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ijjf. ' ? AT f
Office of l\tblieatiots on Market-Street over the
, Post Office, ^
T IRQ IL C. DIBBLE, Associate Editor.
i ?HARLES II. HALL, Publisher.
??? ? .--j?.-.?i-_
?'?A?tiV)Nlk b?i'^e??^ft^?o!tiro?ghi', fe
i?j?'.?i,t'?t fid ben ?Titf '?> iiftdJ ,?*tt>l h nr. koiuti
ble disasters to planters. . After toils and trials.
Buch as have rarely been endured by any class,
gft-finrt nuiBnlrfAwitiifint money, withontuirsd
it, without Jgroyishlua^} thp IfahdsTimpoTcriHhed.
(aud agricultural capital depreciated nino-tenths
It* whe4?jt^oin*If?ht jfeLnc0 w^tiha?ht our
pleep. Theso arotho effects of only two years,
on thensmfest business in the world, conducted
Sthd m'oSt thrifty and prudent class of tncnJ
. by riro the' iintural and inevitable 'resets of
??iflToial'??'? idiipcriq vd?tf?: ?ti. >-u.: hnyil ?
worthless labor, paid extraordinary wages and
-(Thih; false system has already swallowed the |
eistironicans of a majority of Southern plan
UWj,'..ndy(fn onolltnore 'year; will uttbrly' con
fiiinie the rest, unless abandoned.
JHeretofore the universal sentiment of our
*<uu v>^! niv.l Tr < ,>'?"[?>TT . i t nr.-j.oi ?
people! towards the negro, was that of concilia
tion And kindness. Wo employed him at high
wages; indulged his laziness, assisted him to ac- {
qulta1'property,1 that he'raight beconie a' con
tended1 pifisefi'/a^ to law and 'order. We
have rented and sold him lands, . and thus cu
T Tloil f "IIKlll ii' Kr ?>
dowed him with the only qualification of a
voter ho.ever can acquired.-.The..results have
bkm, that, with animal appetite and instinct,
he lias consumed the wages of IhiS ' lalior ere
tliey/wcre due' anc! educated' by indulgence,
Li 1 p. :? I'coiH a dlt'rt j. a i//-.511; .nil :
ho demands higher wages and greater privi
leges feriloss.work.,.,,Having boe^i,alrpady paid
for his work, in one way or another, about four
times its value,' which he spends in debauchery
or'political 'niectit/g?. he '-'declares himselfcheat
ed aha1'demands next year twice "as much as |
ever. With a unanimity never before equaled
. . >: '/limn >? ?/ '?.// ?/i,W.y//iitj-11
they have at the ballot box proclaimed. their
enmity to the whites : in the fields, by sloth,
/ -ii irt imv I 'di'jnv? r-uin n .nr. ' i 1 ' ? J;..-;
indifferenco, bad j, work, nud,, insubordination
they confirm the avowal, till wo can no longer
jdoubt the actual autagnouism of ..races. It is
itinie/then, to consider, not what is good for
thencgro,.but. what'can save t ho white man.
It'is-timoito: recognize: 1 the fact; that there is a
conflict here bqtweon capital and ?labor; that
jthd-tfegcoliiiB forfeited every5 elaim'on ourByni
I pattj^a^ bur country'
and our race demands that we do all wo can to
OUti no .otoy r. oi ? ' . >- -r I . , 1 ?
keeDjuni jn. jhis oroal j state of dopcqdouco on
^rforb *!W< ft?*.1 i?ud. raimgpt, then;,.for tuich
privileges na.woMiiay deem ' proper; to' accord.
HoUdcab He'do'thls?1 Ceasing to pay him
inoMhk'n'he'haV f?&&Jt\A - How" much Is I
.V ? t ttr l n ?-??<? -An\ oil) >i ? ?Ho IU
that r ,We shafl see, .
.u.->'j bnr. -n ott -in Iimino/ \Un . ' ... '
%k W tJKpJl bfcnpwu that 1 slave!labor made
scarcely any profit to the master;' how then
caa'freo labor, which nominally performs the
same tasks, five Jays instead of stx[ earn any
thihgVilb>b than sjave wages?food fend clothes?
Certainly the slave, under tho lash, did more
nn? b'rffeV work' tliau the freodui^b, who runs
through tho same tasks, losing Saturdays, &c.,
..- ?Ii M II II WTlin?1
and^hoiijexpends all the new horn, cnorgiea of
freedom on his privato crop or. Union League. I
n*oi oonoibi/? *>n;i fit afuvi tttog r. i?T ?>??>!
The statement is plain; tho.contrast, .striking,
aiairisiuotq f?fll ncf ?a;-.. dl & ill . >tr\
The slave thoroughly, disciplined and urged to
Ifa extent of healthy exertion and compelled
U> ^.RBf)^ t tyfifto his. ((mastcr for
foodjiOMe^^Ugi aud.po?*?ibly.|.a.-decent rent
for lands'an4 'nwlc.s, by irorkiiig all tho time.
This is W iTo^oW to' need proof. It has been
UT$h&iUb1wh?llniQB against slavery.' I\*<4w
wo were'told that'the "new-inan would pcr
IIUtl??.1 >V : ,'ttl ! fr. ...I o| II d f |i ..
foru^; ^q^mo^ .tjlic labor of tlio styyo, und so
pnrieh himself and |U8j PS ho would consume
p,o wore." But we have not tested his powers,
as we hnvo uniformlylifrod hTtn, tit' vastly high
er Mtesi to perform tho very same or less, in a
frr inferior inannnr. The slave worked six
days ,cacb ,wockj }t\\Q1 frvedmcn but five.
The slavo received oil nil average less
food9"? was more careful of tools; stole
less, because" lnoro y' liable to punishment,
ditV^'dkV^to'iiliURW^niiiitils entrustod to his
care.and receiving only fowl and clothe* wade
110profit for the master except increase. How,
thott^clm'wp,..aligning.to, tho/ froedmun tho,
same or iPi? tasks, done not half so well, with
the certainty of h*?avy losses in fools and abuse
pf w'?rJc ahiiiial^ 'rflid' theft; s'tfhmiitiug t? a rc
4uciioh bftlm' working 'wopk 'to five tl'ayk; how
cau^i ^'Hky, bay this inferior labor, in a(]c(i
tion^a J?o'dj'^'rt.d 'clotljfls, whieh we know actual,
ly co'HsuhAHd'idl^ thp profits of slave labor, oue
fourth the crop made? a^othiug hut nntdocas
pr despair c?ultl inspire ua't'P'ilo it.
suH b lbf>? "?' '
It }s olea., then, that, we have been paying
inferior labor not only the food and clothes
ond which wus thon fouud to bo a^U^ho profits
of bettor labor, but an actual ldrgoNAcc^a}
and^tii^uni^^ flowS/tflb
whohcoifcho itfreaua jto n y i^r Alorivcd,-9 j
f^^piaio^jtoo, .tlikj if w6?|hav()?cnded
those extradrilinary jfy ;cs Nos^onojfows "P^?^a
offeri?gs\o tho'lacgro, wo have beggarod oum
selves but not won thoiu. Tho announcement
comes from the ballot box that while enjoying
I tbosq ox^aYaga'nti^srlvVof ;<fai ?ynjpathy add
good will, they have to a nan enrolled ihenj
selves in the ranks of our enemies, thus idisr
dainfully rejeoting profers of amity. Wd will
feel soon to the cxtrcmest poi nt of anguish that
we have indeed beggared ourselves in this mad
scheme, which but supports i^viusolput politic;^
mob ism, a elans host i lo i u every i u torosfc at pre
sent. iFroin us alone, Trdm ? cxCcfs'ivo wages',
they o^rtae'riieana'tot p?lif ical p?rrjbsek ' Waif
1tf^yPi^?iiil:il.iii;7 ..otn^ioK
answer is
lainf! ^oj.engage , in violence, {nob qomuufc
any offense against any government, i real or
pretended, not even do anything which Thad.
Stevens may' ''reconstruct"1 or ? ^cii/Canby try
by "Edict," but simply pay no more for free,
\abor,tluinit is worth Iu order to, dp, this
make use of the advantages we have in the
possession of .houses and lands to compel them
to accept such fair compensation. If free la
bor is better than slave labor let them prove it
by more aud better work for which wo will pay
in the same ratio found t,o be its real value
heretofore. Only iu the name of sense, do not
pay for any labomuiore than that just compen
sation. Then, as experience has ubuudantly
shown, when provisions and clothes were cheap,
that it required the work of tho slave tho
whole, week at present tasks,.to .earn tho.m,;let
side crops and Snturduy holidays be abandoned
till tho freed man can justly claim them by
performing enough more "than the slaves tasks
to entitle tum'1 'to such indulgence. Let the
whole planting intprcst combine to save them
selves and the result is sure. Wo are masters
of the situation. Against this -system there
can bo uo objection in justice; for it is fair
beyond'dispute giving pay according to work
done. Wp can enforce it if we will pn'ly uuite
and unless wq.do enforce somcfbing.like.it,;we
are ruined.
.When the negro finds that' he must actually
earn his ford bV his workj he will have less
time and inclj'iiation "for politics, mid fewer
"dimes" to expend on cniuiWries who do not .
altogether loso sight of thom in^thoir xcul: Thai
(South.-has actually cxpondod^niiHious from her
canty niedtis tho past tur?' yehfs '.fo support
ogro idlcn?i-'S' and to assiht in establishing no
jgro supremacy, by overpaying negro labor.
God has checked it by diminishing the moans
we have.so misused, let us heed tho rebuke, and
struggle against that unholy aim by every
means in our power. Keeping money out of
!tho hands of negroes, and making them labor
jas others' l^Bor for their bread, will go far to
jhnhish'politics from 'their heads aiid thin the
pttendane'e ?f incendiary Bpocehcs.
? J-',^IAKION.wi: "
?I '? r i i'iiii j miK-r-l r
SA-TtKDAt, JANUARY 4,1868.
While ire reserve to'ourselves the right of dejffr
niug our own political pnsitio'i by means ?of our
edit^rialrcotiivtuuft u\e)oi?i:be\i>l?Wietl to.publith
contributions front our- feffort'-tritizens upon the
grave ' questions'\cfiieh now, agitat^ the. public
mind,-icAiea\rr 'their tytinUm** coincidetVMA%?H'
0V( not. ,H?t\ district newspaper, iocuconsider\ \
should be. an indtpc-of the Various shades of pop]
u/qr scntipient it} (h$ section ofcountry.in^tvhich
if circulates. Our columns ar< Open, therefore,
for any comri\\aueations properly written, aceom
vmacd by ' a responsible, name, not personal in
their character^ nor absolutely injurious tin their
The-.City papers'of Monday brought us the
good uews that Generals Popu, tho Autocrat of |
tho 3d District, Ord, tho Satrap of the 4th
District, and Swayno tho Bureau man.of Ala
bama, have bpon relieved by Ordor of the
President. Wo have thought, for somo time,
that the forbepraneo of the President iu regard
to these Officers, had "ceased to be a virtue,"
and have wondered how long thny would he
permitted to
"IMiiy such tdtnprs before liigli llcaven,
As make tlie Angels weep."
jjoth tlio District Commanders, now official
ly docearod, have been disciples of Sheridan,
and Sickles; both have used tho bayonets of |
their soldiors to annoy and oppress tho whiles
and encourage and sustain the blacks in their
antagonism to them; both have lent thorn
selves, soul and body, to tho Radicals, and havi
legislated so as to promote their nefarious de
signs ; both havo at last boon overtaken by
Ju>tico and are haw-givers and 'Judges and
Despots' im lunger.
General Ord has been sent to California,
probably bocaiiKo he there niny have his turhu
lenco quieted hy bathing in the waters of the
Pacific Ocean, or possibly that his vanity may
tho proverb, "Westward tho Star of Empirej
takes its way." Pope?doughty, cavalier Popo,
?hns not hadjap^yr^sfc'?ss^ighcd'hmi, and w^ill
thus have un TOP0' B?uity wj occrupyiug again
his favorite ??He {^quartm in !;iho Snddlei."
Swaync, the Rutcau.General, subsides into the j
simple Colonoffanft superintends, not a State
but a potty Rcginicnt?"How aro the mighty
fallen 1"
: aeifcral;MoaddreIciveH -Pope, and .General*|
McDowell, Ord?Swayno's throno roraains va
nank. j Tire Atnrfyappjobitod Commanders will,;
we venture to predict, emulate Hancook iu
their loyalty to civil Law : at. any rate, .they
li .ui.-fiJa nr.; shjn?ni!ll ?dl iau * ? u
caunot^surpass their, predecessors in..their, dirt
regard, o?i& ;'Wo congratulate, the white peo
ple in the 3d and 4th Military Districts on
tlioir boroavemont, and envy them their pros-*
ptfeto" " ' '' diso!.! sill U\ In "is iJ it
-ih ->d 1,.'j ,]|y<li ijiyjnjvi- ..I.-,'
Tho State ConYontioii.
j1 ThlT($ohvchtldn qUest?bn/is1 at last definitely
and authoritatively settled. Tho negroes polled
about 9000 votes above tho required majority,
and General Cauby, iu General Orders No.
1 (it), dated December 28th, notifies the dele
gates elected "to' assemble in convention in the
City of Charleston, South Carolina, at noon,
on TUkday, the Pith day of January, 18GS,
for the purpose of framing a constitution and
civil government according to the provisions of j
the Reconstruction Acts." , *
ThCrc were- 124 delegates elected; of these j
155 are whites and 60 are blacks. Wc will not j
trouble ourselves or our readers with their
names. Though their acts, as legislators, may
perhaps give them an ephemeral notoriety,
yet none of them wi)I lie immortal.
That was a . beautiful idea in the mind of a
little girl, who on beholding a rose-bush, On the
top-most stciu of which the oldest rose was
fading, whilst below and around it three beau
tiful crimson buds were gust unfolding their
charms, at .once and earnestly exclaimed to her
brother: "See, Willie, ilicso little buds have
just awakened in time to kiss their mother be
fore she dies."
List of Letters
od for^-Jnn. 1,1 hot.
"M A.
Allen, Dauell.
Audcrson, Ewd.
Hymini, Rubin.
Baxloy, Hey.wnrd.
Bluke, D. K. S. 'J.
?Bennett, Jnmce U.
Bunce,.".. ? .
Blount, Miss Kate R.
, i ' / i. .'
Oorbott, Richard.
: i, J M i- ,.
Dandier, Mrs. A. B.
hit ? thm
EeklotT, It. (I.
a. .
Gardiner, A. J.
Hoover, Mrs. Ann.
HelfcKn, Elizabeth.
Jennings, Benjanian.
Latcrn, Alice.
Linden, Miss Mary E.
Major, Frederick.
. , . p.
Powers, Solomon.
Padgcti' Mrs. Marllia.
Pooser, William, for ser
vant Clarian,
It Hey, William S. W.
Riloy, Win. ^
free*., Cap*: .Tames TV. *
Htoitrh. Solomon.
ftofiqlltu, Esq., S. vt.
Rubcraou, Mrs. Crush*.
SifiniVd|i*>, Aaron.
Sh.-.iv, w. K,
Siuoak, Mrs. Jemen.
Smith, C. It.
Shahdly. Mrs. K. M. A.
Shuler, E. N. J.
ThurnHburg, Otto.
Washington, MIm Liz er.
Whitiuorc, .Mintla.
Zoiglcr. Mrs. rannte.
Drop Lettcrs must be prepaid one cent; papers
2 cents. T. C. IIUBBKLL, I?. M. '
the failure of the health of 1113- Assistant, and
on account of other insuperable difficulties, I have
closed my School, except for a few advnnoed pupils,
jan 4?It A. f. DK'kson.
TRUSTEES?A11 tiuurdiana and Trustees
who arc required to make annual returns iu thin
office arc notified to da un by tho twentieth instant,
or rules will he issued against all defaulter*.
1 Jan. let, ltjGt*. V. D. V. JAMISON,
jan 4?1m Commissioner.
V. D. y! Jamison & Son.
, Offcr;theif ?orvico? a*
to theoitizens of Orangeburg District.;
?i?y KiiU-i attended tu iu any part of tho Dis
trict. 1
Jan 4' If
Drangeburg Drug Store.
eines, Chemicals, Perfumery, Tub
let Arables, I'aiulii Oils, Dye Stuffs, ?g?'*^
Varnish, &c,
I am 1 ho appointed Agent ut thisplaco for (ho fol
lowing Medicines:
Mi's. Winslows* Soothing Syrup. Brown's Rro'ii
ohlal Troches, Brown's Vermifuge Comfits, Rad
way's Heady Relief, tec, Dr. Aycrs' Sursnparilln,
&c, Dr. JaylicB* Alterative, ko., ?v,c
Physicians' Prescriptions cnroAilly ?oropoundod,
and all orders correctly answered.
Medicines warranted genuine, and of the best
['}.? 1 K. J. OldVKKOS, M. D.,
Druggist and Apothecary,
Oriingeburg Drug Store,
mar 'J y 1
stath of smrrn (-AitubiNA, \ (.itll(ion.
Drangeburg District. j
By P. A. MrMlCHAEL Hsq., Ordinary.
WHIHtEAS, V. D. V. Jamison, Commissioner in
Equity, hath made sijil to lue to grant him Letters
of Administration of thn Estate and ctlects of Sam
uel N. Konnerly,'deceiineil.
These arc therefore to cite and admonish all and
singular the kindred and creditors of the .suid Sam
uel N. Kcnnorly, dec, that they bo anil appear hofore
uie, in the Court of Ordiuarv, to be held at Orange
burg C. II., on tho Nth any of Feb. next, after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in tho forcuoon, lo
show cause if any they have, why the B#(d Adminis
tration should mit bo granted.
Given under my hand this third day of January
Anno Domini, IxitH.
P. A. McMICIIA Eh, (). o. D.
Inn Ji n
Somniissioner's ^Sales..
Indrew F.^^ifcot, aa^kla^tor^f^ >v Ml
"\ V8V .\| ? Hi g| ' I*
AfHnjplla Indbibct unOl bthorM. J
By orilcr pf tho' CoUrD of^Knuitv, incite iihovei
tated case, mil bosold before jho Courf Ijniisc dn
Jrang?Vurg^?utb? lBt al.iiiulay i a February next.,
wl, .Tho entire jointv title, rfghts^midMntorestof
??Vi L. Inabtilot? J. YV. Dunulcr, und H. P. Ant ley.
a Copartners,'In and tu the following Copartnership
roperty, viz: A Steam Snw and Grist Mill, Steam
Rginound boilers, a Mill llouso, u Darn and Stable,
Jhickeniilh Shop, ami two small, 1 mililiurs,-ull lo
afed on the Tract of -laind near Juuiison'rt Trfrn Ont,'
rhoreof Levi Inabiuet died, seized?tbrce MuIuh,
lujbo,Timber Carts, llliicksimth'a Tools, Mill Tools,
nd <i quantity of Sawed' Lumber at said Mill, and
Bto^lgjit under, and incoordlng lb the Acrhiabt 6cr
ffl? agreements of the said Copartners, to cut. nnd
Ujf nil tbo Timber growing on tbc Lands of said
?evi Jnabiuet, stpmriug ten- inches, or eopnbio of
ciug iniitle pi-ofitiilile to Haid Copartners?rBUcb
igbt as to tholTlthber dn the Lands ad ihensured to
levi Inab'mets widuw for her Dower, and on one uudi
.'lied third of Lev! lnahinot's undivided ?bare of the
'ract ori'Sadiller 8wtunp,':'to'po subject'to'the Wid
w'h life Us! ale therein. I r, ' ? ??
1. At tliu fame time und placo, will be sold pursu
ut.tb flio shmo'dfaer, Ihe'wliblc'of the' Kcal Fstute
fHbo late Loti L. Inabihct.i (including hhvilhdp
ided interest in. the Htiddlcr. Swamp Tract,) su^pl
, set to mrTfiuow*fi life es'tato lh 'tbo Land udineas-' |
??od to her for Dower, and to ber right of DoWcrro
tie said Lovi L. lanbinet's undivided share of tho
fiddler's Swmnp Tract, and further subject to tbc
ightBof.tho purchaser or purchasers .1!'the Co
fkrtncrshlp property aforesaid .jn robltion, to the
Imbcr on tbc bunds of Levi L. Inohinct.
J Terms of Side?Bo'much as will pay the expenses
/f .the procceilings in tbc above stated ease?for the
bTbincc n credit until tbc first day of December,
lfii>8, secured by bond of the purchaser, benring in
(crust, from ditto, puynblo aur-nully, with personal
ccurity and a mortgage of I lie property?tbo nur.?
baser also to pny for papers and revenue stamps.
Livingston. ")
vs. [
Pou. J
By ail: order of the Court I will on the Saloduy
in Fobriiafy next, sell, for so much cash as will nay
Hie expense of the case?Ibo balance on a credit of
twulvu mouths, secured by bond with interest from
date payable initially, and a mortgage of the promi
ses, in which will he a covenant Tor resale in ease of
lljc brench of the condition of the bond all the real
csjute which was of George If. Livingston, to wit:
[1. One tintt hear the waters Glazier's Branch,'
waters of North Kdisio ltivor, in Orangebarg Dis
tiiel, containing -I")") acres more or less, bounded iby
tie road leading from .loncs' Bridge to Columbia,
a vi lands of Johufliuflnian, the Heirs id' P. Living
ston ami Sampson King, and by the road from
Orangeburg C. II. to F.dgcficld, said Iniifd having
bien conveyed to U. 11. Livingston, by F. Livingston,
OUi October, 18 IS.
12. Another Tract 011 I he cast side of Glazier's
branch, con tiling (Ml fteres more or less, bounded by
buids nl'S. Livingston, Paul Livingston and Atigus
tits Livingston, which land was conveyed by Daniel
Livingston to the same George 11. Livingston, 24th
April, 1S?N.
13. And one oilier Tract of Iii acres on the said
Gjnaiers hfaiich, bounded by lands of Paul ami
Austin Livingston, the said tract baring.been allotted
to intestate us his share pf the real estate which uns
of Frederick Livingston under proceedings eiiparti
tion in lv.|iiity in 18'r.l.
.December 21, 1SU7.
t Glcaton.
j Millions. Ei I "'? A I
.?lty nil order in ;this .case I will sell for cash at
pmiiigeburg mi the first Monday in February next,
the estate in remainder in the binds which were of
J;|W- Tmdal assigned to his widow for dower. Pur
chaser to j.j:y for conveyance and stamps.
<A>0^ember*Ji'i; 1S7>7.
Phillips and f'iVjps :..l
.Millions. j
Ity order of Iba Court of Eijtdty til this case, 1
will sell ::l thu Court House mi 1 he firs I M outlay in
February mud, for one half caWh, the balance 011 a
crudil ot ten liiuntlis. secured by bund \vitli interest
from dale, and mortgage of the premises, with ;i
covenant for resale in twenty days notice in case uf
breach of lite condition of bond;
A Tract of 2t>.ljj acres of Land formerly of D. V.
Phillip., situated on Gondlund Sivainp in this Dis
trict, houuduil by lauds of estate of \. It. Noble, J.
A. Fanning. N11 j ban Porter, Thort. ?uleu aud by the
north end of llic same tract, which lias been cut off
for widow's (lower.
The Estate in remainder in the said Dower Tract
consisting of one hundred aud four &ud one-third
acres. Purchasers to pny for papers and stumps.
Dec. 28, 1S07. " f. D. V. itAMlSOX,
jnn 1?III Commissioner.
ST. MATTH*; iVfi*, ? ?? 3 JEM Y .?
The exercises of the above Institution will be
resumed oil the 2d Monday in January. Vouug
men will be prepared for the University or any Col
lege iu the country.
Tuition tit tho rale of $r> por month, strictly In
advance, T. K. WAKKAMAiyl'?i.
jan i td
Pernii?sion of the Ordinary of Orangeburg,
. 11 sell at I.cwixvillc Depot, on 'Monday, the 13th
day of January, 1 ?tiS, the following porsoual prop
erly of John A Keitt, deceased, oue lino bay liorae,
Saddle and bridle, 0110 Trunk, ono fine Pistol, and
nine head of Turkeys. Conditions made known on
dav of sale. P. H. HOUSE It, Adtn'r.
Deo. JO, 18(17. >n 4?:it
COTT?X SKKl>"l ifoTTOX SKK1> ft
200liiisbols (loltoti Hoed for sale?Upland long
Staple, This produces a fibre worth ? cents a pound
more than tho common Upland in Charleston market.
Price $-?>.(lO per bushel. Apply to Messrs. Kxckicl
& Kohn or tu WILLIAM F. DAKTON.
jan4 if
Ai>MI.\LSTI8AT?li'S SALK."-Will
be sold, by permission of P. A. Me.MlCHAEL,
Ks(|., Ordinary, at the residence ?of Dr. Jlio. II.
Pooscr. on lh.-'dtli day af January, all the personal
property of II. Sctley, deceased, consisting in part
of small lots uf Corn, Fodder, Peas, bice and other
articles. Comlitinus cash.
All personH indebted 1(1 the said Estrto will make
payment as well as to present their demands against
lliosninclo V. 1). V. JAMISON,
dee 21?Id Commissioner and Adm'r.
STATE OF .Si) I "I II t'APoT.l.N A. 1 ,.
OrangclKifg District. j 1 "????'??
By P. A. Mr:MIC HAUL, Esq., Ordinary.
Whereas. Henrietta Murphy, widow, halb made
suit to me to Kraul her Letters ..f Administration, of
the Estate and Effects of David Murphy,deceased.
These arc therefore 10 cite and admonish ail und
singular the Kindred and Creditors of the said
David Murphy, deceased, that they be ami appear
before nie ia the Court of Ordinary, to be held
at Orangeburg C. II. mi the 171 h day af January
lust., after publication hereof, ill 11 n'clook in the
forenoon, to ilicw cauae if any they have, why tht*
said Adminislration should not be grunted,
(liven under my hand this 30th dav of Dec, Anno
Domini, 1807. P.A. MoilICI1AKb,
jan 1 -2t 0, O. 1).
In Equity,
lly order of tjir Court, (ho creditors of George II,
Livingston, deceased, arc required to prove their
demands before nie, on or before tbc 21st day of
January next.
December^1, W?. V. D. V. JAMISON,
dec 28?td CblimiissioucK
Schedule South Carolina Hail Road.
^ I CbUujmia Dag Passenger
I.oaV taiaftcston.>....?> 4:30 A Jit".
Arriv>%Branchvillc.X... 8:10 VE
Arrive til Columbia. 1:10 P. M.
I.cave Columbia.......10 A. M.
Arrive nl Ih-nuuhville..". 2:46 P. M.
Arrive at Charleston. 7:05 "
A*'}//^ m/-..ejtress Ti;aiii fron} 'Charlatan. So {(Jb-sJ
Leave Charleston. 5:40 P. M.
Arrive at Branehville.10:80 "Jg
Arrive nt Columbia. 6 A. M.
Leave Columbia.M 8 P. M.
Arrive nt Rrnnchville............. 9:45 "
Arrive at Chnrle?tou.^..lI:..J.e..U..;}.... 8:20 A. M.
dec 21?tf $ General Supcrintcndant.
i hiii> iiftd'.i i i'-M uxki i.?
Orangcburg Distriet. J
By P. A. MdMlCHAEL, Esq., Ordinary.
WheferiB, Charlotte' Heath' hath1 made, suit lo me
to grant her Letter? of Administration bribe Estate !
andetTcctHof Francis B. llaathdeconsedh "? y '-'\
These nro therefore to cite and adniouish,: all au<\
singular the kindred and Creditors, rof the said
.Francis B. "Heath; 'doceusodj thnl they bovand apT
pear, before mp) in "the OoMrt Of Ordinary! to "M
held at Oraogoburg, Court House on 20th day of 1
January instant after publication hereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, to shew cause if any they
have, why the said Administration should not be
Given under my Hand this third day of January,
Anno Domini, 1808; P. A. McMlCH A Kb, ,
jan'4?2t O. 0. p.
WAIVTKO.-Onc Thousand New
NE U.S.. Oruiigc.hiu'g District bus a voting popular
tion of such as can rend and write, numbering nt
least eighteen hundred; We include in this estimate, |
those disfranchised by Congress, becnuse, by biw
and justice, they are entitled to vote as well as .oth
ers. Let every voter,.who van read, ax-ud along Two
Doi.l.xns fur tiisDisirlet Newspaper.
S?et" The cash tndsl 'invariably accompany the
oct 10 _ tf
]70h sale, at 75 CTS l'EU V?UIRE:
copv whits,
fi. fas. in ''ask.
Fl. fas. IN DEBT,
S?1HUENAS at! 11 es PON den I) UM in EQUITY,
FAY ee va. MAKER,
sept 28 \
S#l*<crijitiuH I*r!' f Six Dollars a jttir.
Three Dollars a year?Twu Dollars for Six Months.
&??fM Terms?Cash in advance. SaJhipur sent
miles the Cash adci>niu:i?iies the-order. 'NuaPaper
scut tor a longer time man~p!Htl for.
RIOl!dan, dawso.V & CO.,
dec 21?tf 2 Proprietors.
(roa>iKUi.t nit.*. n'inhi.k's,)
2? i x t >? ..i ?., . , ,
f'<Ult;t::t ]\}'}i!rt^th yi \ If":.' ">"'
tri thin tin ? Htinuivs trail of all the
Jfrilli'ipal }Y'holesttic ttntl Rtfi'V
II<,r.\,s uf Sleeting, King iitttl Ifaj/ne f^treets.
ami the Past OJfkt], Ch?)'tC*L ?'. S. C.
The City Railway, which rims tu ci.eli 0Xwrt ,l,'ly
of the City, is within fifty raids uf the hoiiso.
Hoard by d* day.'....*2 5U
.Week.....m.m*12100.In 815-00
!i;?\uv Si'AUMOK, . Mu*. |t. Hiuipu*.
' ?!& ? _UL-L.i..'-it ?-u"^uif^:
To Rent
Junuary, at the Court House, tu highest bi<f
Plniilalinn 'i miles below Ornngohurg.
Plantation on Snake Swamp, kuowaas the "Howe
Plantation in Fork of Edlsto.
Hoiiso and Lut of 1U acre*, kaoTiii as the '*Rowc
Place,." :
House and Lot near Railroad, occupied last year
by M r. Mosclcy.
For conditions of Renting and other particulars
inquire of Stiefln Dukes, my authorized Agent!
nmOlt SAIjE.---The Two PI.AXTA
J? THINS forming n part of the KEITT ESTATE,
and knownas ? DAltHY'* and vKBNKEULY" places'
will bo sold, together with tho Mules and farming
tools. For terms apply to '
Care of William Midulcton, Esq..
dec 21?tf Charleston, S.C.
be resumed on the 8d of January, 18(58.
dec 28?21 W. G. CONNOR.
riM) KENT?On Satoday In Jnnua
j ry next, the bands of the Estate of L. E.
Cooncr, will be rcutcd, nt OrangebtirgC. II., fur the
year IStiS. Conditions made known on Snlcday.
J. D. t'LECKLEY, Executor.
dee 21 *'-??<?.. 3t
rpAX NOTICE.-I 'ivilii* ItE at
j llrnnchvillc on the 2d, od mid 4th and ut
Oriiugchurg on the tith, 7th and 8th of January,
lSi'iS, for the purpose of collecting the -tlh Quarter
ly Tax. P. W. FA1REY, T. C.
dec. 28 ftl
rnoXSOHIAIil?Slinviun; and Hnir
J Dressing SALOON, Willinmsou'fj-HQliCl, Bus
?611 Street. The Public are respectfully invited to
call and see for themselves. Satisfaction gunrnn
t.-eil. .}. W. LAREY, Proprietor,
P. S.?Outside orders promptly attended to.
dec 28?Im J. W. L.
K y Mil is it ay itemxsox,
ri><) the highest bidder, at the Court Ilous.i, on the
j first Monday in Jaiiunry noxt, will be Rented
for ?nie year, the Lands of the Estate of Sam'l
Smoke. Particulars on the tiny of Renting, or on
application to HUTSONS & LEG A RE.
?ho 28?2t Atturnoys for Admiuisirator.
I $l?,tKMl worth of goods offered at fiOperOt. un
der prices two months ago, call and get the best bar
gains in Orangcburg, nnd no Humbug. Fiuo Prints
for dresses 12.} worth 20, splendid Long Cloth nnd
Brown llomspun PJJ, lino Shirting 1"?, extra Cam'l^
L. Cloth ifor ladies use, (very low,) rioh.'.'platn col'd
Dress tlotxls, DeLaines. Sc., fine Debnges" S?'Waflh
50, Cotton Flannels. Splendid blk Doeskin Cassimcre,
1.60 wovth $8. HK> buuehes Yarn at 1.80, fresh
Georgia Flour cheap, fine blK Alpncca 50c 800 Hoop
Skirts for $1 M. MASTER, Agent.
Mrs. MeMnstcr will board a few young Ladies
reasonably. ' jan J?It
Frederick Fersier,5
Will Attend to those who wish his services at their
residences, by t?h9gynfo*rpt<plf|rfu|H.lfe PosfofBo?
or otherwise. TEETH on GOLD and SILVER *
PLATE; also the VUCfcANITlf^OBfe C *
All work done Warrant e<|n}> Jl/c saj^faj^o^/^
Residence: at Mr. JOSEPH FERSNER'S, Orange
burg District, 8. C. , . ^, ,
Jp??H D^im^OVIAilO 3H5T .
To Bo-Seen ^r^N?*ffliig!!!:
?TIN W \ P. F
GROCERIES of every'' Grado ?nVl'Wrlel?, and1
inttdrdorable other article* bV'fcbmtbrt a^^nfetttt
ty, to be seen every day of th& week at the tjtore'of
laurie t;ve3^ ; ja
. BAMBERG, S. G^- ^i
Will hare on hand in a few dny s, *> foil asso**-'
mont of > ? ' ' c'"t 31 Til
! All for Sale at the LOWEST CASH PHICKS.- ?
dee 14 .1 n?
H. L. SefBlPip
K f'-m-jjt:iin.a*ft
Commission Merchants/
SPEC I.\ L "A TT EST I ON GtVl!* TO VflE^.tfcfc
of Cotton and other Produce. Ord?WWr^fi"'
lilies carefully attended to.
Uefer to Captain John.'Ar lUwUton.Jt, fL..SIoto.
Ksh?, Orangeburg, Dr'Wni. Vi WUMstoncrfcr.^titi
thews. ' <>tsiti?R
apl ft
Stoves ! Stoves ! ! ?
xow is Yoiiu fimzr^""'**
respectfully te> inform '"" f**fftt*n
Orangeburg und surrounding CounlrVr ?'
!i:it be b? |nou\'prep]pivd/to^ n^ij^eR
them with'S'l'OVF.S. (both Cook and Nenting.jinmi
the best Foundry m t)je Cv!&jint^wilflgjjyiiiWw to
any person who may buy a Stove from him. l****fjXJ
arid entire satisfaction, provided the Strives 'are? put'
up and nsed according. ? to Li*. 4vrvc*d?Mu?- lllftarikigdf
been in 'he Tin and Jjitove h^n~tun<&,t*r VZ y\-*T* hit ?
think*., ought to be a suffil4Mit^n<rWe?tf?ii for hisi
friends To call. ami *x?*?i?er h~ia Si?h& lvfor,- pur
chasing-clsWltVre.' 'Call and See Ar y;\nt)n(?rf.X V/
N. 1J.?A Ifcrgv Stock ol Tin Wfckv kept\?tblnirf|t
lv on hand, manufactured ,bv hircself. lor sale by the
wholesale and retail. * W. WlLLCOCh*. ^5
nov Hi m ? 3 ' "
?- -7-i-ri?: ? m ! ??.?~'-*||r"
I H (single preferred, j to lake oliarg* of a
Small Plantation in the State of Florida, for the
eiidvlr^ "oar... Applicants inm?t ?ddr?**m. tiuiil ike*
?1st Janimrv. WH 1~ IS. RKCKWmi.
tee 1 t~"*V I V '< 1 J;-.iiIA?*b TI Ol, SJil*
rff- -
l^lj SHIP herd nforc eaiMhij! irtutev tl?r *e?iu> of
j fl Jf'ELUEll & CO., is this* day diss^Urd hr iuu
dee 1 I
ATA f. ff
I*sl dnv of JaViu^irv! llfos!^or^ibtrtienlar^ liJ^woj'**
be seen tor th* present at Mr. CoiiribW Urtlft* dJfyV*3
or at bis residence, next door to the Fem*le Coli?
dec 7?41* - . K. n\ YLXX.
-1-^-if-^. A^^l?
8i:i.I.t\<? OFF AT lUlD fC'KS)
_ : !ia\TES.IilUng about tor?dm(ir*&duJt-wWt
ing to move our Hoods to another l?caJn>m>w* have
determined to close out our entire Stock by the 1st
of January next. We will offer such bargain* hi
Dry Goods, Groocries. Shoes, Ac, as will tnakt it la
the advantage of all buyers to gite u: a ckfll ^
juneS- ' irilA^ft^?P^.^^)
'thC District for a length of lim?, fur. my htalth, ?nd
I h>vc appointed .HHIV A. M. IIAlHLKK my Ag.at
to Attend to;my bhsinau tillffayirtQU. ^I<uuIsVy9
, , dee 31?Im?
STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, \ .r,"' . ' . . .
? ?fAui?hurg Dhttrtei. ( "-?Jtt?l?
Iiy P. A. MoMK'lIAKL, Esq., Ordinary.
Wtir.RF..\s, V. D. V. Jamison, Commissioner lo
Equity hathmade suit to me't^. f?rnut'.JSi^? JifrtfrHT^
Administration'of the *Esbife""ar.?'. "EiicciSOi Absafora
St reman, deceased, ? *'? C j? ' k
These are therefore to city and adriioidsh all and
singular the kindred and creditors of the said AbVa.
loin SU'oman, dec. thiyMhey lie ami afl?ear before tut^jj
in the Colirl ofHVrJfimiVy. to bo held at'Oratigeburg "
on thcr'JOth day of January next, after publications
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to shew cause, -
if any they- have, why the sajd .administration
should n6tbO gVanled.* ,J V| T A T I ! ^1
Given MiMt?ety> !!n:td V.ds l^h -d..y of Wccra'.
her, Anno Domini, .21>4 , - v, . v
P. A. McMtCHAEL, O. (i. D.
dec 14 d 'y 40
W'itl RF?^H.D^N' TniM-litST M?NDAVlV^
January ncit, ,iu?t tfter Sheriff's Sales, to
foreclose mortgage nuiflien; in favor of R..P. Ant,
ley against J. II. Harden, the following property j
Two Horses ami one Ingeln.'1 '
Also at Hid Plunlalloil of J. II. Harden, on
the Thursday after Saleday. fifty, biishrls Corir. mere
or less, twelve bushels Hiec, min e or less, four bush*
els Peas, more or less, 2000 ]umnds Ffdder. more or
less, lot Cow Feed, one Stack Fodder, two Stark?
Pointoe fSlijis, Jwenjy bushels Potatoes.|iiore,or.leifc?i<i
2600 pduMU? Se'eM I'litfoii. more or fess. one Lar||a7
Pot, one Saddle, two pairs (tears and bit Plantation
Tools. Terms cash; J. W. II. DUKES,
dec2i~td A8'?!!l.
uBurnham's Drug Store."'
^t^ention of my. friends and tbosg of Jmy jfJ
father fo the large stock of Drugs; Perifuntvf f
cry, Dye Stuffs and Patent Medicines,
which will be sold low for cash, such n? '
Quinine, Opium, Lobelia, bum hams Godfreys Cora
dinl and Jialsam Tilljtington, &C., Ac., either winde? ' '
sale or retail. '. *
Call and examine my Stock. n% it is no (rouble ti|
show my Goods. _ s. ) {' i *? > )
before the war. If. ?. 1U iiMlAM. '
sept 2\~'J\n CbiUlcttyii, S. C,

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