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J. N Morgan, of Central, visited
Pickens on good Friday.
Last Friday Mrs. Jno. L. Thornleg
returned from a most enjoyable visit
to Anderison. .
The People's Journal last week
crossed one little bridge of regtets
before it got to it.
-The weather became so warm,
about a dozen northerners left Aiken
ou the 19th inst.
Miss Maud Ashmore, who has boon
on a visit to Rutherford, N. 0. for
throe months, riturned last Monday.
'he Methodist prayer maeeting as
held on Wednelsdays at 6 p. m., and
the Baptist on Thursdays at 8 p. m.
.The Government- is sending out a
new postal, measuring 3J by 5
inches, which will be the only size
Mark F. Williams, who was in town
last Saturday, certainly drives a styl
ish and well-kept steed which as a
good goor.
The reason the climate or atmos
phere of Aiken is so' dry, the soil of
all the surrounding country is so I
porous and poor.
J son
>f the late A. Matt Boggs, was quite J
ill last week with brain fever. He c
was attended by Dr. Sheldon, of I
John W. Thomas, of Daciusville, I
was in to siee us last Saturday and t
gave us an invitation to a fish fry, C
which the Saluda is expected to furn- 1
ish this week. Q
W. L. Boggs and wife, of Liberty I
returned last Friday from a short
visit to the French Broad Valley.
Mr. Boggs says the Sassafras Gap
road is in fair condition.
There will be An 'all (Jay singing
-service at Holly Springs on the second
Sabbath in April, conducted. by W.
A.'Porter and J. L. Murphree. The
public generally are invited to'atteud.
L. D. Stephens brings in a good
report from the farmers up and down
Twelve Mile River. He thinks they
are fully two weeks in advance of
where they were at this time last
Jesse Robins, of Anderson, passed
through Pickons last Naturday on his
Way home from Tennessee, %here he
had purchased 22 head of mules and
horses. He was offering ful size,
three-year-old mu tles af, $85.00.
We learn through E. B. Richard
SOn, who lsast Saturday attended the
final :nwieting of the county board of
equalization, that everything is quite
promising for the farmers along the
.Eighteen. and they a.re well up with
their w(ork.
It is becoming customary to preach
itermons on nearly everything. Rev.
HI. B. Browne, the pastor of the Me
thodist church in WValhalla, gave his
congregation a sermon on Pythian
ism last Sabbath evening. It was
heard with mnuch interest.
Edgefaid and Richiand counties
cana take the premniuma from Pickens.
for plowing bulls. You cannot go
very far through either one of the
first niamed counties without seeing
his bo1trned majesty Ry asuring the
fur-row with dignified steps.
Col. WV. S. Pickens, of Anderson
county, was before the board of equaha
zation last Saturday, pursuant to no
tice. He' says the farmers in his
Section are preparing for larger cotton
'rops this siiring than last, and yet
shere has been nao boom in the market.
The cotenty equalization board was
.n hand in the court house last Satur
day, hearing appeals from raised eas
icesiments TIhe increase in most of
the assessments was so modest that
!ery few protests were entered-not
1o many as last year-and the board
inished ita wyork very satisfactorily,
mnd the lists wili-soon be made up.
Uncle Tomn Cannon was very care
'ul to maik' a will in which lhe under
:ook to dispose of all his property
after the payment of his just debts,
and'ap pointed Mr. Jerre Looper and
E. F. Looper his executors, but it
[ails for want of the three witnesses
required by law. The heirs will en
dleavor to have its terms carried out,
We learn that some extensive gold
mining is being done in Oconee county.
above W~alhalla. Recently some 6,000
or 7,000 pounds of gold ore were ship.
ped to distant parts from here for the
purpose of being tested. The reports
from the experiments have been re
ceived, and the ore .proved to be veray
rich in gold deposits. Preparations
will probab~ly be made, at an early day
for maining~ on an extensive scale. We
are not at liberty y.t to give the nani. s
of the parties working thi3 rich veina,
but nnportaint developmuents may be
expected ere long.--Keowee Courie r.
"Re~v. W. S. Wightman, whose re
cent transfer from the Mlethodist to
the Presbyterian church we have
already noticed, was duily installed as
pytor of the Ebenezer congregation,
Gharleston, S. 0., last week. We
wish him abundant success in 'his
ministry. But we warn huirn new,
* that if lhe makes a habit of preaching
the unadulterated Calvinism, to wvhich
lhe gave in his adhesion in his open
letter, lie will have trouble. The
Presbyterians-we mean the great
iaody of them-have no relish for'
aupralapsaranism. Th oto h
wvorking pastors in that nole and
:iturdy communion declare a gospel
which the ordinary hearer finds -it
difficult to discriminate from the faith
o"'f the 'eth.Aitp -N#A; A j&
Mlessrs. J. A. Steele and John Fe
guson, of Greenville paid our town
flying visit last Monday.
April comee in on next Sabbati
So we will all have to behave ourselve
and keep the fun over till next da3
James Clements' bicycle did extr
service in town last Saturday. Tw
of the town wheels were "abetint" a
roll call.
Mr. Matthew Hendricks report
affairs quiet, orderly and progressiv4
around Pumpkintowp, and the farmi
generally in good shape.
Miss Gertrude, who is attendinC
Converse College in Spartanburg, ,
C., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs,
W. M. lagood, of Easley, last week
The Spi ing session of 8. 0. Presby,
tery will be convened in the Presbyte
rian church at Newbery, on the 6th
prox., at 8 P. In. Mr. J. P. Carey
as been chosen to represent Pickens.
Conductor Webb, of the Coast Line,
a one of the most deservedly popu.
ar officials we have met in a long
ime, and if you want to enjoy a ride
rom Columbia to Charleston try hie
On the 21st inqt. fire broke out
row Mr. Fowler's new ground on
he Neighbors.place, and came near
icking up Ruhainah church. Timely
asistance saved, not only the church,
out other valuable property.
The hoary, hungry frost last Mon.
lay morning set back the gentle
pring, and 'many early birds will
inve to make their nests again. The
oung beans wilted when the sun
ame up, and other early plants will
AvTe to be replanted.
Married, by Alonso M Folger
?otary Public, on Sunday morning,
he 18th of March, at the residence
I Mr. Carr Roper, Miss Mittie A.
alley to Mr. Oscar.Fie!d Roper, all
i Pickens county, S. C. May hap.
oiness and prosperity attend them
brough life.
We have received tie prospectus oI
3olumbia, a literary monthly maga.
ine, to be published at Anderson, 8
3.: by the Columbia Publishing Com
>any, at $2.00 per annum. It give.
rwomise of having a very readable and
nteresting number for the first issue,
which will be put to press in April.
When in Greenville do not fail tt
iit the model dry goods store u
Jones & Garrison in the West End
rhey have the prettiest store an<
tock of goods ever seen in the ull
ountry, and we do not hesititte t
put Jack Jones against all comers fo
treating his customers just right.
The Old Reliable South Carolin
Railroad had a costly accident on th
19th inst in which all the damag
done wats to the engines involvei
which had their head-lights knocke,
>ut and their head ends knocked in,
rte accident was caused by a dens<
mog obscuring the switch signals
Frhe wreck was soon- cleared. The~
moad is now handling an immensi
unount of freight and passensger traf
Rev. J. M. Lander is now making
tour of the colleges in North Carolina
n the interest of the South Amer. ai
muissionlary work of the Methodis
church. Mrs. Lander is doing goo<
aervice in the same cause by visiting
the various mhiss.ionary societies o
that church, and presenting thb
claims of the mission to the ladies
On the third Sabbath she meot with
the society at Ridge in Fnlgeffeld coun
ty. They will leave for their p~ost i:
Brazil early in June.
Sheriff McDaniel received word las
Friday that Ed Bradley, the man whi
cut D. B. Adams- and Christophes
Abercrombie at Twelve Mile camj
ground last October, was working oi
a. farm near Reedy River Factory ir
Spart an burg counsty'. CIonstable D
V. Hopkins left immediately on re
seipt of the news, and hand no troubi
in finding and securing his man. H<
re turned with him Sunday naight anm
he was given a preliminary hearing
He is now held for tri'al under a $0
Col. J. E. Hagood is the same good
and ever thoughtful host in Charles
Lon, that he iq in Pickenms. He i
squally at homne, and always at hil
ease with 'preachers. judges, lawyer.
Llocto)r, boy inpants orboys i
dresses, and that two, whether hei
in Pickons, Charleston, New York u
Boston. lie inure than won LeRoi'
heart in showing .him the sights (
the city by the sea. He was in Ne'
York last wyeek, but was expected t
return to Charleston on last Sstu:
Mr. Jacob M. King, who has bee
in very poor health for a number<
years, and consequently a great an
ferer, died at his residence, near Eat
ley, about 2 o'clock a. mn. on the 20t
inst. He leaves a wife and two c'i
dren. Mr. King was A son of M
Wm. King, and ai brother of J. A
King of our town. Hle has bee
twice married, first to a daughter <
the late Glenn Smith ; his last wil
was a Miss Or,. He was a memnb4
of George's Creek Baptist churel
and, hi~s remains were interred in tI
buril ground at that chnrch c
Tuesday evening last.' Rev. - W. ]
Singleton conducting the services --
Essley Demnocrat.
The gay and festive John A. I
Brinsdon as still d6.' n byr the sea
Charleston, flourishing like a gree
bay tree, and as "sassy" as he we
when in Pendleton. We do not kno
how long, nor where we would has
to livi to even up with him for tellin
on every convenient occasion, abor
our first bird hunt with him, when b,
appeared in his duck suit, and we i
our faultless fitting Prince Albert, t
go hunting for quail over-the brus
entangled and vine clad hills of Piol
ens. He seasoned a Spanish luncheo
with the story, and .we could not coi
reot his extra flourishes, as he wa
MAiss Stella Newborry has returnei
a from a delightful visit to Gaffney's.
Bacon and lard can be procured a
i. most any of the dispensaries in Pick
s ens, in small quantities, strictly fo
medicinal use.
Superintendent McBee, of the Rich
mond and Danville, says that on oi
t about the let of April the schedultm
throughout the system will bA
John T. Cantrell has a contract foi
furnishing 1,000 black locust posts t
Clemson College, for which he is t
receive $176.00. He will begin the
delivery this week.
Mr. Ohanlan was last week sum
msned home to Hermitage, nea
Rome, Ga., on account of the severt
illness of his wife. School is sus
pended until next Monday.
,The Pickens Sentinel speaks witb
rapture of the delightful harmony im
the conservative ranks of this State,
That is strictly true. We are all oul
of tune togetber.-Greenville News,
The Washington Post says: "Gov.
Tillman declares that he will not be
a candidate for re-election. Can it be
that all of South Carolina's Tillman
enthusiasm has been bottled by the
State dispensaries?"
W. W. Martin's health has been sc
poor that he has nut been able to
farm much this year. He was amonS
his Pickens friends last Saturday, and
if not providentislly hindered, he will
be a resident of the town before the
year is out.
A small boy went with his pa to
the mass-meeting. All the speaker
addressed their remarks to "fellow
citizens," and frequently made use ol
that term. On the return the boy
said: "Pa, who is 'fellow citizenst' be
must be a big rich man.
We are sorry to hear that a fem
farmers are showing a want of confi.
dence in the cotton crop. We have
been reliably informed that two ox
three good farmers in the county
have reduced their purchases of fertil.
izer by thirty t9 fifty pounds. A fev
have also arranged to plant mor
corn than will be necessary for the
own use.
On the 19th inst. Asa Lollis wai
married to Mrs Malinda Perkins, EL
the 1-esidence of Mr. Dock Gillespie
Rev. J. T. Dobson officiated. Th<
frosts of eighty winters have failed t<
dim the lustre of the bridegroom'i
eyes or wither the buoyancy of hi
hopes, and for the third time he ha
en crowned with the blessing U
r woman's love, and the last time, to<
by a cheerful and happy bride <
a three score -years, who has for tb
D third time bowed at tlymen's alter I
e pledge her heart, hand and obedien<
,to the main of her choice. May the
I live long and prosper.
Many farmers tell us that they d
naot remember to have seen as muc.
crab grass and as many may pops u;
,at this season of the year. Thisi
regarded as almost a sture token tha
the winter is over. The persimmnol
buds are out, and the saying tha
thov must be bitten does unot alway;
go. John WV. Thomas, of Nine Timnes
says they were not bitten in 1878
t He nlotic~ed it p~articullarly that spring.
I as they were out early, and it wai
the ocasionl of general remiri
among the jury which served eigh
-days at the I udge Mackey court. one
of whom he was which. Later. Thb
violets are all cold and blue in death
Maliroad tas.
The full te'xt of Judge Simonton's
decree in South Carolina railroad tas
case was published last week. H<
has rendered similar decisions in Lh<
llichmaond and Danville cases, din
missing the complaints against ti
State. If there is no appeal, Treas
urer Youngblood will have to receip
the raiilroad company for $l4,624.4:1
the amount still duo. Thus there wi
be a few more dollars mn the treasur
to apply to some past due count
The above amount is to be distr
) butsd about as follows as shown by
calculation kindly made for us b
Auditor Bryani:
State Tax-90-1, 1476 01; 91.5
12"6 77; 92-3, 2251) 88. Total 4933 6(
Ordinary County-90 1, 932 2:
.91.2, 804 51; 92 3, 682 30. Tote
'2419 03.
Railroad --90-1, 1242 96; 91-5
r804 51; 92-3, 1t'24 45. To(taOl 307 9~
School--90-1, 621 48; 91 2, 536 3~
f92-3, 645 86. Tlotal 1612 68.
Past Indebtednes~s- --9i'-1, 932 2~
0) 91 2, 1072 09. Tot al 20"4 91.
Court llouse--91-2, 134 08; 92.
341 15. Total 475 23.
Mtaking a grand total of 14 516 4
n~ Special School in Croswell Distric
~f1'.8 v0. Total $14,024.43.
In case there is no appeal by th~
Srailroads. these saumn wIll soon 1
h' paid and will help much these time.t
Picenscunty had no interest in an
-. of the cases except those of the Ricd
m ond and Daaillo.
N oney to lean.
e On Improved rarmn lands in sum. or IsOO s
upwards. Losans repniable in Amnall annual pa
hun thhrborrower tops y off hi, ind ebedne
e Appy to J. E GGS Attorn 7,
n .a~lrkn.:
k. Executor's Notice.
~ All persons having demands againi
the estate of Nero Lay, deceasedl, al
[. notified to present them, proper1
pi ptoven, to .the undersigned, withi
n the time prescribed by law.
5 Wu. LAY,
JaMES GoerrTr,
e Note eof Election.
n An election will be held on Mo:
n day, April 24, in the town of Picken
h to elect one Intendant and four Wa
-deno, to serve for one year. Po!
e open at 8 a. mn. and close at 4. p. *
-Managers, J. T. Lewie, J. A. Gfrfin
s and J. J. Lewis, by order of Counci
'T-W- O
For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer it with TIll
SENTINEL for one year for $1 50, club
bing subscriptions to be sent to this offic
and accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable clut
bing proposition is entitled to enter TWI
PItIZE CONTESTS, sending his guess
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contes
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offer<
for the NEARECST ESIMATEh4 of I1
lb size of the cotton crop of I893-4, now be
) ing marketed, and award to tie made a
a woon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchaang
iannounces the official crop figures. 640
i IN GOLD for nearest gues, to the crop:
t 9200 prize for second, $200 prize for third
' 100 fur fourth, *100 fer fifth.
-Crops for recent yoars have b-en al
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889
6,935,082; In 1890, 7,313,726; In 1891
8,035,518; in 1892, 6,700,315.
In addition to the above every clubbinj
subseriber can entlrr our coumbination
ifllO~ !QOD CO~?Rl?
.Supply the missing word' in th<
following sentence:
We find a serious error ir
jthe navy of to-day to be th<
. ..height of our cruisers
ONE FOURT~H of the net Bul
Sscription receipts of those entorini
thiu contest will be divided amoni
those who supply the correct word i
,the blank in the above sentenc<
Thus, if there rre $5,000, one fourt;
:1would be $1,250. If ten supply thi
correct word, each would receive $12f
if 100, each $12.50, &c.
Both of the above contests fr(
and inaddition to
Fori0~ the Price of One
~,Has a circulation of 150,000, and
yore Tariff Rteform, an Individui
[ncome Tax, and the Expansio i
st the Currency to a degree sufficient I
e meet the legitimate business demanl
1Y of the country.
It covers the news of the worn
every week, having news corresponc
ents in all the news centres of tli
nWe offer you THlE P'ICI
To begin I
trade and p
have never h
position amc
counts. We
can for then
been in some
to come forv
your help, an
and give youi
We have
Coffee and 14
Plows, Plow
Tools. We I
will sell them
Come to see
Now for Irish Potatoes, Oi
ions and Garden Seeds, Flox
er Seeds, Garden loes ai
Rakes, Elbow Grease at
Vim. That's the way to "I
- thar."
Ladies call in and sece c
new lot of Baskets, Willa
Lunch, Market, Fruit, Vege
ble, Hamper, Feed and Par
d Baskets.
HaLt Racks, Coat and II
Hooks, Trunks, Satchels, ai
all kinds of house keepir
goods and useful articles,
Call in and look at our good
'W. T. McFAL L
Notice isi hereby givedn that ti
policies of the Farmecrs' Mutual Fi.
[nlsuratice Association will not ta
-.ffect until the 1stL day of Maty nes
rhe delay iis caused b~y sickness ati
unfavoratble weather for the agen
to canv'ass the ctountv.
J. M. STEWAlRT, Presid, nt.
Caveats. and Trade-Marks obtained, and an1 Pa
ent business conducted for Moozravtia Fc.
Ser mol,dr awing or photo., with descrit
charge Our fee not de til bpatent Is secured
~'esent free. Address,
e ---
oks ottodo R
A recent disoovery by an
rile.. Iasta hnly' orf*t?.I
reiie Ion pnaon o hs s far Coolars ip
- Io. s * a cl"Pe~
-Sold in Pickens and everywhere
all responsible Druggists.
ma' 11 '93-ly.
Newspapers .-. F RE
is sNi) YOL''R OWN NAiE and addrerss
t o a ,sotal eard, or ofhe wI at 1i a copyo
$AV'ANNAi WEEK1,Y NEWS will be sen
ii each address min,.
)f 1s a net'5.5H AND VAMH.Y NrWSPAP'Kn FOR'
Co tTNB n At.t t i th te aretWel
splend id ly gotten upj anrd carefulyed Ited1. if
yos w i proii)tnee it the bget ti b et ne
paper you ever readl Adidres
d 8avaonnhU
Costs only $.00 per 100 squaire feet. Ma
a good roof for years, and any one cano
. It onf. GIum-Elastle Pintl costs only3
cents per gallon, In bhl Iots, or #4.50
'five gajion tubs). Color dark red, 'y
stop leauks in tIn or Iron roofs, anid wvill
for yeams. TlilY IT. B~eid statnp
Isamples anid full particulars.
o Oumn-Elastic Roofing C
39 and 41 West Blroadway. NEWV YOI
vith, we want to thank our friends for I
rompt settlements during the past sc
d better collections. There seems to
ng the most of our customers to settl
appreciate such trade, and propose to
this year. The few who have stood bai
way hindered fromi paying us, we a
ard at once and do their best for us'
d you may need ours later. Pay us wi
note for the balance.
some Bargains to offer in Groceries.
'lour to be had any where. A full ass
Stocks, Plow Gear, I loes and other
iave bought these goods lower than
accordingly. Lotsof corn and seed oa.
And rtop growli
No wonder you
Mave you an adttld
Nol Well, peop&l
ia buslamess amd t]
scen hard to TOL
'all ansd get our
Put Asi add 1 in Tl
will Moon Pass a
kd The Bomt She... for
the LeavA. Aone')
ur $5, T
at 'f5 ISTfEB
SDE ALE RS who push the sale of W. L. I
whichlihe! as to increase the sales oni theji
footwear ofthe dealer adrver Isad elw. e l ogue
WV. T. McFiA LL, 2J.
Bu ist's Se(
are the Be
We have 1114
Gardeni Seet
Greenvi lie.
have Oilon
"One Hundred Brewster
SThc BESTiO and C
WI Ever Offered in S
-AT' TllE
SGreenville Coa
kea \Ve maIIke the ni
o~iOne andi T'Jwo Hiorst
fin. Why buy Cheap Wevstern Wagons when y'(
at - Ihat will out last
for | W'atronize 1I0ME JND)UsTR Y.
,-H. C.MAll
' . Wr. sJnnTXE. ' sen>*gtnd
& Co.'s
heir liberal
Isonl. \Ve
be a dis.
c there ac
do all we
k, or have
gain urge
We need
at you can
The Best
artment of
usual and
's for sale.
'CE & co.
i. illk ia, e are hard.
, dosa't kasow yoeu are
laat is tMe reasomi timsaes
wlalle otiterm prosper.
rates on advertising.
se Senatiiaael, and await
IEa-d tinies witi yvoa
tom Waterproof. Best Shoe sold at the pries.
and $3.50 Dress Shoo.
cgatlgon) N~ork, costing frona $I to $S.
Police So, 3 Sole.
livt W aiking hooe evr1 madceSo.
!.0, and 52 Shoes, 4
UnCquaahlvd at the price.
ays $2 & 51.75 School Shoes
$3, $2.80 $2, $1.75
ttl)ougla oes gaih toers,
fllin o wod. nlt tjes.
nsat apnhaving nrW.L
dslln f~od.m~m
finiest sectioni of
is ever brought to
Seed that will raise
1)ounds1 the first year.
inter Bros.,
Spring Euggies
outh Carolina
ch Factor~y
u can buy a Uumenade Wagon~
KLEY, Propriete'rb

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