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Mr. B. A. Hagood, of Charleston,
Is is Pickens for a few days.
The average *aq didato is in need
of two separate an ddistinct sets of
Mr. James Ruddock, and wife, of
Anderson, paid friends in Pickens a
flying visit last week.
Last week and this is harvest time.
Tihere are very few to boast of long
heads with three or four grains to the
Mrs. W. W. White, of Andewon,
is now a guest at the Hotel do Thorn.
l ey. She has a warm welcome from
her many Pickens friends.
Mrs. W. M. McCaslan and her
daughter, Miss Nannie, are welcome
visitors to Pickens. They are stop
ping at Mrs John L. Thornley's.
Col. Hollingsworth agrees with
Noah Webster in this famous opi.
ion: 'Ilt is no small job to tear down
an old house and remove the rubbish."
J. T. Jentry has in his poultry yard
a three legged duck. It has been
suggested that the third leg will be t
utilized as a rudder when the bird f
Mr. McFall deserves the thanks of t
his customers and their further pat
ronage for the great improvement to
the side walk in front of his furni
ture store.
Jack Holcombe has his farm east
of Easley in fine shape and from the
present appearance of things ho has
invested a large amount of -nusclo in
those broad acres which will pay a
good dividend.
Hon. H. M. Prince, of Williamston, z
was in- Pickens again last Saturday. c
This time be was accompanied by 1
Rev. John Griffin, of the Siloamb sec- C
tion of Bruthy Creek township in i
Anderson coi nty
It will because for sincere regret
among the friends of Dr. J. B. Car- .
penter to learn that be has been ad
judged ft proper subject for the asy
lum annd was last week sent down by f
the authorities of Greenville county. I
Gen. W. Kelley and Leverett N. t
Taylor enjored a mntual celebration e
of their anniversaries at the home of t
the former on the 10th inst. These
gentlemen hold that day in high es t
teem, and they take year about in be
ing host on the festive occasion.
Rev. T. J. Rook, the pastor of the
Baptist church, is comfortably quar
. tered with his family in the Ambler
house at the corner of Main and
Catharine streets. Not only the Bap
tists, but all our citizons extend to
him and his family a cordial welcome.
Joshua W. Adcox, the mail carrier,
desires to call atention .to the condi
tion of the public roads in Pumpkin
town ...ownship. From what ho says
they are not ready for the sumnmer
travel as they ar-e badly in rr~ed of
work. But we notice that the town
*ship wants some new roads. a e
hame two miles east of Easlcy last
Sambbath at the advanced age of eigh-I
ty-two years. She had been for the 1~
greater part of her life a devotedl
member of the Pr-esbyterian church,
and her example wielded a wide influ
ence for good. Her remains wer-e in
terred last Mon'day, the funeral being
conducted by Dr. Riley.
Louis, the precious little child that
gladdened and brighte-ned the happy
home of W. M. H-agood for a year-,
sudlenly passed away Iast Sa'bbath
afternoon. The dear darlings look
up in our faces, and we rejoice in the
blessed light of their smiles, but the
death that saddens and darkens the
earthly home, is a sanctified sorrow,
when it brightens our hope for- the
4 life beyond..
Children's Day exercise in the Pres
byterinn church last Sabbaith after
noon wvas lar-gely attended and a comn
p)lete s uccess. The address by Rev.
T .1. Rook was ai moist earnest and
eloquent ap~peal andl was munch appre
ciated by the audience. There wvas
no apology about not being preparedl,
but on the other hand he was glad
for the opportunity to p~resent the
cause, and the congregation was as
ready to hear.
Willie Ferguson, who is well re
mem/ tered as the only son of J. Ruley
Fergtson, a former sheriff of this
county, was in Pickens last Thursday.
He is travelling for a- Spartan burg
cider house. Hie resides with his
family about two miles west of Wil
liamston. His grandmother, wvho is
now about eighty-three years of age,
lives with him. He thinks Pickens
has made great im~provement in the
last ten years.
The two-year old child of Dosier
Stegall who lives east of Easley climb
ed upon the pen of a vicious old sow
last Thursday and in a moment was
4 jerked through the crack into the
trough like a stalk of lamb's quarter.
Its screams soon brought the aifright
ed and horrified mother to the rescue,
and only the power of desperation
could have overcome the blood-thirsty
- brnte. The feet and legs of the
child were horribly lacerated and one
of its great (big) toes bitten away.
Dr. C. N Wyatt dressed its wounds.
'The citizens who met the gray
horse hitched to a top buggy last
week without a driver are notitied that
they wvere the victims of an optical il
lusion. There was actually a full
grown man in the buggy, but his
skin, hair, eyes, and dress wvero pre
cisely the color of the cushions and
tihe curtains, and it wVas impossible to
distinguish thle line where the buggy
quit and the man bega.. Those facts
are stated in the interest of truth and
to prevent the cur'rency of' any rumor
,to the effect that a horse and buggy
- .is running for office without being
announced in the Journal.
The strikers are burning railroad
bridges around Birmingham Ala.
The singing at Tabor last Sabbath
was well attended and much enjoyed. 1
The Gap Hill Methodists are rais' t
ing subscriptions to build a new house
f worship. t
Prof. J. M. Looper hais been in i,
own for the last few days instructing I
t class in harmony. h
Mr. James Parsons lost his fine so
iteed by death last Saturday morning. c)
I'hts seems to have becn a hard
opring on horses and mules. f
Married at the residence of the of. n
iciating minister, Rev. J. M. Stewart, ti
Lt 3 p. in. last Sabbath Davis Brown 01
D Miss Mari Hester. All of 11 urri- I)
!ane township. d<
On the colored excursi,) to Talhi 1
ah Falls last week a negro got in a a
ow with another and was shot five cc
pimes but lie is not badly hurt. He fr
nust have been shot in the head. C
R. S. Morgan of the Greenville hI
qews, was in Pickens last Tuesday, i
n the interest of that sterling paper. tI1
t is easy to talk up a paper that is fa H
ored with as honest and fearless an fr
ditor as A. B. Williams. i
It is a good local sign to see so rc
riany candidates coming out. It con
irms the opinion of a prominent re
rmer expressed three months ago m
hat there would be no slating and al
aucusing this year. There will be tb
everal new ones this week and other at
ections yet to hear from. C
Marcus D. Keith died last Monday
t his home near Pumpkintown at tr
bout seventy-five years of age. He w
as an elder brother of S. D. Keith. sl
le was tnever married, but so far as in
roperty was concerned, ho had made b
is nephew, J. D. M. Keith, his lega
e. He was a good and useful citi
en and a member of the Oolenoy hi
hurch from which the funeral was iv
ad last Tuosday One by one the cl
Id land-markd are dissolving into a
County Commissionero Court. ,
In the county coinmissioners' court
ist niesday, the following cases
?ere submitted and disposed of: M
A petition asking for a new road
rom M. L. Jones' to Dacusville was
eceived, but met with so:no opposi
ion. Special commissioners were at
ppointed to examine and report on hi
he practicablity of the road. K
The road from the Anderson coun. ti
y line, by Carmel church, to Five hi
rorks, was continued until the spec. A 1
al commissioners could examine it ti
6nd report. ' i
The roads from J. H. Ambler's to L
4argaret Edens' and from Kay's d
tIills to Garrison's 'ield were grant- b
id, there being no opposition. Spec- V
al commissioners were appointed to a
ay off said roads.
A petition to send Jane Ba.ks and
:hildren to the poor house was S
rn ted.
Sunday School (lebration. i
Mit. Enrron: -lease announce that ti
here will be a Sumnday School ceh- t
>ration at Golden's Creek- church on t
he ~30th mnt., the exercises of the ir
lay to begin at 9:30J o'clock, a. mu. di
Rev. G1. RI. Shiaffer, C. E. Robinson,
~sq., and Rev. 'J. M. Stewart have
een coinferred wvith and are expected
:o be present and aduress the schools.| ti
['he editor of the People's Journal i e
md Senator W. T. O'Dell are also in- Ir<
hitbd. I s
The following schools are cordially ' c
nvited: Reunion, Shoal Creek, Camp mm
'reek, Prater's Creek and Fair View, t1
rho pupils of each school are requir- a
ad to wear badges of the following t1
aolor: Reunion, ulue; Golden's Creek, 5
3rimnson; Shoal Creek, brown: 2amnp p
Creek, black; Praters' Creek, wvhite; t
Fair View, yellow,.
Profa. ,i. M. Looper and J. C. Gar- e
rett are expected to be present and~ ni
furnish music. The public is cordi
idly invited to come and bring wvell
filled baskots and let us spend the n
day in mirth and hilarity. an
J. Ar.oN~Zo lUnOwN.
It appears now that the Associated
Press account of Governor Tdhnman 's
sp~eech and reception at the Staten
Island prohmibitioni meeting wvas bias
ed andi ufrair and that the governor s
in reality captured the audience and
had most of them with him at the "
co~nclusion. So say the reports of ~
thd .occasion in the New York Times (
and the New York Recorder. rho I
Recorder, which had no interest in I
misrepresen ting the affair, puts these ~
headlines over its account.
"Tilhmnan Won Theni,-South Car
olina's Rtuler Captures an Audience of
2,000 in Prohibition Park-Defends
Hi-s Dispenssaries-WVhen Ho Got
Through wvith His Address He took
a Vote and Nearly Every Hand WVent
Up in Enthusiastic Approval of His
Method of Regulating the Liquor
Gates News.
A mule belonging to Tlhomnas A.
Hughes, ran away with a plow last
week and almost severed one of its
hind legs janst above the paustern joint,
cutting the leader rni half.
Rev. Jacob Chapman is ver'y ill.
Dr. T1. W. Folger, of Central, is at
tending him.
Prof. Bolding conducted an all day
singing at Johnson school house, last
Sat u rday. Cropping candidates wvero
plentiful. L. C. R.
Tindail Will Doe In It.
Columibia, S. C., June 9.-Secreta
ry of State Tindal wvill positively be a
aandidate for governor. lHe iwill be
at the lwreliminary' meeting at Rlock
Hill on the 18th and at Yorkville on
the 19th 'and iih go through tine
campaign. This is from undoubted
authority. Mr. Tindal wvill in a icw
day5s miake ani official announcement
of his candidacy.
The use of Hall's Hair Renewer
p~romnotes the growth of the hair, anid
restores its natural color and beantv.
frees the scalp of dandrufl, Lette"r'I
amid all impurit.1
Shrouded In Mgystery.
Chester, Juno 9 -Conductor 0. J
lailin of the Chester and Leno
oad gave youi correspondent the fo
wing news on arriving here this a
Brnoon from Lenoir:
About two intles north of Lincolh
n a dead man was found this mori
ig at 6 o'clock, across the Chester <
jenoir track. with a bullet. throng
is head.. A 38-calibre Smith & Weh
m pistol, was in his right hand, on
iamber of which was empty.
Five hundred dollars and eights
re cents was found on his persor
oat of the money being in ten an
menty dollar bills. From the figure
k the paper wrapped around th
11s it would indicato that he ha
me away with about ninety dollare
hich sum wo~uld make about $60
I told, the amount mentioned in th
lumns of the State today as stole
om Mrs. Plumley in Greenvill
unty. The shoes of the dead ma
dicated hard wear. His left art
td been broken just below the e
w and his right arm was stiff a
e elbow. Scars were on both armi
o wore a blue coat and vest, an
Dn appearances it seemed that h
td traveled a long ways and ove
ugh roads on foot. There wi
>thing in the way of papers c
arks on his clothes to show th
une of the dead man. It is genei
ly believed around Lincoluton tha
e suicide is the man that robbe
id killed Mrs. Plumley in the "Dar
>rner" of Groenville.-Tho Stat.
Since the above was put in typo i
anspires that one Burwell, a hall
tted man has been arrested for tk
ooting of Mrs. Plumley, and is noN
jail. The money of which he roL
d her was found on his person.
With the blood lull of humors, th
ated tcrm is all the moro oppress
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-ansing with Ayer's Sarsaparilla an
dose or two of Ayer's Pills and yo
11 enjoy Summer am never before i
ur life. Just try this f.r once, an
u'll not repent it.
Fine fat mackeral, three for 25c. a
A Million Friendso.
A friend in need is a friend indeei
id not less than one million peop!
Lve found just such a friend in Di
ing's New Discovery for Consum1
mn, Coughs, and Colds. - If yo
ivo never used this Great Cougl
edicine, one trial will convince yo
Lat it has wonderful curative power
all diseases of Throat, Chest an
ungs. Each bottle is guaranteed I
) all that is claimed or money wi
3 refunded Trial bottles free v
T. T. MeFall's. Large bottles 50
ld $1.00.
Duk's Clippings and Bedford Ci
moking Tobacco at Morris's.
The Brooklyn Eagle recites up<
s editorial page thme thrilling yarn
e Dulcep Sinugh, concluding wvil
10 statemnt that "the sailor stabbe
e0 man who had insulted him twvi
the bowels." Tile villian evident
aserved stabbing. -Chicago Journa
F~our. Big Succees.
Having the needed merit to moi
an make good all the advertisin
aimed for them, the following fot
medies have reached a phe~l~nenl
de. D)r. King's New Discovery, f:
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ill. All these remedies are guara
aed to do what is claimed for the
nd the dealer whose name is attac
a herewith wvill be glad to tell y<
iore of them. Sold at. WV. T. Mcfall
Insect Powdc1er cleans out bed bt
10oths, fleas, flies, and all insects, i
Winthrop State Norm~al College,
Opent to white girls over 17. Sosnian 1
Ins Sept. 2tith. Graduates secure go
ositions. J'hch county glyen two schol
hips--one worth *150.00 a session and a
f free triillon First scholarshipa now
ant in counties of Abbeville, Aiken, A
erson, Barnwell, Beau fort., CJharl est<
larendlon, Chester, Chesterfied, Floren
I reenville, G~eorgetowni. hampton, Ilor:
Cershawv, Larcaster, ILaurens, Lex ingt<
lewhecrry, O)conee, Orangeburg, Pmckei
lachiand, Sumter, Spartaniburg. York.
Competitive examination July 1 7Lh
ourt Ilouse of each county.
1). B3. JOHNSON, President,
Columbia, S. C
Ayer's Bai Vigo
Natural Growl
~ ~<HALE
t--wiEN ---
s- 9 Dressing
"I can cordially indonrse Ayor's Ifair 4
vigor, as one of the best preparations
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Ilair Vigor, alli thme front st of my head
-about half of It-- was bald. Thle use
of only two bo'ttles restoredi a natural
growth, which still continues as Iin mly
youth. I triedl several other dressings.,
butt they all failed. Ayer's Ihair Vigor
is the best."---Mrs. J. C. I'*RYU8ER,
Converso, Texas.4
ag22gA,.~.pooo oooo ooooooo
For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer it with THE
SENrINEL for one year for $1.50, club
bing subscriptions to be sent to this office
and accompanied by cash.
I Every subscriber to this remarkable club.
- bing proposition is entitled to enter TWO
Pltl1 CONTESTS, sending his guesses
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
, In which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
D for the NEARES'r ESTIMATEA of the
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now be
ing marketed, and award to be made as
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchango
- announces the official crop liures. $400
i IN GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
Li $200 prize for second, $200 prize for third,
a 100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
( Crops for recent years have baen as
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
6,935,082; in 1890, 7,313,726; in 1891,
A 8,655,518; In 1892, 0,700,365.
In addition to the above every c& biug
subscriber can enter our combination
~,Supply the missmng word ini the follow.
lng sente~ce:
"Patiently, with the dark lentern closed
and hid( uhder his arm. he waited behi .d a
ragged roek In the clothes for the
E to return."
hi ONE FOURTH of the net subscription
~e receipts of those entering this contest will
b e divided among those who supply the
correct word in the blank in the above.sen
tene. hus ifthee ae 5,000 one fourth
3)- would be $1,250. If ten supply the correct
n word, each would receive 8125, if 100, each
2. $12.50, &c.
*, Both of the above contests free and in addl
c. tion to
"' For the Price of One.
Has a circulation of 1t,6.000O, and is THIE
PEOPLES PAPEJt. It favori Tariff Re
form, an IndIvidual Incomo Tax, and the
Exp~ansion of the Currency to a degree suf.
ficient. to meet the legitimate business de
manids of the country,
It covers the news of the world every
week, having neows correspondlents in all the
ne0W5 centres of the world.
We offer you THlE PICK
AUooD5 DIE & coo
E haven't been saying much
t is not out of place, however, to
,elected stock of goods in Picken
)argains, but when it comes to an
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We have suits from $4.oo to $1
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W. T. McFAL L.
This Week's Bargains
Coloredl PoRgees, all Silk,
21 inches 29e. in the most desirabi(c col
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market to equnal it for quahity or vale, ama.
king it "on1ce in a life-time" bargain.
Lace Ginghams.
WVe had a chance through a friend of'ours
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Danish Cloths.
12jc. in Navy and1 Creami. It Is very sel.
vo can get this old1 time stuff. Al.
though it is a woolen gooids the Cream will
wash equafl to linen.
Wool Challies ', Storm Serge,
What is loft in WVool Clballie-i will be il
for'10c. per yard. 'The: Early Bird,' 31-inch
Black Ntorm Serge at 25c. Thimis is a great
White Marseilles Quilts.
11.4 Quilts will he sold for $1.25. Would
be good value at $2.00..
Laces and Mitts.
Crem Silk Mitts in elbow lengths at 45..
Execptional valnes in Uream Milk [dace.
Sen or r 'nsh Ooo< s thi t o hiave 1lw t: r it I
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t 'tere to thank our friends nmi( eustomelrs
dI vi s he fro.i stti m5 t yer n Iuo tie ima
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b)ottonaI. ltrockton.
D.]ouil~ h slSoes gainU customiers,
heir full line of. goods. -rhey can
O~l(.14 IIkV I io t. 1t at ing all your
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South Carolina
>ach Factory
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a ' ou canf buy a IIOmemIadec WYagon
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ARKLEY, Proprietor
'3ndent q3y

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