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The Keowee fish suffered violence
last week.
Music bath charms to soothe the
a' The blessed rains have come. Are
you not thankfulf
The directors of the Easley L4.
met last Monday.
Pickens is a first-class place to find
voters to talk to.
Jutige Norton is now at home en
joyinghis summer vacation.
fRev. J. T. Rook had a good congre
gatiop at Griffin last Sabbath.
It is about time somebody is giving
an ice cream testival.--Editor.
Miss Bessie Ballentine, of Augusta,
is visiting the Misses Thornloy.
The threshing machines have been
making a very active campaign.
The Crow creek corn raisers now
have something they can brag about.
T. H. McMahan sowed some *of his
wheat land in peas last Wednesday.
It you are entitled to register to
vote, next Monday is your last chance.
R. L. Gilstrap tells us that crops
are certainly clean on thu Little Easta
Thomas Welborn had A day's cut
ting of oats for two hands on his ter
. North Carolina,
S ude agood, of
.romn the cotton
crop between the Twelve Mile and
The campaign meeting for Pickens
is on the 3d day of August, barring
The fishermen non goeth forth in
the morning to fish and returneth at
night to lie.
Have you noticed how much the
days have shortened since last Thurs
day, the 21st
- It is not known how many candi.
dates carry a rabbit foot or buck-eye
in their pocket.
The &ops about Looper are bounc
ing under the rejuvinating effects of
copious showers.
Misses Lidie Hagood, of Easley,and
Mary EOlen Miles, of Bristol, Va., are
at Cwsar's [lead.
A traveler by the Central road says
Capt. Win. Hunter has the best cot- I
ton in the county.
Two of B. F. Lesley's child'en
wre quite ill last week, but they are
n >w quite recovered.
The showers camue near closing in
on Pickens list Sabbath. It had
rained all around us.
Golden, ilico's, WVolf and Town 1
o'eeks bottoms are decorated with
some fine corn crops.
WJriday, the 29th inst., is appointed a
for the inspection of the Pickens a
Guards at Dacueville.
bliss J~ulia Fant, of Anderson, ac
comipanisd iby her brother, Ollie, is a
guest of the Thornieys.
Last wveek a Helena cowv tried to
masticate a rubbe.1 ball and it soon
fixed her so she could not bawvl.
The Greenville Female College
turned out a good many Bachelors
of Arts and of English last week.
WVaddy McFall, the pafinter, has
retur-ned from a two week's visit to
relatives and friends in Anderson.
It begins to look now like nothing
short of iron bridges will stand the
travel on thu Pickens and Easley road.
On the 17th inst., Rev. A. A. Morse
died at the home of his son, A. B
Morse, in Abbeville, aged sev'enty-five
Col. WV. S. Pickens was happily
married to Mrs. Louisa Phillips, on
2eth. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. McD. Rogers.
The heat camne down on 'is like a
thousand brick last Friday and Satur
day, but the ev'enings were delight.
fully cool and refreshing..
Dr. 0. RI. Broyles, wvho was once a
citizen of Anderson, died at his home
in East Tennessee, on WVednesday,
the 6th, aged fifty-scven years.
Congressman Latimer will piense'
accept our thanks for a copy of the
Congressional Directory. We have
often been in need of just such a docum
We have just received information
to the effect that the Greenville base
ball team has gone upl Salt river with
out a paddle. In other words dis
The firm of Bright and Mauldin,
for the legislature, will receive otherW
members this week or next. We are
assured there will be a spike team, if
no more.
Misses Hattie and( Carrie Robinsoin
have been quite ill for several day's
,with fever. Their father, J. P. Rob
inson, is very grateful for tihe kind
assistance of neighbors.
Coroner W. S. Parsons was in his
office last Saturday, recording the in
quest piroceedings had over the (lead
body of the infant, Vardrey Robinson,
who was shot by Sam Brown.
The summer schedule of the R. & D.
trains to Asheville have been a won
derful help to the mail facilities of
/*Pickens. Tnvm SENTINaCL now g~ets all
the daily' papers on the same day of
There will be an old-time singinig
at Concord Baptist church, on the 1st
Sunday in July, commencing at 10 a.
mn., conducted by T. HI. Smith. Every
body' is invited to come and bring
their old Christian harmony and
A methodist minister, who has
travelled inucp in all parts of the
St te, said the other day that Pickens
county deserved the premiuam on
People who like first-class tobacco,
chewing or smoking, will do well to
examine the stock of W. C. Bramlett.
He has our thanks for several samples
'of the weed.
MAla.Iry Verner has bought a
bicyolo. The wlheel arrived on Mon.
day. She will gracefully set the
fashion for the young ladies oil wheels
in Walhalla.-Courier.
Chas. T. Hutchins will use some 1
dynamite this week to search fori more i
fresh, cool water on the Major place. I
lie is making this one of the prettiest I
little homes in the county. I
We should like for some one who
knows to tell us why last week's
SENTINELS for Redmond did not reach
that postoffice. We trust our sub.
scribers will all be prompt in sonding
in their complaints.
The timely rains last week up and L
down the Saluda, spread great good Fi
cheer among the farmors, and the
cotton and corn fairly cracked in their ,
haste for the 4th of July premiui.
Some of our exchanges charge only ri
two dollars for ainouncement of can- c,
didates for oflice. They get a fine h,
patronage. The candidates who com P
up with the cash ought to got cortifi- h,
tates of stock in exchange. a]
The State newspaper makes a spe- "
nial subscription offer for the cam- a]
yaigi. The daily edition will be sent
breo montLs for $2, and the semi- P
,veekly, Tuesdays and Fridays, will be "
;ent six months for 75 cents. h
While we were still very, very dry i
mud dusty about Pickens last week,
me day it rained up to Rice's creek
)n the south and the next day down "
o Twelve Mile on the north. We all JI
>ecamo more uneasy than we were.
Some curious kind of a compound f
%hite man, last week, attempted to d<
lemnolish the Cooley bridge across
lie Saluda river, with dyaamiito. He cc
ound the structure more substantial F
han ho estimated, and it withstood 5
he fire.
A man don't know how little he is to
ill he hears fish cackling on both $'
ides of him and ice cream churns P
leefully singing, and still lie goes n<
mungry and hot. He has one consol- IS
tiol--a luckle-berry bush never gets P
ightning struck. VE
For the first time in a good man 11
nonths tho citizens of Pickens, last
3abbath, met each other on the streets
,oing to and coming from church. s
Phere was preaching on botli ends of N
,be town at the sanme time. Method- ff
st and Presbyterian. r4
Central and Liberty will have a In
oint pic-nic at the old Liberty chuirch E
;ite and Brock Rock, on Saturday, 1<
luly 14th. All are invited to comeis
vith baskets. Candidates, who bring d (
>askets unusually welil-filled, will be ft
Llowed to speak.t
J. M. Hays and his neighbor-s had
fine rain last Thursday, and Fr-iday
nornings, a ad were looking forpatato
.lip)s to set out, while D. E. Hendricks
uid his~ neighbor-s couldl go ahead fr
iauling in their grain. Truly the
howers were par-tiaul.
W. W. Bazll, who has been editor
>f tihe Col Lmnbia Journal since laLst - i
o'bruary, has formned a partnership
vith L W. Boyd, of 'Augusta, Ga.,
mad purchased the entire Journal at
>lant, which has heretofore been theg
roperty of The State newvspaper-.
There w~as in Pickens, last weck, a
lorn doctor- as black as the ace of "
padoes. He furnished much anum'se.
nent by his mystic methods of re- 0
noving cor-ns, bunyan s and warts at a
lvety-ivecents per lineal foot Two a
3oncobs were a pprtion of his ma.
The campaign rates adopted by the
News and (Curier are lowv enough to I
pult that paperC ii the hands of all who,
lesire to keep up with the pr-ogre-ss
>f the meetings. The rates for- three
noniths subscr-iption has been fixed ~
is follows: Daily, excep~t Sunday, $2;
Daily, with Sunday, $2.25; Weekly 25
lents; Sunday- News 25 cents.
Itev. A. S. Lesley and family wcre S
ast week on a visit to his father, W. iA
1. Lesley, near Easley. Since they
lamo one of his children became quite
<ick with typhoid fever-. He expected i
to have returned to his work last b
sveek, but wvas thus delayed. Steve is
imn ecarnest and faithful laborer iln the 1
cause, and tihe work certainly agrees r,
with him, for he has grownu very stout ..
and is the picture of health.
Rev. A. B. Wl atson, w~ho' has jusat
closed a wecek's meeting in tihe M'ethi
odid.i church, has certiuly been faith
ful and earnest in his work, and be
camne very popuilar- with his audiences.
Tfhere is no doubt that mr chi good
has been accomp 1lishied. The special
services in the afternoon, for children,
were greatly en1jo)yed by all who at
tended them, and1( were bo0th enler
taining and edifying to the children.
A warm welcome wvill always await
M. W atson in Pickens.
The1 gleeful, beautiful girls were
going to the party in an ox wagon.
The oxen wer-e foolish and would not
go upon the unbanister-ed b~ridlge
across the mill pond. The largest
beau of one of the girls camne along,
but lhe could not drive the dubious
team upon the bridge, So lie die
tatched the oxen from~ the wagon anid
drove them over alone, thlen he r-e
turned for the wvagon and the girls.
He placed the tongue upion his shoul
der and started across in a rush1)
whlen the left fore wheel struck the
bias cross beam on the bridge ta~i
caused the tongue to s3wipo the gal
lant beau fr-om the bridge (of glory
ito the muddy pond. Hie saidi the
only thing lie regretted wvas "the
dur-n pond was not dleep enough to
drown him, so lie could not hear them
gan iter."
Mr. Bradley, of Michigan City :
diana, who is now in Greenville, S.
superintending the manufacture
his cotton gin saw-gunner and shar
ener, was in Pickens last Friday.
is a useful and Complote machin
We were curious to know what ci
cumstance led an Indianna uan
work up a patent on a cotton gin a
tachient, knowing that the Ileec
staple did not grow in that Stat
He said that lie worked in a she
with an old man who did a goo
business in repairing Mississippi gin;
The following gentlemen have file
ipplications for office: For the Seo
te-W. T. O'Dell. For the House
Saban Mauldin, W. W. F. Brigh
i'or Auditor-N. A. Christopher, W
I.Bryant, S.J. Robinsoin, J.E.Parsom
'ounty Treasurer- (3. W. Singletou
. D. Curcton, Joseph S. Mlurphre<
ames E, Borroughs, J. T. Youn
lood. School Cummissiour-J. A
IcWhortor, T. C. Robinson. Pr
ate Judge-J. B. Newbery, M. 1F
[ester. County Supervisor-Mal
low Hendricks, J. I. Ross, 0. P
ield, U. P. Rogers.
J. C. Jennings, L. C. Thorlley, P
Alexander, of Pickens, and J. A
Lele, of Greenville, Went to Keowe
ver last Thursday on a fishing ex
i:sion. The party first called at tli
>use of the ever genial Mr. Bun]
rice. who accompanied them to th(
)Use of Mlr. W. ColliniS, who p1leas
itly held the attention of the crow<
ith a substantial supper, after whicl
I repaired to th:e river where boti
i and fun were plentiful. The
Lrty returned home the same night
they did not wish to burden the
rses too h 3avily with fish, and il
isn't a very good night for fish
A new safe money order systen
11 be put in operation on the 1st of
fly. The following facts concerning
e same will be of interest to the
iblic generally: The schedule o
es charged for the new money or
:rs has been reduced to the basi
)w charged by the various expresr
inpanies for tramnmitting money
>r $2.50 or less, 3c; $2.50 to $5.00
; $5.00 to $10, 8c: $10 to $20, 10c
0 to $30, 12c; $30 to $10, 15c; $1(
$50, 18e; $50 to $00, 20(c; $60 t<
'5, 25c; $75 to $100, 30c. Th<
istal note will be abolished. Th<
w money orders are now being
med at Pieckens. I. A. Buwon, onm
>lite and efficient postmaster, m
ady to serve you with 0110 of th
my notes on application.
A Hoismeacold Treasure.
D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Y
ys that lie iway keeps Dr. King':
ow Dise:>very ill the house, and hi
mily ha1s allways found the very bes
sults follow its use; that lie wouk
at be without it if procurable. G. A
>ykemnan, druggist, Catskill, N. Y.
LyS that Dr. King's New Discover
unldotly the best cough rem<c
t'; that lhe has used it in his fanmil
>r eight years, and it has nierer faile
I do all thalt is claimedO~ for it. Wh
>t try a) reme~ldy so long tried an,
stedl? Trial bottles free at McFall's
egula: size 50c. anid 91.
Large lot umbrellas and parasol:
ow 50c. to $1.50 at Morris's
Deaith to Flies-Sure to Catch 'Emn
-Best Fly TI rap on Earth. A t Mo:
s's. 25e, each.
The best cider, the freshest cand;
id crackers and all kinds of caunne
>ods at Morris 's.
S1pecItn~i Cases.
S. HI Cliftrd, New Casel, Wis
as trou bled with neuralg'i a an
lJillmatlisml; his stonmach was di
edeured; his liver' wais elkected to a'
arminig degree; aippetite fell awa.3
nid lhe was' terribly retduced in flesi
adio strengthi. Three bottles e
lecri Bit ters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, Ill
ad a runnin g sorie oa his leg (
ight years' st anding; used thre
ottles of Electric Bitters and seve
oxes of B~ucklen'sm Ar'nica Salve, an
is leg is sound and well. Joh
peake~r, Catawba, 0., had live Iary
~ver sores5 onl his leg; doctors said i1
as incurable. Oneo bottle Electi
itters and one box Buckleni's Arnic
alv'e cured him entirely. Soldl h
Seal of Northi Carolina, Pride <
edlford, aid D)uke's Clippings, th
ast of smoking tobacco at Morris'
Plow~s and Sweeps. Sweeps fror
3 to 22 inches, good set anid mad
umli goodl steel, at Morris's.
-Almost in Despair
- nut Fiunanly
Dy Taking
"mFr ftfteen y ear.A I wa a~ greatt 'uf- 0
terer from, Indigoest ion in its worst forms. 0e
I te'sted the' skill of muany doctors, but o
greow worseo ando worse, until I became 0
so weak I could not walk lily yardis |
without haviug to sit dowit and res5t. My o
stonmachi. liver, and heart heeamne affect- 0
ed, and I thon ught, I would surely die. I
tied~ A yer's P'ills and they helped mte O
right away. I continued Itheir itse and 0
iam now entirely well. I don't know of o
anything that w~ili so quckly relieve 0
and cure the lerrile suffering of dlys- g
Ileisia as Ayer's Pills."- .lonIN C.
PIIum on, lirodie, Warren (Co., N. U. 0O
ReoGved Highest Awards 4o
of J W
For One's Price.
We are enabled to oiler it with TIT
8EN'TINEL for one year for $1.50, cml
bing subscriptions to he sent to this oile
1and tecompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable cln1
bing proposition is entitled to enter TWI
PRIZE CONTESTS, sending his guess(
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contes
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offere
for the NEAREST E'STIMATEN of th
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now b(
ing marketed, and award to be made a
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchang
announces the oilcial crop flhures. $41)
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the croj
A200 prize forsecond, $200 prize for third
j100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have boen a
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 188)
6,9)35,08; in 1890, 7,313,726; in 1891
8,655,518; in 189', 6,700,365.
Inl addition to the above every clubbin
subscriber can enter our combination
Supply the missing word in the follo)
ing selitence:
"Patiently, with the (lark lentern clos<
ant~d hid( uhder his arm,1 lhe waited behuind
rgdrock in the clothes for the
,ONE FOURTII of the net subsc~riptic
receipts of those eniterinig this contest wi
he (1diied amnong t hose who supply il
correct word ill tihe blan1k ini the above sei
tenlce. Thus, if there are 25,000) one fouri
Iwould( be $1,250. If ten supply13 tihe corre<
-word, each would receive 8125, if 100, eat
$12.50, &c.
Bothi of the above contests free anid in add
tion to
For the Price of Oni
form, an Individuato no me5Tx, and iI
0 Expansion of tile Currency to a degree st
.ficient to mleet tile legitimate businessd
manlds of tile counltry.
It covers tihe neOws of thle worldi evel
week, ha~ving ne4ws correspondents In all t
news centres oft tile woril,
We offer yout TilE PICI(
per year.
Winthrop Stato Normal College,
Open to white girls over 17. ei~Qon b.
gilns Sept. 26th. Graduates seenre gos
poit ionk4. Eaich coun~ty given~ two ch(hl
sh~Iipls-one worth *l150.00 at sess5ion and1 01
of flee' tuitlon. First schliarshuips no0wv
canit ill counfties4 of Ahheville, A ikenl, A
dterson, 11hnnuwell, Ileaufort, Chlarlesto
CIlendonl Chest1er, Cestertleld, lorentl
I Kershaw, Lareaster, fLurenls, Lexlngt:
Newherry, ( conu-e, Orangeburg, Plcker
Competitivye examiinat ion J1 uly 17th
(court luun' of eaich County.
I I 1). BI. JOllNSON, President,
WE haven't been saying m
It is not out of place, howevei
selected stock of goods in Pit
bargains, but when it comes t<
IN SHOES-Our stock comj
Our stock is larger than ever -
We have suits from $4.00 t(
prices on GROCERIES that c;
to be found anywhere. WE
M c F A L L'S
Q ~ - F'oI~
; 1894.
A job 101ot of Ninoes?
A JoW LAotof Hats!
A Jo10 Lot of Vets1
All to Close Out!
Ask to see these Job s
1,000 P'ahna Fans,.
P'ar'asols and1 UnalarecllasM
il Slaoes, iFiy Truaps, Fly
CFanis, White (hoods
h and14 TIriunaninmgs, ali4d
othier usul4~1 articles
for the Season.
See our Furnitutre aneil
B~askets aund Broonaus.
This Week's Bargains
Colored Pongees, all Silk.
21 inches 29lc. ini the most desirtable co'
orings and bhack. There is notin g in th
martktt to eqital it, for tilunhty or vakute, ni
y igit, "once ini a lifetime" bargin.
Lace Ginghams.
W.e had a ebance trough a friend of omt
of putrcha)sing~ a lot of LaIce GingLham1s mani
ufactured to retail for 35,c. Wec have tiher
at 18Se. per yardV~. An OjolIilmulnty gl-aspel
is a customerC catughlt.
Danish Cloths.
126e. in Navy and Crathn. It is very sel
domii we cani get this old time stuff. Al
Stoughi it is ai woolen good(s the (Orcami wi
SWool Challies 'x Storm Serge
WVhat in left in W al CThallien will be sdl
for h0c. per yardsl 'Thea f1u'iy JHird,' 310.Ine
Black Niorm Serge at 25e. Thlis Is a ge
White Marseilles Quilts.
1 1.1 Quilts will be sold for $1.25. Woul
bec good value at $2.00t.
Laces and Mitts.
Creamn Silk Alitta in elbow lenigthis att 4:ic
Exceptional vaines ini Cre(lun Hik ac4cC.
It hasc been t he vic of'ii eve'ry lad Iy who hia
C- Heet onl \\ Ashn~ UOHils thait We Iiive ti lie ttleh
1( line ini( Greenil~ile. 'l'he aty leN nire n ulinie nio
- thepiri -e tre rd ln < ucr friends and cus toiner
a- t rat li~r heii roni to . er c-n -t - tr ti
it was at the aaine staniu last enr. 'rhie thanolha
, nut ttiywIIn vEtl th Ieti prie. vC <t( haj
ienta for S'rA N hA RI 1'AV'l~rIlN.'. Unt
oute friee On requoest.
lch to you lately. There is more
b, to put out a few sign boards her<
kens County. We are not claimii
an every-day, substantial bargain,
)rises the cream of three of the 1:
Lmd there are some low prices amo
$15.00. IN HATS-We have
CY NOTIONS in abundance for
m't be duplicated. The largest s
co. we I
G recu ville,
And stop gr'
No wonder1*
ZHave youa an
No'? Wel p
inf b~usiness a
Call and~f get
Put n add i
the d~ttIwi4ll4 3on a
I. $3.
TmS~i IS THE Bi~
DEA LE RS wVho push the sale of WV.
which help)s to inacrease the salecs oni
W.* T.i ~McFA Tll,
One Hundred Brewsi
The BEST and
Ever Offered in
Greenville Cc
We make ti
One and(1 Twvo Ho
(~.IV.Slu U H.E SaC. Mnl
in wvorks than words, anyway.
showing the way to the best
ig to have any two-for-a-nickle
we can't be equaled,
est factories in the country.
ng them. IN CLOTHING
everything a man could wish.
the ladies. We are nariiing
tock of Tobaccos and Cigars
S. C.
,e, think tlznes are Iard,
.sople don1't knaow youi are
md thazt I.9 the reasion times
WOE~U w'hile others prosper.
in The Nenuuinel, aund uaaIt
3. IHard timae~s with yeot
's. H ot tom Waterproof. ies Shoe sold at tihe price.
50 Poie hoe, g olos.
$2.50, and $2 Shoes, gil
Unui (qis Led at the priace.
Boys $&~ (gI.Sco~ol Shoes
S $3, $2.50 $2, $1.75
L. Dlugl Sogain 8vculljstors
theirful line orood. All $t can
I, g:r Sr gin Buggiecs
Sthi ulheo Caod liTycna
:erSprin Progrien

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