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0s,; vv* and wheat are much damaged
by L i .'i snap.
Tore cre yet a fe'case of the mumps
in Naee epoVrtions Of the County.
P .ud tiip tickets to the Midwinter Fair
t !t%?frav. Iac are new abot 076.00.
T imiv ladtc hats are merely the out
- 4 r of C': fashion for the next season.
h appears now that the four beautiful
u troe In front of McFall's $tO WOe
at., djaath.
Tc Polhtical newspapers is this State are
*rrv eloered at their mepctive poet.
-A,: i woood cuam,
( . 51. Boggs (Doch) s been quite
- days or two weeks. 9 e was
'.~- a 1-' !e some better last Thursday.
W i. grenshaw, of the Crow Creek
vr .td about sax acres of corn up
-U gh.to work, a0 it was mipped
S:. VT Shirley had a handsome little
Ij I 'r the Presbyterian church at
I he is making its surroundings
* ,ie.
. . Wilson, presiding elder,
S sus on business last Fiday He
-. :erly conference at St. Paul's
- n ng.
Ne. postal notes after the 1st day
"s timely notice is given that
ish to use them after that date
full supply.
a Ward and James Price were
he 16th of March. The cere.
p-trformed by Rev. B. Holder,
I ce. It was & Gretna Green
Phillip died on the -5th alt.,
below aSAley; after suffering
eka with a cancer. le was a
and a consistent member of
'i'-cr t Methodist church at Fair
A. Pi rice and William Sutherland
on the 25tha ult., by Rev. B.
>residence seems to have been
-sort that day. Two couples
naot much of aday for mar
I half a dozen runaway scrapes
. tat week, and horse accidents.
. a horse at Easley let his rider,
s~a ~ Mr. Leeley, fall, and in the
- p ab was cut on the boy's leg
' -~ tepping On it.
Looper, the wife of Mr. Joe
. , ackwards from a chair on the
I ci, and had the uisfortune to
I - h. She was attended by Dr.
- There is little hope of her
o -le to walk again, as she in up.
*,I- ty years.
A& the case of Maxwell vs. The
ortilizer Co., last Thursday
rdict in favor of the defend
I I 's attorneys gave notice for a
s - 'his was the third time the
s submitted to a jury. There
. mistrials.
Aon, an insurance and build.
I c gent, was before trial Jus.
At Thursday, charged with qb
y under false pretenases from
S . wford. He was held for trial
a . .. essions. The Stale was rep.
r' ''- P. Carev, and the defendant
b ~ .s.
e rate.Of these none survive.
A son and Pola were killed in
be - - - ragg, Smith Cooper and
5 ye died since the clo se of the
w. - ere nineteen hceutemeant gen
er he bse all are dead save four,
n, John B. Gordon, James
'4 1. 'IJoseph Wheeler.
ling mlii from Atlanta are
go . careful with onee arm or the
ot. a they are suffering from a
-the smallpox by reason of
Va' Whatever danger there is
fr~ e, Central is very much ex
po' .it, is not protected by any
pre 2, neasures, and abitnt every
mail'' some people fresh from
- At there.
'Igad uythdteeor
a 1i. - .Wlth ncn~
keg oei it ro n
apr 'tejralmgthv
bee c ehdbe ik n h
law .c *i l vrtefor oh
for grand fillol thheacacour
- T t. B. aremns bftlenthwas
me. ~ led t We, M jr John L
* Gr. t oqest arened apndneratly
May isthe juryal iht sense
the ' .' ct henoadieetin s andrthe
to.oalls Falls the riks.h
Jam: *. aidlywas rec ttmmeded
eeT' - 'o ae hermtiketbus elethe.
with in lat C nay. Cnednral
daye 2th of Mafrch8.Afeth
see led to trernc m JohicH.
hse I' ''tued r.o tL. Henry.o
ha " ate unaimlssoube, of
hth e he. inomtin way ase are
Jmr anerd thdard potat wire
etect - a. The tce quaiy w-etd
noth ~ ' en istinorday. beena
th~em '' tsined r low89a.
aske d ' ' o tohe tuheym awhial.
ha i o& 'taduce gnothod.ry
Th '~'~ pe' Advoathes thbe ast
saye - .. in sotie way. pThe are
sCors' *'(ered thnay atoon, with
ins. o ae wase acoted lathei
thl . amS. As to quyan't, by oe
not bel can aistungenshobetween
anem -' ' iloed sy eroym.
Weci . onetohgve prerla tra.
.Age psele y droae, 2'pthiolt.
lie e*Vr a htieg1 tok thae ball
tah,'.''~ 'aer ba. of th ln'f, byhone
and -~ :alug in atdre decntiono
and''~t 'n tioed to.h s ery dame.
erv. is bewe her toerarge
ande- 'e- &' " o'aeionWieate r pist and
bed '. .e. 'rees iles aoe of thall,
tI . *' '~ o back Is a h beatful tiho
andsue s": . O re - ahnd the idictionso
lthej e'e cafc .F. Cvinkscf alheslwa
Isallea t ~ e tee~n o aid r h in iery deu.
weT' " il dWhiteatr ad rechnto
b een - --id Maid Au. by. Gen. W.a.
Ervisfthir bgtweens thasw large a
abue ane tey e sboed lWahea
Irn O. * bl.tizzard bIe abfules o
aeu. - ca ee nd soe heJo' indfcat.n
a 1."':nc Theun acrdes are cu
de a de, a eiof hetwn~ecd r lim t.h
Eanrc '.on 'ii r W J.cube Dfore ofo to.
tham~i' end JnuW.rF gardenero wlhea
ee"t"senxtya. -wllduTee willuc be
. 3t~, iccdc Mr.u the 2hl. MrI hdoe
struthei gar ens s tage ca
Prof.. Looper had c'ulte a large class and
furnished some fine @lnging at the Baptist
ehbrch last Baturday evenirtg.
- Married at. thq residence of the bridel
parents, 0n the lit inst. Miss Martha Par
rott and Md. Hunter; Rev. J. 1. Stewart
We have just rcoelved a highly appreci
ated present and a most cheerful epistle
from our eldest maternal aunt, Mrs. iar.
riett E. Alexabder, of Cumming, Us.
The largest vote that has ever been polled
in Pickens was recorded last MondAy In the
town eleetion. It resulted As follows: J. J.
LSWIs, latendant, S0. Wardens: J. E Cox,
9;-B. M. Griffio, A8, J. B. Newberry, 29;
C. E. RobInson, 40. 'There was slight op.
pbeliton as w-lI be seen from returns.
There is cohusiderable suffering among
horses and mules from distemper. The un
precedented told of last week. no doubt,
aggravated thj disease. Several of Col.
Hollingsworth's work annimals have need
ed medical attention. He was out at
T% elve Mile doctoring a fine colt last Mon.
Last Friday evening aurora gave its
prettiest exhibition. It amused itself in
painting the northern sky fihst with a pink
sheen; then, while you were looking, with.
Out seeing any Movement, the weird light
would adjust itself in columns of pink and
blue, decked with dtars. It has not shone
so beautiful since just before the war.
Miss Laura Ellis returnedlast Friday and
will be among her Pickens friends this
iummer, She spent one year and four
months In the mational Normal College at
Dberlin, Ohio, where she graduated, and
)n her return spent two months and a half
aear Gainesville, Ga., teaching a nourish.
ing school. She is certainly thoroughly
'quipped for the work.
Mr. Mathias Richardson, of Anderson
:ounty, was in town last week and chatted
pleasantly with his friends. Mr. Richard.
ion is one of Anderson's best citizens and
'armers. He has or.e son, L. C. Richard.
oin, in the Naval Academy at AnapohI
[ad., who h taken a very high stand, and
mne in Furman Universuty, who is prepar.
og himself for the medical profession.
he State lider Marshal Law-Te
Origin of she Treulte.
The telegrams on first page will
ihow how the storm commenced to
rew, and we clip from the Augusta
Chronicle. the origin au results of
the difficulty. The excitement through
ut the State has been intense, and
many of the militia threw down their
irms. But prompt obedience of the
Greenville companies speaks volumes
for the loyalty of the up country. At
this writing the State troops are in
possession of Dirliogton, and all is
auiet It has required the utmost
exertion of cool heads on both sides
to avert still greater calamities. The
dispensaries at Darlington and Flor
ence have not been sacked. The details
will be more fully given in the next
The following communication re
ceived here to day gives the first in
formation as to how the trouble star
ted at the depot in Darlington :
"A very sad tragedv occurred, at
the station on the C. & D. railroad by
which four persons lost their lives,
and three others were painfully
wounded " It began with an attack
made suddenly and unexpectedly by
Fioyd, the dispe'nsarj~ agent, on Youn'g
Rodgers, the clerk at the Entf-rpr-ise
Hotel. A young man rushed forward
to) stp the fight and the twenty con.
stables who were present covered him
with their guns and ordered him back.
The city marshal about this time,
with an assisetant, ca me up to quell
the fight, and the constables covered
him also with their '- mncheter's and
refused to let him interfere. One of
the constables, MicLendon, began
cursing Frank Norment, who wished
to stop the fight, and on his answer
ing back, shot him dead. The consta
bles then presented-their gun., and
two of them, Pepper and another
whose nanme I forget, fell.
Pepper was shot dead and the other
was mortally' wounded. The rest of
the constables hurried off a short dis
distance, faced about and flred a vol
ley and then broke and fled Louis
Normnent received a painful wound.
Our brave chief of police, in this part
ing volley received a painful wound,
and young Lewis Redmond was shot
.The train that was fired into by the
citizens was seen this morning. It
showed that seventeen bullets hit it.
The constable, McLendon, I under
stand, was the man who killed both
of the citizens. I am told that he
emptied his Winchester and his pis.
tol bo0th before he -was downed and
himself killed.
Thirty men from Edgefleld will be
here at 4:40 forming a military com
pany. .F. J. W.
Columbia, 8. 0., March 81.--The
governor has declared Darlinigton and
Florence counties in a state of insur
rection. He has also ordered the
railroad authorities not to transport
any bodies of men unless authorized
by him. The railroads have thus far
refused compliance. The governor
has also ordered the telegraph com-.
panies not to tr-ansmit any news of a
war-like tendency. Obedience to this
order has likewise been refused.
The Edgefield Hussars,-Gov. Till.
man's home company, will leave Edge.
field at 6 p. m. for Columbia. The
Sally Rifleti of Orangeburg and a
company from Aiken will also reach
hero to-night. TIhe ten Greenville
do.mnty companies are under arms and
awaiting orders to move. Telegra
phic response has been received from~
mnilitary companies throughout the
State, and during the night and all
tomorrow troops will be pouring into
Columbia. Th e situation is very
It is understood on the other hand
that citizens of Columbia have signed
a paper agreeing to go to Dar-lington
to asisiit the citizens who are after the
coustables. It is reported that an at.
temp~t will be made here on the arrival
of the Nowber-ry Rifles to force them
to return or prevent them from pro.
ceeding. The troopnar arri......n. by
The Wealeyan Methobaite.
The Wealeyan Methodists see
to be going right ahead with t
church work. They will soon h
a neat house of worship complete
Central. They have a handsome
tie church recently built at Andei
one at Townville, and expect soot
have one at Oakway. Mr. J.
Cochran and Mr. Fielding Lewis
taking a very active interest inI
work at Central, and the members
of that church already is of suffc
strength to make it wield a strc
indtuenoe for good.
noun& 6 eep masy.
"John, is 01 the corn planted ?"
"Yes, sir."
"An' the cotton ground plowed I'
"Yes, sir."
"An' the meal come from mill?"
"Yes, sir."
'An the mortgage took on i
mule ?"
"Yoe, sir."
"Well, I reckon there ain't anythi
to do pow 'ceptin to run for office;
hitch upi"
A Go& Steafeesamt.
One of Col. W. C. P. Breck
ridge's relatives is the proprietor o
large litne factory. He will do a a
fering public a favor if he will shif
few carloads of his product to Wai
ington and supply it to '-Willie
case as a disinfectant.
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syre
for children teething; softens i
gums, reduces inflamation, alays ps
and cures wind oolic. 25a per bott
Sheriff's Sale.
In Probate Co
Alice M. Bruce and H. Earl. Russ
as administrators of the estate
J. Frank Bruce, deceased, P<
Sarah Bruce et al. Respondents.
Petition to sell real estate in aid
By virtue of a dooree of the P
bate Court duly made in the ab<
stated case, I will sell on sale day
May next, during the legal hours
sales, the following real estate to-v
All that lot of land and the bui
ings thereon, in the town of East
County and State aforesaid; said
being known as lot no 8, in the p
of said tow-, fronting on Main stre
bounded on north by Main street,
east by J. Ellison, on south
R. F Smith, and west by J. E. 1R
inson; containing one-eighth of
acre more or less.
Terms cash. Purchaser to pay
J. H. G. MoDarxr.,, 8. P. (
18th April, 1894.
Church Notiee.
To all the churches in the Seo<
Division of the Twelve Mile Ri
Baptist Association: As we have b4
invited by the First Division to m
with them in a union meeting
Pickens C. H., Baptist church
Saturday before the fifth Sabbath
April, 1894, and we think the pro
siti->n a good one, and hereby expr
our willingness to accept the inv:
tion. The churches of the Secc
Union District will therefore el
their delegates to mneet with the Fi
Union District, at Pickens 0. H.,
the time above mentioned, and it
hoped that they will send a full d
gation. W. C. SEABOR12
Moderator 2d U.
For the
flakes of
Pianos, Or ga i
Sewing Machin
M1usical I nsatr
ments and Pai
Calleon Alexand
Bros. & Co., I
Washing ton a
Greenville, S.
My fine Jack will be at W.
Price's on April 9th and 10th, a
every ton days thereafter for
season. Persons desiring his sers
will pleaoe meet .me at that tix
Insurance $8.00.
Executor's Notice.
All persons having demands agai
the estate of 19ero Lay, deceased,
notified to present them, props
proven, to the undersigned, witl
the time prescribed by law.
Wv. Lay,
Y~ene, kqo . ,
,For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer It with TI
SENTINEL for one year for 61.50, chi
bing subucriptions to be sent to this ofE
of and aecomnpanled by cash.
, Every subecriber to this remarkabe chi
Id- blng propositionl Is entitled to enter TV
my, PRIZE CONTE8S, sending his goes
lot for the
" $1,000 Cotton Crop Cont
an In which there are OUR PRIZES ofE
' for the NEAREST E8TIMATER of
for size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now
log marketed, and award to be made
aeson as the New Orleans Cotton Excha
Sannounces the official crop fgures.
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the cr
Md 200 prIe forsecond, $300 prize for thi
r 100 for fourth, ,100 for fifth.
et Crops for recent years have ben
at follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; In 181
on 6,985,082; In 1890, 7,818,726; in 181
in 8,655,518; in 189'3, 6,700,8GB.
po. In addition to the above every clubbi
BS subscriber can entcr our combination
lot forli YtDhDNhe
is 105 ?ZanUAaR,
D. following sentence:
The moments were numbered; t
strife was fnished; the vision closf
In the twinkling of an eye our fiyi
horses had carried us to the termit
tion of the-aisle. At ri~
angles we wheeled into our forn:
direetion. The turn of the road c
ried the scene out of my eyes in
instant and swept it into my dreal
ONE FOURTH of the net si
scription receipts of those en tori
this contest will be divided amo
those who supply the correct word
the blank in the above senten
Thus, if there rre $5,000, one foul
would be $1,250. If ten supply I
correct word, each would receive $1
if 100, each $12.50, &o.
Both of the above contests f
,and inaddition to
tFor the Price of On
Has a circulation of 156,000, and
vors Tariff Reform, an Individ,
Income Tax, and the Expansion
--the Currency to a degree uufflcient
R.meet the legitimate business deman
nd of the country.
he It covers the news of the wom
ice every week, having news correspon
se cnte in all the news centres of t
int We offer you THlE PI1l1
To begin wi
trade and pr<
have never ha
position amon
counts. We -
can for them ti
been in some i
to come forwa
your help., and
and give your
We have s
Coffee and Fl
Plows, Plow "
Tools. We h;
will sell them -
Come to see u
S --
I 0,--0-U-R-B
Ginning now to need a
Double Foot Plow Stock, a
Cotton Seed Planter, a Leather
Collar, a Back Band and
Straw Hat.
We have probably the best c
red earth. Something new and durabi
the You may also need
be. a Guano Horn, a Tie
as Out Chain, a Wheel
g Barrow, a set of Harness
100 a good Halter and a pa.
'P. of Lines.
rd' Your wife wants a
Lawn Dress, a Hat
as and Light Sho os, a new
9, Stove, a Milk Bucket, a
Churn and a New Broom
The girls all want
ug a nice Sailor Hat, a
new lot of Ribons, a new
supply of Embroideries, a
new Calico Dress and a
lot of other nico things.
The boys should have a suit ol
Tough Cattonades or 11 ICKOI
ST RIPES, a Summer Hat or Pockel
Knife. We have a good stock. Wi
he buy to sell and try to please.
d. W. T. McFA LL
Notice is hereby giyen that th
b- policies of the Farmers' Mutual Fir
gInsurance Assioc'ation will not tak
geffect until the 1st day of May next
.ig The delay is caused by sicknesas an
in unfavorable weather for the agent
ce. to canvass the countv.
th J. M. SEWAiRT, President.
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat
eat business conducted for Moornari FEE,.
OUR orc Cs OPPoerr U.S ATETO~
resnote from Wash ngton.
iSend model, dawng or ph ooto. wi deci
charge i O Wr tenou et patents ecred
Addrfr e .s.norinconre
C. A.SNOW&co.
*tisJVaJthousar. ~
Fa.. crsrea dO0 eo
tal noe sa qenoAsk for Ceoeio.
of _ na
Bold in Pickens and everywhere by
all responis ble Druggists.
Id may 11 '93-ly.
Eatic Roofing
Cost. only $2.00 per 100 square feet. Makoi
a good roof for years, and any on~e can ptzl
. It on. Gum-Elaatic Painet costa only 8(
cents per gallon, In bbl lots, or #4.50 foi
E ftve gallon tubs. Color dark red. wiii
stop leaks in tin or iron roofs, and will lasi
Y oryas. TRY IT. Send stamp foi
sampes tidfull particulars.
0 Gum-Elastic Roofing Co.
th, we want to thank our friends fo
>mpt settlements during the past
I better collections. There seems
g the most of our customers to se
ippreciate such trade, and propose i
is year. The few who have stood
vay hindered from paying us, we
rd at once and do their best for u
you may need ours later. Pay us
note for the balance.
ome Bargains to offer in Groceries
aur to be had any where. A full E
itocks, Plow Gear, Hoes and oth<
wve bought these goods lower tha
-ccordingly. Lots of corn and seed
And stop groi
No wonder yo
Have you an i
No? Well, pei
In buusinzess an
seem hard to Y
Call and get a
Put an add in
will soon pasi
The Best Sho"-us for
the Least Money.W
STYLE. Stnke
DEA LE RS who push the sale of W.
which hlpsatto increase the sales ont
footwear of the dealer adverisedj below. Cata1
W. T. Mc FALL,
Buist's &e
are the B
We have
Garden S
have Onic
Onions8 2 t<
One Hundred Brewsti
The BEAST and
Ever Offered in
Greenville Co
We make thc
One and Two Hot
Why buy Cheap Western Wagorie when
that will out i
'Patronise HO0ME INDUSTRY.
r their liberal
season. We
to be a dis.
ttle there ac
:o do all we
ack, or have
again urge
e We need
what you can
The Best
Lssortment of
!r Plantation'
ri usual and
oats for sale.
vling about hard tims.
m think timex are bard.
pie don't know you are
ii that is the reason times
OU while others prosper.
'r rates on advertising.
The Sentinel, and await
Hard tines with you
&.Bottom Waterproof. Best Shoc sold at the price.
and .5O Dro.6isshoo.
wa vrk, costing from $ to $S.
$0 BPRivI~g S1hoe,g A.solos,
$2.50, and $2 Shoes,
Unequaled at the pnrice,
Boys 8 "L?5Seboo Shos
-$3, $2.50 $2, $1.75
Fitn a .orioabie...
in toni . rol tye.
L. Dou glas Shoes gain customers,
heir full line of goods. They eam
ucan sav .n~iony uying an year
the finest selection of
ceds ever brought to
ni Seed that will raise
3 pounds the fIrst year.
penter Bros.,
r Spring Buggies
South Carolina
ah Factory
se W AGON&.
you can buiy a H~ogemaide Wagoni
a~t two.
RKLIEY, Proprietor.

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