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(or L. assiaway, of Greenville,
)'icket Monday.
1. Ashmore hIs Just put a good,
a gle roof onl his dwellinig.
.nfit of V. P. Stewart, of tle
eek Bection, died last Fridiy, after
A Iliess,
Oasawaty, of Centril, took the
mld went on it visit to the French
st Saturday.
. Ed. F. Allgood has been quite ill
rial weeks. There was no iuprove
to e her condition lult Sabbath.
hoys1 hiave started to school tihe
will smoke the ret of our cigars,
. sar nd Xeunophon will have the
our bicycle.
A. llichey rot realy to move his
t*on Leu Crop to Piedimont 1last wee'k.
- not wailt, to iive one Crop Conic Iml
0,1 with the other.
! sChool builing knowvn 11a Cross
near W. \V. Me Wlorter's, will be
S~aturdaiy, 14eptember 22(, at 41 p.
ie highest bidter.
rried, at tilt residtene of the bride's
Mrs. Lollis, tel miles below
-ile, Mr. Ackei Porler, of Pickens,
Natnie 1Hopkins, Rev. 13. lolder,
e.1'ssubscription to the S r.
given to tle first person bringing or
.to this olice a opy of theof-:re
July 6th, 1S93. We want. thei pa
Colinlplete our file.
iss 1(da Sthlerhmld Was am1ong those
nittric lted itl the Pic kens shilt
onday. IlIr fathitler, .1 S. W. siutherl
expects to illo'v his famlnily to town
11 its lie _,ati'rs in his crop onl 1 ite
Andy, Miller wais emmiitted to jail
4ondaiy bIy Coroier l'arsonI is 01 at
of infailicil, and)( Mollie )eadilll
SO loekl-d 111 a1! I'aCcsty. As
rilis delicti dil not, specifly, there
-, >inquest.
tere were sevral statemonts madle inl
11n1y conlventin It) thle el ,feet that. thv
1lmitilituti' colveniti ll wold meet
.h inst. It, tgu els 1 t HI9th intIM., at
up stzlirz ill the west, wi1 of the
at Cohmbiat.
ight O'Dell is ervecing a dwellin"
lerll 1'he public roi bewe !vI I. A.
's antid Cap. W. W R .Claytoi'. lie
flourishingm coo inl that district,
gives good promise of becominig a
lent orgahlization.,
Scolliedy or minstr show enn
thle funl thle boys have al Pi(.ce1.'s
it the Pivknis Coult and the retures
phoile from tle Wihcr hoxves. 11:1tS
'a11s pass m.4,1111d lively ts opinlions
[Id thu count 11ins clhose.
1. W1. E. -Nimmlons", who is neCarinlft
years* 41f age, wa.,s inl townvi last wee k
oad (if (4otint-ry produce froiim his
i the Er.lstatoe. lie Iroub.il somle
which readily sold for :Bi.)1 per
No over production int prie,
ill W1. Welhorn, 41f Oco:le, visited
;i inl Picens !atweek. Hli-, little
Swi iSo haily hurt b11(out, the head
ident (4f M y13', 1811, oil tlh rmi
Pickens. ha:1S (one ee (ossed11 and is
11ariIg in on enl1 Clin 1Ctseue
n Lanlce, wh.)o ims, beenl in jalil sv
.!ks awaliting!' a preh11minlary e'miin.
n the charg- of shig le h
Itol ne Olspii. was efre Tri:0(4)1
'jin 4 the ionyi the1 defndat
n1oitte for1 triali a~it 1 to t itener!
-. I lIpar.olr W ofCeinton, vis411'
brot (th11er lw, 1T. D.i larns tohWii
* onallI1e ncoessary ) 111 by Im int i
V iterted by at Chotlg ilou ai( to
Le i ampuatiinwsmejs. ab ove1(11Il1'
-.f was' anolther 1shott p(dro racted
ab111 th' coinhtee(I hv18 i te (X pIt'or,
'V iiiit. lltill. Six8 tovers were bap- (
* the~ Sabba(Ih. ylr'Terws foneco
it PIni een letstetC from otherI'
-~Enon an .liles114 (Crek. (110'
ton jrmal College and1 foriI~' that
s 5ercin a)4 11 cottage in whA)iitch to
th hih fatl. lleC :tis beelnV hav
ibe fiactory 111 i1'c i kn.141IC
I mber. iiur old 1' ar ist amll tie
eriti J.1.h, is. m) the ol.:rrif
Sagai and lits remiy 0111 Lexecute1 (
and1( in ill besltl t l l tinds ofli
'8(4 le hel ltier hemist weingly(I
ickens 1illes had c~'init an14 en jov
n welv e Mill 'n the 1te' uto
* ilso liaii ilnlen't e dril( et we(1 en4)
thcomuyiih dedmc
and I vic ahulanl. Several newdb
acti tve and1' reserve, of r re. 0
Alic: J.i Iiygs iof ei gHami
* , jr.~~d, ied n l ariday 111 , h at
5 yer 'l'ol tu"enwas Consisge 'it,
the 'lresbyteran Veni-, mS a''
'11who1 kno herlglll. She wa1tev
iste)r of. W. D.cy Iastey of
ing 1('. th 1dril and the reor o
u)te1 is aill(f~1 heard in ( the e
- l)iew the r.:wrm (I o ille w',e g, ji'
r ine uhhe weI illl and u hi e'eed
weIls, we sha lete Wellst to dlihg
remember1118 that1 magetl we11 tat,
40ogClayton has' resumed is
l'wvle.adteesun co
A Seono 00 &iowee.
Last week Mr. 11. A. Hester and family
with Rev. T.J.Rooke, wife and .child went
on ia visit to Joeasse beyond the Keowee
by way of the Chapntan ford. There had
been no rain of imy consequence ialonig tlhO
road, so it never oecurred to them that
they would find the stream swollen. Mr.
Ilestcr had not been that way in twenty
years and knew not the low water mark.
ButI as a matter of preCaition, wheif the
strealli was rieacled, he told hi little son
who was dril.vlng a mu1l1e to the wilgoln coin
taiing his three little sisters. to wait on
this si(le till the front team reached the
other shore. They had not gone far bcforc
the Imiles Were aswim, but they landed
safely severl yards below the exit on the I
other side. 1In the ieuanitiie tihe mule left
oil tle other shore became impatient and
uilalageable ancd had pd lunmged into the
stremn with tile cargo of dear little chil
iren, and what must liave been the horror
If the falther and ntler when they look
Ad back to tell them not to try it, they sawV
hlem) alreadilly in the resist less mindti merciess
airrent. lit a moment MoRe they saw them
iot--the miurky tide had rolled over thei
Iad nothing h but the spectre of death
lanced upomn its waves. There are times
Awle reasol and judgimieiit hide themselves
Iway, and love sollnds tlie tocsini of action
md,(I electrilits every tier of tie mind and
ad and ilfuses supernatmult sitrength.
Wihiout me thoulit ()f d:iger, or of the
,act that le was not mch of a swimmer,
Iester was phinging to the rescuie a1s if he
imd been the leadri of i lie Savinig Corps.
l'tie childlreno appeared above the tide cling.
ng to the wao2ni body, anid as le swaim le
hmiuted to them to hold falst. On down
hey went with the Iast rolling river, but
je galled at every desperale stroke, and
ist as he was about to reach them, the
precious rit drifted upon an unseen rock
neari the shore, to which they were soon
1(afely carried by Jilo Chapman ad another
who was near by. The mule pulled his
wigol out )n the hilter side, but before he
was clear of the sreamiii, tle vehicle was
truick by a1 raft of logs 11and the animal
jerked back into the stream and drowned.
Ihie wagoni was recovered Several miles be
ow. 'le 1run11k was caiught and saved. The
Keowee at thi r is givel t)tisuch t reach
ry. There is i immnise anid precipitous
wvater shed far ill the stream that often
)ours its torrents upon the dusty and 1111sus- 1
icling traveler, caused by such sudden t
lOwni pours as frcinently occur inl the
moilier. The rock froi which the lies
erIS were iescued, has been tihe mneanls of
'iving s x or eight lives. Several horses
mye brii drownel in the streii att that
1itt. Whien . ames Ninunons was in his
.vcIs, returning from mill, he was Swept
f roin his liore. washed down stream and
anglht upon the rock and liked to have
trozen to death before lie was rescued. The
Keowee ieceds itboutt three more iron bridg
s. 11 ought to be spanned at least by oiie
third the nu' inber that crosses the Saluda.
Hut we liked to have failed to mention
Ile fact 1mth the remued children and father
were soon liappily rt-stored to the almost
'iverjtyetd moitheri, and they went oin and1
piaidi tirI visit to) tihe relatives in Jocasse.
.Fisheir leent t hem a muiile t) dive homue
md1( asked t hem to ha~ve ai shoe tacked on
uis left. lftre foot. Mr. I iestr promnptly3
ilid himi shod all rohund, and woultd hiave
ii iined huimi withi s ilver shoes if they had
beenl lany;btter11. 'They' ale the beslt feling
famnily in the Stait?.
Tis shotuldi 1ilutet Tiou.
It. is just as5 in'eesiry for' a mantl to get
goodan reatding matter as it is to get goold
Wi lnve just madlce arranugemlents which
may he tof intercest to you1, clear siir who are
*hinieinal diownl this coimalil of type. Tihe
arrantigemtill is t hiis: \V will give you
til girealtest (of all Democrat ic papercis, the
N okWeekly Wor'ldadti ae
both fri one yeari iealch, fori i1.65orw
will sendl you tihis pper fto' 0one year antd
Th'le W\ee'kly W\oil ftori six monthis fo~r the
iregular yearly pric of this paper aloneit.
Thle campi~aign now begtini is going to be a
very iii i ll riani onhe. If ereI is I lie oppor~ltu..
nity to gt youir olwn ltocail paper and the
it extraordtinary low'Icl rates. D~oes this in
tciest y'ou? If it cles, and1 'i youtik it.
wolri hi while to take atvantage'oif this great
spciail (tiler whiile* it lasts, send $1.50) andI
et Th'le Weekly Wtold for six moth s andti
?;uimt Ifilm Up.
Mir. J1. U. l~ewis, of Athainta, Ga., hatd
e vtere diyslpepsia. Phyi sicianis andi all otheri
reinedies5 failtd to cure himii. lie Itriedl Ty)
11(r's Dysp' s i. I Ieedy, andt lilte(rwlards
wr ite cs: "Th fjlj.irst cdtse gaivc relief. I ree
mi nend it as te best dyvspepsia remedy
ver' dIiscove'tredt I havte gain tiiheshi sinlce
asinlg it. I volintairily irecommnidia it. to all
utfol reris wii thl si ornualh troubilles." For salie
.1y dlroggist s at 50te. per Ibottle.
Pni'suainl to) sect ion I 187, of the Gleneial
tatutiesc. all ptersonis are I hereby noti11lied to
Ipon0 thir il1and s, all t rash, Itrces, rafts anti
timbiter during the imontlh of Auigs.
lBy orderI oIf the Iloa~rdl of County Com..
mnissioniers. J1. ,J. I ei' s, (JCiek.
..IE X A M I N10lRS' will meet, in Coihnhlia,
I0 o'clock, ai. m. All pers'ons intelingim to
t~ract ice .Al tdhi ne or' Sur'ger'y, in this 81tate,
wh arei no(utItlie'gistetred a(ccodinig to1 Law,
mlust app~leari bc-fome this I oardt.
W. it. N A hDIN, M. D).,
(Ch'n. St ate. I rdl. Medl. Ex.
C. F. bleGAIIAN, Sec. and T'reas.
- A rillion FrindN.
A'frienid in nleed is a friend inideedo,
andi not less than~i one miihhoi pIO-tk
imtvo found jusnt such a fiendlit in Dr.
.hiung a New Di~scover'y for C'onunisl
ioni, ('oughis, andt Cohls1. - If so
hmvaverSi us~ed thiis Groat Cotll
?il etieme it, one10 tirul will convinco yo
that. it has wondcer-ful curiativo p)owers'
in all diseases' of Thrioat, ( hoetiat
Liunigs. E'achi bottle, is guaranited to
be0 refundiced. Tianl bottles free at
W .1I. Mcii'il's. Lar'go b)otles 50c.
Oll~dit 'Tolztc't' Spit 1 0e Niaogg 1oIi
'he itrtful, starthilng title of a blo'ok
abotuut. No-to-bac, thle tily harm~ullless, guarm
teeh tobacci-habilltt curen-. If youm wa'in to
liit andc egio't, use ''No0to-bazc."' Braces
upi) mittt Oilzed tberves, eliiniates nicootint
po isomns, makesi weaik menol gaini Strenigthi,
wetight a.ind vig.or Post1ivye elure or mioney
refundedc'(. Sol by all dhrugisi. Book at
dhrumggiat, or' malided fret'. Addhress T1h~eI
Sterling liemedy C(o,, Chtita 0lihhce, -15|
ltopu m , .t~ E oi'ovm.)r in t,,.... 3. I
-Chiecl up your hats and get evei or
Ph 11th it You can.
-T. W. CoChran will soon have his rts
dence neatly piinted.
-John llliobinsoi, of Evsley, lost a fInt
:olt one day last week.
-A good aiiiie hias been made in thc
roati to Giljissy Moaitnl so as to have i
uii north of W. II. Bryanit's dlvellini.,
un( thereby avoii the steep pull up Kelly
- ;ometilimes we pity the people who'(
tigtsliS lo ntot concur with cur own,
hlen we reflect that perhaps the fools it(
ill rnning newspalers uid the other g1n
leImen are school trustees. A differeni
oncluslon might Im reached if the evi.
lence wias all in. We have always believ
dl and still belleve, and always will be.
ieve thit stately oaks were very desirabit
ad hi.hly prized luxuries ol any schoo
iroperlty, but. the trinstues have (lug upl) an(
:ut down every blessed one oL the fine
tingniileent oaks which adoirned the schoo
>roperty an(d Itile Ictured thema into lin
voo<. There was some talk of exchang
ng or selling the property to some one foi
d dwelling lot. We could not sell or swal
L now for a Irood yoke of hay steers, un.
ess We should rnnil aioss a imanl like th(
me who gave a good yoke (f oxen for i
opy of Shakes)eare.
-Trial Ju'tices will please call on th<
lerk of court and get. Vol. 1, revised stat
Lies of South Carolina.
------------ - . ----
EluvhlenNs Arneva Salve.
The Best S:lv in the world foi
Juts, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
'er Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
'hilblains, Corns and alt Skin Erup
.i11, and positively cures Piles, oi
o pay required. It is gularanteed to
ivo perfect satisfaction or m(Ioney re
tnded. Price 25 cents per box. Foi
alo by W. T. McFall.
Morris sells dynamite, caps, fuse:
mud blasting powder cheap.
IHend Again. 1511th IMglat.
PArEtIs, S. C., Sept. 3, 'T4.
SiNrir.--Dear Sir: I notice yoi
1iiotO Me as Slaying that I wanted ti(
>flice to keep1 my fourteen childreui
>ut of the poor house, that is a mis
ako and I hope you will correct same
said "if I were to tell them that ]
vas the father of fourteeu childrei
Lud that I wanted the office to keo1
hem out of the poor house, I wouh
lot cope wvitli the appeal mado t
hem at Six Mile". Yours truly
J. 1. Bonouols.
The following is what TIE SEN'r
zE-L Iaid last w'ek aid ill substanttIe
q the same:
"James E. Boroughs said if h<
ihould attenpt to appeal to thc-m foi
heir sympathies, ho would fall shor
>f what one said at Six Mile that Ii
n011) was the father of fourtecn chil
Iren and needed help to educate aw
Alotho them to keep them out of th
poor house".
Fo u e 131.ruecns
Having the needed merit to mor
[han mako good all the adlvertisin
Alaimned for them, the follwing fou
'emtedies have reached ai p~henohmeunn
alo. Dri. King's New Discovery, to
oistonption, Coug~hs and Colds, ene
iottle guiaianteed- Electric Bit ters
he great remedy for Liver, Stomnacl
mid Kidtney s. Buciden's A rnica Salvi
,ho hest ini the worl, and Dr, King,i
New Lif P' .ills, which arie a pre
null. All t hese remet(dies are' guaran:ii
-ced to do what is claimed for then
md1( thle dealer whose name is aittaich
xl herewith will lie glad to tell yoo
nor~e of themi. Sold at W. T. M(;fatl'
F'ine fat mackeral, three for 25c. a
What causes bad dre'amns is a ques
ion that has never been satisfactoril
msawered; but, ini nino cases5 out oi
.en, fr-ight ful dIreamos ar'e the resnl
>f inperfect digestioni, which a fe,
loses of Aver's Sarsaiparilla wvill effect
ially remedy. Don't delaty-try it t:
A Quatrtom- (4entur ty west.
For a quallrt er of a cent niry Dai
King's New Discovery has been ftest
ad, and( the millionis who have reci
3d bentelit from its use( testify to if
wonderfl curattiveO p)owers ini all dli,
ases of Throat, Chest andl Lutng:
A r'emiedy that, has stood t~he test a
long and thalt has giveni so univers'
atisfact ion is no0 experimnti. E1ne
relief, or the mntey will lie refun det
[t is ao died to be the m'ost r'elijal
for coughs and cols. Trial bottlt
free at- A'lcFall's Drug Stoie. Lar
size 50c. and $1 .00.
B'y using Hall's5 1 lir .Reni~eer, grr
faded, 01' discolorued hair assumens tI
natural color of youth, and grows Iin
nrian t anmd strong, ileaising every bod
Seal of No'rthi Caro~.lin t, Pridoe
Bedflord'l, ad Dn'a(: Cipp)ings, i
besmt of smook~uIin 'oacco at Morrms
D)eth t'Io lies--Sinri to ('at ch 'E
ris's. 250'. each.
WA NTED) ---A few bushels of nie
cant Spuanishi Peann'is. A. M. Mc
Large l ot minlollas aund p)uaaso
firomt 50e. to 81.50) at Morris's.
" :tJs Wenio owM 'u ooshmiii
pin aiti enreOs ii colio*. :.ioi. it bott
Thel be1ost rider, thet fre-ilhes(t can
andiu er .ekrsi anal l kinids of canne
goods at Morris's.
Ihu1ist's tnew (er01pt urinip setd an
the ine(st lemions in ihwn t Morr\ftis'
Green~ville, S. C.
So'orgot:4eud nui tiewly (1ui,1 11
fourn-ttu're nut't new phiiIo\ ..ot. m-'
.o lnt.o Al 'ill orps~~ orteher -P . .
paortmoeno t nording andto Other expen' re
onalei.. Ne xt. F'eeon ,,oitoti w g' t-O it''
sET'iE3li~a CEth. 189ora. send for catalioa
aogOir . . LEGrevu,.
Ayer's Pills
1My lnitsinnl was subject to severe 0
attacks of neuralgia which causoI hl4in
great pain anti suffering. The pains O
were prineipally abotit lits eyes, anil Ile 0
often had to renain in a (larkenei room,
not belng abbrto stani the light. Ayer's 0
Pills being recomintnled, he tried tiem, 0
using one beforo caci meal. They very 0
soon afforded relief, followed by perma- 01
ient cure. I am a strong believer in the 01
eelcacy of Ayer's Pills, anl would not 03
be without them for ten times tlier 03
cost."-Mrs. M. E. DjEnAT, Liberty, Tex.
"I have used Ayer's Pills in my family 01
for forty years, and regaIrd thein as the 03
very best.-Unclo IAIUIrN liANCoeu,o 0
Lake City, Fla.4.
Received Highest Awards 0
J OOO00.0929..**09000.0 00000
Thlis sounlds absuinl', (1kn' it?
Vhy, you have een palying $5 to
' ifotr the job. Bit we mean what
We May. You will iLVe, to buy i
n'e brush,' iowever, uld (10 the
work; yourself,
Is thie thing.
it. is realdy for us' ai'1 no varnishing
is reit ite 1. 1)rics quickly.
We hiave soul it for yearks. inl town
:ia: unltry, and (on't hesitate to
r1comend it.
Sl -roanl Bros.
Drugs an~d Seeds.
. heemran Building, Pickens, S. 0.
Ami no0w reaty t.o do alil kini~is of work in
my line, lust itnos proes an5 &id iino ith
ed( in latest ati n I 1st) pointhIr styles :tt
f lowvest, prices possih)c forII it class wourk.
1.. P. C \l l
Olliec over Westiiuorebuuiil Iliros & iDuit's Druig
GR13iN\'iiA.1, S. (.
Over WVeIloor 11 i tos-. lIri. Stor .\li
\V. :\ 'iT I N,
8 Vill1 be at enrdl t sen'ondu wetek aind at
Hlih .'. School!
M~onday, Septembcr 3d, 189'1.
14. You 4~~enn gtt ortl ad h puiivte ftilleis ut
Paeint, e irin to mov. toi~ tow jN( eet
n. tegir chhie en e lomfortable hls.e(
OA IonAnn. SE~O OS ST Iitbl NG,
fnit (u~ lt ai t t t tuie d eatt~rig 1of 4 le turers.
Are closing out remnants o
oods now for the FALL TRA]
.arge Lot Horse Collars, Harnc
;lasswvare, New Tinware, Holle
:ry, Bread Trays and other usel
A splendid lot of Heavy P
Mr. Hagood has gone Nort
he rarest bargains we have evei
We are working for your ti
- olt
"It never rains but it pours."
Here's the long and short of it.
LIZE got in part o' the
Tahe~ Rest is "Mud!"'
Now comes in the Soap. and
ho' this Almanack has never
soft soaped anybody, these fun..
ay times have induced us to
:oncentrate our 1 YE and we
lowV have something with wvhich
he -'dear p~eop~le" can soft soap
Toilet, Laundry, Disinfect
ng and the best Shaving Soap
>n earth.
Examine our general stock
of Dry Goods, Shoes and Flats,
aind for solid comfort walk into
our furniture rooms and try
our easy Chairs. You are not
expectedl to buy everything you
see. W\e want you to knowv
wvhat we have so you can in
form your neighbors. WVe want
to sell you all you wvant and
wvill do our best to please.
There is a
Our Mr1. Jones5 is nlow in the north
crn markets purchiasinig an euntire
no0w stock of Fall and WYinter Goods
We will have lots of good things in
store for you, when he returnis. You
all know~ that~ our stock will be now
this fall lbecatise we conunoenced bumsi -
ness tihis sprinig and have not gota
dollar's worth of fall stuff in the
ho~1Fue, except soino0 bargains bouigli t
within the last ten dlays, which ate
niow ready for inspe(ctin. AlIthiough
our b)1u1(ness is carriedl on ini a quiet
and1( humble way, there are aL few
t~hings we can promlise you when you
visit our little place.
We will give you more goods for
the money than anyv store ini Green
Below aro the names (f those whoa
will be0 glad to see y'ou and maitke it
to) your interest t~o :omie ag'aim1
Clarence it. Jordan, A. Jacitk J1ones,
Thomas L. Ligon, Henry S.* Gar11i.
son, A rchio L. Burinside.
F Summer Stock at Bargain Price
)E. New Shoes, New I larness,
:ss Leather, Lrce Leather, Sole 1
wware, Woodenware, Hardware,
'ul articles for household use.
iids, Sheetings and Shirtings, Fa(
, e expect his experience and f
ade and interests, and hopo to m<
Lgrtgood, B'"-ru
They iHa
Theyc) are the most Reliaible S
a good crop you should plant the
If you can't Come for them,
will send by return mail.
Mansion. Hous Druq S
Ah There.
paeof I
--_ H~iiow cnte:
- p'eople kna
This1)( is a r reit r
()rs share1d the( abo)Ive fate.
T1he ituro was IaIkenl by cust~omners'
at you p~ress tho butt->n, we
du the rest, tion, and
If you don't 1<
Want in the Way
attractive advert
and will design
One Hundred Brewsi
The BEST anfl(
Ever Offered in
Greenville Cc
We make th
One andl Two Hto
Why huy (heap Wester Wmi~agons whr
that will out
C-a-Patronize 110OME iNDiUS'liiY.
H. C. IV
1. W. S41RitINE, S4uperinte
& C
s. They at daily receivid1
New Saddles, New Bridles,
eather, New Crockery, New
Table Cuttlery, Pocket Cut
:tory Yarns, &c.
>resight to fill. our store with
2rit it.
ce & Co.
e Come
Ced to be had, and to insure
mnd us the money and we
ore, Grecuville, S. C.
y There!I
ill continue to mope around you
>usineCss with nothing to do. Run
o samefl old rut-seiling no goods
priing! No advertisement to leb
w you aro in businecs. You wvill
the gentloinan's fate on your left.
on't youi putl an advertisement in
3diumf in the County of Pickens-.
T fINEL-and in one month's imo
clerk to help you wait upon y'our
We will furnish rates on applica.
~unranteo satisfaction.
:now whc
of a neaL and
isement,we do,
it for you.
er Spring Buggies.
South Carolina
ach Factory
ni you e u- buy a Homemade Wagon
last~ Lwo
ARKILEY. Proprietor.

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