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PICKENS V. I., 8 0.
. E. nOGS & Co., Proprietors.
"tered at Pickens Postofilce as Second Class
SUisUI'TION 'IcM $1-.60 per Year invarIa
bly it advance; for six months, 75 cents.
AMver&isemelts inserted at one dollar per square
of oue Jnch or.lessi for the- first. insertion and
fiftycents for each subsequent insertion. A
liberal discount made to Inerchants and other
advert'ain - for six months or a year.
Obituary notices exceeding five lines, tributes
of respect, communications of a personeal
character, when admissable, will be charged
for as advertisements
The Clemson boys will now have a
fire extinguisher attachment to their
burning eloquence.
Governor Tillman wants it distinct
1Y understood that the Naval Battal
lion did- not "flunk" during the late
war in South Carolina.
When Breckinridgo inishes his
speech, his men politely give pJlace to
the Owens men and womenind thus
the campaign goes merrily on.
The allegation that Miss Sudduth,
of Greenville, ju1m[pod into the well
because not allowed to chooso her
partner for tlie conjugal cotillion, has
been humbly denied. by the "alloga
The- country editor gets enough
whiskey literature these days to make
an ordinary man drunk. As there
are only four in this town the town
oouncil should vote them the liberty
of the city..
It begins to look very much like
Sometimes W. Y. Atkinson is bourd
to win the nomination in Georgia
over Evans and the newspapers com
bined; We heard a.Georgia preach
er say as much more than a month
Congressian Izlar made a solid le
gal argument last Friday in favor oi
the bill to repeal the State Bank tax.
He and lis hearers seemed& to ham
remembered that ho had been Judge,
and he was complimented with the
careful attention of the memubers.
The State Board of Assessors have
in a small measure come to the relit-f
of the-railroads in the tax matter,
and reduced the assessment about
$500,000. No doubt the roads are
- prepared to say that small favors will
be thankfully received and large ones
in proportion.
So far, if the cotton plant has es
caped with its life, it must be a hardy
eitizen. The wind and the cold have
certainly toughened its muscles, and
given it a firm foundation up)on whlich
to build. An experienced dealer
thinks, if it sucecessflly rutns the
gaunitlet of all these danger-s, thlat
the staple will bring ten cents this
fall1, in sp~ito- of~ tariif and, financiall
Governor- Waite, of Colorado, has
foolishly rushed, into print, to deny
the soft impeachment that hc is ruled
by his wife. Since he has den1ied1 time
stLatemeont, 've arec thor-oughly con vinc
ed that it is a fact, and we conlfidenlt
13y expect great improvement in theI
gentleman's conduct. We are also
lead to believe, that Mrs. Tilhnan has
at last gotten the uipper hand of our
Ouitsdb whiskey makers are trying
hard to work up- a trade in South
C'arolina. Day after- day they scatter
their printed matter- broad-cr-st over
the countr-y in search of places and
parties in which they can pla1ce their
second-class goods. Sonme are zealous
and enterpr-ising enough to buy space
im the county papers. They are all
frtiends of p~rohibition, anld are trying
to make it poplar-.
The lynching business in Yorkvillc
has changed in one r-espect. The
victim of the mobs' vengeance is gen
erally 01ne charnged with crime, but
this, time thle victim was Jeftf Craw
ford, colored, sentenced to be hung
for the murder of D). P. Blackburn,
on~thle night of the 23d of Dceberc
)ltst Time was called on~ the execu
tion by the discovery of some iregu
larity in the trial,-and there seemed
to be some fear that the culprit might
finally escape. The sheritY was over
pow.ered, the cell broken open and the
culprit swung to a limb beforeo day.
light laat Satur-day morning.
The meeting of the Southern Im
migrationt Society, at Augusta, last
week was a mutual admiration affair,
and was greatly enjoyed by most of
the delegates. There is hope, how
-ever, that good results will be derived
* from- the adv-ertisement given to the~
sections represented. A proper ap
)lIcation- of the methods discussed
anot fail to obtain some benefit to
the . Southlern States. Gover-nor
Northen's response to the adldresses
of welcome was a most thoughtful
symposium of the grneat wor-k for the
society to aecompllishI and it was well
dcoeved, GoV. Tillman again sur
el~sed his friends and his foesi by say.
aS the besit thhIg at the best time
on the wiag.
Birmingham, the great boom city
of fictitious fortunes, is now at its
dullest, and, the striking ininer* come
in for their full share of the blame
for the condition of things. It was
mado lively while we were thero last
Friday by the Governor taking part
in the drama, and ordering out the
troops, so that the visible majesty of
the law night persuade the miners
to keep the peace.
T. H. Doggs is having an- easy time
making a living, as sutperintendent .f
one division in the Georgia Pacific
railroad shops. Ho is living and
having his being in a happy little
homo on Fifth Avenue, in Avondalo,
aI adjacent suberb of Birmingham.
Miss Eliza Arial, his wife's sister, is
a most welcomo guest there now and
she is having a mosti,ploasant visit..
While in Atlanta, Saturday after.
noon, we wore sumptuously dined at
the beautiful home of Henry T.
McDaniel, on Courtland avenue. He
is becoming gray, but still enjoys the
mnergy and fire which was so charac
Leristic of his school boy days at old
Liberty, and his good wife appears
:juite as young as when the orange
blossoms decked her fair broiv twen
ty-two years ago.
We saw Ton Joe Mauldin. He
has his office in the finest building in
Atlanta, and, even now, enjoys
an enviable reputation for both
energy and ability in the practico of
Georgia law.
Sabbath evening in Columbia we
heard a splendid sermon from that
renowned theologian and eloqueni
divine, Rev. J. L. Giradeau. He iE
cortainly the groat preacher of th(
South. 1h
Bad mail service caused the abovt
to miss last week's issne.
Irrelrensible LInrN.
It becamo necessary last week fl
Governor Tillm an to defend Soutih
Carol in a againsat the misrepresenta
tions of Ida Wells, colored, who is
oirculat ing herself and inany false
hoods in the New England States.
The Governor sent his correspondont
a statemient of the true status of af.
fairs, and also enclosed> a copy' of his
inaugural address. Ida Wells may
induei a few imminigrants to Coic
down just, out of curiosity. Social
storms and earthquakes attract solie
No city in tile South has made a
much progress in the last twelve
mlonthus as Colunbia. While the
electric street cars are not producers
they are time-savers and furnish cem
p)~loyment to hiundred~s of hand(s and1( at
the Slrne time make the decvelopment
of the city's resources possiblo. That
commnuniity certainly has for tile preCs
ent, got tile bulge on the hard times,
and its conlditiol and circ'unstances
give good promise of still greater
prosperity. We regret that it does
not showv a desire to grow on the
Nort h towards the highlands, instead
of towards the lowlanuds of Shandon.
It will be seen from a commi~unica
tion on the next page that "Alliance
men01" are' not satisied with the an
swers of Senator Butler and Govern
or 'T'ilhinan to thecir demanl~ds, and it
is significant that they emph)1asize
thleir regret at (liflerinig from Govern.
or Tillmian. There is fun ahead.
Th'ley conclude by saying tiley' will niot
accep~t of a pirimary for U. S. Senator
and demand that their candidlates
shall pledge thlemsch-es to vote for a
man11 iln fav'or of Oealai.
Congressman McLaurin made a
strong speech ini Conlgress last week
for. the repeal of tile teln per cent tax
m~ thle State bank circulation. Tis
kiemand is nlow so plahlr surely it
wvill get itself made into a law. If
so, Mr. Mitehell will soon conclude
that Governor ill man is right.
Somo quhonldam~ dlemocrats, last
M~ondlay, opienly avowed their~ deternm
ination) not to take the dlemocratic
p~rimnary obligation. This is refresh
ing independence, but of a kind
whiich chops both ways. There shiold
at onice be--oh! helkl! we are not coun
ty chairman now.
Neowbold, the T1exas ranger detect
ive, wvas quite bold in his assault of
Mayor Sloan, of Columblia. He is
aniothier oflicer in need of a hypoder
mic injectionl of respect for the law.
A Pennsylvaniia bull pursued, over
took and smashed a Baltimore bicycle
last weok, but lie fell in a ditch and
broke his brawvny nicck. Verb. sat,
sap., as we used to say in Apulia.
Representative Talbert, of thif
State, has ofecred in the house a join'
resolution to forbid the further issu<4
of bonds to mnaintainl the gold balanc<
in the treasury. We believe lie ii
right. This thing of issuing bondi
for gold, patying out the gold for pa
perV money03 and issuing more bonds t<
recover the same gold may go on inl
definitely. Thle bond issue is a temi
porary expedient and a bad one. Wham
we need is a permanent, estoblishe<
policy. We tm-st face the music 01
the financial question sooner or late
and the sooner we start at it the bot
*ter.--*eonvillo Newn.
What Be Fire Proof?
A writer in the New York Recor
der, commenting on the destruction
by fire of the Rev. Dr. 'almage'a tab
ornacle in Brooklyn, says:
W hat is fireproof ?
Iron isn't, because it melts in ferce
heat, and in less heat expands. Thus
an Iron beam betweei two walls may
expand so much as to throw one of
them down. Stone isn't, because in
fierce heat it crumbles away to dust.
The material which is most nearly
fireproof is good brick. The more it's
baked,. the harder it gets. So the
best fire-proof buildings have brick
terra-cotta walls, floors of hollow brick
and doors and casings only of wood.
Even then a fireproof building will
burn if a very hot fire attacks it from
the outside. But a fire -starting in
one of the rooms only burns that
room and stops. It never gets very
In such a fire as that in Chicago
and Boston, the best of buildings
would be dam'iged greatly, even if
they did not fall.
Wood, when it is thin, burns very
rapidly, but in big beais it doesn't
catch tire so readily.
So, in ordinary wooden buildings it
is the hollow spaces between the laths
and the walls and Iloors that carry the
fire out of sight like so many chim.
neys until it is ready to burst
through. These hollow floors are
one of the greatest dangers in fire.
The stairway, with its wooden stairs,
and the elevator shaft, if there is one,
are tho Points of gr eatest danger,
because they draw the 'ire up like
That is why, in case of a fire pretty
well started, it is always better to go
out by the fire escape instead of the
They May KE Called For
The republican cloud no bigger
than a man's hand is beginning to
take shape and loom up again. It is
a very serious question whether the
supreme court of the United States
will hold our present election law
good. If it does not tho black vote
will bo a very serious factor.
The Laurensville Herald thinks the
republican activity is part of a plot to
restore the old leaders of the democra
cy.:to power. We know nothing about
any plot, but we see no need of one.
If the republicans should make a
strong showing a cry would Come
quickly enough for Hampton and
Haskell and many others who have
been discredited and thrown aside of
late to go to the front and help again
and people who have been shunning
thie political association of antis like
poison and locking committee doors
and closing caucuses to keep antis out
wonld be singing lustily for antis to
rally to the old flag and lend a hand.
-Green ville News.
The 1legintration Test.
Yesterday Chairman Webster of
the Republican party of this State
arived in the city, and during the
day le held a conference with Mr.
B3ray~toni about the proposed test of
the constitutionality of the registra
tion1 and electionl Jaws of the State.
-The commi~i ttee did no t reach'l a defi
nite conclusion as to their course.
T1hey have raised the funds necessary
to have the cases brought and have
emp~loyed counsel. The at torneys, it
is said, are local men They are
looking into the matter and Mr. Web.
ster say~s they will proceed by both
man damtus and i nj unction. Another
conference of the comnmitteemten will
he held in this city tonmorrow, when
definite cocuin will be reached.
TIhe cases will likely get before the
court on Monday nexaahadan
nounce.-TheState, 31st ult.
Itate Waur.
Everything seems to be rushing
along smoothly with regard to the big
freight rate wvar which has ben wag
ing for the past wee*k. Information
'omles from Atlanta now~ that (Com-.
missioner Stahlmnan, of the Tarifl'
Associaition, has decided to take a
hand in tihe war, and wvill today or to
morrow annitounce a unmiform) cut for
all railroads to 40 cenits per hundred
on all first-class freight from New
York anid other points in the North.
TVhe comlmilssioner will do this to pro
tect the roads. He will simplly make
thle rade so low that none) of themI
can stanmd it, and( they will have to
come back to living figures, thus
probably putting an end to the war.
At 1east thlat is what the conitemnplated
atctioni of thle commnissioner is intend
ed to do.-The State.
0 % ToenadO In Mlarlborro.
Ben nettsville, May 31.--T bis sec
tion was visi ted by a very destr'ctive
storm yesterday afternoon. On Capt.
P. L2. Brceden's farm the gin house,
engine house and two tenant houses
were blown down, while hlis barn wvas
moved four inches. Two tenant
houses en Mr. James McDaniel's farm
and tho gin house on Mr. Blarney
Wallace's farma were also4 blown down.
Mr. WV. P. Lester's~ gin hlouse and
Messrs. T. H1. Bethea's and R. J. Ta~
tutm's barns were blown down.
Messrs J. F. Bolton's and 0. TV. East
erling's crops were ruined by the hauil.
A telegram from McCall states that
the house of Mr. J. W. Stone, who
lives near that town, wsas literally
torn to p~ieces, killing his wife and
three child roln.-Newvs and Courier.
A Woan Slgnatulre.
An important matter to teach s
girl is the value of her signature. Il
the habit is once formed of attachiing
her full name to every letter sh<
writecs, wvith her add(ress, it may sav
a great deal of trouble in futur<
times, should her. letters be lost
- She should be taught the responsi
>bility which she assumes in thus sign
-ing her name, and shte is not likely tu
wrilo lilly and foolish letters which
t she would gladly recall. She shoulhi
I also learn that she must not affix hot
name to any list of individuals, any
e society or any document withoul
- knowing fully what responsibility sht
is nanouming.-- Ram'n Ii
True* 0, Prophet.
The following is taken from an ex.
"The non-advertising merobat g'o
eth forth to his lair at the rising of
the sin and lo, no wan interfereth.
He standeth around all day like a
bottle of castor oil and the people
with the sheckles come not to his
shanty. lie advertiseth not his wares
and his face is forgotten upon the
face "f the earth. Who bath dried
apples? Who bath fly-soiled ging
hams? Who bath calicoes made be
fore the war? Who hath patches all
over his pants? Who hath stale bak
ing powder without end? le that
knoweth not the printer,
Mr. J. B. Lewis, of Atlanta, Ga., had
severe dyspepsia. Physicians and all other
remedies failed to cure him. He tried Ty
tier's Dyspepsia Remedy, and attorwards
writes: "The first dose gave relief. I ree.
onmend it as the best dyspepsia reinedy
ever discovered I have gadned flesh since
using it. I voluntarlv recoii-Id it to all
sufferers with stomach troubles." For sale
by drnggists at 50c. per bottle.
"Mrs. Winlalow's koothing
Syrup, for Children Teething," softens
the gums, reduces inflammation, allays
pain and cures wind colic. 25c. a bottle.
Peppers Natural Leaf ond Silver
Seal Plug Tobacco at Morris's.
Best 1b. Coffee for $1. at Morris's.
Finest Cicily- Lemons 20 cents. per
dozen at Morris's.
Bluckeni's Aranenr Salve.
The Best Safve in the world for
Cuts, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped tlinds,
Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or
no pay required. It is guaranteod to
give perfect satisfaction or money re
funded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by W. T. McFall.
Finest Lino of Canned' Peaches
and Tomatoes at Morris's.
Best Pickled Cucumbers 13 for 10
cents at Morris's.
Marbles, all sizes and prices at
Best Muscavado molasses at Mar
Freeman Builling, Pickens, S. 0.
Is now ready to do all kinds of work in
my line. Instantaneous process and finish
ed in latest and most popular styles at
lowest prices possible for first class work.
War to the Knife in the
F. W. POE & Co.'s
While we sell the Finest and
Best Fitting Clothing and Shoes
that money can buy, we also
provide for those wvho can't
afford to buy our best goods
and here arc sonme of the prices:
Boys' Knee Pants from io
cents up.
Children's Suits 50 cents, 4
to 1 3 years. Better ones fo
$1.oo, and Real Good School
Suits with two pair of Pants
for $3.50.
Men's Extr-a Strong WVork
ing Pants 50 cents.
Men's and Boys' Black and
Fancy Mixed Sack Suits from
$2-50 up.
A thousand pairs Fan cy
Mixed Socks, for inen and
boys, 5 cents a pair--good
Jeans Drawers 25 cents.
We are selling HaI~ts Way
Down Below their Value,
We were fortunate in securing
100 dozen fine Negligee Shirts at a
wonderful bargain, and we are going
to sell them at prices never heard of
-Our prices are printed in lainl
figures on the tickets of our- garments
and they are inflexible.
WVe will enentrfully return the money
for all unsatisfactory pur-chases.
F. W. POE & CO.
Bros. & Co.
Greenville, S. C.
E.I1i MRR.Y J. E. IOGG8s
122 alrSt-reet. GREE N V I L LE, S. C
C-04 givemi every 'l'h13any alld Friday, and
teeth extracted w itht min,.
R. J. P. CA'tLISL E,
O11ce over Westmoreland .1ros & Duke's Drug
IjanS9tf GREEN Vl11,E, . .
C. F1rzcI ERA LD,
Over Westmorohtand Irros. Drug Store. 1]I
work done11 by the I ,stail tguoug. process. Akso
make eirgements from old plettres t 'ay
size- i waiter colors, ormyox, India Ink, oil and
plIn photographs.
Has Got
Around the man that
thinks that mioderate
Whiskey drinking will
not hurt 111111
Are delightfully refresh..
lng and can't hurt ANY
They are everybody's
Drinks and Everybody
should drink them.
8S&' Best of Everything in DRUGS!
It always relieves when p~rop~erly
appried. .Sold by all druggists.
Price 25 cents. Prepared by
T. X. L. CO., C, M1. DEMIP.EY,
Manager, 230 Main SL, (Coluinbia,
S. C. Ask your druggist for it, anti
have no other. C. N. WYATT, Agt.
Easley, S. C.
Gume Roofing
C0818 only $2.00 per 100 square feet. Mlakes
a good roof for years, and any one enn putl
it on. Gum-.Ehastle Paint cost-s only3 60i
cents11 per gallon, in bbl. Iots, or #4.50 for
five gallon tubs. Color dairk redl. Will
stop) leaks In tin or Iron roofs, and will las
for yeCars. TRY IT. Send statnp) for
samples anid full patrticuilars.
Gumn-Elastic Rooting Co.,
30 and 11 Wecst Broadway, NEW YORTK.
Local Agents Wanted.
Will offer for d days the follow.
ing lots of F- Frock Suits at
a terrible saerifice:
Lot I- 37 Suits, 34 to 42, at
$I1.50. None of this lot has
ever been sold for less- than
$16.5o, and many of them at
$20 and $25
Lot 2. 12 Suits, 34 to 42: at
$o. This lot was sold from
$15 to $16.50
Lot 3. 9 Suits, 34 to 42, ai
$7-50. These suits were sold
from $10 to $13-50. ,
Smith &
Samuel Spencer. F. W' 1luldekoper am
Reuben FCtor, Iteceiver".
In Effect May 13th, 1894.
. VeN. Llm.1?at Mat
Northbound. No. 38 I o. 3 0.
Daily Dolly I Daily
Lv Atlanta c time 12.0) n'11
Atlanta F time 1.00 pim 100) pull 9.00 an
Norcros ...... .......... 13 p .44 a
" Buford........ .... ....0 pil 10..01 a
" (4ahoiville.. 2.15 um 1 1 11 pbni 10..4 in
Lula..................11. Jill 11.10 nr
Cornella....... ..... i . . 11 . i :
" ' . Airy ...... ........ ..pi
" 'o.-con ....... .......... 45 a 12.40 I
Westmlinster . ............. 211 ai 1.14 I
" Si3io........ .......... 0 1111 1.31 r
C ntral..... .. 4.45 pm 2.11) n 2.05 pi
C reCnvill.. 5:41 pil .01 n 1.45 pip
Spurtanhurg.. 6.22 pin 401 am 4.11 In
" utneys...............4 " mill 4.&1 In
Blaceksli rz ... 7.11 pin .. 11111n 6.1) In
Kin;g'sMouni' I........... 1 5i. pI
" ast onia..................t.4. 1111 5.8 I
Ar. Charlotte . .... 8.2:1 pmi 6.10nin 0.41 Il
Ar. Danvil:e. 12.27 n.ia: I a 12.11) at
A r ' '. -m . ii n", .dl: ) ' )1
Ai. Was:ihgton 7.13 'll b U) V . .
Halln' P..1. R 21 I3ii I. 5
Philadelphia - 30.4 .0) a .m
Neu mm'... .: , . ........
VC.A'lF'at Ma il
soll t b itI. N No. . -. o3 No. t 1
Dilyi , 1D"l _ aily0
Lv ew s'ok P1111 301111 1Ai Im 8.4r
ltaliuiir .I 13.2 10).5 1 '3 m 9.00 n
Wus~inpoa.. . 0.45 1.3 1 j 1 .54 a;
ffliiii~lsj '4 ( (I . . ...1 .. 1.4 in:
Char~o 1.:. . 9.3 1 ... . .. ..; 12.21 pt
(T~latoia.I. 1. 45 am 11A2 pia
King~i..onnnm 1..5 pru
J1)aeksburg ~ 10.4 41 20 a.1m 2.05 prf
Sphl1(1lhur. 1:17 m 1.57 am 42.11 pt
Greevile.1.23 )1) 4.42 :lnm 4.10 pt
Coimral.......1.16p 5.24' nm 5.10 pr
.......................3.0 am 5.'45 Pr
Toccn................ 4t9 am 5.5 pr:
Moun Aiy...................7.3.45 pr
Corell....................-7Jm1.340 a
Gainevil~ 3.3 pm'4.11 ian 8.3') pi
11~mford.........1..'-5.......pm p
Ar Alant E t Vic .Lim trt 0.M an 1i)1p
SroAthant. No. tim . Nol 5.211 N. 1
uln-. York Serico 43iNne 1.3~ an't41 m
"ou P iadelpnh-. . .F(a.5t nil .2 amlnit loi
" ainre.... At:!nt an 93w o.1
Nn inontl..... 38.-[ 1 a.: 1 1 9 1 wl)wtac
aliill. ... 5~ie.4 betee Ne5 Yor(pm 1
" ChaOrlte... ti.35ronm 1-' 5ll n 12o-ersn-r
t" in g,' ounn'y. ...... ...o .... .oo '1.a pn
". Nn.k13urg... 10.4lnn amcpn 20'ar b..t0 p
Richmpdartanr..11io am 2.5 aInI 2r.50p
"o Greenville.... 12.or28 lnno am l4.al an
"o a CtlViilS Contral....... 1.15 :n a gm0p
". e A. .... ... ..... 3. 01 nm 5.41I pa.
*o~ West min t .. A........'........ Pa .'5 pA
" V Cor nolia.. . D. .. .C : .. uinto 1).p
''1 Lula....... .......... -4ula.42h sach.0,i
verr t an 10 tim 4.ri5 imi bloo20 are 10.-a p
mant taesf and ilasW al.Pula lepn
Calrts ietao Atlata nnd Nowic CorkJo.
Not.37 DIsnrd -WStoac, izinonn, Dsothenter
Ne Orl~seans,.cTough P-aullma leepers h
- twe Net Yrkat adae, Oleatbn,lva Ala
Jonandicemi, Kviae Aonipa nd ierminghans
L. os of Andp12. PulmoanSDerepsIn Cabeaw.
FoNetled inforatio atoulocalnn
in Iarrsrajos cofruh lofni ao
aW. eA. 0ThiK .iHA symWICo,
orn'l ass gthast resurlPs A
aW of thTir fucD.sb h s. tomAchA Gn
J.t AlO. rsons Sgipern t reenAtarb
oWt. by ta~iNgn l aftL eah eA. A,
Con'lio M35 ofthr., pn Tralee Mn'gr.i~05
Wuo orsinaToND C~i. nshyititon D.
19oooee '.eeeeeeeeeeeeeed
anoodsCtkoii af3 oand a OIIC tfetl"Areliabl.
remod forliloness,5 poches glon. hegace
Srnic th . n loii IMr Toubva
does Doere tomc Dines gDylon.ey
uae tn PteHtilc ,Meartbn wich
Iuundioh oidey tom tilant, Lier' Tr'ous
t010idn P cim I in Iuhofli ld
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This we believe
Is the Greatest SACRIFICE,
Ever nade in clothing inGren.
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best tailors th: emH Vi o
feet in fit and finish. .A lj
minutes spent in exai'ninion2.1
of these numbers, we a
means a sale. Come an( ;.
them. Yours truly,
Sainuel Spencer, F.
Condensed Sched
Trains run by
No. 11
Daily S
7 15am........ .
11 2Oaim........ "Colu ibia.
1203pn........" Alston
12181)111........ . Pouarfa . .
12 35p ...... Pros ierity
12501pm1 ...... Newterry .
1251pm........ Helena
I 30pm......... (hAppell' .
2 18)m........" Ninety Six
237pm1...... . "Greenwood
300pm........- Ilodge's
3 20pm . .'Doi
3 35pmn . ...... ".11011
355p ..........Ar li .
4 00pm.......... 14Y N
4 24pn............And.
4 58pil............ Plen
5 30pn...........A r e.
550pm...........Lv Se*
6 ......... A r Wainaria iv..
S15pin ........Ar renvillv
Between Anderson, Belton and Gree
3 08pim..... v %erson Ar.
3 4flpm.........A r lie ton Lv.
4 0poml,1..........v Belton Ar.
4 2pm. Wilinson Ar.
4 26pm............. I'elzer.
4 10pm............iedmnt...........
I1.1)im...........G(recviile .........
Aeteen dr n, eonba Greer -
1 5 l~itin .1 Da (~~rit A
NO. 1:. -%1TA TIO6NS-.
........v A er.. ston Ar.......
......... .....Ito l..........
4 p i. .......Lv.... to Ar91 . .
.............. Pelzer........
7 Wpm1...............Ied)..........
17 30pm .............Greenville .........
7 43pmi............'iscolet..........
1 3033111 . A r Spartanburg Lv.
Nil. I. ~ITTONS.
.1 5 20amn..... ibitAr
I 20pin.......... ille...
I 53pml.... (ohito. . ..
2 1L~i............lsnton........
3 ot......r Lurle. v..
......n S~dgande... i.le
. 730 m......... ONSi .. .
. 743pm~i1............ Paoet......
- 8 1pm.........i rpranhurg .
3 11O2pxn....Ar Ahbevie lav.
No. 1. TTO .
.1 20am..,.. LY hodgmbi A r.
.1 001pm1.... .... ....Newrbevry.
350pm...1...r ALuenisl Lv.
No. 118.~ T''O
3-05pm....Lv I'luidge Ar .
1340pm......r Abbvnne Lv.
No, 13ad19r.oidtan ewe
1 t pm...n txe..g beil V
tConed tionit via southound 26af
Nos, 13 a. n 4 nre sold trinstbet)we
teonvind , As ievile 11( o irns
'Traims leave SprevleburgC, A. & C.
Imnrthb~ound, 1.3-a. m., 5.0 p. ., .23 p.
ied iteded southouund, 1.6 an. .
i2., p1.7 n. m(estibued limited) tw
T 'rains leave Grenil, . A C., A.i iiC.
b~ounid, 11.30 p. mn., 2.27 p. mn., and 4
son1th1bound). 2.32 a. in., 5. 35 p. m. and1(1.
Pullman Sleeper on1 i3and i4 betweez
5OI, IIA A*,
Trafle Manager. Wash ingto
Wilmingtonl, N. C., .June 1, 181'
Fast Line between Charleston and
and Upper Sou1th Carolinta and WYeste
Untrollina and A thens and Ailanta. ~
Goirng West. . O
*No. 52. S'TA TIONS.
7.l15nm...Lv CharYestonl, 8. C., Ar..
8.48nm.............Lines. ....
9.5nm...... ..Sumter........
1 10am....EColumnbia Lv.
2.41pm..)...... ....Greenwood.
5.0:1pm.... .. .... ..A thensl.....
7.45pm ....n... A tlanta.
6.20pm.... .... ..Winnusboro.
8.30pm... ..Charlotte, N. . -
4 2ipm...... .....A nderson.
5 l5pm.... .... ..Greenville......
8 10pm......... .partanburg.
112pml..llendersoniville, N. C..., .2
II0pm..i....Asheville,N. C.
*1)aiiy. Nos. 52 anid 63 solid train.
Charleston and Columbia, S. C.
If. Ef. EMfET1R
J1. Rl. K EN LY, sT. 3C. E3'E
Gen'I Mianneer. Traffic 1F *
PRICE 60 e CET E 6
a .annatr V nUmy S

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