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The Orangeburg news. [volume] (Orangeburg, S.C.) 1867-1875, November 23, 1867, Image 1

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1 Every Saturday Morning.
'fi^^RLES P> JfALL, 'M*K&iu a J
VWt Copy for ono je?*..$2.00
? w i f,-?' S(x ... i.bo
t.J )i?f, ". Thi)??' ?? ..,,....i..!....._., ( |w
i Aity Ohe Sending TEN DOLLARS,. for a Clnb of
}f?w Subscribers, will recolvi an EXTRA COPY
for ONE VF.AU, fr?p of charge. Any one sondijig
PtVK DOLLARS, for a Clnb Of Now Subscribers,
' , Wftjl receive an EXTRA COPY for SIX MONTHS*
'free of charge.
1 SquafV'l'st1 Insertion.....:..... $1]50
1 2d ?. 76
i A P'iUSf* consists of 10 lines Brevier or one inch
of Advertising space,
f * Asbniai.st-rator's Notices, if accompnuied with the
? ? ? ?;ensB;v..si....-..i.:^;i.<.;..r.?t.76
If mit .ncroDijmnied with the cash,.....$5 00
ll'f; Contract Advertisements inserted upon the moat
liberal terms. ?
????????? ?? ?:o:? '
in aaedingona Sipinrc, inserted witliout charge.
??"-If- ? li It ???>..?>: i:>i.jQ.*_. ...... i .'j . j
e-itT* Terms Cash in Advance. "&&
t>b en o ly
?hi m*+mm??mli ii., i
Attorneys and Solidtors.
Will practice in Courts of the .State, and also of
tho United States, especially in the Courts of
1 ' II A N K R ?! PT C Y. rri
??1*1?., ?.( f . ? J ? ?,
? 1 ' feb * . iy
tf ?)
? i)J'lce (/"" the l'rrxrnt) in Rear of
Sir. II. 51. Nlli:i.l-:ir.S l>rug Store,
OR ANGEIU'RG C, If., So. Ca.
? ,.gj& C..-.Hua '1'!...,.' 'JDice same Pluce.
may 2-1 tf
Will practice in the Courts of Ornngeburg and
>di -Cwllalun, aud attend prmuptly to all business en
trusted to his care.
1 a*a> II tf
" n:. c. i)I?in^itx,
Work Neatly Repaired and
?tsljpJJ-LJL* & SCOVIT.JL,,
. J^ultable Life Insurance Company
IXividend Deolnrcd Annuallj to Polity ilojdora
IKlOBb 2S id
-?:?i-i-:-. .... _. _
Gornelson. Kramer & Co.,
Chartered Capital 8250,000.
,. If apy Parties wish to patronize this COMPANY
J and only hesitate upon the too general and fallacious
? iidea that Southern Companies arc not as good as
Northern or Foreign. We only ask such to do the
simple 'jjuj'?c'o of applying to our Agents, or direct
I titof-hc Jlomo ?Office, and they will receive Indubita
ble ?ciddencc on th}? point. With funds invested in
|Best ?taeVi, Real Estate, and Good Securities, ho
''''tWWpany ?an bo more Solvent, with ample means.
?Noae-shalt be more prompt.
oet25 * c ly
21, 23, 25<fe 27 Broadway, X. Y.
$1, : OppositolJIowHng Green.
inpiIE STEVENS HOUSE,is well and widely known
IY to the travelling public. The lor at ion is cs
? {) pecially sui t atdu to morohanfa 04>d business men ; it
is in close proximity to the business' parti of the
,0ity?id dn Ui6 'highway of Southcfn and Western
travel-?ami adjacent to all the principal dtailroad
f, and Steamboat depots.
? II .??Kjgifc STEVENS HOUSE has liberal aooommoda
tion for over 800 guests?it Is well furnisbed, und
1 possossea every modern improvement for the com
fort fof Its \nmates. Tho rooms aro spacious and
well vdntllatod?.provided with gas and water?tho
attendance is prompt and respectful?and tho tnblo
' '''is generously provided with every delicacy of the
.season-rat- .moderate rates.
T XUc iT.oo.wh having heen refamished and remodel
ed, we are .?Kiablod to offer extra facilities for tho
comfort arid plca^re of onr ^*??t?.
?, I. / ,GEO. iL CHASE d CO.,
jnncl? Cu? Proprietors.
. : f * > t: i ;T??TTO'-1
"Bluck Loyalty."
?t-./i-j ?' "i .? ? ~T" ?. , t..,., , 1
Nigh c million of lives wo hi\vo spent, '
b And three billions of dollars or more,
?1uttatyeWc!i:fctterin twhln should b*r<mt, H?i
And the slave-born -be heard never mure; ?
Full pix years wo have given .to tjhc lilack,
?'? And the thing wo? undoubtedly right ?
Now suppose, just to oltor thb truck \ , j -(
i] We devote half an hour to tho White.
t ? 3 * ?.'!??.?'"
When tho South, in its hour of mad pride,
At Fort Sumtcr iut drive the first shot,
x v Nack and Jioels our .poor Sambo was tied;
" i And the North licld one end of the knot .:
y ?, j -Rut on r .hold we let go at .the sound, .
For both hands we required in the. fight;
And tho war for tho Black was then found
Quite a tough job of work for the White.
I:it t. ? U'iiTA l if
\\ ell, wo fought; aye, for four years we fought,
Pouring out lavish treasure and life?
'? "?'Didthe Black then lirisc as'lib ought, ? .:?
Cleaving North ward with torch and with kniTo?'
All his masters wero far from Iii? track,
Under Johnson .and bee in the fight ;
There was nothing to hold the Olack back
From assisting his cliumpiou, the White.
Did lie aid us when bleeding we stood
' i To chasefrmn him alavejry'a dream** ? 1
'Orr'to Lee scut he clothing arid food, ' '
Ilanuss, powdciV equipments and teams?
We all know that in one .single State 1. 1
A revolt would have ended the fight?
So no more of their "loyal prate,"
f Por Blackrybs were1" wyorse than the White.
Tlie white rcbols came with a cheer.
Their bayonets aslant ami aglow,
1 ' While the Black rebels slunk in the rear,
Assisting (and freely) our foe.
Phillips, Sunnier, and men o' that school.
* .May click-clatter from morning till night ;
But if Blue!, or White rebels must rule.
Thru, by Heaven! count tue in for the White!
'It would sickuii a dog. this vile cunt
That we hear of -Itlnek loyally" now?
And I notice the twaddlers who rani
Uli tho subject, wire far from |be row;
But Milieu cold has been l.ee's latest gun,
- And since Johnson stacked arms after tight.
Wo ar<> 'pbl-'by. lllank.valji'", WB .W"?i"? , I.
ft'jTtSRll-liuutbng to laurel lue white!
To the Black Rebel glory and p.. .v 6r.
To tho White rebels chains and.disgrace!
Oh, madness, n)ld worse, rules the hour?
Woiar.e false to faith, wisdom and race!
To my heart with you, bongst reel arid Hill,
Johnson, Leu?every laan in the light,
Von vi-orerebels; and bad ones, uut.itjll,
Von .share my wiKfurtune-^-you're While.
MIvVESO'REIEIA', (Gon. llnlpilie.)
Eilte private 17lh It., N. V. Vl InfalUry.
? Fact, not a Fiction.
in ! >7vT ?T~7
(Concluded in our jVr.rr.)
At morn we know not what the eve may bring,"
And surest treasures take the earliest wing."
Ono week has gone; the' cash clerk of j
"Stcrman and JoMlyn" bad absconded, with an
incredible sum; the entire amount of their
bank deposit. Search had been vainly made,
aiicl OB-Ui? news soon .spread, one and another
creditor appeared. It was at the fifth applica
tion for ttUeL', lh*fc Mr. S. begged indulgence
for some days; ami as an appeal was being
mado to Mr. Joslyn, ho foil lo tho floor, iu n
violent spasm.
He was taken home speechless, and for some
days his mind failed. He wept in childish
tones, and vociferated, nt intervals ;?spoke of
"Edward?Iiis darling.child?the cheated or
Edward Unland- delayed not to obey tho
summons, which recalled him again to his
lovod: Ohes. In a short time, with heartfelt
Borrow, he btood again at the threshold of u
home, which years before had been to him, an
asylum of love and luxury. He hied to them
now, while grief and approaching poverty
threatened. A meeting under usual circum
stances, would hn'vo been "bliss below." Ed
ward was pstunned at his own impotency to
combat the emergency. He had learned of
their, pecuniary qtrait; and on tho route, his
busy brairi nnd hotter heart, hod pjoposoil and
rejected plnti after plan for their relief. He
felt thafc-fulness of soul, which grateful lo\'e
begets but in tho generous num. He whs re
solved, if his property was involved in the ruin,
it was no .personal loss j fur all his hopes.uud
interest^,Wei?{a.lr?adyinisorbod in thchs. Tf.
YtfithmitFliiH knowlodgq, it hud been invested in
the firm, wtych was irromediably bankrupt, he
Would novor allow a reproachful thought
to linger in'his memory ; being but a mtinrhe
too owned to all tho sympathies of manhood.
Tho stsgo stopped, and tho son, tho boy of
yf^erday, t|rod softly, firmly up the stops ; nnd
us he karicj over flic sufferer's couch, there
juotthe stare of the'sick one, a moistened eye,
.full of1 suoh gentle resolve, ns gayc tho old
man, Peace 1 .
"For. from the lessons studied long,
Of pleasure bright, .or fortune ill,
, j{ ^ We gather courage, strength and will
*?,j.; T? Hvo, to 'suffer, and bo strong.'* ?* \
Apd soon the truth, wjth all its sternness,.,
dawned upon tho household. Mrs. Joalyu
gave her. utmost efforts to rovivc hope and in
tellect in the stricken frame. Now, he was
'talking of oxtntvagaut schemes, and then, cry
ing in the most childish tones. His strength
scemod for awhile to baffle the disease j yet, as
his recovery was slow, his business had to bo
arranged und closed up. Edward had been
latterly so prcoccuped, nssisting Mr. Stermnnj
as only to be at home ti short time each day,
and this interval was usually passed in tho sick
room'. Hut the assignments and signatures
were finally all arranged through Edward and
Mr. Stermau.
The hour for thought had coine ; the hour
for action too. He had helpless parents ; for
them, lie would labor, and thus earn a right to
claim his beloved. Some friend, needing a
trusty and energetic agent, offered Edward a
liberal amount to undertake the business. It
might occupy him sevor.d months. No other
opening was as lucrative, ami he went. First,
however, tho sick man was removed to a .small
er home ; and the inmates .surrounded with
such comforts sis they must needed, from their
recent luxurious apartments. .Mr. S. promised
to look after their out-door business, and to
visit them often, llceotttly,, he had been there
frequently, and the visits of Julia Burton oc
curring simultaneously j led .Edward to suppose
these might have been by previous arrange
ment, lie construed the attentions id' Mr. S.
into an intimacy, which removed all anxiety
concerning the nature of his visits at Mr. Jos
lyri's house.
Tin- parting wurils wort' sad, bat few.
For the hope of return tskca the nting from Adieu'.
Tive jcars have, passed silted the farewell wc
referred to. After his departure, letters sent.
?11 teemed with hope and improvement, dicta
ted by unswerving affection. ' " ' '
Mr. Sternum was a true friend; Julian
daily visitor, the only medium of constant, con
btaut connection with their former coterie.
Thon IM. suffered lor let ters j the route was
circuitous, ami mail carriers faulty ; still, he
?dtoped: against hope," and laced the. wildering
jar. Working with life, as an earnest, vital,
essential experiment, he tunk hold of business
with purpose, and determined to be faithful
and courageous.
'?God given patience, Love learns strength,
AihI faith remembers promise."
No day can be Jived over twice, and there
are. some days, which "add years rather than
hours to tho experience," to the strength und
depth of a life time. The mail brought a let
ter, for which he should have been prepared by
two others of early date, which came at the
same time.
'?Darling Alice?my model, my only idol ; I
loved her first and only her; this affection Has
grown with my years, and absorbed my ovory
impulse, and now she bids me tell her, she
should wed another."
Her "father's strength had failed ; and he.
sinking, had longed,-?oh, so earnestly,?for a
sight of his only staff, his son. He had wept,
because his wife and child were poor, and with
out, protector; and in his heart, seemed but
faintly to trust that God, who in his age, had
brought him to such trouble."
Then came that yearning of her own heart,
for the prCbC'icc of her best ami dearest. Ed
ward, through whose wisdom ami generosity,
she had learned to appreciate "the tlod in
Another letter, and her father had refused
to credit the earnestness of Kd ward's protesta
tions. Ah, child, "witch all was sunshine and
plenty, there was no reason, why he should not
prefer my Alice, hut now, I'm a mendicant,
and were he to be trammelled with (In; support
of yourself and mother, it would be more than
he would voluntarily assume."
"Now, don't be selfish, child, and remind
him of his promise; he is your brother,?your
kindred friend.
( To be Continued.)
A CoiiUrnitMl Grumbler.
The following sketch may be a .caricature,
though ? we think (thoro is a human likeness
about it so real as to be easily recognized :
Some time ago there lived in Edinhurg a
well known grumbler named Sandy I Hack,
whoso often recurring fits of spleen or indiges
tion produced some amusing scenes of sense
less irritability, which wore highly relished by
all oxuept the bmteV good, patient little wife.
OueJ^-oing Sandy roso bent on a quarret;
tbo;US?dicH und eggs w^i-c.excellent, done to n |
t?rn^^d hadbecn ordorod by himself tho pre
viouJgMreniug; and breakfast passed without
the ^kicd-IEof banse ?f c^inplaipt: >
"T^liat will you have for dinner, Sandy ?"
sai?vjfti*. Black. VM
"Jrohicken, mndauj," said the husband^ ,
"'"a,WiBt''qr boiled?" asked the Sjfcju^nW ?<
, ^?ari?m, if you had bcehgood and con-1
sidcMpto wife, you'd hnvo known befoic this
wha&I liked," Sandy growled out, and slam
miUKthe door behind him loft the house. It
wasm \ho Spring, and a friend whd ?was pTos
chtjtcard the little wife say,' "Sandy*? bcjit
oii a disturbance to-day; I shall not ple'aBe
binu do what I can." H
?jjSbc dinner tiiuc came, and Sandy nnd his
friend sat down to dinner ; the ilsh was. eaten
ii^atlcuce, and on raising the cover of the dish
before him, in u towering pawsion he called
out,'? ?''
?ploiled chicken! I hntc-^it. .inadnin. |Ac
chicken boiled is a chicken .spoiled/' f
Immediately the cover was raised fot-, another
chicken, roasted to a turn. . |
gMadain, I won't cat roast chlc^CTr"," ^roared'
Sirady i "you know how it should hniie been
cooWl!" .1 ;. I
?&t that instant a broiled chicken, with 'y,u^h
rooms .wus placed on the table. ' f !
. I'AVjthinit izrccn pens ?" roared the grum
bler. ' " 1 ; '" :
? Allere they arc. dear,"'said Mrs. Blnek.! 1
t'How dare you spend my money .ii: that
way ??"
?fRisiug from his chair and rushing from the
room, amidst a roar of laughter from his friend,
ho' clenched his list and shouted, "How "dare
you receive a present without my leave ?"
A Curious Lovk Stoky.?A very curious
St?ry is told by several of the ancient writers
respecting Kgirvard, a secretary to Charle
magne, and a daughter of that Emperor.' The
secretary roll in love with the princess, who at
length allowed him to visit her. .One winter's
night he stayed with her very late, apd iu the
meant inn; a deep snow hud fallen. If he left,
his footmarks would, be obseived, and yet to
stay would expose him to danger. ' At length
the priuJcss re^o!v^artt?t"e'.*irr5* him r?n her'back
to a neighboring house, which she did. Tt
happened however, that from the window of
his bed-room the emperor saw the whole af
fair. ? i, .' '
In the assembly of his.lordsoh the following
j day. when Egir'vard and Iiis daughter were
present, he asked what ?night to be done to the"
man who compelled a kiug's daughter to carry
him on her shoulders, through frost and enow,
in the middle of a winter's night? The lover
was alarmed, but the emperor, addressing
Vgirvard. said : ;:lTads't thou loved my daugh
ter thou shouldn't have come tonio; thou, art*
worthy of death, but I will give thee two lines.
Take thy fair porter, in marriage,; fear God
and love one another."
Two thousand men are said to be employed
by A. T. Stewart in his .New York stores.
A newspaper?a sermon for the thoughtful,
a library for the poor, and a blessing to every
body?except (sometimes) tho printer.
A broker being asked the other day how his.
child was. answered almost in tears "Very ill;
T would not give over two per ceut. for his
i life."
Grant has proved that Johnson's plan of
Reconstruction is precisely what Lincoln's was.
The difference : The Radicals deify the latter,
and curse the former.
In Siam they sow up a mau's mouth
when he lies. Good gracious! suppose the
same punishment was iuflictcd in every ease iu
America. What silence would follow !
A man in Ohio, who was discharged from
service during the war of 1812 on account of
being over the age, is still alive, 108 years of
The United States army has cost during the
first six months of 18(>7 no le.-s than $56,000,
000, which is not far from double the cost ot
the English army.
The editor of the Prodcrieksbltrg
AVtM has received a letter from one of tho
Hurial Corps, threatening to set fire to his
office if he does not abstain from his vigorous
denunciation* of the Radical party,
A week ago we nfguod that Sherman would
bo a suitable man for the Democrats to run for
President against Gen. Grant. Yesterday's
National hifcthgcncer comes out iu a long load
er sotting forth Sherman's opinions ns indiea
[ ted by his acts and his letters. It proved satis
factorily that, he entirely agrees with Mr.
Johnson as to tho status of the Southern States,
j and leaves the inference to be drawn that he
is hostile to tho reconstruction measures of
Congress.? 1'et. Jnifcar.
The Charleston mercury says: A private
letter received in this city from Wnltorboru'
stales that tho term of tho Mayor and Town
Council hnVing expired'Gencrnii'ci'ii'nby h'as'an
poib^e^i ast&fnger froul New England to succeed
the ? Former, and four. . negroes to serve on the
lattpr?;.; Yerily, uot negro equality,,-but negro,
ouprcinaoyr seemei to .be the ordor of. tho day. j
?'? An Am'FUI. ;TRiOK.?A notorious, burglniy
.confined atr{ Cb;ar^estoirn, . MaAsafb,usefty?f jljh j
?yealed - to the warden and. marshal tho hiding ?
.place pf a rich booty on tho bank of* t'he'invejr,.
and they took Tiini to the spdt in V -'T^e
'three dtig deeply into the eirtfh "by tnYrrti, Ufttif
tlicy had made a large pit; and burglar then
tumbled the warden in upon ,%hq juarsb^.and.'l
Wade his escape. . : _ ,v,f.j
?'J It .appears to be admitted that.'^hv Sc^fdj
offered [to; (hvibaldL the Inghes^ rank. tb$n.
known in. the Fedcral_nrrtiy; if Jic would qc-i
cept a commission under
fjovernmeut, at ah'.' early 'period' ?oT'thc^atjs
war. (Jaribaldi declined because4lr8-"Wnr'ftoias'
then alleged'to :bc'WfigudftO -rcstote .the jUnibn I
(ind^rmt to ab,odiah slayory* jj - tJ ,.. ? !
? -CnttoN-iN CtfiLBiiKSTJo^.r-^f |tbq .appear,.;!
say tbnt there'is much' more Hf'tiie
staple here than the shipping of thoVpBrt l uu
able to takeaway. The depots of Jho South.
Curblina'Bnih'tm?V rind the Northdastfcrrf ltqil
Yond look like two. great';.Cotton*jordj^ nfid
lines of drays arc kept running all day-tratos1-]
porting the bules to the presses quit wharves i?2
CharlrtttM ?M'ratry.- rtn*vfc't -.H I. )j i. |
?"?'?' .?> ??*?? > 'I .:: . J (fin
A Luckv;HAiTER.?*Sonic time sificc\n hat
ter in Brooklyn,.for <rthe fun -ofrthe. ' (thing,'
promised his wife that he would 'make her. a
skirt such as..never was before knewq. lie
took some felt, and adopting the boating pro*
cess by which felt'-hats are made, he streaked
the material over a framo and beat it in suoii
fcessivc layers till a thick, full sized seandess
skirt was made,' impervious to rain or damp,
warm, and not hoavy. It was,; regarded ?s a
wonder by the. ladies of New York. More
were demanded. . They became the.rage, and,
an immense factory has been opened, one hun
dred hands employed and the demand cannot
be supplied. J v'1
Yoyu IIomk Papku.?The CldVcmu'd tfv.r
{fnM-crjf jt^ttj- Strys : **It matters uot Hoav runny
newspapers n man takes, his list is incomplete
without his liome' paper* Every|citizen , who
wishes well for hi,s locality should give a gener
ous support to his home paper. If the paper is
not just such as he would wish it. he should feel
thai himself and neighbors are responsible in a
measure lor its short coinings. tfive n papcr a
liberal support, an active sympathy, and it at
once.responds to.suph manifest at ioi)^. Let an
Editior feel that his efforts arc appreciated and
he is the most responsible being on earth j his
paper a part of himself, he is as sensitivQto
censure.or praise as a doling father.
Dun. Timks in Nkw Youk.?There is
much complaint in New York of dull times
among the merchants. A correspondent of tho
Columbia Ghroniv.lt writes
MNinc out of every ten of them will tell you
there are not making money enough to pay
clerk hire or store rent, while the tenth will
I declare that he enh only effect sales by submit
ting to enormous sacrifices. Tho fact is, buyers,
and sellers alike seem disposed to hold off for a
while, to see what course Congressional legis
lation is going to take on the financial question,
and also see what is to come of the impeach
ment talk. The ''future is considered uiicci
tain, aud until tho fog clears up, thpsc com
plaints of dullness are likely to prevail.
'?The wholesale dry goods dealers of Brook
lyn have been in consultation upon a proposi
tion to reduce the salaries of their clerks thirty
per cctit. on and after the 1st of January,
owing to the ruinous decline in goods aud con
sequent heavy losses/'
In Search of a Retail Store
A green appearing genius, on his first visit
to Boston, observed a sign over a store thus :
??"Wholesale find "Retail Store.*' Ho worked
his way through the crowd of Indie,1} until he
faced ope ?f the olorkfl who. was . exhibiting
some articlo to rt young lady, when ho broke
"Say, Mister, who's hops here V
?'The proprietor has just stopped otUysir.''.
"Well, is this a retailing store ;'"
lir?Ye?,Sir.v ,j ;,. . ;.. ? j ,(,!5}|
??(lUess y(>n understand your trade,:"
?Oh, VC8," replied tho clerk, wrapping Up a
die for his lady customer, "what can I do
?you ?"
"Well: as the cold wbothor is coming on, I.
thought I mought us well come and give you a ]
j>V? ... .{/. j
?'1 don't understand you, sir," replied the
clerk, who began to think tho I'dlow had got
into tho wrong box.
"Zaetly so; well, I'll tell you.''.
. "Explain what you mean, my frie.lid," said
-?t.m /yt ? 1 ?
the clerk, as ho saw-him produce a bundlo
?firot* VH?d?rhia..flOnfef ,T,f ? ?t?n) hnon*?:)
s .//?Well, ha X.BaWrbefpw? *K?^W JM^'?
looming oh, and lTfb^gU?I^h|ir^ti|jp^L>e
fixin' fur it. C?mcni,iuh.ty neitrttepajn'^Jef
"Certainly, BqdJw;>'W?Bg|^|
business in a hurry ; and jusil aa qumi: as tho
'oldniafiUJt wM'Iet grefc I wani/.^i^frctail
?these old irts?16t.'en^corM ta^^tiito-to...
-th^.k'neuR. kdfioiP&olDt vrc*rlrarTd*.Yo ?oft ?
The- effect lenfa ;be imob;ined? bu*, JjlrttaiftTT
' olistdsay,' ban^t he- dcecrihedi V/ \<\ jrfjiifotffl
Tho luud burst/of lud^ter ? wMoife^&fccd,
snrved;to convince; the poojp.?j||aw th^sjl&lhad
comHttcdjh/uusa}f, w4?if Dfel^W 80011
A [Very worthy fisherman, by the, nntiic, or
r>..t p.rh v..in< oT-pu mVnVi cdai ejaaT ?
: Grtsslc. - was .drowned sometime since, ana all
> tilt .-. ^\TTti\ ?71(11 1.- noihrdlnl aidJK&atHyk
^carc/i ifyr^hia body jjr^vcd^ugavw^^^^niat
it had,been in tne. water souie Jno!3nsv now
ever, it-.was discovered floating on tue^urfacc,
?r-mii ???;.Jy,>i ttoitaanoxni ^w^'?hyt.,
and.taken tu the shore, whereupon1 Pit. smith
thQ.muclvnfllicted,widow... . .. . _
.. '?c i, Mre. Gwjdes.wa have fr?un<T"Mr.
Grizzle s body. .
"You don t say so!"
!wo-'have? tho:jurynbisfsut,dfiril, and
fcAW&' lffldl'bf *etelw-*mi Rrt- o^iianibno a* -
? ?Yo? don't ?ay Mr 'GtMfcWs feodprif Jtyl of
ocIh'?" -r/b^i ?.) oi? ?.?dw .snodutoMi
'^^itMy^Uhd wC^aht tolfatpsMissWlyott
wH!!Hnre done Witlrib^.v '.ifj vl {?v? do?>
11 ^IVhy, hMv* faihriy^la Burro* >th*abxftk9e ifl
hi firfn 't{ 'f* w>at?J ifa indi unibiroiq
? - ATVe!F, thtin.' 1-think yon? .had i-bofteftfjend
i thV.eera' up to tlie'rion^'hud stA himngajo.''
?I viiiiT "if sasajubtO .buirl tuorfaa
- Trifiirni i Tfrntiynn tn rrplnrr
of tho toin>ii-sj"Uobh}^ IwbsJOis the highest
latitude knawnx?">;? v\?\>_ , .:,\-^VA ?AT
\ ^Thc iigheat JbtAtit^.fcqw^R ?ot^?K wWcl1
Bill Jone^dfovsY^,^
with our JJcte.7..,.(, , "vs^ Vh??\V
"Now, what v hefpr^ 5p,u'4v%^'h ,\>
' The North, sir/l
^My.cimt tail, sir'.w '
' '?'.rbsepli, wherer^s f?ikttf'' 1 "'?"n/
" ^On'the'dia'pj|*slK*f:": ?' ? ? -"i 'h-xi uW
' I mean cht what continent,,-? tho,pastorri or
I Western III ? \ \ <, \.\<> {, ,.;.n.,zo gdiinrf in
continent, hut the people, all of cm, are aown
S-ith ** ',,h 'n*
?? Iioiv rf.i tke'A?e'Heiim pWjfle-iMf???5?
^By 'drawing:7 : '<'" hi i^oiipi mo
.. ?'By drasriug^nliaAmiW^R^'wrnco) adl
"No.^ir, by drawing tbfir brc^th^
??domo hero sonny and tcjlj me what Ahe four
seasousarc?" , .
?I'eppcr, mustard, aalt 'AM VWiogk^,{Tthem
is what nil ?eaimrw With.,?! 1 &tiitw
"Geography ela^s dismissed!'/>i.u,inu!?f>
? ? in ??>'.. u.' .n'i . |!^iTV!ff m,-1!! buaiaia w .
Ai?.t?mvs Wahi>'s T^()Asy?.-|-Artcmus >V ard
being present at a celebration anar oxnoition,
was called upon for a speech'/whe'?r'li^/Jphplied
in a "toast to the phii^ae^V' ^ ^^a adf
Ladies, scz I - ;tumiu 'tu tho ; bntiful fo
mails hoose h presc>its-w.aa; pc.rphnmin, the fair
ground, I hope y^uAr^ ,e^joy .yourselves on
this occashun, and that lcminaid and water ov
which you are drinkiu will' 'noC'go'agin yoo.
May you aliera be fair aslhy'so^trlgw'as the
moon, and btitlfht1 ha an' arirty ViA'aOnkm
flagjj?also plentj- of good close to ware..
Tu yure *ex?commoijly.fPtfJn^nSftt*P^***
sexf we are indebted f^rj,horning^ ns^ell ;is
many other, blessings in(Alicse lo grownos of
eorro. ^um poor ^p'tfitcil Foohi Bfto^ffi rc sex
for the difficulty'in ihc1 g^ih'/'but 1 'Aiev no
dowt but Adn'in vro'uld Ihev rigged>sl* cyder
press, and liko as not went into a.big bust and
driven oal,',,unaware., i ure 1st uyi^hci was a
lady,-and awj her dawters is ditto, and nun but
^ ?.? uni ] .ui'mTjl^ .
a loafin cuss will say a wurde agin yu. liopin
that no waive of trouble will voll' ncVols yure
^eaccfui breasts, T konelnde these'Wina'rlts with
t)(e follerln centymoirt: 1 ' l?w
Woiuon?sho nvo a good ejltg, -. I . yin
? , flrnTrSnoixo,boa ,
A instnuoo of oonuubsal aftootton^ is narrated
as occuring lately in 'New' xTamp^h ire. A
couplo had qu?rrofed :d<iri^ ' iW' %fc<?h long
term <d* their married lifo. At last, tho husband
was t ale on ill 1 Hbd! wasievidonbly'sbod%?to die.
His wife, caniu to his bed-side, \yl\ero, after sho
bad noon ,his conditio^j^ho.follq^i^'fljlloquy
">\ y, daddy, your feot are cold, and your
hands are coid^ahdjWu?^^c^o'WcifidT,",'
"WYU, lot urn boebldT-' HpJioitiJ*?o??
,,<i-\Vy{ daddyjtyoulrd goin' t? dioSr!t*>if\n
I'.WfAiH 1 gucsfe I kaaw ,wp^ X'ju.'^a^r"
. "Wy, daddy, wo^'f, to becuij, of n^ft yon
^c?" - ,..L -t r
"Punno, and don't care ! Wot "Flt?hl to
know is, wot's tobeciim iifiln^f" I,yu,r>*?
? J-i lissssW - mm 'in r-r-??
What kind of a fn'ft^^^^rW^,^? n?
captain? (Courtship.... .
'?'f 1 ? M?a ?wrttl hi (. .o<>u:^iifiii,

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