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Consult Mo'all's Almanack f<
prognostications for June.
Sale day In Plokens was well a
fended by the candida'ss.
Miss Laura Ellis visited relativ<
o1nd friendson Pickens last.week.
James Gibson, colored, died at h
home on Keowee river on the 80th ul
Iteturn day for Pickens court i
this week. Court convenes at Abb
ville nelt week, Judge Ernest Gar
Miss Bessie McDaniel, daughter i
J. H. 0. McDanII. of this place
visiting relatives fd friends in Piet
nunt. S. C.
Tbe I'1ho' 'I, tx in the townships a
ath.-r Wtintd West and 8touth <
: h a little irregularity wi
d a Liji year.
Dr. J. T. McBride preached an ir
feresting and instructive sermon i
-the Baptist church, at this place laI
Thursday evening.
J. M. English, of Columbia, S C
Aspecting agent for Shattuck & Hofl
'ian, of New Orleans, La., has beet
'a Pickens for the past week.
It is noticed that Gideon Ellis, de
3ased, has three sons surviving, Gid
3n, Stephen, and Jesse. The long
st-lived of the former generatiot
- a the Bethlehen
held on the 2001
of a special ta:
aet, lot special schoo
k ?he tax was voted down
on Looper gave a freE
rt at the Baptist chnire
it Friday evening. He vill giv<
other this (Wednesday) evening
-e public is cordially invited to at
Sonnie Cooper says lie could write
i name in the froost on his plow
Ilay morning, and the
ld tll it was the Is
looking in the Alma
darling child of Mr,
arid Mrs. John'A. Bryson, died las
londay morning, aged three months
he bereaved parents have the col
ial -sympathy of many friends it
cir sad affliction.
{ntlhony Stewart, of Toxaway, wh
i well rememliered and favorabl
nown by the older itizens, is ser
- usly ill from a stroke of paralysii
iffered on the 29th ult He is no
xpected to survive.
Just a1 soon as practicable th
saders of THE SENTINEL shall hav
one good railroad news. We stil
ave great confidence in its earl
oming qualities, and you may s
'our stakes accordingly.
Fire was discovcred in Mr. N. 'I
Ilartin's d.welling at Central, las
jaturdany morniing, which but for thi
imely d1is4co)very andi prom pt acetioi
vould have soonl prove:l disastrous
I'heglamage was $32.00.
Rev. J1. 0. C Newton and wife, o
(6be, Japan. are now visiting reia
- ives and friends in Pickens comunty
ly appointment (f th" ce~nferenac
hey will be stationecd in Nashvilh,
['enn., for a year or more.
Cards are out for marriage of Mis
Kiulie White, daughter of Capt. an<(
rira. W. R. Wh'ite, and W. R. Dil
inghamn of Greenville. The weddin;
akes place at Buncombe Street Moth
idist church the evcning of June 6th
Cliffo)r Jones, daughter of Mr. ana
>Irs. T1. B. Jones, wvho reside il
ireenville county, two miles from
latesville, (died last Frda at th
tome of her parents, aged twent,
nlontha She was buriedsthe day fol
;awingY at Brushy Creek.
Col.O P. Fil is fit-w yea
'if age, but lastFriday'sa was the firs
frost lie hadl ever seen in Jlune. Hi
corn was badly damaged and bi
thinks there will be not more that
tone ourth of an aversge crop o
wheat. His cotton is still standin;
the storm.
Georgre Haigood and Ju le Bowver
colored, had a little dispute aboui
~othing at Mr. R A. H'ester's lai
aturdlay when tihe former gave'- th~
latter a dangerous stab) in the Iel
side. Hagoo.d has been com auitted
await results. Mr. H ester thus lost
two good hands right in the pinch<
the game.
Miss Mary Knight died at hE
home near Central last Friday after
lingering illness, aged about fort
nine y'ears. Her ronaains were ba
fed at Carmel last Saturdayv, the fu
eral service being condubted b~y D)
J. R. iley. The deceased wvas'a d
voted member of Carmel church an
a good christian woman.
The recent cold was more severe e
crops ini counties just above Colm
bia than on those of the mounItai
counties The mnountrins aff,rde
protection from the northern blast
We .'oticed acres and aicres below th~
latitude in Alabama frost bitten to
criap.. The damage by the frost
June thje first seemus to have been
partial as an Aprdi showver.
Mr.'Charles Dean, of Central, wa
in Pickene Monday, to see the Supe
visor'of Rogistration anid get hime
ready to vote in case lie should 1.
needed. Mr. Dean came to .th
conty frotn Andersog and has alreadi
estblihedan enviable reputation f<
industry and thrift. He hats comptj~e
edl one of the handsomest and mo
Be careful of the children's health
this warn6June weather.
Senator J. P. Glenn, of Slabtown,
was quite sick last Sabbath.
Senator and Mfre. W. T'O'Dell were
. in Pickens last Monday evening.
Hilliard Liddell, an aged colored
Inan of Easley died last Saturday.
Who was it said second cousins
were not more akin than first cousins?
i Belton Ambler lost a fine young
. mare last Friday, which died of blind
e staggers.
Soe.card of Lee P. Orr, Pliotogra
i pher, elsewhere in this issue and give
him a call.
if Miss Elizmeth McMillan, of Paris,
a Ky,; is visiting Miss Aurie Hollins
I. worth, of this place.
James Lawrence who lost his arm
r in Hastings' saw mill machinery is
getting on reasonably well.
11 Dr. Miles in his advertisement of
Cmsar's Head says it is the most
restful place this side of heaven.
I Carpenter Bros'. call attention to
t their sparkling fountain and are al
ways ready to furnish exhilirating
W. 1H. Anthony who lis been in
attendance at Clemson College came
home on a permit last Monday.
About 180 have now left.
Mr. N. M. Madden, one of the old
land-marks of the Central section,
was in Pickens Monday. He is not
as good a land-mark as he was, for he
har. cut off his whiskers.
REditor T. W. Folger, of the Cen
tral Tyro, was in Pickens last Mon
day. The subscription price of his
paper is $1.00 per annum and he is
a candidate only for subscribers.
Earlev, a ten-year-old son of widow
Moseley, of the Crow Creek section,
died of a fever last Friday. There
are two other members of the. family
quite Rick. The bereaved mother has
the sympathies of many friends.
The colored citizens were last Mon
day night treated to an interesting
and instructive lecture at their church
by Rev. A. L. Jones. The manner
in which he handled his subject
showed careful thought and prepara
Capt. J. S. Austin, who is n,), a
- distpiguished edneator of Sanfa Rosa,
California is visiting relatives and
friends in this state. He was at Dr.
, C. W. Earle's last Tuesday. He is
president of the Methodlist Pacific
W. B. Stoddard, an attorney at the
t Greenville Bar and clerk.of the board
of county commissioners. died sud
denly at his home in Greenville last
Thursday night. He was aLoat thir
tv six years of age, and came from
Laurens county to that city.
t The clean shaved gentleman who
met us on the street Mondav and
gave us the cordial greeting enetom
ary among old friends must. not take
it unkindly that we looked at him
Saskance. for we are sure his owvn chit
dren did not recognize him on his re
turn from the barber shop.
Pickens county has aiways worn thle
belt, and she is not to be outdone this
year, for in Hngood school district,
we are reliably informedl, ,, *re is one
nerson that commenced "l avin g-hv"
his corn the 27th nit. WVe do not
wish to say anything discouraging,
but in the absence of our farming
editor, we will say, that, like Price
-was by killing the ducks, he is "one
day too soon." A.
Miss Mav, the oldest daughter of
J.P. Smith of F.'rt Hill, died last
Saturday, of fever after an illness of
about two weeks. Her rem ains were
1 interred the next day at Slabtown,
a the funeral being conducted by Rev.
"John T. McBryde assisted by Rev.
-.J. 0. Newton. Miss \t ay was the eld
est child, being about eighteen, andl
- he center of a chrmed circle of
iriends she had won by a swveet tem
'er and most amiiab~le disposition.
ier sudden taking off'has left wounds
n many hearts that nev'er can be
Beans, Irish potatoes and beets are
now on the table.
t John Gilstrap planted his cotton
on the 2d of Aptrit. It is the finest
' in the county. It has squares.
Welington 'Roe, an aged and wor
Sthv citizen of the west side died at
his home on the 8l0 ult. His remains
were buried at Six Mile.
t Central.
tDr. John T. McBryde did not reach
e his apnointnment last Sabbath. He
twas called to attend the funeral of
Miss May Smith at Slabtown.
s .HTarry 1Folger is a welcome visitor
,g to his many friehdia in tow'n. He is
rail road agent at lie Leon, Fla
Mrs Jason Cannoni of Atlanta, is
r visiting her father C. S. Stephens.
a Children's day will be'observed in
- the baptist Church next Sabbath af
r ternooni. The pastor R1ev. Edwards
-~ will preach at 11 a m.
r- O B. Martin comies home this wook.
3 He went with the Greenville and ilot
d ler Guiards on their excursion to Rich
-nond nod Baltimore.
ni R L. Gilmer, a p~opular conductor
3. on .the R. and 1). is in Central on a
n tisit He Is still on crutches from the
d ef'ects of a fall from a car.
s. 'l here are several new house a hein
,s erected.
a Lloyd Abernathy arnd Mi's Daisy
>f Priest were muarried last Wednep'a'v
8 at the residence of the brid(,'s miotb
er in Atlanta. They expect to came
to Central soon.
Dulike's Clippings andl Bedfo~rd City~
fSmoking Tobacco at .\forris's.
is Death to Flies--Sure to Cate-h 'Ema
y --Beat Fly Trap on Earth. A t Mo.
r ris's. 25c. each.
t Vine fat mnckemt, three for 25c. a'
AUSY4%.'~* .Aoe tat,
Do They Ever Read Thatr Proofs ?
'Deputy Marshalls F. E. Cox, J. B
King, P. F. Thornley and raiding do
puty R. E. Causey, of North Caroli
na, raided atid captured a blockade
distillery, and in the distillery J. M.
and W. M. Chapman was found on
Eastatoe, last Sunday morning."
"Raiding deputy collector Bllaylock,
assisted by L. C. Thornley, J. C. Jon
nings, and A. C. Fiden, a cutupblock
ado distillery on cane creek, last Sal -
a day night."--People's Journal.
The two items quoted above are
from the Journal and we are con
strained to offer one of "1B." Lewis's
soda water tickets for first correct so.
lution, but refrain, as we do not ap
prove of lottery schemes, especially,
when it requires so much mental
work; so will give them a cursory no
tice instead. In the first paragraph
it reads as if the distillery, only, was
captured, and not the Chapman boys,
when it is reasonable to suppose that
if they were in there they were cap
tured; especially, when it is the duty
of an officer to make an arrest if he
his proof of the offence, or has rea
son or information to cause or make
him believe that party arrested, or
wanted, has committed said offence
and the unwritten law with deputy
marshals is to "nab" everything in
sight. In the next notice he makes a
"bad break" for he makes the type
read as if the parties were "a cut up
blockade distillery on cane creek, last
Saturday night," when we know there
is no convincing argument that evolu
tion can take place in so short a time
and that another transformation
would be perpetuated the next day.
There were several hundred gallons
of beer and mash poured out and the
fumes of this, together with being out
in the "pure mountain dew," may be
sufficient cause for this mistake. We
don't know. Contemporary, hereaf
ter, confine yourself to facts, the
King's Englisli, and a careful perusal
of your proof-sheets. T.
Childresa Day.
No flash in the pan this time. The
exercises will begin in the Presbyte
rian church next Sabbath at 4:30 p.
m. All the neighboring Sabbath
Schools are cordially invited to attend
and participate in ihe exercises. Es
pecially are the members of the
schools in the village urged to attend
and unite in the effort to make it a
grand success.
Insect Powder clears out bed bugs,
inot hs, fleas, flies, and all insects. 15c.
at Morri's.
Health and happiness are relative
conditions; at any rate, there can be
Iitkle hapuiness without health. T<
give the body its full measure ol
strength and energy, the blood shoum!d
bie kept pure and vigorous, by the uat
of Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
It Miay Do a Much for Youl.
Mr. Fred M iller-, of Irving, Ill.,
writes that he had a severe Kidney
trouble for many years, with severe
pauins in his back and also that his
bladder was affected. He tried many
so called kidney cures but without
any good result. About a year ago
he began the use of Electric Bitters
and found relief at once. Electric
Bitters is especiaIlly adapte3d to cure
of all Kidnely and Liver troubles and
often gives almost instant relief. One
trial will prove our statement. Price
only 50c. for large bottle. At McFall's
Drug Store.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Re
newer is, unguestionably, the best
preservative of the hair. It is also a
curative of dandruff, tetter-, and all
scalp affections.
A Qumarter Century Tesct.
For a quarter of a century Dr.
K(ing's New Discovery has been test.
ed, ann thme millions who have receiv
0(d benefit from its use testify to it~
wonderful curative powers ini all dis
eases of Throat, Chest and Lungs.
A remedy -that has stood the test se
long and( that has given so universal
satisfaction is no experiment. 1Hachi
bottle is positively guaranteed to give
relief, or the money will be refunded.
It is admitted to be the most reliable
for coughs and colds. Trial bottles
free at McFall's Drug Store. Large
size 50c. and $1.00.
S that are inO
* any way dan- o
- _ _gerous orof
-is fensive, als o
C e sA patent medi- 0
ei nes, no-o' ,
trums, and
empirical preparations, whose o
ingredients are concealed, will o
not be admitted to the Expo-'
Why wlas Ayer's f$arnaparllla admit- o
ted ? BIecause It Is not a patent mnedicine, 0
not a nostrum, noer a secret preparation, 8
not (dangerous. not an experiment, and o
because I, Is all that a faily medicine 0
should be.o
At the
Chicago, 1893.. a
Why got get the :BestP
onnaKa --amam
For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer It with TIIE
SENTINEL for one year for $1.50, club.
bing subscriptions to be sent to this oilice
and accompanied by cash.
Every si'bserlber to this remarkable club.
bing propi-ition is entitled to enter TWO
PltZE CONTESTS, sending his guesses
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
In which thereare FOUR PRIIZELS offered
for the NEARIES' ESTIMArEs of the
size of the cotton crop of 18113-4, now be.
ing marketed, and award to be made as
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchane
announces the olicial crop figurcs. $400
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
$200 prize for second, $200 prize for third,
.100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent . years have ben as
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
6,935,082; in 1890; 7,313,726; in 1891,
8,653,518; In 189-, 0,700,3-5.
In addition to the above every clubbing
subscriber can enter our combination
Supply the missin word in tho
followinig sentence:
The five hundred pounds of gold,
which he had reeceived in exchange
for his treasure, had been convoyed
to the hiding place in the- --
ONE F~OURT'H of the net sub
sarijption receipts of those entering
tis contest wvill be divided among
those w~ho supply the correct word in
thes blank in the above se-ntence.
T mas, if there rre $5,000, one fourth
would be $1,250. If teni supply the
correct word, each would receive $125,
if 100, each $12.50, &C,
Iloth of the above contests free
and in addition to
For the Price of One.
Has a circulation of 156,000, and is
vors Tariff Reform, tan Individual
Income 'I'ax, and the Expansion of
the Currency to a delgree sufficient to
meet the legitimiuate busilless demiands
of the country,
It covers the news of the wvorld1
every week, hIavinag newsi corresp~ond
ents in all the newsa centres of the
We offer you TIlE PICK
ner' year.
E haven't been saying mu
[t is not out of I)lace, however,
selected stock of goods in Pic]
bargains, but when it comes to
IN SHOES-Our stock comp
Dur stock is larger than ever a
We have suits from $4.00 to
prices on GROCERIES that ca
to be found anywhere. WE I
- FOB.-.
Job Lot of shoes!
A Job Lot of Hatm!
A Job Lot. of VestmI
All to Close O1t!
Ask to see these Jobit
1,000 Pa ina Fans,
PUaaoIs and~ Unabrellas,
Str'aw Ilts, Light
Shoes, Fly Traps, Fly
anud Tr'iuunminugs, anud
otheri esseful articles
ror the Season:.
ee~ 0our Fuarnliturae and
And here is the way we propose to do it:
25 dlozenf 18x86 knot ted fringed towels ati
15 cents. 25 dozen 21 x24 knotledl fringed
towels at 20) cents. 25 dlozen 2-1x-18 knlotted
fringed toweln at 25 ecnts.
Special Drives In Table Cloths.
Better batrgaains wvere never offered, Be
stfra to saee them.
Stanmped Kensinagtona work of every de.
Acriptiona. Also at beatlifigd line of Stamnped
hinena Tray Cloths, Sphtaaheas, Scarfs, ete.
Silk and Linena Floss in all colors.
It is ani old chiest nut, and we wouldn't
spring it on you if it dlidn't s~tick our corn
petitors s4o: Best Indliago Ica lPrints at, f
cents. Best 8taple OmGirn at .5 cents.
Here's Another Sticker,
5 papers of pins for 5 cnils. Our hosiery
and( uniderwear dlepairtmnt. is complete in
every respect. Onr 1Aadies' Lisle TIhreadl
Vests at 25. cents, wond b( e goodl value at
5t0 cents, Our Ladlies' 25 eents Hose can't
ho equialed in Irceenvillo for less.' that 85
It means that when a lady plants a pair
nf thaemr oni her feet tUhat tlhey will stny there
longir thuan any ot her shoe she enn buy and
satves fromn 24) cents to $1 per paLir,
3ROi!VIL& RA (?N
ch to you lately. There is ior
to put out a few sign boards h
cens County. We are not clain
an every-day, substantial bargaii
rises the cream of three of the
nd there are some low prices aw
$T 5.00. IN HATS-We hav,
.Y NOTIONS in abundance fo
n't be duplicated. The largest
coo we
Wiiir THE BI
And stop. q
No wronder
ilHae you a
No?' Well,
in buusines
(all an~d ge
P'ut nnm ndd
w'iill soona p
The 3 est Shot for
Squea l
~. ALL T
STYL $zl
DE A Swops h aeo
whic hep t nces tesae
W. T. McALL,
One Hundred Brew:
The BEST an
E ver Offered in
Greenville C
W~e mak<
One and Two Ii
Why biuy Cheap Weustern Wagons a
that. willc
ir1'aiteonize 110M E IN DtsTRV .
G.W6 SIRRtINE, Swuper'iu
woo W M, :HAGOO 1 .h9
e in works than words, anyway.
re, showing the way to the best
iing to have any two-for-a-nickle
, we can't be equaled..
best factories in the country.
ong thenM. IN CLOTHING
. everything a man could wish.
r the ladics. We are narning
stock of Tobaccos and Cigars
-I -
- - S.C.
a'o1AnvigR about hard tInhem.
y 4n think time are hard.
people don't know you are
and tat is ilae reasuoua tilames
YOU wihl othersN prospei-,
t 0111 ra*tes4 on adVer'tEiing.
in Tihe Nenmtinecl, andl await
Es. Ilard ViCS ith you
ass away.
.ess,Jlottoin Wauterprooi'. liest Shoe soki at the price.
4nd, 3 Dr~gess Shoo.
1.60 gPoico 00o, 1Soles.
$2.80, and $2 Shoes,
UncuiuullIed ist the pr ice.
Boys $2 & $.7 School Shoes
$3, $2.60 $2, $1.73
LDugilst Shoes gan stomh,1ersc
a '* I ruai i t o ing all tyouR.
stery Sprn ro t Bugies
S. outs ho gancsolina,
iithei fulIiESfTO~S Te a
AR LY Propreto

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