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T. H. Smith is quite sick again.
Me. James P. Carey went to Atla'na
ta last Mondgy.
Why is tho 'bispetisary decision a
colter? Give it up? Well it stops
- the flow of whiskey.
W. M. Hagood, of IEasley, has been
quite sick for seVerl days. At last
accotitits he was Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. P. Iant. of
Beneca, are visiting their daughter,
M rs. J. L. Thornley, of this place.
Mi. Tom Powers will soon have a
tew alid handsome dwelling finished
at his beautiful home on the Keoweeg
Mrs. Emma 13oatner died at the
home -nt her son. Peter Boatner, in
Williamston last week, at a good, old
A military company was organizod
iit Pidkens last Wednesday 25th inst.
We will give full particuhira next is
Married on the 1th inst. by Rev.
B. T. Murphree, Mr. R. H. Lewis to
Mise 3t. E. Lewis, daughter of H. J.
Married on Sunday, April 22d,
1894 Amos Sutherland t) Miss Net
tio Chastain; Jessie Lewis, trial jus
tice, officiating.
The much itended rains foll through
out the coutiy last week and the
i'~o"A ..+- n are getting over
is friends of Mrs.
0 deiflighted to see
- caMie up Friday
morning and spent tWo days among
Mr. and Mrs. tharper, of Six \Milo,
and Mrs. .las. H. Ambler and dauglh
ter MIis's Anita, of Ambler, worshiped
at the Presbyterian church last Sab
We are requested to anilounce that
-Rev. W. B. iawkiis, of Auderson,
will preach at Six Mil second Sab
bath in May and on the Saturday
T before.
Married at the residence of Harri
son Hunter, on Sunday, April 22d,
1894, Mr. .Jol Hunter to Miss Mary
Hunter; Jesse J. Lewis, trial justice,
Dr. (A W Earlo will soon erect a
substantial frame building on his lot
opposite) the court louse which wiill
be usied by.Mr. R. A. Bowen for the
postoflico. -
McLendon and Cain the men wvho
killed Norien t and Redmond have
licon ordered released on their giving
bond in. the sum of $4,0.) each.
Judge Watts made the order.
The (hester caso cited by Justice
A Popo in his dissentifng opinion had
uothiigwihatever to do witlh the matt
ter of tle Dispensary law, but-only'
with the mlanner of its pass-ig.
There. ' no prescription chowse now
in the wi key law, to employ the sutb
tie inugen ?ity of tihe criniminl lawyer.
It, is simply against the lawv to sell it,
n'nd there is absolately no exceptioni.
4 Mr. Ande~rson Babb has the cuon
tract for :finishing up) the two story'
dlwellin g oni thme Major's plat~e. He
thinks it wdll be th prettiest dwelling
in the berg in anaothmer wveek or' two.
All. the Stato dispenlsaIies were
wired to closI3 np imeitl1asts
atray. T1he thing waus t.olsu~len,
inany bibulous citizensi went hlomet.
4from dispensary towns high. dry anud
Mr. and Mrs. R. 11 Conreton, (If
Greenville, and Dr. aund Mr s. R. F.
Smith, of Eash-y, aimed at GCol. H.ol
lingsworlth's last Sabbath. Mr-s. Cure.
tonl is- visiting Mrs. Dr. Fields thi,~
Mr. .Joseh~j Ho(lcombo antd Miss
Lena CA, nm niece of Coronoi W.
Parsonso, were married last Sabbath
at thel resilene of Mrs. J. C. C. Par
sons, fho mlaternlal granudmother of
thle bride.
No wvhiskey' can be legally sold in
thme.State now oxcep)t by tho blocka
dors .in Pickens county.' Since we
come to tlhink aibout it thiere i-s some
doubt about thecir being able to umake
+ legal sales.
People who do not put~mp harbed
wire fonces are generally (oppolsed to
them; but they are them only kind of a
'wiro fence trosspanssers wvill allow to
stand. Fewv creaitures desire to be.
c'omlf familiar with a barbe~d wiroe.
A private let ter from IKnoxville
Tenn., Informs uts that Mrs. Emnalime
- . Boggs, thle widow of the' late Aaron
H-. Boggs, is becoming quite feeble,
loroughmt on to some extenmt by suill'r
- * ng from paralysis. She is still, how
. ever, able to be about.
A flmeent hias been) started in
Greenville to raise small contributions5
* ~ to meet the shortage of Probate Juidgo
Freeman, to pi'event his bonldsmen
-suffering. ,WII should like to sOO it
-succeed. .Teeis no good blusiness
sense in signing bonds(1 without a con
sideration, and amlo pr~ovision is
now nadeo folr oflicers to hire a goold
surety w~ho will wamtch themi closelv,
antd most oflicors~ piroor to be watchedl.
-Mr. A. CI. Mierrick lhas repaired the
track once used( Iby the Oconee Driv'
ing Association in West Unionu.. It is
., a alfmile track and lhas beeni pult In
Irtclass condition foY rvh. It is
- bie purpuse to sp)eed horses oin it dur-i'
ing tile spring and1( suimmler. Hie ha~s
~ornei thme expenmse of fiing" the trackm
* out of his own pocket. P~ersone de
siring the priviiges of the track catn
procure the same b~y calling onl him,
H le expects several h1orses from ai din
( tance to train~ before long. Hoe hla
.four now under iis care. A mo~re ex
pert hostler cannot be found in the
Sitate. He is a financier (If fine horlI
ses and knows how to) bring out their
speed. *His efforts and~ enterprise
for ilbe development of h~orse flesh arc
comnOt~ablO -KowcoCouicr
Tte oial gathering at the resi
donto of Dr. G. W. Earle, last Monday
evening, was one of the most enjoya
ble events of the season, and was
largely attended by the young people
of Pickens.
The Dispensary decision is twenty
columns long and if we finti a strong
popilar demand for it we shall run it
in TH. SENTINEL during the summer
months as a serial. The main points
will be fuufd on the first pfige of this
Pursuant to notice the Union Meet
itig will rIegin at the Baptist Church
next Friday 4venittg. Sooral distin-.
giished ministers are expected to
attend; among them Drs. Baily and
Manley aid Revo. A J. S. Thomas
and .J. L. Vass.
Saturdayl the 28th; m L. L. Polk
memot ial day at Peters' Crook. Sen- ]
ator O'Dell, Hon. C. H. Carpenter t
and Hon. J. M. W hitmire have been
invited to deliver addresses The I
exercises begin promptly at 2 p. m.
The public generally is invited.
The second quarterly confevenco of
the Pickens circuit will convene at
Fairview, west of Twelve Mile on C
the 28th and remain in session two
days. After the eleven 'o'clock ser.
vice on Sabbath morning, the now
church will be dedicated. The prd. i
siding -elder, Rev. Jtmo. 0. .Wilsq will i
be present.
Damages havo 1been assessed on
change in the road from Pickens to
Easley as follows: Job Smith $21.00; i
Nancy Ferguson $1250; A. M. Maul
din $12.00; George Heudricks $25.00;
W. H. H Afial $5.00. There are ]
some other items whicti run the total
up to $77.60. The county will not
havo.to pay much of the amo'mnt.
Newberry Herald and News, April 1
18: "This morning at the home of I
the bride's sister, Mrs. Leila Sitton, V
at Autun, S. C., Miss Anna Bachman
Aull and Mr. Robert w. liussell will
he unitedi in marriage. The bride is
the youngest daughter of the late
Capt. John P. Aull of our county and
has latterly been making her home
with he sister. The Herald and
Naws extends its best wishes for a I
life of happinet.s and usefulness.
Her brothers, Mlssrs. S. B. Aull, I
W-. B Aill and .Jonn I. Aull left ves.
terd-iy to attend the wedding. Mrm.
Beaurie Aull went up last week."
.Rev. 1. w. Seymour. t
The beloved and popular pastor of b
the Baptist church at this place died
iddenlv of heart failure, at his home fj
in Walhalla at 7:30 p. m. on the 20th a
inst. lie was 54 years of age end
was a most acceptable and faithful
ministor (if the gospel. Ho was a
native of Charleston whero his father
was a lawyer and he also studied
with a view to tho same profession,
ntil he was convinced that it was
his duty to preach. One Sabbath he {
w1as in Pickens preaching the tin
smarchablo riches of Christ, the next
he was ini heaveni beholding his gh ..ry.
General3 Conferemnce, ME. Ei. Chuirch
southa, aE,~ ihat~ *g., YMay
Fo r the ablove occasion the Rich
mondh & D)anville Railroad andi Geor.
gia Pacific Rlail way wi l make special of
one ratelirst class fare for. tihe round
trip; tickets to he sold April :30th and
May 1st and 2nd with extremelit
.June 1st, 1894. ' .
T~he route via Birmingham is the
only through car line to Memphis,
anid the tine going and returning by
Rhichmondmu & Danville and Georgia J
Pa'cific in' coinection with the K. C.
M. & B. is several hours the qluickest.
lBe sure your tickets read over these
lBut I wan to say thatt hi old Smiyrna
churmch (OeoneeL) we used to have
class mneetings--doors shut at a cer
taini point, and the Master in the
midst. The 15th of April, '49, Bro.
R. P. Franks preached ior us. Snow
was falling when he reached the
church, and fell to a considerable
delpth. A fire out of <.loors--we had
no stove--was the chaucos for. keep
ing commfortale.-Rev. WV. A. Sharp,
ini Christian Advocate.
Sp~eciain Traitis for southrna EIaiptist
Conve,'dttIot, Isnain4 iaiy 3 1-15, 189.1.
TIhe~ (o rgiam Pacific Railw~tay has
airraniiged w aith its comnneect ions sp~ecial
through traini service from'Atlanta to
D)allas. leaving Atlanita Tluesday, May
8th,~ 9 30O p. mn. after the arrival of all
trains from the cast The connections
of the Georgia Paifice at Birmingham
will take uip the fasqt schedule from
that poJint, and yo-. have the choice of
the route via Menmphis', Shreveport or
New Orleans. The~ Georgia Pacific-is
one hundred to -two hundred miles
shorter than any other line, and will
01perate the quiiickest sch edules both'
gomng and returming. The special
traini will reach D~allas 7 a. mn. Thurs.
daiy mmorning, May 10. Through
P'ullmam sleep~ing cars atnd first..class
daiy eda~tches will run through Atlanta
to Dallas without change. Seud in
your nmamhe to any agent of the Geor
gia Pacific or its connections for re
Goods Chmeap for cash, come andt seeifie. I
am aL Lewis & Son's old stand.
Good Molase5 25c per gallon. Sugar
Sy rnP ~c 1)er gallon. M ascoVa
do Molasses 40c-por gallon.
Many other thuin'a: Sugary Golge,
Lard. TJInware, Glasswvare,. I also
lhave some Patent Modicine which I
will sell at cost for the cash.
Ti you owo rne on Inst yeai's accoont
come and settle. I am needing mroney.
I didn't mea~tn to make you mad when
yo bought theo goods, so come and
settle and let's be friendl..
War to the Knife.in thi
P. W. POE & CO.
While we sell the Finest tn<
kest Fitting Clothing and Shoe
hat money can buy, we als<
>rovide for those who can'
fford to buy our best goods
nd here are some of the prices
Boys' (nee Pants from I(
:ents up.
Children's Suits o cents,
0 1 3' -years. Better'. ones fo
I.oo, and Real. Good Schoc
suits with two pair of Pant
of $3-.50.
Men's Extra Strong Work
ng Pants 3o cents.
Men's and Boys' Black an<
7ancy Mixed Sack Suits fron
2-50 up.
A thousand pairs Fan c
4ixed Socks, for ien an<
oys, 5 cents a pair--goo<
Jeans Drawers 25 cents.
We are selling Hats Way
)own Ilelow their Value,
We were fortunate in securinC
00 dozen fie Negligee Shirts at v
'onderful bargain, and we are going
) sell them at prices never heard o
Our prices are printed in plait
gures on the tickets of our garmentl
nd they are intlexible.
We will cheirfully return the mono;
)r all unsatisfactory purchases.
F. W.POE & Co.
P~or the
lakes of
Pianos, 4J r g a ns
Hewing Machinies
Musical I nl 8 tr u,
mnents and Parti
.Call on Alexan de1
Bros. & Co., 10'
' Washing t on St.
Grieeniville, S, C
Sheriff'', Sale.
In Probate ourt
d~ice M. Bruce andl H. Earle Russell
as adhnmistrators of the estate o
J. Frank Bruce, <deceased, Peti
sarah Bruce et al. Respondents.
Petitiou to Bell real estateJ in aid c
By virtue of a decree of the Pr<
bate Court duly made in the abos
tated case, I will sell on sale dayi
M4ay next, during the legal hours f<
sales, the following real estate to-wi
All that lot of land and the buil
ings thereon, in the town of Easle
County and State aforesaid; said 1
being known as lot no 3,in the ph:
of said tow-i, fronting on Mnnin stre:
bounded on1 north by Main street,
east by J. Elison,- on south 1
R. r Smith, and west by J. E. Rce
insont containing one-eighlth of;
acre more orle.
To'r-ms ensh. 1Purchaser to pay i
J. H, 0. MicDANIEI4 S. P. Ca
18th April, 1894.
Spring is full of terrors to
whose comstitution ia not able to
sist the sudden changes of temn'
tumr'e and other inalubrities of ~t
season. To put the sysiterii in con
tion to overc'ome these evils, nothi
is s0 effective as Ayer's Sarsaaparil
TaJke t nom.
P A 'P E R'
For One's Price.
We 1re enabled to offer It with TI
SENTINEL for one year for $1.50, cl
bing subscriptions to be sent to this oil
find aecompahled by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable cl
bing proposition is entitled to enter T1
PitIZE CONTESTS, sending his guee
for the
$1 ,000 Cotton Crop Cont(
In which there are FOUR PRIZE8 off
site of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now
Ing narketed, and award to be made
soon as the Now Orleans Cotton Exchm
e announces the oflicial crop figurcs. 4
IN GOLD for nearest guesi to the c
$200 prize for second, S200 prizvA for LI
*100 fur fourth, $100 f,,r fifth,
Crops for recent years have bhet
follows: In J888, 7,017,707 bales; In 1i
6,935,082; in , 1890, 7,8189726; in 11
8,695,518; In 1892, 6,700,Ut65.
In addition to the above every clubli
subscriber can enter our combination
Supply the missing word in
following santenco:
The momenta were numbered;
strife wras finished; tho vision clos
In the twinkling of an eye our fly
, horses had carried us to the ternii
tion of the aisle. At rij
angles we wheeled into our fort
direction. The turn of the road <
ried the scene out of my)3 eyes ini
a instant and swept it into my drea
* D4E FOURT'H of the net ii
scription receipts of those enter
I this contest will be divided amt
those who supply the correct word
, the blank in the above senter
Thus, if there rro $5,000, one fou
.would be $1,250. If ton supply
correct word, each would rceive $1
if 100, each $12.50, &c.
Both of tihe above contests f
and inadidition to
For the P rice of On
r Has a circulation of 156,000, and
vors Tariff Reform, an1 Inldivid
ilcoe Tatx, and the Expansion
mbth Currency to a degree suflicien
t, meet thre legitimate business~ demna
>n of tho country,
b. re the news of the w<
tn every week, having newvs corresp<
enti if all the news centres of
or world,
lWe offer y6U TIlE 1P1(
he AT LA N TA W EE1'
ver year4
E haven't been saying tint
It is not out of place, however
selected stock of goods in Pic
bargains, but when it comes tc
IN SHOES-Our stock com:
Our stock is larger than ever 9
We have suits from $4.00 t(
prices on GROCERIES that c;
to be found anywhere. VE
M c F A LL'S
"S Ginning now to need a
Double Foot Plow Stock, a
Cotton Seed Planter, a Leather
Oabollar, a Back Band and a
V0 Straw Hat.
e We have probably the best on
earth. Som-thing new and durable.
You may also need
a Guano Horn, a Tie
Out Chain, a Wheel
Barrowi a set of Harness
a good Halter and a pai
red of Lines.
the Your wife wants a
be- Lawn Dress, a Hat
as and Light Shoes, a new
nae Stove, a Milk Bucket, at
400 Churn and a New Broon
ird ,lie girls all want
'a nice SatiloV Hat, a
ne0w lot of' Ribons1, at 11ew
as slpply of Embroideries, a
so, .new Calico Dress and a
Th, lot of other nice things
Teboys should have a snit (I
iag TIough Cattonades or II ICKORI
S'T RIPES, a Summer Hat or Pockel
Knife. Weo have a good stock. Wi
buy to sell and try to pleaBe4
eh I.I' suien m
dicine that will CURE any case o:
thie OPIU.Mi HABIT for $10. 00, orderei
e'd- at oncee, the price aifter 30th May wit
ng be raised We guarantee a~ cure it
na- every instaince, or. m1oney refunded
ht D~on't confo'1md this remedy becaus<
>er' it is cheap. Testmnonijals and ful
ar- p~articulara given oni appllicationl. Al
an comunications strictly conlldenltinl
A4. Acme Opium Co,
ing Bo)x 15, DECATrUR, GEdORGIA
." Notice.
inNotice is h~ereb~y given that thei
ce- policies of the Farmners' Mutuaitl Fir<
rth Insurance Association will not tak<
the' effect until the 1st day of May next
'25 T[he delay is causecd by sickness an(l
'unfavorable wecathier for the agenti
to canivass the countv'.
roe J1. M. ST'EWAttT, President.
Gume Roofing
Costs only $2.00 pe~r 100 squiare feet. Makes
agood roof for years, andl any one Can put
eit onl. Gum-Elastic Paint costs only 6t
cents per gallon, in bbl lots, or #4.50 fom
havi gallon tubs. Color dlark red. Will
stp leaks in tin or iron roofs, and1 will lasi
for years. TRtY 1IT. Send stamp foa
.armples and full particulars.
Gumi-Elastic Roofing Co..
89 and 41 West Blroadlway, NEW YORK.
Local Agents Wanted.
Court of Cominon PleCss.
fa- Ftancis M. Folger
uail vs.
of Corrie M. D~av is, et. al.)
to In P~luuamneo of a deocretal order
ada5 made mn the above sated case, by~
Hion. James Aldrich: I will sell t<
the highest bidder, before the coirr'
>rld .hous, dloor, at Pickens, S. C.. on sah
>nd. (lay in May next, during the lega
the hours for sale, all that certain pieceW
p~arce'l or tract of land, lying bein1
situate in the county and( State afore
said, on Little G*eorgu's Creek. con
taining twenty-two and one-half (22.
I.. acresi more or lesis; it being the sam<
tract set aff' to the children of Jobui
II E4 Keith; sold for the costs and dowe
claim in the abo)ve stated canfe.
[4 Y T1erms cashb on1 (lay of salc,- Puri
chaser to paiy forn papers and( record
.0ing of name. J. M. STEwART,
~ IC' W91. Clerk of touri
eh to you lately. There Is more i
to put out a few sigl boards here
kehs County. We are not claimin
an every-day, substantial bargain,
rises the cream of three of.thc b
nd there are some low prices amot
$15.0o. IN HATS-We have
LY NOTIONS in abundance for
Ln't be duplicated. The largest si
Finead C
Jones' Gray Monar
for tile Market.
M4NS"N 110
NOW. rHEN**,
Anad slog ga'
No Wonder y
I~ate yon an
No? Well, pt
in bzusiness ai
tscena liardi to
4 hall and3 get
A'~ut. iaha adb I
D EA LE R who push the sale of W.
which helps to increaise the sales on
One Hundred Brewst
The BEST and
Ever Offered in
--AT Il
Greenville Co
We maske tin
One atnd Two lbog
bhy buy Uhieap~ WVe.torn W\Vaw whoi
that wvill out
* IH.C.Mi
4IL Wa V4IRIINE, Siuperinutei
'W. ME HAOO & C.
n woks than words, anyway.
showing the way to the best
g to have any two-for-a--nickle
wve can't be equaled.
.!st factories in the country.
ig them. IN CLOTHIING.
everything a man could wish.
the ladies. Wc are naming
ock of Tobaccos and Cigars
n. HAGOOD & Co.
ER BROS. Bradford,
ch. Best Water Melons
iwlising about Iaar'd thhella
on laink tiues ale hard,
add in, TU'1E SENTINELas
tople do' know you are
1141 4that isi the reason31 tilee
I'(OU wile I others pr'ospera
osse a utes ont ad vertisinag.
ii Thme ~~iNetie and14 aivaIt
.1Hard Uiunes witfa yosa
s awnuy.
flot tom W aproof' fest Shoe. sold at the pticej
i0 Police 9hoe, g Soles,
$2.50, and $2 Shoes, i
UnerL'giIicle t theL pirce.
Boys $2 &$1.75 School Shoes
$3, $2.50 $2, $1.75
L. Doug l ao . gain customersc
thilline tof gord. Al Thea
CENTALm~ S~a. C.mi
OFF ~jricn Af~elcdo
Lecr fSp infgoos Bugges
S outh CuyaIbmrdona
a1s, t'so.
A R KLEY, Proprietor.

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