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LOCAL rwiwkr
W. R. Major platited cotton seed
1et week.
Trade wah lively in PidkIns lasi
RaturdAy. i -
H. 0. Bowen left Pietkens for Texas
talt WEek.
'ihb sdAon of awning and yaishing
Is dawhing.
Emily Banks has boon committei
to the poor hou .
Mrs. W. E. 'ffn, of Liberty was
tjuite sick last week.
9 The grip has recently bon preval
bnt ih and around Liberty.
The lines will be drawn early ani
late this-week over the mule.
't'hb 1ickens sub-alliance met lasi
saturday afternoon at the 60bikt house
The Hotwl Altamount will bi
poned. for geicets on the 15th o:
Miss Hattie Harris, of Greeqville,
is visiting her brother, T. D. Harris,
bf this place.
C. E. lobinson will soon have a
boat store and office building on the
ruins of 1893.
Judge Earnest Garv is holding a
small extra term of the court at Abbe
# 'ille this week.
W. J.. Gillehpie, the West End
mayor, says the bicycles are welcome
to the sidewalks in his town.
We regret very much having miss.
bd the fun and fish with the Dacus
Ville fishing party last Saturday.
Dr. W. T. Field and Capt. J. A'
Griffin expect to attend the Veterans
reunion at Birmingham neht week.
Messrs. Jas. Ferguson and Chas.
Schwing, two of Greenville's most
popular young men visited Pickens
last week.
A bushel of sweet potatoes will
yield.a gallon of alcohol.-Ex. Ther
put a barbed wire fence around your
T potato patch.
Mr. Nelson Smith's oats were so
badly damaged by the recent frcz.
tbat be has plowed them up to make
h place for c arn.
Rev. W. K. Boggs, evtngelist of
Bethel iPresbytery, last week, began
a series of sermons at the Ebenezer
41 church, in Charleston.
Misses Lidie Hagood, Emma John
bon and Lidie Folger, three of Easley's
fairest daughters, paid Pickens a fly.
ing visit last Saturday.
We have received a copy of Four
Centuries of Progress, which is sold
by H. W. Farr, and it is as well wcrth
the money as any book you can bay
Senator W. T. O'Dell was in Pick
ens last Saturday. He has not do
termined as yet wyhether he will be ii
candidate for ro-election to Lh<
G. W. Patterson who was carried
to Charleston last Friday by deputy
J. C. Jennings to have his sealed sen
.tence read. to him, gets one month in
Pickens jail.
Mi. F. Hester has regaled htimseli
a horse with an elegant, new toil
buggy, and can now give* passengers
a pleasant drive to andI from Easley
and Pickens..
Dr. Dennis and wife, of Augusta,
will return to Pickenis early in the
spring. It is probable that his son,
0. L. Dennis, will spend a pdrtion of
the summer here.
It is important now for dry goods
cleras to knowv howv much it takes tc
make the sleeves of a dress. The rem
nauts from the sleeves are sufficient tc
complete the dreas.
WV. L. Jenkins, cai'penter, wvent t<
Rock Hi'etast Monday He has i
job there for about a year, wvorking
for the State. His family will leav<
in about two weeks.
State Phosphate Inspector Jonci
states that all the phosphahfte comnpa
ties are now getting back to worn
and that in at short time the phos
phate businiess will resume its formne
Mese. W. W. andic John Robin
son and WV. C. Smith, of Easley, wen
to F. E. McKehzie's Uli the dre~envill
side, and each purchased a fine mile]
cow. Mr. McKenzie is now milkin,
about seventy-five.
Tb ascertain toughly the length <
the day and night at any time df th
y-ear double the time of tile sur's ril
itig, which gives thle length of t1
light, anld dottble the time of set tini
-which gives the length of the da:
Thomas H. Smnith was sick lat
week for the first time in his life, a
though he is tn the shady side
forty. Some of his Ueighb~ors Say I
did not know how to do. At last a
counts he was getting right agail
Cliver T'. Jones was in to see
last Monda~y He says that ho ce
r-ecollect when thcre was. just or
kind of New Orleans molassed, bi
now therie are twenty three varitii
and he thinks it is out the sanr
Wey with democra3~
Aarori Cannon died at his home
Dials, Laurens counity, onl the 12t
Inst sM friends in Pickend cao
cordially. r'e-echo the'beantiful tribul
to his character and wvorth, by tli
editor of the Greenville New~s: "I
The death uf Aaron Cannron, of Lai
kens, this State has lost as good
man as she had within her bordeni
He was modest, kitndly and brav<
honest as the sun and true as steel,
conscientions, praIctical Christian,
progressive, pu~blie spirited citizet
H-e did his duty always as he saw
without counting cost or feari.1
consequellces. lie wsill be sorel
mnissed and sinoerely mourned insii
& F. Mauldin will be roidy to ct
logs out. by the Camp ground sbot
the lost of the week. '
W. C. Williman, who has bee
sick twb weeks or more with the gri
is up and able to work again.
. Mrs. Sallie Mauldin has been quit
sick for several dys at the hono
her daughter, Mrs. J. Looper.
The 11th day of April complete
the thirty-three years since the firin
ol the first gui on fort Sumite'.
THE SENTINIEL could uot attend th
sale Qf the South Caroliaa Railroat
hence it was bought iii dhoap-onl
His aunt.-"Are you through wit:
breakfast already?' Little boy.
"Yes; there. was scarcely anythin
there to eat."
J. J. Norris, of Anderson, was ii
Easley last week pushing tue sale u
insurance in the Mutual Benefit a
Newark, N. J.
A. C. Merrick was in Pickens las
week on buiness. fie is a great ad
mirer of fine stocjc and was driving
splendid little pair.
P. A. Porter has a fine field o
wheat which, being assisted by a fev
more days of warm sunhine, will ob
scure the terraces.
Capt. J. C. Jennings went down t<
Charleston last Thursday to acconi
pany a revenue defendant. He cai
back on Sunday looking as fine as i
As it is now warm enough for thi
office cat to sleep out o'nights, thl
spring poet may send in a few linei
if he will say nothing about the vio
lets and jay birds.
Times appeared pretty close for i
day or two in Pickens lust week, bui
on Saturday ducks, chickens and eggi
made their appearunce at the stores
all took heart again.
Some "stitches in timo" have ber
well taken upon the public roads, an(
most of the hands who were out hard
ly missed the time, as they were s<
well up with their work.
James Nimmons, of Piedmont, wa!
in Piciens last Saturday. He wat
looking well, but said he was a littb
below par from the effects of the
struggle with the recent fire at Pied
Capt James A. Griffin is chief o
police for the town of Pickens, am
ex-officio bicycle director. He wai
thoroughly tested by the former towi
council and found fully up to th<
There are a few apples left, bu
Mr. Abercrombie, wtst of Twelv
Mile, says he looks for another snoi
about the full of the moon, and non
will be left to remind us of what w
have lost.
Hon. A. C. Latimer has introduce
a bill in Congress to refund to Sout
Carolina the fines inposed by Jude
Simonton on Sheriff Gaines, of Ande:
son, Sheriff Riser, of Newber-ry an
Shar-iff Tyler of Aiken.
Probate Judge Freeman, of Greei
villa wvho was p)i:sented by the grani
jury recently for neglect of his ofi
cial duties and who then tondero
his resignation, has fled from th
State, leaving bis bondsmen to mak
good his shortage.
Rev. Mr. Todd has gone to Per
dleton to supply the Prosbyter-ia
church at that place for tihe summ.
months. wvliile the regular pistoi
D~cto'r Adger, takes a much neede
rest for the benefit of his church.
Laurensville Her-ald.
The new cravats now fully half
yard in width, are made of mnousseir
de soie and chiffon, covering ti:
gt-oater part of the waint. '[he grea
or novelty, however, is thle black w
tered silk cravat with thle wid eni
tr-immned with creamn colored lace.
Rev- Seymore prVeached two in te
esting a d instr-uctivo sermons at i
Baptist chur-ch last Sabbath. Aft
the morning service the sacrament,
the Lor-d's Supper was administer-e
The congregation wais as lar-go if n
larger than any in Pickens in a lon
Treasurer Youngblood, pursual
L to his instructions from the comn
-troller-gener-al, last Fr-iday issued e
ecuition againist the Richmond & Da
ville Railr-oad for the sum of *14,20:
57, balance unpaid taxes. The slher
- holds the execution subject to furth,
t~ orders.
3 N. Dunn wvas cominntted to jail lai
SSaturday, on a charge of rnobiber
p ;referrodl by W. V. Holdon. A pr
liminary was appoinlted before Ti
f .Justice W. K(. Mer-ck, for last Tut
e day. The defendant savs that la
~. name is N. D)Lunn, and that he bi
o nothing done worthy of pr1osecutio
-, 'Have you reatd the advertisemec
r. of F. WV. Poe & Co.? If yo have n<
~t ye knoweth not what ye have mlissc
.- We se~y this because we know whler<
we speak. It is nevroi too late, hc
0 ever, to do goode and "if ye kn<
hsetings happy are ye." Aw
to the wise is sufficient: F. WV. I
& CJo., mean what thney say.
SAbout one year ago, the firsat bLi
~of timber for Johdi T1. Youngbloo<
dC(welling on the WVest End was saw<
tand now he h'is a neat little cotta
Afnished,- barn and stables efected a
0a neatly-paled in garden. His lit
farm surroundinag'is in fine fix and
tis coaxing every aqulare yard of itwi
h fertilizer of one kind and another.
n l$tta, the sweet little two y-earc
e daughter of James Garr-ejt, ne
e Prater's Cree-k, died Monday aft<
nl noon. Tile sad intelfligence
-bro'ight to the village by Mr. Elfo
a Bowhin Alonday night. The remai
I0 were interred at Praters Creek h
>, Tuesda- The sorely hereaved
a ren~ts have the symnpathies of ma:
a friends.
t Dandruff is due to an enfeebi
g state ,of the skin. Hall's liai' Re~no
y or (Imiekens the nutritive functiotra
.e the skin, healing and preventing I
" iformation of andrnef
War to the Knife ith(
I. W. POE&CO.'s
f While we sell the Finest and
Best Fitting Clothing and Shoes
t that money can buy, we also
provide for those who can't
afford to buy dur best goods
f and here are some of the prices:
Boys' Knee Pants from xo
cents up.
Children's Suits 50 cents, 4
to 13 years. Better ones for
$1.oo, and Real Good School
Suits with two pair of Pants
for $3-50.
Men's Extra Strong Work
ing Pants 50 cents.
Men's and Boys' Black and
Fancy Mixed Sack Suits from
$2-50 up.
A thousand pairs Fan c y
Mixed Socks, for men atd
boys, 5 cents a pair-good
Jeans Drawers 25 cents.
We arc selling Hats Way
Down Below their Value,
We were fortunate in securing
100 dozen fine Negligee Shirts at a
wonderful bargain, and we are going
to sell them at prices never heard of
Our prices are printed in plain
V figures on the tickets of our garments
and they are inflexible.
e We will chenrfully return the money
for all unsatisfactory purchases.
(0 F. Yl.POE &O0.
For the
afNakes of
is Pianos, 0 r g a ns
Seilng Machinies
A Musical I n s tr u.
ments and Parti
ii Call on Alex andei
Bros. & Co., 10
ffWashing t on St
as ------- riks-n.
>t, 1 IcKENs COUNTY.
(1. in Probato CJour
so Alice M. Bruce and H. Earle R~usse1
w. as admninistrators of the estate<
w J. Frank Bruce, deceased; Pet
rd tioners,
oe against
Sarah Btruce et al. Respondelnts.
ckPetition to sell roal estate in aid<
I"s By virtue of a decree of the Pr<
:dl, bate Court dulv' made in the abov
F stated case, I wvill seil on sale dlayi
ndl May next, dunring the legal hours ft
tie sales, the followini real estate to-Wil
he All that lot of lnd andt lie build
thi ings thereon, in thes town of Easley
Coun'ty and State aforesaid; said Io
~ld being known a:; lot no 5, irn the plai
ar of said tow-i, fronting on Main streel
r- bounded &n north b~y Main street, os
as east by J. Ellison, on south; b;
rd Rt. Fi Smith, and west by J. E. Rot
na8 insont containing one-eighth of al
Lat acre mote oir lessi.
>a- Tor~ims cash. Purchaser to pay fo
nly papers
J. H.- 0. McDANiEr , S. P. C.
18th April, 1894.
w- "Mrs. Winyslow's Soothing Syrup
of for children teething; softens th
he gt-ms, reduces inffamation, alays pati
For One's Price.
We are enabled to otter it with THE
SENTINELI for one year for $1.50, club.
bing subscriptions to be sent to this offee
and acomoinpanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable club.
bing proposition is entitled to enter TWO
PRIZE CONTESTS, sending his guesses
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
for the NEAREST ESTIMATES of the
size of the cotton crop of 1893.4, now be.
Ing marketed, and award to be made as
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchanme
announces the official crop fixures. $400
IN GOLD for nearest guesi to the crop,
$200 prize for second, $200 price for thirdi
$j100 for fourth, *100 for fifth.
Crops for tecent yeats ha~ve ben ai
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
6,935l,082; in 1890, 7,818,726; in 1891,
8,6,>G,518; hI 18023, 6,700,365.
In addition to the above every clubbing
subscriber can enter our comination
Supply the missing word in the
following sentence:
The moments were numbered; the
strife was finished; the vision closedc.
In the twinkling of an eye our flying
horses had carried us to the termnina,
tion of the aisle, At righi
angles we wheeled into our formet
direction. The turn of the road car.
ried the scene out of my) eyes~ in at
instant and swept it inito my dreamns
ONE FOURTH of the net sub
scription redeipts of those entering
this contest wvill be divided am~fonl
those who supply the coirect word ii
the blank in the above sentence
Thus, if there rre $5,000, one fourti
wvould be $ 1,250. If ten supply th<
s correct word, each would receive $125
if 100, each $12.50; &c.
*Both of the above contests fre
and inaddition to
Fl~or the Price of One
Ian~ a circulationi of 156,000, andi
vors Tariff Reform, an Individur
r Income Tax; and the Expansion c
:the Currency to a degree suflicient t'
meet the legitimate busirresa demand
of the country..
It covets the news of tihe worl
,every week, having news correspond
ouets inl all the news centres of th<
We offer you THlE PiCk.
1 t 91
E haven't been saying hiuct
It is not out of place, howevet, t
selected stock of goods in Pick(
bargains, but when it comes to a
IN SHOES-Our stock compti:
Our itock is larget than ever am
We have suits fiom $4.00 to I
prices on GROCERIES that can
to be found anywhere. WE A]
- io -
Ginning now to need A
Double Foot Plow Stock, a
Cotton Seed Planter, a Leather
Collar, a Back Band and a,
- Straw Hat.
We have probably the best on
earth. Something new and durable.
You may also need
a Guano Horn, a Tie
Out Chain, a Wheel
Barrow, a set of Harness
a good Halter and a pair
of Lines.
Your wife wants a
Lawn Dress, a Hat
and Light Shoes, a now
Stove, a Milk Bucket, a
Churn and a New Broom.
The girls all want
a nice Sailor Hat, a
no0w lot of ibons, a new
supply of Emibroideties, a
new Calico Dress and a
lot of other nice things.
The [oys should have a suit of
TPough Cattonades or IIICKORY
STtB1PES, a Summer Hat or Pocket
Knife. WVe havo a good stock. WVe
buy to noll and try to please.
Notice is hereby given that the
policies of the Farmers' Mutual Fire
Insurance Associaition will not take
effect until the~ 1st (lay of May next.
The denlay is ceused by lickneOss aud
unfavora ble wt athier for the agenits
to canvass the <ountv.
J. Mv S1 FWAlRT, President.
A rocent discovery by an old
iithly ly I loiand of La
eno*rol*"blo l"e*l loino"d.ov**
**rug*li"*** W"-oofrIfro
Noo COI0No. ihaer o ckt~t, or oos i ach
Sold in Pickens and everywhere by
all responsible Druggists.
may 11 '93-1.ly
Gum 0Roofingr
Costs only $2.00 per 100 square feet. Nfakes
a good roof for years, and( any on~e canI put1
'It on. Gum-.Ehit Psat costs only 60
cenItB per gallon, in bbl. Iots, or #4.50 for
five gallon tu~bs. Color (lark red. Will
stop leaks in tin or iron roofs, anfd will last
for years. TRY IT. Send stamp for
samples aind full palrticullarB.
Gumn-Elastic Roofing Co.,
89 and H1 West Broadway, NEW YORK.
Local Agents Wanted.
5k Pickens County.
Court of Comnmon Pleas.
Francis M. Folger)
fCorrie M. Davis, et. al)
In Purarnanco of a docretal order,
Smade in the above stated case, by
Hion. Jamesi Aldrich: I will sell to
the hi'ghest bidder, beforo the cour:
hous& do'or, at Pickens; 8. C.. on sale
day in May next, durling the legal
hours~ for sale, all that certain piece,
p~arel or tract of land, lying being
situate in the county and State afore
said1, on Little George's Oreek. con
taining twenty-two and ond-half (22))
acres moro or less; it being the same
tract set off to the children of John
Keith; sold for the costs and (lower
claim ini the above stated case.
Terms cash on day of sale, Pur
chaser to pay for papers9 aind record
m rg of same. ,. Al. STEWART,
April1(~,l~4. Cle-rk of Court.
to yott lately. There is mt
b put out a few sign boards I
,ns County. We are not clai
n every-day, substantial barga
;es the cream of three of th(
I thee are some low prices a
h 5.00. IN H ATS-We ha
( NOTIONS in abundance f
t be duplicated. The larges
'o. w
Now at CARPE
Jones' Gray Mo
for the Market.
And stojg
No wonide
Mave you
No'? Well
in buusine.
keun har'd
( all and
Put uni ad
'will soon
cj -
DEA LERS who push the sale of
which helps to increase the sales
nlort e l >Ithat aa e ri ani we 101
One Hundred Brea
Ever Offered i
Greenville (
We mi
One and Two
Why buy Uhoap Wecstern Wagons
that whl
'(WIatronize llOME INI)USTiti.
H. C.
Os W, mantwovi --.._I
r ~',ILi HAOO, e ot
)ie il vdi-ks than woPds; anyway&
ere, showing the way to the best
ming to have any two-for-a-hickle
in, we can't be equaled
best factories in the country.
mong them. IN CLOTHING-'
ve everything a man could wish.
or the ladies. We are naming
t stock of Tobaccos and Cigars
NTER JIROSt Bradtordi
iarch. Best Waiter Melons
le, - - SbGC
growling aou11 hard tianiea
r you think timies are hards
an add in THlE SENTJNELI
people dIon't kinow g'on are
s andi~ that Is the r'easonu timnes
to YOU while others prospera
~et our rates on advertising.
d iiu 'rhe Senutiane, aund await
duts. Hard times with yous
pass away.
3SHOE "wuj"
en k less.Dlottom Wanterproof. Best Shoc sold at the prio.;
$3.80 Polic Soe, Soles,
$2.80, and $2 Shoed, 4
Uniequalled at the price.
Boys $2 $1.78Schol Shoes
$3, $2.50 $2, sus7
~' Xsst ponhatvngwL
n Dou a. Name
WV. L. Douglas Shoes gain customers,
on their full line of goods. They can
Ievaogu can sea e mone b buyng anl your
uster Spring Buggles
ni South Carolina
Toaclh Factory
he the BE$T
rIorse $VAGOS.s
vhe j~u n buy a Hlotmerzade Wagoig
MAR KLEY, Propr'ieton.
latenudeanc pB

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