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The Sumter watchman. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1855-1881, January 05, 1870, Image 1

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NO 37.
The Sumter Watchman.
{h'sr.i/t/j.wep /?v mu.) j
I ? I' V * I, 1 ? ll K V , j
Turms i
.$:| 0?
1 ... . i ou ;
fl uti) HI'MlllO. i
fiVK'l'Tl U?MIiN f{ .#:*.?>....* ('"' r iU,l
", MM: I?OM,\I< ASI> FIPJ'V OK.NIl? !'.Cr
|,r rh,- nm. WXB ?OU.AR n,r (he,
-.'....II I. ni.! I'M PTY ''KN C-i l"r '"
'. i. ,.v .,. ir..! if*? ?han ilirou Mimili* I
M"n s rpi? XIIIJ:'. THIUII i'i'-? OF MMPKCT
.."I, JJ ..MT.- ttl.'i-h Milisiurvu private j
lu: si.?, ?viii'.>. I"''' "r*'. .'.Ivort?neinnu?.
i i,,.,i IM; .'i'? i of this Conference,
j .?.. . .: Im 1.1?! towns ol' Carolina !
?i ? from ?inte? revolutionary ti m os-!
j:. il.? i;v. .leif country of ?>outh (.'areli- j
ivi. I * ?.: .-. ;: ro'.ty .?ito lov iv town-|
, i ;t U.? marta of ibo loniblo]
?ii' . rr '.? ll i.? tho terminus ol
?ii ., l'? Pal'.road, ami in company!
tt:iii ..i si'V ol' tho preachers, bunyan i?
: :. ! ? : !''..', wu I'caolnvl it on Tuesday
tv. ni. .?, .-?iii Do?., ?nd Po m ul n delight
i ?i ?...i: . with ibo family cf our dopa rt od
j??. nd ?nd brother, tho Kev. T. li'
V, ti h, ol precious memory.
'l?t. omiuittoo on nominations rc
noried tho following Committees, which
\vi;n i'ppniiitcil :
Mn Hooks a:id Periodicals-Uevs.
\ \ ?*-li?rpc. S A Webo?', A .J ("lau J h cu ;
I i. ,V I' Kirkland, and .J S Punches
On Memoirs-Kev Dr W Smith, and
i; ll Wells.
(In chu Dibbs Cause-Kovs J A Pol-!
[i \ li S Heard, T A Carlisle, J C Kugle.|
('?> I? ll Harton, Samuel Drown, and 1' i
j, Ilarwill.
On lb;; Publication of tho Minutos-;
l!i:?s\\'ni Martahi, \) W Thompson,
,.,..! Mi .1 li Johnson.
'i.itlii! Pi naneos of tho Church--Aj
\ i.ill.. rt, ll T Wright, Dr A K WU-!
? itoys li .1 Moyuardio, A Jj
i*i ,!o'<. and T Ka y soi'.
Du Public Worship-?liovd S Dowd,.
. : .) K Lillie. I
On thu Interests ol' Columbia Poundo)
C.liege - Kovs ?I M Mood, \V U Pow-;
ir. P ll Piii?'hurd, T ii Herbert, and.
! ?r V, T llomliovt.
To Audit ibu Aeenunls of lim Tie*? .
.u.V..1 Wo?l'.ird (iullono-Hov ll A (J j
Vi alker, atol S Dobo, li--,|
Hov Dr Skipp submitted a paper,
?riiiitf lori li reasons l'or restoring tho
rn?'?ml placo nf publication of Iii.? '
S '.''iiiii ?.'fn'tAtfitti Atti'ocitfu to iln'1
I li Carolina Cnn f?rmico, and urging'.
? i ii shall bo dono, lt was orihred
: i Le io lorri d I?I a special Commilieo. i
Sr.i'o.si) DAY.-Tho Conference was j
u,\l this morning with religious sor- ?
vices by Hov P. Derrick, How pleasant |
i.on-}, who like him, has oudui'od j
ali iHy hardships of u pinuoo'r iuttnorniit
now on lim last mumbling sands nf
lime still delighting iii ibo fellowship
ol'I huso who enjoy an cany niininfi\>/ ns
lin.' result ol his heavy toils, as a lather
ltjn'u'L's to J-co bis children surrounded:
|i\ lin! good th illus, which bis labor and!
e.'oiiHiiy has provided ; and how it thrills
lile heart to hoar ono ol' those old vet-;
i-lat?s, wluuii wo em imagino aro going!
down indi the Jurduu, as ho tunis bb
ovo .nul lifts his voice in these occa
.iioiiid con vocal ions, to toll us, that tho
religion ol'Jesus Christ is oven moro
jiieclnus,"ts lifo declines, and that wo
i. i.1 noi lear! (.), that wo were- moro
vv rt 11 \ ni'mir la I h ors, as well as ol' our {
li >!\ ii'ligiiiii ami its author !
Ih,Imp Andrew was ?Iso present,j
? ...ii ;.t mil call this morning.
.!. .? A I'lilion, (ji'orge T Hannon.'
I'ii:i.?;i;ui \' Harney, J Mai ion Hoyd,
Wm I' Lee, Joseph !?' Kngland,Thomas
I' Kiij-land, Wm T Mchcllion, Albert 0
l?atitt, IK'tijaiir.u V Dixon and Janies T
McKlliaiiy-II blind man from his birth ?
- wi iv received on t rial.
Hislcip Andrew ?dd?essod tho Con-j
! i-m -un . t luolingly--glad to meet j
uiili hi? ciilhib?irors ?iud th" young mon
ol' {his Imdy once more. Hois looking
better timi) wo expected to seo him j
Purely, if any living man deserves lo
be loved by :i Methodist preacher, bc is
that ino. "In la boro rs moro abundant,"
he has stout) upon tho watch lowers ol'
th'.! Church for nearly sixty yeats, Inly J
ii..; leen received into the S. C. Coll Iel'"
etico in Among tho preacher^,
there weve no tearless oyo when be took
his SOIll,
Tuuui DAV.-Tho Cou Peroneo was
opened with religious sorvicos by tho
'.'?.Hoiaide. Joel W. Townsend.
At li o'clock thc Conference bearii
tho "leli'gatcf from thc Convention ol
?Circles of Prayer "
Dr iJr.'iiieli hrii.'fly explained tho'ori?
gin natl nat me ol' tho ci files ol' Pi ayer.
They orginated in tho little villngo of
.Ninety Six, Isi;*j - were introduced into ?
Ahhoviile ii, }st;r), Habli.-ts, Mothp- !
disf.s, INobytei'iiin.s and l'?pisoopnlians
liai! cn?ngetl in (hem. In Abbeville
they nuil every Tuesday, alternately nt i
thc 'lill. ivin churches. At each moot
III?? a ' luiii iiiaii is cho.-eu to lead, and a
?pic:.ti,,'i .selected for discussion at, the ?
io xi. air'] every mciuhoi' is .reijuired
lo esprits his opinion, and, when called! i
1 to !.:!.! in prayer, uipl (?> give an ac
t''iiiu ol his religious cxperieitoo. . They j
Ji'c bk? an old fashioned .Methodist!
'"Ved et. Tho members do not know I
indi other us ol' ?i i If TIMI t dciiouiiuatioiiH
Da-|,i;i?| tnvets ?nd blesses ihein to-M
'-''?.lar A?'ier six nv eight months,li
! 'iiveiitious were held liy delegates!
'..?III Hi?: dill jrout Ci rel os, At the last,
.'?'aili (wo wooks ?go, some Porty mom>?j i
iv i >X' in attendance. The (lindo i'n j ?
".'..'.ville,ju which al) thopaslois hadji
'id:tai mi iK'tivo part, had resulted in a ?
- ?iel. ii:\iviil Thoro were Circles'
'!";? I? .... ?ai udjoiniug Districts. Tho
'hlevitt ion to (his hody was nppoinlod ?I. j
tko.siig'/csiion of Methodist clergymen]
"Mciiikmeo upon (ho last. Convention.;
( lh I'rossly expressed himsoll'as deep-;
.y lin] ri'S?i il wiih thc nppearonco ol'(ho
tttctiIn'lore hhti-.como up lo this Moo I
c" '" 'IcvUe means lo withstand the '1
cotiibi,,,..! pfJW0W 0f dnrkuosH. He -
f'?'<H |iiitpreach, ho said, but hod nj,
M, :,r -!" Kivi! ? tract and to talk. There
|?l'M?nrfj so exquisito as that nf l
' """'-'"?'i. li was a luxury. TP th 01011
T oi", ,|,.0(( of j,pfttJir?nll i,|00,i ?" |,js j,
,!"?s, lie Would open un artery and lot. I
1u'li?ii he wont lo Ninety-Six ' j
'?ie broilicrii t?P tho Cirolc took him to J
.U|"r 'inns, nuil talked to him about, tho 1
ivay lo got i" beaven. His heart was!
warmed with love. If Homo was must-'
criag h?r strength, und infidelity was
combining bs forces, thunk (j.*.), leo
love of Jesus was drawing tho protest
ant ohurches together. Alrendv. I wo
? rout bodies hud buen united Ol hues
were coining nearer to each other.
Whore there is no cmiscimivuess ol'
duty performed lhere is no joy, Love
is tim mutti spring. Duty done is tho
moral thoriuonioter by which to ile
termine tho len p- s tturo of tho In-art.
The powers of dai liness >'o not du a l
rbcioi ic an I orthodoxy, but they Hy
I rom the Ch rb tia II player. Wo want
annual convocations for prayer.
At* tho conclusion of bis address,
Hov, S Leard offered tho following
resolution, which was passed, by a ri?
sing vote:
Jfi'nott'aT, That this Conference has
li ou rd with great pleasure tho comma
ii teat ions made by Drs. I . Branch ami
ti. W. Prossly, delegates from the Con?
vention of Circles ol' 1'iayer in Abbe- :
ville District,'and that we do heartily
respond to the Christian sentiments ex?
pressed by them; and that, we extend !
our cordial sympathies lo them and thc '
oiuso they represent, ami that we do re
commend thu establishment of these
Circles, by our preachers wherever1
pru ot i ci h lc.
Mr. Lourd had been affected by the j
information received, particularly be- j
eu uso he had known thu last speaker
fro HI boyhood, and because bis own pa- I
rents lavin th? graveyard ol thu chili eh
io his neighborhood. In his boyhood, ?
Methodism was little known ur I ivvd in
that community, but now it lia.I ?lure
ti hold upon thc tilfoctions ol the people
Hov. J. IL Pickett rejoiced io hour
tho sentiments ol ibo gentlemen repre?
senting tho Convention ol'iho Circles ol''
Braver. Om- hundred years had wit-,
nested wonderful change.* i:i 111?.. ivlig
ions world Ile welcomed lb. tu, : * t .. I
thanked lil ml, that the spiritual d ?..*?
ce.nilants ol'.J olin Knox uni John t'ai
vin ami .lohn iVesley m w recognized
t'tudt ot lier as t 'ht'Lt hui lue' bron.
Kev. II. A.P. Walker had many years
ago visited Lui.g ('alie, the el)mell bum ;
which one of tim dc Imillas eaine, as |>i- .
ble Agent for tho tftaio. A irood broth
cr bad asked il bc could go ami preach '
at. that .'Sceedel'" church. He answer- j
ed thal ho went with thc open Ibbie, |
ami could go anywhere. Ile was wi.I- I
ei i m ed end invited to return. Wo .-ire '
drawn together by the Ibbie cause.
Kev .J. T. Wightman staled that ?
meetings similar to tho Circle id' Prayei j
had heel) held hy the preachers io the
city ot Charleston, seven denominations
uniting in thom.
Air T S Moorman gave a succinct!
history of thc origin of tho Circle iii '
Nitiei V-SIK. '1 hr.:'' elli 's:ian nu n un - j
dor v ligioilS concern ?br themselves ami '
the oh arel), had mot. in the above he- ?
bind the pulpit- in t'no Presbyterian
church to read, talk and pray. This ;
wa- in lSti.Y Now, lhere oro ?JOU tv? j
lt)i) prtiyin'g ilion, connected with them.
They have resulted in an inofenso ol re
iigb.os harmony-in learning thc young :
to talk, to preach, A man that, stain- '.
men d now read.;, sings ami prays. The
Circles ure only composed ol men. IL
hopes to sec a croat Convention ol
pray ev in the eily of Columbra.
Those dvsiriiiug further information !
upon tho subject may add ress Maj John '
Leland, of Lam ens, .Secretary ol the 1
Convention. j
Hov F li Build, of tho Presbyterian |
church, Clieraw, was pioud I lint ho hud
lived to soo this day aud this budy.1
No expressed sentiments of 'he wann?
ed i ai erna) affection, spoke ol' thc har?
mony that prevailed among the di ll ev?
ent ?burchos in Chcraw, and of tho re?
vival that had resulted therefrom du?
ring the pivH summer. The audience
was deeply moved by bis fervid, broth?
erly remarks.
Bishop Kavanaugh added ti few words
of congratulation oil 'thc progress ol
christ iou union, and exhorted the as?
sembly to pray much and nilen. Ile
thought, the hies of love were burning
down the old fences that divided the
Formt! t).\v-Hov Messrs Adann,
Guthrie, Mrycheand Wood, (d'the Noil li
Carolin; C'UiiVrcncu Wei'? introduced.
Tho following resolutions was passed
/ttMofvM?, That we hereby oxpross our
sense of l be evil of encouraging Fairs
und Festivals for ga i ti, which uro now
held by the members of our church, to
promoto the pecuniary interests of the
uh ure h : that these Fairs and Festivals,
(hough intended to accomplish a good
purpose, en co urti gi frivolity, dissipation,
mid often illegitimate means are em?
ployed to incrotiso their gains, such ns
extortion, rallies, and tho like.
A. A. dilbert presented tho report ol
thc .Special Committee on Finance,
which embraces apian of operations for
tho ensuing year. Ile addressed tho
audience most, earnestly upon thc duty
ul supporting thc various interests of 'ho
oh inch, and called upon thc preachers
to unite in more notion.
The filth item hi the plan elicited very
dblu speeches upon thc advantage ol'
aggregating or dividing tho various
collection* ordered hy Ibo Coulcvoiieo,
from Itev J ll Pickett, ami S Boho, Mr
Mobo called upon thc preachers lo ?lo
their duty in re I ere ii co tu all tho in?
terests and bring I hem all np.
Dr A F. Williams in urging the per?
formance of duty, contended that, one
lout h was the true measure ol christian
liberality---not a tenth of net proceeds,
hut. u tenth of tho gross proceeds of
business, paying the expense ol'business
mt of tho ninth in hum! "Ve are not
your own, but aro bought with a price" -
[hen you aro his, and all you possess
belongs to Him also. Cod will repay
tho donor what he may give. Ho had
told a brother he would stand security
that il bo would give a certain sum for
tho support of thc ministry) ho would bc
security to Cod that it should bc repaid
in twelvo mont hs. Tho second day
thereafter, this brother absolved him
from the obligation, for Uod had already
paid buck tho whole amount. Ile pro
pose?) to collect whatever limy bc defi?
cient ?ti a preacher's salary, if ho will
visit ii'i ! pray with every family in his
charge once in three months His ad?
dress warmed lite hearts ni preachers
mid people lt was a sermon from ti
layman to the preachers
Kev C |) Iloweli contends that, our
people need instruction upon tho ohli*
gali. tis tu ?Ivo Hr thanked (jud illili
not wit hstttnding heavy lossis, he had
given more than ever before to liol,
and had been amply rewarded i e
thinks the stewards of the church
should nut. h<> permitted to continue in
ellice, unless they aro I ai i ti Tul to their
official duty
Mr T S Moorman thought 'he Metho?
dists ul'.South fla roi i na Ind reached tho
point ho bad long wished to see. He
believed thc finances ul thu church
should be left in the hands of the laity
Ho regretted thal the ministry should
have so much to do with collections ol
The sixth section proposes 82(1.OOO
bo raised dering the year, as follows: for
superannuated preachers and widows,
and orphans of deceased preachers,
500; for education ?8,000; for mission?
aries, C'S.OtJO; and for tho'suppoi t ol thu
Bishops ?1,500.
The seventh section proposes that
the fbl'ogoili'? sums he divided li,il Weeli
tho Districts by the Kinuueiul Board,
mid In tween th? circuits ami Mations
hy ilie !'n siding Mulei'.* and i>.strim
The n-pori an 1 plan, alter sundry
amendment.*, wVru adopted with great
. i M 1111111 i ; y
Adjourned in :>\ ..'cluck I?. VI
Al'i'KUXbii.N ?1-..S- lox -'I'M* M' - i-oi
was devoted tu ibo el.-eli.in ,.|' IKdeyai
tu tin? tL-m-ral euntei nee. whieli re
Subi?d i- fndow :
Cli'Meiil - \ M Shipp. i! \ ?' Wal?
kin' \Y ,*t:i;l il ?V i' i.' /. II. W
l-'lemb-.:. V I S\. in.. >i\ ll v, ,-.... ...
S il Br ...voe A 1 .rie A . -ig -I W
Kelly Lay - \\ .J Munt joinery, ti \V
Willi im*. \ A Cilh.-ii, .) Il IVi-?... S
Hobo ll 'I' Wi ? ji l. Hev,r>e- .1 S
Moule. i> .St uk es. I-', 'i' ileinlieil, 1' S
.Moorman. I4 lt Halton, K Simpson.
A X M V Kits Alt I HS.-' I ' 11 e S tl li d a V -
school Snidely held its anniversary mi
I'Yidn'N night, i o the Methodist church
llev W T Capers, presiding. Afierro
ligioiis *ei'vii,e tlie Siimlay-.-oliool Agent
Lev ,'-' Lined, proceeded In read hi- re.
port ol'? he transacti'-ns ot'the p i*t ye.ir
The tlitdieueo was ibm. addrv-sed by
Simpson Hubo, Ksip. Hov .1 T \\ ight
mati.aud llev .) W Kelly, in an aide au
elui|iieut mau uer. Tho collection
aiiiunnted to 010.1*1. 'i ii" iimciing was
one of lively illlcj'esl,ibid a decidi d sue
The Missionary Society lo 1.1 ils mei t
ing on Saturday night, before a lob
After an el<i'|itetit report fruin lite
Hoard, thrungli Hov W I' Cl pcm. Bi.*h
<>p Kavautiutih, A A (?iib. rt Ksij . ami
Dr Whitefoord Smiih addte.*Mid tin
very large nu cling on the general sub ?
ject nf consecration io missionary work.
and a eolie'*thiii was taken for uti-.?i?? n
ary deli!.- !*'} 1 S-which together willi
tho eulleetinus nf the year for this di ht
makes !?.>?S.7? obtained on (ids account.
Thc collections for Domestic Mis.*ions
were {?ii,?(?:>.0L
The Sabbath was a be mt i fol day, an 1
all Hu' oil D'elles, except the Kpisoop.al
were m OU -id hy toe min inters ?iud vi
Mtors ni til'.* Conference.
Kt:-?it DAV--Tb?! Ibilnwiug was ?.
doptcd respecting the Columbia Koniak
/,'/>.///../, That it is tho j mle. meut oj
this body that ibo said Hoard [Tt'USiecs
of the College. ] be reorganized, lo I In
end that the llnaiieial a lia i rs of thc . ul
lege may be adjusted at au early day.
!!. .i.h i il. Thal in view nf-the gener?
al financial depressi m which prevail;
throughout our Conference territory
the Hottid of.Trustees clod bo autho?
rized los? tile the claim:- against lin
College, on tho most favorable lonm
pu.: iulo,
In tho ease nf I' (J Howman, whusi
case bad beet, referred to a commit lei
un account ol Ins having preached soiiM
doctrines considered inoousi.>toiit will
unf standards, ou the assurance that. h.
would hereafter roi ru in from Kellin:,
forth the speculative opinions he hoi.h
of which complaint bad been miele, In
was pa-seil.
A KT KU >,'i)()N SlWSlON-Bishop An?
drew, presid?:.g, the Coufel'euco ga vi
attention to reports
The Kductitioii committee reponei
the condition ol' Institutions under tm
charge of the L'onlerouoo
Wolf, j i'd College bas enjoyed a yea
of growing prosperity, and ts doivg :
most important service lor tho chili', li.
lt v. as resolved, I hat as a body o
christian M misters and Laymen, we an
profoundly convinced of in: itiipiiriauci
of giving a religious education to tie
youth ol' our country, ami we will ns<
mir best endeavors to promole the in?
terest.s ol'lill our Institutions ol'leai'iiint,
recommending them in our interemir.u
willi the people, obtaining lui I limn II:
many students as possible, ami hear ?bj
co operating in ra tfi.Hjs such loud- a:
li.i vc been vol eil by tin Cuiden nee.
A A Hilbert, Ksij., ami then \' ,\
.'?'harpe, addressed the tVnnlbi'?'iee ll pm
the importance of sustaining Woffon
College, Dr Myers gave his lesliiuonj
to the value oft he I list lt Ut ions of L'.ui III
(ng to ihe church. S Boho, ICsij , nindi
li forcible .speech on the subject. Bein;
a Trustee ol WolVoril College, ami a re?
sident, ol' Splll'lanbiirg, and well ne
tpiainted with the Institutionelle ,-poki
from his intimate knowledge of I hewer I
il hud done.
IO .1 Meyiiardio speaking fur hi'.nsel
lind otheis, pledged u renewed /.eal ii
behalf of WofVoid College
The Statistical Secretary repnrfei
I2,7?i2 white members -increase, '?.\\"t'?
radoied members, 'J,ll I: local preacher
171-ticcrctiHC S; infants baptized, 2,<HK
i adults baptized, l.O?l;" uutnbor ol' Sun
! day schools. 513-increase, 49; officers
I ti nd teachers, 3.481-inoreaso, 420;
: pupils, 22.027;-incienso, 8,111. Col
! lettio() for pastors, $50,004 50-inoreaso
;8i:?.:}ll J>5; lor pr?siding elders, 87,
(400 1U -increase, 81.2?8 1U} Confor
t euee collooiinus, 8-1,440 00-increase,
?81,221$ 10; lor Missions, 82,808 01
. increase, 824S L7j for Sunday schools,
?84,308 23-Increase, 8000 00; for ed?
ucation. 8?.317 04-inoreaso, 8070 09
! for Iiishops, 81,000 00.
j XttiiiT SKSSKIN.-Tho. Special com
? milico to which was referred ibo paper
; presented hy Hr Shipp, on tho subject
ol'thc- removal ot'(ho >Smi(hrm Chi'isl ian
; Attrortth; to Charleston, S C, reported
tho following resolution, which was
ad ap ed :
Ji>.<.//./ /. That thc whole subject of
tho tjitulhwu (.'/i ri.it fi i n AtlKoctttt? bc
referred lo tho delegation of S C Con
I forenoo in thc approaching Ccnoral
Conforeiico acting in ooo cort with tho
delegations of the North (?oorgia, South
<Je.?rgia and Florbln Conl'oronees, anti of
any tuber patronizing (Vuilercncos "
Charlestun was selected as tho place
ol ibo mooth g of the next Conference.
I) J Simmons was appointed topronoh
tho sermon lu foo the undorgrndliai cs
at tho next Conference.
Resolutions oft banka to the hospitable
citizens nf Ch craw, for their largo
hearted liberality to tin: members nt ibo
r".'on terence ; to ibo Prc-hO' rian ?ind
Hap:ist Churches for their courtesies;
and to i Ito Kailroads for iheir accommo?
d?t inns, wer?* passed
TJie proper eon. mi I tee reported Mo
ulidia ol iii.- Ile vs Whale n.t. Albury
i .amowell. and Dr Hubert .1 lloyd, ao l
Slopben XV NViiihim-, a lay member. -
'A'h. II i hose were pre.-oni il, respect
iv ! .. -.ev? ral mo obi rs ul' ibo (.(.m-"
t".-t-.-itsjn,!x.. 'm deeply tooling terms of
titi ir memory ol', ao l love for, these
dear ?I. par od brethren, and deep finn
i inn. ate! I'l.jnii'.n j lor ?ii', triumph ?.!'
.: i !?.?. iu d.-ath ;:. madel the ont ito Con?
lon m--.
A little limo remaining, while tho
t'i'mI renee was wailing for tho Dishop
me ai.- in -ll A C Walker in tho
chair, alter singing ami prayer, proposed
thal the preachers ami loy meo, and ibo
christian ladies present pledged them?
selves to moid, at or about sunset on
i vory Sal unlay afternoon io a .'circle
ul prayer." at ibo throne of grace, sup
pli'-aiing the blessing of (jud ii] on the
Sabbath services and tho outpouring of
ibo Spirit upon tho churches.
Ai the suggestion of J T Wightman, it
was resolved lo iis-k the congi ega! ion
every where to juin in this pledge. A
wave of strong emotion rolled over thc
. ut Ire conference, and lunn 1 expression
in so ti <f 4 i! praise atol prayer -the Dev
Mr Dui.-t ?f iho Presbyterian church in*
! "o raw. loading in tills service, lt .was
a hallowed hour.
Pi-Imp Kavanaugh and tho presiding
ciders canto in about 1 I o'clock, when a
resolution, w.iieh bad been previously
pavse I, was lea i injinu, and he ?nado an
in iT'-siing address, lespotidiiiti to the
soul i ni t-i?t s of respect and ailee! ions with
which the conference had greeted him.
Ai'l'OINT.MK.NT.S Ol' is7o.
C i j.xii i, p.?m? M Di.snticT.-? M
Clin it/.berg, P H.
Charleston j Trinity and Cumberland,
NV P Mou/.nn.
Dell cl. T I*' NVntinninitko-.
.sprint! Sired JnoT Wightman
Cooper li iv? r, supplied by W T Unison
:.n l .Jo. F Kimlati.t
Cyprus*, supplied by J ll Dunner.
Wniterboro, NV Caisou.
St liVorgo's, Wm 11 tu tu.
St Coorgo.'s Mission to bo supplied.
I visiere Orange ct, D (J Jones,
I'luvidoiice ol, J C. Sioll, F, J Denning
ton, supernumerary.
Si Mathews, ct, J \, Silley
Upper St Mathews, J [.) Willson.
D.xMiiKiMi DIHTUIOT.- D ?J Simmons
D \'). Hamberg et. Tims llaysor,
Dlaok ville ot, C Wi Km. Charles Pish
burn supply, ami ll D Tai ra tit, super?
( Darnwclt el, J ]<) Penny.
\ Aiken ?uni (jrnnitovillo Mission, I'
(1 (iago.
Lexington cf, \ Nettles.
lipper Orango ct. lo be supplied.
Orangeburg ct. P nhl.
Dram hvillo. T J Clyde.
St Dartholomew's, J NV Cridor.
Allendale. NV A Clarke.
ij Diack Swamp, I? C Loyal,
llardeevillo Mission, J ll Coburn
.MAUI.IN Di.sm ter -J NV Kelly. PM
Marion, J A Porter,'!' Mitchell, super
Marion, et, L M Dillie.
Ilrownsville ot, NV C Power.
Duck Swamp, A Kr v i II
Liberty Chanel, Wm Thomas.
Darlinginii Station, NV T Capers.
( Dallington et, P (?' Dow man.
( Timimmsville, (! Il Wells.
Lynchburg ct. D J McMillan.
(}?'orgelowu Station, II A 0 NValkcr.
Kinttstroe and Dhiok Diver ci, NV NN
C?m way boruStation, Aug W Walker.
. 'oilXV i'. norn' el, J D Phill.
NV ?uva maw cl. lind Mission, S P ll I-)!
nell c Doits, Hiiporiiniiiurury.
C?;l,l! XIHI.X Dist lt I cr. - S ll Pt OW ll (I
p i;.
Columbia: Washington Street, W Mar
lill, one in bo supplied,
City Mission lo bc supplied
Minion Street, W NV Uoou
Columbia ct, J A Clifton.
Hooky .Mount, J .Marion lloyd.
NV i u ii thor o ot, . A ti Cl ault, O W IV
Creighton, supernumerary,
Chester, J S Nelson, J it Pickett
II iel. la nd Pork, I) W Soalo.
Fairfield, J D Sh ilford.
Camden Station, J W Humbert,
Sumior station, ll M .Mood,
Sumter et, J NV Murray, D F Dixon,
Hishopville, D Wood, A MoCorquodnlo
Manning cl, S ?I Hill.
( Sau(00 cl, J H Campbell. \
\ Manchester Mis?iou, to bo sup- ;
CotvKsuuuv DISTRICT-W ll Fleming,
1' M.
Cokesbury Station, A J Stafford.
Cokesbury ct, John A Mood.
Abbeville Station, G F Hound. ;
Lowiidc.iville Statioti, Manning Drown.
Abbeville et, J J Wcikuian, T S Dan-"
iel. i
( Ninety Six et, TO Herbert.
\ Saluda Uiver Mission, \V ll Lawton,
Dom's M tues ct, lt JJ Duffie.
I Kdgcfield ct, J T Kilgo.
( Savannah Uiver Mission, lt M liar
Huller et, J ll Zimmerman.
Newberry Station, O A Darby.
Newberry et, A J Cauthou G T Herman.
Laurens et, I' F lustier.
Clinton ct, J S Connor.
Tumbling Shoals et, J M Curlislo.
G UK KN Vt LLB DiSTltlCT.-A li Ste*
phens, 1' li.
Greenville Station, S A Weber.
Greenville ct, J Atttuvny.
It.oidvillo ct, J () Crisp.
INckon-ville, Wm Howman.
Walhalla, to be supplied by F Smith,
F M Morg.iu supernumerary.
Williamson, John A Wood.
Seneca, D I) ltyurs.
Anderson Station, W A Hodges.
Anderson et, C V Harnes.
Pendleton, J H Traywick.
Sl'AUTAMt?Ut.1 Dlt?TlMOT-It P
Frank.-, I? li.
Spartaubuig Sta, Whitefoord Smith
Spartunbttrg et. J I>.Carpenter.
Cherokee Springs, !t ('Oliver.
Cnmu Station, A J Stokes.
Ilii li Kill et, A K Mellon.
Piioolet, John Watts.
Fiir Forest, N ll Hoyle,
(..'ano Creek end Co-dieu Hill, J W .Mc.
Delmont. J H Mttsseluan.
Columbus, ll J Morgan.
j Katini!-od el, V ? Sharpe, Titos I
J langland.
{ Chem Mount, Supplied by L (.
I White.
( Murt?n nm.1. Mo.Dowell et. J ll Gril
J lith, M G Tuttle.
S lipper H road Uiver Mission, supplici
I hy A M Long.
Welford College, A M Shipp. Presiden
W Smith, A ll Lester, Professors.
Spartiuibnrg I'Viuale College, SH Jones
WAUKSiioitu Dii>Titior.-W S Black
P Iv
Wadeshoro ct. H lt Pogues, S J
Davis, F M Kennedy, suporuutuor
Cheruw Station, J ll Little.
Bonnotlsville, et, C ll Pritchard.
Meldrum cl, W I. Pogue??.
Austinville et. J W Pimtt, T A Doone
supeina ni era ry.
Alheoiar? ct J C Hansell.
Concord ci, Samuel Leard.
Mt Pleasant, John Finger.
( liinenster Station, (J Tin.mason.
I Handing Hock, ct, Simson Jone
Che.-lerllehl el, supplied by Joiiatlui
Sandford, O Faddy, supernumerary,
Monroe Station, WT MoLcllion.
Moinee ct, J W Abernathy.
Pleasant (5rovo ct, 0 il Laud.
South Charlotte ct, supplied by H ]
Hi own.
Hook and Periodical Agent, to be sn
P li;
Shelby Station, Jun W North.
Shelby et, J S Frvin.
Lincolntnu cl, W D Loo.
Smith Fork ct, J J ('rather.
Hock Springet, A P Avant.
Dallas ct, J T Mclilhiiny.
Vmkvilhi Station, H I. Harper L
Johnson, sn pern um et my.
York ct, supplied by (.1 W (catlin.
Hock Hill ct, W A Coiiolly, H H Alst
Pineville, Willis S Halton).
( Charlotte Station, IO W Thonisou.
7 Calvary Mission, to lie. supplied.
North Charlotte et, lt H Duguid I.
Lenoir ct, P L Herman.
( Newton ct. Daniel May.
\ Happy Homo ct, supplied by lt
( Abernathy.
Moi'gUUtoii et. G W Ivy.
Davenport Female Coll?ge, S La?d?
Supplied hy II M Valentino. P li.
Greenwood et to he supplied,
??Malwooil, supplied by A Johnson.
Williugtou et, supplied hy W Tuck
Warrington ct, to bo .supplied.
Lowndcsvillo et, supplied by Ji Jon
Harrisburg ct, supplied hy N (.'hiles,
Coki'shtiry ot, supplied bj Geo Jones.
Huller ct, supplie I hy ?Nell ml M is
Joseph parker, transferred tu liist Ti
ns Conference.
A (I Stacy. loMissoiiri Couloronce.
Lul'llllTKRiS AX? .li!,!>!.,,.< CK
G TC O O 2.2L O JLV 77'
ivy meotin&"?i.
;::>:> A7AV/ .S"/7.?/v7;TW. of/huw/t
C ll A ll LC S TOM, S. (.'.
Si |I| S lim
Of lim Into rina ol
t?\ 1). FANNI Xii k 00.
tiatSj Caps aral Stray/ Gooi
Ladies' Misses ? Childrens
n A T s.
Oil A KIDSTON, fi. C.
Hvnl 8--Omi Oppoilto (M'.iulojtou ItvU
Manufactured at tho Wando Works, ?
It is a IIOMIO made a fi i ?lo, ami proven to bo thc best PEUT! I.IZEU now in
CAN bo liait at all limes alu) In nil}' quantity, by applying to tko Subscriber, in S CMTCit.
For Burnt ct1 County,
Cot 27 8m
Carriages and Harness.j
ti. CHAPIN ?c Ct).i
jtdfcH&f Also
Corner of ??iftL ^ A
SI UL h 1 vS. W', N J ^ / , \ ^
HO.SST A NT DY on hand the DE3T V ADI ET Y iii Ibis Cily, which wc nflVr
OF A D L S T V D E S AN D A T D 0 W ,> U I C E S .
H ADN ESS of all kinds nod of best quality.
. At?t?NcY ru? nu-:
ISP &l> SS JS? C?, I? ?3 '?3 3? 3. io. gs "V?7" O fT3 i :
A Largo lot of Ourringo ?ntl Cur Springs always on hand.
pel Ci "'?.
It is ii preven- XO HlTTKllR1
li vd oPUliills, M equal lo I hom, :
sure run: lor . Kop tho wonk.'
Dyspepsia, For thc pulo.
Clidlt ra Mor- - ! W tho sick)y. j
bus, Indigos- For tho aged.*
(ion, Nervous For females. ?
Debility, aDe- For spring use. :
light lui Bevor- . ; :. .'. .. . AU uso it with!
ago, a pleasant ;. '? ". . .'? . wonderful sue-|
tonie-, nu in val- - v.: ? ' ress. Brings!
uablotraveling .'.'.: . ? .. .. ; ; ??. color to the ?
companion. , v-:. . ' '. ~ \ / i: \ .. -\ L palo white lip,
Dloom mid Deauly lo tho thin Face ?nd Caro-worn eountonuneo. Cures Fever
and oroalus Appetite. ?
THH.BE ST X H. ??S^l. , . I
Rt''oinnu titfi'if it// thu Unjin */ ,Uinfu:ut A nlhunty in i!t<: Statu. o?"C Ot/vufttfn]
tinntiht I'lirtt fhtttfi',
TU V TM K.M. l'SI> NO OTURH. A.iU f.ir SU MT Kit ItlTTI?KS. Sold by Druggist* amt U rn-,
cors. Sut* ?l?K nur t'ignntui'o is tiver lin- coik of eaeli lirtUlo. ' I
Ocr. Ci let
Piedmont and Arlington !
K?islhtt Tfoorasandl Ensurers and a dapSlal
and Assets of over One MIHios? and
a Half of 23>9 lars, ,
never Dolore roached in so short a linio.
Rights ol' Policy Holders in Doth the "Piedmont" and "Arlinglon" ;
will romain unchanged, and tho saino as Dolore.
New and advantageous features in the now
Company, will ho allowed tho old .insurers co-cqual
willi the new ones j
There >?re !'<r<n>' !t (?}//.*''t'H ?it <((t'li tfttjft;, ?'/tt>t'(j- j'thnf.v owrtttntj art ?
titc sfit/, cn:/ aol taken IHIJ?HHI State limits.
WV?WAX iMiXw in (bin Slate nt Coktuifri&j
DEAPil A UT, A EPPE ll:*'<).S AND HANSOM, Mai.miers.
H, H. l??OBEB, Agon1,
Ollieo at .J. T. SOLOMONS' Sioro.
II Cr KUKNi i s : . ;
(.'api. \ A iPiib-rl, Capt. E W. M.d.-e, Capt Jim. S. ltiohaid.-.n
(>,.. ii
?. J.O?BCa?H ? CO./Caiupsc?S ililli ?-? ::.
:U> 1 KINO ST BK KT. W' l'i>?,i,,m ?nh, So. Co. KW /: V
j in ( (i/lli,ihnl, i'<i:l*.
CllQrlCStOH, S. O, I rpm: inoU-r^nea . r l i iliMn.airy frifii
i I. nuil Ibu |nililic in K<,"?''!it a rlii,ice. .mil ian,- .
\l-'tMifi ?.?xorUiicitt nf UMIIUCCCAS AND j arti lo I'l air.
PAKASOCS, a I way on liioul, liollor and W u luvmiii Iniinl alni ar? (jriii.liiig tinily n .fall i
i'lr.-Ilian nay liiipurliiil, fapi'ly ?f eimlco .
Wholcsa?o & IMaiU \ Family Extra & Super Flour!
A Inrjjii nnonrliucnl'"ofWAIiKfNfl ("JANUS Xei?!.erii nml Woflcrfi !'!our nt lnivoyl murial I
Wo |iny u.>|K'i!?iil iitleiiilini lo lim iiiiimifnolar ?
>r lorn, 0;iis t\u:\ Kay, t
BUGGY UMBRELLAS, K???? ?'.;..?'.i,,,,. j|
i " O.Ii.*. I i
ivliloli ivo eau 1'iiriiisli ai> lew in* II nv Inuur North j ' " lianO'i .? lui X. lt ;,..!. Ilay, lt
uni orn liol Ci lOialiiy luriliv I'lllCK. JOH N t". M r.< i.\ ,v io., " ;t
..... * I flin ililli, ii, S, t!. 1 }
Oct. l.t. ilia, li,.. s
T~~.- ?.y.-~ t
VER V if itt PT 10 N
.T.'--/1,- .>> .1? : ?
IMtOM PT!.Y pf?l?Onr.U .v.' '1 ?! K
.?.>-..: . i|??t: :s . . I . . ? v? i.
? V., , , , .%
tho' Sumter 'Wivt-cfemr,
ix TI:;;
?liehest Styift oj' Hu? .Art,
Cha rVofijlon A v ve : j^\VV
?o.'?ir.'i ic ww .?-s . :r'.-.
? I'i.t W::?:N (?r<S-c:i? ;S;> t ' \'f ii .?I V " ..?.ii ...
OH \ Irt/liMOX, ? f :
;'V.\-, r
/.rispvrfv'?. .- . ? .'."lio-ii
/.VAV-m^i' Ml?* ?.. limit*. SSll'if*,
J^/C rv<-... :?." * Ti Hi**. V'VV. I'.IM;
jrT'.'. . . HIK*. Vtll5?l'?J. bu4#U?
-. . l-l.-. .(':? . .ti'."
.J.:\-;^ M. r . ' |r.s tt ntl r
,*&r , .-.?i.?i .u* tt?V. .irffj .
Cv .' ' ?_ U-\ N ' b
,II..1 ''.i'ii.i'.?'.' . . lu ?> I y '? <?? .,
l ull i.s.ll!".? |,|..! t i, .. .? . lt
WI'Kilt ::-Vr JMlVi-l fi! s ft ( ' ...
itu. ii't'uiyfi >. r .!!...>> tui't . ii> . ??' .:. '
ll..-ll I-ill .Hill OX rill. Un LUI .-lui'- ?Vii ??lU ?>.-> ..?"*'
tnt II :. l l.-i.i.-lioi*.
net Ci '' ,,,,>
AND .MX msn.isr.s (il 1III?
VlU'.l" M;r., Ul\'.)<IMi;Nlit|l 3V 1IIU
IvT ?.' ? XO AL VA? U.jVi'V,
..i ?; /:.V /.y, A;/.II Jo? /..
Eanafatiturcd by C. F. P??M??i,
C! Il A lt. IV 1?} H .?JL* ?O X, !.>.<.'. .?.
ttS^/'iiii .Vtit'c? l-y Di'Hyotsta /;Yei,|/M?fti,j;c.*rOC,.l
nil'0!.T;.U OK"
D R P G Ai .> 0 hs.?? li 1.1 U ...... ?. j
ri.ltl'I!M I.KY A X!? r.VNOY AH I?l I.K.t,
i\rti. 30<*> KIN : S?;.:;:;,/'
Ohar!i?8t?ii, ?.'?,
Oi l. lil, ? Sm
C. D. BEAH? ? tf-ft
Patent Leat:.er, Lmlrir:;, fie...
". A Xi) I ?H A! Kl! il ?X
OAK, UE.ft/?LGGK IfA?i?S
AND Sh ?E ?10 Vi CL'.'I?VM,
Xo. 13 IIAv:.:: ;:': :.: LT,
Gliurk'sioii, S. 0.
C. I), lill Mill. t . |-, I,;.!:.
Oift. IA. -I.:.
H?I-MES & 0.:1?3:E
M\s: rci:i:?(i, ls!i'..i.ri.-i-: .: ' ;. >M>
. . . - Vi r
.\? /..V *.... I : >., I, ? . ? . .. , v . .
?hiiW;.;if;h.f c,(
W. K. Ill.l.Jlliii. .-. . il l !.
O.'l. 1>. M* ?l .i I : (Iv:-. J*.'.'.. . Va ...I: ll'
. '. Dukey .t ?' .'. ? ? . 1 ? . '. .: : h. '
.-] !:i-.i, K.-.|! i'.-i. J. *?, -, ,
.>.-i lis f..i
Wv. !!\?,! ,1. Vi. M; , ?
Vii k... , -! ......
r ?ii*i:: \
ill Al? l? \ ii, XII i*'.' : . . .'<
No li' ' 1 v Y:: Y- : iti.i?r,
i'M.uths'.,.; S. (J.
t^r?: it K/:M.? : "i ' CM.!, V;IR .\'
vi (cuti.iii il' lill? ii:i-':f|.! ul U-I?M
lili] t ? !.?. i.-?-a 11 i-, ir m, f.. II,, t.'ul .<... i . ?:
. .l'f.'.l.iiiit i V. ..'. ..I i. i ^ ! ' Lil. ,"'. .
mil. .Mfi"ill:i!x, . :- i- ?
...?i.'Di.i:.**, ' v. . .
Dlillil.l':-. t'. :. -,
li \i.. .. ?.;
>i'??Ki.--. . .. :.
in - ..>. ?... ; .\ :..
KW -i . i. . 1.1 T l . i' -, !'; \'l !?' ?
i.i; \ iiii?i, ...... . . ,,o.v: ti t.,.
o, i. IO. i? o
l!?- liiiii ,\ U'i:it.l.i..t. ! -,i I?, ?i.j
V k1 - ? r-J. - -.V '... . J
li ?y. v.\ I /1 \:>,
. ... / - j
?. i. ? i *
Xi?, o'.! j X'O?'TH Tunis? :'...
! r. . ' ; . '
1 . ; "r*? '{'? ft T,. TV .-,.i <
*v .w J- .I... s.; v... ?'j ,
li! i K i Xii ST I nu; J*,
.^v...i...% *\tiJ dvi.) i ... ..
no A RUT. il,",
l'iiiii ; i i 1,.r !..,. .....
''' Ul?'l Ul ll. ..,.| ., ,,?- ... r . , . .
lt . :n lt t . ... .. .
I);..? Iii uni ....
l!:?\ !;.;? I. l'I'Ill I?, luk'i il'
ll.?..-.?. I, l.-.v .1... iv. t., , . ,; lt; ..
.ivli/liltul , i.- vi*II ..'
Ul tin i'ii|l|'|)i]|.il,V, III.il li IM-. I
?.l-l r.uiit.si ?..? ?i ?!, ??..i .i i.M...
mri ?l i., m i.i.iiiiiiin|:it?> ! . ' !
ni.-.- i^ M ili-il ,,l.nv??, t. . i .. .
'.ll'tll ll, ll >,!. ?ii ^'. i >:l ? i"
u?.l. : i:\;y.\. . .
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