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\:\ . .. at
Office of Publication on Market-Street over the^
Post O?cc.
YIUGIL C. DIBBLE, Associate Editor.
II ARLES II. ILVJ.L, Tublialior. y iy
There ^w^m New Orleans, n heath?rn^ teili
ple, whore tho rito pf AYricnn ' worship1* 'is ?peV
* '-inu511 .stuwy Tu rAmmi t>/? -.,Ro-fof?? 91
lor in ed by negroes. ?
of o?r .Tmuioji m'o/rt ,i>'>rufqwooon ?IH
Semmes has three lectures on the > Alabama?
one Ort her outfit <rindv.two onihowsh?, oftonj
she was out. ,tV^??>:-3 invA'j)*\~-~.aie
, A^owqg*.tqA*nLin^eftrgiaJ dj^frqini^.u^uia;
m mole wh?tf sbavu}g.,^YorayA hftw^uncertuju.
Is lifib ?) saD Jtos ,ann.d fcas oaavH tad ao*om?i?i|
TwB'Win'dr^a^^tfd1 fifty-two general* etigagei !
mci1l3,fooK^laceMrTn^^^ r.- h Ofthdso
sixtHc-il wore'navhlr- #iw hffibiirw bu? hi
Mrs. Pollard^ wile 'oY'tn'o auditor of ^lm'
Lost? &HxiW"' ni?keft1 her' ilebiit On" the draumfcuV |
sta&?iii Raltim?r?V'?n^l?xt?,Tuesday' evening!
Ella '.. ho.v <?; ?? 'inj. M 11 lid
md the sup
Military Posts in the Secondt District jhayc
been reduced to nine?five in North Carolina'
an?'iodr mMS6uth,[Ca^ ; 1
< ;mlv) ftiptltUM,dfiJ) .1. T-v-li ' . . .;
ThOj^.Ghiooga >.^rjj??fi.<s>ays;! thtjt, ?ontheru,
Conservatisnris dead, -jjf; rt^is, the .Radicals
areKafraid, to. pass the. graveyard.
Brigham V?llig 1 is Bonding Mormon I mis
sionaries to the Southern 'States, -iu hopes of j
obtaining a number of dissatisfied-Itebs. Tf
There arccoO|<Jo6^non (mtidof^Tcmp^oymont
in New York, and 200,000 human beings who
do not know.Uttden<Heavcri how Jbhoywill pass
the Winter.
Mrs. Gen. Ghincs 'is at present visiting some
friends at New Orleans. Sli? 'is how worth
$15,000,000, but ij-has iakctfliof Klinost ti!life
time to establish her claim to the. property.
There are only 259 liogrocs in Miiiucsota
and yet the pious Puritans of that State have
refused .to give them ,'tho. ballot.' Evidently
Cuffee has been shiuthcrca iu the house of his
?'friends." 1 -v' . t.^? :?,..? <
M ' ' " !J% I
.r^eWTTiCr Now-Y ork-Tribnm turn^rs-huck^
upon the niiseegcnutovf- 1^ S:.iyH? I t5r?r^?J? *m"
.agdpojnd.oircuiustauces under, jvli\ch it. wpuJd
seem to us fit and wise that a white and ablackj
poi-aon oltoul?i bp"JoVneu iu Uio Uo'yi ?tot? oH
??^BPi&yTr^ . ,
Tho Democrats'tof Ohio; Indiana and' Weit
Virginia nrc' td'Hold a State Gbnv'ctitionbtr-tli'c
8th of Januar^,11SG8, to' n?nlinat? ; candidates
for State' ?fllces'nnd'd?legiftcs to '.he National
Democratic Convention. J Ui
.The Griffin (Ga'/): ?tti ?.saye/ that one of tlie
delegat*es from that county to Pope's odorifcr
inco on"the
Atlanta via
--li pMiUfjl
<>>l,'i - si iblnoda yjij vjiO
.jTho^asliville, Unioih, says : t:The salaries
of tax collectors connected with the interest on
United, States bonds atuounts^ to more, now than
all tho expenses of the government under Gen.
Jaeksqn's administrnjtym."...
^Thobravest ln.m wc have hoard 'of j'et lives
in Chicago. lie attempted recently to clopo
with throk w?i. cn tlie same evening.' No mor
tal head being '?level" enough for such a feat,
of course he failed -most ingloriotisly. ?
The Radical papers say .the Southern''ne
groes pavo dopositcd in Saving Banks during
the past year, eight millions of dollars. Why
is it necessary, then, to tax the' whites fifteen
millions more to support tTio'Trccdhieh's liu
??fchitov; t'liMr benefit."- '''?''?'''-} s' ? ?
. 'i'lie laboring people are groaning under the
heayv loaot of taxation to pay gold interest'oii
United State's bonds, while tlie bond-holder |
presses in puiptc and fine.linen, fares i^uinpfu
ously qvcrydny and p:iya 110 taxes on his bb:ids.
?'JVasJivillc Union.
filfl fg% .if//" ' ?:>-,. . \ ? ( [ j
)iiA bill bftfovc the Tenncescc Legislature, to
?jEo?ourpgo nud Protect..Loyalty," provides
that, it shall; hereafter be an ofibnae for any per
son or fhmily to havo a picturq of JcfTcrson
Davis or Qon. R. E. Leo iu their possession.
Switzeiund in i:cpOi:tcd Lu be ai innig, . und it
is announced that n Commission of staff officers
?"htfril at wdrk on n schenio for indredaing the
efficiency Of the army, and ab6thcr coinuiiskioh
has b'6bii cliarged with the- duty ' of solocting
sites of nO'w -fortificntioilH to ho erected on tho
frontier. AH this''will involvb' an onormous
outlay of money, and Switzerland will find that,
whilst an armed"peace Ts very "costly opera
tion for the great nations of Kuropo it will be
positively ruin for'the little ones.
FnpE GmouLATipN.-rWe pyblish tho fol
lowing from .the; Barn well Scnlincljor tho bene
fit of those .merchants who do not understand
the advantages of advertising in a ,| regular
daily paper : uWc have received a iiuinbcr of
ndvcrtisiug sheets from. Charleston and clse
tvhero recently, circulated, gratuitously.;, .This
Iwill all do vqry well lor the imincdinte jpcali
ties in wliioji thoy are printed, bub when sent
to the country, not one out of a hundred are
over taken from tho officer-.-They Ho iu piles
undor tho postoffico counters, and tho porsoiiH
ito whom thoy are sent never get them.
Tho Morning Stdr says' the Conservative 110
groca of Monlg'Jin %ry, Al i., have organized a
Club, nud have gone- to work agaf?sfr;tho
cals^JThis event possesses pcouliur
' -" ?S'- rv,.-w..?^? ,-..... .wypj
canco,- ?omihg, sas it floes, / iimncdiatol y?o,u jtho
adjo^rjSloi?\>f fc|o ^nw(m^Bogb8 E?nf?x
ticn. ';Thc|a! n^rooj^ec if t?idffipnstatu
of Alabama, there
no peace between the white and tho blat
races. Thoy begin to understand tho charac
ter of the peddlers, tinkers and preachers, wha
i4Ka>o left rtholrJeouWyf for /thajr>rc?unjrj'8
good," and come to Alabama to moke Consti
tutions ; and, cro long, nearly all tho more in
telligent blackB will discover that thoy ha^?)
been following an illusion in giving thoir sup
por^jto.these agitators, and fanatics. ,s^.i^~l
Resident is unquestionably^^IgM^dSCb*?*
gJcss un (iu cstlonin)yaWoligT"DTnTr^Prcsident
ddnmnds that -^118'So?thWtv? States' shall be
governed in accordance with tho provisions of
&h!o?Constitution', andCodgrcss.in^ists thfit.tlicj
sllirlLbe^govbrncil io>acc0i]d?pcor w.ithvits>)wjl|?
add-^butSidd'of-JthoiC?ustit?tion."; ;, l('T .ni?
Ulr. dials' X./NcaTc,'?sWncniti6^,'WuA13it.,
antlria* iins-hce'n' notified by a WashiH^t'onhaiv
yer'tpd|)\cis l|e^i*'tt?8?^
to about one"ffuii^?cTd^
valuable property in (he Federal capital, ;iri
..cludjng ,the Treasury building, Lafayette
Square, l^rcsidcht's'nousb'hhdW all
the. large and ''smnll^butf?mgs tyltlvitt" iffe' cir
icunifercnce of a mile arp und'the PresMcWs
house.? Ale'xan&u'a\f'ournal. ' fU'tttoi
bdi??iT? ? ???? !'. ;iioii?l9U03i Bitil 'i.. t-.c.l 01
SATURDAY* JlECEMBEIt 21, 1807. ',
AYhilriccrcscrrc, to1 oursclccs the right of defi
ning our oirn politicalp?nitioil' bymeaxxs'of?xm
editorial roltinuis,1 tbc xcill -be pleased j to pilbl/s/t
contributions from our felloic-citizcns upon the
(jrnv.c..qu^ti(/ixs ichicli noic j agitate the 'pup/ic
riliiuJ, whether their opinions coincide xcith OXtrs
or not.' A district ncirspnper, uJc \conxix7cr,
sho'xdd be arih'xxdrx' of tili: vaMbitS xhadeitofpap
idarsentiincxtfi in; the Section of country ixu iofrich
it circulates. !j Ou.t\ columns arc qjxen, ther(fpre1{
for ftxxy communications properly xeritfen, accqm-,
jt(\utcd by a responsible. name, pot Personal in
then-'character, nor absolftrdy injiirioxis in Mitlr
tendency: "'/X': '"' ": V"V ";i :"' ?' ? \
. : '?'? ' Corigresb. ' ? ?< n?!
i . VVUftl VtJU.
? * ;? _?? ? ,.-..! , u
TlilH auptiat 'body hnn d'oric nothing of hn
pWtancc lately,^. The majority is as, radical as
over, and though impeachment is defeated, in
other respects thoy aro stubborn in their plaits
of reconstruction. , ?
Wo notieo that the; President has sent a
message to Congress praising highly the cqu-,
duot of Hah cook in LoUisinunn.vi>H.MWfls..likc
a bombshell hi' tho 'Republican; cahipj. and
created'gVcat'cbWutf o'n[. '* They anVe 'not abuse
Hancock, a gallantofficer of thp war: and th?y
pazinof. endorse, his course .in Louisiana, with
out receding from their established position.in
fayor-of oxtreriio lladioalism. ' Wo leave thchi
in this dllennna.' tni
, ?- ii i in' nii .
Th6 Scientific American.
, l'^'<' W faapx'wxiwu wii st? bio'dT
.' < ?'? a i .? . :t [i i, tfj , r .?? j h I
There is no paper published in the United
States more valuable to the planter, the ..me
chanic ;or .'practical tuan. . It is a register of
fall the results Of American; inventive -geuius,
and shows how much the.skill of man cart ; ac
pomplisli in the way of saving'labor by the use
of improved machinery? whether it be a new
plough, or a nmchinq for kneading dough, or a
mammoth steam engine, or a printing press. i
; Send to Messrs. MUNN & Co., 37 l ark,
Ilowo, Now York, for a specimen copy gratis.
Terms : '83,00 per annum.
South Caroliiisi Conference.
This body adjourned the 17th inst., after f>n
excedingly intoresting session. Tho following
appointments arc of interest to'our readers :
Crr.uu.rc jtoN Distkict.?A. M. Chrcitz-'
burg, Presiding lilder
(. oopcr Kivcr?J). I), flyers.
Suinincrvillc?TT. M. Mood.
Cypress?To hp supplied.
St. Uoorgc's?J, L. Sifly.
S'.. Georgo's Mitsiou?To bo supplied.
JSrunehvillo-t-Tliomas Kaysor.
i Eastern Orange?W. W. Jones,
. Orangoburg?W. Q. Connor.
Proyidcnce?J., S. Conuor ?i .
ti St. Matthew's?Win. Hutto. . .. -
Upper St. Mutthews-?To be supplied.
''Lexington?J. E..Penny.
Iiegington LMiasioii?To be supylicd.. ,
JiAMHERO Ihs'tfuiCT.?1). J. Simmons, Prosi
ing Elder. | |
Hamberg Ciicttitr?Charles Wilso^i ,
Blhckvillo?-William Carson./ j ,
Uppor .Orange?To bo,supplied.
Aikon?Alex.AV. Walkor.
JJarnwoll?Abraham Nettle^.|},{ . .
Allondalo?A. J-. Stoker. ,
Waltcrboro'?-J. W. Mcllao. . ,
Noxt^ConforencO to ho.hold at Ah.bcyille
Courtliouso, S. C.
___ -
Tho Charleston Daily ^eyrs. :
This vrclcQva^^tol^ j^a .sa^ujp- cojDqes^
with tho anBprmuioDt ^^rco^^jsi^cp of
subscription, Bj offij rendns wu|*-ob^rvd^by|
rofcrcrring toB^^y?r^|pjg c^Bjjmg;
Messrs. Rlffiajj^ Dawsdn & Cjp., the enter
prising proprierorsp ore determined to keep
pace with the spiritof the ago ; and, for their
mentr-r-Sue?Buas^ -
AVo hoRvo in. ^OTf08 aH
calli m'ddvaW^hlwd tK Ch'Sr"
lefton /^rtfY^JVe'Pff^wili^provo the effifcacyjof tho
Syki^ Vo''; mi1 alsW^ptib^
m WcW NclcsJ W"^.? por an-1
0Y?8 o; iisuv.'o'^?"?1 .ocl WH?.'iu.v 1 '< ?rt/ 'I
3Tu.. st '.
ofj tho lato insurrectionary movement in Bol
tibnj.^or^apizc .hi^ygov^ypnient in the South. j
sin for s'uin
marY puuisfimcut. 1 They would have put him
tCj d.Qathj-but thq whites intcrfered nnd no was
lodged in the.county jail at.'Union Springs.
1 xii? following is a letter from said "Shorter
Id a ncffro whom he calls one or tho officers
: ? .fi?onauiuioo poiintr, ,. . ' .
of his government. It shows, in all .its atroci
[(T_to pvii?ai od.' uoqtr. Jjhu; ! ? :i
iy, a Rascal glot to.9r^|tnize tho.blacks.of the,
South in revolutionary coospiraoy Oogiuust,; the
whites: "I drop yoif fy/cw .Uncs^oo.. this paso,
about. t.hal.^c^ma^Jerfy*. Call all^he men
together, and takq^er^yjand.that, money.; from
him, and, if bo don't give it up, kill hjm, kill
him. Don't let him get, away-.from, you all..
Ijscn,d these men down., to Perote, Bullock
county. Alabama, to hunt for 'him. , Ho has
'slolcn. some nniouiis of money. . He. has been
gpjHg[about telling more lies, unboknowing to
ine,, rfHOjalsp had a full lie wrote agin me, and
'I'wahtjJeff M^CaJl to take him and kill him,
. aWd. I .W.ant^en men, more to come down to
llipslcvpl.^^p'fiprgQi aud bring your guns.
^clLal} the;mqt\(':o go,aud take him or kill
CSigucd,], .ge^ige shorter
i Captain Brycc," Agent of tho Freidmen's
I Bureau at CireeuKboro-, recently took the keys
and liberated a number of pyidonlllj|g>nfiiie>l
hyipwpoveivil authority.- >Hkaqt^(
ly-condeulnodt ?? ?.."'?, ;,
Kussel 1-SI rcct, Ora: 1 gjvh '.1 rg,
dec 2l' '.*""
lij 1 >V ill bo .sold. on.athu first Monday in .r*.nnnry.
lfMiS, hufi^ro the (Join t House, in ?ranjrcbiir?, TEN
TorDis?ca3h. ..: ; !? . V. I>, ;V. JAwAIlSON.
doq 21.,?,..., , . . td
11 AND .rX^TORS;^L.;nm:CQtniiuUe-L to learv
tl?c District for n length of time, for iny health, und
I ira^slSpTilhte'd^fjmr'A.-'TVr:'^ t-.jrA'gehT'
to attend to mlpbifflthoSltill'myjreturn.
.U U V^[fAHLi:.+ K. fltlCK,
dec 21?lm? St. Mjittlicirs.
i A WSIIXISTitAi'Olt'S'-' TVOT?<'E.?
jt\_ All persons indebted to tlie Estate of tlie lute
John A. Keilt, decouijed, arc requested to come for
w'lirnaifn scntle, and dll creditors' will hnnd in their
demand- duly Attested to. . Pj ,M.. HOUSKlt,
' 'dec 2i?3t ' Administrator.
mO KE^T?On Sulcdity In .lanua
X I' -Ty -next,'Mhe Lands of the Estate or'L. K.
Cpqucr, ,wi,U be rented, at Ornngcburg jfj.,11.. for tho
year 18fi8, Coiiditionn ihtidp lcnoxyn on Suleduy.
mil jyu. CLECKLEY, Executor,
dco 21. j I 1 . ? t ., 3t..:
?;Lot bf Piuc'Kentuoky MULES, whioh I -will
sell op,a' credit of. ten ruontliB,.and Luke cotton.of
hext year's crop ut 18 cents per 11? or nt the market
j^rice. ns the purchasers may desire. Any one'
wanting Stock on those .terms will write to me im
mediately at Orungeburg, C. II.
dec2l ?2t . ?' ? W.M.I R. DOT/.. I
AI> ^11X 1ST It A TO 5t*S S A I.K.?W i 11
besohl, by permission of P. A. McMICIIAEL,
Ksq;', Ordinary, at tho residence of Dr. Jno. II.
Pooser.pn tlie 111 li day uf January, all the personal
property of B, Scpley. deceased, consisting in part
of small lots of Torn, Fodder, Pen?, Rice and other
articles. Conditions ciuh.
. AH persons indebted to the said Estrtc.will make
payment as'well nsto prosent their demands against
thesameto. . . V.,1*. V. JAMISON,
dec 21?td Commissioner and Adin'r.
TjlOK SA liE.-r-TIio Two PIiAXTA
F jTIONS forming a part of the KKITT ESTATE
arWknown ns **DARRY'' and "KENNERLY" jdaces
will hp sold,, togother with tho, Mules and farming
tools. For terms apply to
' R. S. KETTT, '
Care of William Middlcton, Esq.,
dcp21? tf Charleston, S. C.
" Xj . TORS.?.ils/iniutes to-repair the Old College
Ruilding will be rcceivcu until the 1st day of Janu
Contractors desiring to^xaniine I he building will
;confer witli the silhscrlher on tho premises, to whom
nil proposhls will be addressed.
dec 2J?2t . Orangeburg, S. C.
?Iii Equity.'"
Joseph Fiokling.'Ailrn'r. ct. al. I ' Rill forlAooonut
? . ? vs. . ... ,1 Marshaling Assets
Mnry R. Tylcr et. nl.' J Injunction & Relief
It appearing to my salisfncti/in ilinl Joshua Tyler,
Ane of the Defondnnts in Aha abovo case, is absent
frpift imd(resides beyond tho limits of this State, on
motion of Mcssas^ Tzlnr ? Dibble., compTainanPs
Rolloltorfi, It is ordered; That tho dcfondnnl, Josh
ua Tyler, do nppear, p)ond, answer, or domur to the
coipplainnnts said bill within the Jiuic prescribed by
in'w, or'an'ordbr pro confesso ? will bo taken against
biAi. ?in'i , .
Cyi.im(i.HS,ipner*s O|lioe, V V. D. V. JAMISON,
Orabgchui'g. S.C., ) ' ' Commissioner.
DCO.-.UI 1R07J. .)
dcolM :i ,?
Sheriff's Sales.
By vjrluo of decretal orders to me directed by
A. ^leMlchttol, ljsq., Ordinary, I will self on ilia'Ist
.Monday in January next:
i|! TbaVportlbn 'op tho' I'.st^tc l???d? ?f Wm. ggl
|;Metts,-known nsipolk Swamp-Bay, containing seron
'hundred atiu ',.elghty-tw<i tfe'res" ? bo sold by I Jit'
Sheriff of Orongehurg Ilistidif, oifHhe first Mobility'
in January H^ftX>>,.or on such other Suloduy as will
be moro advafftogcous for the parties in interest, on
a credit of twelve months, (except cash enough to
pay expenses,) tho purchaser giving bond, with
?good security, aipl a mortgage of tho, preini^es, if
I-deemed irecessaVy, to the*'Ord'iiiafy for fita pay incut
of tho purchase money. . _
rBy liijfuo t>f, ?iUllly/jvritsJ.of^, nt.Jtfl tho directed*,
I will sell To the highest bidder, at ?rahgcburg
Court Houso, on tho first Monday in January
, next; for,cash thq following property viz :, ?
j, Ono Wagon,, levied on ns tho property of II. II.
Bydrick at the suit of '.Icsso N. Haigler, Adm'r.'
' One Flotiao. and Lot containing one hundred rind
sixty acres, more or less,;levied on ,as tho property
of J. C. Howe, at tho suit of Fmunucl L'/.ekiel &
Thc?iloro Kohiv. I ?"?
One Tract of Land containing four hundred and
j lot of Corn, Peas, Potatoes und Rice, ono. Buggy
L\fo AVngonB, , lovied qn as the property of Charles
R trick, nt'thc'sult? oY-'EaekTcl & Kolin.T ' ?<?' 1
J h^Dtfe tract of -Land containing one hundred and
forlyiacres, moro or,lc8s,ndioining lauds of James
II, Fogle iind others.' .Levied on ns, the property of
JohnO. Baltz'egar's ' estattf,1 at tho suit of the State
I for taxes.
!2,(.Ouc Tract of: Land containing twelve . acres,
more or less, levied on ns the property of David
Jamison, at the suit of thu State for taxes.
?: ft. Ono Tract of Land, containing two hundred
acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Antlcy and
others, levied on as the property of Jc9sc Sandfordj' |
| Jr.'sestate, at tho suit of thu State for taxes.
I 4. One Tract of Land containing two thousand
fCrcs, more or less, levied on as the property of
[ulTinan and children, at the suit of the State for '
I :i).: OnC Tract of Land, lcvicd.on as-the property I
of S, A. .Imibinct'g estate, at the suit 01'the State*
for 'taxes. '''
v fly Ohe Tract .of Laad, levied on ;as-tho proporly
of Absalom Innbinot. ut the suit of the State fjor
7. One Tract of Land, levied oh as the property
of Mrs. A. M. Inabinct,;at the suit of the State-for
8. One Tract of Land containing eight hundred
ncscs, more or less, levied on as (he property of A.']
H. Chcstholm, at the suit of the Stute for taxes.
9. One Tract, of Lund containing two hundred
.acres, more or less, levied on as the property of J.
T. butler, at the suit of the Slate for taxes. :
10. One Tract of Land containing two hundred
acres, more or less, levied on us the property of
Samuel I.co, at the suit of the State for taxes.
11. One Tract of laud containing fifty acres, 'moro
or less, levied on as tho property of John Pearson,
at the Miit .of the State for taxes.
1*2. Ono Tract of Lund containing^i.x hundred
acres, more or less, levied on ns the property of D.
L. Itrouson, at the suit of the State for tuxes.
13. One Tract of Land continuing ninety] acres
iftore or less, levied ou as the property of Mrs. Teih
pie Fogle, at the suii id' the State for tuxes.'
14. One Tract of Land containing one hundred
and eighty acres, mure or less, levied on as the pro
perty of John Martin's estate, at tho suit of the
State for taxes.
l?. One Tract of Land containing threo hundred
and fifty acres, more or less, leviod on us the pro
perty of S. B. Sawyer, at the suit of the. Stute for
10. One Tract of Land containing three hundred
arfd fifty acres, more or less, levied ?-n ua ilic pro
pcj'ty of 0. T. Bowling, at the suit of the State for
17. One Tr .' of L.m-1 containing fu;;?* hundred'
and fifty acre:*, more er less, levied on us tho pro
perty of Joseph Fogie s estate,, ut the unit of the
Stute for taxes.
IP. One Tract of Land containing ninety acres,
more or less, levied on as the property of Mrs. Mary
Huffman, at the suit of the State for taxes. ,
Will bo Bold oiuthc above.dnte at Orangeburg C.
II., threo mules. Also on the place known as (he
1\ annunaker Plantation one hundred bushels Corn
inore or less, three thousand pounds Fodder, more
nr. less. Also on the Plantation of Mrs. Ann K.
lfniglcr, six head Cattle, lot 'of Hogs, one Buggy
and one Wagon. Levied on as the property of Mrs.
Ann K. Ilaigler, at the suit W. A. Fogle.
Ono Tract of Land containing Ihre? hundred
acres more or less, hnd'Anc Itnppy, levied on ns the
propqrly of Absajoni Inabinei at the suii of N. K. W.
Sist runk.
Two mules lc.viid on nsthe pBnjicrty of A. O. Sal
ley at the suit of Kzekiel & Kohn.
Six Mules and two Horses] levied on ns tho prop
erty of Dr. A. B. Tuber, n! the suit of J. M. Cross
Also on Tuesday, the 8Ui of .Tanunry, at the
Plantation known us Oakland, one thousand acres
Land, moro or less, adjoining Oakiand and known
ns tho Goodwyn Tract, ulso one Yoke Oxen, Cattle.
JjSnecp, one hundred bushels Corn, more or loss,'one
thousand pounds Fodder, ? more or less, lot ginned
and unginned Cotton, lot Cotton, Seed, fifty bushels
PeaS, lot old Carts, two' 'Wagons, one old" Wrfgon,
onojbiggy, two old .Carriages, one Drag, contents
[Blacksmith/$hop. lot. Bagging and Hope, one Syrup
Boiler, two Cotton Gins, two Cow and Calves', threo
bales (Jot*on, three Stacks Potatoes, Ouu Piuno, and
household Furniture^ one hog.
Also on same day, at the Plantation known as
Spring drove, eighty-seven acres Land adjoining
the above Plantation, ulso one hundred bushels
Corn, more or loss, fifty bushels Peas, more or loss,
one thousand pounds Fodder, .more or Iosh, ono Clin,
lot Seed Cotton, lot Cotton Seed, lot Bagging und
Hope, one Wagon, lot Hogs', three Slacks Potatoes,'
lot lump, two HatteauH. ' Levied on n? the property
of Dr. A. it. Tabor, at the suit of J. M. Crosswell.
Sheriff's Ofiieo, ) J. W. 11, DUKES,
Orapgchnrg. C. IL. S. C, V S. 0. D.
December 12. 1SU7. J
dec 11 td
II. BisohofT & Co. )
vs. V Attachment.
Bailey & Brother. J
By virtue of an order from his Honor Judge
Clover in this ease. 1 will sell on the pr einises of
Bailey & Brother; in the Fork of i'disto, iu.this Dis
trict, the properly of the said Bailey ,* Brother, de
fendants, attached at the suit of the Plaintiffs, con
sisting of Household Furniture, contents' of' 8tore,
Seed Cotton. Stock and othnr.nrliclcs, to the highest
bidder on Tuesday, the 7th day of January next, dur
ing the legal hours. J. W. H. DCKFS.
Deo. 10, 1807. 8. Oi D.
dec 21 td
, January next, just titter Sheriff's Sales, to
foreclose mortgage nml lien in favor of B. P. Ant
ley against J. II. !)nv'deh, the following property:
Two Horses an i one wagon.
Also at the Plantation of J. H. Barden, on
the Thursday after Sulcday, fifty bushels Corn, more
or less, twelve bushels Rice, more or less, four bush
els Peas, 111 pro or less, 20(H) pounds Ffddcr, more or
less, lot Cow Feed, one Stack Fodder, two Stacks
Potator Slips, twenty bushels Potatoes, more or Icbs,
2?00 pounds Seeil Cotton, more pr less, one Large
Pot, one Saddle, two pairs Gears aiid lot Plantation
Tools. Terms push ' J. W. 11. BUKKH, '
dee 21 ? td Agent.
Selling Off Under Co&tJ
, xouxs J
i8 h ;< > x i i \ f v ?.eaiiH
Ready Made Clothings
? .In the. wintry Storm ,, ... .... , A
'Mid the chilling breeze,
,111* i! ??"l> a 'l .U .' i: ',~.<y? ?lljltjlc -yl'flH.-. ?I
With:such OlothjngtWernV'!<,-ib .
No one' nec? frcci6."!r " f*"01* c"fl
,*U?nl cufl pit ,t <jnu * 'cizi-w.?
[fob 23 .,?,r v [ < ?.. ? ly
v 1000 Bushels ROUGH RICE. ' 1 ":i : '""f ??'
GOO HuhIicIh PEAS.': '<l " 'V* ??
For which wo willpny tho highest' Market prices' ind
CASH. .. : ( i
Wo also continue to buy
or Ship it to any Factor in Charleston, freo of|
charge, and will make liberal Advances on it.1'
dec. 14 ; hn
.J ? ? -d:o ?/ lie it: hati .{? n ' ?? t ? ;? I .'
W (single preferred.) to tako charge of ii_
l?Snmll Plantation in Hur Sratc 6P Flofida,'' for fffco?
tnsuing year. Applicants must address, until. the
Jit January. 1808 . L. lt.. DF.CKW1T1I, ??. .
; 'dec M-it Jamison's T. O., SL O..
SHIP heretofore existing under the immc.of.
J. H. FELDER & CO., is.this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. " J.MI. FELDER.'
Dec. 4th;'18G7. m R. W. BATES.;;
dec 14 lm
jf\_ All persona having^demands against the Es
tate of Oliver Shulcf^ .deceased, will render them in
properly attested oh or1'before the11st day of Jan:
1808. Also all persons indebted to the said Estate i
will come forward and make payment on or before
that date. R. L. SHULER,
dec 7?3t* .. Administrator.
TVTOTICE.?Th? Subscriber will,
[*i open a SCHOOL for boys on'Wednesday,' fho
lot day of Jrinunry'. 1808. ? For particulars, h.o may"
be seen for the present at Mr. Connor's in the day.
or at his residence, next door to the Female College.
dcc7?it* .E., W.[FEN^1i.J
F?ll raid Winter Goods,
co^si^ixc; ce
fv^WviX,. L'?LALNX", A IT A * A P, F.
\j 7.INF.S, l.onchtths, Flannels. Homespun, Hosic
tf, "Kid Cloves. Fancy .\Ytlclc!?,-\^c."'?"~~c ' ^^?^
We R'.so.mvite.r.ltention to our Mock of Groceries,
Hardware, ('rockery i Roots and Slutaji which $r.c are
confident will please the public, both in price und
tninlil v.
t'oi'NTRY, PRODUCE JiotrjKl.or .bartered at tho
highest biai k"t "jtriee. >'. w.A . f ly - -
We will make advances oil Cotton or other Pro
duce consigned to the well-known Houso of J. M.
Culdwcll & Sons, Charleston, S..C.
R0R1XS?N & cb. ; ,.
f,b'2-l 1 r,ln *?y' ? ly !'
. ?__^.L.__ifi i,mn1
??' r'_2;.-:._j Ja-HKaarffncdot?? tie,
Selliufg" Off Und0rO)3bj-*
DRY GOODS .' ' li ' dLOTniNG1;
? ? !? '? w i,^'- -,! ?' fl ?:???;?<;tr?V
SHOES, . ? . ..
t">; von:? a I; ota ?>v:rj
l- ... mill ? . 9 DBfi ? :
'd ?' ? .1 1U?J ItUMOo t^i ??OI
, DRANGERUilG. S. C. .
feb 23 , ^y
K1ES. - Also 60 bunohoa YAHN below tho - market
l>rlce,.aL . T. D. WOLFE'S,
nov lu c
i ^i ": ->t,""/> _ "_I_ttcbitKintaf.")
In Equity,
Wesley Hpusor, Adiu'r nud Guardian, \ u^r
vs. V
Eugenia Sp'eigncr, et.tnl. '? J
The creditors ?f F. O. Zelgler, ? dec'cAscd, will
(Move their demands before mv wi|hlu, one month
from the dato hereof.
Commissioner's "Office, \ V. D. V. JAMTSOtf; '
Due. 7, 1807. / Commissioner..
dec 14 . . 1.-. m
Orangcburg District. j ? iWV?P* >ih
he made in three months from date, tu .the re
H|)cclive Corporations below named, for renewal of
Certificates of I Shnves of South Western Railroad
llahk Stodk, 4 Shares of South. Caroliua Railroad
.Stock, wluoh wero the property of Miss Elizabeth
Rloketinaker, now deceased, and Were lost or 'dc
Flrpyed during tho rccont war. . .'
t;iaugcburg. S. C, \ DONALD R. RARTON,
Sept 28; 1807. / ' Administrator.'
sent 28 Inm 8m. j
' Ry P. A. MoMICHAKL, Esq., Ordinary.
'WnrnRXs, V. D/ V.' Jamison, Commissioner in
Fi|uily hath noulesuit to uio to grant him Letters of
Administration of the Estate and Effects of Absalom
Slreman, deceased. .llvsuitu ? ?in-J-.ji ' SOW st
.There arc therefore to city and admonish all and
singular the kindred and creditors of the said Absa
lom Stroninn, dco. that tliey he and npponf before me,
hit ho Court of.Ordinnry, to be hold at Orringoburg
on tho 2t)th day of January noxt, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock In tlio forenoon, to shew cause,
If any they have, why the said admini-u rat ion
should not lie grant ed. i '-"?*
Given under my Hand this 10th day'of Decem
bcr, Ahno Domini, 18U7. i > i > - ? ip
P. A. ?l.o.MlCHAEL, Oj O. D.
dec II d 7 ? 40
tio. 18 MAIS STREET.
lablo PLANTATION situated on Snake'
B\amp>/ AH applicati- us must Ik made previous to'
the 1st day of December next fe?U. Marchant, or C.
S. Bull, Ornnrgeburg, by whom ?11 accessary in
formation wiH bo- git***
sept 28_ . ^v.Jfc
l\ to Aliss Merchant by Note, er otherwise con
tract cd' since the ''wwrrstt rcrp?-^-WtR?He"??e*?
?nmc before the IbI d?y ef Deciiahjaejlt, at
timo, all rcmoiuing unp?af WHl }PfP^\
hands of an Attorney foT*?We?TWw? f
-sept 28 . . .- - .??^x~sJX**m
j]\ Notico to oil persons indtwe-*. to htrfr tnxv
uqlcss their Notes or Accounts ant |>*Wf by the lai
of, January next, they will bo vhic&i rtt ffl*e hands
of? Attorney !fdr"colIedion> T?sO ???Jjf?^!
iT [nov 80?2t* J^Di GLECKLKV, It ?
^ccUo^HnueCJ' IslloSShro^^
ytar. Providence permitting.. -Children and Youth,
of all ages received upd carefully taught-.?
? iTorms the same as at prescht.
* j jnW&??4t.""?S DfCttS?tfM*'
JjiL?_._-^_j.it>K,.?f -??tf .. - . .. -
f I <V"B. D.-Myerw,-Applicant, " -wiST Notice to **
lit appearing to my satisfaction ' thnjj '8hrah' 'Pali*1 ?
tnannaad T2Hi'ab6tli HoTlyJWo br the* d^fcndhnJVVsV?'*
side without this State, it is therefore! i/rdo'red thj?t.;
t hey: do appe a r a ml obj ccti to t he di v i aj on. or, aale, of ?..
Idlic Bcal Estate of E. J. W. Myers, on or^bcforejB*' -
[ sixth dcy of March next, or their consent to ?Tnl^
same will be entered of record:"
'Ordinary's Office, ifeftpl.'i 71rWA-'-M? MJCJLAEL:
December 2,18G7? f. -..j,,,,,,- K.f*>vft?Bj .1 ?
? ? c ' ?? j .? ? "..
1 Bj Jt;:.!?i?i4vcA ??
Aillcgidar. Convo^ot^n^f this. Chnpter^vrill hm. fc
'held at Orangeburg C. IL, on Saturday the 21st d^y
of,December nt 10 o^loc^A^^. j- ?pVJ?t!"&&j-? U
ordered to bftpY?.,c*?M ?Iftf'lW??w^K
? mcc is to be transacted. ' ', - .
By order of (he High Pries?; ''-?*."
I TO* AI 3M K bita ^h'S.lWi ?
S. G. JAMISQX, Secretary. . .
aug 3 ' "fa* - ?
James D. Cleckley, AdniinisU-ulpr.1
M. A. Gisscndunner.31 5 *; J7
Uipler in this case I will sell cwtfio tfrst M-mR?^
l Ju'm'mry iSektcdt|>rnjgtl<feg, fjrjoti*ha 11 $kll|.
tlie balance on it icrpdit ?t* ten months, secured by
.bond, wli1i.0ilileti*O^tWfll?'. UT
the promises, with a coTenant for resale-in- <r*->* of.
breach' of the Wnal'^tlf tn'oJ?ljimT wlfiyH'^a'if
David W. TIT ii il initriri .'Vir lit 1 111 in l bin ['?Majhfi
hns been aUcitrd .his widow, for. dower, containing-.
three huwlre? ami forfy (.110) ncrts.Tniore or Ira*,.
bodiiUc<l^ljy fna*iy Tor 'rVvS*h~*$**\j|?1rf,u"r.
Gfove/,* Jaa'cs Reeit eSh?e1 of ?f.evr Trttf AtlKlhK*'
said-Dnwrr'tnirt.'^Vifd at the? Waiiio tii*>':?lle>if.
nininder in the said Doiv?r iraef irnotk the d?dt*Knl
nation of the estate in Dowur. PurshuuHtca Wdl ^>a^
for phpers and stamps. '. ~ . ."**
CV.::niis?Toprt > \\fic*,\\lVv*>. Vr J*MI>-0,^
; ^e.*Vj}l/f^** ^ *V ' - Coh.;. -^?r.
yfccltti!'?f*?? l>?n ?'?Kl ?? c**HV^A
i-. M. ?Joser,? AJAllt-.;Sj ?,'MH*fc^^^?I A^tf
i ro a. t-j > ? \ D n f?r JL 11 a >
Ann Lurr, el. al. I Iujitacllun an?! K?n?f;
Pursuant to 'nh orde? ? iti1 '?tiii,-*itt*ri*?k1:t*/iH ??II at
Oraogeburg C. H., on the fust Moadiy in .i-?nii?ry
next', all the Bestl Estate or the late J?.:it? l^?r'i?.Nie-_
ceased, situ:\t^d.iii this^istricL as fuilo-.ts:
Tract No. 1. cohtajiiiugiVWacrej} mbrt- or les's.
bounded on^he eVstMiyltniSrlVg'e RoWl ft-.ifh llrnng.
burg (to State Uyu?L on.>tliOr SAJritb-uuti ,Jiv.-?Mts.
b'traift's lands1, oiAheSiortlnTc*t^y*n?dtfaW: Daniel
j Tract No. 2.^hntammg^Ht:acWTntre rrlm.
bounded-?n tho :n?rtheo?)t'by?.Trafltcli0..94^?d^tM
.-.uiitii???!,:^! cafjita, iwt]r^rt T-^ir?\..ffb?tt8?
southwest t>y lands or Mrs. O ( am, and -ca 4M
Wrlhwcst !>y Stage Road. ?*?*"* tiu ** rt^Ta
[ Tract No. 8, containing 270 acres, rm.ro br I?-??,
honnded on the east hy-esiato l..mls of P. Moarer
hud Dr. J. G. d.-nkins. Kooih l.j,- Lwul* of Johu 8r*\
llloirmanin westA>yf Trifct Nol^and tforibilest by
Dfltvcrdaiul^pfV -Mr^Anji L.u:rj ji * i t A17
1 The Dower Tract, coiituinlng lf>< ft^rrs, moVeSr
Jess, 1 io und ml on the north liy lands of 1>. Horgar.
|cust by Tract No. 8, sout h by Tract' No. 2, ami west
[by the Stago Boa^|*"?n14w'wvhe Bower of the
-said Mrs. Ann Lurr,rboiiig a life estate in the same,
j CoutlifioSisA-SPo JnirfclPeus!i fctV wiB ilefriy^the ex.
jprnsewoft tbe^O'prpneedBiggi-upjilrithe balance ou *
(credit or twelve months, purchasers giving* -bond
jwitu two good surcties,'be:iriiig mtercst frohf 4fly*of
jsale, payable anmiaBjr,. and- mortgage"of tha pMinf^
}sc? |e Jccitr c^nytt^jwhisV^ m?^ry.*ftJW*?l,r
mapcrsand revegup.statiips.p jlf .ih^ term's or said
jsalc arc not complied "witS, the sahl"premises tobe
resdldtn^ tho^xl'B?lv^tay.?t^
the former purchasers.. ._'., ? _ . T "
V^T* V. VI A^I r?ON??<?emmis9ioner.
dco i i.?? Bi/.Ti:niflt/4.-7MT. Baiauoi t,!
In Equity.
. r . OttGEB!"HG DISTttlCT.
l\& Yciivitrn'rfct^eEjcU V>1
B3' order of Chancellor'Johnson made ICth Nov.,
1867, the creditors'-EY'MhkoLvCi "fbiildeceased, will
provo their demands hefore me within two (2)
nov 28 t jg , > . ,
IHHUi?ilb lAtSfk:) brr tied'?
By virtue of ?th6 snp\e ordpr, | will s.pll ni Qrange^
burg on the first Monday in January, 1RGK,'for on^
half cash, tho bnlflnc^ on n crcnifof six m^iths, to,
be Hecurctllfy Voml{ 'with" i(lloreStJ fr6m ffnve, paya
blo ?nauallytjsp loiuj ni-nny p^oyoj i^iuo-yn it,.an?j
a mortgage of the preiuises, . ? ijh covenant of re
sale in case of breach of ttio condition of the bond.
1. All thnt Tfact/Whioh ViuJ of-Muke A. Yon, dt
ceased, lying on tva.st. Uoodland Swainp, in, Orange^
fired ncr?s/ merA or ids'5 4zl? ,bdf.trt<!e?i ? Uij4fc by
lands of H. B. Argoe, east and west by lands of
Mrs. llcbccn Corbctt and south by lands of B. C,
half. B.qventy-fiT1*e i
Dg now ovvned by
?oo; V V.iD.:Y.
H. V {
?'!' j <>...'.'
? i'The unrtivided; half sq-fenty.
the other, half being now owi*
Commission or'sOthco;
OrnrtgobmC. H. V r-i.'r, Comioissionsa^,
1 Nov.'20,'lHH7 ' J i.?'! ;. ,
''"nov 28 , : . ??An
? "?'! !flj . /. i ? .f', ? )i,if^ ,in f|-?
'dELiVxti orF AT, R K O IT <) K ?
Q BATES.?Being about tb'vvbnild find not wish,
ing to'm?VO.onr (lootls to nnnther location.: We'ltaya
(h'lorniined to elo'se oiit.onr entire St?cV by the 1 r j.
of January next. : ^Yc will offer such bargains in
Dry Goods, Groocrtcs. Shoe's,' ?o.. as will niake. it to
the advantage of all buyiirs to give us n cnlL'"Tfl?Y'*
F, H*. \X. BRIGOMANN *?0,
f) BR ANHS. Just received nt
ltoyjO "l" '' T. D. WOLFE^.

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