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While toe reserve, to ourselves the right of deji
tring our own political position by means of our,,
editorial columns, tee will be pleased to publish*]
contributions from our fc?oWscitixens upon thet
grave questions which now agitate the public
rnind^ whether their optmions coincide.with onr$
or not. A distinct newspaper, ice consider,
? should be Qn\xndex of the Various shddcs Af vpop?
nlm sentiment in the section of country in which
it circulates. Our columns are open, therefore,
foi hny'&jhf^inica^ipnspyop^rly written, accom
pehrted b^fl'av&ponfible *name;'not jw&onal in
their character, nor absolutely *WffirHbus injheir
-Artt r liti v. m-v ? >. :.11 i i* 11 * i * ;
Tho Bc?rihg President.
Hkivli riet: i^ASja-nyfirt^A'' Wfti i\i> tsi -$ai
**1&q Washington Express comments as fol
lows on President Johnson:
President Johnson was oneo pno,. of: tho
chief idols of the Republican party. In look
ing back to that still recent period, we arc led
to note the rapid changes that havo followed.
Who could have-believed that tho enthusiastic
whorshipperso^yes^rday. would lX\)o tho fero
cious crucifiers of to-day ? lias the idol
?o L>fc^w^moufhs more,;;-President Johnson
will retire from his exalted position. It in ay.
with propriety, bo asked, . Whoroiu is he dif
ferent How from what ho was when he first
? ?? took-his S0*t iu ?haExacutivcchair^. -Is there
not abuudant proof that he entered that chair
with the conscioutiouH purpose of carrying out
the policy of President ..Lincoln 'i And is it
not equally clear that they, who sought tq?itn
peach President Johnson*! would have'ini
pcached President Linculi v if th'.-y had posses
sed, the opportunity ?' ^ari
.*.-?dbot us briefly review the ?aroor of J&o now
retiring President; v ; -?.v.-, -.'>. .v j ru;
1. He has shown a firm, consistent, perse
vering attachment to the Constitution of the
country. ? '
2. Ho hns striven to mitigate the severity
of feeling that is sought to be kept alive be
tween different scotious.
ijflfi?v Herhas avoided, liko. Lincoln, all sclf
aggrandizcnieut. \
Jf there bo anything,different from tlua in
_ "ithe Presidential career of: Air. Johnson, -wo
*ifiave yet to seo it. Few men, in all tho land,
and in all stages of its political history, have
beou more bitterly assailed, than he. Wash
ington, Jefferson and Jackson had no more I
personal assaults to encounter. No public
man of our times was ever bo attacked by
moan tjomparisons, ' by low insinuations, by
vulgar caricatures* His early lifo, his former
,c-ccupation, tho names of the humbler offices I
he has been called to fill, havo boon flung in
"his face, with a pcrtiiiacy of' scurrility and
malice without a parallel.
TJjys mqn' who have been guilty of this aro
the very mcu who have lauded the lowly birth
of our future President, and prided themselves"
oh tho fact that they were tho admiring fol
lowers of the poor tanner boy. Instead o!
holding up a fact which in a'liepublican conn
im_. _'"'iii._.Ja.. ?...
tho modest and industrious apprentice of the
. old North State. How constantly the Tennes
see Alderman has boon the butt of their ridi
cule 1 What a,contempt was'poured on the
head of tho Assembly-man, and Senator, and
Governor J
' ' '? ? "
All this h;iB passed now, nod, with it, the
. scorrjj and. hatred, and littleness of .sou), that
_ saw no real merit in Mr. Johnson as Presi
dent. IIo will 1)0 gratefully and affect ionate
; ly remembered, however, in many a Northern
homo, and iu many a Southern .one, long afiur
,^ia accusers,shall have passed, away.
We. might here refor to President Johnson's
^policy iu regard to tho restoration of the
Southern States to their {former, status iu the
Union, in contrast with tho Congressional rj
construction schemo: but wo forbear. We
v/?gay, however, venturo to suggest that had the
. real wishos of tho Northern pcpplo been car
ried out at the closo of tho )vr.r?had that
magnanimity, candor, nnd fair doajing exhib
ited l?y President Johnson to-wards tho South
been displayed on tho part of Congress?how
much bettor would bo tho present condition of
. our country? How muoh pecuniary loss
might havo been avoided 1 How much nearer
would Wo bo to that fraternal feeling and
abiding peace so much desired by all!
History will vindicate Andrew Johnson's
integrity aud patriotism. IIo will withdraw
; from W'i.mi. igton after having passed through
flJ,tjje most liei / ordeal to which any President
waa'ov" sJ^cctod. a?d feeling that in all his
^ notions ho was guided only by what he bciicv
, fld tp.dbo(his duty, he may confidently leave the
result with his Clod.
.Columbia News.
. M WWX ? M "?:>?>.' ? "t.SjM-jjl.J a :
o?*0 ?J| . I *~*
. ..--NoVKMUKft 2-L-^-Thp Legislature assem
. , b\ed at Juuney's Hall at twolvo o'clock to-day.
Tho House was,called to order by the spcak
"?'.rf/ajtyand sovonty-aevcu, members answering to
q^h^jr nauieS) it was anuqunoed that a quorum
Was present, and that the House was ready to
proceed to business. . .'4iiOrresignation of Val
-???ftfi??*rfWloT,ed member from Abbeyiilo, was
^^|d>ftA4 agcpp.tcdj James H. Jones, mombcr
fe>Aj^c|,/jQ4{j^lo.rl,boro', iu place of ^tjibbs, re-1
?rft^V^Aup?ared aud qualified. A cqiptui^top
^?qj^n^n^p4 Hl'kftjM0 thc Governor aud ipv
form him that tho Houso was organiaedjTnhd
-?tftM?4^ito raopivov,a,uy gqmwunicotion ho migli^,
be pleased to make. ' i v .
rdor b.v tho Pros:
ident, D. T. Corbin, and only fourteen nie
hers answering to their nntnes, it was declare
that;a quorum was not present, an4the86nate
adjourned.;,! f , : \" Mt $
Justices Iloge aud Willnrd held a.sessiob. of
the .Supreme Court to-day. No business of
importance. .
Judge Bryan held United States District
and Circuit Court.
Nov., 25.?Senate.-?Soveral additional
mbers ^ appeared,- and a -?quorum was an
nounced. '
Joseph A. Grcon,*whitc, elected in the place
of Randolph, for Orangoburg, and George W.
Barber, colored, elected in the placo of But
laud, for Fnirfiold, appeared aud qualified.
Both are Republicans.
j A resolution was offered by Montgomery,
and adopted,' continuing tho organization of |
tho Senate tho same as at tho special session,
subject to such.changes on tho committees a?
may bo ordorcd by the President.
Messages were interchanged between the
two. Houses in r.o ird to their organization and
readiness to proceed to business, and a. joint
committee was appointed to wait on 'the Gov
ernor and notify him that, the General Assem
bly was ready to receive any communication he
might have to make.
A resolution to adjourn over until Monday
was agreed to in the Senate, but lost in the
House. Both Houses agreed to adjourn over
to Friday.
A resolution was offered by Ilaync, and
adopted, fixing Wednesday, next for the con
sideration of the election uf a* Lieuteuant-Gov
Swalls gave notice of a bill to regulate the
drawing of juries-in Williamsburg County.
House.?F. S. Lowie, member elect from
Lexington, appeared and qualified.
Qjj motion of Brown, of Charleston, the
offices, of. stenographer was abolished.
DeLargo called up the bill in reference to
tho repeal of the usury laws, but tho conside
ration of it.was postponed.
Tufuor, Democrat, offered a resolution to al
low no pay to members during absence, except
on account of sevorc illness. Lost. Ayes, 2;
nays, 53.
- mm ??
Itook Notices, &c.
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the November Number of this valuable Agri
cultural Monthly. Every Farmer ought to
subscribe to it. Terms, ?2 a'year in advance;
published by Worthiugton ?fc Lewis, Balti
more, Md.
Burke's Weekley.?It is hardly ncccesa
j ry to remind our little readers that Christmas
incoming?they all know that quitc-as well^s
wo do. ,Wc want to toll them, however, that
when they aro looking out for Chriutmas gifts,
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a year's subscription to Burke's Weekly. ?2
will insure its visits every week the year
The Eclectic,.for December has been re
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knew he was Right, On a Piece of Chalk,
Folk-Lore or the Red Man, Lord Brougham,
News from Sirius, Lady Novelists, Phenomena
of-Earthquakes, Old Girls, Poetry, Seincc,
Varieties. Terms?Single copies, 45 cents;
one copy, one year, $5.. Address E. It. Pel
ton, Publisher," 1?S Fulton St., New York.
A Shocking Gallows Scene.?Rufus B.
Auderaou was executed iu Austin, Nevada, on
tho 30th ult., for the murder of Noblo T. Slo
cum. The usual crowd surrounded the gal
lows, ui:'.l the visual military force and atten
dant' clergyman hau been employed. After
prayer on tho platform, the prisoner calmly
addressed the spectators. JIaviug Gnished, he
stepped forward to the railing, requested that
the deputy sheriff should put the nooso around
his neck, and shook handH with those on the
platform. Ho then took his position on the
trap, and his hands and feet were bound, and
the nooao was slipped over his head and cap
drawn over his face.
I At tho signal the trap fell, and the wretched
young man lay stretched upon the ground, the
knot having givjiii away. There was a wild
cry and a rush forward ot tho crqfc'd, but the
people wore 'kupt hack by the guard. Ander
son was carried on the platform, and the noose
was again adjusted around his nock, aud the
trap fell. The knot gavo way again, aud An
derson was prostrated insensible. Ho was car
ried up tho stops of the platform and seated in
a chair, his face wearing the pallor of tho
grave, from which he had been twice snatched.
The rope was adjusted the third time. As tho
trap fell he swung frco, and after a slight mus
cular movement for scvoral minutes all was
Stephen Riley, the colored man who was so
bitterly denounced and persecuted by his
brethren,'for voting tho Democratic ticket,
haB been presented with a purse of 8031 by
tho white citizens of Charleston. Rilcy, in
receiving tho letter, said that ho only
did what he believed was right. He was
uot afraid to do his duty nt all times mid
under all. circumstances, and he would novcr
forget,the kiudness with which ho had been
treated?a kindncts far greater than anything ]
ho had done could havo deserved.
-i?i .?.??jUlllli
Tho Supreme Court of Florida convened
yesterday, to. try the eaao between tho two Gov
ernors. Nothing important/ transpired,
Speaking..^pf Gov. JjpotVs recent visit^p
New YotKfi&QjFinica says:
S'Qcflfc Seottv?fc^o?tb Caroliun, was iu this
city a day or twpr ago, on business connoctcd
with tho iuter'ests of the PulmcLto Statp. He
roprescnts thocondition" of affairs in South
Carolina at tuis^nie as very promising. The
Stato is profoundly .peaceful, and it appoars to
divide the credit with North Carolina of boing
the most orderly of ull the Southern States.
Tho colored people arc becoming more and
rnoro industrious, and are showing themselves
better adapted to the new condition of things.
There is a promise of something being do no to
advance tho railroad interests of the State,
and other projects of internal improvement aro
under discussion. The leading Democrats of
tho State accept tho fact of the lato election in
a proper spirit, and express a willingness to
labor heartily in the diroctiou of peace and
concord*. "While, in Wall street, attending to
certain moneyed necessities of the State, Gov
Scott passed round an opeu letter, signed by
Wado Hampton aud other representative
South Curoliuians, giving their views of the
prospects of the State, and the feelings enter
taincd by tho white population. "Gov. Scott
is hopeful of the future, and gives good grouuds
for the hopes he expresses.
Auit est of Con st?hle II aukis.?Messrs.
R. V. Gist and J. W. Caldwell, citizens of j
Ncwbcrry, two quiet aud respectable gentle
men, it will be remembered were nrro-tcd by
W. P." Harris and two United-States soldiers,
about rho trine of the killing of Jieo Nance.
Roth arrests were made under aggravating
circumstances, and as to bo shown, without
rightful authority, or just grounds. Mr. Gist
at his home, and Mr. Caldwell on the high
way, the latter being ?rod upon. After uu
warrrantcd confinement, thoy were conveyed
to Columbia, and subsequently bailed. " On
Wednesday last, the 18th, these gentlemen
each made full and positive affidavits before
Esquire Peterson, of false arrest and imprison
ment at the bauds of Harris, upon which he
was arrested and committed to prison to await
a hearing. Tho biter sometimes gets bit, as is
uow showu.?Nvichwry Utruld.
Must Stand Square on he Set Asidk.
?Tho Washington correspondent of tlie Balti
more Gazette writes: ;iAs booh as the radical
politicians of the country shall have assembled
here, a tremendous presure will be brought to
bear upon Gen. Grant to force him into a full
recognition and endorsement of their .Wildest
schemes, even bo fore the meeting of the elec
toral-colleges in the several States, aud should
he fail to yield to their views, it is openly
threatened to have the electoral vote east for
j Schuylor Colfax for President. Gpu. jfiraut
b is become fully -aware of the deittj"*f*?lp?ir
him, and he is now absent from this eity pre
paring himself to meet the issue."
At tho recent Woman's Suffrage Conven
tion iu ' j'oston, Seut.tor Wilson stated that,
under the fourteenth article (the amendment)
of the Constitution of the United States, he
would have no hesitation in voting for an act
of Congress to give the colored mau iu every
State the right to vote, lie added, however,
that us many poisons did not place this con
struction upon tho fourteenth article, there
would have to lie another amendment submit
ted. In his opinion the constitution could be
so amended that the right of suffrage, in six
or eight, mouths, will be secured to tho colored
men all over the laud.
A Washington telegram reports the follow
ing: It has leaked out that Thurlpw Weed
and Henry J. Raymond arc busy negotiating
for what remains of the old Intelligencer, with
a view to making it Grant's organ. Weed is
to reside here and have charge of it, while
Raymond contributes from New York. . For
ney's Chronicle and the Intelligencer arc both
for salo. It is understood that Gorhatu, Secre
tary of the Senate wants to purchase the
As Iowa and Minnesota, hvo States in
Which thoro are very few colored men, have
voted to give them the elective franchise, and
Missouri, which contains a larger number, has
refused to confer upon them that privilege, a
citizen of Missouri suggest to one of the
Washington journals that emigrant aid socie
ties should be formed, after the "bleeding
Kansas" pattern, to enable the frccdiucn of
Missouri to emigrate to Iowa and Minnesota,
where they can enjoy '"liberty" and possess
their "right of manhood."
A sporting Quak or puts his bet thus
"Friend Edward, theo thinks thy horse faster
than mine. I value my opinion at twenty
dollars. Now, if thee values thy opinion at
the same rate, we will put the money together
and ask our horses what they think about it,
and leave the conclusion to them."
It is suggested that the reorganization of
tho local Agricultural Societies throughout
tho State, would be of incalculable benefit to
to tho farming interests at this time. Before
tho war, these organizations did muuh to
stimulate iudustr'y and devolope tho resources
of the country, both mcchunie^flHkd agricul
tural. We should not be beinjj^ our sisicr
Southern States, who were severe, if not equal
sufferers, iu the late conflict. Let us drop
politics for n while, at least, and bend our
onorgics to the task of bettering our financial
It is suggested that the women of the
country tako a voto upon the question whether
or not they desire suffrage aud if that be de
cided in the affirmative, it will bo, time enough
to Kigi^ato it,, ?
Items. *
Troy claims a populotian of 70,000. ,
A. water famine proyails In Montreal.
Chicago .ehurchos have oyster'sociablcs.
Earth shocks have booh felt hi Mexico.,
Australia .Jhos au ostrich pusturc of ten
Mining operations in Montana are closed
ior tho season, i '
Salmon fishing in tho Ohio has been unu
sually good this year. #
A Cincinnati orchestra has a trombonist
named J. A. W. Bone.
A Paris vclocipcdist has made 123 miles in
twenty-four hours.
A shook-of earthquake oocurrod recently at
Cologne, on the lthino.
It is only twenty hour' staging from tho end
of tho Union PaciGo to Salt Lake.
The Evic llailroad has been placed in tho
hands of ex-Judge Davis as receiver.
Monogram napkins arc the things lkow in
the swell New York boarding-houses.
"Linen weddings" arc the latest -matrimon
ial dodge to get presents out of friends.
An aristocratic charity fair1 is to be held in
Now York j tickets ten dollars.
The New York Mail nominates Anna E.
Dickinson for President in 1S72.
DcKtcr.- a great-fa vorito of G ranbh, -ought to
be added to the list of Cabinet aspirants.
"Washington Wants to have a general ex
hibition of American paintings this winter.
Preparations for the great Baltimore Sren
gerf'est in July nest are already being made.
Prussia intends to semi a naval fleet to the
China seas to aid in the suppression of piracy.
We mourn with Urigham Young. Ho has
lost a wife, and is onc-sevcnty-filth of a wido
'Jhc "Gentiles" at Salt Lake City, nil elec
tion day, voted eighty ?eight for Grant and scv
cnty-one for Seymour.
Russia is getting a large amount of breach
loading arms uianufacturtid in the United
States. j.
The census of 1S70, t is said, will show the
population of the United Stiitos to he forty-two
A 810,0(10 diamond necklace appeared
among the bridal presents at a New York wed
ding on Thursday.
Robert Bonner Rays his New York Ledger
is to be the "official organ" of Trcsident (j rant's
The Dispatch ?iys one thousand bushels of
California wheat have just been received by ]
one of the mills of Richmond.
The North German strain.hip lines are ex
! tending. One h..s just been established be
tween Hamburg and Valparaiso, Chili.
Franz Abt. the eoiiipjjscr of - When the
Swallows Homeward Fly," and other popular
songs, will visit the United States next year, j
A man has been hanged at Chester field)
Va., fur horse stealing, which is still a capital
offence in the Old Dominion.
? California grape growers, it. is said, get only
three-quarters of a ceut a pound for thuir crop
delivered at the wine press.
A new monthly, called the "Woman's Ad
vocate," and devoted to reform, is to be issued J
' in New York.
Vessels now arriving report that the storm
of last week was one of the severest known on
the Atlantic. I
Mount Vesuvius is in a violent state of
j eruption, and streams of lava are flowing
Houston claims to be the land ?f milk and
honey, because milch cows sell there at $4 a
The war loan;; of Rray.il have been SO badly
managed that a commercial crisis i.s antici
The Central Lunatic Asylum in Columbus,
Ohio, was burned lately, and several patients
The colored people of Washington have
named their new school house after Thaddens
The proposition lor a convention to remodel
! tho State Constitution has been rejected Hi
A company of young men have g<mc from
Rockland, Maine, to Virginia to cut ship tim
ber the coining winter.
A New York church proposes to have a full
band, string find brass, in the place of an or
There is a landlord i:i Roston who i.s in the
habit of placing an extra fork beside the plate
of such boarders as have not paid promptly?
being an intimation to '-fork over."
The Czar has issued an ukasc^by virturo of
which nine-tenths of the drinking saloons now
j existing in the Russian empire are to be
j suppressed.
It is proposed to issue a German weekly
newspaper in Goldshoro,' N. G, so rapidly is
that part of the country tilling up with hardy
German settlers.
In Richmond on the 24th, Chief Justice
Chase decided that a corporation must pay in
gold to stockholders the value of stock scqucs"
tratcd hy the Confederate Government.
Tbc admission fco to the New York.G?hl
Room \yys on Saturday increased to $ll>,0i
with n-Yjew'j it is said, of excluding irreapuosi
^wPwCumc Ui ^>ty 8'1SIt^?0
It is a.Fact that gentlemen are beginning to
adopt tlVd "beautiful blonde" hair dye. They
apply it ouly to the moustache, and, with
black or brown hair, it produces a wonderful,
and not uhpleasing effect.
A speeinian chait, .to be printed in colors,
showing the land,, water, height and other
matters of useful information, it is reported,
has been prepared by tho Superintendent of
the United StatoB CoaBt Survey Department.
The planters of Mississippi; having dis
covered that thoir soil is admirably adapted
to the cultivation of wheat, will turu their
attention to its more extensive cultivation in
A now sand-grinding luachiuc has been in
troduced iuto Cheshire, Mass., by which sand
is ground as fine as floui. It is put up in bar
i?ols and sells at 825 per barrel, and i? oscd
extensively in the ' manufacture of porcelain
lined kettles. It so much resembles flour in
its pulverized state, that the. danger is that
people will bo trying to usu it for the same
purposes, and that grocers will be selling it for
Attention Young America.
i your Regulin- l'untUu to-day ul4 o'clock V? AI?
Also y?Mf/reguJ?r.; Monthly .Meetiwg.on .next ??vi-,
nesday Kvoning.
Hy order of the President.
nov 128?It Secretary l'vo. Tem.
The Slate of South Carolina.
Wii Kit'..is, Thnd. C. Andrews, Judge of Prn
hiite for said Comity; hath filed his petition
in this Court for the purpose of Bstatilisliiif-r the
Farmer Existence, Contents and Loss of a certain
Mortgage given in January, Ifitil, by Daniel Shttlei
to lit" Ordinary of said Countv, to secure the. sum
of $525 and interest, the purchase money ?f n
Tract of Laud in St. Matthew? l'arish hi Bald
('only, hounded by lands of Daniel of Weeks,
George I?. Smith and 0. S.'Uungcrpiller. the:said
Mortgage being of the same. On motion of Mr.
W; .1. DeTrovHIe for tho petitioner, it is ordered.
That all persons i nie regt cd in the Shine be and ap
pear before me at my ifRi'cJj oil Saturday the '2'Jd
?la)- of January, A. D. lt->S, ly iiory t *.???. imoliy'
or crosscxu'niine witnesses pvpduc d by th -Votitioi:
ev if they desire so lo'do. i i ">?
(liven under mv hand and seal at otlico, tili? the
2:j'd day of November. A. D. lS'.S.
(ii;0. JIOL1YK1!, Clerk C C. 1'.
nov 2S?td nti'l Commissioner in Kquity.
_ , ....... ... .?.-; -?.?f-?*fir
1?i (ti<- ifiKlrict Court of (he CniU'ri
SfTA-T/iS?/'"' '/<? DwflirJ uf Smith Uattfiixi&f
Orluftrr Term. 1KC.S.?h, ihr "Matter, of Madinon I'.
M"?>//. Ilaii/rrujit?l'etitiu? fur F'tlt ami Fiuhl
r/iaryc in IJ<:nX; >-/itcj/.?Ordered, that a (hearing be
had on the -till day of January, iSGit nl Fedend
Court' IDeis-" in Char! est oh. S. (V: fffTd tbnf aU
Croditoir.. tid.i uf suhl Bankrupt appear uj ?*nid June
.?uitL.place. slu^ty; cause, if any t!iey can. wliv
the prayer or lb? reluhiiier s'iiiuld not fie gr?iffiWt.
And that the lid und ?Sil Meiling ??! Crvdilo; * \\{,iutd
Hanki-upt will lie held at Ibc ?lliee of K.,11. Carpen
ter^ F.iiij.'. Register Of Seeon 1 Cuilir. Dfs: idcL'S.' ('.,
on ?he Jd day ofJanuary. lti"'.i ai.i2 M.
By order of the Court,the I',Mb day pf Nov.. JS?VR.
r>AS"i. ifo.i;t.Uki'ic. fhrt.
of the District Court of t!te'U. H. 1'nr S. ?'.
?n'iv UN h ?? . ,, . , , -nlP
No. um? King.Street, (Iii theDend,)
CU ARI.ESTOjN". .So. Ca.
Thi? roj.Hlnf' i:-tabiish
inciit has just been Uctltttvl and Rofovuinhdd, rinll is
now ]ii(!]>ared lcr tlm jiccpniuiodalhiii of the Tray
cling I'dbjic. t.e'nlrally localc?R niid within three
minutes' walk of tlio prihuipal ehfabfishnrenis of
.Meeting. King and llaync .Streets, and only fifty
yards distant from the line of the City Railway,
which runs to both endfl of the city, if po.?scsse?
unusual ndvaqtugOS to those visiting Charleston on
business. Transient Bonrd t"- per day. Special
at raugoinonts tnai'.o for pcrinanent Hoard of inilifiil
uuIh or families on tho mo.it reasonable terms',
nov 21 Gm
TNfS claims against the Estntc of DAVID
CARSON, deceased will present them, and all per
sons indebted to the same will make p-tym.ent to me
within three months from this date.
Nov. VI, lHliS. R. D. TARRANT,
nov 21?3l* A dtainistrator.
lloiiNchold nnd Kitchen Fnrnituro.
We will sell at tliu Residence of the Rev. A. F.
Dickson, on Saturday tho 2Htli November, 18?8, a
variety of Household and Kitchen Furniture.
Term* cash, and the articles to be removed on
day of 4m, nov 21? 2t
Commissioner's Sales,
OltAXUKBU11U DlS'fltlCT.
V. I>. V. Jamison, Com'r \ Rill to
vs. \ Foreclose
W. ?. Dudley ct. aL J and for Relief.
In pursuance of an order made by tho Court of
Equity in tho nboVo stated case, I will sell before
the Court Mouse in Orangeburg on Monday, Decem
ber 71 h. 1HI58.
A tract of land situate in the FoiUh of the Edi
stoi? in Orangeliufg District nnd Stnto aforesaid,
coniuining seven hundred {'^") acres more or less,
nnd bounded by land." of estate S. Ilcncli, D. Louis,
llarpiii Rigga, Lewis \S'issi.'aiyElA^i;;ihr]('l R. Suin
mers, Calvm lliiydcn and .'.fH m^Salley. [}
Terms ^Ono-hall"cash. tl9M B>'c on n orcdit of
one year, secured hy bond 'wWpnitercst from date, j
and u mortgage of the pruporty, containing a cove
nant for reside in ruse of a breach or the condition
of tho bond.
Cut qhaserst?wy for papers and stomps.
<\>iMinissinncdflHB'c. j V. 1>. V. JAMISON,
OrangohurgTff?Ti.. > CouJjH&cjncr,
Nov. 12, J8?8. J M B
John D. Strom an I ^^^^ A
v<. [ Bill for Foreclosure. ^
S. M. Rommel din J
Under a iloqretnl order inndo by the Court of
Equityiu the above stated case, I will Sell before
the Gtturt House ih Ondigoburg, on Monday, De
cember 7th, 18?8,
All the rigid, title and dsl'atc of Samuel M. Keui
morlin in and to a tract of bind situate in Orange
burg District, on Fena Jlranch, waters of Edisto
Rlvcrj containing two hundred and ninety neres
more or less, bo ttidcd horf h on lhntls of Metis,- nnd
vsfato Of ^'. Dyrd, south OU lauds of South Caro
liila llai'.road Company, southeast on lauds.of F. W.
Fairer . northeast on hmds'of estate of J. D. Metts.
Toruuj-r-One-hftlf canh, the balance on a orcdit of
one year, secured by bond, with ,iuttreHT from dny
of. sale, nnd n mortgage containing a c.itcnanf. .for
jtesivlpfPft^re^ff^ho^oilrt,, I.vft-?McK \ -
L'nrehnsers to pay .for papers and stamps.
'*>f omtnisSi'oncr'i (JfticeJTA'XD.-1?. ^AMIBON,
i Vrnliguburg thJL, ?. b'oihdor I .Couunissjuket.
Nov. 12th, 1??8. J ......
ommissioner's. Sales.
'ate of south Carolina;
?\ OnANUEUuno District*.
ahnet ct. oh 1 Bill for salo of Real Estate
V?. V to Marshal Assets
Ct. nl. J
riubnet ct. nl. J and Injnnotion.
pursuance to nn order of the Court of Equity,
made in the above Muted case. I will Bell before the
Court iloti.se in Ortingeburg District on Monday De
cember 7tb, 18?8. ?. r ^ . ..
; TBAcrNVj.. ^-.,
Lying and being in Orarigeb?fgvmtritt, contain*
ing two hundred nnd sixty-four f204) aut>#?? or
less, nnd bounded by lands of the estate A. D. lb.
abnet, estate of Huffman, 8tri0BHnfaJd|'ra^JK||r,Cr
Lying nnd being In Ornwgeburg District, contain
ing ohi hundred (100) fibres'in#e .?r&i^ oJ9(J9Uh
the'saw timber ni VcVervca, bourirteo? "by ffln?^f
John Hooker, estate of A. D. Inabnet and tract
Terms?So much as 'w
these proceedings, and the balance ou.ft' credit of
twelve months, secured, by .a bond, with two ap
proved securities hcuriiig> interest frctt^&of sale,
nnd a mortgage of tho premises, to*secoreTW pur
chase money, and to pay for papers and stamps.
Lying and being on Big Bull Swamp in Orange
burg District, containing one hundred and thirty
two (J32) acres more or'lcss, and hdunueVl by lands
Win. - Knotts, ecltite cf Hoffman nil*{WgUJUU
Swamp. This tract, is folUat-thol-isk of the form
er purchaser, be having failed to comply with ? the
terms of sale. * 1 j^:*utaM -tt<t&
Terms?Cash,- purchnscr to pny tdrlip'rtjtlih no*
stamps. . t .ll&t
Commissioner's OfEce, V "JVt I). V. JAMISON; I'iv
Oraligcburg C. H. > Conimisiiohcr. ., .
November (i, 1808. j ???,?.'
.'?"',.": 'AE80 "ir> WMT
Jnmcs W. Browning, el. nx'.'T B i l'fr* ?
vs. r'~ for
t:.b.'Po1i1 k.r'c: Mvcr?, I*. 4
In pursuance, of an order of the Court of. Equity,
mado in the above stnted case, I. will sell before the
t'mtvt House, in Orungchurg, on .Momhiy .DcceoihvB
7 lb, 180S. '".
A tract or lot of hand in the villago of Diane
villein the District of Orangehurg, containing ^
TerniK-r*So niUchjcnBh ni'wiU pay^hVFoflHfathia
suit, and twenty-four hundred nnd forty-MfcCcn
(21-J7) dollar^,.and the bulanqe.oja A^r.fipi^^
mouths, secured by hnn.d with, interest fr?nt "day "of
sale, with n mortgage qf'juc^ropeVty containing u
covenant for. resale, in'crfse ot a breach'of tho con
dition of the bond/ Purchaser to pay for^papers
und Mumps.; i j_ f f *t -Si ? / {*? *
(NitiihitB(?ioner*sT>mcb,*J V.* ?. V? JAM'ImE**-*-.
OranaubuVgjQ-.H.: ^-- Comm?sfiflner.
<>*>t? i-. ? Aj .ALSO:'; a. :">.:<-.ut% .'I2W.
. G. Wnfin.imiiker', ct. jiliyv"" .**?>**??* Ufa* me>
vp.-}-.- . .J- BiB>fqr Cfircclosnrc.
. J- BilVfqi- force
8, <}.'Jamison.? ' *) X f* *
In j???.^u!<iiob!<d niiJordir*?' Hie V>?urt**of$I^i^i^
made in the above -Cutcd ease,,! will sei 1 JinCy-e IhvV
t'.uirt H??u,se"tii'l>r..!igcb<:ig oil Minidifv U^ewtbcr
Tib, ihi-.s : fzir-a.
A tract uf, Lauk^|w?t.v,.J>^i)ri^iaAm,g District,
oil the So. To*.TCMtS/lftfoifir^ coutaih
iug t'eiir humlrvd'Uiid Si?v?,niy7^v^(.47pi.aereK?moi e
or Icjwluiud hunjidid on thcimiith?bylla1iils o>'t^taiu
A. N Winuiuniiikcc, east by binds uLtbc So. Ca. K.
It and Pcfc/K: Cdirk. sdiiftf by lhSflls Wr.Mrs. C. I..
Ciiiinbling, und KCbttby hind.i of .J. (,!. Wanhamak
cr.nnd M.i-s. K." T'. (JloreV.
Thrills?One-tii. r.l oas... the h.il:ibce:iHi Tt cmlif'of
one year; iebttvi'd by n bond, bt-nnng ffifi'i-oVt.'al 7
l?or coHt.,^V?mila>- uf.Kule. and. a. mor'Ktge if>?bo^
pretni'es. po'sessoin out to be given 'until the lat
day of Juiii'iary. ISr,'.). Purchasers tb Jpay tor p?
Ucr^ rtjid staiui/s. * " .
l^immi^c^e^imce,^ ^?^?,?11??^^
Orangeburg C> H. V . .{ Commiss'umer.
November ?, 18ti8. J
Middleton ItnU, et. ux. et. ol; -| * ?.*?*
v.-. k. Bi)l for Acc't, &<r.
Kxecutorsi?t]; lle<i. Sorris. 7 "tjfVjJLfiO
In pursunnce of nn wjh'v <>f ihc Conn of Equity
made in thp above MatcMV?.*!?, I wjll sylJ before iho
Court Iluu.-e. in ' Orilngr-imrg, oir sMo?aay, i
her 7M?. fsf.rt. A ?i|T
'A1 tract ' of-lund vhtinte -\U O^nUgcb0i,g-?Dl!
containing*two hundred and,titty ( 2.?"?<>> aeriavr
or less and bounded nn the tioVth b'f tnild^ of P.
Bannister, east hy liiinls or J nines A. !*arlor>?uth
bj' lands of F. Myers, und on the west by lands of
O. SBiil?r a nil .dailies Sweat. ? T. T J < f
'TeVnn?Cash, pin c'iasers fo pay for papers ami
stamps. 1
CouinuKKiouer's Office, V,. . V. ,D- V. JAAJISONv
Orangehurg C. H.' V ' ' C?iuiiusVi?hfer.
November ?, 18G8.. i jlJ
L. M Bookliait,. 1 . Bill for , . .
vs. I rnjiiWibW
S. Bosard, Adrn'r., | and1
R. i'. llvc?e, Adm'r. J Kelicf.
In pursuance of au order of iho Court of ?JE;qnity
made in tho above stnted case 1 will sell before the
Court House in Orangeburg, on Monday December
7th. 1M58.
A tract of land situated in Orangeburg District,
containing three hundred nnd forty-two (#42) acres
more .or less, bounded by lands of James Bookhart,
estate'of Browning, A. Shoemnlier]afad estate of
Col. Richardson'. > \ | }
Terms?One-third cnsht7 the bnluice.on a crodit
of one yenr, purchnser givlng bpnd bearing interest
from day.of sale, with a mor.tga.go of tho-prcs^ises.
Purchasers to pay for slanips arid papers, *
Ooa.inlsslonei's Of?Ofi.l V. D. Vi JAMISON,
' Orangehurg 0. II., > Commissioner.
November 5, 1808. J
nov 7 W
ALSO "^'ItTP'.^Bifint
James D. Clcckley, Ex'r"
? vs.
A. D. Frederick,
Under the order of the Court in this casd,'t w,ill
sell on the sale day in December next
All the real estate of which L. K. Coohj
seized, being a plantation near'
Orangehurg District, of which a*
will he given on tho day of sale.
Turms?One-half oash, t!
one year, secured by, bond.
and a mortgage of"tho' prij
, pant for resale
upou breach ot
chasers at salcf
CouiiuissionerVsTJmco, "| V. D. V. JAMrSON.
Oraneeburg C. FI., S. 0.. y Commissioner.
Nov. l2tk, 1808.. ,J
:ckley, Ex'r 1
rick, et. nl. J
T). V. J amis an, Com'r 1 Bill
vs. y To Foreolo8e.
F.dwnrd Ai-g6e. J Mortgage.
Under n decrelnl order mnde in tk? above"sb^od
lease, Iwlll fesoll at the former purchascr's-'fi'skhc
|UaviUg fniletl to cornplyjwith the terms of salo, before
Bio Court Mouse in OrnngfcbUfg au >"du<-(' j Wr^,?.
bor 7th, 18?8.
? A /irnot of land situate in tho Forks of,tha Kdi
m6ft," oinfninihg thi-t-o hutulred: lind/throe (K0:))
acres more or less.-boing part of n tract of six hun
dreil anil six ^t'lOfi) acres, sold by fha Commissioner
in Kquity on l lie 2d day.of July, 18<)0, in case of A.
E. (ileaton ct. ux, y?. VuuljUjfcQat^V ajtffand pur
chased by the said Edward "Argue, said tract cd'six
Hpundrod and.six (600) acres, ar^?b9"m^f*3|?y lands
of M. A. Yon, Daniel Bean, B. A. Yon, JL ?, f?alley,
J. D. Phillips, Vncob Stroman'nlid lfd?WT^rgoe.'
Terms?One-third cash, balanro on a'?reHlt till
t crest from
prcmi&es, in whioh sball no insortoa a covearuSl of
rc'snfe, in ense of a broach of tlib cpnditton of the
bond after legal notice, >' ? .
Cbi?mlsslbnevll Office, ] V. P V. JAMISON,
n^??' i ?
lit*'' ? 11 > i?
uovli 1 td

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