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U 'iNS StNN'11iL,
"Cl I N C. II.. S. C.
. OLUGS Co., l'rolrictors.
Entered at Pickens PostoillCO a0 Scvontt Class
SUnsCRIPTION PRICK, VbO per Year invaria
blv in advance; foil s nonths. 75 cent,.
Alvlertisements isertt'l tit one dollar per squiare
ot one IncIh or less for the first ?Nsertion iuutld
lifty cents for eachl subseqltent' Inisertion. A
liberal discouint madie to mer, hattis and other
adverilsilr s. for six moniths or at year.
Obituary 11oticcs exetulAIM five liles, tributes
of respect, comnitileationta of a periottil
character, when a1dmiiissitble, will be charged
for us advertisemeits
TilURV4DA, JUNE 14, 18.
Going to Pleecm.
When the democratic party assemn
ofd at Chicago in its list convention,
it published a pltform to the voters
of the United States. On that plat
form it receive'd the most emh)atie
endorsement withL which any partv
bad over before becn honored at the
ballot box. But possing straigi
this fact has not yet been appreciated
in the Senato of the United States.
The platform has been repudiated
Our friends and tiuisted servants have
put the party at a tremellndouls disad.
vantago. Its Cenmies derido it. Its
supporters distrust it. The party it
self is tryii)g to dissolve. The tidal
wave of democratic victory is rolling
back. It seems destined to submerge
the party. The republicains will re
claim congress this fall, and tis will
only be the harbinger of the greater
victory of 1896. There is no check
ing the tremendous force of the re
bound. It will cuIsh the divided and
imbecile democracy liko an egg shel.
We have been preparing the way for
this. defeat. The abuses heaped u)o
the people by the republican party,
not only unified the democracy, but
gave to it the power of the ilmlmense
floating vote. 3ut this has all been
lost. The party ha,1s gone to pieces.
It made the poorest use of the olliciql
spoils, and lost the opportunity of its
life to free the peolo from oppres
sion. It has neither the cohesion of
interest nor the faith that rests on
promises performed. It is going to
pieces. It is worse than idle, to try
to confront the republican party with
any other organization. No new par
tv can make the cnmpaign interesting:
to it. But that is what the poiulis(t
propose. There would be as much
business souse il tr dtliciples quit
ting the church on account of tin.
faithful stewards, instead of calling
new Ones to office. Any reform could(
be worked out quiciter and easier il
and by an organized party, that
by a new party. TIho democratic
plaitformn that won the vichory was
faultless. A steady hard persistent
light on that wold( have redILemed
the counXItry. The( repu~licanls were'
twenty-five years enslaving us. We
could not exp)ect to rid ourselves of
demi)agogues and trimnuners in four
years. If the patiencee of the p~oople
could have stood the si rain till we
could have reformred tihe Sonate with,
a few new rnen, we could noon have
erased the Presidlent's veto to aniy
measure of reform. But nlow we are
divided and wveakened, aind in 1890,will
humbly march back into Egypt. We
have turnied our eves from tho plat
form, the pillar of cloud, to worship
the silver calf set up by the populists.
Woe are thus subject to the avarice
and ambition of the Amiorites, and
history plainly points to .our certain
ThIe Psalli For ItlIl1igra~atts.
It will be seen from a clipping
published in aniothor column, that a
new immigration agency has been
organized in A tlanta. It is far-reach.
ing in its good intentions, and1 we see
no good reason why it shouldt not
prove of incalculable benefit to tile
States it is tryinlg to serve. Seome of
tho owners of large tracts of land in
Pickens county will do wvell to estab
lish business relations with this agen-|
cy at once. It mighlt speedily bring
to the attention of moinied buyers op.
.portunities which cannlot- be reached
through any other trustworthy medi
umn. The Mauldin of tihe concern, is
our own Torn Joe. He will dv his
(Ilionta right.
The following information is found
on the letter head announcement:
"This agency is; backed by half a miu
-- lion dollars. Its ohjoct is to buy
Southern farm land's and locate good
immigrants on1 themn. President,
WVm. P. Calhoun, vice-President, A.
Beothune Patterson, M. D., Treasurer,
J. P. McGrath, Secretary, T. J. Maul.
din, Attorneys, Calhoun & Mauldin.
Atlantic & Gulf States Immnigrationi
Agency, Rloomn 204 Equitable Bluild.
ing, Atlanta, Ga."
Governor Tillman slightly wvent
back on us and himself in asking that
the Associated Press account of his
Staten Island speech be investigated.
He and we have heretofore sot that
maohine at defiance and we have won
friends by our course. The Associa
ted Press may catch and conceal but
*erflies under its hast, but the engle's
wij's are longer and stronger than
the brim of its somnbretro.,
Not Iron Chad.
Woodward, S. 0., J ti 4, 1694
Oflico of 0ha[iman 1xotjtivo Cou
mitteo State Alliance-To tih Editoi
of the IOWs and Herald: I notiCO a
communication in your paper of May
30, from Mr. E4. G. Palmor, of Ridge
way, in) which lie calls upoll mo to
stito yes or no as to whether the Alli
alco, Is a body. iE bOund by the de
mands about which I qu;stioned the
Governor. In reply, I would siay, no
one is required to surrendeir his indi
vidtuality when lhe joins the Alliance.
The obligation taken when becoming
I member of the Allianceo ays that it
will not conflict with the freedom of
lly lmall's political or religious views,
henco I would say a man may he a
memiber of the Alliance and refuse to I
support the demands.
T. P. Mrre-im..
The above is nows to TimE SENTINkL.
It i6 good news to Governor Tillhan
an( the democratic party. Both of
theml now have at fighiting, chan1ce
We kcnow at the timo Governor Till
man took issuo with the Alliance that
s->ntiling was11 about to (IOvclopo, but,
we could not guess. Then we saw
no way out, but for th Alliaince to
change its rules, but we nre glad to
havo such a happy soluition. The
Governor will now have the easy side
of the argunmeiit. His boldness inl
refusing to iob nob for olicT, in this
instance, will keep the state il line.
for two years more. There can be
no doubt of the correctness of his
course. Defeat with independence is
far preferable to victory gained by the
sacrifice of right principle.
THE SENTINI, has1111 many InluenlOitial
and staun1ch friends alliolg the re
formers in Pickens county wlose
Votes will be valuable in the next pri
mary, and its conservativo fi-lends
who may not voto at all, can dealen1
eInougi timber to turn the scales in
favor of either of two good men
That act which shows an indepenenb
holnest, candid, good spirit, is far
more likely to bring succe.s, than thle
alct which shows a( dist osition to trim
1n dodge the effects of petty spite.
We have niever asked anlything' ats at
contribution t,) TnE, SENTINEL, ani1d
never will. Wo charge for subscrip
tioll, beca mne wo believo it is well
worth the Illoley. W e have spae to
sell ill tie samiie way for the ainn1oun11e
Imeot of ally can-didate for oIflice.
And wo beg to assure ur frienids (for
they aire our friends) who have allow
Vod their fears to flke thei boycot
Tmn,. SENIEL and contie their an.
no0uncelicnlts to the Peopo's JournaL,
thiat there are precious few (<lluetionls
buit what haive two sides. Can
der halcompeled 11s to die]lin0 to re.
iv anV 41 annouill~nemnt fee from som1e
(If t ie (canld ia(es, bu1t thIis ill 11o wise
excuses ths 100who( have lnt offered it.
All inlgs como1) to th1ose who wait
Thlere are hunlldreds of vo ters in thle
'ounit~y who see 110n1 but Trme SEWP-.
Me~ssrsl. 0Obear and1( Lawsomn D).
Mioltonl, attorneys, halve 11een reta~ine~d
(t to overthrow thle eight box eec
tionl lalw. Tile attolrneys9 last Monlday
filed aL petition ill thle Sulpreo~l Court
for ai mandI~amus, an~d a rule was is
sued ret urilable oin tho ]Ith Liinst, It
wa1s directed to the R ichland County
Supervisor of Rlegistrationl. If tile
Suipremie Court opens1 tile flood(gllte
1.) tile damneild up) )1 colred vot~e thlere
will be0 a deluge, (and tile courlt may
hlave to (10 thtis, if tile decision is its
own. destrietioni. The like has been
No'n 01 Ilh) loves hloneOsy can fail
to admire Governor Tilhnani's audaici.
ty at tihe Staten Island1( Prohibitionl
1m1etin g ill Now York. The welcomhe
andl hlonored guest of the National
Prohlibitionlists, 1he bran~dishecd illn their
faces a bottle of red1 liqor , and1( pro.
claimied to themli lihat "prohlibitionl
wl'ld inot proib~it." WVlndtever. else~
thliy may have1' thiought of hlim, they
could nlot doubt1 1his honesty an~d hlis
aelfOst-ness. Hie wasH not there to
entertain 01r leasel, but to leave withl
thlem, thle cold hard facts as lie un
derstood them11.
Inl his remiar'ks to tihe gei nate s of
the Nationl Law Unliversity, tile
Vice Presidenlt, Adhlai E. Stevenson),
urlgedi the younlg men01 ill their p)rac
tice to maljkO earnest effort to have a
law passed aillowing the maiijority of a
jury (of twelve to blrinlg iln a verdict.
So J1udge Huldsonl 11as gr'eat companyl~
ill his views (of tile jurv law..
Tile Ensley' Delmocrat w~anlts the
Peoples' Journlal to repair its all.
nouncemlent (column1, but theO Journlai
esunilot soe tile necessity for ally re
patirs. It could at at very' small cost
have acceded to thle wisheos of tihe
Democrat, andi perhaps hlavo plrenL
ed it from seaping the track to thie
school comnmissioneri's oflico.
Tihe candidates will not annlounlco
themnselvos in THE SENTINEL, but we
sympathize with them cordially, and
wish to give tirem finlo friendly ad..
vico. As Puck said, Don't talk too
much. A stiff lower' javis as useful
p.n a as ti nnnm. linp'
The IBIcycIeW osnd the Bul,
A. recent occurrence in tho neigh
borhood of West Chester, P1., adds t
v o items to our stock of inl formation.
rho first item is that a bull can be c
nfuriatedl by something besides a redi
:ag, and the seconi is that a thor. I
-ughly infuriated bull can overtake
Lhe averago bicycle. All of which
is important.
It seems that Mr. John Harsey, of <
Baltimore, accompanica b two friends i
was maiikiing at tour of the country on t
his bicycle. The party had evidently
made encouraging progress since they
had got as far as West Chester, which
must be nearly ninety miles from Bal
timoro. Furtlierniore, they had done
th is without any hostile demuonstre- -
:iols on the part of tho inhabitants. 1
Nobody seems to havo shot at them,
mr even thrown stones or bad laiguage
it them. The hieavy phlelaitie temn
peramit of the Peinnsylvainia Dutch a
bad bornie the inivasion with c(ianii- 1
ity, and the invaders had every reason
tIo Supposo that they would reach
Philadelphila without provoking illy
great. popular outburst of resent ment.
While passing along a road in Eist
Goshen township, hoCever, tho hicy
Mlers attracted the attention of a bull.
The bull apparantly was not phleg
mal ic. He seems oil the contrary, to
have been a hot-headed and inptulsive
bull, and the siglit. of the three Ba.
tim1or0 gentlemen oil wheC(el. goade'
him to fury. Probabil y thv sanid
soliething offelnsivo to him. Proba
bly they hadi*redl ficcs or displayed
sanguine tenlperaments, or .laughed
ironically as tiey Vent by. That is
as may be. But. the bull pawed on1e
Iaw, bellowed one bellow, and took af
ter them.
It is more than likely that Mr. John
Hasey tholuglit it rather a joke to be
imrsuied by lutuibering brutite like a
bull, anid told himself that he would
astotnish that besotted iinimainl before
he Cot thrioughl with him. The aiver
tge biv(ccl Is a haglihty person, and
lis piyinig Scorn of t hins that go 0 1
legs is as profounld Its it is gi.ine.
Mr. Ilarsey had Iot gole very alir,
1i hv(vcr. before hi renhd1zed that tihe
buill ju-l at~ernl of him was a1 quladr
peI of gritt. ativity anl d hottm 011 "In
fat, to nake a long story shurt,
the bull caul'lght Mr. 11iirseN, tore hisi
biecclo all to pieces, tossed thle 1gen
tllahti uimuself' al-out with g1at tn
thusiastl, t 1(1 finally, ill 1111 eort to
(raSe Mr. Ilarsevy entirlvkI from the
t quain, ftell down tid hr.ke 1his own
neck. \ir I l:irsey wasi collected ly
his friend and carried piteciiieiea to
the hosp'itall, thet buill was', weo supI
pose, tirntied ovl. to the butcher, 11111
so thie iniejident, elo.etl litL we thmllk
it, weVIll nthis9 CIty of hiCielrs to0 Cal1.
a"ttenitionl t) the facts. There Ire
bulls inl the neighhboi hood of Wash
ing"tion, also and it is presutimable that
thtey shre the weaknesses, the preju
dices, and peradvent ure, t lie speed of
the l?ennsylvania bulls.- \\ ahinlgtonl
A New; Itnamiaalon A gency.
ini Atl1-ntaI the .object of niieh is to
brIingi. a first claiss pteople to thle south
to t occupy l an litina1ke fetil t( ha vast
hidIe. lThe mne1 to tf thle ne w agencty is
gra1t iton Agenc~y, with hieaidqutarters in
roomt '2"-l. Equitable biiitding.
i~Mr. \\ illiamn P. Calhton, after
working~ on fthe matter for several
miont lhs, has at last suc'eedetd in form
ing noi'thi rnt conniection with a capi)
tal of abont half a million at his back
to bie tused for thie putrposes menti m
ed. Hie hams asocitated with him ini
this undertal ikinug Messrs. A. B. Pat
tersoni, ,J. P. Mfe(irath, T1 J. Maldn
tand oitheirs. 'They ar'(e01 con tiet or
nuakin g ai success oh the undtertaik ing
and1( they willi at on1Ce ptush' the biusi
'1'le aigenty ai presenti prlop~oses to
coninlo its wtork to SouthI C.ar'oliina,
Geot'giat, Fia a nd01t Alaama, Itnt it~
n ill ha tull'e lands5I fi an sou1thern11
ini Atl an ta, fthe agencey wvill have Von-t~l
n1 eclions thnol' ighout thei sts n11amed,
with the lamtl ownters.
The companyl1 priefers to hanildle
tr'acts of nit le.-s than ten thousanid
I tacts whieeer it cani get themn (on
WXhile tho agen1cy is iln pos-ito to
do a greiit deat, it will not Ihe able fto
the lantd o)wneris ohf.Ihe south will!
shwa dispositioin to metet it. half
way. .It. is no t. protposedt to ask any
one0 to giio thieir lants away. A r'ea
8(on able pril'ce will ben paidl for them
Itndercm thle rulles go ve rning the busi
MrI n. Catl houni, ftle Origin1atr and01(
heaid Or this ntew ag~(ee, wouild be
withI all plersonis owingjt' landit wh'o arle
wiling toi forwardh t he maovemenet ., andtt
lie magetey ii it be hpleasedi toi gir a' tll
There1- is no0 tnetssity to sa1 y any1
thing abouitt the imptortanteo of thIs
ni atter. The imin11igen'tio n ctongressCH,
ntow it sestsio itnIl A ugusta, i-s evitdeunce
eo ugh, anmd it shows theit iteres.5t be
ing tazken in the sulbject oif i ninigz'a
Mr' Ctilhounu ('laims~ that the on ly
way in) which (our1 ralilroads(1 cani get
out anid keep outt of thme handms of re
c(iversm' is fot' ther'tt to ( eill) upIth
territormy ailonlg theirt linos. They are
niowi awake to thtis faict, andl( they tire
givimng all possile aid to tihe under
taking. --.onistitutionl.
Represent1 ti vo Latlmor has called
ulpon tihe atllornev general to .irgo a
hpardon1 for Cash, of Oconee, andt Nimi
nions, of Pickenis, convicteCd (if viola
ting the infernal revenue laws. lHo
proiviously called at the w.hitbe house
and presen ted the case to thli'roi
dent. Attorney General Olney has
mnado a faivoraible recommuendationl in
both caISes, and the .pardons aro on~
.pected wvithout delay.--N ews, 5th.
Both par'dona haivo bnn rccA lc
Stones, rifle balls and dynamite
vore the implemente used by the
roops anld striking niiners on each
ther last week. The scenes were
aid in Illinois, Ohio, Mar'land,
eunnsylvania, Indiana and Colorado.
County Alliance fiNcting.
The couttv Alliance of Pickens
ounty will hold its next regular meot
ng on July 111b, prox. By order of
he District Alliance.
Sec. 8d District Alliance.
Anderson, S. C., June 6th, 1894.
Death to Flies-Sure to Catch 'Em
-Bat Fly Trap on Earth. A t Mo:
is's. 25e. each.
Iuit Elim U~p.
Mr. J. B. Lewis. of Atlitm, Ga., had
evere dyspepsia. Physiciais si a all other
emnedies failed to cure him. [He tried Ty.
ler's )yspepsin Remedy, andi atterwards
vte: "'Ie first lose gave relief. I rec.
inie(1l it i the best dyspepsia remedy
ver dliscovered I have gained flesh since
sinig it. I voluntarily recommnend It to ill
nflercrs with stomach troubles." For sWlc
>y drnggists at 50c. per bottle.
Finest Lino of Canned Peaches
mid Tomatoes at Morris's.
Best Pickled Cucumbers 13 for 10
cnts at Morris's.
"Mrs. IWA hSalOW' SootauMag
4yrup, for Children Teething," softens
he guils, reduces inflow aaltion, al13s
>ain anl cures wind colic. 25c. a bottle.
Peppers Natural Leaf and Silver
ieal Plug Tobacco at Morris's.
Best 51b. Coffee for $1. at Morris's.
Finest Cicilv Lmios 20 cents per
lozen at Morris'i.
1tucklen~m Arnileta Salve.
The Bst Salve in the .worl for
utsit. ors, U cers, Salt Rheum, Fe
VrS ,r(es, Totter, Ch"apped I ands,
thilb ins, Corns and ill Skin Erup
tions, "Ind positivvely cumres Piles, or
no pay required. It, is guaranteed to
oivO perfe.ct. satisfaction or m1oley re
ulindeld. Price 25 eits per box. For
ile by W. T. MeF;all.
Marbles, all sizes and prices at
Best Muscavado molasses at Mor
Peeman Building, Pickons, S. 0.
Am now ready to do all kinds of work inl
my line. InIstanttieouls procems and finish.
('d iln laitst and most5 popuilart stylesa
lowiest ~ pices possible for first class w'.ork.
War to the Knife in the
F.W. POE & CO.'S
WVhile we sell the Finest and
Best Fitting Clothing and Shocs
that mioney canf buly, we also
pr'ovidle for those who can't
affordl to buy our becst goods
and here are some of the prices:
Boys' lKnee Pants from io0
cents uip.
Children's Suits go cents, 4
to 1 3 years. Better ones for
$1.0o, and Real Good School
Suits with two pair' of Pants
for $3-5o
Men's Extr'a Strong Work
ing Pants 50 cents.
Men's and Boys' Black and
Fancy Miaxed Sack Suits from
$2.50 upj.
A thousand pair's Fan c y
Mixed Socks, for men and
b)oys, 5 cents a pair-good
Jecans D)rawvers 25 cents.
WVe are selling H~ats \Vay
Down Belowv their Value,
Wo were fortunate in securing
1001 dozen fine Negligee Shirts at a
wvonderful bargaiin, and we are going
to sell them at prIices never heard of
Our pri'ces are' pr1in1ted in plain
figures on thme tickets of our' garments
and they are inflexible.
WVe will ueorfdlly retur'n the money
for all unsatisfactory purchases.
F. W. POE & CO.
Bros. & Co.
Greenville, S. C.
1. 11. MURRMA, J. E. i1(;GqS
Andernoti, S. V. Ilickeuis, S. C'
l32 Main Street. GREENVIT., , & c
Gas giveni every muhtrs(Iny and Frilay, mid
ceti trac ted without pLilt.
Olee over Westnoreland l ros & Duke's Drug
ljan89tf GREENVILL1E, 8. U.
GR EEN V I,.E, S. C.
Over Westmorelandn Bros'. 1)rtg Store. All
work (ogic I% the istantiemis priemes. Also
make enlariemeita from >n licrc to iZ ii
size It% witer coloirs, crayon, Ina ink, oil and
plain photographs.
Arounid the inan that
Whiiskey dIrinking wiill
Are delightfully refresh
ing anid can't hurt ANY
T~hey are evryod'
Drinks anid Everybody
should drink thiemi.
Car Best of Everything in DRUGS !
USE T. AX. L.1
It fiahva relieves when prIoperly
appr)Iied. Sold b~y atliliruggists.
Pr'ico 25i cents. P~reparedO( by 0
T. X. L. CO)., C. M. DEMP."EY,
Manager, 230) Main St , Columbia,
S. C. Ask your ruggist for' it, and C
have no other. C. N. WYATT, Agt.
Ensloy, S. (I.
Gum Ro otfng
Costs only $2.00 per 100 square feet. Makes
a good roof for years, andit aniy one0 can put
it on). Gumn-Elaistic Pint ~osts only 4no e
cents per gallon, in bbl lots, or' t-I.50 for
five gallon tubs). Color dlark r'ed, Wi I
stop leaks in tiu or iron roofs, andii will Istv
for years. TRY iT. Send stamp for
samiples anid t'ull pairticla rs. 8
Gum-ElastIc Roofing Co.,
.30 and 41 West Broadway, NEWV YORK.
Local A gents ~an.~
ill offer for 30 days the follow- 'I
g lots of Fine Frock Suits at I
terrible sacrifice :
Lot 1. 37 Stits, 34 to 42, at 1
12.50. None of this lot has i
6er been sold for less than
i6-5o, and many of them at
20 and $25.
Lot 2. 12 Suits, 34 to 42: at f
io. This lot was sold from
15 to $ 16-50
Lot 3. 9 Suits, 34 to 42, at
7-50. -These suits were sold
'om $1oto $13-50
ith- &
imucl Spencer, F. W. 11tidIlekoper aind
Reuben Fonter. Itscohe -r.
In Effeet May 13t1, 1804.
!ves. L,11m F'-tm l l ..101
Northbound. i No. :18 No. :1 No. I
I Daily Il~y | Daily
v At1laI a e tiiti 12 0 N'I: 9.00 pin: 8.00 alt
Athat a 2 t2i2me 1.00 21 m1(1) pm' .00 1) m
*Norn-',. 10:7 pmn! 9.44 uag
* tuford ....11.0 i 10.21 ang
SOtirc-i1ihi.. 2.16 o1m' 11.31 m111! 10.54 ain
T i a .... .. . . .........I 11 53 p '3 11.19 III,]
Crnelia.. 11.45 nm
M t A iry ... .. ..........:.... ..... 12.10 p 11
.-1'0C . ........ .......... 1 .1-3 am 1..41 pil
min ster . ......... 21 m 1.14 i
* I S .. . . . i 1.10 2in 1.31 pmll
C-ntral ...'. . .. 4.45 pi| 2 10 nm 2.4-5 pm
* Greenvill...... N... pm :1.(00 2111 3.(5 pmu
Spartanburi..i 6.22 pm 4.01 nm21 1.11 pml
U affneys. . ... ......... 41.42 amn 4.6;3 p1) :S
"ll Bla r, ... I7-.11 pmt' 5.00 ain 5.10 Pm2
I i'sMount'n ..it .. re 2:3 am 5.2:5 pm
Gastonia . . . ....i am: 5.58 Pm
,r. Charltte. ....8: pm 1.30 am .6.41 pi
.r. Dativil'o . 12.2 ' 11.45 am! 12.10 mu
Lr. Tie m 1 l 61:20 am, -T). * priV t V 20 ISE
r.Wshing 1t1on .. 3 '1 - 8.. .inh ..
" .altim'1 l.in 8.21 a 11.: b pm .
Philadelphin .. 10.44; am 3.01 nml
Now Yoris..... 1 ' '3 )1m1; .'. nm..
'e.1,1im at12 Mail
.Southmwartd No. : . Ni, .:5. No. 1 1
av ewYo k1'.1.4 2- 'Q : 12.15 11-t
Poitibule2phin. (iin , 7.->).ni .
" l iiiano:... !'.2 1!.42 :2fn .
42 i'ini'tau... 0-1 ,P2l.11.21iu
Charl2ot1e.. I ..J am22 1n.5.2 p 22 12.22 n21
"KiisMoimt- ------ .. 1.25 p21r
"' D1(.(burg.... 10.42 22m 12.0.n21 1.5,0 pn22
'' Gaffuys.----..----....... 2.25 pm2
''Spartanbuirt. . 13.37 nm 12 7.7 21m) 2.,0 pm,
" O reenville... 1'2.-.2 122 I.'2 21m1 4.122 3)m
"(enitral...... 1.15 pIa) . 4:) 2m52 i
" Seneca...j~~..-..............12nm 5213 m
'fWestminse.........................1.I p4In
"Mototl Airy--.-.......... .. .3 u
" Cornehli ...... . .. ... 73 pu:
Lula2..... .. .... .........4.4-. am 8.05 pn.)
"Gailnesrlll...... 2.31 pm 413211 8.23p
Iluford. . . .. . . . . . . . . .3 p
Norer.oos................. ......3.3 pu
~r A tlanta12 Fl tin-c 4.65 32m2 I;.2.2151a2 122.30 1p1
~r A tlantai C titu 3.55 32m1 5.') am22 11.3. p1 I
P'lullman Car Seirvieo: Nos. 35 and 32. 1Rkchi
Stlnd 211id Danville Fast11 Mail. Pllma11n .Sleojping 2
22 rs 1'et woon1 AIth'.nt1a anfd New Yo:1:.
Nosi.3:7 and(138 -wnsS ingtott2 and2( 1-outhlwCstrn
Tostihledcl Limi:nted. hePt weeti No-r York aind
wOcIn New Y'Ori, and Now Olrleansl, via Atlan.1
122and Monltgomelry. ntuc1 also bot Wenn2 WV2.ingto.2
012 and( Memphl121, Via A llantO a1( an lirinlgham.
Nos. 11 2n(2d 1'2 Pullman1I S'coping Cair betwden
U1ehmnd2, Dalnvilk' an~d (2 reent21 .222
F'or deIled112 inlformatiou as22m to local an2d
br'i r t 132m2 talesll, rats and9 2 Pulim 'i Sleep-I~O~
g Cenr resrvtions., Oonfecr with local agenlti,
W' addr2as-- o ) . i2.N2,C
J-.A. DODSON, SI [perintfon 2-n. Atl nnia,GCa
(Ien'l M gr., T1rn0le Mn1'2r.
WAsIJNOTON D. (1. WVulhingt!on I).
'r E IPANS TAIIULES. regulate the stomalch,Z
Aliver and12 boeil,11urify the blood, aro piens.
auitto tako, safe and221 awaysefetwul. .Areliabio
remed2C~ for 22ii02llousne, 11otches1 0on the0 Faco, S
1rgh22Dses, Cahtarrh Colic, Constlination22.
ChronilC Diarrhwca. (Chrondo Li1ver Trouibio, Diat
bea Disor,1iered S~t0enmch, Diz~zin2e, D~yxentery,
h~1cpeli2a, EeIzema22, latulen22ce 1~~Feo Com.~
~na.Fou21 ili Hecadache, I1'eartburl~l ives, (
J21m2d1eo, Kine~y bom laints, Lver Trou2he2,
I~m of Appeotiton d~t, Depresalon, Nausera
N o tt ie ItashPi'u ie-0
tIon. Pimples, Rus2h of Jboo 2
to 21222 111ead Balw o.1
pleion. Baolemtal
I1C2nd, cr rof.-uaSc ei
ache, S'kin.Diahuaaa .
Ftoma2chTired 21eligTopd1
Liver, Uilcers,Wa errh
0222 every ot(h- r ym
impuh2re blood2( or a fashire 1n 42hn proper nerform
an2Ce of 1their fulnctlons by22 test-omach, liver and
in2tinos.. Persons2 tiveni to over-cating are ben
ellt biy tak1ing% Onlo tabulo1 after each meal.A
Countied u222 of t he R(IipnlTabulesl is tho gurest
cure for ebstinlato cionst if 20on. They contain
nothing111 that can be injluri.a to the mest del 1
nto. Ie gross $2, 1.2 grost 41 .252 1.4 ross 1e,
1-24 grosu I5 cenit2. (lnt by mall pose go naid.
P'.O. Jox 17. o1W ~ork.
*oooeaW oeoasosese
0(ds CTheap for cashl, come and see mei. I
am12 ati LOwPi & Son's old stanid. 2
-ood Molasses2 25o perP gallon. Sugar
S 1rup 30c1 per gallon. M usRCOva
do Molasses 40c per galion.
Manl1y othier thns Sugar, Coffee,
hard(, TlinIware, G4lassw~aro. I also2
avo somoe Patent Medicine which I
ill sell at cost for the calbb.
If you OWO mel on) last yearV's accounit
mec and( settle. I am needing money.
dlidn)'t mean) to miake you mad whlen
mI bought tl'he goodsR, 30 comeI anid
ttle and let's bo friendl..
'his we beiave
s the GreatestSACRIFICE
,ver made in clothing in Green
ille, The goods are of the
inest fabri'es and made by the
lest tailors that cut goods, per,
eet, in fit and finish. A few
imnutes spent in examination
>f these numbers, we tiink,
neans a sale. Come and see
hem. Yours truly,
;atuel Spencer. F. W. Iluidekop.,r and Roubfri
Foster, Receivers.
Condensed Schedule I eff ect Dec. 24, 1893.
Trains run by 75th MAerildian Time.
o 11 No. 12
Daily STATIONS. Dally.
F 5ntn. .. Charleston, Ar..... 8 45pm
1 201u1n........ "Colu mbla. ... .... 4 10pm
2 03pim........" Alston "........3 30pm
2 18pm. . Poina ". 3 14pm
2 35pm........ "Prosperity ". 25pm
50pIn........ "New berry ". 239pm
251pm........ " iolena 235pm
I 30pm........ ."Chappell's " 2.. % pil
2 18pin........ "Ninety Six ".........I 32>m
2 37pi...... ..Greenwood ........12 65pm-'
300pm........ -' (Iodge's..........12 35pm
3 2tp...-... .." Innald's ........12 10pm
| 35m11... '" lionea Path "........1203pm
3 55pn1..........A r Helton Lv.........1 40pm
400pm..........Iv lelton Ar.........11 40pm
4 21pm111............A ndeon. ....11 15pm
i 58pm ............Pendleton ............10 30ipm
530pmin...........Ar Seineen Lv..... ..1000pm
550pm..........v Senee............9 45pm
3 25pn......... Wahalla Lv...... 905a
ip .......r reen-illle i .. .... 10 15pro
letween A nderson. lieltoi and Greenville,
Io. 11 STATIONS. No. 1'
3 08pm........Lv Anderson Ar.........1207pm
3- *01pm...........A r f1Iton Lv.......... 1145p=
4 (00pm ...........Lv fielton Ar...........11 30pm
4 20m........Ar Willinmstoi. Ar......1109pm
1ipm .......... ...P elzer............I1 I03pr
40pm.............Piedmont.............10 48pm -
I22pm... ....2.. Green ville ............10 15pm
Between Charleston, Columbia, Alton amd
Sparta nbrg.
0 . 13. ST A T IO N, s. N'0. 149..
7 inm........ Lv Chnr!eston Ar........ 8.45pm
5 10a1.........Lv Columbia Ar......... 1.00pmt
55 0pn...............A ston..... .......12.20pm
4111pm..............a rlisle. .. .11 26pmn
65'tym.............. Iant .... ......1 l7prn
7 10pm ..... .........I.'nion ..............1050pn
7 :10111............onesville...........10.37pm
7 43pin............. Pa colet .............10.34pm
H 10111........*r Spartanug Lv........In10am
I 2110pm.A......... r Aslieville Lv. ...... 6 0am,
lietweenl Newherry, CInton nnd Laurens..
I'0lpm......N rm.....120jn
I 51pmn... .......)d l......I3g
2 15um... .. 1~111......11a
: )pu.....Lv Iolumbin A r......... -1 pm
: 5)......Niewhrry...........230%pm
........ ~ GAbville L........2 25am
co. . 9TTOS No. 12
2.05pm~.......v 1[0d(:es Ar..........25p
I (~,prm...........u I~rraugh's........... 235pm
1 40pmi....r A bbeville LY...... 220pm
s o., . No. 32
145pm......Lv Cfolei Ar...12pm
S15pam.. ..r abbvnnlh Lv. . 0150m
Nos. 13 an~d I I are solid1 tralilbetween Charles.
01111a1d A shevil!le.
'Throtugh coneh between Savannah and Ashe.
'Ille on II id w:.
Tramnsu Ienve Spartnnhurg, A. & C. divasion,
torthbo~und , 1.13 a. ma., 5.05 p. mn., 6.12 p. mn. ( Ves
ibuleud itait rd ); soulthbounu, 12.25 a. mn., 2.5rd
n.., 11.37 a. in. (V~estibmued 1111nited); westhotau,
A . N. C. diivlsion, (1.20 and :1.10 p. mn.. for Hen
lersonville, Ashiev Ile and lios Springs.
TIrauIi lenive Greenville, S. C., A . & C. dlivlsion,
torl 11h ound . 12.42 ai. m.L, 4.00 p. mi., 5.23 (VestlIbuil
' liited): soiuthboundl, 1.20 a. m.,, 4.00 p. mn.,
Tirain.s I~live .Seneen. A. & C. dlivision,,north-.
:outlhbound.( 2.32 a. mn., 5.3 p. mu. anid 1.37 p.m.
Pullmiuan Slne ir on 13 n11( 14 bet hseen C linris
on nad1( Ashevi 1 I, via Columubia and Spartan-.
ui rg..
Pullman palace sleepinug car on trains 35 and
0,37 aund 381 Oin A. & C. dliv Isioni..
V. E. MclIEE,
Gen't SuperIntendent. Columabia, 8. O..
Ass't Gen'i Pass. AgI., Allan ta, Ga..
Gen'l Maniager, Washilngton,. D. C.
G;en't lass. Agenit. Washington, D. C.
Tralie~ Manager. Washington, D). C
Wilmngton1, N. C., Junne 1, 15041.
Fast LIne lbetween Chiarleston Innd Columbia
tal U-pper South Carolan and1( Western North
arolin~a and~ A thenls and Atlanta. Coindensed
;oling West. Going East
No. 52. STATIONS. *No.563
7.l5nm....Lv Charlestorn, S. C., Ar.8.4pm
8.48am............. Unes..--....... ...7.00pm
Ii10any....Ar Colmninlu LV.....420pm
2.29pml...... ......Pos j crity.......... 2.5pmn
2.4311m.... ........N eormy............2.38pm
.41 pum..........Greewoodl............4pn
3.1-1 pmn...... .....A bbeville... .... ....12. l5pm
5.04pm.-........... hens............0.05om
745pm ....Alnn............Atttttttt7.3am
6.20pm........... Winnsbusro........... It~pm
.3)pm....... Chrlote,N. C......... .3pmn
21pm.........A Inderm>In...........I 15~am
5 15p...........G;reetiville...........10 15am
84 10ilin...... ... . partanrburg......... 1000am
0 22pmn.. enersonville, N. C,...7 -18im
I 21pmn...Asheville, N. C.........650m
,*ilytI. Nos. 52 ndm03 olId trainshetwee
harlestoni and Columbida, 8. C.
Ass't Gen'i Passenger Agent.
.I l. N ENLY, TI. M. I1M El) SO N,
(en'l Manrager. Trnfic Mannger
prnumans .

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