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The Sumter watchman. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1855-1881, April 20, 1870, Image 1

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NO 60 J
The Sumter Watchman
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Jan 6
Navassa Guano
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And of the Patented
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. Agent for Sumter County^
March 28-lm
The Original and Genuine Article.
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Phosphates and Potash,
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Liberal deduction made to dealers.
Wo annex the following certificates taken from
many received by us :
SUNNI- SIDE, Anno Arundel co., Md., \
March 19tb, 1870. J
3f?mr?. Wm. Crichton d? Son-Ueatlomen : I
Hied Ike Persioator on my Peach Trees last spring
with muoh satisfaction. Many of my ireos aro
lix veers old, wore diseased from th e wuss,
the leaves were yellow and sickly. I applied a
small shovelful of the Persicator around tho base
of eaoh tree. In a few weeks tboy produced a
rich green foliage, and bore a fine crop. I am
satisfied that this manure completely destroyed
the worm, invigorated the trees and the growth of
the orup.
RICHMOND, VA., Fob. Otb, 1870.
Mettre. Wm. Crichton tts Son, Baltimore-I
used the PERSICA-TOR on a pieco of very poor
land to give the CORN a start, and drilled it in
nt the rate of 50 lbs. PER ACRE, at the cost of ono
dollar. On this lot I nevor had been able to se?
cure a "Hand" by reason of tho "CUT wonu," al?
though I tried salt in various ways.
On the rows to which I applied tho "PERSI?
CATOR," the corn carno up "to a hill" promptly
and grew off finul;-. On the remaining rows, not
more than one-third of the plants escaped the
worm, and thoso that did, were puny io appear?
If further trials on lands infested with "Cut
Worms" shall result in sccuriug a "STAND" libo
the one referred to, I should consider it an ex*
tremely valuable, and tho oheapest remedy,
which could be used.
Editor Farmer*' Gazette.
PRESTON. Carolino Co., Md., Feb. 18th, 1870.
I applied tho PERSICATOR to SonotiuM, alter?
nating with rt fertilizer costing $56 per ton in
:qunl quantities. The growth of the "CANS"
here tho PERSICATOR was applied, was very su?
perior and equal to any manured with the moro
)08tly Fertilizer.
Wm. Crichton & Son,
For salo by
Green, Watson & Walsh, Agents,
Aprl 6-Ira]_SU M TER, S. C.
Has just rocoivod and keeps always on band
Now and Beautiful Styles of
March 31
so. CA.
*y^7"0ULD respectfully inform his friends
ind thc public of Sumter, and udjuiuing oouutics,
hat ho has rocontly rocoivod u choice soluc?
i?n of
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His stook embraces all "tho latest styles, lind
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Sept 29_
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V. Southern States. )
?6*-Printed Price List Dodos Competition.-?.*^
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fs?r* Sent Free on Application.
April 6 r ly
Winning and Losing A Wife.
Tbe yoong orescent moon bong, like
m curved thread of silver, io the orange
horizon that still bumed and glowed
where the BUD had set more than> aa
hour ago. From the woods that eresu
ed the gentle slope, carno at intervals
the plaintive cry of the whip poor will,
and the whole scene was full of delicious
repose. The windows of the little ion
that nestled among the hills, as if it
had growo up there among the oaks and
beeches, were draperied with roses,
whose orimson cups swung to and fro lu
the fragrant wind that had been steal?
ing perfume from a thousand sheltered
copses uod blossoming wild flowers. It
was a pretty, picturesque spot enough
-not a fashionable hotel by any means
but merely a stopping placo far the
stages that performed tri-weekly jour?
neys over the steep roads to tl}? mineral
springs that lay eight or ten miles be?
In the white curtained apartment,
dignified by the title of "ladies' parlor/'
one passenger was quietly sauntering
up and down, waiting for the arrival of
the aforesaid stage. By tho light of the
solitary lamp on tho table, she looked
very fair and dolicato in her dove color?
ed traveling dress, and tho pearly edg?
ing of lase round her throat and wrists.
Her hair was just that shade of palo
brown that verges into gold, and the
brilliant hazel eyes, fringed by long
curled lashes, gave an expression of win?
ning softness to the whole faoo. You
n' ver would have suspected that this
girl was a belle and a beauty in the
drawing rooms of the metropolis-she
seemed so formed by nature to dook tho
quiet solitude whore sho was at this -
momcut. Thus capriciously does Vate
soattcr girl blossoms over the face of
this earth !
As she paced the floor, playing with
a sprig of roses she had gathered from a
saucy branch whioh fairly hung into the
room and singing softly to herself, tho
door opened and a ruddy faced old gen?
tleman, armed and equipped with carpet
bags in numerable, made his appear?
"The stage is ready, Mary !"
"SJ soon, papa ?"
"So soon! [ should think it was time!
Here I've waited a mortal half an hour
iu this savage place, where a body can't
b-o much as get a good cigar or a woek
eli newspaper ! I, for ono shall bo glad
to getaway from it. Give mo your trav?
eling buskct, my love-take care of the
turn in the steps !' Hero we arc
safe inside." Aud away went tho lumb?
ering vehicle
"Hold on, driver, hero's a pair of bc
luted passengers for you !"
Tho officiating Jehu drew in hin horses
with a jerk, as a merry voice hailed him
from thc roadside.
"Room lor two inside ?"
"Just room, sir."
Thc door swung creaking on its hin?
ges, and closed again. Miss Vere's
heart had involuntarily quickened in its
pulsations tilv moment those clear, pleas?
ant accents had chimed through the hea?
vy night and air, and she knew that two
rival lovers, whose company she hhd
been disappointed in not having in the
stage, were about entering on the scene.
Rut, with all a woman's perversity, she
sut silently in her corner, and was secret?
ly rejoiced that "pupa" was sleeping
soundly in his corner. Thc two young
men, (Alfred Gorman and Frank Mil
brooke,) who hud walked ahead to a
commanding point to see the suu set,
soon canto into thc stage, which again
went jolting along uutil it suddenly
stopped once more.
"What arc wo stopping for now?"
exclaimed Gordon.
The stage door was opened with an
abruptness that had nearly precipitated
Mr. Gorden out upon tho green turf,
und thc driver shouted
?'Gentlemen and ladies, cau'tyou make,
room for one more ?"
The expectant passongcr presented
herself on thc steps. Ry thc uncertain
glimmer of thc box lamps, she appeared
to be a shriveled old woman, ot nearly
seventy, with a crumpled black bonnet,
n pair ot rusty cotton gloves, and an
umbrella that must have been bequeaths
cd to her from tho days when there
were giants upon tho earth ! Alfred
Gordon viewed her (out ensemble with
"Room, driver ? what aro you talking
about ? we ure crowded already !"
"I know it, sir ; but her darter's sick
und she wants to get to her right away.
It's old 'Siah smith's widdcr, donn to
"I dou't caro whose widow sho is
there isn't roon?. Look at her camphor
bottles and musty crape-a nice com?
panion to bo jammed into n closo coioh
with. Go ahead drivor ; judging from
tho looks of her shoes, a walk of four or
five miles won't hurt her !"
"Gordou ! for shame !" exclaimed
Milbrookc, reprovingly. "Havo you
forgotton that sho is a weak and aged
woman ? I'll rido outside myself. Ma?
dam, will you accept my seat?"
He alighted tin ho spoke, and courte?
ously he offered his oid to tho venerable
relict of 'Siah Smith, who, being half
blind, and more than half deaf, had been
balancing on the stops in a stato of hope?
less bewilderment.
In vain Alfred Gorden shrugged his
shoulders and curlod his lip nt the clone
vioinago of tho camphor bottlo and big
wicked buskct. Milbrooko arranged the
old lady's worn shawl as carefully os il
it had been tho cash mores of ti duchess.
"I don't know who you may bo,
young sir," said tho old creature, in a
tremulous voice, as ho at length with?
drow, "but I know you're a good son to
your mother."
There was no reply. Tho heavy door
was dosed, and tho ponderous vehicle
slowly got in motion onoe moro.
Mary Vere had sat porfootly silent
during the whole of this brief episode,
but her cheek had glowed, and her eyes
flashed, more than onoe. And DOW that
it was over, her heart pulsated with ?
curious medley of emotions. It seemed
as if, during those few momenta, ahe had
obtained an insight into the natures of
the two gentlemen, whioh the months
and years or her previous acquaintance
with them had failed to supply.
"He who is wanting in politeness to
the oldest and humblest of my sex, lacks
respect for myself," reflected Miss Vere,
with an instinctive straightening of her
lithe form, "and the man who treats the
poor and aged with courtesy, is ono of
nature's princes !"
There was no more puzzling of the
little brains to decido the important
question whioh had greatly perplexed
her a short time before. She was quite
oertain, now, which of her two admirers
she preferred
"Hcighho! I must have becu asleep,"
yawned old Mr. Vere, as the stage stop?
ped in front of the Union Hotel, and his
daughter gently reminded him that they
two wore the only remaining occupants
of the cumbrous old equipage.
Frank Milbrooko h ui courteously as?
sisted the old lady with the crumpled
bonnet to descend, and seen bet safely
undor tho escort of her son-in-law, a tall
young man, with light hair and very
expressionless eyes, who was waiting to
receive her, while Gordon was walking
up and down tho piazza, enguged in
igniting a cigar. Neither of them were
quite inclined to believe in the ovideuce
of thoir own eyesight, when tho bril?
liant row of gas-lights over tho hotel
door streamed full upon the faces of tho
two hist passengers, as Miss Vero spraug
lightly from tho step, followed, moro
slowly, by her father.
"Miss Vero, is it possible that wo had
tho pleasure-pray, take my arra."
13ut Mary turned haughtily away.
"Excuso mo, Mr. Gordon-from what
I this evening witnessed, I conclude you
had rather not trouble yourself to extend
courtesies to-a lady ?"
And she had accepted Milbrookc's
proffered assistance ero tho astonished
Alfred hud fairly comprehended thc fact
of his tacit dismissal.
"Why, boys !" exclaimed tile cheerful
voice of Mr. Vere, who had just suo
cccdcd in collecting tho bags, baskets
and magazines whhh had been his trav*
elliug companions from New York, "how
ou earth carno you hero?"
"Upon my word, sir," said Gordon,
"I was not aware wc were follow-'passeu
gcrs I"
Nearly a fortnight aftcrwurds ho
chanced to moot Milbrooko, who hud
just been accompanying Miss Vere home
from thc most enchanting of Greenwood
pic nics, and wus now returning to se?
cure some missing fun or parasol.
"So, it's true, that you uro tho ac?
knowledged lover of thc golden-haired
Mary," suid he, lightly. "Well, Frank,
accept my sincerest congrntulutions. l?ut
one thing I will insist on, my hov-if it
hadn't been for that old hug in the stove,
in bonnet, I'd have entered the lists with
you and given you a pretty even com?
bat !"
Milhrookc smiled-it was impossible
not to do so.
"And I'll tell you what, Frank," pur
sued tho discomfited suitor, "hereafter 1
intend to bo extra polite to all tho old
women with umbrellas and cnmphoi
bottles, when I ride in stage coaches. ]
find it's a paying business ?"
Tlio limpcror** Lcttor to PIIIN Nlntli
llow it wu? Answered- Tho Pi-curl
Crown und tho Papal Tiara IIaiij?ln?
by tho sumo Thread.
The following is thc text of the lot
ter of tho Marquis de Buuncvillo, th
French Euvoy ut llorac, in which ho ru
ported to count Daru, in Paris, the rc
suit of his interviews with tho Pope am
Carolina Antonclli, when presenting th
Emperor's note on thc infullibiliiy qucs
lion :
ROME, March-, 1870.
Monsieur Lc Comic :
In accordance with your Excellency'
instructions, dated thc 1st inst., I calle
upon Cardinal Antonclli. IlisEraincnc
received mo with tho utmost courtes)
Ile ulso listened with great attendu
to the reading of your disputch and th
comments whioh I deemed it proper t
ranko, and then, turning to rac, bait]
with a smile : "Ls that all ?"
On my replying that it was, ho added
"Daru need not have taken thc troubl
to write to mc. During thc past cigh
toon years I have received 205 di.?
patches perfectly similar to this one, ii
substance, if not in form. Somo wer
ot a public, others of a secret naturi
Tho former documents were signed b
Thouvenel, Drouyn de Lhuys, Lavalotti
and this ono is signed by Daru.' Tht
is all thc difference. Do you wish th
proof of what 1 say ?"
With this remark ho opened n h >
full of scaled dispatches. "Von seo th
stump 0? thom. Aro not these til
arms of Franco ? Not ico the datos
1854 ; and this ono, 1850 ; and that om
1850 "
"Such, (hen, is all tho notico yo
toko of thc observations of France ?"
remarked, with vivucily.
"Oh ! Air. Ambbsndor, don't bc nngr;
I havo merely obeyed tho orders of tl
Holy Father, who prohibited mo nbsc
lutcly from breaking thc seals of llici
(M.-pa tch cs. So far as I um con cc ru ci
I would willingly satisfy you. Heall,
I should like to do something for th
good Daru (excuso mo, M. lo Comte,
I doora it necessary to givo you tl
very words of his Eminonoo, howcvi
unduly familiar thoy moy bc j) butwh
can wo concedo ?"
"A renunciation of infullibiliiy,''
..You reason too oasily, mj vory do
air/' replied thc ('ardi?al I and aa 1
spoke be took me by the arm, and we |
strolled to end fro io the garden of the 1
Vatican. "Renounce the infallibility
dogma 1 But reflect, my dear count, that
the revolution may como to despoil us
of everything, as it has done in other
days before. What would there, then,
be left to us were we no longer infalli?
ble ? By the way/' he suddenly broke
off, "there is hie Holiness walking past
with Monsignore U-.Approach bim
at the turn of the path and ask him
what he thinks of the matter/'
Just then Pius IX came toward us
with a smile on his face, and with his
usual graciousness of mauner. After
the customary courtesies :
?Well, sir," said the Holy father to
me, ''have you any news from Franco ?"
"Yes, Holy Father, important news."
"Oh, oh ! I hope that my dear son in
Jesus Ciirist-my dear Napoleon-is
woll, is he not?"
"Yes, Holy Father, but"-?
"And my dear charming daughter, the
Empress Eugenie ?"
"Their Majesties aro both remarkably
well. But this is not what brought
me hither. I have come"
"And the Prinoe imperial ? Is he
expert on tho velocipede ?"
"Extremely 60, Holy Father. I waB
"But they say that General Frossard
is rather Btriot with him. Wrong, wrong,
Tell him so on my part, Mr. Ambassa?
dor. It will not do lo fatigue the
minds of children ; nor above all things
to forco them too severely to study his
tory and the natuial sciences. Bear it
well in miud my friend, that a Christian
knows enough of thom when he can tell
his right baud from the left, to recite
the pater. All tho rest is vain knowl?
edge and food of little substance, which
wearies tho mind instead of nourishing.
Ah ! by tlio wuy, how is Madame, the
Ambassadress ?"
"Very wall, Holy Father-tho Count
By this time his Holiness was turning
tho corner of tho walk to reenter tho
palace, but at tho mention of
your name he turned and said to
me :
"My dear sir, if you dc3iro to talk
politics, there is Autouclli to listen to
you and answer you. The imperial fam?
ily arc well, you tell me ? So tnuuh the
better ; that is tho main point. All
that you could say moro there is no
need ior you to say. Daru don't like
tho dogma of infallibility. That is a
pity ; but thc Holy Ghost will not halt
for lear of dist ut bi tig Dam's scruples.
Tell him, my son, that neither he nor any
other person will prevent me from being
infallible. I am, 1 feel myself to bc in?
fallible, and who eau kuow it better than
And Pius IX spoke with increasing
warmth as he went on. 1 strove in vain
to calm him. I assured him of the
devotion of France to thc Holy Sec, und
particularly of your personal at?
"Yes, yes," replied his Holiness, "I
know my faithful oucs, and J. also
know how to npprooiatc them. Daru
feels affection for ino-I am awtiro of
that; and he is not thc only one. I count
still more ou M. Thiers, who, even if bc
hus become a convert u lillie late iu
the day, is worth haifa dozen of apos?
tles to mo.
Then wishing to know his whole
thought, I edged in .some cautious
phrases to convey thc idea that his Maj?
esty's (Jovcrmueut might bo constrained
to withdraw our troops from Homo
should thc Council adopt tho decisions
incompatible with thc spirit of the age
and tho laws of Franco.
"There," said his Holiness, "is tho
grout cowardly word at lust ! You would
lcavo mc alone with Mazzini und with
Victor Emanuel, who will como to res
cuo rac from thc Republic, as ho did at
Castlcfidardo. Do, PO, then. If you a
bandon rac God will not desert mc. Ho
will defend rac from the demagogues, ns
Ho defended Daniel from ibo lions and
should it please him to reserve us for
Here tho Cardinal Antonclli
made a grimmaca. F do not think t.hat
his Etnincuco has atty taste for mar?
ly rd om.
"Should it please bim to reservo us
for martyrdom," replied Pius IX, "His
will bo done ! But wc have not got so
far ns that yet, Mr. Ambassador; and
the. Emperor well knows that his crown
is suspended by the same thread as my
tiara. Say to ray dear son Daru,
that I send him my benediction."
Such, Monsieur lc Comte, is thc
fiuit that I havo culled from ray visit.
I shall say nothing of thc corte ms at?
tentions with which Cardinal Antonclli
endeavored to soften the effect of his
muster's remarks. I returned with us?
urious interest tho compliments with
which he smothered me, and wo separ?
ated, I, to render to ycu au account of
our iutcrview.
Illili CAnPU'r-BAGGKItt).
Tho New York Tribune says : "If tho
South cnn simply go on ns sho is going
for ten years longer, she will bo richor
and moro prosperous than she ever yet
hus been." It spoaks ol' the "Ku-Klux
as one of her scourges," and of tho
"carpot baggers" us another. It dofin?s
tho latter precisely us wo do. They are
not tho honest Northern settlers-who
come among us to make their homes
and follow their legitimate business
but, in tho language of tho Tribune, thc
carpet-baggers oro those who wont
South in quest of oflioo, power or plun?
der of somo kind, mid who have let
nothing stand iu tho way of their greed
or ambition.
-A nogro mctnbor of the South
Carolina Legislature has introduced a
bill compelling plantors to make their
'.fences horse high, bull .strong, and
pig tight." ? r
"H ?re. y ou are, sir, waa ti og your
valuable time-aa they say to tao." laid
Charles Diokene ooo morning, many
years ago, as his little boy ran up to him
on the Broads tai rs sands, spade in hand,
and we have often wondered since bow
many people there are who know what
is meant by wasting time.
It is very easy to make mistakes oe
this subject, for nothing ia ao deceitful
aa appearances. We all know that
Penelope, that olasbioal model of pro?
priety Sud all the virtues, employed her
time in weaving a garment by day, and
unraveling it at night. She did this to
keep off her lovers, who wanted to per?
suade her that her husband Ulysses WAS
dead. When the suitors found her out,
of course they acoused her of waating
her time-but at that moment Ulysses
knocked at the door, after seeing many
men and oities. In fuot, he had como
home, and tho fair Penelope had her
reward after all.
Surely it is waste of time for that old
tortoise to try and beat the nimble hare
at raoing, but the silly old thing will
orawl on, without oucc stopping, at
about the pace one gets down the Strand
in a cab on a rainy day. Presently, down
comes the hare at a furious paoe-there
is no wasting timo with him, at all
events-but, alas I whoo he arrive*
breathless at the winning-post, he finds
the old tortiso there before him, and
fast asleep too. "Ah !" says the hare,
"I wish I had taken my nap at the end
instead of the beginning ot the race,
and then I should have won it, and that
tortise would have crawled in vain ; as
it is, he has made good use of his time,
and I have wasted mine."
What an idle man that is yondor,
fishing,hour after houri Truly a me?
lancholy spectacle, as item old Dootor
Johnson would say. "A line with a
worm at one end and a fool at the oth?
er." Wrong again ! That man is an
eminent statesman, who has escapea to
recruit his weary brain in the company
of the kingfisher and the heron. What
cloquenco, wisdom, and wholesome
legislation do we not owe to suob hours
of idleness! Nay, do not some of out
best and kindliest thoughts often come
to us as we sit on the beach and tost
pebbles into the shining sea ooverod
with its "innumerable smiles?" Recrea?
tion is not waste when it is a rest fron
real work and a preparation for moro.
We confess we never feel at home
with a man who must always be doiug
something. There was a French States
man who wroto a huge book by snatches
in those occasional intervals when h<
happened to be kept waiting for his din
ncr. We have not tho slightest wish t<
seo this ante prandial performance. W
have no doubt it was a very dull book
for mon who are never at leisure are al
ways dull.
Fussy men and idle men are cquall
insufferable to us. The real worker i
nover in a hurry, and the real idle
wo may add, is never anything els<
Who ever heard of Lord Palmerston, o
thc Duko of Wellington, or Lor
Broughum, being in a hurry ? When w
sec a man in a great hurry, wo may b
pretty certain that his profession con
t-ists in doing nothing, and that he i
doing that badly. Tho idlest man w
ever know was always so much presse
for time that ho never had five tu in uh
to spare for anything. No ono ncc
ever bo in such a terrible burry as th i
If wc ever find ourselves so, it is prob:
bly because we have been wasting ot
timo. Wo have had no system, an
have, therefore, done in an hour wh?
ought to have bcou finished in twcnl
minutes j or, liko tho hare, we hai
loitered on tho way and then we mak
a push for it, and arrive just in timo t
miss thc traiu. How many hares thc
arc every morning who arrive brcathlc
in tho city, because breakfast was ho
an hour late, or because they would n
gel up when the clock struck seven I
But our readers have a right to 01
what constitutes, at a general rul
waste of time. We answer in a sing
sentence-Whatever hinders or preven
you doing your work in life. Eve
ono should realizo that his duty he
consists in applying himself to sot
worthy work, und his time may th
safely mid Without waste bo divided i
to three periods-preparing for wot
and resting from work. Waste of tin
then, becomes a thing purely relat'n
What is mero waste in one case is rt
profit in another. Thc idio man w
travels simply for pleasure, is sim;
wasting his time ; thc mau who trav<
for safct.Jr, or tho man who travels to j
rest from work, or for tho sake of 1
health, is not wasting or abusing I
time, he is turning it to good ticcou
Let the heurt bo filled with soi
good principle of action, und let t
mind bo directed towards some con?,
nial pursuit, oud then our innoct
pleasures will bc as little in danger
degnorutiug into criminal indulgence
our wholsomo recreations into waste
time. - ('ansell's Magazine.
- -*.?.?.> -
- There i* a mun in tho viciuity
Cedar Keys, Florida, who has twoni
two ch i ld ter. living. Tho family subi
principally ou fish und oysters. Tl
have never had a pluto nor a oup i
saucer in their house. In lieu of o
they uso gourds and shells. They h
themselves to thc cooked fish or oysl
from n o?mmon largo dish, and et
member of tho family usos his or I
own jack knife for that purpose Th
articles of diet uro spread on oom brc
which they mako themselves, and tl
they consume, the. plate, as well us
food upon it. In this way tho wash
of tho dishes is wholly obviated. 'J
family uro all heall hy and aro m
robust titan graceful.
-Blacksmiths are, moro or loss gi
to vice, (larpentern, for the most p
spoukplancly. but they chisel when t
8et a chanco, and not unfroququtly t
ore ona with their old sates.
mao's rights people . should DOW be
happy. A young woman has been ad*
milted to practica as a lawyer st the St.
Louis bar. The yoong woman's name
is Barkalo-Miw Darkalo, of course.
The possessor of so strong a mind would
never oonaent to relinquish so euphon?
ious a name, and submit herself to the
odious tyranny of man by eoteriog the
bonds of matrimony. ?t is related of
Miss Barkalo, biographically, that she
is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and
that after mastering Blackstone sod
other elementary works, and being
severely refused admission to Columbia
College, New York, she went West end
was admitted to the St. Louis Lsw
Sobool. After eighteen months study,
she recently graduated with illustrious
honors, and having passed an examina
tion by one Judge Knight (who will, of
course, be hereafter famous), came off
with flying oolera. She is now duly
authorized to stand between ?aw break?
ers and the punishment they deserve,
and to assist recalcitrant married women
to become single and strong minded like
herself. We are also i h formed that she
h a buxom lady of twenty-two summers.
May the buxom Miss Barpalo, late of
Brooklyn, and fresh from Blaokstone,
beeome a brilliant barrister.
-An Aroade Railway is proposed in
New York to relieve Broadway. Tho
"'Commercial Bulletin" humorously re?
marks-"that it ts just what tho wioked
desired at tho time of the Deluge-a
little Ark aid-but they didn't got it.
It was a dark prospect for those who
made light of the deluge."
To make Appropriations and Raise (
Supplies/or (?te Fiscal Year commcn- ,
cing November Isl, 1809. i
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Scnato .
and House of Representativos of the State i
of South Carolina, now mot and sitting in <
General Assembly, and by the author- <
ity of the same, That the following
sums be, and they aro hereby appropri- 1
ated for the payment of various officers 1
and expenses of tho Stato Government,
that is to say:
For the Governor, three thousand five (
hundred dollars ; for the Scoretary ot ,
State, three thousand dollars ; for ,
completing index to the records of thc j
office of tho Secretary of State, two |
thousand dollars; for clerk to Secictary ,
of State, one thousand dollars ; for the ]
Private Scoretary of the Governor, two j
thousand dollars ; for the Adjutant ,
and Inspector General, twenty five (
hundred dollars ; for the Assistant Ad- ,
jutant and Inspector General, fifteen (
hundred dollars ; for the Comptroller ,
General, three thousand dollars ; for ,
Clerk to tho Comptroller General, one ,
thousand dollars ; for tho State Treas- ,
urer, twenty five hundred dollars ; for {
the Chief Clerk to the State Treasurer, (
eighteen hundred dollars ; for tho Book
keeper for Stute Treasurer, eighteen
hundred dollars ; for thc Auditor of
the State, tweuty five hundred dol?an ;
for the State Auditor's Cl<:rk, one thou?
sand dollars ; for the Superintendent
of Kducation, twenty five hundred dol?
lars ; for the Clcrfc to the Superintend?
ent ot Education, eight hundred dol?
lars ; for tho Chief Constable, fifteen
hundred dollars; for the Chief Justice
of thc Supreme Court, four thousand
dollars; for tho two Associate Justices,
seven thousand dol?ais; for tho eight
Circuit Judges, twenty eight thousand
dollars; for the eight CirouitSolicitors,
eight thousand dollars ; for the Attor?
ney General, threo thousand dollars;
for the Attorney's General's Clerk, one
thousand dollars; for thc Clerk of thc
Supreme Court, who shall perform thc
duties of Librarian of said Court, fittcen
hundred doliurs ; fur tho State Reporter
fifteen hundred dollars ; fur the keeper
ot tho State House and State Librarian,
seven huudred dollars ; for thc Superiu*
tendent of the South Carolina l'euctcn*
tiary, two thousand dollars ; for tho
three health officers, throe thousand
uiac hundred dollars; for the Watchmen
of the Slate house and grounds, six
hundred dollars euch ; tur tho Cuunty
Auditors, thirty one thousand'Gve huu?
dred dollars ; Clerk to tho Auditor ol'
the County of Charleston, one thousand
dollars; for thc three Code Commission?
ers, ton thousand five huudred dollars ;
for tho Governor's messenger, three
hundred dollars; for tho bud Cominis*
nioner, two thousand dollars ; for thu
County School Commissioners, thirty
Otic thousand five hundred dollars ; foi
tho Commissioner of tho Bureau of Ag
ricultUrul Satisfies, fifteen hundred
SEC. 2. For Contingent fund of the
Governor, twenty five thousand dollars,
out of which shall bo paid tho expense.?
of thc Bureuu ol'Agricultural Statistics,
to bu drown upon the order of tho Gov?
ernor ; lor tho contingent fund of the
Treasurer, one thuusund (lolI ns ; fur
thc contingent fund of thu Comptroller
General, ono thousand dollars; for ihr
contingent fund of tho Attorney Gouo
ral, one thousand (lullars; for tho con?
tingent fund ol' Siato Auditor, ono
thousand dollars ; for the contingent
lund of tho Adjutant and Inspector
Gonerul, twenty fivo hundrud dollars;
for tho contingent fund of tho Supcrin
tendent of Education, ono thousand
dollars; for thu contingent fund
of thu Secretary of Stale, one
thousand dollars ; for contingent fund
of tho Chief Constable, five hundred
dollars ; for the contingent fund of thc
Stato Librarian, threo huudred dollars ;
The above appropriations to be drawn
on tho order of tho hoads of several de?
partments, if so m ui!h bo necessary.
SEO. 3. For tho purchase of books
for the Supreme Court Library, five
Highest Style 0< JfeM
thousand ?to^??^
.arv, tobe drawo en the ;?(MI ?
Chief Justice ; for o^otiogoaleuiH
the Scpreaso Cc-rt, uni^r aa^rlawn
ao Act ratified the eigbt?ant^;gj|KOj
September, 1868, on? taQUia^Jjj
S>0.v4. For cou t logent ^oooniM&jH
the expenses of the general ; ?toral
1870, fifteen thousaud ^ii^BW
much be necessary, aoooaqti 'TOttM
audited bj the State Auditor, A??jr^
oo the warrant of the Corbp^UeVjffl
eral; for the suppOtt of the LtthalHpl M
lum, sixteec thousand dollawf \(?r^H
drawo ou the orde* of the ^Vrwron
for tho support of the State; ?ftjHwi
Asylum, Alicea thousand doliars^igRK
(laid in acoordnnce vrith tte laW^MfMrl
iohiug thu same; for Quarantine
SOB, four thousand dollars, lo b?/ ^fcSjffl
on the order of the Comptroller Gitt?pM
ttCOuuuis to bo first approved OT[:'Mfm
Governor; for tho Phyaiolab ' '"?'f- "'?S
Charleston Jail, one thousand d^lrtt?i
transportation and clothing for diftfrmm
ged cunviots, three hundred doll^ftMjM
tho Catawba Indiaus, fifteen hjl??MB
dollars, to be paid on the order ^,Jg|
Governor ; for the State uoUHtabusaWiB
thirty thousand dollars, if so taa?frjJfl?
uccessary, to bo paid ou tho OrdeY^jB
thc Governor ; for contingentaeco?if^?ffl
the Slate, including tho payment of ?M
penses ot the General Ascewbfyf^fffl
printiug, one hundred and tWODiJfJm
thousand dollar*; also, tho ftujd^r of
thirteen thousaud four hundred at^tSHy;
li 100 dollars, to meet the fc doflo^wjtf
in the Legislut?vo appropria tier* ifgi*
regolar scssiou of eighteen hundted^Wd^
sixty eight and eighteen hundred^MMS
lixty uine; the futher Bain or^W
thousand three hundied aod forty
lollara, remaining undrawn, .of ail??
tppropriation for the payment of .the?,
Bpeciul Session of 1808, can bo applied
>f necessury, for the payment : of |w
ibove accounts. All payments fa.'wM
nado in tho usual manner : Pror^erJ,.
That all contingent uooouotsbc aud?eoF
yy the State Auditor, and patti on tho?
Tarrant of the Comptroller General'
SEC. 5. For continuing the cor^irtjr**
.ion of the South Carolina Penitential^
tight thousand dollars, to be paid ?ib r
.he order of tho Governor; for rop^W;
tod extension cf the buildings of. toe
Laoatio Asylum, ten thousand doll tf,.?fe
je paid ou the order of tho GoveruQ)??
tccouuts to be approved by the Boards*)
liegen ts; for repairs on tho Univvl?Uy;>i
buildings, tea thousand dollars, if teoK
n nob be necessary, to be paid on -tte'
>rder of the Governor, accounts Ur hp
ipproved by the Board of Trustee*r $Q??
ibo purchase of books for tho Library.
>f the University of South Carolina twa,
housaud five bundrod dollars, the st?m
o be expended under the direotion, bis
ho Board of Trustees of the Un i vor*Ry\?
or 'building a vault to ComptrdltteV
louerai's offioe, five thousand uoMnti
f so much be necessary, account? ^?t?";
ipproved by tho Cowiptrollor'v$WjWt?
ind paid on tho order of the GoveTj?W^
?br fitting up the New 8tate Hw&j
hirty thousand dollars, if so maeb *$&!
lecessary, the contract to be awarded^!?
:ho Governor and the executive1 OtfrnV'
iiittec appointed by the Joint Cornq?K
too of tho General Assembly, to luWjfi
proposais for the completion of ytpjt:
Stato I louse, the money l'or thc pnjtne?i(t|
>f said work to be paid upon the ?rdat?
jf the Governor ; for theremodoltptf aw|
repuirs of the Governor's Mansion,"iWdij
thousaud dollars, to be paid on tb? ''Of*/
1er o? the Governor ;; for paymet:fc' o^v*J$
;ount of J. S. G. Richardrion, fbi-VfWt
copies of llichavdson'a La w f Bf^ttTOjfipK
Law, and fOfjuity Reports, ugt'cea1)jf?SH
joint resolutions authorizing
tary oj'Stato to purcha.se thc riamtfjuWtfft?
ired March 20, 1800. eight hundr^?^tt?g
seventeen dollars; tor ~pnymje??F? wjf?
tccouuts of Bryan & McCutlor, for'fijiift^
ishing 100 copies of Richardson's 16th'
Volume tinw Hrports. und 100 poples pf?
Richardson's 14th Volume K<i??f?'|?l|
ports, ugrceublo to joint r ?olutloofj
passed, eleven hundred dollars ;Yorjp??r;
meut f)f salary due C. D. Melton,
?ervioes rendered the State aa S?)fivltw?
if Northern Circuit, one thousand ftao"
hundred and seventy five dullarsTjj ^SsSj
any m eut ofsalury due J. \\Mlliiud6',l$ror
u-rvices rendered as McaHengor'of Co*!)^
)f Appeals in Charleston County, aqd\
Messenger and Librarian of the jsarjip,
?.wo hundred und eighty KCVUU 50 JjjNB
. : .
SKO. 0. For tho support.nml ra^fste
;?:;I;CO ?i! fi cu aehools ri) ty thott*an<l;
loila rs, in addition lo tho capitation tujr/*.
Provided, Tl,at said 6ti\p of fifty tljoiiMgjB
lo lia ts ba apportioned umouitvjSai
several Comities ol tho State in p^?k^f?*,
lion to tln-ir reproHuntation in iKe.i^fdiii
branch of tho General As-embly i^^W-j
l>rovidtd, further, That <>?it!? CiiuftjV'
.hull ho entitled to the Hinmtut of pafj
tax r.aised in said County ;. fut^Mfjjt]
iuppoi '. o? thcSouth (^tio)ina Ih.iiuerelM;
twuiity five thousand dollars, to bapxt?p
ir, Ibo ot'der of tho Governor ; f?>r'rfjw?
l?duoutiou ol the deaf, dumb und blind?
.ight Ihiii-and dollars, lo bo paid-on
.ho order of tho Governor. ' r*
SKO. 7 To defray tho t'iponts?'Jf
tho enrollment, organiKun.m and e(joi|^
ment of tho militia, fifty UiAuftpdi
lolhirs, to be disbursed by *hc Adjulo^n
md Inspeofor General, on thc Ordorf?
tho Governor. ? ^
SKO. 8. For the paywi^nt'/ofVte
interest on tho public debi4>;>HMME
hundred nnd fifty thou^nnd (hdiai?^^H
SKO. 1). That all tr?xon ^^.'fejS?
payable under thin Aot shall M^MHA.
tito following kind of futida, vit?m
Ivecoivab<.' jf the Stato. ^'?^JjffljJ
Currency National Bunk N??t&P$PS9
Silver Coin. . \> dmSK?aW
iVppvov?^??(tretr], 18tW|OW

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