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Childrens' day at Tabor, last Fri
day, waIts a largo sitecs.
E. L. Shanklin was among his
Pickens friends last week.
Miss Essie Earle is visiting rola
tives an1d fr'iends3 inl Williams11t..
Rovs. John 0. Wilson and B. 0.
Berry were in Pickons last Tuesday
Miss Bessie Shianklin, of Pendleton,
is visiting at C. E. Rlobinson's tli
The farmers who have sowed their
btubble lands in peas will get a good
Miss Melanio Thornloy was quite
ill last week, but wo are glad to note
is out again.
' Bradley Reese, of Abbeville is visit.
ing his grandfather, A. J. Bradley, I
near Easley.
Miss Cora Bowen is teachiniig a
flourishing school in OcoieC near W.
.E. Ninnnons.
A squad of youth and beauty from
Pickens advanced on Greenville carly
last Moudav.
Jas. Ferguson and Raymoid Crook
abanks, of GJreenville, spent last Sun- t
day in Pickens. t
V. L. Boggs mid wife, of Liberty,
went oil a visit to the 1rench Broud
Valley last week. f
A protracted meeting will be com- t
moniiced at the Baptist church On the
next third Sabbath.
volf Creek never had a liner pros. t
poet for a good crop of corn than that, y
which shio 11nw enjoys. r
Ilon. B. F. Perry, of Greenville, I
and Loomis Blalock, of Abbeville, W
were ill Pickens last Friday. h
Dr. Jacob Chapman died at his
home, at Six Alile, on the 13th inst '
aged 81 years. le was a good mau
Miss Suo Meliugh, of Golden I
Grove, Greeiville couity, visited -
M~isses Cor-a and Lena IBowen last ii
week. I
Childen's Day will be observed at.
Six Mile on Saturday before seoid
babbath inl Au gust, pI)rogrami in next
Miss Mar-y rner, onc of Walhalla's
most charming young ladies, is visit- a
ing Miss Aure iollingsnorth, of this
Aliss Miiinie MIorgan accompanied
by Master Olie anid iss Floriiiie 3olt
visited Mrs. Florence Griffin last t
Miss Nora I-L.bbard, of Anderson, e
accompanied )y Master John Will a
H1iubbard her nephew, is visitinig W.
T. McFall. li
A little son of our good friend 1 L. D
Stephenis died last. Friday. The be
reauved pre~nts hiave'the syinpathy of
many friends. (
Theii ladies (of thle Bapt ist. clhurchi
funished ice cre-ami Tuosday of co-tt
and realizeds as net proli s for their ii
church funid the sum of $10. 1
Josephinie N imimns, colored, died
4 last Sabbath night aged about 50 year-s.
She was l iving on the faurm of Capt.
J. J. Lewiis' near Glassy muountain. e
M~r. and Mirs. J. McD). B1ruce, Jl. E. I
Hiagoodl, .Jr., and Mliss Frances Ha. -
good left for (2Co.ar's Head last Satur v
day, where they will sp~end au few days. F
4J. P. Carey and son, Harry Unrrist
and the Boggs boys had a delig-htfujl
S picnic at the Secona bridge last Sau
day. Blessed is the small boy that
attendeth ai picnlic.
Dru. C. M. L.it tecjohn and( wiife, of t
Gafney, iisitedl Judgo Necwbery and
family last week. They called at
Hion. C. H1. Carpenter's for a day or
two on their retuirn.
J. L,. 0. Th~lomps~on, the popular
4. typO, whoi( for someltimei paist hasi b~eeni
wvorkinig- on Tuts Srrm:ui', nowi hasjt
charge of the muechaniical departimnt
of the Easley D~emocrat.
* Mrs. Elvira C. Robiinson, of hasey,
vikited friends and relatives in P.ick
ens last Friday. She scenis to be inii
* the enjoyment of p)erfc~t health and
is looking reimarkably well. (1
.4 Miss Edna Austin, of Pineo Bluf,
Ark., has been ini Pickens for a few
days visiting frienids. Shte is a sister i
of Dr. Austin. She left for a visit to l
Seneca this week, but will return
W.. iLewis had the painful neces
* sity last Sabbath nmorning of sht ooting
a strasgo dog wvhich came1i t~o his
honse mand grossly insulted his fine.
Tpointer. The stranger showed signs
* of mental abberation.
WV. T. McFall has for sale a now
fangled jug, with the mouth or open.
ing at the bottom11. It will hold any
liquid without being corked. The
hole is at the bottom, lbut it will not
spill. It is a rooster jug.
Mr. Blenjamnin's dlog got mod and
bit Mr. J. W. Earle's dog, and the,
latter one day last week bit his miaster
and twvo of the children. The bites
wer'e ntot very severeol dseious conl-I
sequences are not approleieded
As all other stranigers who visit,
Piecens, J1udge Eirnest Gaury was de
lighted, and those inl attendance 1ip~1m
court wore charmed with thme smooth
* ~and easy~ manneri~l ini wihich lhe (di.
charged the responsible duities of his
Raiding Deputy, Loomis Bllaylockc
with several deputies madle at shlove
inito then hill country of OJeonee last
Friday' night and captured an illicit
still anid fixtures. Heo then pushed
the camipaign into '4'ransylvania and
performed a like feat.
Clemison fall session Opened last
Monday. Examinations wereO not h1eld
at the count seats as before, nor will
sltuden~lts be appotrtionied amtong the
conuties. Thlose whlo get there first
will ho first mat riculated. Boys uinder
fifteen yer oIf fl11 wuill not be receiveod.
Child'ren's Day at Tabor last Sal
urday was a big success. The reci
tations by the little girls were mue
onjoyed. Superitendon t, Slheriffar,
hIs assistanuts, deservo muchel praism
for tihe work they are doing. Th
verage attendanco in January wa
12, February 60, March 81, April (M
md for May 112. This goes awa,
dhe'vd of -any of tho town schools.
In the case of the Stato Vs. Harles
,on Chapman, indicted for libel oil
lev. D. C1. Freeman, which was penad
Ig inl the general sessionis last wee.
'vben11 we went to press, the jury On
Wednesday found a verdict of "Inot
uilty" in four minutes. Mr. Carey
or the Stato made a most splendid
irgument.. All who watched the pro.
r ess of the case woro loud in theit
Iraises of the abl 11n1111n01 ini Whieb
. A. Morgan conducted the defense
m(] ncr charmed with the eloquiti
Ilea to the jury on bohalf of his client
2o1. Blythe ima'io an exhaustive argu
nent for the State as he always does.
Trashl Movers.
Greenville, S. C., July 11.-Clerk
3oard Couity Conunisbioners, Pickens
Dear Sir-The commissioiers of
his couitv have directed me to notify
lie land ownI1tCrs inl Greeivilie c'ounity,
ii Saluda river, between Maylield's
ridge and Earle's bridge, to Imeet at
Ityfield's ibridge on August 6th, 1894,
)r the purpose of removing all trash,
rees, rafts and timber from Paid
train between said points.
They would Jijo for you to notify
he land owiiers oil said stream in
our comitt between said points, to
leet with those in this county at the
tune time and plane and work in co
peritioi with each other. The fol
>wiig list of name t has been given
me as the land owners on the Pick
18 side of the river, but I do not
n1ow whether or not it is correct.:
Messrs. Hunt & Watson, William
[ugles, -- - Colemanm, H. Hunt,
- - Foster, Elisha Freemain0, -len
erson Doli i, Jacksion Southerland,
11'vey ReWid, C. Lj Foster & Brother,
Sill Hendrieks, Mrs. Milina M1artin,
Viml. "Miayfiedfl. Yours truly,
T K. 1"mtlm,
Hu ilesi of Order fr uCanp '1 Meting.
1. No sales of merchntidisC will be
Rowed inl the corporate limits; not,
een lemonade, enkes. canie~is, me1lonls,
e anything whatsoever.
2. No riding or driving inside line
f tUts. No muoking unider or near
Ie arbor during services. No talking
11der or near1 the arbor durillg ser
ices, Iior an.1y ll sbllhaviour whatso
ver at or nlear the e!cilnc mpient at
ny tiie.
3. No pictire t1kinlg ill Corporate
4. The sexes sit separately during
5. Persons drinking or being niider
io influence of liquor wvill be s'trictly
calt. with accoIrdhing tr- law,
Signed, Johln 0. \\ iison, P. R., for
If, and by or'dar of trustees. Julv
[), 1894..
Thei [ lot AcZt~ Head.
JiLni Hendricksi., colo~red1, jmnped his
mitratt in Aler(soniC conty, anid htis
liilaloer lpursu1edl himi to I.'iekells,
here lie was arrested so.nd jailed.
omoIU of thle pn'isonier's friemds were
'r~y much anigeredl onl iacount of this
idignity to a geniitlenmn c'itizen of
mericnia. So about11 six ofl tihem bandloedi
liosmselves~ togethier' Saturday ev'eing
ud1 went to thle jail and detnum tded
anheas corpus for Ilendr'icks. A lit
le plaini talk f1 il) the shieriff's son
1)0n pu1t a (1uie0us oni thle boys and1(
hey doermuined to suhbmit.
Randornosa [F'rm Suntuav Bale.
Only wveigh (lie two men~l in) a true1
amee andl leave oult prejudice and
hut lier will bewat. 1,000) to 0.
he "onie-gallows" fellows nrie aoilut
o find a ring in their own) coupl, arc
he~v not? Jl ust hold still--let 'em
ake out their own rottenl eggs.
The chili'eni up this way, so says
'Rob G,"~ are afraid that Santaclaus
mn't get bacek from Columbia in tiin
0 1i1l their stockings for Christnas.,
,never tinid, chilih'en, Santaclaust
i not, going~ t') (oluinbia. Ri.
~The prospect. ini Picknls 'ountdy is
ireas where there has; not beein a good
011nson1 on in eigoht, wveeks, but genier
ret ties5t. Yonl hear on aill sides:
'Aini't. that a tine field of ('otton!
'Is not1 that. a splendid 1iehl (If corn?
Xnd like expres''sions.
Thei c'or'n crop es pecilly' is c woolint
;o countiy wviti1: aL ((rn (elop Cn2
mtrmchi, becanuse the ii ut plu itSW
miake soume impr)1ession on a1 storo ac
sounut, if it. does not enn eel it.
(Aood Oua~look f'or ? Ite Ne 00'c,Iia'.%'
Presciden1t T.ownies says thatt tii
outlook for a large at lend-oee on th<
Greenville 0. llege at ie coming s'es
51i1n is very encturaginig. Nmnlihter'
oaf his former patrons in) this city haiv<
declared their determl iition1 to cona
tiinuie their patronage, anld left ('ers f
his formier stud~entIs an11d from ath 1ei
families decatinhg their en thunsiasti
enidoirsement and~ dletermtinalion, som11
to return, othiers to send studet I:
the Greenville College, aro pourinogi
on himi.-Greenville News.
The Hnt & Adamns tmill, on Reed
river, is rutntng coinsian thy, having a
it <an1 doi. It is beainlg kept busy1 no
rmiuding for farmiiers who ar'e br'inf
img it their wvheat from till thtrou.
lbhis sect ion and1( who aire miuceh plete
with bte intie quality (If flour btne
liut. There seems to be ta veriy gel
Orl dlisp)ositioni amitong thenm to giv
mtore attention to growing wheat bor1
after, as the ntew mills ofler them
r'egulair and ready mnruhet for thei
surpihils graitn. T1he mlill men hot
lihit a fter' this year they ill not hav
to imuport whleat from albroad.- Greet:
villa Nmms
. Some Coradiensed Ftire Bucapeg.
All love asks is the privilogo of do
ing its best.
I If the heart is wrong, how can the
life be right?
Sorrow is soictimes God's curo
S tor selfishness.
The Bible does not command any
body to lovo a ihypocrite.
If a man is selfish, getting married
-will not cure him of it.
To go into temptation is to rt a
willing race with the devil.
It is hmnan to err, and human na
ture so say, "I told you so."
The hands that were nailed to the
cross had no money in them.
The devil is the only one helped
when a hypocrite joins the church.
If a man is a fool to begin with,
education will not, help him much.
Tihe man who works for God never
complains that ho don't get pay
There is as little mercy in stabbing
with a word as there is in doing it
with a knife.
The devil fights with both hands
to keep men from get-ting to God
with their money.
Cheap IRnte".
Thle Richmond & Danville R. R.
will place on sale the following very
cheap rates:
WVashingt)on, 1). C. Kniglts of Py
thios Conclave, Aug. 27th-Sept. 5th,
1894, rates of ono first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to be sol(I
August 23d-t28h inclusive, with ex
treme limit Sept. 6th 1894.
Cleveland, Ohio, United Society of
Christian Endeavor, July 11h L,-15th,
1894; rates of one first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to he sold July
8th, 9th and 10th, final limit July
31st, 1894.
Thus affording an unusual oppor
tunity for a pleasaut trip.
V. A. 'Tuin, S. 11. Hmiunvrc,
Gen. Pass. Agt. Asst. Gen. P. A.
A Quarter Ceatury -reqt.
For a quarter of a century Dr.
King's New Discovery has been test
ed, and the millions who have receiv
ed benefit from its use testify to its
wonderful curative powers in all dis
011ses Of Throat, Chest and Limgs
A remedy that has stood the test so
long and that has givenl so ulniverilel
sat i-faction is no e.xperimeit. Each
bottle is pos itively guaranteed to give
relief, or tile iimonmey will be refunlkded.
It is alhinitted to be the miost reliable
for coughs and colds. Trial bittles
free at MeFall's Drug Store. Large
size 50c. and $1.0').
It n1ay Do :11M nuen for Vou.
Mr. Fred Mliller, of Irvii:, Ill.,
writes that he ha(d a severe Kidney
trouble for many years, with severe
pailns inl his back and also that his
bladder was affected. He tried many
so called kidn-ey cures b~ut w ithout.
any good result. About a year ago
lie begm the use oIf Electric hitters
and founld relie3f ait once. E'lec0tric
Bitters is esp ciallydpted1 to cure
oif all Kidnty an d Liver troubles mnd
ifften gives alnost instant; relief. One
triail will prove'( our st atcieen.. Price
only 50c. tfor large botLLle. At McFall's
I will sell at public outcr'y, on sales
.lay, Scoitember(3i 3(1, 1 house'3 anud lot
oni the( cornerC of Johlnsoni nid Cathi
erinie streets; 1 stovo and cooking
uitenisils; I bed mid bed steadI; 1
trunk, and 1 fino silv'er watch. Terms
spot cash. J. F. WELLS,
Pickenis, S. C.
To make your bunsinless pay, fgood
hecalth is a prime factor. To secure
good health, the blood shouild lhe kept
pure and vigorous b~y .the use( of
Ayer's S arsaparilla. Whenm tho vital
enn be neither heailth, strength, nor
amiibit ion.
Biuckinighm's D)ye for the Whliskers
uniform browvn er black, wh~mich, whien
dry, will neither rub, w~ashx oil', nor
soil linien.
Lar'ge lot umbrnellas and parasols
fromi 50c. to $1.50 at Morris's.
WANTED- -A few bushels of nice,
clean Spanmishi Peanuts. A. M. Mor
Deathi to lFies-Sure ho Catch 'Emn
--IIest ly Trapll on1 Earth. A t Mi\or
is's. 25e. each.
Real of N .rthI Crolina, Pride of
ThUdford, and Durke's Clippinigs, the
best (of s moking tobaceco at Moi~rris's.
"Articles g
that are inO0
-any way dan- o
gerous oro
-. fonsivo, a lo 0
I' ~ie patent mcdi-o
c ino s , nos- 0
-~'- t r umna, and og
empirical preparations, whosoe
ingredients are concealed, will o8
Y not be admnitted1 to the Expo--0
" .Vhy was Ayer'n 5aumsa~nll admnit-o
tCed ? lBteuseo it j i nt a pa 'ten ediine, 0
bI hot d nosrn o ertpeaain
otdgeoius, not an Iilf ixperiet. and o
biecause It, is afl that, a fam1ily meiceine
bhould he.0
At the
Chicago, 1893.
Why not get the Beost?
pA P E R
For One's Price.
We are enabled to offer it with TilE
SENTINEF, for one year for $1.50, chlb.
bing subsel iptions to be sent, to this ..'lice
Gild acolrmanied by cnsh.
Every subscriber to this remarkable clu
bilig proposition is entitled to enter TWO
P11WI-1Z IONTESTS, sending his guesses
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
In which there are POUl PRIZE>s offered
for the NEA REST EST1I1AT'ES of the
size of the cott tm Crop of 1893-4, now he- 4
lg marketed. and award to be made as
Soon ats the New Orleans Cotton IExchange
announceIMs the official crop *ue. $100
IN GOLD for nearest. giess to Ihe crop,
,S200 prize for secoid, $200 prize for third,
j 100 for fourth, $100 for 1lit.
Crops for recent. yeNrs lve b-en as
follows: 11 1888, 7,017,707 hales: in 188.
(i,9:35,08* ; ini 1 890, 7,:;i:1,726;; in 189)1,
8,).,518; in 189, 1,70Lf,305.
In addition to the above every cluibbiig
subscriber can ene o(. Ill.- vinlination
supply the missing word ih the follow
ing senltence:
lie crept to this~ place and1( wited( a fa.
voralie opport unityv. It came nii onc~e, for
the keeun ears of tihe gnard hieardl somei t
ON.E FOU'RTII of the net subscriptionu
receiptts oif thtose eting'i ith is contett wil
bei dividedi amhtong thiose whot suptply the
tence. Thnus, if there are $5,000~i one fouthI
wiotildhe $1~i,25n. Ifr tent supptly the correct
wordh, eacht would receive 815 if 100, eaich
$12.50), ke.
Both of tihe abhove contests free and in addi
1tion to)
For the Price of One.
lias a cenaion of 150.000, and is TJIIE
PEOPLES PA PEli. It favors 'Tarif Re
formtt tin Individuail lIncome Tlax, andI thte
Expansiont of thle (Currencey to a dtegree snfI.
ficie~nLt t'o t the legitimaitte buinesst55 de.
maniids oft thte coutry.
It covers the necws of the worbd every'
week, having ntews coiorpondtts in aill th'e
news centres~ of thle world.
Wie offer' youI TjilEo PIC0K
The best cider , the ftreshes tt candyV
andlo crackers and all kindtos of canntied
goodsi att M\orris's.
~'O 09030e 0*soOe* O****QOOo
r tjg1E tttl>A Na TAnIULER re ulte h (st lomnach,
* n tir nm i lowvoic -arfy' ,iot iu at c,
* i lit to oi.t m u t rri i wm (i lstti m sohu
chronII foal urrh et-a . hr ot iver 'i isOuble. ola
ber~ts Jirdre 'tn~o achri Dizn, Dyreoitntoy
A (s ti hoi i ti (ruii' ive 1 it, l la
n malco~i, Kitjdn y o nt, Ill e r tabjlvs
crtt o ik
* Ite eerlio t, w ~ r
at. th gr~ toA~ rr.n.to g r bn.
n th' SI atn to J
o ont~i~i 'O es F i ng ro s
Adryt, irerHnnis, liiCI0
P. . Boxi2 ove Yaor
A coo0
wE haven't been saying mu
[t is not out of place, however,
,elected stock of goods in PicI
bargains, but when it comes to
IN SHOES-Our stock compt
Dur stock is larger than ever at
We have suits from $4.0o to
prices on GROCERIES that car
Lo be found anywhere. WE A
M1c F A L L'S
For Fruit Jars, Jelly Tumblers
and Sugar will not be. so great
this year. But we havO a small
lot to go at a bargain.
iThe Deutand"
For Turnip Seeds should be
greater. Bgin now and sow
often, so as to be sure to "hiti"
We have the Seeds.
For llot WVeather Supplies seems
to bet now in fall bIlst. See wht
wve have here (without any t
tenmpt at soft-soaping anyb~ody).
Fine Toilet Soaps, with a towel
in each box.
iheap Toilet Soaps, Shaving Soaps
md Brushes. White Castile Soaps,
Iaun dry3 Soaps, Carbolic D isinfecctinig
soaps, and a lot of other useful art icles
or hot weather. CALL AND) S'E
- --AT
Jones & Garrison's
.111I1 WE] li
Yard wide Bhlechig, the 8 cents kind,
for 5 cents a yaird, ats long ats it lasts.
10 -1l Uleached and I[einmied, ready
for the bed , att th samet~tIt pri1ce 3ou
wonl pay tor the goo)d :done.
Special values ini Blaick SiIlks. 32 inch
Chdimt Silk, thte same1 qulity we havte
50o(l at o5 cen ts, niow :,0)(IE ce t a nrdl.
Ask to sce our s i a vmod I'aille Sill.
W.~.il (l epi anything ~in OJrcnvile at
$.0a yaird.
21 inc I Pongee, koid tcolors, alhimmitedl
juant ity' yet onl hando. All silk 20I
cents a yard.
40 inich wide~ at -iE e'bnts a yaird.
WVe have settured the agency b r one of
lth beist ilts in K entuceky, and w"ill have
empile so,5 b tht will save'i any'p mbCehat
wit hi'i lhe reach oft Greenvi lle biothi money
No, 9 PENDL1ETlON STi'sTl.
A (dENTAs PllH WI'A N 1A im P ATTEmns
ch to you lately. TheIe is niore il
to put out a few sign boards here,
:ens County. We are not claiming
an every-day, substantial bargain, u
'ises the crean of three of the be!
id there are sone low prices' among
$15.00. IN HATS-We have c
Y NOTIONS in abundance for th
I't be duplicated. The largest sto
co. W. M
They Hay
They are the most Reliable Sc<
a good crop you should plant them
If you can't come for them, sc
Will send by return mail.
MianPsionl Housc Drug Sto
8L-Al G
Will offer for 30 days the follow.. Th
ing lots of Fine Frock Suits at Is
a terrible sacrifice :
Lot r. 37 Suits, 34 to 42, at Ev<
$r 2.50. None of this lot has vilh
ever been sold1 for less than
$6.50, and many of them at
$20 and $25. bes
L.ot 2. I2 Suits, 34 to 4i2: at feet
$10. This lot was sold from min
fo1r5 to $16-50-o
Lot 3. 9 Suits, 34 to 42, alt
$7- 50. These suits were sold meiC
from $ 10 to $'I3.50. thei
I ]*
One Hundred Brewste
Tlhe BEST and (
Ever Offered in !
Greenville Cor
O-ne and Two Hion
Why buiy Cheap Wecstvrn WVagonsa when
that willI out Ias
H. C. MA
W. M. AODo o &
1 Works than words, anyway.,
Shoving the way to the best
to have any two-ior-a..nickle
e can't be equaled.
;t factories in the country,
verything a man could wish,
e ladies. We are naming
ck of Tobaccos and Cigars
e Come
ad to be had, and to insure
id us the money and wo
re, Grecuville, S. C.
3 IS ^
s we believe
the Greatest U~u
~r made in clothing in Green..
3, The goods are of the
st fabrics and miade by the
t tailors that cut goods, peru
in fit and finish. A few
utes spent in examination
these numibers, we think,
ins a sale. Conme and see
m1 Yours truly,
r Spring 8uggies
%outh Carolina
Loh Factory
yo m buy a Ilomemado Wagon
R KLEY. Proprietor.

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