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.E. U1d1st& Co., Proprietor".
Entered at Pickfsa Pbstoillee as SCOtnd (iass
$UBSCRIPTION PRICIE, Sl.0 per Year tiiva-.
bly in advance; for sik-month; 7 centu.
ALiver tisementi edi'th nt one dollarper siquare
of one Inch or ets for the 1iFst'insertion and
fifty cenis for Cach subseqlleht insertion. A
liberal discount made to inerchanits and other
advertiainlfotasik imonths or a year.
Otttuary notices exceeding five lines, tributes
ot respect, communicatioIs of a persoli
hstacter, when admissuible, will be charged
'or va advertisements
Anarehv Ramipatt.
A little more than one week ago,
the dagger of Giovani Santo wns
pIuDged into the heart of M. Carnot,
the president of France. The world
of civilization felt the shock. The
person of Carnot was civilization, law,
order. The dagger of Santo is bar
barity, anarchy, chaos. Garfield and
Gitteau, Harrison and Prendergast
Carnot and Santo, victims and assas
sins, sanity and insanity, the calail.
ties of Peace and yet. the law is mer
ciful. The victims have successors
by the law. Will the successors have
assassins by the law ? Cannot the
omnipotent arm of the law stay tho
brutal hand of Anarchy ? Cannot
the young serpent's head be bruised
before it wraps its deadly coils
around the fair form of Liberty ?
Will society continue to warm it, that
it may die by its fatal sting? Its
love is hatred, its wisdom is folly, its
caress is death, its hmom is hell and
it claims no sovereign but the Devil
himself. If the itifilence of Christi
anity cannot check its wild career,
then Europe is Sodomn and America
is Gomorrob.
Gitteau, Pendergast, Valliant, I- -
ry and Santo are as much ouitlaws as
any who were ever loose in PilestillI
or the tombs of Gallilee. There
ought to be a board of examiners to
grade all such men down to their le
gitimate posts in civilization, and dig
tribute them to the asylum and poni
tontiary, the gallows and the guik
There must be some facts and eir
cumstances besides the blood-staine<
dagger to mark then as the enemiel
of life and law. They have already
put too many ugly scars on the fact
of Liberty. For all the great liv(s of
which the Law hia, been robbedl bi'
Anarchy inl tihe last fifteen years, it
has only broken tihe finigers on its
left hand. TI it would not make an
other sacrifice', it hlad better cut ofi
tihe demon's head.
The11 Easley Democrat has1 beeni
against us, but we are real sor*ry that
it will come no more. (3. T. Martin,
editor, and E. Ilester, printer, aire
both good newspaper men and had
for several months been getting out
one of the nicest and newsiest papers
in the county. While it is true, if it
had been a financial bonanza, it would
have run Oil smoothly and successful
13', yet it has not goneO down on aic
count of debt. Easley cannot alYrd
to lose such aln advantage. Her citi
zens had better pay3 live dollars a
copy for their local paper' than to lose
it entirely. This was tho situat ion
last week, but we shl1 be glad to
fmnd that tiis little obituary notice is
"too previous." The Democrat has
been a staunch supporter of Governor
Tillman, in everything lbut his tell.
dency towardls popu11listic theories.
There is general cause -for conigra
tulation on the fact thlat thle senatorial
campaign has simmlnered downl and
quit its quarrellinlg and fussing aind
turned thlat department of thle bi.
ness over to Ellerbe anld Evans. Thley
cannot stir lup munch of a fuss, because
the voters havo not yet determiined1
which one to side withl. The thling
will got so d'ill by tile time it gets to
Pickens thlat there will lie very little
interest for tile small boy. Bunt thlis
1i a good signl. The camp)aignl of
education is teaching the people that
theie is not enoughl in it for thlem to
fuss about, and y*ou cannot work the
average citizen at anything long at a
time without letting some of the divi
dendi Com his way.
Have the Statesmen who are agita.
ting tho financial question. analy13zed
their position to the bottom. Th<
ultimatum of- their efforts is to increas(
theo price of' farm- products. Wouli
it pot be as-well to enact a schedub(
~f pricies direob and-not whip aron
tl# fact# That is what McKinle,
Aqj ls' the iron,.clothingt and woa
eTh News and Courier and thl
0sare -now each claiming me
'jkU n their respective views: o
o4ppsusary deciaiufn. It is a mat
allp~J iorgent which view th<
# kp~I When legal questioni
be dded by popular vote
p longer veed c ourts anf)
a4 an e ,*i~ a -rs
Honea Pth is. Uw shaking the
crystal drops off of a few bushes to
see if it cfluot turn a new county
Col. lfeitt, the only 1im11oI1 pure al
liaie milan for a big office, is said to
be in the race for the United States
Senate, and will make it lively.
Dr. Pope needs something just now
to relieve that disgusted feeling.
When you hear a good man talking
about rings, be ia firmly convinced
that he is not in the ring. D
The Columbia Register says Gen. E
Butler's request to have equal repro.
sentation with Gov. Tillman on the :
boards of election managers is reason
able and ought to be allowed, provided E
that the same is accorded Gov. Till- J
man in countics where tho antis have
control. The Register should remem. %%
ber that the antis are not running J
Senator Butler. They have no can- -
didate and are not asking for any 0
representation whatever. If
For those who are all the time j
hoping and praying for the influence I
of Chritianity to make the World i
better, there was a golden treasure of *
comfort inl the International Sabbath C
Seiool lesson for Inst Sabbath. The J
lesson of love and glory in the birth i
of the child, Jesus was taught in vil- -r
lge 11and hailet, country and city to
millions of hiearts] not yet poisoned
with sin. It, is thousands and thous- J1
ands for ithe church, if it l)lants in A
these young hearts the seeds of (
Clitist's kingdom before the devil can
get his tiares to growing. Where *is .
the believer who is not at world
An Amsaitant 1op1uIst.
Senator Irby not only represents
South Carolina in the senate, but is
the chairman of the democratic ex
ecutive committee of his State, and,
therefore, the official head of tihe party;
but, strange to say, nobody knows V
whether he will vote as a Democrat v
in the Senate on the tariff bill. He
is quoted as sa ing that Ie "has not
conided to any one how he will vote
on the fiial passage of the bill," and,
further, that -'his people do not care
- how he votes and would not find fault
with him if hie should vote against
the measure on its final'passage."
That is to say, the position of Dem
ocratic Senator Irby is exactly the
name as that of Populist Sonators
Pelfor, Allen and Kyle. -e lis no
sense of loyalty to ihe Democratic
party, though lie calls himself
a Democrat, and n do-bt will he
guided in is vote by the apparent
imter-est~s of the People's partLy. He
is a Democrat (.f the Kolb kind, and,
would not call himself a Democrat .ifj
it were niot good1 policy to do so.
We should not ho surprised if Irby i
and all the PoIpulist Senators vote a
against the tariff bill. They are free -j
lances, and though they profess a dec
sire to reduce tariff taxation, their u.
cheif detsire is to keop alive popular 'j
discontent. Among a happy, pro\s- n'
per1ouls people their party would have .'I
noe chance to livo.-Macon Te~legr-aph. ~
H esignation of P'rof. A. S. Townes, n
It was learned-yester-d'y that Prof. r
A. S. Townes, who for fifteen or six
teen years has been president of the
Grieonvnhile female college, had resign
ed and1 surrendered the lease lhe held J1
on the college building and grounds.
A r-epresentative of the Green-ville
News called on Professor Townes and i
enquired into the truth of the story, i
The proiessor declined to make any n
statemient for publication, saying that 7'
it would har-dly be proper- for- him to "
do so until after the meeting
of the board, which wiill be N
held todlay. It is hear-ned, however, o
fr-oain undoubted aujthiority, that lie j
has resignied antd surrencidered hisw
lease in accordance with a prop~osition ii
inade to him by the trustees. It is i
not yet known what other arrranmge- \
menits the boar-d will miako.
Professor Tlownues hats been vory-v
successful withi the college. U~nder C
his management it has taken the i
for-emiost pla1ce among educational in- u
st ituitionis in the State, t he attendan~e -J
hatsing been invar-iably above 2(10 for- ,
a numnber- of years. Hie will proba- M
bly arranigo to establish an institution ;i
of his own heroe and announce his Ie
planis formally as soon as the details
of is~ busi ness withI the boar-d si-e
(disposed of.-G-Geenv-illo News, 29th
The Death or~ Carnxot. c
PAmns, .June 80 --A dispatch fr-om V
Mar-seiles this morning announces ti
tbat a soldier detained in the military
pirison at that place, upon hcar-ing of
the assassination of the pr-esident
gave the authorities full dletails con
Corning the p)lot, wvhich w~as hatched N
at ct te-, and also turn ished the names .I
of seven anarchists, whlo, after the v9
executions of Vallaint and Henry, a
drew lots in order to decide wvhich of
them should kill Car-not. The lot
fell to Santo Cesar-io, which now i
seems, to be the ireal name of the J
assassin, the mistake in the inver-sion
of his name having resulted from the
Itahian custom of wriiting the familyJ
name first.
- Cesar-io is described as having been
wild with joy when lie found that lie I
had been selected- to commiit the mur
The cantract ror efexmon,
- The board of trustees of Clhemson
college hava awar-ded the contract for
reobuildimg the building recently
burned to Gude & WValker, eontract.
era, of Atlanta, for $22890'. The
bid was the lowest by a few hunrdred
dollars, The work is to be completed
by Januar-y let, 1895'-Greenville
NWir 1
J. T. YOUNGD1o60
Treasurer Plok~is OWnty, S.C
o lis hIonor, the Presiding Judge of Genere
Sessions and Common Pleas, July Term, 1894
ahedule of Claims paid from County Fund
for the Fiscal Year Commencing bovembe
1, 1892, and Ending October 31, 1893.
r W T Field 1 200
W Lawrence 150
lbert E Perry 2 4
A Itichey 1202
11 U McDaniel 04 A
9' 5621
'T Youngblood, agent 146
W Lawrence 06
ibert E Perry 821;
r Lewis & Son 43
ibert E Perry 1&
It Bry'ant 20
11 G I clDaniel 691
" " 456
T Youngblood, agent 660
A Palmer 164
't Singleton 27 b
A lunnicutt 1250
W Lawrence 2190
bert E. Perry 232
P1 1Field 1917
T Youngblood, agent 16
It liryant, county auditor 2150
C Markley 128
Ibert E Perry
A Itiency 1981
11 U McDaniel .41 1
K Kirksey l0
m Calhoun,Jr 84
A Palmer 60
It a McDaniel 33
S Gritfin
A Itobinson s(
' lutchins & Co 87
N Wyatt, M1) 100
N Jones 80
isse .l Lewis 24 b
1) "Itewart 1.150
a. 4 641156
C Robinson 6 81 7
11 1 415900
a Wyatt 12 (
obert Stewart 11.2
ilbert E, Perry 0
L I'horuulcy, Jr 20
iI; Piekemis & Co 8150
K Itobanon19 (
1Morgani 8(
P Fold 40
Ak Ahllgood 15 C
lLpert E, Perry 2
A Itichey, ex-shijriff' 171 1
. 44 15 435
12 6
4 3
,43 4
N earle 291
'm McFal,astT 12
i alcer, Evans A& Cogswell Co 8151
'r Younghlood, court of claimR 1 442 7
1, h1ogsKH, musig 115i
I ester 1I
A Ilinton 3
,PV Youngblood, agent 89.1
Iti Hendricks, asug 11.86
N Wyatt 1231
bt Lewis W2 I
kllon Maiuldin 431
1It 1 1 uhhin 13.
I'.) '..,Wen 41
Nllots Mauldin 41
1 T' Chastalin 51
EIbert L Perry 67
A11 icknay 4
Roubert liksey. M D) =0
Kirkey & Oborne 31
It W VParr 51
Margaret Edenm 101
Elliott Williats 14
A A Filds 38
,I Ws ILawrenywA 42
WM'N Ila~o 00 ' Cci 60
o rK irey(
ber Lool'err 28
4 "Jisies asg
lit Niewblrry
M Stewart, C C P17'
I A Ricewry, aPsg 33 g
W Earlie 68
TV You ngblood, court ofclain 162
E Hoggs, asg - 1
I, 110 iienrick, asag 1153
aodlirc N&Wy Ct 17'
C Alewyant 22C
461s udi 1
A lenralinasi 4
Elbker, Evarry 67ogaolCo1
'I' W Far IH~ 0
1,largetoEden Corllam
ENllotgilis 64
W) M alind &9C'76
'1 a.esse .1 Lwis 1 4
SW Earle, M D) 309
K K irsliy 175
T1 Slwess 37 3
Wt Nicholsoahn 26 4
A) Hdricksg 64
F hiobins - 1704
Magood ru00&C089
WI Hopkais 8 1
hA G lildaps 14
T' Youngblood, court claims 274
it lloliswota 193 I
N "yt "t I) ty 64
Db Geart 8604
'il Bryant 25(
'Yo W iey taioar 120 4
' TPMcray, ag 7000
" "i "ue 827
aler Evas & Coggs40 C 1
T1 Mc~ail, aseg 1854
D Gileath100
W Hrobiko, atty 38 9
NV FHught 50
W 'aarle, M 209
Stewarto T270
D Sigetn assg 220
.Iliowen 743
W Amleaahan 204
D lendricks 60
11 G3 Meaniel 101 1l
1 Chuldess 21
EI Perry 30 0
M Yougbloo, coutlam 254
R4 Ross 19 1t
bt Stear 840
IGillespie 81
lob Steat 8 0
l' Youbngod 7tt1nay40
le Pergen 704
F Hobister 27
iE herickgs 164
lagmith &luc C o 4021
Robin1e~so, ay 38 1
W F Uight711e
eTe LewIs 9
" " "laansg 20
L N mbnter, adug
[ endrks ge. s 2
[' onhes 121
Wlo"A' M Mrri
E.~,Aox 2~c S
J Leis ssg24
R laon1240
1R.L Perry, - 2500
1mnps Freeman 3335
R L Perry -0 I
R L ilallums g00 I
Martin Boggs 6900
W H Jones 40 V0
'' "6 2400
R L Jones 2600
." "d 1400 4
J A linker 1900
W N Iunt 900
"~ "6 975
" . "18261
Jas Richardson 2000
W N lunat 1250
' mmie lend ricks
B J A McWhorter 1450
r J H Sizemore 3w00
Mlyrtie florroughs 37 50
Itan Glazoner 3750
Nettle Chastain 37(0
H J Williams 84 19
0 Elijah Theyer 2500
pMary Clilde 3750
Lizzie Mauldin 3750
T J erd 22 50
W N Hunt 825
) " 6 1031
i " t 1024
)6 " 4 2802 '
ZI "2 98
W "215
) Jno O Davis 750
3 Fred Williams 3750
0 o T illor 37 50
Corrie L Mclieth S7 50
T A Williams 37 50
D Prof M 8 Stribling 0 00
5 ' "200
0 Mary Kirkney 37 b0
0 .J L blullinix 3000
0 J A Metts 37 50
5 J D Evans 40 00
U J i Williams 3750
0 J A McWhorter 2304
B B J Williams 47 05
8 Jno 0 Davis 37 50
U T T llughes 60 00
SEula Urliin 37 50
8 Mary Allgood 3750
D I. lughes 3200
5 Lida liowen 7 50
0 blyrtlio Borroughso 750
0 John oDavis 7150
5 John I) Edens 7 50
j Fred Williams 750
5 Jas Itahles 1 2b
i Jas iienardson 375
T J Howen 20 00
'S Little 3750
0 Sallie Mauldin 3750
Emma M Walker 28 75
D) 8 1w
5B FSmilth 2500
D Iester Lewis 37 50
UT Miller 2500
0 C MI Garrison 15 00
0 John o Davis 2300
o 'j Jerd 9 00
0 J A Daker 3000
0 \V N lhunt 15 00
0 Fred Williams 2500
0 Jas Itichardsoir 2020
0 J H Simpson0
2 " "2500
0 R L Perry 3750
0 hiinnie Morgan 2500
5 \V H J1ackson 125
J A McWhorter 2500
0 Fula Erifiln 2.500
0 blyrtio lorroughs 3,50
0V H Jackson 1500
0 J E. Lebby 1-7 50
0 \V J Crews b5 00
0 V E lendricks 3750
0 A Baker 1500
7 J F Craig 7 50
~ LP' Ellison 25 0o
D * A Alood 5450
0 J M Williamips 781
L na 17 is,1
Kate LewiM 37 50
. lena llowen 3600
ItT lilallums 3000
Mattie Kay 2500
io 08 Little 300
C L Craig 3750
A G lowen 20 00
Elijah J Thayer 37 50
Frankie Rtubmson 55 50
5 Andrew lramnlett 0 ou
it U Jones 20 00
!0 Josie Rlobinson- 25 00
CaT Miller 1776
John ) Davis 70
2 1anaa1 Dalton 15 0
C T Miller 6 00
Jas U Seaborn 55 50
9W J Bright, .500
John 1) Edens 20 00
0 .W O'Dell w 30
32 33
F V O'Dell 6 85
TO VT liughes600
00 T 0 .peer 6 0X
00 Carrie Lelly 7500
0 F Depriest 1875
55 J Mwhaorter 1500
70 Mary Kirkasey 60O00
Nannale Kirkaey 7500
0T M Eirod 40 00
S aliieiMulikin 37 50
la Suthe~rlanud 26 00
l'ProfMS 8St ribling 55 0
Itan (Glazeneur 45 00
0 Jasi lticharldsonl 10 001
0 Mary Biowen 15 00
W J Boggs 3i4 50
4 Nettic Chastain 25 00
o Mary Allgood 75 00
SGeorgia Boggs 6 25
0 Minnie Kirkey 84 50
a A G Boweln 20 2.5
0 P P Machem 21 00
g Jennie Rloselnond 25 00
0 J D) Timnmons 25 00
5' Chameblin, Boggs & Caet 7 00
SF VO'D~ell 8 15
a J E Parsons 7 50
Li J FWells 18 00
Emma NeIghbors 6 52
Li Bettie Bowen 55 50
Li C LCraig 50 00
W N Hunit 22 00
aa 4615 45
Lida Bowen 7501)
T1 0 Allgood 25 00
W M Richardso~n 81 25
T OAllgood 12650
A BWhiliams 14 00
4Wmn Ellbs 22 70
Wa ID Gnrrisoil 3 00
Nettle Chasatainl 25 001
Warren Martin 4 75
Marin Boggs 50 00
J H Bfrown 2 37
J A Robinson 4 0
IG WV Maddox 7 50
Chaimbln, Boggs & Co 9 60
W M Rlichardson 6 25
W W Va' I1ilghat 9 40
17i 00
at 174 00
at tt218 00
at at4200
Goods Cheap for cash, come and see mc. Ij
am at Lewis & Son's old stand. 4
Good Molasses 25c per gallon. Sugar
Syrup 30c por gallon. Muscova
do Molasses 40o per gallon.]
Many other things: Sugar, Coffee,
Lard, Tinware, Glassware. I also
Lhas'o somo Patent Medicine which I
iwill soil at cost for the cash.
gIf you owe me on last year's account
icomne and settle. I am needing money.
5 I didn't mean to make you mad when
0 you bought the goods, so come and
5 settle and let's be friendly.
I aways relieves when properly
gapprled. Sold by all druggists.
SPrice 28 cents. Prepared by
T. X. L. COs 0, M, D1BMPSE!Y,
SManager, 28(0 MaIn 86., Ooltimbia,
8. C. Ask yoir 'druggis6 for it, and
Shave no other, 0, N, WYATT,. Agt.
~ aay . 0;(1
Buit 1185a Up,.
Mr. J- D. I.owls,.of Atlanta# Ga., ha<
ievere dyspepseLa. Physlclansjqnd all othe
-emedles filed to cure hia. Io trld Ty
der's DyStpsis Renedth dnd jiteFwardi
vriteb. 'hePIhtAit'Iose gave rollef. Itep
;mmend it a, lie lkdt dyspeplsa r:rietil
,ver discovered I bavo gaincd flesh sinc
Ising it. I voluntarily recommend It to al
lufferers with stomach troubles." For s14
y druggists at 50t. per bottle.
"Mrs. Winslow's eoothanp
Byrup, for Children Teetbing," softeni
he gums, reduces inflammation, allay
>ain and cures wind colic. 25c. a bottle
EXAMINERS will meet in Columbia
. ., on Tuesday, October 9th, 1894, a'
A o'clock, a. m. All persons intending t<
.ractico Medichte or Surgery, In this State,
who are not Registered according to Law
nust appear before this Board.
W. H. NARDIN, 31. D.,
Ch'n. State. Brd. bled. Ex.
C. F. McGAIIAN, Bee. and Treas.
Bucklents Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world foi
Duts, Sorts, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
rer Sores, Tetter, Chapped Uands
Dhilblains, Corns and all Skin Erup
Lions, and positively cures Piles, oi
ao pay required. It is guaranteed tc
give perfect satisfaction or money re
runded. Price 25 cents per box. Foi
ale by W. T. McFall.
Morris sells dynamite, caps, fusei
mid blasting powder cheap.
Freeman BDilding, Plokons, S. C
Am now teady to do all kinds of work I
ny line. Instantaneous process and finish
-4 in hlttest and most popular styles a
owest prUtes possible for first class work
Anderson, S. C. Pickens, S.(
22 Main Street. GREENVILLE, S. C
g givern ever) Thursday and Friday, au
cciii extracted without pain.
Dfficeover W cstmoreltnd reos & Duke's Dru
tjau89tt GRE EN ViLLE, S. C.
work do b. threl ig~a t icoui proce.Aa
sIn riiter colors, crayon, Idiaink oito
plain phiotographs.
[Has Got
Around the man that
uhinkis that moderate
Whiskey drinking will
lot hurtt him11!
tre delighitfully refresh
ng and can't hurt AN Y
They are everybody's
)rinks and Everybody
hiould drink them.
iii Best of Everything in DR~UGS1
.L. DoucLAS
3 SHOEo SQU=-aK~.
4 5.UP0UCE,3sOi.Es.
gg~.WOR lNo1M
fern caa save mreV y e s~hasIng W. .
he 4aies* anig h *.ra'.."an "r*.' n
hbto u c~rote tem yogains righ
riceseuan he a ddsaa 5 proit.. Our shoea
Iei'a irl.s S av'tbej sold every.
myher h . ak E no substitute. If yo
Ltl fca*Otsup1 tYO *,e eans sold by
WM . Mc Fall.
I 1tOUte of the Great Veatibiled I
Io.. ,. . ha .
Norbgd. INo. 8 ?o~ N,3 Lb
r Auaata ....Da'l1E. Delly
LYAlnaotime 1.0) N-n 9.00 pma 5.0,m "
"Atlanta a time 3.00 pm 100 pm *.00 a Ar.
Noreros.......--- 1 m
Lu ....:--...:.:..110 pan 10.50 agn -
eat s ter .1 ..... 1.1~ am .04a '.
nca..............1.40 Ia _.
S 'as
9"RSKN esimnr......12 to
" ntral....4.45 pmn 9.10t aanw
" OreenvilloL.... 583 pm 8.00 am 36pm
"' Srtanburg.. 6.22 pm 4.01 am 4.11 pta
G fineys.----.... 4.41 as 4.8 m Ro
" Diak fg.;.1.11 pm 6$ aam s.10
King'Mount'n---..;;. V a6 pm D
" o cstonia...... .......... 5 am p N
Ar. Charlott.....8.20 pm 6.80 am 1.4 ,m
Ar. Danvill..12.27 am 11:4 am 13.40 ar
Xr~Rii ..d....... --.-. ~;a .. . - m o 0
Ar e lian~ .ii' ~. .. am 1m a '
'' Baltim'e P..n. ..8.20 am 11.85 pm-.- -m
sPhiladelpia .. 10.40 am 3.03 am---'-..
"NewYor. .... 1.23 pm 0.23. am
- rn Ves.Lim 4''t Mai
Southward. No. 87. No 35. No. 11
Daily Daily IDalf Da
Uv New York P.R.R 4.80 pm 12.18 n't No
Philadelphia.. 86 pm .20 amn . a
altimore.....9.20 pm 9.42 am
oWashington... 10.4. m.. 1.0. . USm
'Thniidhi~. M~2am 3n. pm lA5i --
Ar Cvalotte.~~.. ~2 p6.W8~~555 am 1 o
Charlotto...... 9.27 am 10.50 pm 12. 0 a 2.1
" Gastonia . . . 11.28 pm 1.0 pn1
"Blaokaburg.... 10.43 am 19.0Sa.m 1.0p 2.1
Gafineys ........... . .......06 2.1
"partanburg.. 11.81 am 19.87 am .0 pi. .
Now 1.23put 6. . pm ...
" nooniYor...... .3M 1.16 am 6.46 p 3.
"hCentiral........ . .4....0 am p.. f
"oSnea................20 p .m1. am . ib
Wastinter- -........ ......... . 6.06 p .n
" Toacsl.... 9.31 pm ...540 am .5* pm bT
"auMorn ...... ................. .0 pm or
" L la........ .......... 4.4 am 60 m 2.1
" Ganevil.... 80.3 pmr 40.50am 8.30 pm bo2
Noroross ...... .......... g pw -z
Ar Atlanta E time 4.0 pm 62 am .10 . Eo
Ar Atlanta C time 8.88 pm a 8.4 tib
Pullman Car Service: Nos, 33 and 3 , Ri*0 . pm
mond and Danvillo Fast Mail, Pullman .epin T
Cars betwoon Atlanta and ew York.. r
Nos.37 and 38--Washinion and Southwestern
Vestibuled Limited. between Now York and
New Orloanes. Through Pullman Slepar be o
tween N w York and New Orleans via Atlsn n
ta and Montgomery, and also between Wasti i
ton and Memphis, via Atlanta and irminham.
Nos. 11 and 12, Pullman Sleeping Car between
Crichmond. Danvillo and Gronsboro.
For detailed information as to local and
through tim tables, ratos and Pullman Sleep- P
lng ar reorvations, confor with loal agent,
or address
Gqn'l Pass. Ag't. Asa't General Pass Ag't
. WAsurxoTomq, D. C. ATLANqTA, GA.
J. A. DODSON, Suprintendent. Atlanta, ga.
W. H. GHE EN, J. S :i bULP
Gen'l M-gr., Traffic Mn'g.-.
Whm INGTON, D. C. Washnton D.C.a
Fine fat mackoral, three for 2c. at *n
U 1
Win to il Krlf e ir 2t i'
- Che
P. W. PO E& CO.'S
While we sell the Finest and
Best Fitting Clothing and Shoes
that money can buy,- we also
provide for those who can't/
afford to buy our best goods-?
and here are some of the prices:
Boys' Knee Pants from 1o
cents up. IF
Children's Suits 50 cents, 4
to 1 3 yearst. Better ones for A
$i.oo, and Real Good school
Suits with two pair of Pants
for $3.50. Q
Men's Extra Strong Work
ing Pants 50 cents. O
Men's; and Boys' Bilack and
Fancy Mixed Sack Suits from
$2-50 up.A
A thousand pairs Fan c y
Mixed Socks, for men and
boys, 5 cents a pai'-good
Jecans Drawers 25 cents.
Wc are selig eats Way
Down Below their Value,
We were fortunate in securing
100 dozen fine Negligee Shirts at a
wondlerfuli bargain, and vie are going
to soil thoem at pricos nlever hoard of
Our prikos are~ piited in plain
figures on the tickets of our garments
and they are inflexible.
We will ceorfully rettirn the money
foi tll uiisatisfactory purchaises.
F. W. POE & CO.
nuel Apencer, F4 e ialdekoper and
uebtieh Fdti, iseelyegg,
mdensed Sobitdule ii Effect cddei ii ;e.
Trains fun by 75th Meridian Tilde.
Columbia. a -....... . an
P..srity ....;................ 2.6& pI
Non o... ..........................1 . - "1
?ulltyo.. ;;;411)...... ....... 2. pI
Lre ootd. :.. -'x Sun). .. *... 2
Hodges- YR .-e. --.... ... . .....
.lon ................ . ........
Anderson.. .... -'-* '.......... 38 P
Sone *.... ..................5.40
Atlanta...... ....
SI No. 13:
Walhalla .... ....................9a
Seneca........... ....... 4.... 1000a
Anderson ................. 11.158
Belton.....- -------.-- ...... .. 1l.45ag
Donald....... ...-............. 2.16 pngs
Abbevillo . ..;.- -...-- I.I11$0 and
Hodge. . ......... ....... p
Greenwood. -.-- .......... .. .. 1255 p
urns (ESun) ................I 1.tei
lito t Sun) ..... - ... 11.10 an
Neberry ..........1 2A o
Prospority ................. 2.8 p
Columbia -''-'i-........ 2.'.' pus
Charleston ..'''"'. 4.16 p
tween Anderson, hlelton mud Ore.nviled
. 11: I STA'IONS. No
p. m LY..y..,Anderson ....A 2.
p. m "........1eito. ........Iini
p. m .... Williamton .- ... tl.ad
p. i ...Plzer....... ..... 1.0..n
p. in Ar ....Gronvill -.L 10.5a
Richmiond mind Dan0il1e-0t.10
(Between Columbia and Asheville.)
ily. I Daily. . Daily, Daliyj
13. No.15. STATIONS. No.161No. 14
.n... m.._lLv Charlest on Ar r........p.-45na
....00 a.inLvJnek'villoAr-10.15am'.........
.111.45 a.m " Savunnah - I 5.30anJ........
Dam 6.10 a.inLv.ColumnbiaAr' 1.20pm 3.15png
Dpnm 5.L0 a.m" .Alston... "12.pm 3.10ptn
(pm 6.53 a.n4 ..SantuG...."11. pm 200p.
5pm 7.10 a.m.'.1 Union..... "It.10pm i.40
3pm 7.30 p.m ' .JonefvIlle "1to.48pm t2.40png
"pm 7.43 p.m" . Pacolot... '' 10.33pm 12.21
Dpm 8.10 p.m A r pr 'b'g'Lv110.0spm it145r
5pm 8.15 p. mn Lv Soartb'g ArL10.00pn 1.30a:1
)jQm 11.20 Jnm A r Asheville Lv____7 ___.40_
on. 11 and 12 are solid trains between~Charles:
and Walhalla.
rains leave Spartanburg, A. and C. diiion
thbound. 4.01 a. in., 4.11 p. m., 6.22 p. in., (Veo.
iled Limitedl; southbound. 12.57 a. m., 2.10 p.
11.37 a. in., (Vestibulod Limited); wesi
nd, W. N. C. Division, 8.15 p. i. for Hender:
ville and Asheville.
rains leave Greenvillo, A. and C. Division'
Ihbound. 3 a. m..3.05 p.m., and 5,30 p.m.,(Vos.
Nod Limited); southbound, 1.52 a. m., 4.10 p:
12.28 p. in., (Vostibuled Limited).
rains eave Seneca; A. and C. Dii ion. north
ftd, 1.4 a. in. and 1.35p. m.; aouthbound, 3.01
an. ad 6.45 p. m.
ullinan Palace Slooping Cars on Trains 3*
1 30,87 and 38, on A. and C. Division.
raffis 15 and 16 curry Pullinn Sleepers b
en Jacksonville and Hot Springs.
Gon'l Mg-r, Trafile Mgr.
WiAshington, D. C.
.E. McDEE. Gon'l Supt., Columbin S. 0
on'l Pass. Agt., Ass't Gen-1 Pass. Agt.,
Washington, D. C. Atlalaigo;
Wilmington, N. C., June 21, 1894.
ast Line between Charleston and Colushbia'
t Upper South Carolina and Western North
olina nd' Athens and Atlanta. Condense4
Ug West. Going East,
.2. STA'IONS. *No. 68
rm...Lv Charleston, S. C., Ar..... 8.40pm'
8amn............. bnea..--..... ..7.Or
8am.... .... ....Sumter.... ......... 5.45ps'
Oam.....Ar Colutabin~i L'......4.20pan'
3pm...........New Jerry...........2.59pm
(1pm...........Clinton....,.... .!
~pm...........Greenwood........... .-1
2pmi...... .....A bbeville ....... ....12.40pi
3pm.....Charlotte, N. ......... 9.3pt
pm.---.----..Anderson....,....1 Iat'n
apm...........G en il......1
)pm...... ... ..Sprtanbnirg..........i 45a m
1pm...iendersonville6 N. C....983am
)m. ..-...Ashev'lle;N. C......... 4Q~n
hally. Nos. 52 and 53 solid trains bet*eed
rleston and Columbia, 8. C.
LAss't Gn Phassen er A ent'.
Gen'l Manastf. '.rnfflc Mana'g'ei
lery best aple vinegar, 25c. pel
ion, at Morris's.
sell as good goods, as many of
m for as little mnoney; aim inake'
Little fuss abou~t if, an anfbody.- A.
Bros. & Co,
reenville, S. C.

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