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Next Monday is salesday. There
are no sales.
Col. James E. Hagood will be in
Pickens next Saturday.
Mrs. Martha Carey, of Seneca, is
visiting Mrs. J. P. Carey.
Itaiding Deputy Loomis Blalock
was in Pickens Monday on business.
Rev. J. A. Hughes, of Laurens, was
amnong his Pickens friends last week.
Mrs. W. G. Lewis returned from a
pleasant visit to Walhalla last Satur
John A. Robinson, the surveyor,
Was surveying around Pickens last
D. B. Johnson has our thanks for a
eataloguo of the Winthrop Training
Rev. S. J. Cowan a few days ago
closed a meeting at Flat Rock which
was very well attended.
Marion Cassle was in town Monday
to recover the small piece of his lost
arm voted to him by the State.
Hon. T. J. Mauldin, Esq.,of Atlanta,
is on a visit to his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joab Mauldin, of Pickens.
The young folk singing association
had a delightful day last Sabbath at
Concord, and much good singing.
J. Perry Looper was in Pickens last
week shaking hands with his friends
nud renewing old acquaintances.
Pickens was visited by another
vigorous downpoor of rain last Mon
day, but it did not extend far wost.
Campaign reports up to last Mon
day showed that sremo of the condi
dates are running liko March rabbits.
Lark. Hughes was in town Mon
day. He says there is a healthy crop
(f grass on the farms just at this
There was a heavy downpoor of
rain on the Mile creek farms last Mon
day, but no great dainago from over
Miss Tiizah Hughes will have
charge of the Hngolod district white
school. It will open next Monday
mornin g.
J. E. Robinson raised a mielol this
summer weighing 51 pounds. He
will be apt to get the prize in Hamnp
ton county.
W. WV. W hito and wife, of Anderson,
%isited Mrs. White's parents, Captain
and Mrs. J. L. Thorunley, of this place,
last week.
The low-country folk have swarmed
and are doing the buzzing act around
the various mountain resorts in the
Miss Essie Earlo, who has b1eeni
visiting relatives and friends in Belton
for sotmetinmo paset, returned home
last Saturday.
H. L. Clayton went last weeck on a
visit to B~atesville, Arkansas. He has
mande his arrangements to resume
charge of the school at TPowniville.
Lee P. O&er has taken a picture of
the now court house anid surround
ings. wvhich, patriotic and en terprisinig
citizens cani have transferred to their
business cards.
Something like distemper or poison
has appeared among WV. B. Allgood's
milk cows. Two had died from the
effects last Tuesday morning and one
was still sick.
The union meeting at Antioch, on
the Eastatoc, was well attended last
Saturday and Sabbath. R1ev. J. T.
Burdine was made moderator, and
everything wvent Onl harmoniously.
The bridge on Twelve Mile river
below Hunter's mill is nowv undergo
ing repairs. John Hughes, who has
the dbntract, had the misfortune t->
got his foot severely cut one (lay last
Almost every bridge on thle road
from Pickens to Easley is in need of
slight repairs, wl'ile two or three are
beyond repairing, and if not4 attended
to soon will bring trouble on the
No harder rains have fstllen any
where in the county than on tile farm
of Nelson Smith, near Glassy Mount
nin, yet not one of his terraces hlas
yielded to the pressure. So terracing
is still a big success.
If we could hlave anchored some of
theclouds that used around here last
wveek, just over some of our inmmense
forest tracts, it would have been ani
easy matter to knock tihe spots off of
an August drought.
Joe IE. Kinch surprised us8 last
Tuesday morning by crossing thme
th~reshh~old of our sanctum. His
many friends in Pickens will be0 glad
to know that his health and that of
hlis family hlave been rensonably good
since he left hero. lHe says the p~rint
ing business in . the cotton states is
.Ilat, flat. Like all the other callings,
it must feel and suffer from the tinan
cial squ'ezo.
The following nre the candidates
for the different offices in tihe coming
election: For Congress-A. C. Latiminor.
House of Representatives--Fred WilI.
hiams, WV. WV.F. Bright, Laban Maul.
din. Auditor--J. Q. Stone, N. A.
Christopher, WV. H. Bryant, S. J.
Robinson, J. E. Parsons. State Soin..
ate--W. T. O'D)ell. County Treasurer
--G. W. Singleton, J. D. Cureton,
J~seph S. Murphlree, James E. Bor.
oughls, J. TI. Younglood. School
Commissionr-J. A. McXhorter, T.
Chris. Robinson. County Supervisor
.-Matthew Hendricks, J. RI. Rloss, 0.
P. Field, M. P. Rogers. Supervisor
of Registration--J. A. Brown, .J. H.
Kennemur, J. T. Looper. Probate
Judge - J. T. Lewis, 3. B1. Nowbery,
M. F. Ilester. B. J. Johlnston is also
candidate for the House of Represen.
McFall has just received another
supply of choice mattresses- and bed
Mrs. Reese Fant and her son Ollie,
f Andeison, are visiting Mrs. John
1j. Thornley,
Mrs Warren Boyd has been quite
dick, but was thought to be improving
ast Saturday.
Dr. Lawrence G. Clayton, of Cen.
,ral, who has been quite sick is up
md out again.
Matthew Gillespie and wife, of
Praters, are visiting relatives and
riends in Bi'evard.
All tho democratic olbs in the
ounty are called to meet next Satur
lay, the 4th at 4 p. m.
John T. Stall died on the 24th ult.,
it his home in Greenville. He was a
onsistent and faithful memtor of. the
resbyterian church, and his death is
great loss to that church and com
Rev. E. P. Hutson, of Easley, dur
ng the past week did some faithful
ind earnest preaching at Zion. There
vero several accessions to the church.
'he song feature of the 'ervice was
dso greatly-enjoyed.
On th'e 25th ult. Joseph Ellington
lied suddenly of heart disease in
he drug store of Carpenter Bros., at
ireonville. He was an honored citi
,en of West End and had been in
>ad health for some time.
The attention of the merchants and
he court house ring is called to the
act there has been complaint about
he chairs furnished to loafers being
oo low. If they were about six inches
iigher, it would be so much easier to
John Lance was last Sabbath coml
nitted to jail on a charge of appro
wriating live stock belonging to Mr
3illespio. He was committed by
'rial Justice Lewis,.of Eastatoe town
thip, for the preliminary to be had
his week.
The Post says: Women charged
vithi misdemeanors never try to es
ape. Men do. Yet we have seen
vonien carefully guarded until they
rave bond, and have known men1 to
inve bonds sent to them with request
a sign and return.
Although it is an old folk singiig
it Bethlehem next Sabbath, it is not
4 "fa-sol-la-ie," but a "do-ra-me fa
iol-la-co" singing. It is not quite as
incient as some of us supposed. It
is the round notes and round dancing
that seem to run an even race.
Cards are out announcing the mar
ringe of Miss Lizzie Dargan to F. Ed.
ward Rodinan, on the 9th inst., at tlc
Citadel square Baptist church,Charles
ton. The imany friends of the bride
in Pickens, send congratulations.
Two negroes became involved in
difficulty, near Cross Plain s,last Satur.
day, and the one named Evans madC
a bad crack in the head of the other
with a hoe. The one hurt is Dan
Anderson. Dr. J. J. Morgan thinks
the wound rather a dangerous one.
Josiah Chapman, who escaped from
jail about a month ago, last Monday
wroJte the shem itf to send him his coal
and some other things he forgot in
his hast~e on leaving to take with him,
H-o further stated that it was too "big
a word" for him to use to say he
would come back.
Russell Duke died at his home in
Picns, near Tabor, last Sabbath,
aged about 50 years. He had the
confidence and respect of all who
knewv him, as a man who attended
enrofully to his own business. He
will be greatly missed by his neigh.
bors. He was never married.
The protracted meeting at Mountain
Grove, conducted by Rev. J. E. Foster,
alosed last Sabbath night. Thorc
wiere six accessions to the church, wvhc
will be baptized on the 4th Sabbath
in August. The interest was kept ul:
throughout the meeting and mucd
enjoyed by all who attended.
IR. T. Branahami, who wvas shot by
Joyner at the Eastover county cam
paign meeting for Richla nd county
died on the 25th ult. There wort
some ugly rumors about a lynching
and the governor had Joynor trans
forred to the penitentiary. The coro
nor's jury charged him with murder
Mrs. Evans Brown, of May'r, re
turned last Wednesday from a sin
months visit to Texas. *She broughi
good tidings from many ex-Carolin
ians in the Lone Star state, and cspe
cially from thoso in Grayson county
She saw Henry Bowvon and his sisteo
Miss LiiC, both of wvhom expoCsset
thiemselves as being well pleased wvitla
their now home.
These are some of the excursion isti
to Asheville last Tluesday: Mrs. RI. A
Lancaster, Misses Hlortenso Mauldin
Angie Clayton, Elizabeth McMillan
Au rio H allingsworth, Es'isio Earle
Messrs. C. I1. Alexander, P. E. Alex
ander, Perry Thorniey, Sonnio Cooper
Ben Griffin, W. V. Clayton, Pendle
ton E. Alexander, Alex. Cooper, W
WV. R~obinson, RI. S. Brown and wife
R. C Smishi and wife. About 3
more wvent from Eaisley, and the she
riff. 120 or more wvent from Greenm
illoe. Ashe~ville boi our congratula
tions an ~~d sypah
SabbAM pa I'd t ai large and aj
preciia n a. i ne a T welve Mile, i.
the nuo 'n, hd nt night in the
Methodht ebu: 11ckons. ii
subject b - . nal triump)1
of Chrisi. .0 0,ii had noc
proe nu o it. wei usar to a]
of his old friin thi he, i had los
none of the l'i1Ieuv :ai tro wvhic1
marked his younger.:o Ays- IHe is i
the enjoyment. of 1' feet hemalth, an
his many friad an11 i1d . iremI'! in th<
counity will b ja gibi :- tan i
will bo at the: c;a:ap .mla; il
Ariletal Limb iFund.
The following named are entitle<
t > the artificial limb fund foi the yea:
F. M. Cassell, Jno. Craig, 0. F
Jones, J. J. Jamison, I. H. Philpot
Robt. Stewart, 0. W. Singleton.
Please call in clerk's office and got
your money and receipt for the same,
I can't send it by any one.
They will receive about $20 each,
J. M. STEwART, C. C.
Cheap Iates.
rhe Richmond & Danville R. It
will place on sale the following very
cheap rates:
Washington, D. C. Knights of Py.
thios Conclave, Aug. 27th-Sept. 5th,
1894, rates of one. first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to be sold
August 23d-28th inclusive, with ex.
treme limit Sept. 6th 1894.
Cleveland, Ohio, United Society of
Christian Endeavor, July 11th-15th,
1894; rates of one first-class fare for
the round trip; tickets to be sold July
8th, 9th and 10th, final limit July
31st, 1894.
Thus affording an unusual oppor.
tunity for a pleasant trip.
W. A. TuRK, S. H. HARWIcK,
Gen. Pass. Agt. Asst. Gen. P. A.
Guaranteed Cure.'
We authorize our advertized drug
gist to sell Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consmnption, Coughs and Colde
upon this condition: It you are afflict
ed with a cough, cold or any lung,
throat or chest trouble, and will use
this remedy as directed, giving it a
fair trial, and experience no benefit
you may return the bottle and hav<
your money refunded. We could not
make this offer did we not know Dr.
King's New Discovery could be relied
on. It never disappoints. Trial
bottles free at McFall's. Large siz<
50c. and $1.
Cure for Ifendache.
As a remedy for all forms of head
ache, Electric Bitters has proved tc
be the very best. It effects a perna
nent cure, and the most dreaded hab
itual sick headaches vield to its in
fluence. We urge all wio are afflicted
to procure a bottle, and give tiis
remedy a fair trial. In cases o
habitual constipation Electric Bitter,
cures by giving the needed tone tc
the bowels, and few cases long resis
the use of this medicine. Try il
once. Large bottles only 50 centr. a
For Sale.
I will sell at public outcry, on sale
(lay, September 3d, 1 house and lo
on the corner of Johnson and Catl:
erine streets; 1 stove and cookint
utensils; 1 bed and bed stead;
trunk, and 1 fine silver watch. Term
spot cash. J. F. WELLS,
Pickens, S. C.
What causes bad dreams is a goe:
tion that has never been satisfactoril
answ~ered; but, in nine cases out c
teni, frightful dreams are the resul
of imperfect (ligestion, which a fes
dloses of Ayer's Sarsa parilla will efi'ect
ually remedy. Don't delay-try it tc
By using Hall's Hair Renewer, gra;
faded, or discolored hair assumes th
natural color of youth, and grows lus
uriant and strong, pleasing everybody
Seal of Nurth Carolina, Pride o
Bedford, and Duke's Clippings, th
best of smoking tobacco at Morris'
Death to Flies-Sure to Catch 'Er
--Beat Fly Trap on Earth. At Moi
ris's. 25c. each.
WANTED-A few busbels of nice
clean Spanish Peanuts. A. M. Mui
Large lot umbrellas and parasol
from 50c. to $1.50 at Morris's
-- P. H, FORD
q -OF
- - Quaohlta Cill, La.,
/ Suffering
1/ / S CURED
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
"For fully two years, I suffered from U
rheumatism, and was frequentiy in such o4
a Condition that I could hardily walk. 0
I spent some time in Hlot Springs, Ark., 0
and the treatment helped me for the o
time being; but soon the complaint re- 0
turned and I was as badly afflieted as0
over. A yer's Sarsaparilla being recomn-c
mnended, I resolved to try it, and(, after
using six bottles, I was completely
eured."--P. Ht. FOnD, Quiaebiita City, La. o
- R.2R,2.99.a9.9A.9,L2..9.
r sTA1UI.E re .Ito (ho ttiifc,
-enc~ fo Itlouars~ o s on ii 0Faco,
Illte 1ord re (!trr oi y o nstp eroa
Sauche, in l Di. or1) tQt, Lierrsbeso
For One's Price..
We arc enabled to offer it with THE
SENTINEL. for one year for $1.50, club
hing subscriptions to be sent to this otlice
and accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable club
bing proposition is cntitaled to enter TWO
PRIZE CONTESTS, sending his guesses
for the
81,000 Cotton Crop Contest
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
for the NEARESl ES TIMATES of the
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now be
ing marketed, and award to be made as
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchange
t announilces thie ollicial crop figures. $400
. IN GOLD for nearest guess to the crop,
.'-200 prize for second, $200 prize for third,
tj 100 for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have baen a
follows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 1889
0,935,082; in 18101), 7,313,720; in 1891
8,633,518; In 1892, 0,700,305.
In addition to the aboVe every cluibbiuj
subscribe~r can cntor our comibhnation
-Supply the missmng word in the follow.
ing sentence:
lHe crept to this pla0ce and waited a fa
-verable opportunity. It came at once, fou
the keen ears of the guard heard some un.
usual sound as Thurabi crouched bebodu
ONE FOURTII of the net subscriptior
receipts of those entering this contest wvil
he divided among those who supply th<
correct wordl in the blank in the above sen
8 tencec. Thus, if there are $5,000 one fourti
'would be $1,250. If ten supply the correct
- wordl, each would receive *125, if 100, ecol
$12.50, &c.
Bloth of the abovc contests free and in addi
tioni to
For the Price of One
rias a circulation of 150.000, and Is TrIII
PEIOPL~ES PA PEiI. It favors Tariff Re
form, ani 11 Indiiual Icomle Tax, and th
Expansion of the Currency to a degree sul
ficienit to meet the legitimazto business de
mxands of the country.
It covers the news of the world everj
week, having news correspondents in all thii
news centres of the world.
* K '~' EL andu TILi
e ider, the freabent cand(y
:ra and all kinds of canned
i 4.i' V crop ( ()115ur seed and(
1Aleonn in inwn na. Morris'g
AG D, Vl & 00.
haven't been saying muc
It is not out of place, however,
selected stock of goods in Pick
bargains, but when it comes to
IN SHOES-Our stock compr
Our stock is larger than ever an
We have suits from $4.00 to
prices on GROCERIES that can
to be found anywhere. WE A
Fresh and Genuine. Early and Of ten.
That's the way to HIT it.
New Shoes, Now Hats, New Clothing,
.Now Furniture, New GOOds in Every
A few odds and ends in some few
departments yet to go off CHEAP.
Lots of them wvent last month.
The people know a good thing
wihen they see it, and they know what
we mean when we say it.
Call in and examine our different
lines and rest in our easy chairs.
W. T. McFA LL.
Jones & Garrison' s
Yard wide B)leachuing, th
for e cents a yardl, as 1.. ..~ ..
10-4 Uleached andi Hemmed, ready
for the bed, at the same prico you
wvould pay for the goods alone.
SpeialvanesinillckSilks. 32 inch
Chin Sil, te saenality we have
sold at 6I5 cents, now 9tt cents a yard.
Ask to see onr $1 a yard Faille Silk.
Will egnal anything in GJreenville at
$1.110 a yard.
21 incha Pongce, solid1 colors, a limmited
quantity yet on hand. All silk 291
cents a yardi.
40 lucha wide at 40 cents a yarl.
We have secured the agency for One of
the best mills in Kentucky, and will have
saamples soon that wil salVe any merchant
within the reach of GIreenivilic both money03
and freight.
Catalogue free on request.
h to you lately. There is mor<
to put out a few sign boards hei
ens County. We are not claimi
m every-day, substantial bargain
ises the cream of three of the
d there are some low prices am<
S1 5-00. IN HATS-We have
Y NOTIONS in abundance for
't be duplicated. The largest
DO. W.
They Ha
They are the most Reliable
a good crop you should plant tl
If you can't come for them
will send by return mail.
Mansion House Drug i
Ah There
1.1 And
- How or
people Ii
soon1 shi
This is a correct picture'
of the gentleman who did .'tho best
not advertise his business.'
and in his wild endeavor 'T1JE S]
to escape from his credit-|'i VI
ora shared the above fate.,:hryo
The picture was taken by .'customei
a you press the button, we'
do the rest. : tioni, an(
If you don't
want in the wa:
attractive adver
and will design
One Hundred Brews
The BEST an<
Ever Offered in
Greenville 04
We make
One and Two l[
Why buy Cheap Western Wagons wi
that will r
'sr Patronite lOM E INfDUSTRl Y.
G. W SIRINE.Sunerinit
in works than words, anyw
e, showing the way to the be6
ig to have any two-for-a-nicke
we can't be equaled.
best factories in the country,
)mig them. IN CLOTHING
everything a man could wish
the ladies. We are naming
stock of Tobaccos and Cigars
ve Co--me
Seed to be had, and to insure
send us the money and we
-4R BROS. .
storc, Grecuville, S. C.
ty The re!1
still continuc to mopo around your
buins with nothing to do. Run
the same old rut- selling no0 goods
terprising I No advertisement to let
nlow you aro in busines. You will
tre the gentleman's fate on your left.
don't you put an advertisement in
medium in the County of Pickcons-.
ENTINEL-and( in one month's timo
a clerk to help you wait upon your
s ? We will furnish rates on applica..
guarantee satisfaction.
know what you
v' of a neat and
tisement, we do,
it for you.
ter' Spring Buggies,
South Carolina
ach Factory
)rse WAGONN.~
Len you can buy a tlotnemiado Wagon~
it, last, two,
IARKL.EY. Propnetor.

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