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r> ?*,-o*>. .*_?MjU. r-<s r ? 1 .V. 1 \> ?
?r.'^j) tagt
IVJ! ,1??/,;
PU4M..lsiU31> AT OllANGERUliG, S. C
Every Sntnrtlay Morning.
CUAltLES 11. HALL, Publisher.
j ? -r?:o:?r
Ono Copy for one year....:.,. $2.00
.? six Months...,. ].(K)
tt ? 'fhrec .< . rj0
Any one making up'a CLUR of FIVE ANNUAL
SUBSCRIBER'S-Mill receive' an exlra copy
i ? ?.
1 .Square D?t Insertion. $1.00
2d " . 7">
A Square consists'01; 10 lines Brevier or one inch
of Advertising ppaco.
Contract Advertisements inserted upon the most
ceeding one Square, inserted without charge.
?*?r Terms Cash in Advance.
For further particulars, apply to Mn. CnAM.ks II.
Hall, or address
Editor OitAXOBnrna News.
Orangeburg, S. C.
fob 28 0 *X
bull & scoa' tll,
AtSENTS for the
Editable Life Insiiranm Ctimpaiiy
or xew Vo/.w.
Policies non-forfeitabi.e,
Dividend Declared Annually to Policy Holden*,
feb 2? td
?ift \Y. 1 I . /I ) LI IC KB,
lp A'AV.VvV) :i rfr/ifXi:/:/!.
Oilers his Services
At Reasonable Rates.
fob 2ti * Jbn
Attorneys and Solicitors.
james F. 1ZLAR. samuel dibble.
? feb H" ? ly
W A T C 11 M A IC TO 1i
! '.\xn
J E >V K L L E 11,
Work Xeatfg Repaired, ami Warranted,
(Opposite Cornelson, Kramer & Co.,)
fob -{.I c tJm
Daniel W. Robinson,j
Market-street, iicxt to Miss Wise s old stand.
Respectfully informs the eitizen* of ilds District
Oiat he is now prepared to do all work in his line of
business, with neatness and despatch.
feb c lm.
1 8 6 7,
kzj^k iki. Sz icoriN,
D k A L E H s I N
orner Russell and Market-Streets.
their Stock, which is entirely New. well Select
ed and will he sold at a SMALL' ADVANCH on the
Original Cost.
feb 2.1 y le
all his friends and customers Hint lie has on j
hand n large and well selected stock of
T ITs' AV A I * 10,
Manufactured bv himself, which he will sell ;:t very
low RATES.
a i.so
t' 11 A It L E ;; T O X l> It 1 0 E X.
REPAIRING and other Work done to ordor at the
Shortest Notice.
fall aitd see. for Yoursrlrr*,
feb S3 "m
Tho Preacher.
nx T. J. N.
I hcnvd a little .sermon Lou,
From underneath a liolly bush;
The preacher was a timid thrush.
And all his thoughts were gilt and new.
His test was love?his preaching praise,
His pulpit was an under limb;
Nor did his miise essay to cliiiih
Star'-ward in all his frequent lays.
??He prcachcth well who aeteth well,"
Was'all he knew of eloquence,
He eyed me as an nndiciica
And seemed to think me 'nenth the spell.
Rcm-ath the spell so magic wrought ?
His style was earnestness?his eye,
(Unlike the lightning of the sky)
An indes more of joy than thought.
A world of joy, yet it seemed hard
To sever from the surging sen.
The few bright drops he gave to me
Marked with the coinage of the bard.
For fierce did he gesticulate,
'Which showed the mystic power he felt;
Vet never for a moment dwelt
On doctrines of free will and fate.
Chaste minister of love and joy !
Thou'lt be my future pulpiteer.
Thy sermons please the ready ear,
And till the heart without alloy,
?????t-err- ?
nv rrtJt&r. ^ .:.t.
O, to !>.? -k in the beautiful shadow
Of that o'.d maple tree down in the meadow,
Watchhi;.. the smiles that grew dearer :.:id dearer.
Listening to lips that grew nearer and nearer!
t), lobe back in the crimson-topped'clover,
Hitting again with my Archie, my lover.
O, for the time when 1 felt his caresses,
Smoothing away from my forehead my tresses;
When ii): from my heart to my cheek went the
? hlu.dies,
j As he km id that my voice was u* sweet a:: the
When he said tii.;t my eyes were btvyilehhiglyjetty.
At.'l 1 told him 'nv.i.- only my love that inadi ihci
' Talk not of maiden reserve and of ihlty,
I Or hide from my vision filch won lerlul beauty;
Pulses above inisy beat calmly and even ?
'. We have been fashioned for earth and not heaven :
j Angels are perfect?I'm but a woman ;
! Saints may lie passionless?Archie is human.
Talk not of heavenly, down-dropping blisses?
j Can I hey fall on Hie 'now like the rain of soft kisses?
1 Preach not the promise of priests and evangels?
! Love-crowned, I ask not the crown of the angels;
I All that i lie Walluf pure jasper encloses,
I Makes lint less lovely the white bridal roses.
Tell hie thitl when all this life shall be over,
' I shall still b?ve him, und he be my lover?
j Thai in meadows far sweeter than clover or heather,
j My Archie and I shall sit always together;
! Loving eternally, wed ne'er l?i sever?
j Then yon may tell me of Heaven forever.
[From Frascr's Magazine.]
ii I TT hi K IV A T K II S.
MOIiKlt.N s\.\-ct;ir.
( ('nni-linh if.)
('II A i?. V?TlIK IMJdSKl.M.
Sadly leaning on the marble balustrade
which enclosed the terrace'of I Ihpliiu's .man
sion, Kzela was gazing intently ">t a dark and
vortical streak which curiosity appeared tu
bisect (lie sun. This was the tower til' David,
where Ammicl was to await her instructions;.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance
ol' a slave, who. touching the ground with his
forehead, announced that a pilgrim requested
??See. (lien, to his wants." hastily replied
I Kzclsi, resuming her gaze towards llavid's
! tower.
?The pilgrim requests a private interview,'"
I said the slave, returning.
] "Whore is thy master ?" inquired Iv/.ela.
"At evening prayer," replied tin-slave,
j "1 receive no persons in his absence. 1'c
The slave departed, hut in :t few minute.- re
appeared, and lowly uttered?
?The pilgrim requests this interview in tin
name of humanity'.'"
? In vain!" replied Iv/.ela. in a tune of ait
??I'or the sake of your life, which is in dan
??Leave my presence," proudly conitnandei
the young luut-ron.
"Ill the imiue of your husband."
? I cannot sett this man," said K'/cht, hesila
'?hi the name of the orphan. Anuniel."
"JJid hiui enter immediately." rapidly an
swered Kzchi, veiling her flushed features.
And Assir entered.
"Jhtughtcr of Shirnzl" mildly began the
priest, "your mother spurned me as your suitor.
Ilophin, tins wealthy and powerful Ilophin,
was preferred to the poor priest. Assir. But
this is past. I come not hither to reproaeh ;
no, I come, to save you."
"How, Assir! what moans this mystery V
"Thou shall hear. The demon of jealousy i
has seized on your husband's heart. To-mor- j
row you shall be summoned by my voice to the i
temple, and compelled to undergo the 'ordeal j
of the bitter waters.' Terrible will he the J
trial I"
"L fear it not." replied Ezela unmoved.
??And-thou wort right. Ezela." rejoined the
priest, "if it had been the hand of (lod that
prepared the waters; but the hand of man?"
"Thy baud, good Assir! is it not:'
''Yea, even mine, aud the priest scorned sunk j
in thought.
"Speak, Assir, I implore you. Von arc
trembling, and your looks are IhosJC of the ,
j dead."
j "Listen, then, daughter of ?liiraz. Your ?
I husband desires your death, and by his order j
! 1 am to poisdli one of tin; two cups." said the I
I priest in a voice barely audible.
! "Satanic slanderer !" replied the young wife. I
her oy s Hushing and her bosom heaving with '
indignant emotion.
? Sees', thou this purse!'' Dost tho;; reeog
ni?C it? It is full of gold ) my reward for
your de ith,' I
ly.- L r. ??jiixcd the purse which i
her own h in ts had vv.*o tight and presented to
\ Ilophin. The hot tc.irucame gu-ihlnv: through
i her veil.
! Jijiut it shall he the reward of his death, if j
i thou wiliest it." said the priest, insidiously ap
proaching her. "i*rutniso beautiful -'v.'.cht t:i
' be nr. hride. and ilophin shall quail the poi
soned cup. leaving tl.ee a widow tn-movrow.''
J "infamous assttsin !" indignantly bur.ri forth
I'./..!;. .-he rushed from the tjrr.ice.
j, A moment aller. ami before /?.? sir had re
covered fruin his di: c ? :.iit tti e. ;?.. I.ive hurrii 'ly
j cnodiicted |Vnin the terrace to il.j e.inrt
yc.rd. There the husband of |v/clu ne t the
I high priest. Their eyes met; and th ?.. timj
of iheir eye.; would !:....? ih lighted man's1 omv
i my to behold.
I "'i'u-uiorrow !" muttered liophiu.
\ "Ay. to-morrow'" and the priest hurried
J en.
j _
Oil A I'. VI -TlIK <,!:!>;;.,l!..
It was noon j nit a cloud oh u;*cd the azure
j heavens. The .-it:! shown '1 iwn :.t al! I.:- pow
! er ami beauty mi lite d .... of dermalem, "the
j vision of peace" (and a >?;.,'.,.< of peace !l : it
j been froui its foundation t>i ti e prviseni ila'y.j
! I'rnwtls ihroiiged through ti e g.tt ?.-<?!' Solo
' luon's Temple. eagerly anxious to witness the
ordeal t.i the bitter watery, The women oecu
; pied exclusively the galleries, the men liiled
1 nearly I" sulibeatioli the bodv of the temple.
Silence seemed tu shudder a ? the high priest
; appeared slowly ascending the steps "i tin: t:i 1
i evnacle. As s ion as he had stood in front i.:
, the holy ark he howed*him l-> the ground i
1 then .-tipped back. A lew moments elapsed
! ami he was followed b\ a limn .-.?;! ? woman,
j Th" former in gloomy abstraction lr< ;>! his eyc.
? fixed tip.hi the unleavened cake), which he car
ried between his hands. 'I he woman wnlk'c'd
j upon the lei-: side of>Ih? inn it. her person Ikdujj
] entirely cuxer- d by a white woolen veil, 'i he
I swan of (he Knphraici never uppeitnal niorc
'graceful. A brief pause ensued. when
'the husband placing the cake upon the
J altar, uttered aloud; "The spirit of jealous;,
j possesses my heart. 1 ?Jemand lor u\\ wife the
j t< st of ilie liitter water."?.'"
i -'fliv iltdnand i- granted." slid t!t- high
j priest.
"And. ther. i'.re." resumed Ilophin, '? li.iv? I
I brought the barley-cake, unmixed with' oil ni
spices, a cike of jeal ursy atnl a memorial of
iniquity. Let the: guilty |ierish!"
i "Wile of Ilophin. tipproach," intonated the
high-priest, Ami Kzola walked forward.
I* A Votiii'i Levite lakes two cups liiled witli
' blessed water anil places thorn before the priest.
? Assir collect's some grains of sand Ironi the
Minor of tiie sanctuary, and slowly casts them
into each cup. ncconipaiivint; ihe acl with a
; few Inwly-itttercd words. Then adr.inciiijj t.>
J wards the wife of llopliiu In- reiii ives her veil,
' ami the temple shone ;:s with the beauty of a
i seraph.
I "Oh! mercy and pardon for the young ami
' beautiful," hurst from tho lips of the nu n.
Tho women were mute upon the ocrtsion,
licgtirilless of this incident, the priest con
tinued his dreadful office. Taking the cake
j from the husband's hands, and eloselyuppro seh
j ing Kztila, he whispered, "it is not \>it loo late.
I Consent to be my wife; sa\ but . word,
I Kzchl, and thou art free." *
I '?Priest, perform thy duty !" indignantly
; murmured Kzcln. Thon raisin" bor rndia.nl
eyes tu heaven, she added fervently, "G?d oi' J
Israol protec t me !" .|
'daughter of Shiraz! wife of Ilophin!''
said Assir, aloud, "if thou art chaste in
thought aud deed, be thou unscathed by these
waters. Hut if otherwise, retry tiiese waters
which thou shall drink prove thy 1,-ist draught
upon earth Then taking the cup and plac
ing it within her trembling hands, .added, with
u liendish emphasis, ??Drink, spouse of ITo
I'!zela looked at the cup. and then at hor
husband. His scorn ltd glance aroused her
gentle spirit. "Dcoplo uf Israeli1" Haid the
vietirn. with a voice that thrilled through the
columns of the temple, but not through tie.
heart of ?fldphiu. ??Men who jiidgc me. and
ye voincn. who hear tue. I swear that I hin in- J
noectit.tii.it my heart is pure, ami my tongue' u |
stranger to falsehood. And yet I dread this 1
trial, for the malice of men iiiiiy be taken for j
the judgment of God. May the Lord pardon j
my enemies. I pardon tliem front my soul." j
Then raising the eiip to her lips, she drank iis |
contents. Fora n.o:::cnt her beautiful eve
were directed towards the roof of the temple,
then slowly sinking upon the vast and av.e
stricken multitude she rocoguixed her brothey,
and laintingly exclaimed, "Atnniicl, dear Atn
niipl, farewell!" ?
"Ilophin! thy Itirn has come.*' said Ah
presenting the other cup.
At that moment Autmiol rushed through the
crowd, caught the fainting Ezula in li:.~ arms,
and exclaimed, "Who dare ncctisii my siste.r?"
! "Thy sister!'' repeated ilophiu, drnppiii?
I tho run, \vhich broke in :i thousand IVaghit hi- I
1 1 I
I on the |>.k\"? .Hi-tit.
J'ltead." said \m.miel. presenting his moth
er's bt I r.
Ilophin spoke not. lie dreaded being at
eu-Vd as the murderer of Iv/.cl.i.
t\ssir approached aud Whispered, "The j--i
soil was not in the cup of lv/.ela!"
?"? ] n which t!; !i '. ; ?:-] v -1 Hi oh in. recoiling.
;-iu neither-!" replied the high-pricst,^\r<M;/
I h'tf cj/c on t!i>- hriikmi vtiji trtV/i tt look <?/ tttvttyt
<ti\njn,oit;!ni at.
Tlzcl i. roc ?voring from her swoon, kisse,dhor
I hand, ami the forehead of her foroi h
jjjjt .'> .--:r shrunk uway from the .scene us u
;' .! bird Ironi the fij 1 *? ?>!* day' Ail flic htcn;
save the high ^iviest. )>!?. d tin* beautiful, und
..!? the women envied her. "A moral phono
ineuon."' sa'tth our <dnonicler. "by no means
<? ::!;.ml to lite valley of iJchosliaphatj"
M I S 0 V. L L A N K <? V H .
The Flood til (.'itaitJtiioogn?Loss of Life
nnd Properly.
I *
\ i'l.iii :i gcnile.Ui '?. who left Chattanooga at a
i Lie Y.r.w: oil Monday evening i.:. the Atlanta
t ;,.' tin::' has obtained ;i ;<-w particulars of
llie ten iblc .-t.-.te of all iics in tli.,t llilf^iii . I?
city. At i!i ? iinie lie left the Temiv'ssee lliver
; was .-till risiuii'. tlie raid slill falling, and the
wh ile country presenting the appearance of a
.-.'.i oi' water, lie was a giieKl :.t the
t>ii|ehfiehl House.where he remained until
the water reached the ceiling of the lirst story
j of that hotel. (?n Market street, I lie main
business thorough tare, the water was t":i feel
I il ? the highest points, or over lite tops' of
: the :iwiiiiigs in front <?;' tin- large st ?res. The
teals' had beeti removed to the .see.did stdries
hi" ili.- ! uildings. whore it^ Was believed they
would be safe, :<;;'! the necessity ?f renne, ii -
iitkeui to it inure seehfc p ;i:tt was not seen until
i. was tod late. T litis mitre than three l'myih.
jiif the dry goods, provi-ion?, .wciv'de
I si roved. Oiir iiiior-tmiji i iinhdes tb-.t nj le.ifet
j two-thirds of the eit\ i.- liter.il!S destroyed.
He saw siiiidi h ?tt> e t iKt: tiiighither and thither,
w it il ? iinih> ! irge <?:; -s I: id cither tutLblc^oveV
i?r \.? iiilliup usunder. The scene was one oJ
wild cotilusioii. Persons who hail remained in
. their hoiac.i :;: the hope thai the water
would recede, w re eninpelli L m > "di^ iustaiiees
to niake theii exit thrdue.li I ho roofs, and cS
e.ipe i:: boats. He cdii ?! hot jiiyc tin opiuidu
us to tin' tiuinber nf lives lost, hut they v.cre
uuuieri t'.-.
The citizens were going from house to house
in hoiits, .;? '-tin .- e:ieii other, and endoiiyoniig
i?i . :\ea few vulmt'des. While tlti-- War the
easi with ilr- Leiter class;. Vngalhuitl white men
und net/roes were l.i?sv in ittkiug jidvaOtitge of
the situation and pcrp'etratiiig robberies and
other act i ? I' law hwsness. Great lOiiS wi|l n.
sull Id fttuiiUes whose homes had been aban
d??ned. Much of the railway stock was .-uli
! me:-.id. while bo?: ears were lloaling nlioul in
overv tlirectioii; (lie Water in I he car shed was
over seven foot deep. The TonhoHSen Kivor is
: fifteen feet hi.':h?T than ever Dolore known, so
say old iuluibitanl^.
Kvii. L'omi'ANV. ? The follov/inq beautiful
allegory is from llie German. StipliVduiusv a
wise teacher, would mil stiller his grown-up
.-???is and da ugh tors to associate with i how
whoso conduct was not pure and upright.
IDoir father.' the gentle Kdlajia t;; him
ono day, when ho had forbidden her visiting .iu
company .with her brother tho indiscreet-Lu^,
ciudu. "you must think us very childish, if you
imagine that: wo should be exposed to danger,
by it." The lather tyok in silence a dead coa)
from the hearth, und reached it. to, his daughter.
"Take it, my child; it will not burn you."
Kolalia did so, and, behold I her beautiful
white baud was soiled and blackened. And,
;:.s it charred her white dross also, "We cannot
be t-ju cure fill in handling coals," said Eulalia
in vexation. uYes, truly/' said the father.
"You. see. my child, that coals, even if they
do not burn, blacken : so it is with the company
of the vicious."
AYamcd sonic teeth froni the jaws of death.
An old holel-keeper in Washington once
potted oil his dining-room door the following
notice: "Members of Congress will go to the
table lii>t. and then the gentlemen. Rowdies
ami blackguards must not mix with C'ouirress
iheiq as it is hard to tell ono from t'other."
Tin: IN ist Office in a certain Ohio village
is kop! in the b?r-rbbhi of the tavern, a great
J resorl of loungcls.-An old chap, more rc
' nutrkahlo for h:.- coarseness and infidelity than
his good manner.?, was Sotting there one day
; with a lot of h.:e?Ynphnioils. when the Mcth
! i li-t preacher. :i tiew coiner, entered and asked
1 for hi- !??!!. ;?.-. Ned Swipes asked bluntly:
? -A;.. il;c Methodist jiareoirjust come!
' here lo pre:.eh':" j
j -r ;.:n.'* pleasantlyVeplicAl the minister.
"V.'eli" s-iid &wrpes. -will you toll roc how
old the d.-vil is?" :"V !
f:Keyp your own family record," replied the
preacher, and left the room amidst the roars of
the 66lhp:iiiy.
XtH.i?;.'. Bj-:? Ilrtll.l, FOK .SlNOI.t Men.?
"i'all in" love with some industrious young
woman. ?'Attculi.ou" \)*y to her faithfully and
respectfully. f'Kight face" iu popping..the
I question like a man. "Quick inarch'.' to her
parents and unk, their consent, "l' ile right"
! with her to the church, and go through the
: rvjee of matrimony. "Halt' and reihst -so-'
? ri ittsly lipon tho new duties which you have as-.
? sumed .:!: ! then perform them. "Right about
; face" from the haunts which you h;;yc froqueu
j ted wln n single and prefer your own home.
?Advance arms'' lo ymtr young wile when
Walkiug.oul with her and never leave her to
trail behind, "IJreak off" staying out at night
! ami other bad habits if vou wish to have a Iinp
i * 1
j py home.
Count liism'trek recently prefcenrod a faith
ful but poor secretary with a portfolio bound
like book, iii which wer.- deposited five hun
dred thalers-. On meeting his secretary the
next d"\\ flic t'olinl asked him if he Had pevu
sed the volume. "Yes your high?cs.?"," said
(he si r tary. -and 1 Was s? captivated by its
henjitctits that lahi waiting the appearance'di
i the S u'ond volume with feelings of the greatest
interest," The ('diint smiled, but Said nothing.
A few days' afterwards the secretary received*n
second portfolio bound and filled like tho first:
on the title page* ?>| which was the sentence:
"'J his work i.s'coin'plete in two volumes.".
, A Pauwum: litt ?v <! en. ?itAXT.?Dur
the siegt; or Viekshurg, a knot, of officers
gat here 1 aroutitl Ifen'. (.rant, and for want of
bettev employment amused tJiemseivcsby guess
: ..: tin agosu'l'prominent officers. Atinong the
re-! ihey iliseit-sed (lull. McClcrhaiid, who was
absent .it the time but whose consequential riirs
I we e notorious/and whose differences with (-let).
I ii ;-.;t!t were equally we'll known. 0.:c guessed
: that hew.:.- about fifty ycarstoT age. f.'Oh no/'
; aid Ocn. Grant,-'-Ruch'a hint) was never got up
in ? / ? ' ?'" The hit was tod palpable hot
? ;. arouse the hoisteroiis nierrhueiit-.of all
! around. \ % '?
Wiiti :.? Iviit ?>ity? ? During the epidemic
fever of IS??. a Well to do planter iu a. certain
[on ni Mi-.-i*. ippi.uscd lo .-end down his ept
ti ii b\ his irmly sjaves, without yentfiring into
the "city"?ahou. fifty-five houses!?himself.
: Vfler :i Sjhorl expovjeuee, however, he fancied
I (liitl I.is. factcr was l iking advantage of oir
ettmstynees, tind determined to go down and
In I; after the next wagon load in pronrin per
! sttnti. He was not a little afraid, however, of
j "Yelli w .Jack"?an 1 "sjsiall blame to him"?
and so he rc,?idvcd on first consulting with a
friend, as lo ihe propriety of his venturing
' iiito the ejddcHiie-uifcsted Irreality,
? .!>?> you liiink," .- lid he, "1 can go to ???
I with pafety? No fe.tr of the fever?"
"OJt, no!" responded his f|ichd.^you can
,go there, and stay as long as yuii please with
' i:i.p inity."
"All, ah!'' replied oar friend, "I am glad
you have tohl jjie that. 1 have long been dis
shtisjied w ith?--'.- and -"s ; but didn't
! know' ihere was any other place a fellow could
j put up at. you have tohl me. however,
j dog on it if J d ni'! try impunity's. 117/?/r is
The Taxes of Furniers. - j I -
'; :~ ti 7fc7t> few ?u ? : ii 1 ?
The following is very important to fanners,
aud the decisions have recently been given, by
the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, at
Washington: . . ?
I'. Farmers will not be recruired to make rop
turn of produce consumed in their own imme
diate families.
2. The farmer's profits for sale of live stock
are to bo found by deducting from the gross re
ceipts for animals sold, the purchase money
paid for same. If animals have been lost dur
ing the year by death or robbery, the purchase
money paid for such animals may be deducted
from the gross irfbomc of the farm.
3. No deductions can Be made by tho farmer
for the value of services rendered by his minor
children, whether ho a dually pays for such ser
vices .or not. If his adult children work for
him and receive compensation for their labor,
they arc to be regarded as other hired laborers
in determining his income.
. 4. Money paid for labor, except such as is
used or employed in domestic service, or in the.
production of articles consumed in the family
of the producer, may bo deducted.
5. No deduction; can be allowed in any case:
for the cost- of -unproductive labor. If house
servants are employed n portion of the time in
productive labor, such as making of butter and
I cheese for sale, a proportionate amount of the
I wages paid them may be deducted.
ti. -Expenses for ditching and clearing new
land are plainly expenses for permanent im
provements, are not deducted.
7. The whole amount expeudod for fertilizers
Applied during the year to fanner's land may bo
deducted, but uo deduction is allowed for fer
tilizers prodUcccVen the farm. Tho cost of seed ?
purchased for sowing and planting may be de
ducted. '
8., If a person sells timber standing, the pro
fits are to be obtained by estimating the value
ol the land after the removal of the timber,
and from the sum thus obtained, deducting the
estimated value of the land on the first day of
January 1802, or on the day of purchase, if
purchased since that data,
j 9. Where no repairs have been made by the
tax payer 'upon any building owned by him
I during the proceeding five year's, nothiug can
j be deducted lor repairs during the year for
j which his income is estimated,
i 10. A farmer should make return of all his
produce sold within the year, but a mere execu
tory contract for sale is not a sale; delivery,
either actual or constructive, is essential. The
criterion by which to judge whether a sale is
! complete or not. is to determine whether the
; vendor still retains in that character a right
j over the property ; if the 'property were lost or
t destroyed upon which of the parties, in the ab
; seneo of any ether relation between them than
j that of tho vendor and vendee, would the loss
j fall.
imii 11 f~ft i_i i ii m i
Does Keeping Hens Pay?
To this question the Claremont (N. II.) Ad~
vocalc furbishes the following practical an
swer :
.Mr. James Raker, of this town, has handed
us some figures showing the net product of his
he?ery lor the past year, which may answer as
a solution of the question, "1)0 hens pay?"
It seems that he has kept during the ydnt
118 layers?to feed which it has cost him
$95.3,2. As a return for this outlay he credits
his little Hock as follows:
Amount of eggs laid, 1,325 dozen; nnm*
bor sohl. 1.31-1 dozen.
I Value of eggs sold..$298 00
Hens and chickens Jsold. - - - - 28 00
$320 Oil
Expense of keeping.. 95 32
Net income. $230 68
Stock of bens now on band. 125?which he
values at 8225 more than his last year's stock
Foon rou Fattening Poultry:-?The
cheapest and most advantageous food to use for
fattening every description of poultry i? ground
oats; the whole of the grain, is ground
to a line powder; nothing of at. kiud is taken
from it. When it is-properly ground, ono
bushel of - the meal will moro effectually fatten
poultry than a bushel and a half of any other
meal. The greatest point in fattening poultry
i? to food theni at dnvbroak.. .. .

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