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runltsu kd ' I ' '
Ofangebiirg, ?>. C,
Terms: ?2 OQflcr Aunnrn? in A dram r} (
During (ho Spring and Full Reasons, I'xlru Copies
of tho OitAxoKurno News will he circulated for (lie
benefit of our Aovkktisinu Patrons.
Contract Advertiseinents inserted on the
most Liberal-Terms."Addr.osrV>; ^ j
' W SAXIUKL-'rntbLK. * sv
Editor "Qriuigeburg New."
Orangtbnr'gi S. C.
semi in their Advtirtistyneuts tgs etirty in the
iceek us eonvenitmi ; 'ttmii'/' jioxsib/t'/let-tis hare,
them hi/ Thursday, evening, jit/ flu's means, ire
teilt he able to issue tit.tut earlier hojtrfin ffafur
tfay, ami trill be. cnuliled to giv<e. mare tif'. the
latest neics, up to the time of our going to j tress.
The Military and Supplemental Acts.
We rcpublj?h this week.- fnr-dhc dnfurnmUu
?of our readers.tho Reconstruction Act and the
i /i - \? >V''-\y '.* ii] 'fitt \ L' p : * -
-Constitutional Amendment. We will next1
week publish the Supplonllmf.nl Act, and the
test oath required of nuinngeVs' and registers of
?elections, though not required of Voters. We
?hope also l?v that time:to have the official opin
iior.'o'f the Attorney General of the United
States, as to the extent of disfVnnchiscnient
under tlie operatim'i of these'two*" uJbst' inlqid
tons enactments of Cuh'trrcss.
Woodland Heiglit^
We will begin the publication, in our col
umns next week, of aii OilHUXAL XOUVJS
LETT10. bearing5 Hie a'lJove t\\\/t'??iifuUi vx
prcssly forthetHLVXCinjl'lUJ N'KWS. by a
young and talented citizen of this District. It
is an interesting and gracefully written llo
jna-acc at" the recent v.r.v.
I'.'difival Mcetiiig*.
I (Dm cohn-ed friends had' a 'meeting list Vi dtr
dav night t" adopt a ;politi.cal platform. A
speaker from Cliarkaton,.addressed the meet
ing, and .<poke.nt si.:no length apnn the pro
per course; to he pu^t*ued j?y the pOOplo, whitu
nud colored,.,in this .important period i of our
history. We were glad to n ti< - that thuse
from our u\v:i District, who ad 5iv v-. .l to.- mect
ing, expressed; much mure liberal .v.ov?s than
the orator tVom abv -ad; and though net, quite
xn fluent in stuin'p'ftp .!:ing.-t: ?\. ..i they bct
Icr undetstot.u the trite p*.??i?n and interest of
he calofctl po j?le in rur midst. The good
ISOUSC of .our colored f; h ::d-< \fi:l'jsjnjuy thou^
that their true interests are identic** with those
of tlie white pC p}uc,ol! 'he District. The
speaker from Charleston t Id thorn that there
were plenty id'government lambs in Florida;;
but it seems- bo u; that the colored 'pao'plo are
not very .anxious to spend their earnings trav
elling about to hunt.lands among the swamps
and Indians, in Florida ; when, if their friends
in Congress would only iat:o the ' tax off'the
T .4 ? ? S. "* '' \. ) v * r *?' ft " .' >
cotton. SO as to give Soutliprii lab >r a chi>nce.
they could make a eomibrtitble living in South
flew"AdverlisemenLs* m.mshti
Wo'MnVitjiVttenfiOUtv'^vd of llcv. A. F.
DlOKSON in another coliitnu ;
A Fn'ie'DnVl't Horse'For Shhv? Apply I at
this Qfiiee. ' '.'
: ?4- i i X
Thc.Lqnrton Tf^i^.giyes tho u dit.ical hi?ioi%
of ttiis^low linpor?int uuchy asTouJws M ?
Luxembourg constituted; . from very o\d
time's,' ah iutogral p ::t ot thft Oovthw Kmpiro;/
its illustrious House.^ravo .(.{ot'V.four lv:t
pcTiMVi, otto of' Vholn.iTIciV.'y A'I f.. 'though
fC^lej^V'-y-by iyiudtjen aiid prollably violent
(dcarti'ftt m early ngrC raliks'ahrong the Ing?est)
med'ioval monart-jis. ,? Though it' ' Grand
;J)\icl,iy came .to tho IXouso of (?r?nge by
-ffcaties. and was auney.nl to (ha Kingdom ol'
the Netherlands liV*lftl5j"it always enjoyed a
separate Con>ti(utitin and Administration, r.H'"
its SoYc'rcign, by virtue of his- CTrtfn'd Duenl
.title, was admitted as a member into the
.(5cnr.au confederation, and occupied in the
IJuml a po^iimn-'a'n'albgbus tttj that yf the King
of Denmark ?s Duko of Ilolstuiu. Oil the
.separation of ilelgium from Holland, in con
.sequeuec of the rcyqlutidii of 1 hot), the territory
of Luxembourg was divided botweun the wo
kingdoms. The ih' lgian p.n tiou was altogether
released from -all Herman connection; but the
part .which remained to Ibdland. with the ad
dition of sonic distrTcts of-'Limburg was
niaiimiined in its former relations tt> the t'er
man union.
As ahilehiber id" that Tnion., tho-' I"6iag
(Irand-Duke took1 p.'irt in' Ihe delibcratioiifi
which arrayed the greitb^fc liuuihof of tlu:
Herman SVsrtbs with Austria against Prussia in
the month of June tif. fast year and thus found
himself virtually at war with the latter power.
Ihith. belligerents, however, refrained from
actual hostilities, and, upon the conclusion of
the treaty of Prague, the King of tho Nether
lands coiieei.ed that the. dissolution of the
German llnnd released him from*nil obligat ions
lo Herniany. aifd oveb, it see.us. hoped that (he
Pi'ussiati garrison, wliich, ever since 1815, had
occupied the fortress of Luxonibourg in (he
name of tfic Confederacy, msglif Tie witluTniw'n.
'riiere was kdiiic conflict of opinion between tho
Dutch (lovernineut and Count llisiuarek on
?that seure, but the lattey^howed, wry 1 ittic* of
his ordinary iiuporiousnc.sf) ih$is dyaliiip* with
Holland, ami, satisfied (rw^tli-fchq m?ss^ssiyii of
the fortress, professed his^ihi^ne^s fj> sojourn
tho settlement df any^?nmV*pi?1iulf iu^lisih''de.
??n -??*?? ?mm ? '?
?Tito Itcpiihlituuil^irty^?nidt^io?'Alleged
Fncu(lshii{,fjE)r ?jo ('o^rettjRsu o.
It may not bo niniss at the present time,
when ;.efl'oiis] nre,bdi|tg)19:1de Jto jm*yuy & the?
colored race against those with whom their lot
has been cast, and to claim for the Radical
Republican party a title to their affiliation,' to
recall somewhat of the past.
Mr. Lincoln, we suppose, may be regarded
as .of some authority with this party. There
are many who use his name without'' any
I knowledge of his opinions.
In Scptotubcr. iS5H.Tiu delivered a speech
at Charleston, Illinois, in, ftdvp h )\q .Gxpversed
his convictions on many of the very questions
which arc now pending, lie says^:
?ll will Stiy that I aui^ 1^)1^1 oj ejvar liate^eon, ?.
in'favor of making voters or jurors ol negroes,
nor ot cjdtltilifviug theto hold.office, nor. to in
termarry with white people; and 1] will s.ry, in.
addition to this, that there is a physical differ
,euee betAVX-etrtlp" whjffe ami.black jr.iCc.v.yhiyh'
I bolieyiv will forever^ l'orbi<| the two. races
living (ogother*t>u ttet'ii of's-jcial ...political'
equality; ? * ?* 1 .'as ni'icli^ as un? Oilier lnaii.x
am in favor ol' having the superior position
assigned to the white race."
This was the doctrine avowed by the Head
of the I? (publics; n party. If they hive de
parted 'from it. it is not from any sincerity of
conviction, or real abiding friendship for the
colored race, but simply to use them as the
.?instruments, of. their own aggrandizement. nil
to enable them bv tlieir'vutei' to ovevbhvov.* Felf
government, in the very States and among the
very people wish whom t)iu jives of the colored
race are to be passed, and upon harmony with
whom their livelihood and future depends.
Mr. Lincoln's opinions sire the real senti
ments of the id;.::!:];, in party'how. Tf they say
otherwise it i.> only -thru; .jU* iutsjrosti., The
6oliclusive? proof is that, in.tjtru' own S.n><.
they carry out those rdry views. That tbe.v
pretend t> advocate ;, di'fuh'cTil'Tisla for the
South, is only sill "evidence1,of thuir inc ?u.'jis'.on
ey. and that these are nj,jujo:i;j utyI merely
u->w for political design and effect.
[ / 'hnrir. <? :> ('.. :, h-A
lic.toiiintoittlniioii mid NoiiUilirlhm oi*
ltegirti-r.4 Iii Ihiiikl'iJiifcyj
The lolttovSnj; has tern is.-;> d by 'six, v '.er'*
tho United States Supren, ? Court:
Ily dtroctiyu of the't iiief :e ?'... the f. 1
to.ving yhtietncht p-ibl^hed Ihr fcifofciu
t:*.n: ,*?..., ........... .. ,Tt.. .<
J'Vrial?I nder the act m Congress the i> e.v
id*appointing I legist or.s in ? S:tt*T.rii]?t??**? i> verted
in the district Convh o!'i he Vnifo l StWtVs. ti c
Supremo Courts of. the Territories^ a;ol rhu
Supreme Court of riie District of Columbia ;
but no person (an be 0]>}>::t llti <1 who is in! a
counsclli'ir t(t law. ' ,lr '. ''
env.ti?The ditty, oi" rueounueipliuu; and
nominating I t the Djsi rici Courts, and ptjicr
courts mentioned in the ,:<t. suitable person's
^f?r appointincut, i- iifiposcd on the Chiuj "Jus
tice of iheT.'niNnl Stale's* ;V:id. Congre-s hav
ing now sidjodviled ? without' ac.tnig.' tip'dn the
bill introduced info the Senate to repeal this
provision, he will proceed to carry it info ef
fect1. ",x>' ' ' ' y : 1 -? . ' - ? ridftiit ? '.
'I'h'. !?To in.sure..as far as practicable, the
selection of fit men for registers, thu Chief .1 us
'ticjo wiTl iW/irli*b3 in every ease where bis re
commendation and m m-sialkm is ..desilud, firftl
a certifte.ate..fryimtliCj Clerk, or Judge.of the
proper District or Territorial Court, or of some
Stute Curt of recent,' under seal of the Court,
that til- gentleman named (herein is* n ftmlrsef-'
b'r of said dottrfj ^tiiid,' Secondly. statement
in what Cnugrefsiosistl llisfrixt- ur/iiC^'xitory the
goutlytuaii prypjisod reside.-}.ami for what His
.tr^ct or Territory, and f- r what ?Judici?1. '\>\ ..
side.-, the rccouniicudsiti :i t\n'd imminatidn is
| '.V.'i'.V.ed ; and. thirdly, letters from business stud
l.yiyifcfcsion-.d men of the District, State or Ter
ritory, who have the confidence of their fellow- j
eiti'/eii**, each of vhioh letters mied vouch di?
liictlyilalllfjhll'yl ?uUho geuth-jorrn -named ? I.
im respect to his jii-ofe-Lsioii.-il knowledge and
ability ; in resjiect to his general bu.*jiiio>?s
/?'<>.'/?/,', ? In addition tojhese, when the State
is represented in Congress, similar hitters, if
il'.-'v c;tn lie bad. are d1 bed fV..:n-thc Hep-.i
.?e.ntative of the i'birbt. and from the Sena:
tt?v;j of the St.do, or, in the case of si ferritory.
from (be tlelcgate.
Mf'/Wir-sNo uicmoi*i;|lts and petitions ur fc
couiniendsttiouri slfjucd by others than the
writer are required.
.SV./7/'/j-r.yl dciti iv upon which iiiiy lye' iu
mendaiiou sind nomiualion may be made v/iil
be lib-d.bythe Cliicl'du.-lice in tbe'i.Jbee of (be
(Merle of the Supreme Court of,the I'uited
Si r . tli?Xomiusitioiisauil recomusi-udation.-:,
foifijdi'd upon fostiniouy lui'nislied as tihove n?
quircd, will be ipude^Jia early as pAictlciible
after the sanie shtrll have been rocOfvod.l If
more than 0|iq gmliciisau in'any District'nr
Territory iH thus commanded to li'uuptho Chfef
.Iii:-'iee will exercise his discrtithm in tmikieg
the selqctioni . ,
Kft/litji?-Only one person will bo recom
mended and nominated in anyone Congres
sional District,' except 1?in case that the
Court having the appointing power .- hall de
eiino to appoint the persons first recommended
sind nominated- or '2?in ease (hat after (be
su l shall have gone full} into operation the ap
pointing Court shaH'cerlify to the Chief ?Jus
tice that the business of the District cannot be
pVojwrTy fl?jio by ?nd*"rcgtst?r"j or. hrsomc
cases, where n Congressional District may bo
partly in another;'. '
Clerk-,;??!' (he Supreme Cunt of 1". S.
Washington Ctfv,'Apvii 5. jst;7.
' ' bi 1 ? v> ' -:? t i $
.-?-?-????01- ^?
. : x <J Anoihei* Order.:
The following order lias been issued by the
Milit?r** Authorities C ??
DKADQKS, 2t> Mn.ri'AitY Kistuict,
, Charleston. S..C, April 2t). UU?7, ?
.[fJiw-'w/ tfroW AV 12.} ! I | ?' ? '
[. The Military Sub-Districts of North Caro
lina mid South Carolina arc. hereby discontin
ued. '., . j .
Jf. The territory embraced within this coni
ma ad'is divided into Pests, as follows:
h'outii CAltUl.lNA.
* :;: * * * :|: *
?1. The M ilitary Post of Aiken, to embrace
the Stifte Districts of Ihiruwcll and Hdgcficld j
to he commanded by Urevct Major L. Walker,
Captain 5th Cavalry. Headquarters at Aiken,
S.'()?? |!:vtrisoii : Companips II and P. 5lh
Cavalry. * ' " *
? ('.?! \t"."*"? > * *. ? * *
?jf (i.The Military Post of Columbia to cm
brqccJhc SLatulHfjtriets of ()ra:igi burg, Siiiu
(cr.'lvei>liaw,; V?ichlahd 'aud Loxillgi'n'i ; to bd
couniinmh d by j Ire vet Pri^-adit r-dYiiernl d
D.Mlroeiio5 H.hmmol (Uli Infantry. Ileadqimr
tersnl Columbia. S. C. tlarrison : Companies
H. (' and K. titll I nfantrv. ? . .
III. Special. ()nh rs concerning tho move
meiits of. troops, assigned, to piisls in this or
der, will be issued from these headquarters.
IV. 'fhe recprds of the Military Siib-Pis
fricts herein abolished will be'turiied ?v?r in
poison by the staff lUhoors respectively, now in
charge of the same, to the Acting Assistant
Adjutaiit-tieucriil on duty at those hondquar
fersj " * '
V. The attention of'l'ust Commanders'' is
called to (Icii'erV.l (Orders N?s. 7.1 ~> ( paragraphs
Vill. IX and X). 21 and 42, series of igift.
HcMtJquarteis Department of the Soutii, and
paragraph -LOT of the Revised Regulations for
the Army of ISO?.
VI. Tho reports, rottums. <?!<-., required in
circular from* these Headquarters, of this data,
mtwf-be pri njptly lurwardbd.
VII. The following named emeera. in addi-1
ti ??. to their olhbv ditties, have hems aligned in j
hvtlers from thu War Department. as Assjsf-\,tl i
CoKiinis:;:?:ners of lUv* Hurcau <??' "."?ofugecs.
I'r.'edmcti v ..1 Abav.dn::o\! Land.-, within tho i
,:...its of this, commf.nd :
itrovpt Majo-.vt ionerai P.. K..Scot I. for ?South
C:.r.diu.?. Head [uarters at Charleston S. C.
? Ihwoi 'Mnjor-tufucral X. A. Miles. Colonel
?Kftli liifiintry. for Xoilli Carolina, iloadquar
icre a< Raleigh, X. ('.
(?o?,i:.iandiu:r o!h-1 rs will, as horidofore, it:
ciuujdiauce with existing orders, extend all j
iM'ipor facilities ami protection to the officers
a::.l agents of the Piovat: of Refugees, I'ncd
inch and Abandoned Lands, in the discharge
of t heir didle.?.
Tos: Commander;?, on the application of the
CoihtnissirihGrOr Assistant Commissioner of the
I-areau, will, in addition t-? their present duties
a&umc the duties of Sub-Assistant ('<>..;';::?
goiters id'Pur.r a for the territory iticludctjl
within tin- limits of (heir post, respectively.
VTU. All ofl'.eop ehavL d with the care id
public projsortyi or the disbiirstuutufpuldic
nioue.y, will lender '.,? the Chiefs of ih ? pec
tivo Staff Depattiai iits o)i duty flt the.-\! Head
quarters such repbrts. rotVums. aoeouiils.'?.'C.; a
tliiy-may require.in.pjder lu.en.ihU- tlyim fuljj
to carry ohtVniidei'tho direction of thd Cuin
taiuid.Uig (.icnenel, the n-quiia.incut.- tifflcnenrl
(>id.":"Xo. !>S. M'rics.oi' PSfdh/and Article X!.i.
t?i' (lu lle.i.-ed U'pgulations for the Ariuy t?f
I X. Llcqi'.is.itit :is for sujiplics witl be s-cni by
Piiinmandors Cf P.\,i tl. ? pvpp. ? -:> 11
?X. The sale of spiri(iti)UK liq'm rs by any
pcrs.'iinj to soldiers, sail- : . . v luariin ?
ia the service of thu l.mitod Siates, is hereby
jindiihlted: nnd any p^rr- .n ^f> oH'eu.iing. pro
curing for, or giving away tn a;iy S(ddcr, .sailor
ir riiStieue abv sf?lritttnusj rrill be broncht to
trial hcf?iO :%. L.iiy trilmual. and shall he
llacd in a sum exceeding one huhdr <; lidr
less than fifty dollars, or impris mod fi r a ; n
iiil not exce >di;:g two months. And any
|icrson giving hi formal'. ::i cd'anv violation pi
lliis or lor-sha:!. it pi m conviiition o! (!i<> person
licensed. be'et'ttiVled to receive on "i-fou'rfli of the
line i in pi slid and collected;
? Post Commanders will require'Shcri.Ts. Dej
iy Sheriffs, Coiifflahlcs apt! the police Ibrct
ivitliili theo- eomm.iml- t i rep :t t > tliOiii any
Violation of niil'd iry order.- and arrc.-l the guilty
? XI. Post CoinmandcrS will ex'e'reb \ a siijier
vision over all Magistrates. Sherifl'-. Deputy
iSlioriffs, Constables, and Polin' within tlioii
bonuiiand.S ; and will, whenever iiecess:ify foi
{lie preservation of order ami the cliicieuf di;
i'liiVrgc of their ?lufi.,v;. as'sunic cu.'uni in 1 of the
police force.
|?V wimluand of .Major-ticiicral D. \>
.!. w. (M.ors.
Captain :t.nh [ntaiit
A . D. C. R Act. A^t A.lit ? cVn'l.
Oliieial: .1. \V. Ci.injs. Aid de-Camp.
Oilier, or run OitASor.iirnii New.5.
April ?U, 1
? c;oi,i>.
Slf.VKIt. -2i\
(JtiVfOX.?The uiarkel is 'ill ifcclining. W
quote :
Ordiiinrv.???? lr>
Middling.?.%. 17
tJtrict Mid Um; . Itl
?Uonsfgnccs per~ttoutte Carolina. Hail road
Keniniiiiiig tiitho'Depot to Dale.
A. ?-t^'J\w^l^T^nurinkoi-, A..W MUhnvJ. F,
Will, J. 'JJ.istt^fiij.lj;.!'. ivdlcv. T.TA.Tlbyd*; J. A.
Mucker, J. Ili^lfWii'i-DM ll.utJ.' G. .Edwards,:
Mc.Mieliael & ralni?j't^v..A. O'Gahl, II. L>. Cook, D.
A. Way. M. J. IWW?VJ.;?\. Kvlhr, L. II. Zeigler,
M. Strotiian. ?" ?' '. <
In accordance with orders received from the Su
perintendent, Storage will Jiercatler be charged on
Goods remaining in the Depo! lor nn unruhiionnblc
length of lime. W. C. MKHKD1TII,
Now Opening At
(.1 11 K A T
Inducements to Purchasers,
Decline in Prices!!
r a II IK V JI g&ti J l ST V KC K'lV 151) Their
X Jiiir?/c Stift Ir ?f f V *
Select od with great Care, and bought for
Net Cash Prices.
Til Kill
Dry Goods Department '
Unlit in i'oukicn and DOMKSTlC.
Kpibraccs all fho New and Lute Stylos of the
also a l a IK J10 STOCK '
01*. > I *?
hoots and shoks,
HATS and caps.
NA1 L '. llAllDVi*A1?K.
:;i:SS. e^e.. wood, .
willow and
together with a Complete Af-uh-tinent oTi
C II <> I C hi
tf\v\\ i'lncus aim: mich molow
A. k the Last Season!, an !, in many cases 20
to ft'.i per cent. .1 here is no
ii i' m 13 ir o
!:: :iir matter?an Kxaminatinn is only neces
sary to
To :.!! hii: Kriehds, and Cost outers the Invita
tion i~ Kxtcmlcd.
ijl Iii. ,\ SCOVill.
1'cb'2:5 y 1c
ML |\
' ? 5 J 6 1*1
can 11 k skkn
v i; w d A Y s
Old Post Office.
Classical and Primary School,
0 ifvliin'n-d oh Tuesday,. April Mlfilintlic IfnsM
incut of ?! c Crrsbytoriau Church.
An acquaintance with 1 lie cla-s of .Scholar* wbu
?i. i\ Ik' cxpcclc^j I" attend (he School has led to a
sligh! change i;i the/Vriec uf Tuition, as follows:
In on Scholars $7,00 per lorni of 10 weeks.
i'i ?? ? ? v Advanced s-.nO pty Icr.iii of 10 weeks.
Cl ? rind M?ih: bcgmueis slo.oo pef'tertn ol'lO
Clissical advanei I Sl'2.00 per lewri of 10 weeks.
M !!. it. WCd) DHL I,h will ansisl n* hid'oro,
r.pl ' - ' *
Dissoktipn of Copartnership.
Tin: I'iriii of ?. i>. KB ITT \ Ct>.. Is this day .1';*
solvc.l hy 1 In- withdrawal of George S. Shircr, Ks?p
j. w. kim I T,
GKO. 3. Slllltiill.
tlrangeliurg, .So. Ca., April Ith, ISC7.
rij*iHi: i*:<i>i-:i:stt'iNi-:ii ii.wr. k?kmki? a txi
j parinersliip, and will cayry'ou ihcir l<n-incss
tin :. 1 the iirm nauie of KI'.ITT JtltOTIIKHK.
tl. D. KKITT.
.1. W. lyKlTT.
Df?MReniiri, .?. C. April Ul. 1
! (i ,' IT
Aoiiii?istrator-s Stoiicoi
IIi?? Kstijt? of Wailr ii. tlitskin; will present
ih bailie prop< rly lilleslcij, and i!h?<" indenteil will
make payhienl o> either id' Iho uihk'rsigncil Adinfn
istralor: l?V lire tlrsl 'lav rif May next, as we want
to settle ilic HHale on llicl day.
A. .1. (i ASK in, Si. MiiltlHWS,
k. .1. W. my Kits', Itranchvillc, S. c.
|- apl 1:: ? :ii
rgiiiK iuGin:sT cAsii mahkkt imiici: givkn
1 lor all kind of CGl.'N'Tlt\' IMKlUL't/B, Hees
\\;;\. Tallow, Hides, I'nr.-. etc., etc., by
r./i'.Kir.i. koiin.
fvh 11:5 y 1?
?yj > ;.u v.l. JM>VH
1SHUKN?S "and TJftlS* J??i|liC OF.XF/KALLY
* that lie has just returned fr?ih the North with
a Fine StOok of ; ,.- ...
C.VLICOS a.s LOW. as 12A fJiNTS/ .'
rkady majjij. clothing, , ...
.. suoj:s, nAT.s,>c., $?,,.&c.
AH "ITSr/lATj ' - ;
7/c has mi Iluntl a, Complete Snjipli/ of j
. J-ltKSH AJND .. . . ,.^4
Embracing" Kvcry Article Desirable to House
keeper's in this. Line.
Pay i? visit to
Commissioner's Sales.
Watson O'Cnin. AtUu'iVl >t *'
? vs. j v Under,a Decree in Hqnlty.
Mary Hair of. i?T. J
Pursuant to an Order made in the above stated case,
will besohl before-the Court House in OninReburg
on l lie. Jirst Monday in May.
A Trnct( of Land situated in the Fork of the Kdi
stos. containing Ihreb hundred and ninety-throe
Acres, more, or loss, lying on Duck brunch, mid
granted t<> Ithotlu llcllicriugtcn on September -lib,
iSli?;* ! " '? ? ? ' ?' '" * v,.i
" , -'TRUMS.- ??'
So much cash us will defray the eosts of these
proceedings, ami. the linJat'ce on a credit of six
months-, the purchaser jiiving hmnl I ten ring interest
IVoai tliciday uf sale; with good sureties and a mort
gage of the premises to secure the payuicut of the
purchase money, ami to pay for papers and Revenue
Stamps^ ?"? ? . ? ? ?
. y. D. y* JAMISON, ?oni'r.
npl 13 X td
Sheriff's Sales. "
Orangeburg D! .riet,
r.y virtue of sundry writs of fi. fa., j0 me directed.
I will sell to the highest .bidder, nt Oraugebuvg
Court Mouse on the nv.-t Monday ih May next
the following p''Cp(vviy, rlt j ? '
One Tt.' Jf (,f Rnt't'd &inWtm!djj fS't acres, more or
less, .yillg on tho West side of l?eun Sivamp. liotind
lu by" lands, of II. II. Sallcy and estate of P. II.
Fanning, levied ?m h:i tlie prop* rt$- of Uriah's'. Cur
bil, at the sub of Jacob 11. t.'orley. ,
Conditions cash, and purchaser.to pay fur ]<apers
and Revenue Stamps.
Slieriirs olHOe: ^ .1. W. ft. DCKI'S.
Oraugvluirg O. iL [ .S. O. U,
Aprills:;7. J
jupl la V Ids
Under Decretal Order* from life Ordinary of Ot* ngc
burg District. 1 will sell ?t iljc dnn-t Mouse ..it the.
first Monday in May next between the usual
hours of sah". for^rVartiHon ifnioffg the parties in
interest ihc follow.'thg travel of html, viz:
One Tract of Lund situated in Jidisto" Fov;k, and
hounded by lands of KflzalTcTfi Livatrgsloh', estate of
II P. l'ou ami others, containing !)2a Avrws being
the estate lauds ot \V. (j. I'uu, deceaseil, on
credit of CJ nmnlh.-'.
Purchasers to give bonds with good security find
mortgage of premises, und 'pay cash sutKcient lo
pay co.ita. ilcvv;nuu.s:^mp.s }tnd J^tpcrs..extra.
(ItrtngebuigII., i j. \V. II. DUKKS,
April 11, fSf.T. i S. (>. 1>
not . iv ? tds
Holling OSf? Selling Off!!
.lohn S. Howe, et. al. "1 Orangeb'urg
v-?. in
L. \V. Da-ih, et. ah j l'ijuity.
dj^V VillTUK OF AN OltDKR OF'Tlli: COU11T
ill' Kquily in thisiaus??. I will sell al the Store
of I,. \V. Dash A: Co., in this piece. I ho entire Stock
of t he said Fiilii. fof XWt' A t ? ire1ti<K?d * TrttWttntir
Sale I>av.in Mav.uc.xt^. upon ..whiuh day ami the !
days suecefding.'l v.'.ll s.n fnf Cash. aT^Sslfc AuC-1
lion, the*rcsTdi<e"?ff said Stock.
Oraiicrhurg. S. C. 1 li. WILLIAMSON,
April liV I!?''?, j l'.eceivev
.... . ?o'.tl
., lleVpe'JtfulUi' altnoun'eus: the an-ival- of u rine Se
ho:ion of MILLINKHY and liAXCY* GOODS, suit
able t" the Se?;:on. and of the most l-ashiounblc
?styi? %Jy-y_
Among ?Sii-.tw (iooi]s.( she windd inentiou "Al
iuAs.l1 ??ri..uta^."v" the nn-y latest; alao -'(ilr.dintors,"
boUncts of every ile?cr,li?tbmj and ' Sundowns," ai?>vi
, ??Heaside*'' in great variety.
Aljio. l'.ov.ors and Fancy Ooods gancrally.
r^.,-; "She solicits a call from her Friends, at tho
Store ot Messrs Charles s. Bun & Co., on Main
Street. ' ' a pi fl?tf
Administrator-? Notice.
,,[ ?'? Wolfe, dedeased, are retpiested to
clue forward ami settle the same: also, all persons
having demands are rvuucstcd to render them in
properly attested. Jl?11. IXAIHXKT,
.. . Administrator.
mar "O * . ? lm
Por Sale Cheap.
niii" nrdet nh<l .-uitable for Morse Power.
Apply to TI1Q3. HAY.
iiiar'sSO ln?'
^,1 I' f\ ) in ex'chatote for Corn and Flour al
mar 111?lui Main-si, Orangehurp, S. C
/ffk? ON* K DA Y .M A K K, Hood Size,
f^" ' '? u,'oc 'i't'!?'"s Old.
I TKNS1LS. Cost f?1?. for $10,
m?r Hi?If coi'.N F.I.SON. KU AMUR ft CO.
\\ T 11 IT K COHN. $l.TOi CASH. Apply at
1 . - ' mar Hi?tf
looted Stock of ? .. . fl%t if ?
Eeady Made Clc^Miig;'
... " ? ? ? - - : ?
) 1 AND,. .. .. r ? ?
r Erery Beseriptitfta* 4
* ?? OF ?'? ' -<''* .i .??*
i.V.*' ' ? .-V? *# ?
IX LOUIS, . I,'.'.'
' febW m ft
. .. OnASfiEuunc C. H., S. C, March |4 i?o7, '
In accordance with, the recent Changes ui?de in the
Iniernul ltevcnuo Law, nil Special Taxe?, (previous
ly called Licenses.) as also Incomes for lHHC.. Car
riages, billiard Tables, Plate, of cither Gold or 811- ,
vcr andAVntchcs. arc to he returned Immediately.
Unleps Heturucd within time specified by law a pcu
alty of ten per centum, will be added, Person*
neglecting to make returns for any business of .
cup.ition lor which a Special Tax "(oi? J.tocusc)
imposed, arc liable to a fine of $?QQ? ' " '
1 will he at my eflioo ttt Orungebiirg C. IF.. o'n\ "
Tuesday And Saturday of every week, and will giv*: .
nil desired information. Other days T will visit the
ditl'vvcat Precincts or Tolls, of whivh due notice- 1
?h?U 1"' given,
inhr IG?-u) Assistant As?ohsoi\
Is; lt.-Mv Office is at the Store or C. S. RuFfA
Co.'.' * ' '?
OA OA AAA two million ?ktY>f ?ootf**
'C\t\)\).V\J\f mill TLMljEU, for which . iW '
Highest prices 'Vyill Injpaid. ' ' '' ' -'
?? '* Ai.sn; - .'i .
flooring boards and shingles.
. A't thch* Mills, Foot of-Doaufiwn-8treot$ < .
CH All LEST ON*, S. 0.
nprilO lm .
xttoui.rJj Kr.SPECTFl'lly announce TO
t V all his friends and customers that ho hnt< vn
hand a huge and well selected stock of
tin w-a.k1?,""
Manufactured by himself, which he will -ell at t*ix
. . law.RATES, . . * r ?
? " i - also".- ??*?'?'? "?? "i
a ft a e l e x t ox r ji j a es.
REPAIRING and other Work done to order at the..
Short cut Notice. ~ .. ?/{/
?. Cull and sccJok Yoursclrvs;
* %< l eb 23 . 8ra
? 'i
?? ?I ?v \
a vt
For the liberal, pahonnge which I have thua jfer
rcccivcd from the citizens of Orangeburg District
and the confidence shewn' in mo by very tkntanwut ?
friends. T t.ike the oppot'lunity of exprct??hig
sincere gratimde in this, tho first- issn? of ? tho I
??Of.a.NCEnvitu Nj1>vs." The encouragemeut of past. I -
nnt'CViagc and kindness im|u<?C3 a.strong faltk U .
future Si'Cye8B, and, whiie thanking tuj friend* f|f
past favor?, I can assure them that u.lhinj.wil fc^
,icfl "tidone to deserve their continuing pairaasaga*
My Store will he essentially a DRUG SfORii bTIt ',l
will be kept such Drugs and Medicine* al*no, m t" 1 '
will warrant Genuineand Furo. I hate arrangedMk i '
supply jny customers with Medicines of tho Ttry ,.,
best quality afforded in the market. I avoid att
cheap useless articles, and yet my prices shall be as
CINES as any body's. .
1 \nviie"flic PHYSICIANS of the District to eaV
and exanitno for themselves. They are jndges t4
whoso opinions I submit. Send your Orders and
they will be Idled to your satisfaction. To the {,111- m
Zens of my native District who have tried rrte, I say^"
don't give mc up. try me a little longer, and you'LV
not regret it?you'll find I'll stand a brftg rne?,.0?<r..
well as a short one; Jlijd your faith i7*.aie shaft ne~*e
be misplaced. To those who. have not ye* tried me,
now is your time to begin. * As before, ff you want*
good, pure, family MKD1CINKS, such na
Laudanum", Paregoric, Castor Oil. Sweet Oil, Ep
som Salts, Glauber Salts. Cream Tartar.Cnrb. 8oda,
&c., &c, or Dye Stuffs and Paints, and ltrndicB,
Concentrated Lyo, &c, or even, Patent Medielnce
of all kinds. Now, just call at that Little Store ?ik
Main-Street, and you wUl be sure to. get "whatijraeje. ?
waut.. ^ ? fy.'-**"
This Drug Store looks small, bid your surprise
will be great when you enter to find how appear
ances deceive, nnd what ti qunntity of gofnl thlhg?
ord within this snhte Little Storct.
B. M. SIIi:LF.*ft.
. Druggist,
feb ' y !?
in 1j\rgc and well Finished Roi
Rooms, with Kuch
liillen, Well nnd Out Dulldinga
Apply to , , REITT & RROS,
a pi 'JO tf
quantities to suit Purchasers, Apply.
^vt this Office.

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