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Squire Richey lits ats fine cotton
as thero is in the couiity.
The bridge across Wolf creek, on
th.e Easley road, needs repairing.
Mrs. A. T.Clayton, who has been
quito ill, was much improved last Mon.
M1rs. W. G. Lowis went oin a visit
last week toi the MisSs Moss, of Wal
There is nothing left of the old
court house row but the track whero
it stood.
Rev. J. E. Foster commenced a
protracted meeting at Mountain Grove
last Sabbath.
J. H. Morgan and family, of Green
ville, havo been visiting in Pickens
for several days.
Will Gov. Tillman, on the Ist of
August, be at "The Opening of a
Chestnut Burr?"
Mr. and Mrs. .Jas. F. Hendricks
wero among their Pickens friends and
'kin last Thursday.
W hen your head swims its specific
gravity ii less than that of the fluid
in which it swims.
Mr. and Mrs. 11.. H. Cureton, of
Greenville, wero at Col. Ilollings
worth's last Sabbath.
The reform platform should be se
curely ban stored, or tho boys will be
gin to P11s11 each other off.
Clarence Folger, who has been iek
for several wooks, is up again and will
soon b ready for busimess.
The best behaved crowd of the
campaign will agnin be found at Pick
ens on the 3d day of August.
The trustees of the Pickens school
have elected Prof. M. S. Stribling as
teacher for the next scholastic year.
Rev. T. .J. Rook is assisting the
pastor, Rev. W. C. Seal)o ii, in carry
ing On a protractcd meeting at Enon.
Mi. Parr, the synodical colporter
was in Pickens last, Monday, selling
the very best quality of religious liter
Everything is soaking wet-thor
oughly wet. It is very disgusting to
have to run for an oflico this kind of
The last camp-meeting sent one
wbite man to the penitentiary. and
no telling how many it put on good
Rev. T. F. Nelson was in Pickens
one day last Week, gladdening thei
hearts of his old friends with wordsi
of good cheer.
Col. W. E. Welborn, of the Tugaloo
sid1e, is on his annual visit to the
frfbuds and relatives east of the Keo
wee. He was at Larkin Il ughes last
The law requires echcl lot owner to
* epatir his own l side-walks, but our
generous city fat hers haive assilumed
this burden to the great delight of
the pedlestrianIs.
Considerable damage to the corn
from wind( and1 high waiter' is rep'lort ed
fromn the Twelve .\lile hottoms. T1hec
corn on Wolf creek has for the most
part so far escaped.
The crops on IUncle Hugh Ellison's
p~laco are as good as can b)e shown
anywvhere in Andeirsoni county. He
is the fatrmer who plants his corn in
magnificent distances.
The California fruit chewing gum
is nowv having a large run. It is onl
sale at McFall's. It must he0 a great
moralizer, it furnishes so much inno
cent emp~loyment for idlo jaws.
Sam Bonham, an aged and respect.
ed citizen on the Gireenville side of
Saluda, (ied on the morning of the
15th inst. His remains wore buried:
the day following at Friendship
The many friends of Mi's. T. C.
Robinson will be glad to learn that
her health is so much improved that
she greatly enjoys a mnorning ride to
the health-giving ithia well at Jerre
The heaviest rain of the siummeri
fell at Pickens last Monday mlorniingP.
We would have been somewhat
aianned for the bottom corni, but we
had been assured that freshiet~s never'
.visited in .July.
Miss Berry, a daughter of L. M.
llerriy, was the successful comnpetitor
for the scholarship in the Winthrnop
Training School. She made an aver
age of 70. Miss Emuily 'Johnson was
next wvithi an average of 67.
Hlagood (listi'ict sch ools, near Ha
good's mill, No 38, will open on the
the first Monday in August. It is
not yet determined w~ho will hiavei
charge of tile white schIool. F. M
Elrhiod will have chiar'g of the colored
The McFall pai ty to the mountains
last week numbered 13, buit they had
not one) acc'idlent, e.itherl to v'ehicle,
teami, or' mnember' of the par'ity, aind
found overythling all right at home
on their return. WVhat say those to
whom 13 is a direaded anmd dreadful
.The first bloed of the campaign
wa'us niot about politics, but wvas (liawn
at Eastover', in lichland county. Sam
Joynier1 antioushy shot and Dicl 3Bran
ham. The fuss was about a pistol,
but Joyner did the wvork with a shot
gun. The difilculty occurred last
One of the most extensive deeds
yet r'ecorded in Pickens cou~nty is that
just enltered( by the Southern Railway'
Comp~any, made by3 the special mas.
ter' appointed for the sale of the Rich
mend & D)anville proportios. Thel
considira'.ion is $2,030,000, and con
it Aong the anniouncement of candi
dates for the House in Anderson
county are the iilli s of Rev. John
Attaway and John M.GJenn, and the
anotuolicement of Col. D. K. Norris
hats been changed from the Houco to
the Senate.
Ben Burgess died on the 14th inst.
after a short illness, at his h1omoi1 Oin
the Oolenoy, aged nourly 23 years.
Ho was a dLeservedly popular and
well man nered young man, and there
is cordial sympathy among his friends
for his bereaved wife, who was a bride
of only seven months.
Dr. Riley, the pastor, preached a
most interesting sermon at the Pres
b yterian church last Sabbath morning,
on the completeness of divine forgive
ness. At 8.3) Rev. J. T. McBride,
). D., preached from the text.,
"Strengthen the weak hands, &c."
delivering a most instructive discourse,
which received the profound attention
of all prosent.
The apparent increasing mortality
among the colored population ill this
county is calling forth general remark.
A gentlemen fromt up on the Saluda
informed TuE SENTINE, that not less
than eight old and young had died
this summer on one plantation, that
of Mrs Gwyn-. No local cause for
this remarkable mortality has been
discovered or even suspected.
W. T. McFall and family, Miss
Nora Hubbard, Miss Horton so Maul.
din, and guest, Miss Bertha Epps, of
Kingstree, had a delightful mountain
Irip last week, visiting Table Rock
and Cosar's Head. No ono has a
just conception of the beauty and
grandeur of thle mountain scenery till
lie has visited those two points. 1e
petition does not tire, as some new
Thari is ever unfolded to the admir
ing gaze.
Messrs. ]3. F0. and L. T. Smith will
run an excursion train from West
minster S. C., to Ashevillo, N. C., on
the 31st inst. The train will leave
WVestminster at 7 o'clock a. m. and
arrive at Asheville at 1 p. im. and will
remain there inu til 5 o'clock p. in. the
following liy. Messrs. Smith are
boti experienced railroaders, and are
certan of giving exeirsionists a de.
lightful trip. Fare from Easley for
roundtrip $2.
The largest crowd that has assem
bled in Pickens comity for a long
time was at Reunion, near Boggs'
mcuntain, last Friday. It was vari
ously estimated front 1,000 to 2,000.
Sunday sichool adtresses were made
by Rev. J. T. Lewis and T. 0. lRobin
soi. ThIle candidites were out in full
force, and much real hard lectioneer
ing was done. One man estimatedtho
pr-ocession of Sunday school children
to be as long as from Pickens to Se
cona. It will be something remarka
ble if childrens' day overwvhebums coun
ty politics, and relegates ofliceseeking
to the reair.
Ciirens' day~ will lbo observed at -
Six Mile oni Satturday before the 2d
Suniday in Aungust. Ever~y one is in
vited~ to co mie anud bring well-tilled
baisket s. The following Siunday sch oolIs
atre cordliatll y inuvited to ike part ini
the exercises. DLill'eent co lored bad
ges will represent the dliflereni t schiools:
Prater's Creek, dark blue; Shoal Creek,
p~ink; Cmnip Creek, brown; GJarvint,
searl-t; PI~ltsat Ilill, p)urple; Old
Pickens, erer : Cross lloads, yellow;
(Gap Hill. white; Mile Creek, light
blue; Six Milo, black. Tbc editors
of the Journal and Tuxii SENTINICL arc
inivited to deliver addresses. Profess
orsi J. C. Garrett and E'. M. .Bolding
will conduct the singing. IRov.
WV. C. Seaborn has been invited to
conduct the exercises.
Last Saturday we saw the adventist
tent, near John1 lHosamnond's, in
Brutshy creek townushiip of Anderson
county. That was their Sabbath andl
tihey all had on their Sunday clothes.
A ver-y goodl congregtionl of nice
looking people were attentivtely l isteni
ing to the preacher. Tihe tenit, wvhich
has a seating capacity of 250, was
w~ell provided with seats. Under the
tenlt where p)reachinig was going on
there was also a bed, a comnbination
bicycle and other useful articles. Near
the large tent was a smaizller one
which apupeared to be tused as a kitehien
and diing room. lIt was pr-vided
with a coo~king" stovo. The p)rehers
are nice looking, anid are said to re
ceive nino1 dollars a week for their
woirk. They are pleasanutly and comn
fortably located.
It is not oiftenl that an adlvert ise
mienlt contains so much vat lal(e infor
malitionl as the columnii edited by Sloan
Bros., in thiis issue. The piracticl
knowledge of Peter HeIndeaisoni is
wo~rthl a great deal to others, and(
whlat ho says atbout "rlimig" the1(
ground whlen seds are. sownl it dry
wveather, has been thoroughly testedl
and( stands(1 approved. Our own ex
perience, after rep)(uted failrt res to
get a standl~ of v'egetables last sprinig,
fully confirms the observattionis of Mr.
Hend~erson, and~ for the( reatson thatt
wve followeod his .pIraictices in) several
inistanceos is duo to th)0 fat t.halt cer'
tain vegetables are~ no0w growing inl
the garden. Beets, spinuch, hieatns,
okra and cantaloupes wVere helped
by this methbod, and good stanuds were
obtained where we had failed in twvo
or three previous sowings. Sloan
Bros., are p~ublic benefatctor~s inl giving
this iniformvation to our readers, which
is wvell-timied on1 aceotunt of tile turnip
MIiss A ~ . -derson, is
at Mrs. TI.
Missi Ai ni b for lher
home at 10:~.. I beenl
visiting the 2 . ,
Misses Mat hens~i.
aro visiting fi ' iin
Athene. They , K th
ing her sister, Mrs. J. S. Hall, for
soveral weeks.
Prof. W. A. Dagnall was re-elected
principal of the high school here, but
to tho regret of hii many friends
could not accopt.
0. B. Martin has gono to Asbury
Park, and will go fron there to New
York to a sunmer school. He will
return from there tie latter part of
Cheat, nahtes.
The Richmond & I)ainville I. R.
will place on salo the following very
cheap rates:
Washington, D. C. Knights of Py
thios Conclave, Aug. 27th--Sept. 5th,
1894, rates of ono first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to b sold
August 23d--28th inclusive, with ex
tremo limit Sept. 6th 1894.
Cleveland, Ohio, United Society of
Christian Endeavor, July 11th-15th,
1894; rates of one first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to be sold July
8th, 9th and 10th, final lint July
31st, 1894.
Thus af'ording an unusual oppor
tumity for a pleasant trip.
V. A. Tu, S. 11. HAmweKC,
Gen. Pass. Agt. Asst. Gen. P. A.
Four Big Succene.%5
Having the needed IMerit to more
than make goodt all the advertising
claimed for them, the following four
remedies have reached a phenomenal
sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for
consimiptioln, Coughs and Colds, each
oottle guaranteed- Electric Bitters,
the great remedy for Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
the best in the world, and Dr. King,s
Now Life Pills, which are a perfect
pill. All these remedies are guaran
teed to do what is claimed for them
and the dealer whose 1nm1 is attach
ed herewith will be glad to tell you
more of them. Sold at W. T. Mcfall's.
A illIont Frieneis.
A'friend in need is a friend indeed,
aid not less than one million people
inve found just such a friend in Dr.
King's New Diiscovery for Consuinp.
tion, Coughs, and Cols. - If you
have never used this GIreat Cough
Medicine, one t.rial will convince you
that it has wonderful curative powers
in all diseases of Throat, (hest and
Lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed to
do ill that is claimed or maonev will
be refuide:1. Trial bot-tl-es free at
W. T. MeFall's. Large bottles 50e.
and $1.00.
IFori Male.
I will sell at public outcry, on sales
day, Septeiber 3d, 1 house :uld lot
on the corner of Johnson and Cath
erine streets; 1 stove and cooking
utensils; I bed and bed steadi; 1
trunk, and 1 ine silver watch. Terms
spot cash. J. F. WYELLS,
Pickeuns, S. C.
"Have tried otheris, bult like Ayer's
b( st1" is the stotemenlicit made overj and
o' er again by those who testify to the
benefit dlerivedi fr~om the use of Ayer's
Sarsuparilla Diseuse never had a
greater enemyii t han thins lnvweirful
1)1ood puriller. It n:akes the weak
Thin or gray hair- und bald heads,
so displeuasing to manay people as mlarks
of age, may be0 averted fo aPi long time
by using Hall's 11lair R~eniener.
Seal of Ntorih Carolina, Prido of
Bedford, andl Duke's (Clippi ngs, the
best of smoking tobacco at Morris's.
Death to Flies-Sure to Catch 'Em
--Beat Fly T1rap on Earth. A t Mor-.
ris's. 25c. each.
WANTED-A few bushels of nice,
clean Spanish Peanuts. A. M. Mor
Large lot, umbrellas and parasols
from 50c. to $1.50) at Morius's
Ayer's Pills
"My hulsbnl was sub9ilject to seve ro O
at tacks of nenrualgti whlehi' cansc50( hinju 0
great pains and suiffer-ing. Thei pains O~
were principally ahout his eyes, and hie
often had14 to rinina cknti rootn,111030( 140(w0
(tot, belig ablie to stanai lie light. A yer's 0O
PIlls beting recoiiendedt, lhe tited them, 0:
tislng 0one betfore tacht neal. 'They very o
nent cnre. I am a stronig hiellever Iin the 0:
eancacy of Ayer's l'ills, antd wvotild not. o5
hec without themi for tien times0 thir~ 0!
cost.''-Mrs. M%. E. Dxnoa-'r, Ibherty, Te'x. S
"I have usedt A yer's P'ills in moy family oi
for forty yeairs, amnt re'gar-( them ais the 03
ve ry best.-Uncle MAIBTIN I1A'~eoCEI,
Receivod Highest Awards i
is Rol'un TAlRCIES1hguhlatin the ptomach,
Si liver nnt o l ) urify the b lood, are ke-a
Irlght a iu ,~ rntnrrh, (oli', toIMihpallohl,
chironito Di.rrh-a. thronte I.nver iroubh , Dia.
nsoul lirlt th Ilendnehein, iearthurnives
aundio, rin ant, Iivor Tro'tfles,
Oi of A i ni )Dpreoln u ara.
*an Elais ld ftlo
to (i n oeady a
iasins. r en 4lven io ov e atng.Terben
er dlsteaead e l tr
Cur. for Olltiuatocon u "n. -raey conini
notbig that can he ti uio..a to t he miocit el-l.
o- hfi gou .1- g 43.25 14 reon 7t0.,)
For One's Price.
We are elabled to offer it with TIlE
SENTNEl for oneyear for $1.50, club
bing subset iptioIs to 1)e sent to this olilee
And accolinlanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable chlb
bing pr)position is entitled to enter TWO
P4=11ZE CONTESTS, seuding his guesses
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
for the NEAREST ESTIMATE4 of the
size of the cotton crop of 1893.4, now be
ing marketed, and award to be made as
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchange
atounces the olficial crop tlures. $400
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
$200 prize for second, $200 prize for third,
$100 for fourth, $t00 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have bweun as
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889,
6,935,082; in 1890, 7,313,726; in 189)t,
8,4155,518; in 18192, (,700,365.
In addition to the aboveC every clubbing
subscriber canL eniter our comlbinationl
Supply the missmng word In the follow.
ing sentence:
lie crept to this place and waited a fa.
voirable oppuortunity. It camne at once, for
the keen ears of the guard heard Bomne un
usual sound as Trhurabi crouched beind
ONE FOURTH of the net subscription
receipts of those entering this contest will
he divided among those who supply the
correct word in the blank In the above sen
tence. Thus, if there are $5,000 one fourth
would be $1,250. If ten supply the correct
wordi, each would receive 8125, if 100, each
$12.50, &c.
Both of the above contests tree and in atddi
tion to
For the Price of One.
ffins a circulation of 156.000, andI is TH E
PEOPLES P1l'EII. It favors Tiartff lie.
formt, at) Individutal Itlne Tlax, and the
Expasition of the Curtency to a dlegree auif.
fleient to meet the legitimate business de.
mnands of the country,
1I, covers the news of the world every
week, having ntews correspondents in all the
news enitres of the world.
We offer you THlE PICK
p~er yearV.
The1 1 ~hest candly
and e nds1(1 of canned
IOOD, cg & CO.
WE haven't been saying muc
It is not out of place, however,
selected stock of goods in Pick
bargains, but when it comes to 6
IN SHOES-Our stock compri
Our stock is larger than ever an
We have suits from $4.oo to
prices on GROCERIES that car
to be found anywhere. WE A
"The Demand"
For Fruit Jars, Jolly Tumblers
and Sugar will not be so great
this year. But we have a small
lot to go at a bargain.
"The Demand"
For Turnip Seeds should be
greater. Begin now and sow
often, so as to be sure to "hit."
We have the Seeds.
"The IheillaRd"
For llot Weather Supplies seems
to be now in fnll blast. See wvhat
we have hero (without any at
tempt at soft-soaping anybody).
Fino Toilet Soaps, with a towel
in each box.
Cheap Toilet Soaps, Shaving Soaps
and Brushes. White Castilo Soaps,
Laundry Soaps, Carbolic Disin fecting
Soaps, and a lot of other useful articles
for hot weather. CALL AND SEE
W. T. McFA LL.
Jones & Garrison's
Yard wide Bleaching, the 8 cents kind,
for S ceiits a yard, as long as it lasts.
S0 -4 Blleached an lfl(11emmedi~t, ('eady
for the lbed, at the same price you
would pay for the goods alone.
Special valuea in Ulack Silks. 32 inch
China Silk. the same quality we have
sold at (i5 cents, now 59 cents a yardl.
Ask to ace onr $t a yardl Faille 81lk.
WVill equal anything In Greenyle at
$1.50 a yard,~
21 i Pongee, solid( colors, a ilmmnited
quanatity yet on hand, All sialk 29
cents a yard,
40 Inch wide at 40 cents a yard,
We have secured the agency tor one of
the biest miills in Kecntucky, and wIll have
sampnleac son that will save any merchant
within the reach of GIreenville both money
andl freight,
h to you lately. There is m
to put out a few sign boards I
ens County. We are not cla
m every-day, substantial barg,
ses the cream of three of th
d there are some low prices a
$r 5.00. IN HATS-We ha
V NOTIONS in abundance f
't be duplicated. The largcs
They Ha
They are the most Reliab
a good crop you should plaIt
If you can't come for thei
vill send by return mail.
Mansion House Drug
Ah Ther
- soon shi
This is a correct pictulre
>f the gentlernan who did the besi
200 advertise his business.
md in his wild endeavor TilE S
toecphrmhsce i rt
>rs shared the above fate,. io o
r'ho picture was taken bycutm
i you press the button, we
lo the rest. j: tion, an
If you don't
want in the wa
attractive advei
and will desigr
One Hundred BreA
The JfEiST ar
Ever Offered ir
Greenville C
We mali
One and Two I
Why buy Cheapi Western Wagons
that will
'eO Patronize lIOGMR INin)18'rldA.
B. C.
e w.M. BAOOD & Co.
ore in works than words, anyway.
[iere, showing the way to the best
ining to have any two-for-a-nickle
in, we can't be equaled.
: best factories in the country.
mong them. IN CLOTi-ING-.
ve everything a man could wish.
or the ladies. We are naming
t stock of Tobaccos and Cigars
Lve Come
e Seed to be had, and to insure
n, send us the money and we
Store, Grecuville, S. C.
iy There!
still con tuiu to mope around your
f business with nothing to do. Run
the same 0old rut-selling no goods
iterprising I No advertisemient to lo6
mow you are in busines. You will
are the gentleman's fnte on your left.
{ don't you put an advertisement in
, ium~l~l in the County of Pickns
ENTINEL--.and in one month's time
ia a clerk to help you wait upon your
rs ? We will furnish rates on applica
d guarantee satisfaction.
know what you
.y of a neat and
-tisement, we do,
it for you.
ster' Spring Buggies.
t South Carolina
~oach Factory
.0 the BRSf4T
torso W AGONS.
MAR KLEY, Proprietor.
iteindmet.-n e

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