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Miss Annie Kingl of Charleston, is vis.
&' tng Mrs.- J. J. Lowis.
-J. E. Smith, who lives near Carmel,
a quito ill last Barturday.
-Miss Olive Thornley is visiting Mrs.
WV. W. White, of Anderson.
-Andrew Morelanid, of Charleston, via
ed friends in Pickens last week.
-Let everybody remember that the
c'irthquako it due now any night.
-Mrs. 11. 1). Reese, of Abbeville Is vis
uing her father Mr. A. J. Bradley.
-Mr. Eugone Fiant, of Anderson, visit
m relatives in Pickens last Monday.
-J. A. Steele, of Greenville, visited rel
Ives and falends in Pickens last Monday.
-There is a protracted mueeting at Tabor
is week conducted by the pastor, 0. R
-Mrs Ary Price was quito sick last Sat.
'"day, but at this writing she is somewhat
--Tle public road towards Liberty which
an extension of Pendleton avenue, was
. orked out last week.
-All time members of the Pickens dole.
4tion to the Evans convention, answered
roll call in Columbia.
-Mr. and Mrs. Ton Sloan, of Green
10, passed throuili Pickens last week on
*eir way to IIishlands.
-W. A. Palmer is doing some nice work
itting the ceiling in 11 D. Stewart's new
-..80 Oil Pendletolln aveiue.
-Col. (. J. Pride, of tock Hill, spent
fev days in Piekenis last week as the
test of Col. J. E. ilagood.
-Irvin Miller will commence to make
sorghum cane this week. The work of
iplpiog has ialready commemnced.
-Mrs. Dr. V. J. Bramlett, of Walhalla
mIjtoyins: a visit of a few days among
* tives and friends in Greenville county.
-Miss Laurie M. Boinest, Miss Maric H1.
10hel, fromi Chmiarleston, amid May Mc
ill, from Greenville, are at the Ambler
-Some wells about Pickeis nre becom.
somewhat llhaclkling. Mr. Youngblood
I to repair his with a new one. The Old
-iere was mie patient f noin Pickens
.nty in time assylum overflow last week,
sonm of oir neiglhbor, WLu. I. Major.
Caime home last week.
-Tie Pickens ani Easlev road was ncv.
cked wit ai mra gormous di-play of
riling iImories than ta lit which smiled ny
it I Ist ' s iilrdliy mIorninig.
-Larry C. 'Thornlmey'. line horse, D lady.
d sud!'enly one day hst week. lie hiad
t returned from aip ti) to (reeniville, but
a aoumghL that bots killed himni.
-Judge Gary has filed his decree in J.
Simith algainlst .ineksona Camin no',, confim-mn.
tih referee Vivilng juldgmient for the full
,fmnlt claimed by Lte, plaintif f.
-Mr. A. Ml. Morris exhibliited from his
den last Monday i tonmatto weighing
rteei ounces, and siys hie lasg somie he
Aks that will reael the poulind notel.
-Several of tme candidates passed
hngh town' Monday enroute for the
npaign imeetinaei at Lable Mountain on
40- esday. The meeting here will be next
-Coml. J. E. Ilagood is arraniging to have
.ydraulic mamn putL in thlie com spI hring cast"
lis re.siden~mce, lam puimp thL~e water' into
y'ardi. It is estimated to fuirnish t'i irty-~
e gallons an hmour-.
-Capt.f. 'P. Prior, tihe Dacusville trial
ilie, was in Tn'im Ss~rrix 011ice last
. ek to supp~lly haimself wvilla thme mnecessary
4 inks i ncimdent to the admimstratiomn of
-iein his court.
-Prof. M. 8. Striibling nwved into the
adley hnouse last TIm.uay. A hearty
loame from all our* citizenms is tendered
am and his fammily, anid we truist his stay
mong us will be long, prospe)roums andi
---Messrs. Sit herland Bros. have about
mpleted m. neiat andi substantial stoare
'musc at Pumpkinton, and1( are' niow ready13
hl a fresh supply omf genmeral mierchman
sto receive [heir old I irieinds amid eus.
-A protracted meeting is now ini prog
a at the Baptist church. One has beemn
ist finishecd at Bceona, amnd one is bo oked
*commence at time Presbyterian chnurch
*at Saturday. Phie Pickens people arc
ning greatly blessed with spiriimal p~rlvil
-Pickems Rifles, attention! Tme Pick
is Rifles will have man all day (drill anmd
9 sket picnuie nemar Mr. D. A.. Cooper's, on
*01. 1iiagoodJ~'s Tlwelve Mile place, (mn Fri
-ay, August 31st, commencmming at, 9:30) a.
a. All menibers mare urgedl to be present.
L,. E. Cmo anmcs, Captain.
-0. Warner, omf Wmalhalia, who is of
* e stuff ot of which successful pioneers
re mnade, was inm Pickens last week pros
eting the asbestos filds which lie thinks
.rc quite pr-omisine. 1He is of [lie opinimon
* at nan asb~estosl mill could be successfully
uunnPickenms if our railroau shmouldi be
-Thi'lere was a delightful german on Pair
imouinim last. Thumrsday nightl at Ilntel
tiamonmt. It wats l(ed by Amr. (G. W. Sir-.
ine, whomi acquiitted( himself so handsomecly
mm doinig time hoors, that his praises were
'in thme lips of everyone. Youth andi~ beaiu
y sparkled, (uliveredl, dlanced andl dazzedi
mm ime spacious (lining roonm until the [till
noon hung lowv over thme w'esten sea.
-The case'gainst Ike Simpnil for as
ault amnd carrying cotcealed wveaplons wvas
miedI before ustico ureton at Emsiev last
* aturday. '1'he assault wvas dismijssei ,mand
uie wa found ~uity oin time concealed wveap-.
'inn charige ant fined $1t5.00) or 25 days in
jail. 'i'hme case agaInst Moses Pickenms for
assault ith imntenit to kill was sent, to thme
ieneral Sessionms for trial, examiationi be.
mig waivedl by thme defendanit.
---"Well 1 well I Elizabeth has time most
atiqume, Interesting atnd wilhal time most
imuisinmg colcection I have ever senm" said
Smec lady to anmothier laist week. "'Pray,
whammt is It.'t" staid the lady add~resscd. "\Vlhv
t is as collection of' epilnaphm." "''Gracihus I"
maid time other "anii epitaph wvould de time
immst tinig 1'd wvamnt, I'm suimre.''' That is
true. WVe will take thmat just after time last
-Judge Newberry has a few hIstories or
liouthm Carolina foir beginners whmichm has
)cenl adopted for mise mu [lhe public schiools,
>y time State Bloard- of examiners. Thme
3riee is sevenity-fve cents. It makes nmo
V difference hiow goodl a history you have
tlready, you' aie obmliged to give your'
uid this, If lie ftudhes history ini the
public schnools. 'Thmis thimng of being bossed
ini such smnall matters Is expensaive as well
5 (idistatstefulh. Mo hunt upl your little
hanige andl buy your children books.
-There 'was a small alarm of firo mn
Pickoens last Sabbath, caiused by time burn
ig of some waste paper in thme stave of
t- he SEN'rINEL ollec. It miadeU us realize
how uitterly hl~less we wvould be in case
Ife shiould remally nleed wvater with whIch to
ighit fire. Thie publIc wveli near by beling
:otally useless, with top off a'd no bucket
in it. It oaught to b)e fIxed at once, and
suink a hmundred feet deep) if necessary Io
furnish wvater mll time time. Thie flush wells
.m th eghborhoodi of time other lire is all
-Tho Oolenoy bottoms are humping
thouselves this summer.
-Rev. John Attaway ls conducting a
protracted mceting at MeIinuney's chapel,
-B. A. Hagood and Julius Cogswell
went on a business and picasuro trip to
Chatanooga last Monday.
-Dr. J. F. Williams has come to the
front with a tomato welghing 1 pound and
5 ounces. Come again Mr. Morris.
--For good cigars and good dtinks, Car
penter Bros. drug store at the Mansion
1ouse will do you right all the time.
-The umor that John 11. Bowen and
W. B. Allgood were going to run fcr the
House ol the anti-Tillman ticket, did not
--Mrs Alpha Barton has been quite ill
from the effects of a bite from a vicious
dog., We are glad to hear that she is imi
-Mr. Chas. A. Raines, of Richmond,
Va., accompanied by his family, is visiting
111 parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Raines,
of this place.
-It is time all this kicking and com.
plaining among two-thirds of the reform.
ers were stopped. The antis are not com
piaining, and why should they?
--Attention Is called to the card of Dr.
W. i. Austin, dentist. fie is well equip
ped mentally and mechanically for his
work, and we bespeak for hhu a liberal
liare of patronage.
-The railroad meeting met promptly
Iist Monday afternoon. Maj. Stewart was
m1ade (hirman and C. E. Robinson secre
tary. It adjourned to nue-t Wednesday af
Lernon at 6:30 to hear from the road a at.
-Mr. Warren Lovet and J. 1-. Carey
lihd a pleasant till) to Table Mountain last
Monday. Mr. Lovet caie to remain about
two day s, but he has been so delighted
with our town and climate that lie hits pro
longed his visit to mote than tell days.
-We enjoyed a delicious treat of mel
ons at Mr. E. J. Prince's one evening last
week, and came away with our buggy
heavily loaded with treats for the next
(lly. It was a delightful outing that the
Boggs boys will not. soon forget. The
Prince boys have been successful not only
with the mnelon crop, but they also have a
line cotton and corn crop.
-The first number of the Republican
Advocate caie to our office a few days
ago. It is edited and published at Beau
fort, S. U., by W. J. Whipper and J. I.
Washinigton. One of the editors is a little
mixed on scripture. Ile thinks Judas Isca
riot sold his birthright for a mess of beans.
The Red Cross society should furnish it a
copy of the Bible.
--irs. Linnder had many friends in
Pickens vlWho will be sahkimened by the fol
lowing from thi- People's Advocate:
"Mr.. IHappy Lander, the wife of Prof.
W. T. Lander, of % illiamnistoti Female
Colh-ge, lied last Monday afternoon the
1:th after a long illness of miore thant a
y'ea-r of some heatt trouble. She was a
daulillte- of ('apt. A. II. Ford, who ier
lhiaidised III W illiamuston some years aro.
She was buried at that place oil Tuesday
-Mrs. Hester Nimmons (lied at her home
on Eastatoc otn the 17th instant, aged about
70. She wats a good member of the church.
11er remains were interred ne:tr by at tte
faimily burying ground. SIe was a daugh
ter of the late Isaac Anderson and inherited
from him fline business qualities and great
force of character. She was blessed with a
large fatmily of childreni, nearly all of
whom survive her. 1Her hitsbi", Cot. i.
E. Nitmmotns, is becoming quite feeble anmd
deat hts datrk ,rolling i-iver- will not divide
them lon.tg.
--Mr. Johntt AIdis5 (died at the home of
his son Mr N iH. Addis, near Poplar
Sprinigs in the 89th year of lisa age on
August 7t. Mi'. Adklis liad beeni a consis
tent memutber oif the Baptist church for 60
y'ears. lHe raiisedl eleveni children, seven of
whtomi attendedl his funeral together with
.50 of his grandchildren, lie hats 79) grand
chiildrent and~ 9 great-grand~chiildlren. His
rmmains were interred at Poplar Spirings
Baptist chturghi after uppropriate funeral
services cond~ucted by llev. J. M. San
ders-'-OconeeC News.
-Mr'. George WV. Kilbiurn, (lied at his
home in WIalhalla on the 13th instanit, at
the advanced age of eight y-eight years. i~e
was a tnativye of this county and had lived
htere for about thiirty-seveni years. In tar..
13 manhtitood lie wtas married to Miss Mat
tie Wiiker-soni who survives himt. Mr. Kil
burn had1( been in very feeble health for
some time, and( for sev(eral wveeks it was ap
p~arent that the sand~s of life wvere rapidily
iruniting out. Ie was a member of the
Baptist church at this place for the last
fifteen yecars Of his life and died (a in the
faith in lisa Lord.-Oconee News.
-There- is lots of fret, wvorry aind money
to be saved by a car'eful study of hiow to
make the best of your circumstances, anid
hiowi to be thoroughly satisfied with your
own thtings. The best feeling meon we
know of is horse traders. It may be that
somei of thtni clor-oform their consciences
which we dlo not ap~prove, but they
have such fine steeds5 so many fine points
and goodii qualities. They are always in a
good humor, If you live in the country,
praise it antd you will like it hetter. If you
live in a townm, brag on it. Speak of the
line points and good traits of its citi
zens. It. iii help you ar d the town too.
--W. TI. McFall rarely whistles a tunec,
and is one( white manti that ntever wtas am
bitius to b~e coinsidered a flne siniger, in
fact lie ' cannot sing as wveil as the
edlitor' of the ilEN-rixxr. whio has distin
guishedl I himself frequently in clintcih by
simgimg commnont metre hymns to short me
ti-c tunes. But antyhow it, became ruimoredi
that McFall was the leader of the Old
Folks Singing Association,. and that he
had1( gotteni it uip to work off an (o1( stock
of Christian I1 armonuies. We hasten to
say thaut be never owned a Ohrtistian Hiar
mmiy, anmd that he lias been too busy sell
inig tall kiids of mnerchanidise and( furniture
to sige to a singing school. Mchiall enjoys
goodi tiiusic, b)ut lie has not y'et furnished it
tor tutn or proflt.
Unio~n Meletting P'rogrin.
Th'le Unihon Meeting of the irst divishin
of 'Twevlve Mile rivet- Association wvill imeeCt
with the church iat Grtiflin's on Sat urdiy be
fore the 5th Sunuday ini Septemtber', iat 10
n. m.
Intr'odutctory sermon at 11 a. in. by J.
1st. What is Chiristain Baptsm, sn who
ate enttled to partake of the Lord's Supper;
J. 'I. LeIwis,
2nd(. Sihld wve contrtibute of our means
for' thme sutpport oif the gosp~el I If so to
what extee-t ; ,J. T. CJhiidress.
3i d. flow cani our peole becomeo bettor
in for-med contcetnting out de-nom inationial
wvork? 1I. iloieru.
4 ith. Cant thle hieathten be savedl without
the gospel~l? T' J. Ilooike.
M1issionarliy sermon, Sunday 11 a. mt,; J,.
E. F'oster'.
TIhe chutrecs ate reqluestedl to sendl full
delegationus. TI. J. llooxx,
Ftr Ex. Coim.
fled Tinao sooni.
Hlartwell Sun: Old Uncle Billie Little,
a traveihiig clock repairer, who for over
half a cettury hias beeni known far and
neat- in this 8tate, Carolina and~ Alabama,
andl whoi~ is eighty- fivc years of age, wasq
baptize-d intto ltiee Creek Baiptist church,
Fratnklhin coutnty, on t'unday mlorbilng last
by l1ev. J1. iB. Sayhors, of Hart county.
Good for Uncle Billy; may lie yet live
mnany years to servo thn Mnater.
Warning to Farmers.
The treasurer of the New England cot.
ton mills on the ItA of August inotifled the
president of the New York cotton exchange
that they object to covering cotton with
stigar sacks, becti'so they are closer woven
than bagging, absorbing water quicker and
more freely, retsining dampness longer,
and stain and daniago the cottonl next to
sacks, and that any loss to the mills from
such covering would causo thie' to reject
any cotton thus covered.
The Liverpool cotton merchants have
deterinieat that all cotton baled with three
pieces of bagging Instead of two pieces,
hiat is, ntle yar( s, instead of six, should
have six ponn1ids additional tarc deduCted
roi their weight.
While there has been a great deal of
lisctisslon among the mill men in this part
f the State on thea subjects we have
ieard of nothing definite being decided on,
>ut it is probable that they will either re
)nse to buy cotton covered with sugar
tacks and three plies of bagging or deduct
mough to save them front loss.
-The campaign started off very nice
y, but not very enthusiastically at Table
i[onntalu lat Tucsday. The candidates
vere all present and addressed themselves
o about one hundred voters. 'rho pull is
ill by the reformers, for the prizes which
ione others scenm to seek. The votes that
:ome out are very plainly crystalizing on
:ertain ones, and there is not likely to be
nore than two places fall of illing on the
Irst election. The vote is variously esti
tated from 1,000 to 1,200.
-Miss Mabel Weber, of Charleston, is
risating Miss Francis Hiagood, of this
Two Liven Saved.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction
City, Ill. was told by her doctors she
liad Consumption and that there was
no hope for her, but two bottles I)r.
King's New Discovery completely
3ured her and she says it saved her
life. Mr. Thomas Eggers, 139 Flori
Ja St. San Francisco, suffered from a
Iread ful cold, approaching Consump
tion, tried without result everything
elso then bought one bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery and in two
weeks was cured. He is naturally
thankful. It is such results, of which
these are aniples, that prove the
wonderful eflicacy of this imeuicine in
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
it McFall's Drug store. Regular
sizo 50c. and *1.00.
Pursuant to section 1187, of the General
Statutes, all piersois are hereby notified to
reiove from i the rtmiing streans of water
1pon thei- inids. all trash, trees. rafts and
limiber duriing the mncititlh of Aigist.
1' order of the Board of County Comi
ituissionlers. .J. .1. Lxwis, Cletk.
Cheap Trip to Wamiinlgon, 1). C.
The tickets sold by the Southern Rail
way to Washington, 1). C., and return at
the special low rate of one fare, have been
extended to September 15th instead of
September 0th. This will he ot great a-l.
v-ttage to any who vish to take the trip.
'Ih tichets will be on sale at all import
ant stations August 23d t 28th. at the very
unusually low rate of one fare for the
ronid trip, Vhile the fare is made espe
cially for the Knights of Pythias, still
lickets catn bc purchanseidiV by any ineC dsir.
ing to take adlvantatge of the rate.
1' ine fat mackeral, three for 25c. at
For' Mnle.
I will sell at public outcry, on sales
(lay, September 3ld, 1 house antd lot
on the corner of Johnson and Oath
erine streets; 1 stove and cooking
uttentsils; I bed and bed steadl; 1
trunk, and 1 fine silver watch. Terms
spot cash. J. F. WELLS,
Pickens, S. C.
What causes bad dreams is a ques
tion that has never becen satisfactorily
answered; but, in nine cases out of
tent, frightful dreams are the result
of nup~erfect digestion, which a few
doses of Ayer's Sarsaparilla wiIl oil'ect
ually remedy. Don't delay-try it to
By using Hall's Hair Renewer, gray
faded, or discolored htair assumes the
natural color of youth, and grows lux
uriant and stron~g, pleasing everybodly
Seal of Nort~h Carolina, Pride of
Bed ford1, and Dutke's Cl ippings, the
best of smoking tobacco at Morris's,
Death to Fiies-Sur-e to Catch 'Etm
--Best Fly Trap on Earth. At Mor
ris's. 25o. each.
WANTED)--A few bushels of nice,
clean Spanish Peanuts. A, M. Mor
Large lot tumbrellas itd parasoir
from 50c. to $1.50 at Morris's.
"Mrs. Winslow's SoOthuung
Syruny, for Clhildrenel T'cthimr,'' softens
the gums, r-edulesaii nflattiiltion, allay~s
pain and)( ctures wind( c olic. 250. a bottle.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Natural Growth
5 \ Dressings
"I can cordIally indorse~ Aycr's Ihair o
Vigor, as one of the best prep~aration~s 0
for the hair. When I began nlsin~g Ayer's g
Hlair Vigor, all the front part of my head 0
about half of it -- was bald. The tuse 0O
of only two bottles restored a natural
growth, whtilh still conutimites as in my~ 0
youith, I tried severat otiter dressuings, 0
but they alt failed. Ayer's H~air Vigor o
is the best"-Mrs, J. C. rEvUssERt, 0
Converse, Texas. 0
Dr. J. C. AYER a Cn., LOWELL, MA88. g
For One's Price.
We nre enabled to offer It with TH
SENTINEL for one year for .50, clul
bing subset ipt ions to be seit to this ol1
and accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable clul
bing proposition is entitled to enter TW
PIiIZE CONTESTS, sending his guess<
for the
$1,000 Cotton Crop Contes
In which there are FOUR PRIZES offer
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now L
ing marketed, and award to be made
soon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchan
announces the o1fcial crop ilaures. $4
IN GOLD for nearest guess to the cro
$200 prize forsecond, $000 prize for thir
$10O for fourth, $100 for fifth.
Crops for recent years have hen
follows: in 1888, 7,017,707 bales; in 18:
i,9)35,082; in 1890, 7,313,720; in 181
8,655,518; ini 1892, 0,700,8U5.
Ini addition to the above every clubbi
subscriber can enter our comtblnationi
Supply the missmng word in the folio,
ing sentence:
lie crept to this place and waited a i
verable opportunity. It came at once, f
the keen cars of the guard heard sonme u
usual soundi~ as Thuriai crouched bebi
the-- -
ONE FOURTh! or the net subscriptil
receipts of those entering this contest w
be dividled among those who supply t
correct wordl in the blank in the above s<
tence. Thus, if there are e85,000 one fomi
wouldl be $1,250. If ten supply the corr<
word, e!achi would receive 8l25, if 100, en1
$12.50, &c.
Both of the above contests frcc and in ad,
tion to
For the Price of One
lias a cirenbition of 150.000, and is Ti
PEOPLES PAPElt. It, favors Tariff lI
form, ani I nivliui Incomie Tax, andi I
Expansion of the Currency to a degree a
t icient, to mseet t he legitinmate business
imands of the country.
It covers the news of lie world Cy
week, hiav'ing3 news correspondents in all
news centres of the wvold(.
Wie olter you TilE PICI
per year.
T 'he best cider, the freshest can
and crackers and all Inds of caur
goods at Morris's,
Buist's new crop turnip seed a
thn 'lunat leons in town nit Mo....
wE haven't been saying much
It is not out of place, however, to
selected stock of goods in Picketi
bargains, but when it comes to an
IN SHOES-Our stock compris(
Our stock is larger than ever and
We have suits from $4.oo to $1
prices on GROCERIES that can't
to be found anywhere. WE API
Fresh and Genuine. Early and Often.
That's the way to HIT it.
Newv Shoes, New Hats, New Clothing,
New Furniituro, New Goods in Every
Depa rtmen t.
A few odds and ends in some few
"- departments yet to go off CHEAP.
Lots of them wont last month.
>The people know a good thing
when they see it, and they knowv what t:
we mean when we say it.
Call in and examine our differenta
)lines and rest in our easy chairs.
W. T. McFA LL.,
All at ID Cesatu T dIl WEI~Ile
for CAS~t.
15 and 20 conts white goods at 9 cents.
15S and '20 cents zephyr and lace striped
gighams at 9 cents.
b12.) cents ducks and Irish lawii itt 9
he 15 cents ladies rllbbe-l Viests at 9 cents.
- ce 2 Sl)O)s cottonl andl 1 papjer phis for 9
I pair ladies famst blacek hose for 9 cents,
15 tenmts sateens for 1) eents6
ry Ostr New Limse of L~adies
Landias IDoinola button boot for *1.
Ladies D~ongolai button boat for $1.25.
-Ladlies custom mfadeC D~ongola button
bo~ot .j2.
E Iadies hiandl-sewedl fnogola tnution lnoot
Y W make a leader on our ladies shoes
for $" uand warrant every pair of their , and
guarantee them to be as canu he boughitin
O0 Ureenvile fort less than $'2.50 or $3,
C's.alognue free OnI reannC4
to you lately. There is more in w<
put out a few sign boards here, shc
s County. We are not claiming to
every-day, substantial bargain, we c
:s the cream of three of the best
there are some low prices among ti
5.00. IN HATS-We have ever
NOTIONS in abundance for the I
be duplicated. The largest stock
D. W. M.
rhey Hav
They are the most Reliable Seed
good crop you should plant them.
If you can't come for them, seni
ill send by return mail.
liansion House Drug Ston
Ah There,
And still<
* , . ' pllaco of busii
~ d.ba7 Inig iuthe sa
-_ How enterprie
A people know y,
* soon share the
W HY don't
This is a correct pilcture
the gentleman who did the best medliu
at advertise his business,
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s shared the above fate.
ho picture was taken by 'customers ? V
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)ne Hundred' Brewster
The BE ST and Ci
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3-reenville Coa
We make the I
One and Two iHors<
Why buy Cheap Western Watgons when yi
that will out last
'eT~Aatronizc 110ME IN)UtsTILY,
M al KAODA . o
)rks than words, anyway.
wing the way to the best
have any two-for-a-nickle
an't be equaled.
Factories in the country.
ything a man could wish.
adies. We are naming
of Tobaccos and Cigars
to be had, and to insure
us the money and we
3, Grecuville, S. C.
ontinuo to mope around your
toss with nothing to do. Run
no old rut-soiling no goods
ing!i No advertisement to 1o6
>u are in busines. You wvill
gentleman's fate on your loft.
you put an advertisement in
in in the County of Pickons
[EL-and in one month's time
ek to help y'ou. wait upon your
to wvill furnish rates on applica
antee satisfaction.
w what you
>f a neat and
sment, we do,
for you.
Spring Buggies.
Duth Carolina
Dh ractory
m can buy a Hlomoimado Wagon
(L.EY, Proprietor~

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