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V*"-/ " AT
0 R'AN OEBU?O, S. C.
Office of Publication on Market-Street over the
Post Office.
YIROIL C. DIBBLE, Associate Editor.
CHARLES II. HALL, Publisher.
The lady of Mr. Gco. Hughes, below Bam
burg. gave birth last week to four boy children,
all alivo and doing well.?BanuccU Sentinel. '?
; Tlu* Now York Herald has again "swung
round jtho circle," and now nominates, as a
means for "a great settlement," General U. S.
Graut for President, and General B. IS. Lo^
for Vice-President. x i
I'raucis' Henry died recently at Yorfcvillc,
H. C, aged lOl^y.uars. He had never been ill
until within tea days of bis dcatli. and bad
nover taken a dpse of medicine in his life. *
. The" LouisCille Courier announces that Gen
eral N. B. Forrwl is now preparing, and will
*:oou have ready for the press, a book to be eu
litlvd "The Momoirs of Forrest's ''avahy."
General B. J". Lee writes to a friend in
Louisianas "I am glad to inform you*that
Washington College is progressing as well as
could be expected. We have now three hun
dred and forty academic students, and twenty
five in the law eins.*, with nn able corps of
lu London a large bill-posting firm has offer
ed the English Government $70,000 in gold a
year for the privilege pi using the f< nee around
IJydc Park for advertising purposes. In
America, as an evidence id'the effect of adver
tising on the public, it is said that when a
citizen of New York recently advertised Iura
wife, he received about eighteen hundred an
swers from husbands, saying hp could have
At the recent Commencement of the medical
College of the State of South Carolina, the de
gree of Doctor of medicine was conferred upon
Mr. J. M/Shirer. of Furt Motto, in this Dis
Bishop Soale died id Nashville on the tith.
aged eighty-eight years. He was the oldest
Methodist Bishop in the United States.
A'rtoraas*Ward died at Southampton, Fug?
land, on the 0th inst.
In Richmond, Va., on the 7th inst 5000 ne
groes met to ratify Sherman's Bill.
? General Howard's official report estimates
that 37,000. white and 2d,0t)0 colored need food
before the next crop, and that it will require
( over 2,000.000 to feed them.
? The Herald's New Orleans special says that
resolutions have been Introduced into the
Louisiana Legislature declaring Shcrmaus's
Bill unconstitutional, and demanding the test
Sf the Supreme Court;
Senate of Virginia, on the 7th inst, passed a
Bill to call a Convention in May. In the House
it is reported, with an amendment protesting
against the constitutionality of Sherman's Bill.
?OmY? . WBg?? -
I ho Bankrupt Bill.
The National Bankrupt Bill has become a
law* It is very lengthy bill, but lli2 following
comprise its important provisions :
Section 11. Prescribes the method of avail
ing of the act.
Any debtor, whose debts, provable under the
'tu t; amount to over three hundred dollars, may
petit ion j the District Judge, of. his district,
a?at ing his insolvency. Iiis willingnes.4 to sur
render his citato find a schedule urn'., r oath of
his debts and his creditor.;, witii the nature of
the debt in full, and an inventory', also under
oath'/of his assets. Such "petition shall be an
ticl of 'bankruptcy, and the petitioner he ad
judged a bankrupt. The judge shall thereupon
iifSUO a warrant (or the Register, if there be no
imposing' parly ) directed to the United Slates
Marshal of said district, authorizing him to
publish th6 necessary notices. t? wil: I. 'Jh.it.
11 warrant in bankruptcy has been issued. 2.
That all payments of debts to such debtor are
forbidden. 8'. That a meeting of tho creditors
to prove debts and choose tissignoes, will be
hold in a court of bankruptcy*, not less than
ninety days after the issuing of the warrant.
Section 1 1. ? 1 Hreets that the -Judge (or if
there is no opposing interest the Register) shall
convey to the assignee or assignees the entire
* real and personal estate of the bankrupt, but
iVoih this assignment are excepted household
and kitchen furniture, and such other articles
(he assignee may indicate, not cs'ccedhig live
hundred dollars in value, the wearing apparel
of tho ?bankrupt* aiid his family, bis uniform
and arms, and tiny other property hereafter ex
empted from attachment or levy by United
? States laws.
Section 27. Proscribes that till creditors', woh
prove their debts, shall share alike, except that
WngOH to an amount not exceeding fifty dollars,
for service.* performed in the proceeding six
months, shall b:> paid in full.
Section 27. Prcyents the priority of debts.
Section 29. Allows the bankrupt, after six
months fruin the adjudication of bankruptcy,
or it! no debts or assets within sixty days, to
apply for his discharge, which the court, after
due notice, shall grant, if the bankrupt has
honestly exhibited his condition.
Section 'JO. Prohibit;! a Bocond bankruptcy,
jnil" =s by eon ???at of creditor?csiwfl where
tho assets amount to sovcnty per cent...: of the
Section 31 to 30. Cbncoru details, pronounce
against fraud aud (ho like.
Section 30 provides for involuntary bank
ruptcy, declaring that an absconding'debtor, a
debtor who makes assignments to defraud,
against whom an unsatisfied execution for over
one hundred dollars stands, who makes an as
signment to give preference to special creditors,
or who has suspended for fourteen days the pay
ment of his commercial par?or shall, on peti
tion of any creditor, bo adjudged a bankrupt.
The Savannah. AVirs ami Herald of the -1th
contains, tho i'ollowing statement of a case in
the Chat *iam county Superior Court:
Tnis court met yesterday. Iiis Honor .Judge
r'leming presiding. The case of Tumor vs.
Tucker was resumed ; Messrs. Jnckgdn, Luwton
and llassinger appearing for plaintiff; and
Messrs. Hnrtridgc; Chifcohn, Levy and Lloyd
for defendant. The facts attending the case
are as follows:
in 1S?7 Tumor bought of T?cker, in South
Carolina, slaves to amount of fifty thousand
dollars, giving in security for the payment a
mortgage on them and on lands in thin State.
Tumor remained in possession of the slaves
until the emancipation, without having paid
for thciu. After their freedom Tumor refused
payment, on the ground that he (Tucker) hav
ing a mortgage on them was still the owner,
notwithstnniug Tumor's possession up to the
time of their emancipation. On this issue
suit was instituted. The ease was ably argued
by the respective counsel, who quoted largely
from voluminous authorities in defence of their
positions. A verdict for plaintiff was rendered
hy a special jury.
Tho Bankrupt Law.
Almost the only wise enactment of Congress
during its recent sitting, was the Bankrupt
Law. nil outline of which is published in our
present i-.-ue. We do not propose to enter into
the miUitttah of the Bestem of bankruptcy;
these are of more interest to the legal, than to
the general reader; but simply to slate briefly
what we conceive to be some of its advantages.
In the first place, it furnishes a speedy and con
venient mode of uprooting and exposing the
various fraudulent devices of unprincipled
debtors to deprive creditors of their just dues;
and affords a morn summary and certain method
of securing the payment of debts iu many in
stances'. Secondly, it affords to the honest
debtor a refuge against the constant attacks ol
unfortunate and greedy men, who, after ex
hausting alibis present resources, hold judg
ments forever over his head, and paralyze all
his efforts for a lifetime to support hi- family,
or provide for his children*. After giving up
all his property to be divided among his ii
tors, with tho exception of such part as he may
select to a value not exceeding live hundred
dollar-, the bankrupt is entitled to his discharge,
so that his old debts can never again come
against him. His property that is delivered
up is then put in the bands of an assignee, aud
is distributed equally among his creditors.
in this enactment, however, is to be found
??ihc trail of the sei pent;" inasmuch as Hegis
tcrs-of Bankruptcy are to be appointed, win : >?
i ditties in that Court are similar to those of our
Commissioners in Rquity ; and they are re
quired to ? ?wallow tho iron-clad" <*. v. lo lake
the infamous lest oath, ere they enter upon
their tint ics.
. The Crisis.
A military announcement appears in the
Charleston papers of Thursday last, ih;.< Sher
man's IiiII is law in South Carolina.
We contend that no act of tbo federal Con
gress can make lawful what is expressly con
trary to> the Constit ution of the United States.
Hut how can this question be decided, in time
to do us anygood i It seems to us. that we
mu. i meet the issue promptly in the Courts.
Let tho United S?des IVistriel Attorney for
South Carolina as t he representative of the
Federal Oovoi'iiinent, file an iuibrmation in the
nature, ol' a tun Warranta again.-! tlie first
military officer who attempts to exercise the
functions of civil office ; and let the question
be brought al once before the United Stales
District Judge, Who canliol hesitate to decide
that the. Act of Congress is unconstitutional,
ami to forbid the further assumption of ii law
ful authority by* the oflender. Should the
military official disdbtvy (ho mandate cd" the
United States Court, let the President be called
Upon, as the National Executive, to sustain the
decisions of a National Tribunal of Jus
tice; and we do not sec how he can refuse
to comply with .??uch a roquisitoin. This will
have the e fleet of suspending military interfer
ence until a decision of tho Supreme Court can
be obtained in the case. Tho judgement of
that august tribunal is our last resort, our only
salvation in this dive extremity.
Iu Henioriam.
-TT ' |E
Prof. W. j. Riveus, of tho So. Ca., U.nlv r
sily has sont Blank Forms to th? Tax Coll a
tors throughout tho State, for the purpose
ascertaining further particulars in regafd
our comrades who fell in the recent war.
earutly call upon all, and especially upon offi
cers of companies, to prepare complete lists j?r
tho Tax Collectors of St.' Matthews and Orange
Parishes, so that every devoted son of Curoliujt
within our limits, who sacrificed his life in ha
holy cause, may be enrolled among those whou
History will honor, in days to come. The pai
ticulurs desired, are, 1. Name iu lull. 2.
District. '.I. Rank. 4. Company. 5. Regi
intent aud Arm of Service. I?. Date of Death
7. Cause of Death. S. l'laco of Death.-^l^
We will continue tho list iu our oflic.:, *udj>
will publish all names furnished us; as well as
an} inquiries of Prof. R. for further iul'orau
tio?. >
We clip'from the Charleston Daily Ajtr.<
the following : j
The OitANCEitUHu Xkwi*.?V<'? havoirc
ceived the third number of this very hauds<jme
ami excellent newspaper. We arc pleasejlljij
see thai our y<?uug friend, Virgil C. Dibble.
Msq., of this city, is the Associate hdior.
'1 he Actes is edited with taste and ability,but
occasionally has a slight inclination to niafii
thv, hv/h horn-. The leader in hist Saturday's
paper betrays se.newh.it of a uiereuri.il ton
de iey. We make allowance, however, for Hie
natural exuberance of y nth.
We remember well the good old days, when.d
with our brother of the caustic pen, we roved |
through field.- of classic lore; and in the fiiir- i
dens of fut/Hf literature he has pointed ouS to j
our admiring gaze the beautiful flowers ol j
J thought and fancy. Among all the app-sile j
figures of speech, used by the p iet, the essayist !
or the orator, we do not ;e .;c.nbcr any allusion ,
to the sp irts id' tin; hippodrome, similar to the '
italicized phrase in the above article; and we
think our brother of the Dai/// AVws'with th.it
amazing facility he has of turning everything
to,.some account, drew Iiis simile from "Mike
Lipman's Show," rather than from a more
classic source.
We are not given to lofty equestrian ex
ploits, have not even had anything to do with
Pegasus, save in mir younger days, to pluck a
feather from his wings, wherewith to turn a
rhyme or two. (tiff ::\>n hive most other i&m.t;
consequently, we protest against being afcycr
tised as in tho "Circus" line.
Our Charleston Leiter
Ciiau?:.sto.s\ March 15, 1807.
Mil. I'niTOIt: Tl:e political situation here
has, during the pas' week. Undergone a
-':;-!ii change. Tiia '?expediency" party has.
! think, gained ! recruits and now proba
bly numbers in its ranks a majority of our
white citizens. Covernor i'rown's speech at
Augusta, (tCorgia, vehemently advocating tiie
necessity, as well as p dicy. of active i-bcdiem e
to the mandates of a fate which i; inevitable,
and urging his constituents to plant thei?xelves
upon this llliina Tknle of Radical legislation,
has exerted no little influence. This has been
strengthened by an editorial id' the World, the
leading Democratic journal of New York, in
which, after dispassionately and philosophically
considering tin" situation, the people of the
South are invited to adopt the measures de
I mauded by the Military Dill, and thus gain
not only admission to Congress, but also the
j control of the m wly franchise*! mass in our
midst. In the face, however, of" these two po
tent influences, many of the "dignity" men are
siiil li::.; in their belief i" the "ma.-tVrly iuae.
tivity" policy.
'I be negroes since their sudden invostit.;.?
with suffrage rights have, under lladical in
(Indices begun the organization of a ISepubli
cau party. For this purpose, on last Wednes
day night, iu large numbers, they convened ;it
the Military Hall. Several addresses of un
healthy sentiment wen- there delivered by ora
tors, black and white, and a coUiuiiil e Was ap
pointed to prepare a phitloriu. I his meeting,
i am informed, was presided over h} 11. .Judge
Moore, of tins city, who, beibre the war, edited
[the Ucniiettsviilo Sou oj 1'e.ui iterance, bill since
h:..i been attached t>? the vor/in editorial of ihe
Leader, a weekly devoted i<> promoting the .i>
sUiiicd interests, and advocating the claims ol
the Irecdnicn, U he secret hi*} id the meet in
Was a colored man.
(>n Monday night, also one of their i uiou
Leagues held a meeting, which was well attend
ed. i lii.-i- leagues are bodies auxiliary to tin
! party, and are designed to labor active'} in ri?s
? lering the growth ami perpetuation ol Kcpuhli
j ea ism, tli.it is iladicatisui in the Soul >. 'i heir
I proceedings arc of a secret character.
To assist the party in its incipient*}' here, si
d.nly paper is soon to be published. Its title
will probably be the Charleston Trihune, ami
its political lone will be as healthy and agreea
ble to our white population as is that ol its
.Sew York namesake. Charles .1. Dana, a lead
ing hadical" of New York, will, I have been
informed, preside over its editorial interests.
Dr. Duncan's discourses before the Voting
Mens Christian Association have entirely
equaled the lofty standard by which, from the
praises of those who heard him preach, we were
prepared to judge them. Large crowds have
each night waited on bis ministry, and all. by
their profound and enraptured attention, have
evidenced their'high appreciation id' his abili
tios as a.pulpit orator. His sermon last night
on "the man that made not (5od his strength,"
for pathos and powor'l have never heard sur
passed. The Doctor returns to-morrow to his
homo in the '-Old Dominion,'-' carrying with
him the deep rooted atleetiou of the many
strong friends he has made here.
The Stale Normal and High School for
young ladies, opens it second half-dessiou on
Monday next. This institution was renpeued
on the lirst of January la.st. and has nearly one
hundred pupils. It- is under the charge of
R?v. Henry M. .Mood, well known as former
President of Columbia 1'Vmule College, whose
abilities and long experience as a teacher
thoroughly qualify hint for his present position.
Mr. Eaton, an agent of the trust cos ol the
Pea body lend, who bat: been visiting the
Schools of the South, pronounced it flu* best of
?its kind he had sbeii.
'J he Public Schools for boys anil girls is also
iitttja-vory pro.-p- r.ms eoiid.iion. Il Ins .iver
one thousand schol.ns, .nid under the super
vision of its elliciunt pr uuipal, Henry Archer,
K.sij.. fully sustains the reputation for thorough
ness and discipline which it enjoyed previous
to the war.
A peri p. t ti- vendor of a quack specific for
all b idily infirmities and .lil.nent.-. wh ? rej -ices
in the Pseudonym of ??(.lo'.id Samaritan has
excited considerable interest .-;.id itniusomoiit
He iiidds l'?rt!i at the corners oi our Streets l
large crowds of tho curious, and by his p.?!.-;-. |
?isive eloquence, vjetinii/.o-i many of the ign -
rant into psirchssiitg his " A'AV.r I .
i>:::.'j a.
- ..i..T/, ??- ? ? -.1?-?--??-?
tYnshhigtoii News.
March 7.? The Kcbublieaii caucus was
stormy, 'flic extreme iujpe.icher.s were de
It'.licd, and the invo-.tigi.ti >n rei ? .unitie 1 t i
the judiei.uy i ommit'ec. a icsoluti ii to m et
e.cr. three days until the i ich.iiOut was
ready was defeated! A resolut ihn tu adjourn
on Monday to .'>i Ith. was adopted.
The tone oi the caucus indurates (hat ;.n un
doubted attempt will he made to impeach the
I President.
The Senaten.I caucus opposed the May
meeting to consider the impeachment. The
i caucus favored re.a linin ?; in session for the
necessary husiness. ami (neu adjourn i:u
i til November, impatclimcut is rather de
precaled. t handler is the only one present
who announced him.?'?if unequivocally in favor
; of it.
I March s.?in the House Mr. Steve:;- moved
i the resuscitation of the Committee oii Recoh
I si ruction, and a deed Ii ?l* a suspension oi' the
rules! but the Houmj rofu.-ed to suspend by a
vote id' fjtito ? ?. not two-thirds.
Eu the Senate an uitimportahl ;itit1 long dis
cussion t?'iP'jd.ice in ii< ..n .-. .,.:>._
Igold medal t ? Mi\ I caimdy ami the exclusion
id'Pqu r'. >;:. ti , eomniitieeirona:!
Mar-'-h 1-. ? \ :?' :;;?!? ?..mil ;! 1-iii (<i Slier
m.m's Rc?"ti'i; t;d lion Pill was ]?:.-:. d by the
lions?. !is l\tii Sen do. it w s re;evnld to the
j iidiciary ('o imittce
March I'l.?hi the :'.-.;.'?.?. Mr. Trum
bull reported Wils ut's as :: s.ul.stitui
for the House Snj pie .;??-.?> ! Pi". !i oWidi
!ies the oath s vnh;;. and .-.ti w- the Co ...
; :::;nd?ug < Jeher .1 ?? d. !?? . ?:?? power.- to the
? fietihg ! lovcra ?:?.
' Ol norals Si h fa Id. Sickles. Th mas. ();?!
and Sheridan have been appointed District
I Commander- uutler Sherman s Dill. The Dis
trict Headquarters of (Jen Seolielil are to be
at Richmond; of Con. Sick!.- at Columbia : <?;
I .'!en. Thomas at Montgomery; of Ceti Ord at
j Vicksburg; of ('en. Sheridan at New (Orleans'
Pull powers within their respective department:
! h ive 1.u <Ielrgat?t) : ? t!ie above mi nod Pis
j trie! Commanders, t.len. t pe is t i e imm.-.tid
West Virginia, 'I nnessee ancl Ken in ky. yyiih
i heailqu irters -i I. ui>\ ill-?,
i Mr. Tru ahull reported \\ ilson'.- ..s i substi
I itife i' r the House Supplement j Pill, i; modi
j fie." the oath > mewh.it, and allows the Com
manding (Scucral to delegate powers t-> the
."d"iliC:r.\ Ci.vciT.imtil ::1 (he Sunlit.
flic Cincinnati I\uuuiri'r. commenting upon
; t lie passage of tlie ?** Herman Dill. k?i'? s :
"The Southern people are (?> bii placed tin
der a military vassalage. Can it be that the
North.tii and Western men, when they gave
their votes to place such men we. sec hold
ing a in ijoril;, in Congress, coiitc plated th.it
I they Would so abuse their power: Do the;.
ie,ili/.0i tlte fact that, to keep the Smith sub
jected, a st 11111 i11 army id'one hundred thou
sau men will n i be suilieie'.it .' Arcthe*- pve
p..n o in endure a perpetual system ol tax-iti >ii.
under which that ol' l.uglautl even ..ppe.tr.>
light ? lly this act the\ have converted the
S'outb into a gigantic Ireland, and an Ireland
I that will be more tr-.ublesomi! in ciu-'e iii' aiis
foreign ililth'O'f/in than the ?(! rceil Isle is t
Knglaiid. I\?r its ii .!<? will lie solid, compact,
ami iiudivid-'d. Here i-> a pr eious Jtitalt t ?
ihc'War for the I nion, a.- hyp'critical a
motto as ever w:i> invented by liars and .-ink s.
11 id Mich a eousiiniinatioii as this becii iore
seen, we are satisfied that m I one i:i i.-u ol Ihc
brave men who shonde red a musket for the
presm'valion of an undivided conn ry.but w aid
have been content to embrace the allernative
of certain black journalists, and let ihr i uion
slide. The ensl.ivemeut of a brave gall.nit and
impulsive people, however they nvii have er
red. will be recorded as ? no the mohslr si
ties id'the tige. 'I he question i^ not alom
whether the South will endure, for we err i!
the manly heart of the North :? liol indignant
at the outrage upon its old arsia iades of tin
! ehrlv Revolution."
m $
:? - ? R
afc if
A full supply of Spring Good^ coasting
of all kinds.
i)HESS goods, I
ladies* silk coverings,
parasols* . ;
? silk iur.Loxs.
WHITE goods.
&c itr*
Tuaelhor witV. an extciwive supply of PRINTS, long CLOT RS, SHEETINGS and other
dom kstio G001)88.
Of which will hu Ibniid n grcut variety of shades and sizes. Together with inriny othor" 1
GOODS t *i ii imcrous to mention. a call is respectfully Solicited
march Pi
st vi 7; (}'* tfouTil ('A HO LIN A.
Onmgeburg l>i"trlct.
Itv Virilit! of stUKlry wi lts of Ii. l':i.. '-o-ine directed, I
'l will sell t.. the high??! .M?der, ut fcWipm*rfi
Court House on i ? ? - - first Monday in April "cja
lim following property, viz :
Ono Hoiisu tint] Lot in the Village of ISrauchvillc, ?
1-vii I ;i* I he Properly of P. II. Harsh, ul the '
:?>??; ol K. K. ltct.se, Admiuistrntor.
One I rael "I Lau 1 containing two hundred acres. |
::i cc or less, levied on its the Property of Callowav |
Ktruinan, at Ihc snii of H. P. Simmons.
a i.so
(>??.?? Tract of I.an 1 containing twelve hundred
acres, more <t I ss, levied oh a? ijie property of L.
\V. !?.:>(!. :ii the (iiiit of lb I'.Simmons.
Throi hundred Cross Tie.-, more iir less and Six- j
toon .Slicks Timber, one Itrhaii Axe and one .Merit !
Cutter. Levied on as Ihc j roperty of L. W. Dash at
t he ??:t ??[ It. F. Simmons.
A i.so ,
One Tract of I.anil containing one hundred and
Iwrnty :k res, nunc or less, levied en as the Property
of Holen I'liillips, c.t the suit of J. 1'. Martin,
On Tuesday;the 2d April nexd. at the House of
Holen Phillips, I will sell ('<) live head of Cattle, ft!)
head of II-i.-M, utie Wagon, one Cart, irrne Itiigjry and
various other iiiiiclcs, levied on as the Property ol
Hol? a Phillips, at Hie suit of .1. P. Martin.
Slier.lT v ?ir.ee. i .1. Y.\ H. DUKKS.
Orangi burg ('.. Jl. - s. o. D,
March 11. ls.;7. j
mar HI . * , . , ttlH
Under Decretal Orders from the Ordin?r; ??."<>.?.-. r.re
bnrg District, 1 willrail ai i". ?? Oouit li e; eon Co
first Monday in April next between ihc use I
tji.iiis of sale, for partiriiiti .-inimig the p.irik.* in
int rest the following irat !a of laud, viz:
!. One Tract of Lam) belonging to ihc Kstaleof
.Jacob A. Dant .der. containing one iuiiidr-d and
i weiUy-eigkl acres, initiate in Orang -burg District,
:.. ?. ? more particularly d? -eriir'd i n Hie day bf &fot
? i'i a err.ill of 12 months. ,
ai.. O !
-'. One Tract b.longm.; to the. Ks:ate of .lames
Williams, containing one hundred and iwen'y-onc
a er - lying on the waters of Little IlitH Swamp, ad- I
joining l ui ls iif.John Inahiuct. it. 1). I'. [tucker and !
Thomas Orcps, on a credit of lene t'.l) months.
Mae Tract, situated in St. Matthews Parish, be
longing to the rotate of .1. W. Smith, containing '
?? acres, hounded by lauds of Keller, Darhj*, ami
others?to be more particularly d.-scribed on the
day <>:' sali1?on n credit of nine ('.') inonths.
I. And one other Tract, belonging to the Estate of
Elias V. int. containing one hundred ?tri seven
acres, hounded by binds of N. Koglu. V. Irick and j
Davi I Clayton?on a credit of 12 mouths.
Purchasers to give bonds with good security and
mortgage of premises, and pay cash sufficient to I
j >v costs. Hoveinic stamps and papers extra.
Orang'.burg C. I!.. ) J. \V. II. DUKKS,
March 8, 18(57. j S. O. 1>.
mar I'i tds
Office to Rent.
j-Sf.'in the .Subscriber its a I.aw Ollicc, situated on ,
2&ii!Jc-.\liiiii-strcit. i'ut particulars, apply next j
-.. or, to Mr. P. Louis, or to
at l/.hsr .v Dibble'?.
marO ? tf
To Rent.
H^'ii l.state ol .Juo. V. t.lover, situate on \\ illbw
ftj'LlLSwiiiiip. Kork of Kdisto*. Apply to
C. It. OLOVKK, Oriuigeburg C. II.
hiur!) -
Foii sal'i-:.
|i<iy.itii humli'cd Acres >>'. Laud attached, at the \ il
W?aljlL luge ol Ot-angohurg, ii kiiiiri disiance iibove
ii.?- i.odroad Depot.
otie desiring a model t'AUM coutigiious to a
t.ni'. .iii \ this splendid licsidetice olfersievtrji
in iucemi at. it rms ciisv
A foe UUILDiNO LOT, containing ab?ut (?!)
... ,. i.. ,w<-. n the Subscriber s Uesulence and the
New Itiiiidiiig ol Mr. W. N. Scovill. On tio.s Lot
ate several Otlllillll LllgS.
Apply lo O. I>. KKITTi
fob i'i "?ni
{ 'o n ?? \a<:
jftL^ O.N'K 1?AV MA UK, Cood Size,
fV^ . luce \ ears Old.
mar io?tf COKNKLSOX. IvUAMKK & ('<?
rillTE COHN, Sl.li?, KOH CASH. Apjdy id
mar lti?it
von sali: cukap.
UTENSILS, Cost S1?. lor.-? 10.
mar in?it COitNKLHON, KUAMEIl CO.
\%; LAiJCl.S 11)11 SACK IN
*iy ipi.tiitities to suit Curclutsers. Apply
tit ttiir Ci(li<M?.
Sewing Machines.'
The Celebrated
So whig Blachines
*r Tin: low run;;, of' S20.
rilHESR r.'.u'hin.s combine sit (be excellencies
1 and improve.. >c"t* -r ?W?
They can be obtained by.aUJre>'2;?|tf iMMAgK ?i.'tVf
Postoffice K. 0. SAMS,
Agent for Orangeburg and llnrnwell.
mar Iii * % It -
French Fruits, Cordials, Olive
Oil, &c,
Landing Ej'-Iirin Panl ct jhtric. '^**'
I) I 11 E C T F It O il Ii 0 It I) E A V X.
?L sorted.
Five CasJes Fruits in juice
Fifteen Cases assorted Cordial
'l\ n cases Mni'nscliiun, Aiinisette and Cannolle
Five eases t'nrncoad' Holland.*
l. Fivo cases Knse Water
' One o:oo Pales de f do d't ic. ill w!..?le, half and
ijuarttr Cans
rr.ur cases Feiits ?*? ?ir- and ('inn 'ptjjliens
Five cases French Oli.es and Olives farcies.
Thirty cases Superfine* Olive Oil, pinti
Ten barrels Clarified White Wine Viuppiv
(Five tierca Clarifi.;d While Wine Viin'j.ir
Uii? tiiiln Velvet Corks, in bafj' ft'-l pfv-tt' p. oh'..
F?r sale by ~ D. PAJL ti (U,
lain* Hi ' if Iirtisd-irtrc.Pi.
Alo and Porter.
rnwBXf\' casks .Ulsopps ia:e am:
.1 QUAllTS am) Fi NTS
Fifteen casks Dynsa" Palo Ale?Quarts and Pint*
Fifteen casks Jettrey's Edinburgh Ale?Pints
Fifteen casks P.y.i.-s' London Porter?Quarts and
Ten ersks 11arelay, Perkins &Co'siPor'cr?Pints,
the iibnS'o received by Into arrivals, anil for sr.Io by
m i I? if I). PAUL & CO.
Bird's Island. Guano.
I ibis City, ami will be sold ? lain Season in or
?ler tu bring il into use. Professor ('. U. SHEP
HARD'S, (of the Medical Collegel, Annlysis on the
I be Gtliilio, can be seen at our OIKce. Terms?$i)t*
(per I.img Ton)easb, or Planter's drafts on Factors
j avable 1st December, with Punk rates of interest..
HUNT & DUO, Accommodation Wharf,
mar 10?lrii Charleston, S. C
Reopening of an Old Drug; Store
JL FORM bis friends and the public gcncrnlly
that be bas opened a F1 LST-CLASS DltUG STORE
at bis Father's Old Stand, known for OTcrtwcnty-fivo
yeiira as Rufnlinrii'a Drug Store, where bo bus a
well-selected ami complete Stock of DRUGS; PER
wbicli will be Fold low for cash.
Country orders, accompanied with ca?Ii or city
acceptance' will bo promptly filed.
at all hour?, day and night. E. S. bTRNHAM.
ninr Pi tf
ti the following Estates mid Finns will cull
u| en the undersigned on or before (lie lStb inst., or
ilip tlcninnds?gniust them will bent ones put in suit.
Estate of .los.-.jtb Rents,
?? 1>. S. Tyler,
Archibald D, Inabinct,
?? W. ?I. A. Wolf?.
" Adam L. Smitb.
Late Firm of Partim & HUlkc,
.Hay d Pros.
Attorneys nt I.uw,
i in.il LI ? tf
Fresh Teas, by Last Steamer.
llalfebcsts finest Gunpowder Ten
Half chests Supi rior Oolong Tin
Half chests Choice English I'roiikf'nst Tea.
Al.su. UN II.VNO.
MOCHA COFFEES. For sale by
mar 1? if *D. PAl'L & CO.
tried our best to advance the interest of the
PUIILIC of ibis District, by leilinc. them have
Goods mi short Credit to start the Werl?) again, \\\)
are now compelled, by lb" Debt we owe to others, to
place our Noted and Accounts in the hands of
tlossrs. 17.1.AK & DIDDLE, Attorney*, for Collec
tion, without distinction *of Parlies, wlicn-ver Per
sons have tu t complied with (be Terms of their
Agreement. E/.EKIEL KOIIN.
mar 10 tf
I of Papier Mache, and Silver Ware ever offered
tu this market, suitable f .r PRESENTS for ull o. oi?
sions, cull at
l.ZKETEI. ? KUHN'-'.
leb 2d \ i : Jc

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