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Nine Years' Exprience
BRUSH?S, and
I havo on hnnd also a suply of
PercriptionB ca^ efuly compounded, orders
from the country Btriokdy attended to at the
Poplar Drug Store of
jan28 ' 1874 ly
? In its MOST IMPROVED STYLE, and at
a reasonable price, is executed at
?yer Wilcock's & "Wolfe's Store, with
satisfaction to all, by
L. S. WOLFE, Assooiat
1 B. F. MUCKENFUSS, Dentist
OF CHARLESTON, can bo found nt his
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
ket Street
References?Dns. J. P. Patrick, B. A.
Muckkxfubs, A. I'. Pblzkr, M. D., and
Mkssrs. Pklzbr, Ruuoehs & Co.
To the Afflicted!
I was CURED of CANCER the lip by
Dr. T. R. M ALONE.
Respectfully yours, \
j. w. Davis.
I was cured of CANCER on tho right
clink, of three years stnnding, by Dr. T. It.
? MALONE, of Oraugcburg, ?. 0.
V St Matthews, S. C.
? S5 to S 20
Per Day at Dome. Termb free.
Address G. ST IN SON & CO.,
Portland, Maine,
jan 20 1876 ly
MOSES M. BROWN, the Barber pledges
himself to keep up with the times hi all the
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, ns his business ia
sufficient to gnruntcc tho above. lie will
be found at hiu old stand, ever ready to
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
apl 11 80
Warranted 150 Degrcea Firo Teat.
rns-in all])
Ask for "Alndden Security," and
no othor.
118 and 115 W. Lombard St.,
oot 24?24 Baltimoro, Md.
Abont,1000 acres of LAND in Middle
Township, well settled, Oin House with Giii
and GriBt Mill. Blacksmith Shop and
And Tools. In one parcel at $8.25 per aorc.
Torm easy.
FARM on Old Orongcburg Road, 7 miles
from town?250 acres. Prioe^$1675. Well
SETTLED. Terms easy.
One STORE and LOT in Orangeburg.
One BUILDING LOT on Russel Street.
Apply to
Attorney at Law, ^
If cspt 17 ? Orangoburg, 8. G.W^
Unappreciated Shakespeare.
A few days ago young Gurlcy, whoso
father lives on Croghan street, organi
zed a theatrical company and purchas
ed tho dime novel piny of "Hamlet-'
The company consisted of three boya
and a hostler, and Mr, Gurley's hired
girl was to bo tho 'Ghost' if the truopc
could guurauteo her fifty cents per
Young Q urlcy suddenly bloomed out
aB a professional, and when his moth
er asked him to briug in some wood ho
replied :
'J hough I am penniless thou canst
not degrade me.'
'You trot out after that wood or I'll
have your father trounce you !' she ex
'The tyraut who lays his baud upon
me shall die/ replied thq'bey, but he
got tho wood. ' '
Ho was out on the step when a man
camo along and asked htm-where Lafay
etto street was, J
'Doomed for a certain time to roam
tho earth !' replied Gurley in a hoarse
voice, and holding his right arm out
straight. ,
'I say?you ! "Where is Lafayette
street ?' called the man.
'Ah?could the dead but speak ah !'
continued Gurley.
Tho mau drove him into the house,
u nd his mother sent him to the grocery
after potatoes.
'I go, most noble duchess,' he said
as he took up the basket, 'but my good
sword shall some day evengo these in
suits.' ' "
Ho knew that the grocer favored the
atricals; and wheu ho got there he ask
'Art thou provided with a storo of
'What in thunder do you want ?' ask
cd the grocer, us be cleaned the cheese
knife ou a p eco of paper.
'Thy plebian miud is dull of com pre
hensiou,' answered Gurley.
'Don't try to got off any of your non
seuse on me, or I'll crack your empty
pnte iu u minute,' roared the grocor,
and 'Hamlet' had to como down from
his high horse and ask for a peck of
'What made you so long, asked his
mother as ho returned.
'Thy graye shall be dug In the cy
press glade !' ho haughtily answered.
When his father camo home at noon
Mrs. Gurley told him that she believed
the boy was going crazy and related
what had occurred
'I sec what ails him,' mused the fath
er; 'this explains why he hangs arouud
Johttsou's barn so much.'
At the dinner table young Gurley
spoke of bis father as tho 'illustrious
i mm.' and when his mother asked him
if he would have some butter gravy he
i answered :
'The appetite of a warrior cannot be
satisfied wilh such oonsence.'
When the meal was over his father
went out to his fuvoritc shade trco, cut
a sprout, and the boy was askedjjto step
into tho woodshed and see if the pen
stock was frozen up. He fouud the
old man there and he said.
'Why, most noblo, lord I supposed
thee far away.'
'I'm not so far away but what I'm
going to make you skip,' growled the
father. 'I'll show you how to fool
around with ton cent tragedies ! Como
up here!'
For about ten minutes tho woodshed
was full of dancing feet, flying arms
and moviug bodies, and then tho old
man took a rest and inquired.
?There, your royal highness, dost
thou want any moro V
'Oh ! no, dad?not n darned bit I'
wnilod the young 'manager,' and while
the father started for down town he
went in and sorrowfully informed the
hired girl that ho must oanccl her en
gagoment until t he fall season.?Detroit
Frvc iVcss.
While on tho stand tostifyiug in the
Dcochor Tiltou caso, Moulton, a leading
witnoss, received news of the sudden
death of his mother. Ho did not know
sho was ill until tho news of her death
American Girls.
A French traveler, who has recently
passed some mouths on this side uf tho
Atlantic, furnishes the Hcvuc de* Deux
Mondes quito a lengthy sketch of life
aud manners iu America. Without
comment wo givo that portion of his
sketch in which reference is ninde to
tho manners nud custoiucs of the
average American girl. We ituugioo,
however, that the picture drawu will be
readily reeogoized. Tho writer says :
The young American girls only live
to have tho best,possible time. They
are as free as can be. Fortunately their
exaggerated lovo of pleasure is cheeked
by a calculating temperament, which
saves them from many a fall. Thou
tho laws of tiie country protect them
more ellicieully than ours would against
tho enterprise of the male intriguer.
They do not, however, prevent many
abuses, and fast young ladies are by no
means a rarity iu tho city of New York.
During the day they go With some
friends or with tho escort of hita.who
has the privilege to flirt with theni to
tho Central Turk. In winter thoy go
sleighing and skating, and air their
curiosity in all tho stores of Broadway.
There they get all sorts of goods spread
out before themj they ask tho price of
each aud buy none. The impassive
sale-man dots not show the least sij;n of
discontent. There is a peculiar word
for that singular custom. It is 'shop
ping.' Auother custom which is largely
practiced by American ladies is to outer
oouftotioneiy shops and take ice creams
at every opportunity. * * *
Iu the evening the sa no young ladies
are seen at the theaters au?\ in the
fashionable eating saloons. If a great
ball is given nnywhore you may bu ?uro
to meet them there. Iu the sma^jr
-tney?A'i<tt#^ ttr ^WnjiTri^^p^veos'r^i^^irs
Saratoga, hong lirauuh and Newport,
where several times a day they
make a display of dresses which might
ruin a score of husbands; or they cross
the ocean aud astonish European folks
by their merry freaks. * * * .Many
people accustomed to our habits would
uot fancy such girls for wives, au I they
may not bu wrung: but tho truth is th at
these gay, light hearted, and ?lten
dangerously imprudent girls, make in
the end excellent wives and mothers.
liaising an Excitement
When one ol the chaps of ton or
twelve years of age feels old satan bub
bing up ho reads the iinun on the tloor?
plate of a private residence, rings the
bell, and when the lady appears ho re
marks ;
'Your name is Jones, I believe ?'
'You arc J ones' wife ?'
'Couldn't be your husband who got
hurt down town ?'
'Mercy ! What is it?who V
'Don't get excited, Missus, (here's
lots of Joneses iu Detroit, aud 'taiut
likely this was your Jones.'
'Hut it was?oh ! I know it was!'
'Be cool, Missus : This 'ere Jones
had his head all busted in live pieces,
and the coroner is now?'
'Ob! my pour husband! Where is
he V
'Don't get excited, Missus; it may be
your Joues, but 1 guess not. This 'ere
Jones had red hair, and-1
'Are you sure?oh ! are you j'
'1 hain't sure, but I'm going down
that way and I'll get a boy to c one
He hurries off, she rushes in, and
when Joues comes home to dinner be
loams that bIic has been in a lainti 'g
spell ever since tho boy loft.
A few days since a seedy person ap
pliod to a wealthy citizen for help, and
received tho small sum of five cents.
Tho giver remarked as be handed him
tho pittance. 'Take it, you are welcome
our oars arc always open to the distress
cd.' 'That may bo,' replied the roospi
cut, 'but nevsr before in my life have I
seen so small an opeuing for such large
-?????.???.??? ?
Brigham Yroung is still able to sit up
and be married occasionally.
How Lithography was fyiscoyercd.
After tho 1 rst triumphant perform
auco of Mozti i'a opera'Don Juan,' at
Munich, the t icatre was deserted by all
except ouo n iu. Alois Senucfclder
had still muclj to do. After seeing
carefully around the stage, that no
sparks bad ijjhited ab mt the theatre ,
he retired to'llis little room to stump
the theatre tiotels for the following d iy .
As he entered the room he had three
things in his baud?a polished whet
stone lor razors, which he had purchas
cd, a ticket stamp moistened with
printers' ink. and a check on the then
tie treasury ?br his wectciy pay. Hb
placed the cVjck on a table, when a
gust of windtook itswopt/it high up m
his room for a momcjAt, and then de
posited it iujUi Kastn filled with water.
Senuefelder tV?kJ the wot paper, d ried
it as well as he could, and then, to make
sure of it, weighted it down with the
whetstone, 0,1 w!ii<:!i he had before
curolcssiy placed the printing stamp,
llcturuing tu his r.>o:n on tho following
looming, hejwa* surprised to see the
letters of tie stamp printed with re
marknble ae.uracy upoti the damp
paper. He azed long at the check; a
sudden thoi ;ht flashed through his
braiu; ho \f didercd if by some such
means ho Jlull net save himself the
Weary tr?."!????_? he COUtiuually had copy
ill'' the SOOR
uioruinu bei went out and.Durchusod n
lurgcr stonej
finally buoc
of the chorus.
ly lia? copy
That very
o! printing f4"n &;one?lithography
JTltt Midnight Sun.
and commenced to make
and, as we all kuow.
ded in diseovoriu" the art
Ti'.C I
traveler, tn
reached oil
north the h
tho horizon
; cudulum in
father's par'
silent, looki
both- hands
midnight ti
of gold, run
water betv.
shone iu sil
setting. NY
hats; no wo
you cau, tl
su nset you
Ftrotehed away in silent
r foet, s ivs a Xorway
ouk off Our
Combine, ii'
jiiant suurisu and
saw, and its beaut ic.;
will pale l oforc the gorgeous coloring
which now 1st up the ocean, heaven au 1
mountain, l.n half an hour tho sun h id
swept up perceptibly ou his beat, the
colors channel to those ol morning, a
fresh brcczt rippled over the flood, one
songster al'te^r* unothcr piped up in the
gravo behind us ? A'o bad slid into
another day.j t
How iu Little Hoy Died
A Virginia City (Nov.) paper has
this little 'paragraph : "Little Eddie
Nye, who w;is run over by a flat car last
evening, and was so badly injure 1 that
he died next morning, was a rare bright
child, und 'one of tho bust children in
the city. d>ust before he died lie sang
?The Beautiful Kiver,' with a voice ;:s
sweet as though ho bad caught the tones
from the Softer shore, ou tho brink of
which his ispirit was then trembling.
Atter the sotig he repeated a little
prayer wliiCh his mother had taught
him. The child all his lite ha I a lisp,
but Iiis last prayer fell from his tongue
without a halt or quaver, but rathe,
steady and clear, ami yet with a tar oil"
tone, as though another's voice of
infinite swoc-tuois had scizod upon his
lips iu the supreme moment, to leave an
echo in his anguished mother's ears
which should last as long as lifo. Short
ly uficr the little prayer, the stiuiiy eyes
closed and little llddte was gone. Oil
Sunday hit! funeral attracted the whole
city, and there was not a dry eye
around the gear child's bter.'
'Whore a |fOmansays Mrs. Parting
ton, 'has bocll married with a congeal
iug heart, add OUO that beat s desponding
to her own, .-'he will never want to en
tcr the luaai/iinc state agaiu.'
The Way to Conquer.
*T* 11 master it,' said au axe, aud his
blows fell heavily on the iron; but every
blow made his edge more blunt, till he
ceased to Btriko.
'Leave it to me,' said tho saw; and
with his relentless teeth be workod
backward and forward on its surface
till they were all worn down or brol:co;
he fell aside.
'IIa ! ha i' said tho hammer, 'I know
you wouldn't succocd; I'll show you the
way.' Hut at his fierce stroke off How
his bead nod the iron remained as be
'Shr.il I try?' asked ^tboji^?111
flame. Now ri?-g?Wr^rwpTlctTtho flame;
.i ..>ni ],.. ^etffved gently around tiie iron,
embraced it, and never left it until it
incited under bis irresistible influence.
There are hearts hard enough to re
sist the force of wrath, the malice of
persecution', and the fury of pride, so as
to make their acts recoil ou their
adversaries; but there is a power
stronger than any ol these and hard in
deed is the heart that can resist love.
Distressing Accident
Near Milan, West Tennessee, a dis
tressiug accident reojntly occurred, re |
suiting in tlio death id'an accomplished
young lady. A pistol bad been for
week s lyiug on the uiantoLpiuOJ o: one
of the rooms of the house Knowing
it to be unloaded, the young lady and
bor sistar had frequently handled it
catcdpssly, and playfully tbreateuod to
shoot each other, Bat ono'day their
brother, intending to leave home the
next morning, loaded the pistol and left
it lying ou the mantel, so as not to fol
get it when ho went away. The young
ladies came in tho apartment after din
red, tho
of her sister,
an l^ expired soon
-?.3T- ? ? ? CK TU?. - ? -
A 3i. ss of It
A Washington correspondent of the
Chicago Inter- Ocean writes: Not only
is it slippery outside, but indoors tuo,
and at one of the swell germ i-h i few
nights ago throe couples loll on the
floor, polished not wisely but too well.
Our of the si\- was the belle of the ball
?the beiie of every ball sha graces?
tail and stately and haughty. W hat a
lall was there! She was lo idiug; she
was the best dressed woman there; she
was the focus of admiration; sh \ caught
her dainty toot iu another girl's flouueo,
and while tho women were envying and
the men adoring her she tumbled, in a
confused heap of laces and ribbons aud
flounces, and her partner, iu the middle
of the room ! She was up iu a moment,
sl aking out her mill ;d plumage and
swallowing the mortification with lovely
smiles. Cut. she turned and looked at
the girl who tripped her; and merciful
heavens, what a look !
A busy housewife was siltin ; in u
doorway plying her needle. Her bus
band was lounging on the rail, when his
foot slipped, and he bruised bis knee on
the door step. -Oh," said he groining,
"1 hive broken the bone, I am sure!"
"Well, thou." sai I she, n ddiug u,? h tr
needle with its eye brokea out, "you and
I have done very ucarly the same
thing." "How so?" 'Why, don't you
see?" Said she; ' l have broken tho eyo
of the needle, matt and you h ive broken
the knee of the idle luau."
A fellow who hid under a sofa at an
informal Boston missionary meeting,
says that the thirty live ladies spoke
twice of the downtrodden heathen and
more than a .hundred times of a now
kind of hair die.
A western farmer complains that a
book ami ladder company has been or
giinlzcd iu bis neighborhood. Jlc states
that the ladder is used after night for
climbing iuto Iiis chicken houJQ, after
which the hooking is Jjuo.
Items. \\ jTJia
A j Chicago newspaper . discribes a
dress! which it took sk toourtis tcr nuko.
Wjhou you boo a young goat -
can y"ou call it a oise of ki^l uappin ? .
Alaoy uaou are Ilk^ ^o^t|haL iya|???
in Bilaum's oaso th it tho IU
a speaking oqc.
Tljie cheupe.^t thing in 't\ij?jAP&eil
onlv i
ha at the pros^mt^^8
vjWfug thi list yotr tbo' Union
paid 81,021:, 819' taxes .to-tho
Wy\ itia itn ao
Wo mount to fortune ,byj eovoral
stops, but require only one step to come
1 ' 1 r .. ft -rf.i i..<?Ijuf
It has been estimated that the great
American nation smokes 5,1G3, 000 et
gars a day. ?.<*#* ?*- t,,,,,< ;
lied used on a railrord signifies dan
ger, and says stop. Lt is tho same thing
displayed oh a man's nodo.Jf'9<* ^
When Stooptea married his'ffl^iRFe
he sent the usual noticl to.' tli; pipsrJ
with tho addition, 'To bo . ppntljia?^/
A vinegar hoartod old, baoheleficM^s
lie always looked Uedorf, the,: head.,pf
'marriages' for tho uows. pf the week.
? . ?. t i ? t ii noil
Why should tho m,ilo seXjJaTojd
the letter a ? Because it mako* man
tj v/>ao<a
Tho California St:.te prison has 1,000
inmates. Of thise i GO'are1 udder tffr&n
ty one, and 2-ti under twouty>sii' years
of age, ? -!0jubo^ ihidw
A mn??>ny Hpropcrly t?& t^h?TQ
been drtpVug lifla fish whxjn he finds
that he h?i takcBnough .to mako his
hVadswiun; j? ?
iLenYy- to ' Uc economical ? v$ion* J$U
arc p.-ospjrons, that .yo'a* inaykdoW nrjtjr
to live without spoadia.z -md'^j
?pKiiivc no no
Never trust with a secrot a married,
man who loves his wife, tor ha will "Ml
her, and she will tell her sister, ynd^h^r
sister will tell eve/yboly.
A convicted criminal ucver objects .to
the grammcr of the juJgc but he d?esHt
like to have him show it dff iu court by
passing a long sentence. . ' ' .da
Tho young man who came bear the
ing transixed by o i? of Cuyid/s darts,
remarked that he h id had an, arrpvr^jt^s
cape. *
;> ? (Iii > 'T-^^fOOJUO,
A man is nj danger as^ loag^Wk.fte
talks love, but when ho^jjll^j^he is
impaling himself on his owa pot {hooks
most effect aal ly. 'I
it is estimated that ons 'h uharcd
young women stand ready to*do copylfig
at two dollars per week where: one ia
willing to du plain cooking at doublo
tl,at SU,U- ? a*t?
A vessel has just loft. San, Francisco
for Liverpool with a cargo of 156.000
busliels of wheat. This is tho largest
cargo of that grain that ha*'
cd the ocean. 1 ? 'tt8*
A horso who is in th'4 If ibit bf-gBaV
ing his crib oin bo cured of tho practice
by applying a strong wash , of ? cayenne
pepper and hot water, or. (a .floating 0pf
tar to the crib
' * . nil V,d ,bjinb*b
-.-- -- .
i?., uul r'i^qo'tjcat jflBmP
up AGOTr:,
My house went down with tho fire^nay
VTorK wont up with1 th?'naffl&l bhtXam
again. -((tA \ 000,000,11
MY" 1STE3W "s*r?i^fe
-x .!?? rtuej'ii ?di
I? fill od with goods of a quail ty to -suit
tho varied wants of my eitstom/rs. v ?
I WILL- SELL CHE!*?*1'*!
To thoso who patrontzo mo. ,* ***
GROCERIES, I) BY doows/'Ktb.,
1 have in abu'udanoe. ?UiMf .<4?fo
jnh .10 1875 ; dm
-L_I_:>^...l dlilffl
Notice of Di'smi?'
ftST ?
estate of lucinda e. iie^.0
deckas'e? If
Notice is hereby glvtn ,*?nl ?n'tlij
dny of March lb76, .1 4\)\% file.f
aecuiint as Admiiu'strala^Oi said Es^
will petition tho l^=t?atc Cmrt
disoharge. ... ,
February 17tb^73. 1
Lb 20 1876

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