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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, September 13, 1894, Image 3

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i. 0. Boweh, Esq. of Sherman, 'ex.,
*.he city.
2ames Setihorn is teaching the public
* at Covcord.
',. J.' Norton. of WaIliIIlla, vis in
last Tuesday.
[1ss 1Ln1 Ycargin, of Greenville, is
g frieids and relatives ii Pickeos.
-;as. Richardson, colored hias a school
my-eight ) pupils at Glassy Mountain.
.:s. Lj. It. Dalton has been <qtite sick
rcral days, but is improving at this
les Kiinck, Mrs. A. W. Dargan and
lei', of Charl.eston, are ait the Ai
ponference of ministers held at Nine
3hurci a few (avs ago, revoked the
of Rlev. D. (I. .'reeian.
Iss Virginia Ligonl, of CreMenvill',
iliI ' Foster alt Aliss.Sallin I %ilpot,
tv: IV, 1ar visiting at Sheriff Me
Vrried, $iff&muimdav evening Sept. 2d,
rio Newton to MIS Rosa Garret,,
Pickens county. V. S. Stewart, N.
eclatinlg. f
ed, on Thuirsdavi Auignist :0th, i 1891,
V1 lloilths' 4jdI child of Mr'. and
".1. 1. Stewart, and wats blriid at Ke.
urying groulnd on Satnllday foillow
order -f the Thil District Alli
io Counity Allianice of, Pickenls will
next quiterly Ieetig.., o: Wednes
taber 10th. J. C. W ms
1. D Iist. Alliance.
A. tbr requets us to state Rolt
'eley aI ssisted in the rescue of hi.
from the Iceowee, and that .. H
re was the10 one( whol kingily furn-ish
tide to take place of the drowned
i J. N. Faster, thI- Zealous pasltor
Inn, has purclasem, the .enki n1s
,av townv onl the Liberl-y road. and
Ie his family (o. this pilte a. sooll
ICessa.ilry tdditionls are inade to
tlhd 9th ilii , at, a gnl'd ' row in
otyt, WVade Heaton was siabbed
by a Iegz..ro lwho..e fnlUlma we have
earnedl. The hatest rumor iA Illm
3mauglit, but,; the factsi cannolt b1
it this wr'i'ilimr.
Old Fikji Siwitng at. ( liienoy lai
vas ar ilely fit!mled, and l' wtre
. The A siiationl ie Its tl
Iday . Ail i re condially mis vite.
our. old (i 41stian'ltItilm u tild
ners, nld have ao: yhi time.'
paitrons of IIthe ll-'o. d disricet
kould Chip inl andl star't thait, schll
abou the 1st it' N viitember. M iss
whose sertivices as htaceIr in
ic term were so a c aubhu., wold
0 make it a i' s'cs's.
.1%v p1peatIrs from th 1,01 retunst.
p to) this time thate fv rOllowin Z I
n11 are the hmines in tII se na'. l
:For County S1upevrvisor -Mht
mdricks; Auditor -N. A. Ciio..
'i ti u dge --.f. 11Newh r; 41 1 an.
4o. ChanI d ler Call treat, a1 ker osene
' '0l tlh te 1111 ipce of h i1 Vgine
, O t i m m' . 1 it ft J. O um.
ig; hut bein_., eN.
ah _Jil ; nti all the
* moe liaid, leterhaderis, wtied
01) 1111 ~i011p I' en41 iVet'Irt stt'euof
P ~T4 5115I)L ~at. d 3ii )11L 11 Tas hor
- i te (ljI' ,1(1 thie e whieb1
* 1... ~i'o~vt ..ita ble mi oh-r i ii m
- iery s ..,'.in~s mlt iei oih b jhe.
haftoi eTii..siel'iw h
itle were reprgeii at- b i'.. P.a
chnr11fe'1 toil iy It A. ' Aliirgan.
Sdeaths. 1aeii announie 'in he la t)I
* hior is thatlet the bvenierab4le andl'
*enami i. boari',whdida
11 nt Towaifle )acsil 'I'hoursay in
0year ft h ag. lie had i5!f~ til
t'respect an contidencep of a 14( ll whoii
numbelr, iou od rtist and1) expert H
ter 1, J.ot. Kingheis th le~i 1 x-rt
y ndfakin4i~ the linta yh'-lil knds o
notei heas, letterc headsl wedin
ons, llplets, off. ll worki3.ni
11 .Young hastQi kttilly furnste us
rt.1)j m.I of l l to ikh, i ('i', a lit lets
. We supet haetlo ourt ts et
ne o hPi1is ouwfe o. douE bti'lii le
d tthe iiupy. 1ai on th Ile rad
aperg111t'f e .rts t1'"ilh sec4111 ol i priz
PIc' va haeadecided salbsi monthso
al dy nin at te toe(uiCro, lu ortis
six I'hr ,I orh ilf islev,'i on )the
day)inre pphe ier net.i ive pub..
- and et bi a go ode'a'ni u tie
.Y.'divth J.set 'l'.ci with Oassli
J. .oonuu,
IICi) S.(1, Sli. 8,W9. Ssun
Ex4 . Cmite
U. *i~ IE'lut, of~t01 ~h Daus ile ownship
7yr.lie wasflsl'tiu al~ osfl andoo
retsbac-edi cue. of y ounty. lie(
nioln ia at-ive, (:racti 1al 14 u o filt
earsd ando dlighted inlg. harhork int
- -ito indetaei fA h."tAthedhist 'tblio
ph di ,wa rendered' In jtU~ t
morhn~Wntch3 in lyin offu~ t h unt '1n
The South Carollitina Presbytory.
The Uresbytery met at villiamillston latsI
Friday at 8 p. m. The opeiinlog 8ermo1
was preached by the reti'ing i)ptlerattor,
1Rev. J. A. Wilson, of Seneca. The eldet
from Pickens wi) elected mloderator andl(]
T P. Quarles, of Abbeville te, mpo1r
clerk. All the ministers we're r )resent ex
eept J1. 11. Adger, 11. C. Fennell, J1. S. CoIm
by, T. C. Lige ' and (. U. Matyt. Abol
'30 cburches were repese tcd.
Rev. Jameis Woodt w wa present andt(
invited to si as a correpodings inember
and inl expressing 1is at1pree3at;(ion or. the
cotesv preseunt'd his (.(rleen jts from
Augita Preby)teIy anl til-d his phaPPI
tion for melinbershly inl South Car-olinai
Presbytery. Oni inotion Wof Dr. Lindsay
at conimlitteeo to examine the applicant wats
at once appl)ointq?(l. The conuinlittee w-oi
cmpo3sed of .1. 0. 1,inisay 1). )., 1). E.
Fr3ierson 1). D., :niii J. It. Ililey 1). 1). Dir.
Woodrow -it omce Prz1sented himsilf before
tile co,inntltee. Aim3ong other thiigs I)r.
Lindsay asked hii if lie believed int the
pier3ary inspiration of the ll o Scriptures.
lie answeeri3 that he did. 'Io you be
lieve it the higher criticism?" A. "I be
lieve in legitini3te3133 higher criticisimi --eriti
Cisml3 that does not imlopelh213 the ispired
original." Q. "l)o you believe Moses
wrotle th l'entateuch?" A. All buit t(e
accoult of his Own death. which
I think Ie did not wrile.
Q. Do you believe in the inerra::cy of the
scripturesf? A. I believe the inspired
original Is ibsolutely true. Q. I> you
bllieve in probatioi att-r death? A. I
believe that as the tree falls, so it lies. Q.
I)o you helieve the scriptures sas inter
preted by thelPresbyterian church? A. I
accep[. and11 eilie've as the the Confession
of Faith an(d sioirter Cataebismli. The vote
on receivig Dr. Woodrow was unanli
The commis11sionl appointed to investhniite
matters at Jletniat chircb, reiorted that it
h1i been unable to <1( anythling. \Vhere
tpon it wits discharged and a iew commi.
sion appoited, consisting of. )r. J. 0.
L in say, ). E. Frirs-n. 1). )., It. C. .i
3Iuln aid Ekdkirs C. T. Mhtrtin and 0. A.
Calls from li1eiva Path and GIrveiville
(elrlus were lae in t'e! hands of 1ev.
J. T. Melb-yd!e, I). D., which ie asked
perm'lission to hold till next Imeeting.
The p n11311 relation het weun Anderson
and 1)r. Frie'rson %% dtissolved.
Thell( re-port ()f the( veecutive conmittilee
of hi 13in c sion . slo wevl thal. the I 'resby
S('ry wMed about .1,510 for work in t hat
Idepartment. A res3,litition was passe-l r -
11g a1 the elinin-hies to 13iist ait lifty
Celts pwr mnimber to disharge this Llet.
h Msessions contiied until I I a. iml.
Mol uy, wil-it the l'reshytery adljm-uned
to ieet -it Liberty at 3 p). mit., on Tuesday
befoe i( the full mloon inl April.
Limiled sp:ee lorbil:; furtler accolmin of
the pr"eedinglig' at this ltme. The s .ession3
was a most hirmoio ne, :(111 lie hosii
latht'y of the gv.ni peoiple o' \Villilmst.m
will lou- b hibhl in grateful rembrani3c by
all the delegate'.
Vrom Lbrv
J. S. O )')eil will sooll rebuild a nice cot.
tage ,m tinterite of the one Which waS do.
s 1 r hvd I. i1! this silmm'er.
Ch- linan &k Calaham ae 1ding about
fotyl letv it theirl Store. Tle deimands of
II -ir I increaing trade have olitgrown their
.1. 11. lrown will soon build a new store
ftouting towatids the railroad west, of J. 1).
S:nit h's store..
Shiriy &S, Parkins hmve sprea.3d their ban
nvr to vtch h(lile Inie winds, ad ave the
pros;pect of doin).- 31 good isi ness this fl4.
llnter! & Iloggs ar; hin 3 al addition
of :1.) feet. 01u, to their 1 e1 store. It seemts
Ilhey also underrated the extent of their
11:1ronagu.e. All these impioveuents. s.ow
thle prosperity I of the surtuling3 counItr'y
ase noteh( is the $1neer:3 3f the3 merchan131ts.
Wairrin i Gri Ilo's friends~l will limi( him13
han3. llini- :oods31. over thle count-..r in Cha~up
33'al .tc ( 1'audlin)'s store,
iT. ". I'arsms wilIl be gl;3d to gr)3eIt his
numyi fiends i33 the. concreCte buiildim; u'.
lI cij I Smith ill me:0''aure' calico and)3 mo3
hi3sses for the' cuistomiers oh .J H. Brown.'i
f'i eld at. the store of Ilterci & lU..gs
e iire lie will ha:ve an( able1( assistant.) ini
W\.3)Ish later3, will is (expect i 33) h33unch
his; thark on1 the tide of1 commerl~cet.
Presbyl3Vt ry as5 dIelegat e fromr t his chu33r(:h.
nhis retur 3 h33 was ac3com333)3panliedl 11y Miss
a1 few th13ys (on3 a visit 1(o relattive's.
PeIt&3 .Jury.
Th'1e fol h-wingL jur has 1 b33 n dra3 li3wn1 to)
serve at.l. l SetenthIer' term of court, I Wt,
.J 13Ige li. C'. \Vatts l'(.i I
Sami Ni'al,1.I.lC311,
J1. ". ('arnum, VI.I) ~
". L. Mc31, 11hI.ortereii~i
.T I. ,. iii3PC3, T. S. 51ennell,
.1. PwerR. T. Lewis,
.1. . 1 wglls -W. A. FeCx,
I~. . I ill VW. IE. Alexamer3,
.,. NI. I lon, J. 1. 11 3reem n .
T. A. 1)lan~t, I.Ito,
J . I'. l)ipey, .jI33ilim
I3'. 11 M. f 311(1te'owlin,. I l~ I'ow
J.31.~ lhildreIn, 31 l~bIi I i ie 11
J. lt lnliig331do, 33(C.hreo h 13
13.1 I .a 1 3( iis1111,1 133 1111(1 (3yII
T. ill 313art~ln, 3( ha i sheriyi
.lohn l'. Ifiitt
III3351'1131I'e Ill II. C .3 S irley,1i(II tl
Stoe wll li it 11:1E. A.iIi( Joniesi)1313
~t3I 3331 113 33 i . A.3(4 illtong (f t
Et. T~1. Dre, R.lt Il', lrailton. 13'i''
1J<; l., .(13 5Ii*, St. , 18e4.
J. E. ro ats 1 '.--Dea SIr: 0 am i
sag fim he11 ont acot. (Ieof his33e ''wdoes
nlo feln title oubi I3tke hohl of3 th m-S~ I
biirion schelil~gOle 1)3" whi. aj 8onvent j131
lui been edard t ethr 83)m.3 th3e31th,33
aml tat, e has(3 Itere 5h3(te matter3 t you,
breay~ing otme bhat heis heartily3i
anid haetyour~ b y represented bya iv
represnta. Fromhia aseeoverhnItiorth
ate lwill, y i~3t'ak 1)'apinrde in pop
uh1i< ni prIrs and1(Il welth l ise fa chanet
is513311 and we3 mst ta'k, advani)tae of) it
I3C31ave rece1 ivedl( muchJ( Ien(coragem3n3
1fr3o3) 3n ( hidividuals, the es San (ailroads.
See3'(( edhria '~in,1 N o ' o-111r (o ti
.f11(31)yS blet(e ear fromyoueydr
Darn mad tour h0-.ruly,~ tez'li
A1cM Fl ire~j a3t endltonh.AL
mornin the4th idinst ,3( frset i11
ondnpif~ed hv Edward1ih Smithd -f Cinman
gooli atMoii'i;~jd
U)led. Septelber 5th5, 18111, Mrs. Amia
i E. ilaker, wife of Willie P. Hake, iig
41 year(s. itied lat floutaiijin Grove ll
List Church cernetery on tile day followinl
bihe le-aves4 a huslballd and 11;ve childirel
She had bcen i a cosistlenit ienimber of ti
Jla Ilt i't lchoreb since quite a gil. I'us
elair. is uzlade vacalt and alother spirit Ii
wingetd its Ilight to a1 brighter and happil
Worl-d. Wois canfl leveri portrav the Vo)
Itt is felt by thle r-emoval of at'fonld at:'
loving Croimnion aniil inaotler.
I'he ealiiest eile and wise counsels al
laissed. The willing hln:s are stilled ar
tile gentle voi(e0 is sint. ritime can nevI
eface hei-blessil iemoiry fromn each <
the family's sd heal, but the cross
lighitenled by the coinforting hope that thie
loss is her gain. She fulfilleel all the di
Lies of life fiitlhfully, and thus she coi
niend(1s hw (ospel of Chiit. Shc bore h
illinss with christion fiortitude and wait<
I atiently to hear the soin maiens, "Comeic y
blessed of my Father.'' We leave o1
frientd in the keeping of iliml who loo0
diowi~ an1 watches all ouI dlsL till i e sh
bid it rise, anil we how submissively to si
not our will, but thinie be dione.
"nest oi, deiar Friend, rromi- sorrow,
'Ilie ii e is o)ver, ilie victory is won,
Ou thy sinbubers d wi ii)o morrow,
nut thy ct thly race is run."
J. M. S.
A S1hoo MerClikanit cired.
Mr. Jas. E. Carton, of Atiant
Ga. had ia severe caso of indigestic
that bailled till ot.er inedicines. 1
used Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy, an
afterwards writes "I had sever
t indigestions, gils, s011ring of food
t he stin.ach, and sevoe pains. T.
ner's1 Dyspepsia Remnedy prompt
eutred In. I coilletnd it to the pul
lie as thle bet reinedy for indige
tion.' Try it.
The 1leist Salve in the world f<
Cits, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fi
ver Sores, Totter, Chapped Hland
Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Ertl
tions, anld po-sitivelyl cures Piles,<
I pay rmtiuired. It is guiairanteed
give perfvet satisfaction or mnoniey r
funded. Price 25 cents per bux. F<
sale by W. T. Mc-al.
MrIris sells dyuiaiite, caps, fus
and blasting powder cheap.
Four Mitf Suetese.
Having the nee(ded merit to ino]
than1i ilake good( all the advertisit:
elaimed for thei, the following foi
remedies lai ve reached t phlenoilen
Sale. Dr. King's Nw Discovery, f<
constunption, Coughs and Cohs, eat
bottle guaranteed-- Electric Bitter
the great remedy for Liver, Stomat
an1d Kidneys. lticklen1's Aricea Sal
the best inl the world, and Dr, King
New Life Pills, which arc a per-fe
pill. Ali these remedies are guara
teed to do what is clainmed for the
and the dealer whose nane is attae
ed herewith vill be gibl to tell y<
mo:re of them. Sol at W. T. Mcfall
What cau(ses had ldreais is a qm
tioni that has never been satisfactori
iansweUred; blut, in n ine cs out
enl, frightful dre:ins are the resi
of Inperfect diigestion, wluich a f<
doses of Ayer's 'arsapi la will ofre<
nally rem'iedy. Dom't delay-try iti
By using Ilal' iair Iu iiewer, gr
fadedl, 01r di.:coloreCd ha(iri assumes10 V
n alttiural coilor of vyiuthi, an id groiw.i lu
iuriant aind strlong, pleasing everybod
Seal tof N irth Caooiina, Pr'ido
Bedford, lad Duke's Clippings, tl
besct of smuokinig tobaiceti at Morris
buu rnnitleeti ure.
We a uthoriz.e our adverftized (ru
gist to sell Dri. King's Newv Discove
for C2onsiumption, Coughs and1( ( '014
upon this condition: If you are aiflit
(d wvith ai ciughi, cold or any lun
throaiit or chest trou ble, and will u
Ihis r'ernedy' as directed1(, givinig it
fir trai, anid exix-rience not beneh
you1 may retnun the hottl and 11( ha
your mloniC e refunded. We,' (cou1d n
mnake' this oil'r dhid wve not kniow~ 1]
1{ing's iNew~ :Discovery' could be reli<
bot1 ties free( at, Mcelil's. Large si:
50e. and $1.
WANTE D) --A few bush els of ni<
clean Spanish Peanu11ts. A. M. Mi
Laurgo lot mulielhi010 and1( paralsi
firoiu 50C. to $1.5) att M~iorris's.
Nyany for34 Chihiren~T,'' TeetimE''uoft
thle giums, rethers inollninmatliuii, allai
pin~ anid cur'es win is ol ie. 25c. a bottI
lbtist's new crop1 t urn ip Ps(ed i
the fine'st ltemns init~ ii at Morirsis
icikenis Conunty.(
Inl Common Pleas.
Rt. L. McCrackini,
WV. A. Barr.
iiy, virte o(f a1 lelCee oif forreci
121 h dayi ofi delyi, by ii I ; ilniir
Sale Day in Oatobear,
a.t it) courat house dinI!ig t i0 l14
hourt is ofi sales, all of I hat. piece, p
teIl or' I ract of landi yinig an b11 ei
siltante in the~ State and14 eounty afo:
saLi, ;n watarls of Goln Creek, v
totrs of Thlwelvoi Mile( river~i, ad joini1
huii I iof A. WV. .\lcCrackin, M.
10%:7, J A.B 'g a:1ohese
lann Linyo (51I) acares mioire
I 5. I t b'iing thea Suno iraet oif Ia
th-. led to thea( said Darr by MaCrat
Termi i: One-haln f enash, 1btnico
bond and11( ar gl~age. P'urchauser'
pay for pujmrs.
J1. M\. S-rF:t w.urr, C. (1. P.
Cia e iiitin. i).i
ltH IaEi a'rre O~tii msora, t 0 .
.i i luis N rat I . xii -.\ hIi i b'. gin it to
(iIan h ii liters ii, liif cl a f n: a.-unt ion of'h
le iile!r itia i ki t ,L bu lti( et i d
Sth eiaya of Oobr, 180.iid t a,
l Sarsaparilh
that are en
)~ any way dan-c
if 3 'gerous or of
ir - D'S Iensive, aIso
CA 0" patent medi- c
ii. cines, nos-c
trums, andc
ir ingredients are concealed, will(~
as not be admitted to the Expo- C
fensiv, als c
L.. c o aetnei
ML13v wa Ayer's Sai-saparlila ndlltt-c
not a Itrutinin, nor a sovet ppeii pratio ii <
not ingerois. not a coxrlnelt, alld C
because it Is all that a fatily medicine C
s1ioulti be.
At the
Chicago, 1893.
Why not get the Best? cc
''his soulacI3 albsrl, don't it?
Whiy, you lnve beii lying $
$10 for the job. But we inean w
we sny. You will have to bu
n' ce brush, however, alil do
work yourself.
C, Is the thing.
it is ready for use. anId no varnisl
is rouiited. )ries quickly.
m We have sold ii for years, iii t(
h- id country, imd don't hesitate
Srecoileld it.
o Sloan Bros.
o- Drugs and Seed
of LEE~ P. ORR,
s' Freeman Building, Pickens, S3.
so0 Am niowivready to (1<li a~llids of wor
at myl line. InistanltaneCous pricess5 antd lini
it ed in latest and most p~opI~uhr style
lowe'st prices possile for lirst, (class wo
Oi ()lce over Westmiorelit ui & Duke'~s
ati89tt' GIU I N \I l 1, S.
Over wVeI tmrchnind l Iros'. Drug Store.
wvorkI done boy the( jinstanitaneous, P'roes.
make enila rgemenits frot iolt dpitures to
fillg size in wauter toolo rs, rayon, Ini in ik, oIl
itS phlini phootographso.
'8. w ill N' a'. ('entIrail the SEoneka
P licens thex ticrd week in each month.
High .-. Schoc
-w1. (OPt :N
S Monday, September $d 1894
t'I3. 5. 5THIIlIbI NG, A. II., P'rinicipalI.
ci You1 enni iget goodI board ini private famnil I
reosoinable raitis.
l'arents: <texirinig to move toi town~ to edi
thoeir elibilirein enn rent com~ifortabille hic
attl if~ you wiih to priepare you r sonsii andt dni
.(erx for binesso..~ lire or fori college, yon shi
- give us ii Irhi: we will do you faithful wa-r
'(liiTuioni reaisomthile. So'iid for circular o
r- i'ui 61 P hIlckensx, S.
27-ru, 1891.
I Y Twelvye dlepa ritet: of Inst ruct ion,
to foioiIlty nondo dstlingii shetd corpso of lectua
W~ork thoroughi. pi rit p rogressive. I-le
lijcr bes. 'ieding oo ms, i li barieis ,oi fl~ine,
Al1l roomso iiarpetedl, well furnoishedo, n IgI
ilth coas. Openi firephbites. IIl ot teold b~
lisitih iuinsiur-assxed. 'Thooroughi coourse hi
istrinnientlol and v'uenliiusic.
IFor entud oo iu an furthier part iciularx
dress R1E\. .INO. A. 111C1;, I). I)
to aniglulwR P'residle
nul South C'aroinat CJoll
"ilcoI;UMIA, s. C.
'i-loin be'ginse Sept.%T!th. N noe regin r ov
,i to wih dilo muioio. Spleoilo ouirse's ithrili c~(
di Il'iiiremnouts foor liiisixoin mtioitted. Il
1ii a1(1 mont. Tlotl ne cersxiiry expentises foi
pyear teXclu sive of t ravelhnlgoelot hing and hit
Ine from '1112 to *jl5. So-iii for oinnioulnoer
lour uib oer torneoon., ...,o - .- n.
Are closing out remnar
goods now for the FALL T
Large Lot Horse Collars, H
Glassware, New Tinware, I
lery, Bread Trays and other
A splendid lot of Icav
Mr. Hagood has gone ]
the rarest bargains we have
We are working for yo
-- FOR
"It never rains but it pou
Here's the long and short o
rLIZE got in p)art o'
The Rest is "Mud!'
- Now comes in the Soap.
tho' this Almuanack has ne
soft soaped anyb~ody, these f
ny times have induced us
concentrate our LYE, and
nowv hav'e something with wvla
the -'dear people" can soft s<
C. themselves.
in Toilet, Laundry, Disinfi
Sing and the best Shaving S<
k.on earth.
Examine our general st<
of Dry Goods, Shoes and I I
and for solid comfort wvalki
""n our furniture r'ooms and
c. our easy Chairs. YOU are
- expected to buy everything:
see. \Ve want you to kr
what we have so you can
e. for-m your neighbors. We xw
Afto sellI you all you wvant:
Swill do our best to please.
There is a
"X Our Mr. JOnesR is nlOw in the n<
- rn market purchasingan:
neOw stock of Fall cnd Winter G<
CWe will havo lots of goodl thingB
storo for you wh'len ho returns.
Eall knuow that our stock will be
this fall becauise we comIfmeniced I
noss this spring alnd have not p
dlla's worth of fail stnfl in
house, except somo bargains bot
Swithin the last ten dlays, which
no0w ready' for inIspectin. Altiw
our busniess is carried on in at (
Ale andl hulfllo way, thero are a
are thing- we can proims you when
tice- visit our little place.
t~~ We will give you more *roods
-ti the money than any store in 01
Blelowv are the namesl~ of those
"t. will bo glad to sco youl and ma
to) youir interest to come again:
(q3 Clarenico R. JordaLI, A. Jacle J<
*Thoma~s Li. Ligon, Henry S. C
son, Archie L. B~urniide.
tej JA & GARRIS(
9m ' ev'Q1/1 PAh 11 A Tnn amm
ts of Summer Stock at Bargain
RADE. New Shoes, New!' Har
arness Leather, Lrce Leather, S
lollowware, Woodenware, Hard
useful articles for household use
y Plaids, Shectings and Shirting
Niorth, we expect his experience
ever had.
ur trade and interests, and hope
[agood, Bi
They are the most Reli;
a good crop you should plai
If you can't come for tl
will send by return mail.
Mansion House Dru
Ah Ther
ii Si
the " 1
md---.- Ho
ichO -LCL1YctTi
p or the ge, 'tllmanf wh~o did the
not advertisie his business~
an in hi w.ild endea~fvor r~
act- to esenpo) fromI1 his credit- .
) or IS sha~red the abotvo fate. lur
1.Tho p)icture was taken bI) cus
>ck a1 you pres the button, we
i~ts, do the rest. tioni
"'t If you don'
in- want in the w~
attractive adv
and will desis
SOne Hundred Br
nah The BEST
SEver Offered
ke it Woc
One anul Two
arr. -Whly buy Cheap Westerni Wag
8W'Patroniiz6 I LOME IN DUS'rlY.
H. (
Prices. They are daily receiving
ness, New Saddles, New Bridles#
ole Leather, New Crockery, New
6vare, Table Cuttlery, Pocket Cut
s, Factory Yarns, &c.
and foresight to fill our store with
to merit it.
-ce & Co
a~ve Com- e
Lble Seed to be had, and to insure
it them.
iem, send us the nioney and we
y Store, Greeuville, S. (.
n~d siLill continue to mope around yr-u r
~o of businecss with nothing to do. P.wu
Sin tho same old1 rut-selling no goods.
v enterprising ! No advecrtiemecnt to Id
>ilo know you are in busines. You will
sharo the gentleman's fate on youmr left.
FHY don't you put an advertisement in
best medium in theo County of Pickens
[B SENTINEL-an~d in one month's tioo
you a clerk to hlpj you wait upon your
omers ( Woe will furnish rates on applie:i.
an d gttaran tco satisfaction.
t know what you
ay of a neat and
ertisement, we do,
n it for you.
twster Spring Buggies.
in South Carolina
Coach :Factory
make time 1BESTP
m wen youw cn buy e Homemade Wagon
i. MARIKLEY. Proprietnr

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