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The Orangeburg news. [volume] (Orangeburg, S.C.) 1867-1875, November 07, 1867, Image 1

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full in my path, and caught ino by the
'?HulloVi ?aid he, '-You're ,j??t in time;
you ureAvahted^t^?-^f0^tonight 1"
> .j.j^... .-0^rtt^t:ho vuiye of-a ruffian. .
^'-. itiJUi;:-''* I:*tood .<juite still, ;>nd strove to show
hisn hy uVy tnwuiicr thit 1 was able to. protect,
v'" "ihyoclf.
. 4*What the deuce am T waptcd at the cross
,flx>ada for ?" suid I,''Unless I choose,.it will
fae a very hard matter to get, mo there V
i^- rHui iitHtead of .producing a pistol and de
vnauding nty mono}- or ' my life, the' man an
swered tu an altered tone.
' "Beg pardon, I made a mistake.. i thought
ft was my brother; and I wunited to frighten
him. Bad night sir,"
"Very,?' said I.
"You don't know the time, sir?" he asked.
1,It was seven when I left the train at
h-I said,
Thank yo, sir," said the man. "Good
"Good night," said i.
If his object had been rohhery, prohuhly ho
j had decided from my rough appearance thut 1
was too poor a man to he worth tho trouble.
But after all, i thought probably he spoke the
truth. A man may have such a voice without
being a highway man, no doubt. So i went
homeward, and soon found myself under shclt
? er, and partakiug. of a warm and Bavory sup
My mother was there and my brother lien.
., Hen was a great strapping fellow, who could
beat any other boy of his age for miles around
if it canto to wrestling or boxing, and as good
Jiumored a boy as'ever .lived ; a boy always to
.mother and i, though he had exercised hia j
aright to vote already iu orte - Presidential elec
tion. When huj per was over, and we had
?chatted for un hour, We wont up stairs together.
"The moment lien's head touched the pillow,
he always went to sleep. Thut night, i fol
lowed his example. Bub i did not sleep Jon?
without a dream?a dream in which i fa
rough grip upon my arm, aud was arouse}
? cry in uiy ears.
rf4Wako up 1 You aro wanted at the
It was fo real, so }alpable, that win
-.started broad awalco, i actually believed
dome one was in the room ; tho man win
tended robbory or violence. Hut whon 1
Arisen, and lit my lamp, the room wus oil
except myself and Ben, who lay snorinj
his pillow.
I went to tho door j it was locked. i,
to the window, tho crush of ruin agvtusj
pains was all i heard. i evon wcutuorol
passage to my mother's room. She was u
there hud been uo unusuul sound, sin
1 nure.
Only a dream bom of my meeting the
tit range uuin in the road, I felt, had uwa coned
?mo. 1 went to bed and fell asleep again.
Again I Was awakened by tho same words,
ithis time shrieked in niy car hy an unearthly
"Walte up, nuke up. You arc wuutcd at
the cross'xoadV'
i ?long
Mit a
I was on my feet once mote, and caught'
lien's hnnd ns ho ennio over towards my bud.
"What ails you ?". ho cried.
"Nothing," said I. f'Didyou hoar a voice d*
"Yours," said Bun, "yelling woke mo up;
you fairly frightened uic?"
. "Bun," said I, "wait till I light a lamp; I
hoard another voice: Must be some ouo iti
the houso or outsido."
So I agaiu lit a lamp, but we searched in
"Nightmare," said B., vhen I told him my
"Ben," said I, "what is there at tho cross
"A bouse," said B. He had lived in the
neighborhood a loug while, and I not long.
"Uno little house, beside two oak' trees
and a fence. Au old man lives there?a rich
man, and a bit' of a miser, they say. His
grand daughter keeps house for him.
"Beu, that follow may have moaut harm to
them. 1 may be wanted at the cross roads."
"Brother," said Ben, "goto sleep, n You
had a nightmare/' nnd Ben plunged in be
tween tho blankets, and was suoring again.
I also, iu ten minutes, slept ns soundly as
before, but the awakening soon came again.
I opened my eyes, to boo a girl standing at
the foot of my bed. A girl iu whites robes,
with golden hair all about her shoulders, who
wrung her bands and cried: "Oh, wake up,
you uro wanted at the cross roads."
This time I starte I out of bed, bathed in a
cold pcrsporatiou. I trembled like a leaf. 1
had no doubt that I bad received supernatural
"Beu," I cried, "Ben, for the third time I
have becu told that I am wanted at the cross
roads, and I am going."
And I began to dress myself as speedily as
possible, listening the while to the storm rhg
iug wilder uud wilder than at auy other period
pi nee its commencement. '
Ben remonstrated with mo in vain. At last
he also began to-huddle on his clothes.
"If you have gone mad, I must go with you
ami take cam of you," he said.
. YBut Juney another mau, going out in a^
^stt^j^TTKunVisr?rtiie "uroslr rbiCUs, beeaiisq;" n
nightmare causctflitm'to dp so, and what you
thiuk of him?"
I suitTiiothiug. All I could have answered
would have been :
"I um compelled to go ; 1 must go. v. I dato
not rcfuso, whatever may be thought of mo?"
Iu ten minutes we were splashing, through
tho mud and rain ulong tho road. It was
perfectly dark; uow and then a blaziug red
star iu the distance told us that a lamp was
beaming through the ruiu in some cottage
window, but otherwise we would-' uot 'liave
been conscious of,our proximity to any habita
tion whatever. At last, Hearing the spot |
whoi'o tho road front S-crosses the road tu
V-,wo wero indeed in as solitary a place
as can be imagined.
Tho house, whioh abutted on tho very angle
of tho roads, called in familiar parlance the
Cross Road, was tho only one for some dis
tance in either direction, aud certainly oti
such a night we were uotlikely to meet many
All was quiet ns the grave. We stood quito
still. In a moment, B. broke out in one of ]
his wildest laughs.
"Well," he said, "how now?"?Will you go
homo now and have another nightmare V
But hardly had tho words escaped his lip.",
when a shriek broke on the air aud a woman's
voice, plainly coming from tho interior of the
cottage, cried: "Holp! help! help!"
"Ben," said I, "we are wanted at the cross
roads," and then understanding each other,
without more words we made our way to the
window, through which a light shone. A mus
lin curtain druped the panes, but through it
we saw an awful sight.
An old mau lay on tho floor, aud over him
bent a ruininn, clutching his throat, aud hold
, as
were wanted at the cross roads."
The old man was not u tnisor, buf ho had
saved some few thousand dollars lor his old
age, aqd living ui?rc phutfldysthen ho need have
done, jiad given riso to the rumor, und so
brougnc^tho burglars to the cross roods in the
hope of booty.
The girl, u beautiful creature of seventeen,
was his grand-daughter, aud as rid story is
acecptible " to the lady reader without a'flavor
of romance, I will tell theni, that she becamo
in after, years, not my wife, but the'wife of
my darling brother Ben. .,' ... , ? "R
? ?'!'? vm**m . n '?;. ti j.
Three Bravo Men. r;..
' ?.tli'jr.it) ?T..! .,??? r;:TT~, Ill *?H1 ?? ,\*b j '?*??
Pretty Barbara Fcrros' would' not ? lttarry..
Her mother was in consternation.
'?Why are you so stubborn, Barbara?"
she asked, "you have plenty of lovers, 1
know." .
"Hut they do not suit mo," said Barbara,
cooly. tying back her curls before the mirror.
"Why not?" ' ' ..'
"I want, when I marry, a wan who is brave,
equal to auy emergency. If I give up my
liberty, I want to. bo taken caro of." .y
i * M TI J ^ i l ?'
"Silly child! what is the'matter with big
Barucy, the blacksmith ?
"He. is big, but I never learnod that ho .was
brave." 1
"And you never heard that ho was not.
What is tho matter with Earnest, the gun
smith ?"
?'lie's as placid as goat's milk."
"That is no sign that he is a coward. There,
is little Fritz, tho tanucr : he is quarrelsome
enough for you, surely ?"
"lie is no biggor than a bantam cock. : It
is little he could do if the house was set upon
by robbers."
"It's not always strength that, wins a , fight
my girl. It takes brains as well as brayrn.?
Come, now, Barbara, give these youug fellows
a fair trial." / !
Barbara turned her face before the mirror,
letting down one raven tress and looping up
"I will, mother," said she at last.
That evening, Earnest, thoguusuiith kuock
cd early at the'door.
? "You scut for me Barbara?" he said going
to the girl, who stood upon tho hearth, coquet-,
tishly warming oue pretty foot and then the
other. . ?? . !?
"Yes, Earnest," she replied. "I've been
thiuking of what you said tho other night
"Well Barbara.",,, 4 iir.
Earnest spoke quietly, but his dark blue
eyes flashed, and he looked at her iutcntjy. f'
*4I want to test you."
."iiow?" , : 7
'?I want to see if you dare do a very disa
greeable thing,"
"What is it!"
"There is an old coffin up stairs. It smells
of mold. They say Rcdmoud, the murderer,
was buried in it; but the devil camo for his
body aud left the coffin empty at the end of a
week; and it was finally taken from tho tomb,
It is up stairs itftlie-ro'oin uij'^gfaWsiFeJ dic<l
and they say grandsirc docs pot i rest* cacy
iu his grave for sMno reason, though that 1
know nothing .about. ,P>aro you make that
coffin your bud to-night?" ' *
Earnest laughed.'
"Is that all ? T will that, and sleep sound
ly. Why, pretty one, did you think I' bad
weak nerves?"
"Your nerves will have good proof if you
undertake it. Ilemember, no ono sleeps iu
that wing of the house."
"I shall sleep tho souudor. I will send a
lad U>(Showyou the ehauibur. r ..If you stay un
til morning," said imperious Miss Barbara,'
with a nod of her pretty head, "I will "marry
! "You vow it?" . r
Earnest turned straightway and followed
the lad in waiting through dim rooms and
passages, up eehoingstuirs, along uarrow, damp
W*ays, whore ruts scatter beforo them, to a low
chamber. The boy looked pule und scared,
artd evidently wanted to hurry away; but
Earnest made him wait until ho took a survey
of the room by the aid of his lamp. It
was very large aud full of recesses, with high
windows in them,, which were burred across.
He remembered that old Grandsirc Ferres had
been insane lur several yours before his death,
so that this precaution had heed necessary fur
the safety ol himself und others. Iu the cen
tre bf the robin Btodd n coffin; beside it was
placed a chair. Tlio room was otherwise per
fectly empty.
Earnest stretched himself in the coffin.
"Be kind enough to tell Miss Barbara that
it's a very good tit." be said.
' liMic boy went out and Bhut the door, leav
ing tho young gunsmith alone iu the dark.
Meanwhile,'Barbara was talking with the
big blacksmith in the keeping-room.
"Barney," said she, milling hor hands away
from his grasp when ho would have kissed
her, "I've a test to put to you beforo I give
you any answer. There is a corpse lying iu
the untonanted wing of the house. If you
dare sit with it there all night, aud let
nothing drive you from your post, you will not
ask uiO'to marry you again iu vain."
"You will give mo a light aud a bottle of
wino, aud a book to road ?"
(/,.>N*wwr:.?/: v .
? ''A^eUhcse ?llitlie. couditinns-.you (cnu,rtoffqr, |
nio, ll?rbawy'' -><l" ??-?( ?li.'Ju? .-.?.*?!
? '?'All;'? And if yodigeticigb-tcncd,; yon need
ucverYlook ine iii tho fabo ngoim'f. i, j^dj j
"FU^take theni, thouJ'di > ",: u iii . I - j er
So Barney was conducted to hisiposK byntlie
lad* who had Leen. instr?ctied* iii.Itho7 Beere:,
and ^fcbsor^iivolnhtary ?sthru Earnest^;
'placid fao? as it lay, in the coffin wlni-; intorpre.r
tbd>b?.fiaruoy lo bd natural awc rof^H? corpse
He took his neat, and the boy left hiin-i alone
witli^io.darknoss^thc.rats and tho coffin. ;
S?uil after, young Fritz, the tanner, arrived,
flattered and hopeful,;frum tho fact ;thntBar~|
bara^|od:8ent for him. j. ? r ? WV' ' J if j
"Iluve ybu changed your mind, .Burbora V j
he u&kocL - *rn ? .O ? { \
"No; and I shall not until I know; that you
cando^areally bravo thing/'?: ?
: '.'What; shall it bo 'i . I aw car to sa t ify ybu; j
BnrWva^'. i -. * ? . .' :\ ? <
' "Iluvp.*. a proposal to make . 3-ou; My plan
requires skill as well ns courage." ?'. ? ' ?
"1*11 me!'-,
Mv-t&ll^in this house is a man watching by
a corAise.. - He has sworn not to leave his post
untilaiiprning. If you can make him do it, I
sluilllbe'-satisjied.that you aro ns.smart ;und as
braVeV as A require a husband to be;.
'-'x?%?J?nothing is so.oasy I" exclaimed Fritz,
"I e?n/8carc, h%im away. Furnish-me, with a
sheet* shu?\mc the room, aud go to your rest,
Burbuva. You shall fmd me at the post in the
morntW'' _
chain>?r'i ,quickly.';
Bu ucy vwas Bitting at his vigil, and, su far,' ]
all h Id ;bcen wcdl. The, night seemed very
long,' for Jio had no, means.of counting the
time. *At times a thrill went through him,
for it teemed us'if he'could hear low, suppress
ed bieuthing not far awn}'; hut he persuaded
hiuujtff that; it was tho wind, blowing tlirough
the Jovices o? the old house,- Still, it was j
very%jnoIy, and not at all cheerful. , j
T^j{t f?eo in the *coffiun glcamcdf wbjtor
Jt^Mm^y^^ij-^- "'nxo. rata vnviA&A ?vl
it a laniinc were upon them and they vnudled
dead flesh. 'I'Tho thought inado'hl'm shudder.
He got up and walked about, but something ]
made a slight noisu, ..as if.80iu,ebfidy was ;bo'-'
hind him, aud he put his chair with its buck
against the wall, and sat down again.. JIo
had been hard at work all day, and at last^ in
spite of everything, he grew sleepy.. Finally
he nodded aud snored.
Suddenly it seemed as if Somebody' had
touched him. He awoke with ia atdrt, and'
iSAWhiliobinly iicnr, though in the centre of the
room stood a white figure .ebao<*j <J?<*. | oi
.^"Curso you,, gcyut.of ftp r^q.cxphiimhd
iu,. aJYight, ^siijg^ tho.Gr/-t .words that came to
j Ilk hmguo. , l? 1 h ?. : ?: ??? >:
.The figure held up its right arm and slowly
.cached him. He started to .lira feet. The I
spectre came nearer, nearer, pressing'him into
the corner. 1r ''
''The d-^1 take you!" cried Burncy, in his"
extremity, itidi ."- ' '<?! ' 1
Involuntarily ho stopped! back j still the
.figure advanced, coining nearer and nearer,
and extending, both anus, as if to take him in
a ghastly embrace. Tho hair.,sta/ted,up on
Barney's head; he grew desperate, and,just as
the gleaming amis would have 'touched him.
he fell upon tho ghost like a wnirjwjud,
tearing off the sheet, thumping, pounding,
beating and kicking, more 'and"more enraged
at the* resistance he met; which told him the
truth.' ?v' ?? ** ? '??; V:
As tho reader k?ows,' he was big,' pud
Fritz was little; and while ho was pu^mmoling
the little tanner u n in ere i fully, und Frjlz was
trying in vain to get a lunge at Barney's
stomach, to take the wind out ui him, both
plunging and kicking like horses, they were
petrified hy hearing a voice cry :
'?Take one of your size, Big Barney !"
Looking around they saw the corpse sitting
up in his coffin. This was too much. They
released each other and pprang for the door.
They never know how they got out; hut they
run home in hot haste, punting.like stags.
It was Barbara herself who came and opened
the dc ir npon Fat tiest the. next morning.
'?It'j* .very early; one inoro little nap," said
he turning over in the eoilin.
ISo she married him ; aud t)iough she sent
IVitz and Barney invitations to the wedding,
they did not appear. If they discovered thu
trick, thoy kept tho'knowledgo ti themselves,
??d never willingly faced'Barbara's laughing
eyes ftghiril 1 ?' ' ??' ?'??rfr ?" Vi
I i i i- ?mi - mmmmk u - ?>-"
A b(?x eontaiuiug $100,0U0, which had
been taken from the vaults of th?'S?fci Deposit,
('(inipany Was s'tolon (Vom ii real cstittc agent's
otfico Iii New Voi'k on Wedncsdfiy. The thief
was pursued, but not caught.
A Boston house latoly reeoived a dispatch
from Calcutta in less than twenty-four hours;
Thiec hoi'^o tlileves, two white aud j otto
hl.u-W. were lately h'utig' Mn flraysnn* bounty,
??ji-i ?in w?? ? ??-.11. ? i\ ii. u i ? :i U'VI '. n >
- VrA ,B;I>fO vTJ ^ ; cfc 1
M b I-? '.* sfe-y >f
General Lee ns College President
rtc-.'il-?{/: -'t.U iV/t'f. B BtiQ 1 ? ? ' . H'"
f Dr. Bagby writes as. follows to, a paper in
.Loxing^n, 7Vaj, in rega^^^cnejal Lee:
f ^"HerVj-lt^flll'bo ifrplhob to relate that on my
refcutd Tfrom iLoxittgtonj ? a gqutlcinan in the
coa?h expressed tho (fear 'that ? General i Lec^
?'fcliiflucSBbf' ltoa'rt, * hhd 'his' desire to enlarge
the "college' might, perhaps, incico him' too len
ient,and 'possibhyy lower.' the scholastic stand
ard. : To' qui?t Iiis fcars,: I told him what had
been told nie 'a- fow days before by a oldrgyinan
I residing in Lexington. ?
''Geifcrut Loo's office/' said he, "is no sm
cfeuroT*' 'tils work tnxcs'to'ttie utmost his ppw
erful constitution.A Ho register's in his mind
rik'ouly''th6 faeo but the name Df.oabh of the
four hundred and ten students. Nor ds'that
all. ITe Cart tell you tho standing of "bach
student in the several branches which ho stu
dies, and any neglect of duty is promptly pun
ished." . . Kiii II ' :
?. i" Punished Iff I exclaimed; .
.'M-Vcs/' said he, "iu General Lee's own way."
"How in that V 1 iuquired.?
"Wollj' h'ot long'siuco* :a"young rfriond of
mine, wltppfc in the college, confessed to me
tba^he, had, h$cixr a;; he.,expressed if, I'baulcd
up"?that is, he had received a.message, to the'
effect that the President desired to sec him in
his office;'1 ?-'^ ?-? ?? : ? ?? .'"' *
1 ""bid"acrieral t.co1ccterc-yduf'fc
?k indeed:" " ? ;,] ? 1f)l ' ?
^^?Di^hosculd'you?" 1 "v ";v
?"Scold! I only wishTie had.' He talKM to
Ync so ?indiy that lie nearly broke my heart,-]
and yofi don't? catch mc 'iu there again,T tell,
you " v -'' "'' '?< ':?'?' "> -?'? ? H
' 'That' !*. "General Leo's way/'1 not like,
Stonewall Jackson's, "but quite as effectual in
cnl'ldgc-' as" was ^ack^onHi in tho army. Ifiw'tV
add to ~ lids personal" super visiou of each jifrl
dividual' stiidciit] the' labor of correspondence
(a great' deal of .Which' cannot bo taken off his
rotiids^ dfilic?jUpfira a fe'w months ago, of the
?erit^ralf? failing health] should have'credence.
'lib" has ialprovifl'tye'ry-m
nofc present?that' robiist:ap^edritneb!to which?
"our eye's tfcrefncctistomcd4^
hi n ':? fl tnimOS r>sfr- fiu *f z -l l*XV)ia\
? -a .i
i s&Dtiiroa'j'l ' ?w^sib ^ilT ? .Id-row c<oJi;?' vy.'
. Jl^i/ni <VA;ij& uMKKs.?Tlu;rf>.jiso aoVcn
i ri *u?. Ill, l EU "11 nj?iw i ? ?! 1.
aoiSiw^sy tote M'tm^'m'1* Mi?f.pp.???%
19 ;3. T^jiyirtjtt'.otl and drinks,are commouly less
H:-H?ll.9f^9ll, BHJ f??i?ff!?F9 ??nplc, ,
. ..d-./jThu), do; no.t ovocwpik M?mr. brain as
much as industrious professional men do,.
f). They take their sleep, commonly-during,
tho houriufalarJLuess^va*,,Lilu-not try to turn
.nightiiuth day. . \ IT
.-:?13e T.h^' nvo'. uotj so ..mbitiou.H, nud not
wCar themselves out so. rapidly in the fierce
contest ol'xivulry.- \r.di ?
7- Their pleasures: are.simple and less ex-j
?hauatiug. ; : rl! ... j. ;.u >? i*di !r.dJ j '
.; ? a.?..i i rr-.""1 ... ?rfjci f . i
si Foil' Sai,e?Ax Go ob Hit.-?Thou"Grand I
ArmyV ?orgaunuftioii- nt :EvdiiBvillo, Indiana,
having -beetr*benten -tmtwof-ttll countenance at
the 'ffelsb'bt 'clcctioil, the Ct 'ruricr of that place ]
winds up tho Con?bru b^yf'advertising its effects
for sale'hrthe Allowing terms:
' Two1 thousand army blankets, (of best black
cauibric).' ' "
Two thousand knapsacks.
Two thousand1 paper belts.
Two thousand pasteboard cartridge boxes/
Two thousand tin rifles (extra bead). '
Two thousntrd pairs* of pants (wounded in
the seat). . . i
T\vo thousiiiid coats (buttons all over 'em).
Two thousand pairs of shoes (solplcss from
'"traiiip, tramp, tramp," about the streets).
/Two thousand copies of "We'll hang Jeff.
Day?s oh uSoiir Apple tree, &c."
'lwd thuusaiid "Down with tho .Traitors,
l'p with the Stars" (very cheap), and other
J .paraph or uainT* ITeloiiging to the effects of the
late Bpyal U mud Army of the Republic.
? i *** . ?
"^Mother," said a little ^llpw, {.lie, other
night,'fjs there, any harm , in breaking egg
"Certainly nut, iny dene j | but why, ido you
nsk?" ? .:! /.*.
"C:ubu J. dropped the basket just HOW, and
see what a mc-fs I'm in NviUu^hti yolk&T' | ?
?d4 - ? - U m. n j ' li?.' :
1 'A 'tch-ibie avalancho10f roeks recently oc
currcd'- near the Notch Ifouso, 'on Mou'nt
Mansfield, White Mouutains. Quo rook weigh
ing "inorcTTImn^n^ fell, crashing
its way over and through the forestii thousand
feet of more, cutting tho kreb? off like'pij.^.tcmB,
fdl iti finiilly 'l.fdged' within' ton rinds-of the1
''TToU?6""" ' ? *"*1^oi' V*if(!'il-^'T, i ? ?
' it) ; .'I'd ??- ).>r- ?>? Hi<i ?'.??'?
Durnfit, Wisconsin, is:called the onion city
Toxas is again plagued with grasshopper*.
Velvet coat* are coming into fashion/
Kentucky has raised ?? twenty-five M
5S9?.ti I.?f.-hetV
.Texas..? J :;i.....??.-?^^^K
........U *-? '?..tllr.-i 'Axtflfi
... Prentice in writing love songs to betst% %?
music. ? ? 1 >J .?rnhnlY ?VVJT
./-.I'i:- ?/.. .oirfO
Some weathet'-wl8er people - - predkti^'^aiA
Kansas liaa discovered a petrified crocodile
126 feetlongii ? ? '.jtwY w??
. . 7,:-!.t..;: 7.IV;'. *)K i".
.... A Swedish i Professor . makes, brandy out of
reindeer moss. .,. I .i**Jv*K
.... ...i .j&r?io'jt)
Ten Broeck has been largely importing
more racing stock. ?, ru,,j>
Eight New York Theatres made $185,844
during last August. '
Her Mad a gas car inn Majesty ha* suppressed
idol yorshipT'T" ".[ , "~ 7r
v ictor lingo is very melancholy since tl*
tii1!0$$^.toiss-rn^) &iitrr
Grau has introduced tho English hllffl1|p
?systom at Now York.,?;!' no vhotf ittO*
Chicago is boasting of the great enccesS of
Jt^oveuing schools.' ! ? .1-. vlb ^drrobaw
T 'Minnesota? wants', another $90',?0?; bridge
across the Mississippi. " tu?>gio^n/.
?I I ? rr - *,yjcv*AyB**l
I Paris supports 300 female printers
female proof readers.' 1 ^
? ! , vr . V SinW .laJ^ariO
I The campaign artillery of the French
n4 shake's skeleton; with 982 joints, ?ae.|)?e&
{:Perec*utipn>f^e.Jews >j again :repori*d
from Galatz, Moldavia. .,.r" ?
H JjF^opchvpTotostants /numberl^OO.OOfc, e*.
elusive of those in Algiers.
Alderman ?? James -Ijaurence is the
elected L<ir;d'M?ybf of tonddu.;
" Bulwcr enjoys the ropuUtioh' of; being the
homeliest man id Parliament; hividw) -
?< Houston, Texas, expects "to be the ?rea*
'ra^a, clin^b^8fi^?^^ * 'C^?"
t^utmoo nadl ?-.< ? ; ? ?>dj !-?r. ytor.d m>?hh
;a . J,t. is s^id velocipedes havo^ down the re
.cpipte p,f the Pnruomm^uses.(Kt3?.li.j?. t>04.
?M New York is boasting of two Russia^ tioblc*
>bloihcn rcsidentitho re> i/icfyJ ?'??*? nS?m<?*?
aihree.mon/frqm^he wrecked alcau^r J. C.
Beaming, bavoarrived at Quebec. nii, iatt
Train" arc running 325 miles eaat of Sacra
mento on the Central Paoific Itailroad.
iVo Trciisury bonscienco Fun^ for the Vast
five years amounts to ?06.092. , , *
A late Quarterly Review estimates the |>op?
j ulatiou of tho world at 1,350,200^000. , .
'?' There ar?!three hmiare^and sixty tv^jbw
nuws^?re in tnb United States?lJl ? W>,
. '|he. New . .York ?dloiir^Le^Vj
bought Jerome s'private^ tncsire, "^
I Napoleon Wants a now National Iiyrnnj b?t
.France wuu't sing a bymu to him*
It is reported that.Senor Olcotaga will be
appointed Spanish minister to France*
Facette c? ^nty, Ky., boa^te^c^rf t?r^b *??
perfectly formed feet u. the eania &gjj ^ /
The Chicago Post ? says i the:' ?'Wickedect
Man" in that city is a newspaper man.
A young lady recently flogged' a'''ma''.who
iusultcd her in a Now York street car.
: t)k> ?dl oi j lj *:i-?J
Tho tailors of Now York. have, received an
advance of ten per cent, on their wages....
Fifty negro and mulatto families are^ among
tho wealthy '.'first oircles" of Paris, v
An old bachelor suggests that birtns be jpdb.
lisheJ under tho head of "now music.**
ui."' Rn.v.iyl r.,.tt.';'/""t.j i?T ^ua>?o4
A Womau'H SujTrago Cen ;ntion is b?
held at Boston about the midc. o Of November.
I) :d ??:.?. .-.?? v oViid ij'.rir o?:;!'// .-ju'l
Cuuuuiscuvs say August Bclmopt gitcis, the
host dinners in Now York. ^rfo^nw
A lifo of. President Johnson, it la said b b#>
j in^ written by Mth. Ann^. ?tophens.
Fifty dollars was paid1 for a | single scat al
tho Kellogg Conc'oi t in N?W Yt>rk. ?
??? ? ? ??.? ? - " h^lAu-ii) vlvarj
Bcecher persuadod $1000 out of his congre
gation for the African, Cdiurch South, last
Hi* (/,*?l|io
'1 > Braxton Bragg1 was in - Cincinnati recently
inspecting the water wor*-?, with a view to ia
tr.Vducitig improvements in those of New ()}?
Iouuh, evet'which-he presides^ - * ' !

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