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P1" CK1U .N 8 . I ., 8. C.
E.- n10430. A COroprietors
Kateo t Pjckemx,1'ostotve as Second Its
8 n RIPTION PIE, Yearinvara
bly in advance: for six niouth, 76 cents
Advertisenents intserted at one dollar per square
of one inch or less for the first insertion and
niftv cents for each Rubsteient insertion. A
Slieral citscotit made to ner.-hatits and'othter
advertiiit ,. for six months or a year.
Obituary notices exceedin : five lines, tribtstex
of respect, Comm1u1ica1 tions of a personal
character, whon admissaIble, winl be charged
for as utvertisemneits.
'I .1DAY, MARCII 29, 1894.
A Colitiovs Imsaalnesitt.
Bo quiet Loys, a few more wt I.
and the Pielcens Sentinol will be one
if us, and then it will bo in order lo
kill the calf and sing welcome wanl
derer.--Easfey Democrat.
Wilst thou do Tim, SENTINEL. aS f toui
didat the Democrat ! We arO glad
thou didst not say "fatted calf ;" for
she is not fat, although to be taxed,
asho has been %aluied highly. But if
TnE SENTNm;1 had startd1 back, or
libont gone anywhere to retnrn, it
4 would co-tainly ibe frigh teted away
by an ugly old father likte the Demo.
crat running to meet it.. Read the
following from the Democrat, and set
if it is not swiftly retutrning fr'oIm n
brief but wild escapade in the eneuy'i
"We don't know that the r(fo1rmers
hava any grouids to be sorry that
Judge Iziar ham been elected to Conl
gress from the first district Stokes
f court1e would halve suited them
Tzlar is, we believe, a con
and will maJlke a good
anybody see that io is
trymi, l b out from among the
roforn journals and flop his wings
and crow on the conservative fenuce
Izlar was State chairman of the Oi.
garch v, and (i-opped out, of thait onto
te circuit bench, yet the Democrat
which is masquerading Im the garb
of reform has the effrontery to inti
mate that he is "a conscientious man.'"
The next thing anybody knows he
vill piilt it all over the county that
Izar is a good man. Fellow eitizens,
we rise to remark seriously and Sol.
- imnly, if there is no way of keeping
the editor of the Democrat out of our
crowd and praising our bost men,
TnE SENTINEI, will avail itself' of the
first opporttiinity to Collide- with a
south bound sixty ton engine. We
believe this would bo terriblo and
sudden destruction, but lmany, many
calamities would be0 violets antd honey
suckles comuparedi to havinig somle men
fall on your nteck and kiss you. "Here
is our dagger, Brutus. Striko us
quick. As soon ats thle boys get quiet,
that calf is going to sing. Soothe us
just a little with a eyelonie first..
Glorious Acis1evme~ntu. (
The Easley Dconocrat, like many 1
other refornm newspapiiers, is afraid I
t'ie conservatives will inju re them- 4
8 *lves by eniticizig the adinistra
tion. It marched upi tho hill and1(
muirched back downi thebill) in recit
ing the achievemients~ of the royal
at, ito government, but it overlooked
tO toImSt importanitt statemtent to those,
wh onot htld oice, and that is the
gra eductiot in ta lsh reducing
the number of offices, and curtailingr
goverminent expmenses generally. This
was the key unote of thet Shell mani
festo, andi that good man11 is n1ow inI
Washington wee-ping over the pos.'ti
tuition of the salcred doceimnent to mere1( I
political jImrpoises. Show how raising -
the assessmients on the r ailroads and<
* cerushing Coosaw hats lowered the
ta 1s1o the farmers, and killed off
f-lio goverunent palp-suickeris. ThteI
.Demoer-at shoild .nhot gt. t its dates
mixed ott the facts o.f history, itn its
laudable <-ff-rts to mix thte factions.
It is customariy for the organs to claimi
all the 110no0 ofi establishing Clemuson
- Callege, but thet lmuntiicencie of old
man ( lemisont was atcep-1ted by the old
ring rule crowd, and the college foun
ded, directed ath nd anaged by sonic 3
of the dteepest dlyed consers atives the I
State afforded. Bult it is a little too
early in the conflict for either sidle to C
claim anything on this score. If thefy
will keep politics out of it and direct it aI
ptirely for tho interests of the peopPle I
antd make it a blessing to the State,
(Clemuson should have all the honior of
foiunding it, aind the trustees and
faculty thte praise for making it a suc-g
cess. But refor-mers, farmer's Alliatnce
-- ings and bicker-ings5 abont p-oities
-would liko to read some of the reforniaa
plromises in their tax receipts.
Coxey was to march from Mlassil. It
kn, Ohio, at noon last Sabbath at Ik
the head of a cavale,ado which he said v
will' strike terror to the hearts of f
.those wvho have boeen abusing their 1
power by legislating in favor of *tho <
rich against the poor. He is "On to
Washington" to demand the passage
of a bill for the issuing of $500,000,
000, In legal tendor notes to be spent
by *the Secretary of War at the rate
f$20,000,000 a month in building
ao~d in, the various states. Corey~is
~, l~:.toeach4 WVashington with biahosteaon
Who Fainted.
Politics are so funny. In the firsti
act. of that little drama in Washing
ton last wevek, the newspapers had it
that Gov. Tillman fainted; in the next
aet Senator Irby fainted.
It will be remembered by some of
the friends a1d opponents of the
present Easley and Pickens load, that
when that enterprise Was the all
absorbing question lieforo the county
commissioners, and three days had
ben consumed in hearing testimony
and every inch of advantagoe was be.
ig hotly disputed by Opposing coun
sel, a dispute arose as to the test imo
ny of a certain witness against th<
roa(, when he was peremptorily re
called, and the patient and easy-going
chailirmian, Capt. Talley, said sternly:
"The oily question is, sir, diI tli(
mule mire up or down?" Startletl
a1nd confused by the presiding ofiteer
he replied: "Yes, sir, the Imulo mire(1
up to the saddledskirts-no, sir, I
mired down to his belly-he mire<l
lp, hei mired down. Can I go?'
"Yes, if you can get out of the mire,'
said the chairinan.
Some of the conserva tive )al)er.s1 art
complaining ablout so many lawyer
trying to ride on thev reform mtove
Ient. Don't bother. Just let thei
ride. Tihey'l ride any mtovement you
can start. If it, won't tote double,
some otier fellow iuist walk and lead.
He'll do withlot his dinner anldmn
other things that lie would enjoy
more, for fear some other lawyer will
ho) oil the snddle hllile ime is off. "k
quiet boys," when it begins to bck,
the fun iwill be to those walkiing.
The People's Journal should not
fLil tolCture its young contemporary,
the Easley Democrat, this week. It
ias bc n decorat-ing its editorial
columns with mtaniy expressions well
calculated to place a large discount
01 political prejudice and animosity.
It is pushiig its craft into the haveln
of good will, and as it approaches the
shore, by a very cotumon optical il.
lusion, it is led to believe Tilu Sirx
T1:. is retturning.
Tlie ot toitl Pllant,last ieek, jumped
oil the Piednont Headlight with all
four feet and done it up in srlt. or
(er. We have appointed one day
next week for all the reformers to
adjust their diff'erences and come to a
pro~per untderstandting. If they (10 not
avrail themselves of the opportuniiily
we fear the(y will injure them~iselves.
On the 22d of April, thm Port Rloyal
Shipping Co., wvill clear front Port
loyal the first passeniger steamship,
'Mexican," for Liverpool. TIhis wiill
>e the first pasenger steamer thatc
ver cleared from a South Atlantic
ort for Europe. The saloon fare
romt August~a to Liverpool is only
If any cadidates desire to learn
be art of how to keep) strong, headlhy
alves from having horns, we are 1
endy to furnish and guarantee the
iformationi, and that it will be satis
actory. Cows with the hollow horn
re a nuisane. Send $1.00 to Tm.
ENNEanwed lerest.
Evans antd Atkinson are having nt
>ig time j ust. now in their joint do.
mites advertising themselves to) the
itizens of Georgia. Tihe campaign
>romlises to 1)0 quite as exciting and1~
little closer thtan the Gordon Bacon
on test, w hich was so istublborntlyp
ought five or six years ago.
While in Augusta ast week we
mad the pleasure of hearing an (eel
it ermlonl from0 Dr. Lamsing Jior
u)ughs, Oin the subIj'.ct of .Jus~tinica-.
ionI. He has been in Augusta about
levent years, pastor of the same
hdtreb, the First 1ap1tist., anid still
is people hear him gladly,
Pichenis co'unty for twvo or .tliree
cars colleeled( taxes Onl 3.34I miles of
le Blue Ridge Railroad, valued at i
rer $1 ,000, to whieb either Anudersun(
r Oconee was entitled. The tax for
)1-'92 amounted to $279.72. '.1he
ssessmtent was not entered on the
LAt dupllictt
Judge Benmet, having been accu~sedt a
amiblers. by the Suter Freeman, I
liice) denounces the auithmor as a
Isifier. Hie had only3 pilayed whist
aice since he hatd beenl ini Sutmter
id 1no n.foney was putt up onl the
Th'e Blarney tonie in the Irish Vil
go 01n Midwvay Phaisance which was t
580(d by 2500 at 10 cents a kiss, I
as a lime stone paving block (lug e
om1f tile corner of 5i7th street and I
'ortland Avenue in the city of Cli
The political signs ptoint to a dry
ummer. Senator Butler and Gov. h
ijllman have both anlnouncedl that t<
hero is to be no0 mud slinging in the a
amnpaign for the senate0
Senator Colquitt, of Georgia, the ~
atriot Statesmann and Christian,died ~
Washtington on the 26th inst,.t
If the candidates are not very care
fil in their struggle for office thi
year, the mask of reform will bticono
Sprouting candidates should tboi
oughly soak themselves in the blue
stone of genuine reform to escape th
cut Worm.
Many of the gubernatorial cain
paigns in this State spread too mce
sail before Easter, unless there ha
been more freight for ballast.
W. McB. Sloan has boen noming
ted by primary for Mayor of Colum
bia. His nomination gives genera
satisfaction, and we feel assured tha
he will mako a good officer.
Soon we'll sheli the English l peas,
And churn the golden butter;
The candidates, on their knees,
Will soon begin to stutter.
"Tat ra-Boom-de-ay."
We admire the judgment of th<
Easley Democrat in sticking to Ellerb
for governor, if he did blush a littb
at the Lexington meeting. We have
seen sicker kittens tHan that live tc
catch rats.
Dr. J. Williarn Stokes, of Orange
burg, who was fairly defeated foi
Congress by the election of Judg
Izlar ias eintered a contest. He ii
More anixious to go to Washingto
thani he at first thought he was.
A. G. Riddle, the novelist, has
written a very meritorious story on
titled "Ansel's Cave." Our worthy
solicitor, no doubt, would enjoy read
ing this book, as it tells of an inter
esting place - which he has not yet
discovered and ma1y wish to avoid.
Tihe story is quite unique in. one re
spect; the characters all appear in
their original proper names.
Unmcle Sana and South Carolina.
The revenue authorities at Wash
inton and Governor Tillnan have
hadt an amicable adjustment of their
whiskey matters. Whichever gets the
first, taste of a given lot of contrabarld
wliskey, the State or Uncle Sam, the
same is to have the sale of it, but the
State will be allowed a Comnmission, as
shown by the following from an inter
view with the Governor:
Governor Tillman says he has fur
ther promised the commissioner to
permit perchasers of retail packages
sold at the government auction sales
to retain Posssion of them. He will
furnish cirtliicates which will permit
(lie purchasers to ihld thiem if for their
own uise, bumt ther must pay the State
inn adlvaiice of 25 per cent. on the pur-(
Iishasg pracC. '1 he commissioner
isked the governior, lie says, to fix
omie arbiutrary .lire of this kind, and
hat is the onie agm eed to. He says:
W~e bot1.h desaired t>~ have it adljus'ted
n a friendly b~asis, and this was the
tly plan we could discover."
Time tailroad.
If wo did1 not have to answer so
any civil and excuatble questions
bout the p~rospects of the railroaud,
here would be nothing sr id about it
LI theRe columns, and the work would
>0 allowed to show for itse~lf when
Lone. It has been said the road
vould be compnlelted in 90 days, and
hat it, never would be0 completed. We
tever have accpted either statement
H strcty 1ru. We still have enough
nidec tiln the (enterprise ospn
ome~ time atnd money oni it. Its stai
us now is that a gentletman of sufli.
ient mieans is to lie here some timeo
his week to~ investigate t he prospect
f naking an inv'estment in its coin
)letionl. He thiniks there is a good
hance for it to pay. If he is of the
atie opimion after looking over the
~rotund, lie hats the meanis at hand to
mish it in two anonlths. Develop-.
I(ntts will bie promtlty reported. In
he mejan time, we shall hanimmer
wa) at it till it is accomplished.
Aeccidtally Shot.
A fourteenl year-old son of *John
Vright was out hunting with a col
Iredl man namied1 'Tom Blvthe, last
N ednesday, along Twelve Mile River
tear Central, when IBlythie w~as shot
hrough thle heaid I y Wright.
T1he coroner's jury, wvhieb w as em
aunel led to hear- thle testimony as to
bie killhng, (xonlerted Wr'ighit, sav
tug the shtooting was p)urely acci
Wright and the negro wereO some).
rhat sepairatedn in their search for
>hteasants andl neither knowv where
1h0 othier wvas, when Wright sawv
v'hat he took to be a pheasant on the
ence and1( at once firedl upon0 it. Hie
001n dliscove~red his fattal mistake, and
hat the aim of his trusty rifle had
be truio anud deadly. Th'le hall had
'ierced his 'omrnatd's skull. This
mas abloutt 10 ai. m). and the negro
ied abouit 5 p. in. of the same (lay.
A Mtodei F'arnm.
Auiditor Biryant had business ont
lie Greenville side last week, anid in
>rms us that lie paid a short visit to
ao muodecl farm of F. K. McKenzie.
lo says Mr. "Me." has abouit 300
ittle, 100 hogs, 100 sheep, and a
irge nluber of horses atnd mules,
11hin the ver~y best condition.
His p~astutres of blue grass and
ermnuda are no0w almost supporting
ie stock.
A short time ago lie sold fiftv-four
ad of cattle at 83! eents, amounting
nearly 70,000) pounds, bringing 4
>Ouit the sumii of $267.50.
Mr. "Me." does not allow any of his
dtte to grow horne, as these are
seless and dlangerou~s attachments
1* domestic annimals.
This farm itself is a good agricul
iral collee for tha om......t..
The Barett Case to be Tried Here.
The famous cases against C. P.
Barrett, of Sprtanburg, accused of
several violations of the postal laws,
will be tried here after all. A'private
letter received here yesterday from I
.nRpector Pec brought the inforina- I
tion. The judges and all concerned,
a after consultation, decided that the
cases shall be taken up at the August
term of court in Greenville. This
- will be good news to the hotel keep
era, as there will be fifty or more
witnesses fron all parts of the coun
try, and the trials will probably pro
tract the summer term considerably.
-Greenville News.
Died lt Texas.
SALONA, Texas, March 20, 1894.
t Mrs. Martha 11. Rice, the wife of
W. J. Rice, died at Salona, Tex. Meb.
13, 1894, of inflamation of the brain,
ago 33 years. She was ministered to
by kind and loving bikuds through all
her sickness. She was a good, kind
neiphbor, and a Christian. Her re
mains were interred at Bethel Bap:
tist Church, (of which she had been a
member for four years) on the next
day, in the presence of many friends.
Rev. .1. B. Downing, in conducting the
funeral, made a most interesting talk.
W. J. Rice and wife were formerly of
Pickens county, S. C.
Oconeea Mass-3Meetiog.
A citizen of Greenville, who was in
Walhalla Saturday attended the re- i
form mass meeting for Oconee county j
held there on that day. lie stated
yesterday that the meeting numbered
eleven persons, including himself. n
Mr. Pickett was elected the delegate 0
to the preliminary reform conference. e
There was an earnest debate on the
question as to whether tho "reform- e
er" should paky the expenses of the a
delegate to and from Columbia, the a
general opinion being that they b
should. -Greenville News.
Small grain looks well. The farm. t
era have imade good use of the pretty t
weather in March.
The cotton crop and guano bills
will be about the same as last year.
Dacusville will furnish her qiota of
candidates. They are popping out P
With the buds.
An old darkey here says it makes 4)
hin work better to know lie is going to
he paid on Saturday night in silver.
He wants the president to approve
the Lilver dollar. i4
Just a Little BetterJust a Little E
Cheaper, Just a Little Newer.
Just these little somethings make this the
best phice to buy everything kept in our line
We believe we have the largest and best
assortedI stnck of Novelty D~ress Goods kept
In Greenville. You can dress like a queen,
for it0 cenIts per yard1. See urw dlispIly of '
Ducks, Thibet (Jioths andl Salines at 10
cenin per yard. Nterpentiane Cloth, tiw, Mj
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Sunaunons for Re~ler.
COUa-r or PRonATE.
[ohn WV. F. Thompson, R. M. Grant,
Rloht. A. Thompson, in his own
right nud( as administrator of the
estatei of Ranson Thompson, de-.
ceased, Plaintiff;,
keorge MclD. Thompson, S. Francia
l lamnilton, Charles Neal, Silas M.
Neal, Johnt W. Neal, the heirs at
law of Abbie Dean,deceased, names, GRi'
numbers and residence unknown; if y,
the heirs at lawv of Dempsey Thomup. pa
son, names, nutmbers and'residence pa
unknown; the heirs at law of Re- Y""
becca Evatt, deceased, names, non. not
her and residence unknown, De- usur
fen d ants,.n
Sn ummons for Relief. (Comlhain tan
not Ser'ved). ther
Po the Defendatnts above named:
*You are hereby' summoned and re
jiniredl to answver the petition and ~
annpjhiinit im this actiont, wihich is
ierewith filed in the Court of Pro. 73
bate, at Pickens Court House, South
aairohina, and to servo a copy of your T1
ltswer to the saiid petition and comn.
)laint on thme subscriber., at his offiee
it W alhalha Court I louse, Sou th~ Caro.
ina, within twenty days after """"
~he service hereof, exclusive of the
lay of such serv'ic; and1( if you fail to
ulealer the, petition anid complaint
vithim the tine aforesaid, the Plain. O ib
iffs in this action will apply to th
ourt, for theo relief demanded in the
>etition and comliaint.
Dated March 5, A. D. 1894. 8
Pickens Court House. divl
Roer. A. TuOMhWSON,ma
Plaintiffs' Atitot ney. ma
J. B. NEwBEnnY, [Senl] Mad
Judeo P'robatc.Phdcns .... .
EnJoy Good Seas.
You can easily lo it, if you will keel
rour stomach, the laboratory of your body
n good order. Tyner's Dyspepsla Iemed
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Pest. Send for book of full particulars an
oe cured -enjoy goo- health and be happy
look free to all. Price 50c per bottkc
Por sale by druggists.
This is a beautiful book and at thi
same lime one of the moot useful.
Comprising in one volmne the rarcs
treats In history, adventure, art anti
science, concluding with a concise
but most comprehensive history of the
World's Fair. 500- splendid illustra
tions and beautiful engravings ul
Columbian Architqctue. Sold only
by subscription. Address or call or
II. W. FARR, Rice's, 8: C.
Cita tion.
ly J. B. NEWBERRY, Enquire,
Probate Judge
Whereas, J. M. Stewart, C. C. P.
lade suit to me, to grant him lettern
f administration of the estate and
ffects of Ira T. Roper.
These are therefore to cite and ad
1onish all and singular the kindred
nd creditors of the said Ira T. Roper,
eceased, that they be and appear
efore me, in the Court of Probate
> be held at Pickens Court House
C., on the 25th day of April next,
fter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
t the forenoon, to show cause, if
)ey have any, why the said adminis.
-ation should not he granted.
Given under my hand, this 12th
ay of Mlarch, 1894, in the 118th
)ar of our independence.
J. B. NEW BERRY, J. P., P. C.
'fee County Conavnass"oner
Overseers of roads are hereby noti.
-d to put four (4) days work on the
iblic roads, between now and the
ith of May. They will carefully
>serve the law in regard to default.
8, and return the names of all de.
ulters as required by law.
By order of the Board.
J. J. LEWIS, Clerk of Board.
Pickens, March 15, 1894.
nI. MriRRAY, J. E. 11ocos,
A ndersjon, S. C. P'lekens, S. C
URR1A Y & NIoGos,.
P'ICK ENS, s. C.
lain Street. (oRh'E~N~iJL L , S. C
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e over webtmoreland liros & Duke's Drug
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Kain St., GREEN V~LLE, S. C.
ril Eng ner and Surveyor
Greenville, S. C.
pecial attention given to Sub.
sion of land, Terracing and esti
ion of Water Power. Office sai
08St., ove r Felton's Book Store.
What's that? Wih
kicking! Not kici
kicking our *Job Pr
If you want GO(
im its latest and mo
work just as goo
Samuel Spencer, F. W. Ifuldekop.,r and Iteubin
Foster, Riecelvere.
Condensed Schedule in effect Dec. 24, 1893.
Traltis run by 75th Merldian Time.
No. It No. 12
Daily STAvTIONS. Daily.
7 5am..... IV. Charle.ston, A r........ 84 irn
I I20,tan........ "Columibia. " ... .... 4 Ibpm
1203pm ........ Aleton . ........ 330pn
121pm........ " Pomuria ........ 3 14pm
12 35pmn........ "Prosrity ". 2 55pin
1250pm........ "Newberry ........239pm
1251pm ........ Ilelena " 235pm
1 Wpm........ "Chappell'" ........ 1 6pm
2 118pm........ N inety Six "........ 1 32pm
.37pm...... . "Ueenwood "........1265pm
3 Wpm........ .. lodge's.'' ......1235pm -
3 20pm.... . ' )nnld' a ..12 10pm -~F
335pm. ...... lionea Path .. ........1203pm
3 55pIn........ r ielton I... .11 40pm
400pm--.---...a hielton Ar.. .11 40pmi
4 24pm............ Anderson .........Ill 5pm "
4 68pm-..........Pendleton ............10 36pim
5 01pn...........A r Seneet Lv..... .. 1000pm
550pm........... Iv Seneca Lv........ 9 45pm
6 26pm.........Ar Walhalla.v.. ... 9 0 m i
b 1pm. r Greenville Lv.........10 15pin
Between Anderson. liel to" and Grecnville.
No.'l I STATI ONS. No. 12
3 08pm ....L..... Lv Anderson A r......... 12 07pm
3 40pm...........A r lelton I.v........... 1 45pm "
4 "0pm.........Lv Belton Ar........11 30pm "
4 20pni........Ar Williamton. Ar.......1 O0pm "
420pm...............Pelzer...........103pm "
4 40pmi.............l'iedmont......... .10 48pm A
11 20pmi............reenville ............1015pm L
Between Charltton,. Columbia, Alston and
v oN' S.No0. 14.
7 5am ........ I.v Charlesti Ar........ 8.45pn
f 10am..........v 'olumbia Ar...... 1.00pm
5 50pnt.............\1st ...........12.20pm
44pnm..............Cirlimle...........11 26pm
853lpm............. Sntuc... .. ....II 17pm "
.7 10pm........ .... ...'uon .............0 59pm '
7 43pmn............aol....... ....0.34pm "
S l0pnm....Ar Spartamnburg L~v. .. .00am "
Il C0pmn......r .\sheville Lv.......-60am "
Between N ewberry, Cli utnon anid ILaurens.
II 2lm........ Columbuia Ar......4 15pm "
UO00pm............Newberry............1230pm "
I r0jam............Goldilile...........1 35am
2 l15ai........... ..litm............1 10am"
3.Vpam.........Ar Lannren,, Lv.......0 40m -
liot weeni ifoiges anid A bbeville.
So..1. STA TIONS. * No. 10
305~pnU......... v f-ldges A r...... ...2 5p
.12.pnm........... rrugh's........... 35pm
340pu.....Ar Abbeville 1L..... 220pm "
No..i 9- No. 12 "
1pm..........v flodges Ar....2-p .
10011pm..... ......arraugh 'a.....,......1205pm
11pm..Ar Abb~eville sv... Ii 50Oam .A
Connections viai South Bound Rtailroad.
. . ' N o. 38 LY
6.46am... .Lv Colunmbia A r...2.40pm "
1.30am....Ar Savannah Lv.....1020am "
No.. 13 and 14 are solid trains betiween, Charles"
on and A sheville.
Through coach between Savannah and Auhe."
rlle on 24 and 13.
Trains leave Spartanhumrg, A. A. C. division,"
iorhbound, 2.43 a. im., 5.05 p. mn., 8.12 p. mn. (Ven-.
Ibuled limited): southbound, 22.25 a. mn.. 2.52 p."
n., 22.37 a. mn. (Vestibule~d limited); westbound,"
V. N. C. divIsion. 6.20 and .10 p. mn., for Hienu.
iersonville, Asheville anmd Hout Sprinmgs.
Trains leave Greenuville, S. C., A . A- C. d ivision, "
iorthbound, 12.42 a. im., 4.00 p. mn., 5.23 (Vestibtul
'ii limited)' southmbound, 1.20 a. mn. 4.00 n
2.28 p. mn. (Vestib~uled limited). '
Trains leave Seneca. A. & C. ddvision, north. "
ionnd, 11.30 p. mn., 2.!?7 p. mn., and 4.10 p. mn.-;
olotihboun~d. 2.32 a. ini.. 5.35 ip. in. anmd l.37 p. in."
2'ullman, Sleeper on 23 and 14 bot~een ('h arles-"
on anid Asheville, vi a Col umbia anud Spartan. "
Pullman palace sleeping car on trainis 35 and
6,37 and 38 on A. & C. divi,,ion.
V. E. MellEE,
Gen't .Superintendent, Coluntlbia, 8. C.
A s'~t Gen'I Pass. Agt., Atlianta, Ga.
W4. ii. (G REFEN,
Uen'1 Manager, Washington, D). C."
W4. A. TURK,
Goa'l Pass. Agent, Washington, D. C.
Traill Mamnager. Washington, D. C
Solentifio American a
Agency for
For iufformation n fe Havnokrite to
o dest bureau or oeurin natens n Ainer, ofll"
Every atent taken ot by us is brouglmt tobe o
tep ibyanoti0e Niven free of oharge in th lie ity
est eIrratton oansce ntinoc pape i the
man abould bew~Ihouat t oeh i eI,
rearsLI el.0ix wontha. Addressu 3i))N
Po.Tszaulus, 361 Broadway, 14ev Tork 0a y,
3000000000 e*eseeeesee..ee.,c
rPH Ri13IPANS TAIIUlE. regulate the stomach
A liver and owes, purify (li blood, are pleaai
__nfo Diunslthson the Fae~~y
B'right am iease Catr lo, Constlnation'J~
Chronle Diarraea. Chronf Ler Troubfe, Dia.
DmtsIiaordered illomach, Dlxneso, Dysentery,
ieb'som Flatu'lence l'emale Coms
__ret Hedchdeartburn. lH~
Jaudice, Kidne tmants, Lvr Tre .e
N et tle ...- --- -- ainful Dlge. Fasl
tlon P'inple, .. Rtushof lolod 'and U1
p o~nSal' m s eorn- (aroli
aehe,Rki is. ce esSou r Goinig
Sitomach.Tired Feeling'Torpld *No. I
Lilver, Uheers, Water librash ~
andoeveryo0th- or symptom '0
or sae thal._.-d- r esults from 8.40ai
impue boodor ralur intheproer erfrm- 9.5'3az
s~e ytak n one auegovereacbhngeeen Ig4 g
continued uce or the Riipanasables La tenrie..2.
euro for obetinato eonstipation. i1~yo.tt .30pz
' not thtat can beinjurious totbmost e1. 2.4Ip,
114tro' 1&0 'cots Sen bypa 3. 14pz
AdrssT tRPASCH C5Otipm
usteeeeeoeeeeees 6.20p:
AND 40UR1 NObSE I8lp
Settesfo)R. RDepote *a
and Publio Bid'gs. ical
*RlVIUts . J.'R- i
HE LD(" 0
y certainly we arc alive P .
:ing about the hard tine bu
esses for all they are v4,x
st artistic designs, call at T
2s as low as anywher< -o
d, if not better. Satisf- .
muel Spencer, P. . Huldekoper ant!
Foster, Receivers.
Atlanta & Charlotte Air-L a
Schedule in effect July 2nd, 189.11
NORTaOUIND. y No. 36 No. 621
Eastern Time. Daly. Dally.
Atlanta (ET)...... 9.45pm 96oan
Peachtree .............
Helt Junction...........0 l0sr
Goodvtin's....... .. ........0-22ai
Chamblee . ... ......... 10 20art.
)oravlille..----. .... .. . Is31am
Norero.s...... . 7pn' 10 39am
)uluth -- -.--.... .. . 10 60au
Suwane........ ........ 11 91a3
.uford - -......... . . ........ 11 13a
Flowery Uranch .
Odell'. ........ 1 l am
.No -w~ --ll - .. ..... ... 11 b3om
New hlollan'd..S"--" 20pm am -j.
White Sulphur..... ...'1'''''
Lula .............-"'"..1 2 00a
liellton ........... ."-.40pm 12 12pm
LPngvlew ....... ........ 12 28p=m
Cornll -------.. ,12 2pm
r. Mt1 Airy ....* '6* 12 4 PmW
v. MtAlri........... 9 051m 1i24PU
A yeravI e ........ .. m I 02pm
Toccoa.............. -gri, SIPM
Madion *"...... 12p
Hlarbins "'*-'" 1pJ
Westminster .........." 2 29pa
Richland - -.. ......... p
----. . ...1 n4 43m
Calhoun''''''''""'.. Eym
--bet-.. -.. .. .. 3~z 00pmi
Ern ''-y.--------.......... 319pm
.-r.....----.-.---.--11 O7pmi 8 2pm
areenralle''- .----342pm
lor'r .--------.. ... ... 4 22p
....e..;"...-.--... ........ 4 3rm
Fair Fore'-- -'-- --'..e47ymn
Spartanburg .Junrc :::.'' "- Opm
a tapnburg.........i'..a 606m
Thickett"'--"''"---.---.... p
---fs~a......2 r26am 6510pm
Grovesbr.g... -..... 13am *07pma
ll-e~n-r (n .... ..i..64,
(totain.... ...... S 3am 7 00pm
------........ ....... 712pm
-oo........-.--... ....7 36m
- Charlotte ...2...02am 7 46;m
Servaeran. Dlaily. Daiily.
-harlotte.........2 tpm 1200 -
lHellemouta.-. -..... ....... 12pm
Lowell... .,..-.... 2.3pm
Gastnia....... 12.0Oam it.60pm
liessemer City..... ...
Kings N ountalse.-.--..... 1.p
G'rover ..-..--..--... ..... .3pm
lhacksburg .l... 2.44aln 1.479pm
GJaffneys.......... 16am l.F/pm
Thicketty.----..... ........2.2. m
Cowp nsm...- ... ........- .2. i
Clifton--.. .... .... ......
artaburgune. ...... 3.02pm
Weliford............3 a
GJreers--............ ........pm
Taylor...... ........... pma
Gareenyvile...... ...2.am 4.06pm jn.
rCrosswel-.-----...-----".. 10m
Easleys.. .::.......2ain 4 a
Liberty ........... 146pm
r.enatral. ..... ...... 3 lim I 06pm
alhoun.................111 pmaa
eea.......340am I asp -
Richaland ...., ....6
FRarbins . -14p
Stdsn"--" - ....603pm.,
i.......-.---... ..... 6laipa: .
it. Airy...............6.y.
----............. .... ....76pm
Iua.---................... 7.1pm
1hteSuphr-- 7.562m
-..--...----... ........ 8 Copm
i ll.....63a .2a
Alowery. -ir-n----......... a v .
luford..".''.'''''-'....-13 m -
lulut~h..'-"".-.... ....... pms.
!Gorav ille' '''" "" " 9 0 n
0Oodwin..' .'.---...... 42 .
lelt Junct ro.............9.a.
'each tree "" "'' - -.
cescaly tha ta Nos1,1,1
tAlten Corn, Ila and A tlanta i n
posanEPbleant Agt.wlgieal.
[o ibl andae newspapers mnake ~.
arrge e aota ice with our existing e-*
Gen'I Pass. At.1Wahin ' n,
Asa't Gen'i Pass. Ag't. Atlanta, "..
J. A. DiO SON,
Superintendent Alanta, .
General Manager, Washington, ii. .
T'rafice Manager Washingtom. Is
Wilmtington, N. C., Jan. 14, i893.
Line between Charleston and Coh
pper South Carolina and Westera -
na and Athena and A tlanta. Cond ,,
WVest. (on
n...Lv Charleston, S. C., A r.,
n............. ...-Sme.... ..........6
n............Ar Columbia Lv.
.--...........Proseity........... g*
O......Nw erry.........
.-............Clinton.. ...
n... .... ....Orreenwoo..%......,.. s
i-.......AAbbeile .,...,....l~ t .,,
S-...... A thena..,...... ,. g. .
S.......Winnaboro........, si~
S...e.Charlotte, . ......, 39.se
a ---on.Anderson,.........I isi.;
m........reenyille.........to a~
I.........Spartanburg... ..,, to ,
ii....er ndenille, Ni.70,.. T M nt
1.....v hie,N.O........ 4 :<
y. Not. 58 anal 83 solid trains betGn~
stonl and Columbia. S. C.
Aset GIen'l Passenar Amenkt,
Vl ndr. T rI Marisi

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