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He Takes For ifis SibJect Promn 0onquest
to Coqueest-Is 4lIatituty IRetr. grad
Ing and the 1ible Losing its Hold?-An
Encouraging 0lacourse.
B ROOKLYN, Mfarch 18.-In the Tab.
ornacle today llev. Dr. Talrage preach.
ed a most elcquent and characteristically
vlgorus sermon in refutation of the oit
renewed assertion of the enemies of re -
ligion that Christianity is retrograding
and the Bible losing Its hold upon the
hearts and consciences of men. The
subject ot the discourse as announced
was, "From Conquest to Conquest,12
the text being taken fLom Amos ix, 13,
"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord
that the plowman shall overtake the
Picture o a tropical clime with u sea
son so prosperous that the harvest
reaches clear over to the planting thme,
and the swarthy husbaundman swinizn.g
the sickle in the thick grain alnost lfels
the breath ol' the horseson his shoulders
the horses hitched to the plow preparing
for a new crop. "Behold the days conic
saith the Lord, that the plowman shai
overtake the reaper." When is that?
That is now. That is this day when
hardly have you done reaping one har -
vest before the plowman la getting ready
for another.
I know that many declare that Christ
ianity has collapsed; that the Bible is an
obsolete book; that the Christian church
Is on the retreat. I will here and now
show that the opposite of that is true.
An Arab guide was leading a lecich
infidel across a desert, and ever and anmon
the Arab' uide would get down i the
sand and pray to the Lord. It disgusted
the French infidel, and after awhile its
the Arab got up from one of his prayers
the Infidel said, "How do you know
there Is any God?" and the Arab guide
said: "How do 1. know that a ani an d
a.camel passed alot our tent last night?
I know it by the footprinta in the sand.
And you want to know how I know
whether there is any God. J9ook at
that sunset: Is that the footslop of a
man?" And by the same process you
and I have conic to understand thm this
book is the footstep of a God.
But now let us see whether the Bible
is a last year's almanac. Lot us see
whether the church of God is in a Bull
Run retreat, muskets, cantceus and
haversacks strewing all the way. The
great English historian, Sharon Turner,
a man of vast learning and of great ac
curacy, not a clergyman, bul. an attor
ney as well as a historian, give this over
whelming statistic in regard to Christi
anity and i regard to the number ot
Christians in the diflerCt coitul Ies. In
the ficst century, 500,000 Christians; in
the second century, 2,000,000 Christ.
lans; In the third century, 5,000.000
Christians; in the fourth century, 10,000
000 Christianp; in tho filth cenLury, 15,
000.000 Christins; in theisixth century,
20,000,000 Chriltlano; in the Ceventh
century, 24,000,000 C(hristiani; in the
eighth century, 30,000.000 Christians;
In the ninth century, 40,000.000 Christ:
ians; in the tenth century, 50,000 000
Christians; in the eleventh century, 70,.
000,000 Christiane; in the twelfth ccon
tury, 80,000,000 Christians; in the thtir
teenth century, 75.000,000 Christimns;
in the fourteenth century, S0,000,000.
Christians; in the I'lfteenth century, 100.
000,000 Christian a; in the m-x teenthii cen
tury, 125,000,000 Christitans; in the
seventeenth century 155.000,000 Christ
lans; In the eighteenth century, 200,000,
000 Christians--a deccadence, as you oh
serve, isj only one century auint more
than made up in [he following centuries I
while it is the usual comaputation thiai
there will be, when [ho record of theC
nineteenth is mlade up, at leiat 300,000,
000 Christians.
Poor Christianit3 ! What a pity it has
no friends! Ilow lonesome it, nust be!V
Who will take it, out of the poorhiotuse V
Poor Christi knitVl Three hundred mill- (I
lions in one century. In a few wceks of a
the year 1881 2,500,000 copies of the
New Testament distributed. Why, the
earth Is like an old castle with '20 gates c
and a park of artillery ready to thunder
down every gate. La.ry anide all Christ
endom and see how hecathendomi is he.
lng surrolinded and honeycombed and
attacked by thuIs nll conqluering gospel.
At the beginning of this century there
were only 150 missionaries. Now there
are 25,000 missionaries and native help
era and evangelists. At the beginninmg
of thIs century there were only 50,000
heathen converts. Now thero are 1,750,
000 converts from heathendomn.
There is not a seacoast on the planet,
but the battery of the gospel is planted
and ready to march on north, south,
east, west. You all know that the chief
work of an army is to plant [lie batter-C
ies. It may take many days to plant
the batteries, and they may (to all their
Work in 10 mInutes. Tihiese batteries are
.being planted all alon~g the seacosts and
m all nations. It may take a good while
to plant them, and they may do all their
Work in one day. They .will. Nations
are to be borni in a (lay, But just come
back to Christendom andl recognize the 1
fact that (luring the last 10 years as
many people5 have connected thiemselves I
with evangelical churches as connected
themselves with the churches in the first 1
50 years of this century. C
So Christianity is falling back, and the ai
Bible, they say, is becoming an obso- C
lete book. I go into a court, and where- C
ever I find a judge's bench or a clerk's h]
desk I find a Bible. Upon what book b
could there be uttered the solemnity of C
an oath? What book us apt to be put C
in the trunk of the young man as lie
leaves for city life? The Bible. What n
shall I find in nine out of' every ten t
homes ini Brooklyn? Th~e Bible. In r
nine out of every ten homes in Christen- d
dom? The Bible. Voltaire wrote [lie o
prophecy that Ithe Bible in thue nine- r
teenth century would become extinct. t
The century is nearly gone, and as there Ib
have been more Bibles pubbishedl In the I
latter part of the century than in thus a
former prt of the century do you think t
the Bible will become extinct in ther
next six years?
1 have to tell you that the room in
which Voltaire wrote that prophecy was
- cro'wded from floor to ceiling with Bibles1
from Switzerland. Suppose the congress
of the United States ~should pass a law
that thoro should be no more Bibles
printed in America and no mnore Bibles
dIt there are 40,000,000 grown
lateI the United States, there would
00lOO,O00 people In an army to put
down euch a law and defend their right
to read the Bible. But suppose the
congress of the United States should
- . wako a law against the reading or pubh-.
c4ti9o of any other book, how many
peojile would go out on such a crusade?
Could ao ge 4 ,00,000p to go
t aud rik ehr yies In donee of~
Ikspar' tragedies or nl on's J
racts, or Macauley's "History of Eng.
You know that there are a thousand
non who would die in defense of this
aebk where there is not more
,han one man who. would die in do.
onso of any other book. You try to
usult my common sense by tell.
ng me the Bible is fading out ftom
the world. It is the most popular book
>f the century. How do I know It? I
now it just as I know in regard to other
books. How many volumes of that
book are published? Well, you say, 5,.
000. How many copie3 of that book
are published? A hundred thousand.
Which is !he more populai? Why, ot
course the one that has 100,000 circula
tion. And if this book has more copies
abroad in the world, it there are five
times as many Bibles abroad as any
other book, does not that show you that
the most popular book on the planet to
da, is tho Word ot God?
"Oh," nay people, "the oburcli is a
collection of hypocrites, and it is losing
its power, and it is fading out from the
world." is i? A bishop of the Meth.
cdist church told me that that denomina.
tion averages two new churches every
oay of the year. There are at least 1,
500 new Cbristian churches built in
American every year. Does that look
as though the charch were fading out,
as though it were a defunct institution?
Which institution stands nearest the
hearls of the people of America today?
I do not care in what city, ot what neigh
borhood you go. Which institution is
it? L it the postofict? Is it the hotel?
Is it the lecturing hall? Ah, you know
it is not. You know that the institution
which stands nearest to the hearts of
Lihe American people is the Christian
church. If you have ever soon a church
burn down, yiu have seen thousands of
peoplo standing and looking at it-poo.
ple who never go into a church-the
tUars raining down their cheeks. The
whole story is told.
You may talk atout the church being
a collection of hypocrites, but when the
diphitheria sweeps your children oil
whom do you send fot? The postmas
ter, the attornev general, the hotel keep.
er, alderman? No, you send for a minis
ter of this Bible religion. And if you
have not a room in your house for the eb.
scquies what building do you solicit? Do
),ou any, "Give me the finest room in
the hotel?" Do you say, "Give me that
theatex?" Do you say, "Give me a place
in that iublic building where I can lay
my (lead for a little while until we say a
prayer over i,?" No. You say, "Give
us the house of God."
And it there is a song to be sung at,
the obsequies whatdo you want? What
ioes anybody want? "The Marseillaise"
bymil "God save the (Queen?"P Our
own grat national air? No, They
want the hymn with which they sang
their old Christian mother into her last
sleep, or they want sung the Sabbath
school h mn which their little girl sang
the last. Sabbath afternoon she was out
before she got tiraL awful sickness which
broke your heart. I appeal to your com
mon eense. You know the most endear
ing institution Ol earth, the most popu
lar instiution on earth today, is the
church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The inldols say, "Infidelity shows its
success from the fact that Itis every
where accepted, and it can say what it
will." Why, my friends, infidelity is
not half so blatant in our day as it was
mn the days of our fathers. Do you know
that in the days of our fathers there
were pironounced ilidels in public au.i I
thiority, andfthey could get any political C
poitiou? Let a man today declare him- r
ielf antagonistic to the Christian relig- ~
on, and what city wants him for may- r
>r, what state wants him for governor,
.vhat nation wants him for president or
or king Let a man openly proclaim c
uimself' the enemy of ouriglorious Chris- sa
iamity, and lie cannot get a majority of h
'otes in any state, in any city, In any p
ounty, in any ward of America. V
1)0 you think that such a scene could I
e enacted now as was enacted in the r<
anys of Uobespierre, when a shameless b
oman was elevated as a goddess and b
ras carriedl in ai golden chair to a cathe-n
ral, where incense was burned to her ti
ud peCople bowed down before her as a
ivine being, she taking the place of the
lible and God Almighty, while in the t
orridor of that cathedral were enacted a
uch scenes of diunkenness and debauch- (
ry and obsceni',y as have never been d
nitnesslec? Do you believe such a thing
011(l ossibly occur in Christendom to. al
ia'i? No, sir. The p~olice, whether of Y
L'aris or N<ey York, would swoop on it. e
I know iictdelity makes a good deal h
>i t alk ini our day. It is on the princi
)le that if a man jumps overboard fromd
Cunard steamer lie makes more ox
~itemnent than all the 500 people that t
tay on the decks. But the fact that he e
amps overboard-does that stop the r
hip? L oes that wreck the 500 passen
:ere? It makes great excitement when c
maii iumps from a lecturing platform t
ir frora the pulpit into infidehity. But d
ioes that keep the Bible and the church I
rom carrying their millions of passen
ecrs into the skies?
Th'iey say-these men-that science is
vercoming religion in our day, They
ook through the spectacles of the ifdel
icientists, and they say: "It is impos
ible that this book can be true. Peo
>le are finding it out. The Bible has 'j
ot to go overboard. Science is going i
o throw it overboard.'' Do you believe d
hat the Bible's account of the origin of 1
fe will be overthrown by infidel sci- c
ntists who have 60 different theories t
bout the origin of life? If they should C
ome up in solid phalanx, all agreeing t
a one sentiment and one theory, per
aps Christiamity might be damaged,
ut there are not so many differences of 3
pinion inside the church as outside the f
People used to say: "There are so I1
iany different denominations of Chile- t
ans. That shows there is nothing In Y
aligion." I have to tell you that all ii
enominations agree on the two or three 0
r four radical doctrines of the Christian t
iligion. 'They are unanimous in regard
3 Jesus Christ, and they are unanimous 0
regard to the divinity of the Scriptures. I
low is it on the other sideo
11 split up. Yo'u cannot find b
wo of them alike. *Oh, it makes a
ne sick to see these literary fops goiag i
long with a copy of Darwin under one o'
rm and a case of transfixed grasahop- o'
>cra and butterflies under the other arm, ai
.eling about the "survival of the fittest" n
md Huxley's protopl~asm and the nebu- 1B
lar hiypothesilI
The fact is that some naturalists, just al
as soon as they find out the difference it
between the feelers -of a wasp and the UI
borns of a beetle, begin to patronize the W
Almighty, while Agassiz, glorious Ag- 01
sssiz, who never made any pretensions
ao being a Christian, puta~ his feet on the
loctrine of evolution and says, "I see
~hat many of the naturalists of our day a
ire adopting facts which do not bear I
>bsezvation or have not passed under
>bslervation." These men warring with I
iach other-Darwin warring against ti
riamarche, Wallace warring against t~
Dope, even Rerschel denouncing FAr
They do not agree about 'anything.
hey do not agree on embryology; do
not agree on the gradation of the
species. What do they agree on?
Herschel writes a whole chapter on
the errors of astronomy. La Place
declares that the moon was flot put
in the right place. le says that if It
been put four times farhter from the
earth than it is row there would be
more harmony In the universe, but
Lionville comes up jusu in time to
prove that the moon was put in the
ri ht place.
Iow many colors woven into the
light? Seven says lsaao Newton. Three
says David Brewster. How high is the
aurora borealis? Two and a halt miles
says Lias. One hundred and sixty.
eight miles says Twining. How far is
the sun from the earth ? Seventy-six
million miles says Lacalle. Eighty-two
million miles says Humboldt. Ninety
million miles says Henderson. One
hundred and four million miles says
Mayer. Only a little difference of 28 -
000,000 miles! All split up among themi.
selves, not agreeing on anythiag. They
come and say that the churches of
Jesus Christ are divided on the great
doctrines. All united they are in
Jesus Christ, in the divinity of the
Scriptures. While they come up and
propose to render their verdict., no two
of them agree on that verdict.
"Gentlemen of the - jury, have you
agreed on a verdict?" asks the court or
the clerk of the jury as they come in
after having spent the whole night in
deliberating. If the jury say, "Yes,
we have agreed," the verdict is record
ed. But supposo one of the jurymen
says, "I think the man was guilty of
murder," and another says, "I think he
was guilty of manslaughter in the sec
ond degree," and another man says, "I
think he was guilty of assault and bat
tery with intent to kill," the judge
would say: "Go back to your room and
bring in a verdict. Agree on some
thing. That is no verdict.
Here these infldel scientists have im -
paneled themselves as a jury to decide
this trial between inildelity, the plain
tiff, and Christianity, the defendant,
and after being out for centuries they
come in to render their verdict. Gen
tlemen of the ury, have you agreed on
a verdict? No,no. Then go back for
another 500 years and deliberate and
agree on something. There is not a
poor, miserable wretch in the Tombs
court tomorrow that could be con
lemned by -a jury that did not agree
:n the verdict, and yet you expect us
Lo give up our glorious Christianity to
please these men who cannot agree on
Ab, my friends, the church of Jesus
Jhrist, instead of falling back, is on the
dvance. I am certain it is on the ad- I
rance, O Lord God, take thy sword a
rom thy thigh and ride forth to the
rictory. 2
I am mightily encouraged because I I
Ind among other things that while I
his Christianity has been bombarded d
lor centuries infidelity has not destroy
ad one church, or crippled one minis- I
Aer, or uprooted one verse or one chap- I
er of all the Bible. The church all the s
Lime getting the victory, and the shot 9
md shell of its enemies nearly exhaus- v
bed. t
I have been examining their ammu
aition lately. I have looked all through
;heir cartridge boxes. They have not I
,n the last 20 years advanced one new
deA- They have utterly exhasted
~heir ammunition in the battle against
~he church and against the Scriptures,
while tihe sword of the Lord Almighty
s as keen a t ever was. WIe are just
~etting our troops into line. TIhey are C
oming up in companfes, and in regi- I
lents, and in brigades, and you will C
ear a shout after awhile that will V
take the earth quake and tihe heavens e'
nig with "Alleluiai" It will be thia, a
LLorward, the whole line1" 't
And then I find another most en s
muraging thought in the fact that the a~
tcular printing press and pulpit seem
irnessed in the same team for the h
roclamation of the gospel. Every ~
tall street banker tomorrow in New aI
ork, every State street banker tomor. t
w in Boston, every Third street n
mnker tomorrow in Phi ladelphia,every s
nuker in the United States and every
aerchant will have in his pocket at
~entise on Christianity, a call to re
entance-10, 20 or 80 passages of t~
eriptures in the reports of sermons
reached throughout these cities and y
aroughout the land today. It will be li
a in Chicago, so in New Orleans, so ini '
harleston, so in Boston, so in Phila- t:
elphia, so every where. c
I know the tract societies are doing 1<
grand and glorious work, but I tell e
on there is no power on earth today k
qual to the fact that the American n
rinting press is taking up the sermons
rhich are preached to a few hundred ti
r a few thousand people, and on Men- 'v
ay morning and Monday evening, in 0
he morning and evening papers, scat- a
bring that truth to the-millions. What ti
thought it isi What an encourage- ti
lent to every Christian man Isa
Besides that have you noticed that
uring tbe past few years every one of *3
he doctrines of the Bible came under u
iscussion in the secular pressy Do you p
*ot remember a few years ago when h<
very paper in the United States had ti
~n editorial on the subject, "Is There t
uch a Thing as Future Punishment?" s
t was the strangest thing that there ti
hould be a discussion in the secular e
apers on that subject, but every pa- a
er in the United States and in Chris- ii
endom discussed, "Is There Such a p
~hing as Retribution?" I know there ii
rere small wits who made sport of the it
iscussion, buLt there was not an intel- ti
gent man on earth who, as the result o:
fthat discussion, did net ask himself ti
hie question, "What is going to be my e'
ternal destiny ?" So it was in regard a
e Tyndal's prayer gauge. T
About 12 years ago, you remember, ol
tie secular papers discussed that with 01
xst as much earnestness as the reli- ir
ious papers, and there was not a man tE
i Christendom who did not ask him- tI
sif the questions: "Is there anything
i prayer ? May the creature impress nr
1e Creator ?" Oh, what a mighty fact, tt
hat a glorious fact-the secular print- hi
ig press and the pulpit of the church C
! Jesus Christ harnessed in the same 11
sam I
Then look at the international series tt
Sunday school lessons. Do you know n
tat every Sabbath between -3 and 5 1i
clock there are 5,000,000 children study- ir
ig the same lesson-a lesson prepared 'a
ir the leading minds of the country U
id printed in the papers-and then n
Les subjects are discussed and given n
rer to the teachers, who give them 1i
rer to the children, so whereas once- ii
4d within our memory-the children Y
bbled here and there at a story in the g
Ible, now they are taken through '
om Genesis to Revelation, and we n
all have 5,0000children forestalled n
r Christianit. My soul is full of er. al
tation. I fee as if I could shout-I ti
Iil shout, "Allelula. the Lord Gocd d
unipotent reignethl"
Then you notice a more significant
act, ifyuhave talked with people on ita
te subject, that they are getting die- O<
tistlewith philosophy and science st
a matter of comfort. They say it C
Des not amount to anything , when at
au have a dead c'ild in the house. ht
hey tell you when they were sick and yt
10 door of the future seemed opening e:
le only comfort thmey could find was in ni
the gospel. People are having demoi
strated all oyer the land that aciem
and- ,hilodphy cahnot solace' tI
trouble and woos. of the world, an
they want som1 6Other religion, an
hey are takigg hristianity,'the ot
symp hetic elton Loat ever can
into th worl.
You just take your scientiflc cons4
lation into that room where a mothi
has lost her child. Try In that caH
your splendid doctrine of the "suryivi
of the ilttest." Tell her that child (ie
because it was not woith as much t
the other children. That Is your "sui
vival of the fittent." Go to that dyin
matn and tell him to pluck up courag
for the future. Use your tramn
condental phraseology upon hin
Tell him he ought to be cor
confident in the "great to be," and th
"everlasting now," and t.he "eterna
what is it." Just try your transcend
entalism, and your science on him.
Go to that widowed soul and tell he
it was a geological necessity that he
companion should bo taken awa
from her, just as in the course of thi
world's history the megatheriunt had
to pass out of existence, and then yot
go on in your scientific consolatior
until you get to the sublime fact tha
50,000,000 yeari fron now we ourselvel
may be scientific specimenson a geolo
gical shelf-petrilled specimens of ax
extinct human' race.
And after you have got all thougi
with your consolation, if the poor af
flicted soulis not crazed by it, I wil
send forth from this church the plain
est Christain we have, and with one
half hour of prayer and reading 0o
Scripture promises the tear
will be wiped away, and the houe
from floor to cupola will be floodei
with the calmness of an Indian sum
mer sunset. There is where I see th
triumph of Curiatianity. People aro
dissatisfied with everything else. Thel
want (od. They want Jesus Christ.
Talik about the exact scluces; then
is only one exact science. It It
not mathematics. Taylor's logarithm,
have mauy imporfcetions. The Frenct
metric system has many imperfections
The only e. act scince is Christinanity
-the only tiring under which you car
appropriately write, "Quod etat demon
strandum." You tell we that two and
wo make four. I do not dispute it
but it is tiot so plain that two an twc
make four as that the Lord God Al
might-y made this world, and for a mar
the sinner he sent his only begotten
ion to die.
I put on tLe witness stand to tesiify
n behalf of Christianity the church
in earth and all the church in heaven
iot 50, not 1,000, not 1,000,000, but all
,he church on earth and all the re
leemed in heaven.
You tell me James A Garfield wag
naugurated president of the United
tates on the 4th of Maach, 1881. IHow
lo I know it? You tell me there were
0,000 persons who distinctly herad his
naugural address. I deny that he was
naugurated. 1. deny that his inaugur
Ai address was delivered. You ark
vhy. I lid not see it. I did not he0
t. But you say that there were 20,01t
ersons who did see and hear him. a
ay .1 cannot take it anyhow; I did nor
ea and hear him. Whose testimony
vill you take? You will not take my
estimony. You say: "You know noth
ng about it. You were riot there. Let
is have the testimony of the-20,000
iersons who stood before the capitol
md heard that magnificient inaugural
vhy of course that 1s as your common
'ense dictates.
Now, here are some men who say
hey never seen Christ crowned in the
eart, and they do not believe it is ever
one. Thebre is a group of men who
iy they have never heard the voice of
hrlst. They have never heard the
Dice of God. They do net belie~vo it
rer transpire or wvas ever head-that
tything like it ever occurred. I point
20, 100,000 or 1,000,000 people wvho
~y: "Christ was crowned in our hearts
fections. We have seen him and'
it him ini our soul, and we have heard
is voice. We have heard it in storm
id da.1kness. We have heard it again
ad again." Whose testimoty will you
,ke'? These men who say they have
ot heard the voice of Christ, have not
~en the coronation, or will you take
to thousands and millions of Chris
ans who testify of what they sa w
ith their own eyes and heard w ith
loir Own ears?
Yonder is an aged Chris tian after 50
ears experience of the pow er of gocd
ness in his soul. Ask this man
hethier, when he be buried his dead,
in relhgon of .Jesus Christ was not a
>nsolation. Ask him if through the
>ng years of his pilgrimage the L'rdl
ver forsook him. Ask him when he
ioks for ward to the future if ho has
ot a paece, and joy, and a consolation
te world cannot take away. Put his
istimony or what lie has seen and
hat lie has felt opposite,the testimony
l' a man who says ho has not seen
niyi hing on the subject, or felt any.
ling on the subject. WVili you take
10 testimony of people wvho hatve not
ien or people who have seen ?
You say mnorphia puts one to s'leep.
'on say in time of sickness it is very
seful. I deny it. Morphtia never
uts anybody to sleep. It never al
vlates pain. You ask me wvhy I say
lat. I have niever tried it. I never
ok it. I deny .that mnorphia is any
mothinlg to the nerves or any quiet in
mes of sicaness. I deny that morphia
ver l)'tt anybody to sleep. Bunt here
ce 20 persoan who say they have all
ut the s'oothing effects of a physici an's
'escribing morphine. WVhose testimony
ill you take-those who took the med
inn or my testimony, I never having
kenl the medicine? Here is the gospel
.1usus Christ-an anodyne for all
0ouble, the mightiest medicine that
rery camne down to earth. Here is
main who says: "1 dont believe in it.
here is no power, in it." Here are
her people who say: "We have foutnd
it its power and know its soothi ng
fluence. It has cured uts." Whose
stimnony will you take in regard to
is healing medicine?
I feel that 1 have convinced every
an in this house that it is titter folly
take the testimony of those who
we never tried the gospel of .Jesus
birist in their own heart and
fe. We have tens of thousands of
itnesses. I bl~oieve you are ready to
bke their testimony. Young man, (1o
at be ashamed to' he a friend of the
ible. Do not put your thumb
your vest, as young men
ametimes do and swagger about
lking of the glorious light of the
neteenth century and of there being
a need of -a ilble. They have the
ght of nature in India and China and
ai al the dark places on earth. D~id
)n ever hear that the light of nature
ive them comfort for their trouble ?
hey have lancets to cut and jugger
iuts to crush, but no comfort. Ah,
Ly friends, you had better stop your
topticism. Suppose you are putt in
his crisis: Ob, father, your child Is
pinal What are you going to say
her ?
Colonel Ethan Allen was a famous
fidel in his day. Is wife was a very
insecrated woman. The mother in.
ructed the daughter in the truths of
iristianity. The daughter sickened
id was about to die, and site said to
ur father': "F'athter, shall I take
aur instructionnor slAalI I take mothi
's itistruction ? I am golog to die
>w.1 must hiav ths, matter danidea,"
- That man, who had been loud in b
a infndelity, said to his dying daughte
e "My dear, you had better take yo
d mother's religion." My advice is t:
d same to you, 0 young man-you hi
y better take your mother's religo
0 You know how it comforted her. Y(
know what she said to you when 1
- was dying. You had better take yo
r mother's religion.
i A 4ilck Oompitny,
d COLUMBIA, 8. C., March 17.-The
5 appeared a few days ago in The 8ta
an account of the location, by tb
g State's fertilizer Inspectors,'of a Iarg
0 amount of fertilizers in Marlboro coui
- 'ty, near the North Carolina line, 1
. which the South Carolina tax tags ha
not been affixed. The oflcers wi
came across the fertilizers,thought thf
I the North Carolina company could I
held liable for the violation of the law
of this State. But the company was tc
r sharp; Had it delivered the * stuff i
r Sonth Carolina to the purchasers the
r it would have been lie.ble. But instea
of delivering it, It got the South Car
lina Farmers, who live near the line, t
L come across to the factory with the:
I wagons and the fertilizers were thu
delivered in North Carolina. The farn
3 era brought the stuff in themselves, ar
- if the btate gets its tax i will have I
I collect it from them. Governor Tilima
says the company simply duped an
footed the poor farmers of this %Stal
into breaking the law. The State wil
I however, try to collect the tax from ti
farmers, who have the fertilizers I
their possession.-State,
AAdviee to a Girl.
George W. Childs onc'3 said to a gi
from the vest, who went to him wit
- letters and the hope of getting suft!
ent influence to do something in ti
arable field of journalism: "Little wc
man, if you can do something, go ahea
and do it. The world is hungry fc
somethihg new. It is an omnivorou
creature, but it wants a change cor
stantly. Keep as quiet as you car
Keep out of men's ways as much a
you can, for it is trespassitig to go o
private property. Keep yourself i
good health, good spirits and go
clotnes, and don't try to be a good fe
low or one of the boya. Save halt c
your earnings. Go to church. Be ag
reeable, but reserved, and if some bor
able Iran offers you his name an
his protection give it all up, marry hir
and devote your energies to homemak
ing. The business world is no place fo
a woman. It is a rough place, ani
people have to get rough to succeed I
it. I know hundreds of gentle wome1
inbusiness, but they always seam t
me like going fishing in a dress sui
and white glovers. Exquisite fabric
are not intended for rough and r ead
A Juvenile Outrage
LEXINGTON, ICy., March 18..-2
couple of precocious youths had a minis
ture lynching bee here last night. Mr
John Parrott, who lives at Forest Hill
found his 12-year old son dangling fror
the limb of a tree, swinging to a rop
which encircled his neck. ' Blood wa
gushing from the boy's nostril and ear
and he was in a (lead taint, The fathe
cut the rope and by applying restora.
tives soon had his son In a c~neclou
siate. The boy said that two compan
ions, one of wiiom was Dan blavin, be
came enraged at him for some triflin<
occurrence, and seizing him procured
rope, and( after fastening a noose oni
placed it aroundi his neck. They ther
throw the rope over a tree and yanket
him up in ros~i lynchmng style. The rope
was tied to the trunk of the tree and the
boy left hangiag. Mr. Parrott procured
warrants for the boys' arrest.
Tiliman In Washington.
WASIIINGTON, March 19.-Govern
or Tiilman, of South Carolina, arrrived
in Washington this morning for the
purpose of conferring with the officials
of the national Government on the
liquor seizure in South Carolina by
Federal oficials. A conflict of jurisdic.
Lion has arisen between the United
States internal revenue officers and
Governer Tillman's constables,and it ia
to settle this quettion, which is a high
ly important one, that he has come
here. He called at the Treasury De.
partment this morning, but as- neither
Secretary Carlisle nor Commissioner
Miller was in Governor Tiliman had te
(leter the matter until tomorrow.
A Vendetta.
B.IRMINGitAM, ALA, March 21.--In
a genetal fight between the Cobb and
King farmilies at Three Notches, Ala
this Morning Jhon Cobb's throat was
cut and he died in a few minutes. Brad
Kir~g anid his brother Dave were badly
wounded. Warrants were issued foz
the entire King family, consisting of the
l ather .and three sons. The fight was
the result of an old feud, and is the
fourth murder in ten days ia Bullochi
___ BUT
- - ric
Roliable, Durable, MusIcally Per
because best, We can save you m
* tImes. Write us. Mention this pa
Souathern MYuslec U
T he On1
privave statement of one
of the Judges.
Responsible Oouni
J. W. Gib
is a to Gen. rano Msarion.
r, WASliTNGTOt,' March 21.-The very
ir serious illness of Senator Colquitt of
ie Georgia, froma a second attack of paral.
Ld ysis yesterdayat his residenee in this
n. city was referred to in Chaplin Mil
mu burn's opening prayer this morning.
is "Hearken to our earnest cry, 0 Lord.'
ir hie prayed, "in behalf of our beloved
friend and brother, the Senator from
Georgia. Stretch forth thy hand and
draw him back.to the duties of life of
re this world, so that he once more may
to tuce his place in this chamberitnd re
W ce the hearts of all who know and
,e ove him." There was very little rou
1- tide morning business; and after it was
,o disposed or, the unobjeted to bills on
d the calendar were tken up. Among
to those paseed 'Were the following: Sen
Lt ate bi l appropriating $10,00o for im
provemqn ner road to the Nation
ISj al coe agry nerPensacola, Fla. Sen
0 ate bil k the restoration of the books
a of the Beaufort' Library Soqlety, of
i Beaufort,8. C. It proflde fot the da.
d plication from the ibrary of Congr~s
- of books equivalent in number and
o value to repace those taken by a Unit.
r ed States officer in 18629 and Isubse.
Ia quently destroyed by fire. Senate bill
apropriating $4 000 for an equestrian
d atue to Genera Francis Mar in, of
,o the Revolutionary army, in Columbia,
n S. C. Twenty-five bifl in all were
d passed, and at 2 p. m., the unfinished
e business-wai taken up, being the Sea
l, ate bill to simplif the form of deeds of
te conveyance, true and release of land
r in the Dirtrict of Columbia. No action
was reached on the bill, which still re
mains the unflnjshed business; and af
ter a short executive session, the Sen
I ate at 5:80 adjourn.ed until tomorrow.
- In a Quandary.
e WASHINGTON. March 21.-The pres
I- sure being brought to bear upon Presi
d dent Cleveland in regard to the ac
r tion he shall take upon the Bland seig
a niorage bill Is not confined to Senators
- and Representatives, for he is in rcceipt
of letters and,telegrams from all pections
of the country upon the subject, and,
I contrary to the belief that seems to pre
d vail, a very large maority o1 these com
[. munications urge him to exercise the
f veto power, Many of the most emphatic
- of the letters la their urgency for
- a vet are from Baltimore, New Orleans,
[l Richmond, Va, St. Louis, Charleston,
a S. C., and other Southern cities and rep
- resent board of trade and leading busi
ness. Similar communications have
been received from the cities of Chicago,
Pittsburg, Allegheny City, Detroit.,
Boston, New York Philadephia, Roches
ter, N. Y., and Provicence, R. I. The
prevailing sentiments contained in
these appeals are the expression of an
apprehension that should the bill' ber
come a law there would result a loss of
confidence in the credit of the Govern
meat a fear that the goldwould be drained
from the treasury, and a feeling that the
Government would be unable to main
tain the parity between gold and silver,
thus placlng,its financial status on the
same footing with Mexico, the South
American reputbhcs and India.
Likely to Escape.
COLUMBrA, S.C., March 17.--r he
State has already called attention to the
act that the late Legislature, hav
ing put a proviso in the new act that the
various county boards of commissioners
of the several counties should meet be
fore the end of January and fix the lice
nses upon peddlers and sewing machine
agents, made It impossible for the con
tv boards to comply with the law. The
Richiand board did not meet within the
speclfied time, and it is ascertained that
not a single boird in the State did either
all holding their meetings subsequently.
.The act declares all other acts on the
same line, repealed, and hence It is ab- i
solutely impossible to charge the old
lic'ense fee, which, by the way, was nev
er collected, so far as known. The new
fee as fixed by the county boards ap
peari on Its very face to be filegal, and
those whom the law aftact claim that they
cannot be charged anything at all. It
is understood that one of thb biggest con
cerns in the United States, which is af-- 0
fected by this law, Intends to bring a
test case in the courts as soon as possi- f
ble. Something interesting along this
line may be expectedl in a few days. It
looks as if those whom the law was in
tended to reach will escape the payment d
of a'i~y license at all.- Stats.
COnARLESTON, March 10.-Jerry H~or
beck was hanged in Berkele county
jail yard this morning for th murder
of Bob Hrzel, a constable, last spring.
Early this morning, the prisoner at
tempted to commit suicide and succeed
in gashing his neck and wrist wIth a
piece of tin, but he was discovered in
time and he was quickly rivived and
hanged. He died poeting that he
had killed the constable In self-defnse.
INP NY$150
mean the Pianos so glaringly adver
under "Grand Offes," "Factory
a," "Agents' Profits Saved," for 5150, . I
190, and misrepresented as "Mag
nt," 'Best Made" ','Same as Sold at.
>y liegular Dealers."
feet-Only 1225 1260. 1300-Cheapest
Dney. Spcially easy terms for-eioe
per. - '
ue avanh, gGa
y A war d . ]
y Agents Wanted.
bes &; GCo.,
JRarAnQDR Wanted.
AiUSTIN, Texas, Mlarch7,-The two
Btatq executive committees of the two
Deruocratlo kactions will meet in Dallas
Mcnday to bring about harmony in the
party in Texas, and to fix a date and
lace for the next meeting 4.0f the State 4
emocratic convention. Froaiuent
Delpocrats from both factions will
from this city, and Governor Hogg will.
leave to-morrow to do what he can do
about creating harmony and uniting the
parties. It Is recognized that unity
must be secured or the State Treasury
may rall into the hands of the Populists,
and be brought to the condition of Colo.
rado and Kansas. A strong eflort Is
beingt made here and all over the. State
to have Frank Jones head the Populist
ticket this year, and he has accepted an
invitation to make a sreech here next
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