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Be egreful not to eat too man
The road from Pickens to Libert
as been worked out clean down th
The fourteen-year locusts -are sing
bw higli tenbr west of Twelve Ml
' The Pickens railroad will be finial
ed, before another Democratic pres
dent is elected.
Read Sloan's ne* add. and whe
In Greenville partake of his coolin
saymer drinks.
The Eighth Cirenit lawers will 1b
la attendande upon the Suprenm
Oourt next week.
Mrs. John Abercrombie, on tb
Twelve Mile side, has been criticall;
ill for several days.
Mr. J. Lee Carpenter and family
of Greenville, are visiting the famiIl
of Capt. J. J. Lewis.,
- The sh6wers were kept iip lasi
week till every section of the county
had a very good season,
Ot'penter Blros. have one of th<
handsomest and most stylish sodr
.fountains in the seven States.
The court house has been shaved
had its hair trimmed, and the uglI
wart removed from under its left (ye
gon. W. I'. Bowen's most valuahl)
farm hors6 died a few days ngo, hav
ing become sick on a drive to Green
Lee P. Orr is erecting a building
next door to his store, which will b<
used by Mrs. Orr as a photograpl
See change in the advertisement oi
Smith & Bristow and take special no.
tice of the many great bargains the.
are offering.
Miss Grace, Williams, who has been
visiting her brother, Dr. J. F. Wil
liams, returned to her home in Wel
ford las$ Saturday.
The work of tearing down and re
moving the old court bou goe
bravely on. They, are now workinp
on the basement story.
"Bunk" Crane now rides in a fin
new buggypurchased from that relia
ble daler and manufaaturer, H. C
MarkIley, of Greenville.
David Arial, who recently returnei
from Birmingham, will be mail car
rier and express messenger betweei
Easley and Pickens for.a few days.
The first Mondays in June and Ju
ly are the only remaining days o
which registration certificates will b
issued before the next general elec
Two dollars worth of painting wil
add ten dollars to the v'ale and twen
ty d(ers to the appearance of th,
buggy you purchased last year o
before. -
The W~olf Creek school distric
mass meeting at Secona bridgo las
Saturday' evening voted one mill 1ev:
for- school purposeS: Provided th<
frost does not kill the cotton.
V. E. Hiudgens a few days ago reC
ceived from the north spveral cage
ri n)? C''s which lhe will se
- )nc cage con taine<
tL. iWhen they star
usea fine sail.
JDu despanir iRandolph. The wal
nut 1og had to-face a circular saw be
fore it could have the smiles of th
fair maiden wvhose mirror it no'
bears. Hecr pa lhas no toeth no1
Bowler prefers beef to bones, so nies
time go by the market.
Next Sabbath the sacrament of thi
Lord'asenpper will be adlministered 1
*the Presbyterian church. Children
day exercises will be had in the Aifter
noon at 4 p. in. Other Sabbaf1
Schools are cordially invited to parti<
*ip~ate. The children will meet TIhur:
day afternoon to rehearse.
The county commissioners have s
far resisted all the tempting offers t
rent out any portion of the cour
house square for agricultural puirpos
es. The application for the site c
the old court house to b~e used as
pumpikin patch has not yet receive<
.the attention of the board.
Last Thursday was the hottest; o0
Friday-the thermometer was niineCt
.an& on Saturday it snowed for thre
hours this side the Blue Ridge. Sal
bath morning (Chiuney Top was whiit<
. The frost nipped th~e sweet potat
slips and killed somew cotton plant:
Overcoats were still in demand Mo:
Mrs. Becky - Turner died on il
morning of the 18theat thme home <
her son-in-law, E. H. Gilland, noi
Dacusville. She was sixty-three year
old and the widow of a Confederal
soldier who died in service in til
army. She was buried at Oolonc
Bapistchuch, ofwhich she was
Children's day wvas ob~served
T welve Mile (Camp Ground last Sate
day by a large crowd, notwithstant
ing the threatening weather. A(
dresses were delivered by several ii
- vited speakers: lHon. H-. M. Prinic
of Williamston; Rlev. John' Attawa,
0. Ellis; William Gravley; WV. bi. as
Davis Morgan. Theo occasion wvu
one of joy and will be long ren
-beved by those presoMt.
ReIv. John Beck, of Bowispan, Gt
was in Pickens last wveek. H~e preaci
ed an interesting sermon in the Bla
tiet church Thuiirsday evening and Sal
bath evening. On Saturday afte
noon and Sabbath foronbon the pulp
was occupied by Rev. T. J1. Rook,<
Pelham, S.O., whose discor'sos wem
that one of the divines will be cal
ed to the pastorate of the churcl
Tpte membership wvill meet in confe
enco noxst Saturday afternoon.
Capt. John L. Thornley was righ
sick last Tuesday.
Soon the tall sycamore will wavi
over the ruins of the old court-house
Brother W. A. Lesley spent a fev
hours among his Pickens friends out
Y day last week.
Col J. E. Hagood arrived from Char
leston last Monday and will be ir
Pickens a few days.
D Many hundred bundles of good
fodder have been pnt oi the- market
i- In the last few weeks.
I- B. D. Stewart has become an ex
pert wheelnan with one week's prac
tice on his fine mount.
Mrs. S. P. Bruco is thought to be
somewhat* improved. She is grad
ually gaining stren'gth.
e ~ Some as pretty farming as is done
in the State can be seen between Eas
ley and the Saluda River.
The norther receded Tuesday morn
ing and again left the zephyrs in
charge of the hills and plains.
Mrs. Eliza J. Hunter's condition
last Saturday was such as to caus6
much concern among her friendo.
Last Monday the singing school
had to adjourn to the Preebyterian
church to get stove accommodations.
The evergreen and wild flower dec
orations at Twelve Mile Camp Ground
last Saturday were most be'tting and
in elegant taste..
M. F. Hester, the accommodating
carrier between Pickens and Easley
is viewing the sights about Washing
tol), D. C., this week.
Mrs, 11. J. Giguilliat and her beau
tiful little daughter, of Seneca, are
visiting relatives and friends in States
ville and Wilson, N. C.
The young folks at Col. 0. P.
Field's will now "make the sweetest
iausic." The Colonel carried a fine
new organ home with him last Mon
W. G. Lewis has a fine mount of
the safcty bicycle variety and when
the roads are dry takes .a pleasure
- ride between his store and suburban
cottage home.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders in the Easley Oil Mill Co.
will convene at the office of W. M. Ha
good, secretary and treasurer, E3asley,
June 1st. at 3 o'clock p. m.
Mr. J. Marion Looper's singing
school will close Saturday evening
with a musical concert, having a most
ttractiv program. Exercises begin
at. 8:30. A small admission will be
The case of Mrs. Ida, Anderson vs.
- John W. Thomas was called on the
do-kcet of Trial Justice J. T. Pryor,
e of Dacusvillo, last week. It was heard
by a jury. The plaintiff was repro.
sented by J. P. Carey. The defen
danit plead his own case, and for tLwc
hours' pounded the jury with arg'.
~ mnents. Abont 11 p m1. the jury an
nonced that it could not find the ver
diet, and his honor ordered a mistrial.
t The?~i sdewal obstrmuctors we
fuss madec ini ereting the new~ p)ost
oflice and tearing down thme old court
house. Besides thme wind blewv so
much brick dust into their lungs and
-noses they could scarcely smell their
s pipes. They would have taken: up
t temporary quarters' in the woods
I north of townm but the keeper- of the
t soda fountain told them there would
be rain every afternoon and their
.. wves and nigthers positively ref used
.to tote their dinners to them, declar
inmg they were willing to cut stove
v wood, tie out the cows, but with one
accord thcey drew~ the line at enry'ing
t anything to a beari danuce ini the fori
est, if they never got to patss oni an
unobstructed side walk.
C After printing wvhat Tr. SENT'INELr,
afid about the dleath of Mrs. Marthil
Clayton, the People's Advocate, ol
Anderson, added the foll~owing: "An.
other- of the friends of our school hoy
days is gone. She was one of oum
fellowv pupils at 01(1 Thmalian Academy
under old1 father K~ennedly when we
o were a little toddler, and1 our ulemo.
) mies of her are v'ery pleasant, for be
t ing older than wo she was ever ready
t~o help us over the hard pl.aces. And
f this was 'her char-actepistic through
L out life. WVe have known her and her
:1 excellent husband almost as long as
we havn known anybody and it -is
a with perfect sincerity that we render
a trib~ute to her memory and offer our
s' decep syimpathy to tile bereaved hus
.band and children."
. The announcement of the death of
o Mrs. S. A. Wertzt, ot . Liberty, which
4. occurred on the 15th instant, is sad
- intelligence, to many wvarm friends.
She had been a great suffer'er fron:
e rem atism for several years an)
fdurinig a great part of the time wam
confined to) her bed, b~ut her genera
health had be'en so) far resqtored,- thai
ealthough she could not wvalkc, life hai
e assumed its wvonted charms and th<
y~ glow of health and hope was in every
a line. of heri cheerful face. '.I:is con
dlition of health and strenigth mad<
her doubly anxious to walk, and sh<
0was advised by' her physician that i
r'- surgical operation npon the limbs arf
Sfected would possibly give her the de
-. sired boon. -Accordingly she went ta
G reenvillo on Monday the 14th instaun
3- and the operation was p~erformed th<
v; next (lay at 11 a. mn., by Dr. ,J. R1
(1 Wilkinson assisted by Dr. J. 13. Earl,
Is and1 another physician. She survive<
'- the anosthetics and cheerfully ex
pi'essed her hopes for a successfunl re
suit from the operation,. but the con
~. tined reaction showed that the shocd
. was too much for her strength and a
. 3 p. mn. she passed away. The funer
r.. Al was hed froim the Liberty Presby
ii terian (Churchl on the 16th andl th<
,f remains were interred in the cemeote
-o ry west of Liberty. Mrs. WVertz wal
lo twenty-eight, years of age anid
I. decvoted1 member of the Presbyterial
1church and leaves a husband and twv
r- little childred to mourn their irrepar
ablo loss.
An oil Mili For Liberty.
'the citizens of Liberty and vicinity
mnt at Liberty on the 16th instant to
take the prefiminary stops for estab
lishing an oil mill in that town. J.
E. Boggs was requested to act as
chairman and W. H. Chapman as
secretary It was decided that it
shoild bo known as ~"The Liborty
Cotton Seed Oil Company." J. 1H.
Brown, W. 0. Willard, T. N. Hunter,
J. T. Boggs, J. D. Smith and E. B.
Richardson were appointed as mem
bers of the board of corporators and
instructed to file with the Secretary
of Stato the necessary declaration to
procure a charter. The capital stock
was fixed at $20,000, divided into
shares of $25.00 each. As soon as
the proper certificate is received from
tho Secretary of State books of sub.
mcription to the c'pital ft.ck will be
opened at Liberty. As soon as fifty
per cent. of tho stock is taken the
company will hegin 'business. The
success of this enterprise will add
much to the general business and
commerce of Liberty.
We the undersigned merchants of
Pickens C. 11. agree to close our
places of business at six o'clock in
the evening except on Saturdays and
public days beginning -on May 21st
and to continue until Sept. 1st 1894:
T. D. Harris; W. T. McFall; Ha
good, Bruce & Co.; W. 0. Bramlett;
A. M. Morris; Lee P. Orr; J. T. Lew
is & Son J. B. Newbery; A. 0. Til
The ladies of the Easley Presbyto
rian church last Thursday evening
gave a lawn party on the beautiful
green in front of the Mountain View
Hotel. The net profits from freezing i
the ice creana into a coccrete mass, I
and then melting it in the abstract,
was $7.25. They expect to give an
other this week, if it does not snow. ,
Premature baldness may be proven- f
ted and the hair made to grow on
heads already bald, by the use of 3
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renew- a
Bost 5 lb. Coffee for $1 at Morris's.
See the W orlids kitar for Fifteen Cents.
Upon receipt of your address and
fifteen cents in postage stamps, we
will mail vou prepaid our Souvenir
Portfolio of the World's Columbian
Exposition, the regular price is Fifty
cents, but as we want you to have t
ono, we make the price nominal. You
wilL find it a work of art and a thing'
to be prized. It contains full page
views of the great buildings, with do
scriptions of same, and is executed in
highest style of art. If not satisfied
with it, after you get, it, we will re
fund the stamps and letyou keep the
book. Address 1L. E. Bucklen & Co.,
Chicago, Ill.
Nelson Morris and Co's., breakfast
stripti at Moryrris's.
All persons interested in the public
schools of Bethlehem School District
are notified to at tend an election to
be held on the question of levying a
special tax for school purposes at the
bridge on Shoal Branch, one.half
mile north of E. Smith Griffin's mill,
on Saturday the 20th instant, at 3 p.
Scc'ry of Board.
Fine fat mackeral, three for 25c. at
It is a fortunate day for a man
when he first discovers the value of
Ayer's Sa rsaparilla as a blood-purifier.
WVith this medicine, he knows he has
found at remiedy upon which he may
rely, and that his life-long malady is
at last conquered. Has cured others,]
will cure you..
Peppers Natural Leaf and Silver
Seal Plug Tobacco at Morris's.
All Free.
Those who have used Dr. IKing's
Newv Discovery hnow its value, and
those who have not, have now the op
portunity to try it Free. Call on the
advertised Druggist and get a Trial
Blottle, Free. Send your name andl
address to H. B. Bucklon & Co., Clhi
cago, and get a sample box of Dr.
King's New Life Pills Free, as well
as a copy of Guide to Health and
H~ousehold Instructor, Free. All of
which is guaranteed to do you good
and cost yo nothing at McFall's
Finest (Cicily Lemons 20 cents per
dozen at Morris's.
Health Restored
No Strength nor Energy
I M iserable
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
rSeveral yearsm agmy bloodl was in O
fbad condition, my system all run down,O
-and my general heatlthu very mneh in- 0
pairedt. Jly handls were covered with 0
- large s'res, discharging all the time. I 0
ha ostrength nor energy and my feel- 0
ings were miseralble in the extreme. At 0
last, I comme-needC~ taking Aye-r's sarsa- 0
rarilla and .soon noticed a change for the 0
ttrMyappetite returned~ and wvith 0
It, rcnewed strength. Encouragedt by O
these resumlts, I kent on taking the shr-- 0
Balparilla till 1 had used six holies, and 0
ihy healtiiwas restored."-A. A. ToWNS, 0
prep. Hlarris-Hottse, Tihomnpson', N. D~ak. ,
o -
For One's Price.
Ve are enabled to offer it with -TiE
ENTINEL for one year for $1.50, club.
ing subscriptions to be sent to this oilico
rid accompauied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remark able club
ing proposition is entitled to enter TWO
HRIZE CONTESTS, sending his guesses
or the
)1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
a which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
ize of the cotton crop of. 1893-4, now be
nig marketed, and award to be made as
eon as the New Orleans-Cotton Exchange
nnounces the ofiefal crop figures. $400
N GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
'200 prize forsecond, $200 prize for third,
100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have ben as
ollows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
,935,082; In 1890, 7,313,720; in 1891,
,655,518; in 189., 0,700,305.
In addition to the above every clubbing
ubscriber can enter our combination
Supply the missing word in th<
ollowing sentence:
The five hundred pounds of gold
which he had received in exchang
or his treasure, had been convey,
to the hiding place in the --
ONE FOURTH'I of the net a
ucription receipts of those entering
his contest wvill be divided amont
hose wvho supply the correct wvord ir
he blank in the above sentence
['bus, if there rre $5,000, one fourtla
vould be $1,250. If ten supp)ly th<(
~orrect wvord, each would receive $125
f 100, each $12.50, &c.
Both of the above contests fret
ma inaddition to
For the Price of One.
Ias a circulation of 146o,000, and ih
iors Tariff Reoformn, an Individal]
[neomo Tax, and the Expansion ol
hie Currency to a degree sufficient te
net the legitimate business dlemandt
>f the country.
It covers the newvs of the wvorld]
3ver-y wveok, having news correspond.
mnts in all the news centres of th(
We ofI'er you THEI PICK
DONST ITUJTION f'or $ 1.501
per1 year!.
2oods Cheap for cash, come. and see mec.
anm at Lewis & Son's old1 stand.
Good Molasses 25e peri gallon. Suigal
Syrup 30c por gallon. Muscova
do Molasses 40c por gallon.
Many other things: Sugar, Coffeo
I:ard, Tinware, Glassware. I alst
iavo some Patent Medicine which ]
will sell at cost for the cash.
If you owe me on last year's accoun1
some anti settle. I am needing money
didn't mean to mnake you mad wher
'ou bought the goods, so come ani
eottlo and let's be friendl.y.
l0t)oCI$.0 e 100 squamre feet. Makei
Sgdroffryears, and any olne cnn pu2
4t on. (lum-Elastic Paint costs only 61
-(nts per gallon, in bbl. lots, or *4.50i fo
hvo gallon tubs. Color dlark redli Wil
stop) leaks is tin or iron roofs, and will huaq
for years. TRY I'i. Scnd stamp foi
samiples and1( full particnlars.
Guim-Elastic Rtoofinlg Co.
89 and 4L West Blroadlway, NEW YORK
Eona Agenta Wnnuted.
a C&oe
WE haven't been saying. mu
It is not out of place, however
selected stock of goods in Pic]
bargains, but when it comes to
IN SHOES-Our stodk conp
Our stock is largdr than ever a
We have suits from $4.oo to
prices on GROCERIES that ca
to be found anywherc. WE I
Another car of Good Flour.
A large lot of Good Corn.
A lot of Sound Peas.
A lot of Wheat Bran.
A lot of nice Salt.
A good stock of Shoes.
A nice assortment of Hats
A lot of pretty Dress GoodE
A now lot of Tinware.
A lot of good Jogwaro.
SA house full of Furniture.
Another lot of Stoves.
A big lot of Baskets.
A largo stock of Lamps.
A lot of nice Trunks.
A little of almost everything.
Wo liko to show our goods.
We like to soil them too.
So) call and see us when you
Come to towmn.
A now lot of Grain Cradles, Mow
Blades, Sweeps, Grind Stones, W heel
barrows, H~arrowvs, Briar H-ooks. I oes
Rakes, Sheep Shears, Bells, and a lot
of other usefnl things in this line.
Adhristhe way we propose to do it:
25 dozen 18x3s6 knotted fringed towels al
15 cents. 25 dozen 21 x24 knotted fringe&
towels at 20 cents. 25 dlozen '24 x48 knotte(
fringed towels at 25 cents.
Special Drives In Table Cloths.
Better bargains wvere never offered. B<
sure to see them.
Stamped Kensington work of every (10.
scription. 4ilso a beautiful line of Stamped
ILinen. TIray Cloths, Splasheirs, Scarfs, etc.
Crochet. andi Embrohte ry Cotton, Wash;
Bilk and LInen Floss In all colors'.
It is an old1 chestnut, and we wouldn't
spring It on you if it didnI't stick our' com
petitors 50: llest Indligo) Blue Prints at, S
cents. Best, Staple GIhighani at 6 cents.
Here's Anlother Sticker,
5 papers of plns for 5 eents. Our hosiery
and underwear department Is compl~ete In
every respect. Our Ladies' Lisle Tfhread
Vests at 25 cents, would be good value at
50 cents, Our Landies' 25 cents Irose can't
-o be qualed in Greenville for less that 35
It means that when a lady plants a pail
of them on her feet that they wvdl stay there
longer than any other shoe she can buy and
saves from 20 cents to Si per pair.
ch to you lately. There is more ii
to put out a few sign boards here,
cens County. We are not claiming
an every-day, substantial bargain, %
rises the cream of three of the be
nd there are some low p -r-s amonj
$15.00. IN HATS-Wre have c
Y NOTIONS in abundance for tl
n't be duplicated. The largest st(
co. w. N
ine and Cj
Jones' Gray Monar<
for the Market.
(Alld stop gro,
Then. busisoessfor
Put nad in~~.
DEALERS who push the sale of WV. I.
which helps to increase the' salecs on tl:
One Hundred Brewste
-The13EgST and
Ever Offered in!
--AT TIi
Greenville Ool
We make the
One and Two Hor
Why huy Chop Western Wagons when
that wilt out le
H. C. M
i works than words, anyways
showmng the way to the ha.
to have any two-for'-a-ickl
er- can't be equaled.
3t. factories in the country
verything a mian c ould wisho"
1e ladies. We are naming
eck of Tobaccos and Cigarg
1R BROS. Bradford,
At. Best Water coelon
- t I S. C.h
ving aoat uard tisela
iu flalink. Wime are namrdg
ickwhileobaccos andospear
3NToLOPoe Sles.
ilt BalmgSho Bvrad rd
ninaBe t th rie, 1.on
cir full lie ogoods They cn
in a i sa :on sin ls youg.
Flt o uthroC Car ho oliahecs
I nd-r.W rs h
) oieSho, WAGONs.
yous eaubu ali SHoemar ode.Wgo
Ut li' sa wo. tijiac
iRKLE, $2 ropr$,e$tor
dent. ~ 'r~. l Soy..-.

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