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Al the marts in the county we
.ozjcwded last Saturday.
. reformer says he has heard
kt deal about ring rule, but in h
.,aent the pre seut one is by a laj
M4. Thomas Welborn has a field
"% that will come as near gettin
. i prite at this time as any in ti
Lose Bowetn, Jr., has been betwee
plow handles this spring for
e( purpose. His cotton lands al
on ready for the fertilizer.
M Artin Bowen has been lookin
.l to his broad bottoms on Wol
Onnr, and barring accidei -3, hi
r;v'jih will be like Joseph's ne , iall.
you want to see ar pretty a co
iere is in the county, you wi
fid;,, it at Rev. Thomas Looper's, an
- lieve he is as proud of it as b
+ -- i have been when he was in hi
0. W. Cox still has a sufficien
-,-.t iIer of bales of cotton to barricad,
inwelf from all who want to tall
Pias or tariff, and his wheat fieldi
-I oon be a good place for rabbit
'ie Pickens. Minstrels will give i
rmance in Easley, S. C., on nex
y night, MIarch 16th. All lov
f good niinbtrelsy and music
dl not fail to attend.
rried, the 11th inst. at the resi
d .~of 'the Bride's father, Mr
'Aas P. Hester, Mr. hIiley P
'e olen to.*Miss Jane Hester, Jas. E
v K)ugbs, N. P. officiating.
. Emps Freeman, the largesi
in Pickens county, has a nicE
Shady place to spend the summei
.a store, and he is in a communi.
*-,here he is obliged to prosper.
r. Joe Findley seems to be
aging and working his farm ir
)etition for a premium. It if
y nestled among the hills, and
; good promise of a rich reaard
r. Payne, who has charge of the
ors place, is striking from the
Ider for success. He has jusi
&shine and a ke-nbing on thal
- tble farm, that promises well t<
n value.
hn Roper is not leaving a stow
rned to work out his own succes:
year. Last Monday he had th<
.aks flying, the glows running an(
log heaps burning all at the sami
.1 of his neighbors know that Bat
Williams has been making mone;
dar Rock. From the way he ha
jed the crop and laid the plans fo
- -A is determined not to fall a whi
..ad the foremost.
T om the,appearance of things o1
'fertile hills around Hon. W., T
en's, he believes that he who b;
ptowv would thrive, must himsel
.r hiold or drive, but laat Monda:
as doing both.
4. be public road up and down th<
- Creek Valley has at last beei
where it will remain for the com
.r enturies. Some very advantage
changes have been made in th<
o blhghway beyond Cross Roadi
e* "ch.
~ev. D. H. Baker, of North (Caroli
-, ill preach at the Baptist churci
reday evening at the usual hour
M.1 trust that a large audience wil
r:.-.t him. He is said to be an inter
S g talker and chiarming singea.
3'hn W. Thomas is reaching ou
a possessing himself of as man
.of the Dacusville soil as he cai
' command, He had about twent:
osa running last Monday, plowini
v'old which he will receive for ici
.u. et next fall.
J .. Ponder's large-farm present
n 'f encouraging and lively see
Monday. The plowman's fur
*vere fast breaking the stubbora
- and his harvest next fall will b<
licious and* prudent mixture o:
oand cotton.
-.James Harris, of Andersor
ywas married to Miss Annm
* on, of Pickens county on the 8L
The ceremony was performe<
v. 0. Rt. Schaffer. Miss John
one of the most beautiful yount
aof the counity, and has the bces
a of many friends..
mnk Farmer is a farmer in fac
11 as name, if one may be allowe<
e 'r anything from the dilligen
".'tion and care which bas bee1
.jwed upon his fertile plantatioi
Sthe head water~s of Woelf ' -eel
ais little chance for a rabii iti
except on the extreme outskirt
SM. Hunt's farm is a valuabi
- ation of making land pay goo
o a, and at the same time in-creaE
rodnetive power. Tlhe arrang<
9 and management of his p~lantl
shows that he appreciates thi
md preservation of good land ?
as the proper treatment of
{oud' horse.
A n extra touch of energy has bee
pm. ipon Dr. Fields' valuable far:
.thi apring. The briars and thistle
he' been routed from many a fertil
'to gia'e room for growth to tlh
i1;t of life, and the very smokie from
burning brush, as it rose an
ao d in the zephyrs, was poeti
prophetic of gn abundant ha
'Yough Rev. D. C. Freeman:
.oing for the church every mont
1 in Laurens county, he still fini
to brush away the winter col
5 from the broad acres which so
.d his beautiful country horn
n ~ , the Pres'ent aplpearance
- o gs, there will be more bushels
. i and pounds of cotton to the ac:
havd'ested from that, place this 1?
Mrs. 1. F. Morgan, who was re
ported very ill last week, is improv- I
re Messrs Jeffries and Pope, of Green- d
ville, paid Pickte a brief visit last m
week, n
is Mrs. W. B. Singletonb who has
. been quite sick for several weeks, is b
improving. -
>f Mr. and Mrs. Joe Looper . are b
g seriously ill. They were much .bettrr h
*e last Monday. I
Jas. A. Steele, of Greenville, vipited I
a1 relatives, friends and " -" in
a Pickens this week.
e Miss Stella Newberry, of this place,
is visiting friends and relatives in
f Gaffney,- S. 0., this week.
s Col. W. E. Nimmons, of Eastatoo, t
was in town last Tuesday, having
t brought a bale of cotton to market.
See the ad of Jones & Garrison in ki
another eQlumn. They have some- di
8 thing of interest to say to their many at
B Pickens customers. de
The county commisioners were in T
3 special sessidon last Monday, and be. bt
a sides other business considered and bc
approved sundry claims. elk
Judge Witherspoon went over to sy
Greenvilie last Saturday. Court con- th
vened there Monday morning, and is on
likely to continue three weeks. th
Uncle Tom Canuon, who is now to
eighty-six years old, has been unable uC
to be about for several weeks.. He to
was considered mor'e feeble last Satur- wI
day. fic
The Richmond & Danville Railroad Hi
Company have erected neat and taste- se
ful section houses on the railroad, by
the Moon place, one mile. east of
Mr. Thomas K. Hudgens is Express
messenger from Atlanta to Richmond J
on the R. & D. His friends thus get
a glimpse of him two or three times a
Clayton Dickso'n has been keeping
the rust off of his farming tools this
spring with elbow grease, and there is G<
'tow no stubble left for the larks to
nest in.
The cedar telegraph poles recently
erected along the railroad will stand
for years and years. They are so
stuck as to keep the centre of gravity
over the base.
Uncle George Alexander, colored,
who lives at old Pickens, is now
eighty-four years old and is not ex
, pected to last much longer. He bas
I been confined to his bed several T,
. Rev. G. W. Rollins, one of the best qt
known Baptist ministers of this see. c
4 tion, died at his home at Forest City, 11
I Friday. His funeral services' were bi
t condneted by his old friend, Rev. C
Thos. Dixon, Sr., of this place.-Shel. at
by Review p]
The many friends of B. T. Mc- Ii
Daniel will be glad to learn that he thi
has received notice from Collector dr
Townes of his appointment as store ar
keeper and gauger. No mention was
made in the appointment of whete ti
he would be stationed.. .
Elias Day has been appointed store. pe
keeper and gauger by Collector
Townes, and pursuant to instruictions
relieved D. T. Bounds at W. J. Pon
der's distillery last Saturday. His
service at this poitt is only temporary
and he will be given steady work at
some other p)oint.
Tbc record at ihe County poor
house for the past year has been a
surprising one. The inmates nowli
~number nineteen, 12 white and 7 col- at
ored, and they are expecting 5 more s
this week, which will swell the list,
total to 24; under thle skillful mnatn
agement of Mr. J. M. Hunnicut, the
farm produces enough to pay all ex
penses of the instttution, and even
afford some luxuries for the inmates.
Everyone who passes tihe beautiful
little farm of Nelson Smith, near Glassv
Mountain, is sure to remark that he i's
a model farmer. Talking about cook
ing schools, Mr. Smith ought to be
superintendent of a practical farming
school. His fields ahwa.ys look like
they were just ready for Sunday
school or a- picnic. Tile terraces are
perfect in* plan and structure, and
they are as perfect in the new groundi
as ttioy are in the old grounds.
J. H. Gregory and wife atrrived
from Florida last Saturday, and at e
stopping with R. P. lamuilton. Mr.
Gregory is a railroad main and had
the moisfortune to get his right keg
fractured just above the. ankle, about
three weeks ago. He tarried at
~Easley long enough to have Dr. R. F.
Smith examine the limb, which he
found to be ini need of an elastic half
hose. Mr. Gregory will remain in
the county until he is again readyU
a for duty.*
Irvin Miller, who is south of Wolf
e Creek on the Greenville road has,
Smade a splendid beginning oni theI
e crop of 1894. His motto is "corn a
plenty, then all the cottonl you can.'
a Tile minstrels last Friday nuight
were a roaring success, and the fun
was mtuchi enjoyed by a full house.
n Easley was well represented by a
n party of beautiful younug ladies and
a httane gentlemen. One of the
e latter could- not tear himself away
e from Pickens until Sabbath.
T. H. Smith, whlo lives at the D: yL
place, two( mtles east oif Easley, is ap
e plying the principles and practices
of intensive farming. Everything
arounid the stately dwelling has
a been put in line and many broad,
hi leve1 acres have been stirred to r< -
is ceive tho fertilizer for this year's crop.
y. Besides the tons of. commercial forttil
r. ize~r which he will use, he has 'a pen1
3. of home-mitade comtpost, which is now
yf fifteen feet high and is still growving.
yf If lhe and the boys are blessed with
.e good health and good seasons they'
.11 wvill make a broad mark ini the farm
. inag.businiess this year,
There is nit a much prettier farm
2 the counnty than the T. P. Loop, r
lace, near Cross Roads. It is still
i flue trimi and Joe Looper seems
etermined to keep it up to the high
tandard it reached under the skillful
isnagement of-his father.
We will lot to the lowest responsi.
le bidder the building of a school
ouse in Hagood's School District,
[o. 88, on the public road, about a
alf uile north of Hagood's mill, on
'hursday the 22d day of March,
394, at 10 o'clock a. m. Plans and
ecifications made known on day of
tting. J. M. Welborn, Chairman.
Mrs. IMamle Bolt.
Death is always sad, but that of
[rs. Bolt, which was briefly men.
ned last weeit, was peculiarly so.
er faultless life, her charming man
wrs and sweet christian temper had
ado the warmest friends of all who
low her. Besides in the economy of
vine love, she occupied the highest
t anost responsible position accor
id to wonian--a christian mother.
ie ]heavenly Father will provide;
it the sweet little girl and dear little
y are bereft of the child's greatest
rtbly boon. They knew their
Aher's heart., and always fAt its
mpathetic throb. Another like,
ey cannot know. Her life. was the
ibodiment and expression of love to
em. There are still loving hands
caress, and kin'd words to cheer, but
no with the penetrating 6ye of love
read their yearning souls. The
'eath of frrgrant flowers--tho sacri
e of a broken heart-upon the new
tde grave spoke volumes to the pas
Smumions for Relief.
lin W. F. Thompson, R. M. Grant,
Robt. A. Thompson, in his own
right and as administrator of the
estate of Ranson Thompson, de
ceased, Plaintiffi,
iorge McD. Thompson, S. Francis
H amilton, Charles Neal, Silas M.
Neal, John W. Neal, the heirs at
law of Abbie Dean, deceased, names,
numbers and residence unknown;
the heirs at law of Dempsey Thormp.
son, names, numbers and residence
unknown; the heirs at law of Re
becca Evatt, deceased, names, nuti.
ber and residence unknown, De
Snmmons forRelief. (Complaint.
not Served).
the Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
iired to answer the petition and
m1plaint in this actionl, which is
trowith filed in the Court of Pro.
ite, at Pickens Conrt House, South
irolina, and to serve a copy of your
iswe& to the said petition and con
aimt on the subscriber, at his oflice
W al hal la Court 1.1 ouse, Sonuth Caro
ma, within twenty days after
e service hereof, celusive of the
y of such serv-ice; and if you fail to
swer the petition and complaint
thin the time aforesaid, the Pfain
rs in this action will apply to the
)mrt for the relief demanded in the
tition and1( complaint.
Dated March 5, A. D. 1894.
Pickens Court House.
Plainitiffs' Attoiney.
J. B.- KNwmonny, [Seal]
Judge Probate,Pickens County.
Notice is hereh* given to the pub
that I will not he responsible for
y dlebts contracted by my wvife Jo
pbine Graveley, as she has left me.
L. (,. ToitansV.
(Opposite IIlotells.)
?arringes, nuggles uand Saddle Horses at Rlea
unable Rtest. Your Patronage solieited.
The railroad has niot yet come to Pitckens, bu
ekens is In speaking distance of the railr'oad
If you are In Eaisley or IIckens and wish to
1k to anyone In the other townl, juIst step, to
e "phone"' and tcall the oneI you0 want.
rologrants prouinp( ly t ransinItted and correct
nas uaranteed. AlI mnessages for P'ickens and
oln Ity promptly delivereLEd NEC
**-Aak for catalogue,
rEnny Mu'Fn n , NAm.LL. E em
For One's Price.
Ve are enabled to offer it with THE
IENTINEL for one year'for $1.50, club. .
oing subscriptions to be sont to this office
nd accompanied by cash. er
Every subscribcr to this remarkable club. it}
Aug proposition is entitled to enter TWO
1HIZE CONTESTS, sending his guesses
or the n
91,000 Cotton Crop Contest b
[n which there are FOUR PRIZES offered 13
for the NEAREST ESTIMATES of the
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now be
ing marketed, and awvard to be made as f
Boon as the~ New Orleans Cotton Exchange
sannounces the official crop fizures. $400 a
[N GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
B200 prize for scond, $200 prize for third, g
1100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have b'-en as
'llows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
,935,082; in 1890, 7,313,720; in 1891,
1,655,518; in 1893, 0,700,865.
In addition to the above every clubbing
ubscriber can entcr our combination
MlliNi 'ORD CONll?
Supply the missing word in the u1
~ollowing sentence: tc
We find a serious error in,
the navy of to-day to be the
....-.....height of our cruisers.
ONE FOURTH of the net sub
4cription receipts of those entering
this contest will be divided among
those who supply the correct word in
the blank in the above sentence.
['hus, if there rre $5,000, one fourth
would be $1,250. If ten supply the
correct word, each would receive $125,
.f 100, each $12.50, &c.
Both of the above conltestB free
and inaiddition to
For the Price of One.
:n! WIKl~T CONIiflON a
Hans a circulation of 156,000, and is
vors Tariff Reform, an Individual
Income Tax, and Expansion of i
thie Currency to a degree sufficient to
meet the legitimate business demands T'
of the country.
It covers the news of the world
every week, having news correspond.
Dnts in all the news centres of thu
We offer you TIlE PICK- It
CONSTITUTION for $1.50 (
ier )'C#r.
To begin with,
trade and promj
have never had b(
position among 1
Ctants. We app
can for them this 3
been in some way
to come forward a
your help, and yot
and give your not<
We have som<
Coffee and Flour
Plows, Plow Stoci
Tools. We have
will sell them accoi
Come to see us.
dvc FAL L'S N
Now for Irish Potatoes, On
ns and Garden Seeds, Flow
Seeds, Garden Hoes and .
akes, Elbow Grease and
im. That's the way to "git
Ladies call in and see our
ew lot of Baskets, Willow,
unch, Market, Fruit, Vegeta
le, Hamper, Feed and Fancy $
Hat Racks, Coat and Hat
looks, Trunks, Satchels, and
I1 kinds of house keeping
ods and useful articles,
Call in and look at our goods. D
V. T. Mc FALL. jv
Notice is hereby given that theF
'licies of the Farmers' Mutual Fint
iaurance Association will not takt
rect until the 1st day of May next.
Lwo delay is Caused by sickness and
ufavorable weather for the agents -
canvass the cunty.
J. M. S'!TEWART, President.
Daveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat
nt business conducted for MOoERATE FEES.
nd we can scpa tentot i less time than tbse
emote from Wash ngton.
Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip
~harge. Our fee not de til paeornt scred.o
A tPoAMLT me" heow to Obtai Patens," wth
ent free. Address,
- ok'sCh ottonlIioot
Arhcentdiscoveryb an od
dfu. lsthoony Defeti sat
anrelaro eiine lscoT
ersaer1sor aBedae d en ectlo
dr. gistwo ofk.r rior14th
Sold in Pickens and every where by
LI respon~sible Druggists.
ma 1 9-1y.
Iewspapers .-. FR EE
SEND) YOUR OWN NAME andI address an~d
oae of five to ten of your friends or naeighabor&
apostal cardl r otherwise and a opy of tim
NTY lA aut. I~tatise ther argest Weekly ptab{
eondidly gotten tup and carefulyced ited. If you
wV ever Neen a COPyoitsedfrooial
por you ever read. Ad e YN E 3
Savannah, Ga
!"fl Roofing a
nets only $2.00 per 100 square fect. blakee
good roof for ye-arn, and any one ca'n ptu:
on. Oumn-Elastle Palit costs oly 61
:ntr. per' gallon, In bbl lots, or $4.50' foi
re gallon tilbs. Color (lark red, Will
)jp leaks in tini or iront roofs, said will lasi
r yeCars. THRY 'lT. 8end stamp fo; a
mples and f~all particularsa.
hum-Elastic Roofing Co.,
and 41 West Broadway, N4EW YORK
l.ocal Agenus Wmut.tn G
we want to thank our friends fo
)t settlements during the past
:tter collections. There seems
he most of our customers to se
reciate such trade4 and propose t
rear. The few who have stood I
hindered from paying us, we
,t once and do their best for us
a may need ours later. Pay us N
for the balance.
Bargains to offer in Groceries,
to be had any where. A full a
's, Plow Gear, Floes and othe
>ought these goods lower than
-dingly. . Lots of corn and seed <
Amd stolp growl
. No ' vonder you
Iave yon ans ad
No? Well, petop
in buusiness and
ueemi hard to YO
tall and get oi
Past an add in '1
will soon Pats.%
Tho Be~t Shoes for u
tho Least M1on 3.
~$59 $4
HI STEui th's.4 Se<
rc e thrae B < aeso h
Ntoslataln rolndWe lieve iln
htave Oniioni
OnIions 2 to
e Hundred Brewstei
The BES~T and C
ver Offered in S
reenville Ooe
We maiike the( lI
'One cad Two Hors
WVhy buty Cheap WVestern WagtonsR When l
that wvIl out laal
-H. C. MIA
& Colls
r their liberal
season, We
to be a dis.
ttle there ac
o do all we
>ack, or have
again urge
We need
vhat you can
Tie Best
ssortmcent of
r Plantation
usual and
)ats for sale.
lAg abouut hard
t[3Ktisi k nne are
[d ii TlE SENTI
Ie donm't limow YoV, are
tIsit is tile reasonm times
U whimlec othlers prospers
to rates ont advertifing.
Isc Senaginuel, and await
1111 tines w'itEi yout
nttom Waterproof. Best Shoe sold at the price.
and $,M0, Dress Show,
alti .%o , (sta ng rm $0 to $8.
Police hoe, 3 Soles.
lIcst \\ ;aikiaag bloc evecr Made.
2.50, and $2 Shoes, .
Unequalled at the price.
Boys $2 $9.75 School Shoet
Ate l ite lr Service.
$3, $2.50 $2, $1.75
ir ful )01ine Ro Stylish Perfect
CENTRgAL, S~o. C.mm
e fluet selec tione of
oTML ON. lloko
D oundas he gfir stoyear.
oth ltet Calinao
'(See boughrt
Sed two.wi
RodLE Prsprietar.
lentr Brosy,

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