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" TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM, j- CiOI) AN O " O'l '? Tl ^^^H|^^|^^^^^^^^^|H^^H|^^^|^^H
Nine Years' Exprience
TOILBT articles,'
I i
1 hart on hand also a auplj of
Pcrcriptiona carcfuly compounded, orders
from the country otrichly attended to at tho
Poplar Drug Store of
Jen 23 1874 ly
._?vir --. ?r_
over Wllcook'a & Wolfe's Store, with
satisfaction to aU, by
ml oi ^iMIB^at;.
O $>WcuX&&kM*t;b& Bo-fofcfnd afr his
? OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
Q&L^tfH bix?
References?Das. J. P. Patkick;, B. A.
MvoKEMrnss, A. P. Pelzeb, M. D., and
.Mrssbs. Pblzkb, Rodqbbs & Co. j
.To the Afflicted!
1 Wob CURED of CANCER on the lip by
Dr. T. R. MA LONE.
?"^^"^ ?fcj DAV1Si ^
Rontowles, S. C.
I was cured of CANCER on tbr; right
check, of three years standing, by Dr. T. it.
MA LONE, of Orangeburg, 8. C<
St Matthew?, S. C.
$5 to $ 20
Per Day at Home. Terms free.
Address Q. 8T1NS0N & CO.,
Portland, Maine,
jan 29 1875 ly
N 0 T hC E
MOSES M. BROWN, tho Rarb cr pledges
himself to keep up with tho times in all the
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, as his business is
sufficient to gurantee tho above. He will
be found at Ins old stand, ever ready to
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
npl 11 . ? . :? . 80
?&||te & SONS,
ALADDIN seco?l:iv
Warranted 150 Degrees Firo Teat.
fburns in all
it. Ask for "Aladdon Security," and
take no ether.
113 and 116 W. Lombard St.,
oet 24?24 Baltimoro, Md.
^^^Amtimff?orcsC\/ffl^Vn Mio&C
Township, well settled, Oin Houso with Gin
Ss* Km paieSat $ti^Pr noTc!
Term easy.
FARM otf Vld Orangcburg Road, 7 miles
f :^,n-;,y wn"~^5.0 ncros- 1>ric0
0 JUI'?
One 8TO
Ulli I',.
One BUILDINfr fVOT Sir Bussel Street
Attorney at Law,
sfcpt Vf-^tt ' ?VtAigobin*g, 8. cv
Oranoedurq S. C,
Fob. 13tb 1875.
Tho Annual mooting of tho Orange
burg Agricultural and Mechanical As
sociation wns hold this merning at tho
Fair Building.
Thojinecting org?n'izod by'oall irig
Dr. T. A. Elliott to tho chair, and Mr.
J; W; Patrick was requested to act oa
iJ3*o&tiu^A~A^baj?rit7 of tho stook
being ropresonted tho chair announced
; a quorum present, and tho mooting
! ready for business.
Dr. W. F. Barton, President of the"
Association being absent, Mr. 8. Dibble
from tho Board of Directors submitted
tho Annual report of tho Board, vi:-: :
! To the Stockholders o/ the
Mechanical Association;
! The Board of Directors respectfully
r^ubSiff\ho f?ll?vring report:
['???'TW"Board\ V<ongrattimtes the Stook
j holders upon the iinprovod condition of
I the Association. A comparison of tho
hs&tcASoi of ?hfe TBasur?r, this yoar
with last yoar's statement, shows that
the finances are in better oondition thoju
at the last meeting. Tho Annual Fair
[<jff ^f?;jndt?i^AW'diog lYwas hold
during tho pendency of tho general
election realized a profit of 82&9 81.
Tho ground3 of tho Asaooiatiou aro in
process of improvement,-trees h&vo&eo n
planted, some fencing has been built,
and arrangements hove beea entere d
into fur the cultivation of such parts of
the ground as can be routed for that
purpose, and tho various special re
sources for income have boon utilized,
so as to-make the property pay n$ much
''as possible. ^ ?
In addition to the profits of tho l&et
Annual Fair, we had on hand, at its
closer, premiums enough for a Floral
"Fair5 ehls-^*prlug, but chey wur&'bAiA?^
Unately destroyed in tho store lately
occupied by the Treasurer, in the
conflagration of January 5th 1875.
Tho B&tfcT of Dnectt rV, consider
that ample opportuuity has been
furnished to all who desired to take
stook in the Association to do so; and
thoy recommend, that tho stockholders,
by resolution, express their opinion on
this matter, and if the wish of the stook
holders is in accordance with tho views
of tho Directors, the Board which will
bo this day elected, can thou take the
proper constitutional steps to fix tho
stock at the numfie Kbf shares thought
?proper ?yV lbs Stockholders. All of
^ntidpu iHij ff^ij/ 11 'ii 1
J G Wannamaker,
S Dibble,
L R Beckwitii,
M J Keller,
Board of Directors.
Tho Treasurer's report was then sub
mitted and on motion both Wire reoeived
An information.
The following resolution was unan
ixnatisly adopted:.? ..
Resolved, That ample opportuntity
has been afforded to all who may desire
stuck of tho Association, (now stauding
at a maxium of 300 shares, of whieh
208 have beon takon) and it is tho opin
ion of tho stockholders that tho Board
should take steps to havo a mooting of
tho stockholders to fix tho stook at 225
The olection of Directors boing next
in order, Col. P S Felder moved that tho
same Board be continued for tho on
suing yoar. Mr J G- Wannamaker
having declined re-election, Mr. 'H
Riggs was nominated to fill the
vacanoy, and Col Folder's motion was
then unanimously carried. The following
gentlemen oompoao tho Board, viz:
j-Meskrs W ^ Barton, F H W Brigg
[mann, M J Koller, S Dibble, L R
Bcokwitbj 0 B Riloy and H itigge.
' The following rcsolutiou was adopted
> . Resolved^ That. wo dcom it the duty
nlookholdcr to exhibit come
thing at our Fairs, and should actively
use; their influence with neighbors and
friends to contribute both by exhibiting
artiolos, and their personal attendance
?? this .Fair.
Tho following resolutions woro also
ad?pU?:*r o
Resolved, That tho Soorotary havo
the proceedings of this meeting pub
ll&hod in the Couuty papers that will do
ii free of charge.
i No other business, on motion the
meeting adjourned, and by invitntion
partook of a lunch provided by Dr. W
F Barton. ?
The Board of Directors met qfter the
adjournment of tlioj Association, and re
elected Dr. W F Barton.president.
Secretary and Treasuror.
taw-Mnkiug in Hawaii.
' In Hawaii.the,legislature, composed
of -a Blouse, of Nobles and a Douse of
Representative.!, makes the laws, but if
their Aots are not approved by the
King, they havo no effect. The nobles'
are made by the King, and the roprrscu
tatives are elected by. the people. In
order to be a voter, one must havo a
oertain income nod bo of good standing
in tho community; and where woaien
possess theao requirements, they have
the^privilege of yotiug. Cut of the
'eleven representatives, fivo aro women.
Any man who drinks or swears cannot
tit on a Jury. There aro uo beggars,
? every man and woman who is able being
compelled to work, aud the Covern
mcut gives employment to those who
have none. Tho two predominating
religions are the Catholic aud Congrcga
tional. It is customary for young wo
men to "pop the question" to young
men. Crimes involving social virtue
and.purity are punished by heavy ?uos,
and Sabbath breaking aud swearing by
small tines. Ii' a woniau's husband
absents himself from her fouryeirs she
can marry again, and the code of laws
has this provision: "If two marriod por
sens do not live happily together, but
quarrel, and become famous for the
same, they shall be confined in irons j
"each night separately in the s aiuo celf"
until they cease quarrcliug."
A Burst of Eloquonco.
Western oloquence continues'Still t>
improve. A Wisconsin reporter sends
us the following sketch. A lawyer in
Milwaukco was defending a haudso ue
young woman accused of stealing fro u a
largo unoccupied buildiu g in the night
time, and thus he spoke in conslusion :
. "Gentlemen of the jury, 1 am done.
When I gazo with enraptured eyes on
the matchless beauty of this peorlcsn
virgin, on whoso resplendent charms
suspicion never dared to breathe; when
I behold her radiant iu tho glorious
bloom of lustrous lovlincss which
nugclic sweetness might envy but could
uot eclipse; before which the star ou
the brow of tho uiglit grows pale, and
the diamonds of Brazil are dim;aud
then reflect upon the utter madness r.nd
folly of supposing that so much beauty
would expose itself to the terrors of au i
ompty building iu the cold, damp dead
of the uight, wheu innocence like hers
is biding itself among the snowy pillaws
of repose; gentlemen of the jury, my
feelings aro too overpowering for ox
prossiou, and I throw her iyto your
arms for protcotioti against this foul
charge, which the outrageous malice of
a disappointed scoundrel has invented
to blast tho fair namo of this lovely
maiden, whose smiles shall be the ro
ward of the vcrdiot which I know you
will give." She wus acquitted
Sheepskin Mais.
To make shcopskin mats wash, while
fresh in strong soapsuds, first picking
from tho wool all the dirt tint will eotoo
oat. A little kerosene, a tablespoonful
to the gallon of water, will aid in re
moving the impurities. Continue to
wash tho ski n in fresh suds till it is
white and tloan. Then dissolve a half
a pound cath o( salt an 1 alum iu throe
pints of boiling water, put it into water
cover tho skin, which should bo soaked
into tho solution twelve hours, and then
bo hung on a lino to drain. When
dearly dry, mill it wool side1 in on a
board, or the side of a barn to dry. Rub
into the skia an ounca oaoh of pulvert %
ed alum and saltpetro; and if the skin is
largo doublo the quantity. Hub for
an hour or two. Fold tho skin sides
together, aud bang the mat away for
threo days, rubl
till perfectly drj
kuifo clour tho
it with puiuicc oj
into shape, and
that will last a
Just at tho'
tice Carpenter
ness. Ho had n
Robinsou had
Ho called on
for liquor, ca
drank enough
ho called for
lied came"ho ca]
. ,<lI was hav'u!
pluincd, winking
"John Robiu
this is a vory I
Court; ' a worl
aches i o one i
that tho grim |
on every doors
stones in the (u
bcr the trees 3
wniliug in every
son; there's gr
yet you claim th
a little fun."
"That's all,
"It was
NYhilc all Hit
off and mak
solves, you
an alley t
or sixty day
be for a a Chi
make it
cau tel
" Well V
<:Casoy wasu'/sober,'' c ) itin i cd the
old janitor.
His Honor
lime wit hou t
'?The prison
you ever sit
another pun
tally shot next
ask mo for
mot u meht."
regarded him fur a long
pjeakiiig, but finally said :
r cau go. and, I'ij.ih. if
down ou this Court with
\lio that, and arc acei le 1
day, your friends ui(isn't
Any mou cy to help buy a
Cittcjiiii; TUrites,
A South Amcricnn traveller tolls
how the Conthds capture turtles, which
are an imports ut nntiulu of diet with
them. Iii the night the turtlss come
out of the rivKviu largo numbers to lay
their eggs, '(f ho C onibos, squatting, or
kneeling uud?r their leafy sheds, and
keeping prolynul silence, await the
moment for n>ction. The turtles, who
separate thonnsulvoa into dotaehtiiQuis
on leaving tlno w.itur, dig rapidly with
their tore fett a trduoh often two hu i
drod yards le ng, and alwiys lour feet
broad by two deep They apply them
selves to their work with suah zial that
sand Hies about tliotn envelops thorn as
iu a log. As soou as thny are satisli id
that their ttjcnoh is largo enough thoy
depdsitj-in it their soft-shelled oggj to
the number of Iron forty to seventy,
and with their hind feet quickly fill up
the trcuch.j In this c uitest of paddling
foot more than one turtle, tumbled over
by his companions, rolls into the trench
and is buncd alive. Hall an hour is
enough for tho accomplishment ot this
tusk. The turtles thou make it disor
derly rush for the river. Now tho mo
ment has arrived for which the Conibos
havo anxiously waited. At a given sig
nal tho whole ban I si 1 le nly riso from
their lurking pi io n ait 1 dash oil' in
pursuit of tho amphibia, not to cut o f
their retreat ?for th -y wo ild th jinlol visa
bo trampled under foot b/ tho round -si
squadrons?but to rush upon their
Hanks, seize them by their tills, and
throw thetn ou their buk* i> :f > >: tlti
turtles bare disappeared, a thousind
prisoners often rjmiiu in tho h in Is i f
the assailant)).
Tho only pusoitl which a girl got the
mittcu from her lovor is reported in
'ferro Haute. Butsho.married him iu
spite of it. It is tho eaao of Bvo M.
Slaughter, who married Joseph W.
Mitteu. Uf course she pulled him ou.
AUG. ifT^NOWLTQ$l,j?g
fei? 1:5?'U Jiitlgc of Probate.
My Ipntsc went down with the fir>- : toy
\TuCK wVht up with iIn- jtft'nieV; but 1 am
ri' a; .in.
Is filled with GOODS of a quality to suit
the varied wants of my customers.
To those ?ho patronize nie.
1 !i ivc in nbuudaucc
Give me a cull 0110 and all.
jitti 30 1S7? ihn
Horses and Mules
.T, GE?. VOTE'S STOlti:.
Where you will find a COMPLETE slock
of the finest HOUSES find MULES that ran
he procured from the II EST MARKETS in
th>' United Stales'.
Our prices range front $?Q 'o $2"J.">. All
orders ti lied at the shortest notice
If our Block on hind do not please wc
will order for von at onee.'
dec IS 1^71 Ulli
Notice of Dismissal.
One month from 141? - I shall file, with the
Probate Judge of Ofurtgoburg I'minty. my
final account as Executor of Will of C. J?
Avillger and ask for a Discharge front such
Exocutorship. DANIEL A VING ER.
Orangeburg, January 80, l87-">. It
Sale Under Mortgage.
l'.y viituo of a MoMya^e Executed and
?1 olive red to .1. .?. G. Sellers,^by Abrain
Shu lor dated Feb. 2Utli 1874, I will sell at
Oraugoburg in trout of the Sheriffs office,
on Moiulay the first day <>l March next,
one Mouse colored Mule, seized under said
Terms Gash.
February 12th 1875.
feb 18 1875 ;it
Sale Under Mortgage.
Ry virtue of a Mortgage Executed and
delivered to .1. & O. Sellers, by Wesley
llobiiisoii tinted 14th Feb. I87f>, 1 will sell
at Orangeburg in front of the Sheriffs oflioo
on Monday tlio first day of March next one
dark bay Mule, ni d on Tuo. day following
at tho rcsidenco of Georo Midlers, do
Bushels of Cotton Seed and tt Rushels of
Corn. Seized under said Mortgage.
Terms Cash.
. Februar PJth 1875.
feb 1(1 1S75 ?t
In Common Pleas.
J. W. II. Dukes, Plaintiff, \ Judgment
against V of
(.!. V. Patrick, Defendant, j Foreclosure.
By virtue of the Judgment ef Foreclasure
herein; I will sell at Orangcburg on the
first Monday* in March next: 1
All ur so much of that plantation or
tract of land situate in the county of Or
angfhurg, ahout two miles above Branch
villc, on the Columbia branch of the So. Ca.
Hail Head, containing two hundred acres
more or less, being all the tract as by plat
made by L. M. Ott, dr.tcd Juno Oth, 1809,
except ten aorta, tho said ten acres to be
cut oil' as follows; the lino known ao the
Bruce line, running S. W. to abovo the field
now planted hy (sum, then to run out far
enough to inako te:i acrjs back to land of
B. A. Fairey. The above ten acres to bo
on the South West corner of said survey?
as will Ihonmount now due ou tho bond and
mortgage of the Defendant, or secured
Terms cash, or as modified and mado
known on day of sale. Purchaser to pay
fur papers aud recording. \
George Bolivor, na Clerk
of Court C. t. of
Drangeburg County,
D. .1. Quigly, as Trustee ? ef
of .lames Brown nnd
Klizabcth Brovra his
wife, an.1 .lames Brown
and Elizabeth Brown. J
By virtue of the judgment of foreclosure
herein, I will sell ut public outcry, fit
Orangcburg C. II., ou tho first Monday in
Marub next:
1. All that tract of land with thebulldiaga
thereon, tdtnatc in tho Town of Orangcburg
in said State, bounded oa tho East by
Shmuol Clark's lot, on the South by Amelia
Street, 'on the North by tho old jail let, and
on the West hy Windsor 8troet.
2. Als? that other tract or lot of land,
situate in tho said Town and containing two
acres, more or less, bounded en tho North
by-Street, on tho South by the lotof
tho residence of the late John Marohunt,
ou ihn Hast by D. Louis'lot and on the
West by Windsor Street, and known as the
old jnil lot?lleirig . and 1
sold ami conveyed to D. J. Quigley, as
Trustee by the Sheriff of ,<uid County.
Terms?Due third cash, b ilauco in two
equal semi '.annual instalments, with ia
lei est from day of aale, aud secured by
bond und Mortgage of tho premises.
Purchasers to pay for papers and recording.
Augustus 11. K-iowlton, Judge 1
of P.abate ' I Judgment y
vs f of /
Thud. C. Androws. J ForeclcMUjfo
By virture of tho judgement ofJwe
closure, in this action jib-1 October 21th
j IHi i, 1 will sell nl Orangcburg C. if. on the
first Monday in March noxt. /
All that lot of land with tho buildings
thereon, nituato and boin^in tho Town of
I Drangeburg at the foofof Market Street,
containing ouo fourth of an acre, moro or
leBs, and bounded hy lands of F. M. Rogers,
II. Rigga and WtJmni Mitchell.
Tram* Cash/. Purchasers to fpay for
papers und r(voiding.
ShyiTa Office, ) E.I.Cain,
Orang?tfurg C. II., S. C, \ B. O. Q
/ib. Hh, 1876. j
foVS-j * td

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