at once.
'he smioot hest and prettiesmt bicy -
riding of a whle year was enjoyed
2the plowed fields and through
woods last Tuesday umorinmg. Anl
~halt pavement was not a circum
* . ice. The only thing you had to
b' areful of was to keep out of the
i.he Rev. R. A. ( hild, the newly
cinted pastor of the Chester Mo
dist church, is making a favorable
. arcssion andl is gaining influence in
community by his forcible ser
*ne and his fine social qualities.
hough in the pulpit only four
rs he already takces rank among
~m.prominent and aicceptaible minis
s of his church.-Newvs andl Courier.
F'hn Butler Guards' Minstrels, of
Seenville, S. C., gave a performance
at Easley last Friday night to a small,
6 appreciative audience. On ac
mt of the exceeding cold weuather
'I the small number of performers',
ho entertainment (lid not come ny1 to
unir usual Greenville rep. But
iAlnager THaynes informed the audi
r'iee that they wouald soon give an
iter that would eclipse all forumer
Once in a while you see men and
Sinmen who use ill feeling andl preju
~e for a tonic, even if they have to
'ot for it like a hog rooting for chui
s. Then thev abandon the tonic
~.ature, gorge themuselves with it and
ecomie corpulent. Otherwise they'
If the snow does not hurry away it
will be recovered.
The Advocate, of Auderson wanto
an April. convention.
J. T. Johnson, of Laurene, will
run for congress again this year.
Mr. E. E. Mauldin defied the snow, t
slush and mud and came to town v
Rev. W. 0. Seaborn was in town
last Monday to attend to iniportant
The rabbit fraternity has been 4
considerably $hinned out during the
recent snow.
Rev. J. Bjoyd, presiding elder of c
the SpartalUtrg district, died sud.
denly ou the 25th uit.
Wilton, a son of M. F. Hester has ft
been quite sick with fever for three b
weeks, but at this writing he is con
Jury and witnesa tickets will be t
received at par for subscription to s
THE SENTINEL, as also any audited a
county claim.
Court convenes next Monday, his 3
honor, Judge I. D. Witherspoon pre- e
siding. I he witnesses for the State g
should be on time. b
Conductor J. H. Baburn, of the e(
Greenville and Columbia, was acci-- c
dentally killed at Greenwood on the
morning of the 25th ult.
A Presbyterian elder trudged
through snow last Sabbath to school N
and said he found it three feet deep b
in some places- the snow, not the S
school. te
A substantial, new bridge has been a
placed across Rocky Branch, near il
IVolf Creek. Thus the drains be
tween Easley and Pickens have been
recovered. .
*Quite an exciting auction sale took b
place last Tuesday morning on the m
front of the old court house, in which c<
E. F. Looper fiigured prominently as fa
auctioneer. ij
Look at the figures of our dispen l
sary on the first page. We have
nearly a hundred thousand dollars in
profits, which we will now proceed to o
offer for sale at regular prices.
Cholera is getting into herds of At
swine in Oraigeburg county. One w
farmer, among ruany other remedies, S
tried concentrated lye. lie says it is pl
a sure cure; it does its work after the t
hog is dead. ci
Win. Wright, colored, has filed a ai
suit against the Pickens Telephone
Co., for $500 damages. He had the '
misfortune to break his leg while cc
stretching the wire bet;ween Easlev "
and Greenville.
On Fridav, the 23d. there was but il
0110 passenger in the first-class car tj
from Greenville to Easley, and lie had a
a pass. Conduct.or Rosenberg saiid ti
it was the first timie in his recollec- ti
tioni that usuch had beeni the case. -
In the case of the Sta~te vs. Symmes
for killing William Gary, the supreme
court has filed its dci~sion coilniinug y
the finding of the circuit court. The
p~riso~ner was senteoced t~o three years
in the penitentiary without labor.
As our new postmaster, R. A. Bon~ - 01
eni, is determined to be as popular sI
with his patronis as is compatible with ie
fidelity to his trust, he is now selling at
thirteen two-cent, stamps for one h,
cent and a quarter. We guarantee P
none of the auti crowd reports him. (I
Jo ;eph Talbert, late postmaster of hi
Ninety.Six, was convieted last Satur
day of the illegal sale of stamps, and
finied $50-paid. There were several
other' counits in the bill, but he wasli
convicted only on one. He was de
fended by Cothran, Wells, Ansel &
Tlhere are singing schoo>ls, grammar4
schools and ~ritinig schools, but
Greenville came to the front las.t4
Monday withi a stove school. Mir s
Clarke isi the teacher, and the sessions.
will be held in Gower's hall. Tire
pupils will be allowed to play doll at
the recess.
Miss Lidie Fslger, who has been
visiting relatives anid friends in Pick.
ens for. the past three weeks, returneo
to her home in Easlev la'st Trhursda' .
You ntedni't feel too bad about it,
Easley is only-eight miles away, and
hias perfect . telephone connection 4
with this place.4
Tf.m (Calmes, who iL.chiarged wit.4
iling Hlenry' Fisher- and WV. H. Paris,
near Campobello, last November, wa
eapturedl near Mineola, Texas, an 4
is now in Spau-tanburg jail. He was.
in jail in Texas, charged with theft,
under the name of Johnston, but he
preferred to come ba1ck here and be
tried for murder, so lie informed on
The followving citizens of Pickens
county havn been drawvn to serve on d
the grandl jury for the August term ni
of the U. S. court at Greenville: S. A
Hi. Brown. 11. A. Richiey, JIohn P. J
Lesley and J. II. Newton. On the -
petit jury: James Cureton, Pinckny a
Barton, Rt. E. Bowen, W. H. Thomas,
WV. M. Hester, J. L M. Neely, WV
D). B. Allgcood and 11. B.- I endrick .
Nutwood is the champion living
trottinig sire and surpaessed by only
one0 dead, Electioneer, it is a roeason.
al1)1e certamfty' that in the near- future
Nutwood, who is still alive and vigor
ous, will lead all sires, living or dlead.
He has now a!.out 120 in the 2.30
list. Nutwood is the gran~dsire0 of
the handsome colt,Broad Rook, owned
by the Pickens and Easley Live- Stock'
Some anonymots corresp~ondlents of
the Abbeville Press and Banner de
sire to r'evive interest in the Carolina,
Cumnberland Gap and Chicago Rail
road. That is a very back number. 1
but an improved condition of the
country will require a line uinder some p
Mr. R. B. Byars, the popular Pie
ins caterer, will serve hot lunche
)to., in the masonic building durit
ourt week.
W. B. Allgood was in Pickei
donday. He hopes the antis w:
ake the advice of the Greenville Ne
md stay on the fence.
Dr. Frank Austin has our than
or an invitation to' attend the con
nencement exercises of the Atlant
)ental College on the 5th inst. D
Lustin will receive his diploma, an
ve notice that he has been honore
vith the presidency of the gradnatin
The blizzard set in towards Pihol
na iast Thursday; the wind changin
bout 10.30 a. w., and itcontinued t
low from the east until Saturda
vening, it brought the snow whici
egan to fall atout dark, and by mid
ight it was four inches. * It was o
I2i frisky northwestern variety and
emed to have a search warrant fo
imething hid in every garret covere<
'ith shingles or boards. All da3
abbath it came bias from the north
ist accompanied by such a biting
%le, that nearly all the wires of socia
ility in Pickens were snapped. Bless
I was that hearth which had suffi
ent light and comfort for all thosi
hose toes it warmed.
The Lockhairt Shonls 111ls.
ot only your Charleston readers,
At your readers throughout the
bate and the South, are intensely in
rested in progress, especially in cot
n manufactories. The building of
larger mill at Lockhart Shoals,
Union county, has begun, and a
)od deal of work has been done un
3r the direction of Col. C. D. Farrar.
lie foundations of the mill have
wn built, and 1,70,000 bricks are
ade ready for building. Seneca be
mes interested in this mill from the
ct that one of its livest and most
fluentital citizemi, Mr. John (. Carey,
d been named in connection with
imp rtant and responsible office
the company. There was an in
rinal tmeethig, or rat her coinference
some of the largest stokholders at
>artanburg last \% ecek. ( apt. J. II.
ontgomery and Col. C. D. Farrar
are present in the interest of the
uthlie- stuckhiolders, ad Mt. St.
ien Greene represented Eastern in
rests and Mr. Carey. It was de
ded to imake Mr. Carey treasurer
I general ianager. The Felection
Mr. r 'arey is proof positive that the
ork is to be. pushed to a speedy
rnpl i- an. Another important trani
,tion that will also prove interest
ig to the stockholders was the re
action of $20,000 in the price of the
iill property. Whuile Seneca regreta
)at Mr. Carey's push and energy
ee to be transferred to aiother see
on, still he has the warinest ngra
dlations of hiis frienlds at hiome
-News and( Cour ier.
Mirs. Cloeeanxd's Beataty.
She has matu red intoL inagnificenmce,
amn not mnaster of the airy vocabu
ry of fem-de duds, buIt I saw her a
iperb, womanly vision, clad in sin.
e white of fine texture. giriihed
ily with diamonds. I reenil her
ender, sylph-like figure of the eight
s. when she was a bride and a win
me fatiry, an~ I thei contrast shows
or now ripened inito a splendid anmd
urfect womanliness, transcedent in
Lat inidescribable chiirm of mother
iod that brings beaultiful women to
weir' best in phlysical attraction I
mnnot remember ever having scen a
madsomer woman than Mrs. C leve
nd is now. -Col. I W. Avery, ins
tlanta J ourna~fl.
ivil Enginer and Smuvoyoi
Greenville, S. C.
Special atttentioni given to Sub
vision of land, Tering and es cti
ation of Waiter Power. Oflice 88i
[ain St., over Feltoni's BIook Store
Eu2. InooJ. i , unav
* 1,. C. TuHolni.:r.
41VERY, FEED) and
(Opposite Hloteln.)
Carriages, nuigglesi and saddle H~orses at RCA
'nable Ita tes. Your Patronage solicited.
The railroad hqa not yet comec to Plckes, bt
- e,i in peaking diatacec of the raI~lroaf
T -W -(
For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer it with THJ
SENTINEL for one year for $1.00, clut
bing subscriptions to be sent to this oilic
and accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable cml
bing propoRition is entitled to enter TW1
PHIZE CONTESTS, sending his guess
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contes
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offer4
size of the co)tton) crop of 1893-4, now I
ing marketed, and award to be made
sooD as the New Oricans Cotton Exchan:
announces the ofilcial crop figures. *4(
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the croj
$200 prize for second, $200 prize for thirt
$100 for fourth, $100 fcor fifth.
Crops for recent years have b'een a
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1881
6,935,082; in 1890, 7,313,726; in 1891
8,655,618; in 1893, 0,700,865.
In addition to the above every clubbin,
subscriber can enter our combination
Supply the missing word in th~
following sentence:
We find a serious error i
the navy of to-day to be thi
.........height of our cruiser:
ONE FOUR l'H of the net sul
seri1'lion receil ts of th. se enterir
this contest will be divided amom
hose who supply the correct word:
11he blank in the above sentene
Thus, if there rre $5,000, one fouri
would be $1,250. If tan supply tl
correct word, each would receive $12
if 100), each $12.50, &c.
Both~ of the above contests fi
and inaddition to
For the Price of Oru
Hans a circulation of 156,000, and
vors Tariff Reform, an Individui
Income Tax, and the Expansion<
the Currency to a degree sufficient
meet the legitimate business deman.
of the country.
It covers the newvs of the worl
every week, having news correspdn<
ents in all the news centres of ti:
We offer you THlE PICK
To begin
trade and r
have never i
position am<
counts. We
can for them
been in some
to come forw
your help, at
and give you
We have
Coffee and I
Plows, Plow
Tools. We I
will sell them
Come to see
E Now for Irish Potatoes, On
ions and Garden Seeds, Flow
er Seeds, Gariden Hoes and
Rakes, Elbow Grease and
Vim. That's the way to "gi
Ladies call in and see ou
new lot of Baskets, Willow
Lunch, Market, Fruit, Vegeta
ble, Han-per, Feed and Fane
-d Baskets.
,". Hat Racks, Coat and IHs
as Hooks, Trunks, Satchels, an
'0 all kinds of house keeping
I, gools and useful .articles,
Call in and look at our goods
-W. T. Mc FALL,
Notice is hereby given that the
jolicies of the Farmers' Mutual Firn
[nsuran~ce Association wvill not takt
.'feet until the 1st day of May next
['he delay is caused by sickness ani
o mnfavorable weather for the eigenti
o canvass the cosmtv.
.J. M ST'EWItT, President.
Ig caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat
rent business conducted for MODERATE FEE..
Li remote from Washington.
Send model, drawiang or photo., with descrip
C. tion. We advise, If patentable or not, free of
charge. Our feo not duo till patent is secured.
A PAMPHLTg "H ow to Obtain Patents,'' with
coaset ofsae iddrthe U. S. and foreign countries
0380 0-0
Abrecentdisoryb ano
-ndcnsi plae yfaru.isunk osol u
ent os Ab fO.nd of
and o"iabmedicie diua
Nsyer ioaoo unroiple
al eposbedruggistsWootrSfr
macye in '93lyco t. As oeOO' or
Sths i osy e totte fyr frnd oril sneighb
[S-ld In icrke n ad e yher tl
all earesosil Drnggss..
cotaylnI nx9na.I. te ags Wel u
s slend 1dlyO gote upN and a de If y
thave ne fve toeencp of it, srends for nean~
youwill ronounc Nt te wiggtan best ew
paperyo WvEredAdEK LY NEWs ,
CstaonIly$g2.en0pe1d0sqarefyeeta. ifake
hvnesena godroo yrs, end fo one an
y wit pon u-nac inbget anost onlyw
paert yoper ead.n i b Adtsr*.0f
Cfsvs gon $2. p lr d qare fe. Wak
'stop leaks in tin or iron roofs, and will has
for years. iRY IT. Send stamp fo
samnples and full nart ,1'
with, we want to thank. our friends for I
>rompt settlements during the past se
ad better collections. There seems tc
>ng the most of our customers to sett
appreciate such trade, and propose to
this year. The few who have stood ba
way hindered from paying us, we a
ard at once and do their best for us'
d you- may need ours later. Pay us wi
r note for the balance.
some Bargains to offer in Groceries.
lour to be had any where. A full ass
Stocks, Plow C Yar, Hoes and other
iave bought these goods lower than
accordingly. Lots of corit and seed oa
Anid stop growlis
No wonder you 1
Hfave you an add
No? Well, peoplc
in bassEiness and t1h
seent hard to YOU
'all and get our
Past an ardd In Th
developnents. 1
will soon Iass am
The Best Shoesa for
the LeaWt Money. I
S3 6
~$5, IP4 a
% $3.50
DEAL.ERS who push the sale of W. L. D
whc heia to aitncrease the saies on their
footwear of the dealer advertied below. Catalogue i
Buist's See
are the Be
We have the
Gard'(enl Seed
G reenville.
have Onion
oilons 2 to 3 ]
OnOHned Brwoose
Grehvll Cilolatt
& CO0.S
:heir liberal
ason. We
be a dis.
e there ac
do all we
k, or have
Lgain urge
We need
tat you can
The Best
ortment of
usual and
ts for sale.
CE & Co.
ug about hard times.
hnink times are hard.
don't know you are
tat is the reason, times
iihile others prosper.
rates on. advertising.
e Sentinel, and await
lard times with you
m Waterproof. Best Shoe sold at the price.
ind $0.50 Dress Shoe.
S %.? s c ing foI m $ to $8.
P I~ jhoe~m3 ftc.Sles.
50, and $2 Shoes,
Unequalled at the price.
oys $M i. hooggl Shos
$, $2.50 $2, $1.75
Insist upon having ,.L
ant price sa ued on
bottomn. Airockton
uglas Shoes gain customners,
full line of oods. They can
n avp pi y ctuylng all your
finest selection of
s ever brought to
seed that wvill raise
)oundEs the first year.
miter Bros.,
Spring Suggies
)Uth Carolina
3h Factory
can buy a Ihomemnade Wagon

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