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--N ORo 1: 10+ MARC 25 186A Blot -4..
___________________________________________ 9
TOE T E kKt 9E *.S.
, TitIO b NWA 1if pubH -Ied
-oi rT .nf, h.e' mIaid S.itrdiv at $ ro
per cupy. NoI 'Tu soI0 Iprt lVed.t
kr i t i q a square, ten Iiia
. 011T,00fEIJ PR0:TIIE R.
The Chareston cbrie pideIt of Ohe
WW orkribune, Ie Q: tserrirg apu.
lie benefib onhe 41d., bf I
'in that eity. Thq .letter aio ,*riten
*coii anfor, ti8'r a e n iro foi i those
holieful yu6ple~ niNo hdatter how lafk
-the'idttr' raf b'rki in a Sotithern
paper, urge the .ossbilityof'-Ts Iei Wig
tod highlToe.' 'Tli letter in dad
the 5th i sta.tydd *eo tllose r.
6ions tdos lfnterestifig to$eil
STATXS FI,'*98,q IPE I?!kAYo,D,
The, re-establishrent oAhe Natidnal
qutliority in ChaMrleston, 'je 'going .-on
1vWthout -haste .and, r4 whnv xget.,r The
policy; .adopted' here. :dtfti' rAoI I the
mnethod 4hat boaa. ))enpll nd g
combine thl ,adI tgeiofibot, wehr
out, wdeiebefetdbf~ae
We -have aeen in Ngw OrleAnsitbe
men~llhoE.f-intlr.; 4hd .valket
hantd of, tukL. Ij.Diesio it is che
mailedl hapadni : Jewri - s
hit~just iagdode ie sit glloyal
viC1luit. ciIrQih,-Ahe -prov6st .s raUI
Pnd fdgtiis thsimsep tkit #,he "wtr
of- llegilaico to tho---Goverpniobtwad,
j e'edve- certifioats. of, having done so -
directing that ippst goinganers shall
git -It,pgsas fr, Prs
sons.ong o
State whoo -14 t la 'A0 !pt.. .
anordermig that no guar -hall be
placed over the housee of oitizens for the
protoction of private propeL"f. It ends
"Any persoins fearing Mrolestation will
best Areture their. piQperty by placing in
3omeo conipenous position oil the pre:
mies, the flag of the United S&tute*..
Ptersois detected in' derodating on
hom-gs 'o protected,.ivilrbe, pu 1 aed
with addition alseverity."
4.U7(DA Y iN . CHAnL1s8Toli..
Sunday was a day of jubilee at all the
colored churches. - Geheral- Littlefietld
and Mr. Redpath (of Boston) addressed
All the congregations on thpir positions
itd tuties to their race an'd -country.
The colored, people sky thitt there, have
been no such scenes witnessed in these
churches dutirig living memory. The
rpea ers made very radical anti-slavery
atddressesc and weOreliatenod to' with the
uttnost pagorn'ess. Burst. of jdy. shouts
"f thanki to Godlaughter, tears-every
btuain motion seemd, to be 'movvd to
titir depths One'ofi thetipeker., after
rhaking hands with' 'ntsly 4l the con
gregation, before ie ot- half-way down
Ihe alley, Wias astonished by being aud
denly hugged-by one old'oo ored lady.
Colaital St rt L: Woodibra, chief
of staft of Major Qemral Gillmore, p1
s1.1A 6ircmeid - fthe ybn(tof(lhea rle.gton
to-day (27th). ' Order No. I -'prhibits
pillaging hnd the like ; han1ds 'over all
absoned Properjy,, 110tW rdal and pler
sonal the speeial ,gent of the Tthaan y
Deatt ; .declies h~frd will' i
permittsd "*tso den -tu~otiu
port th ietyi ts ofthe pdat; jt91t4j
tht people to o pir> scliools amdd
churchesj requires th ehac'e inidu
orderlf* hianner; sta 'adiulb$ti
.act. or uitter'ance will bef e h.a
the iiatinal flag mnvit be- Iin'
the tnationlM laws obejed4*
-Of the pr'elfous lokda ofi IAete
Colonel HDnrtt one oedre8 air
4to af $,i earing th'e u'i lidtr?
*th*,b ~ d'I~ nd requirdhil fltE
. r ad ntvagnion to beis ediate)
w~e~k1 .' evicinity of
'A~* tulmhtnt
./'. iiet~dsno
dw M il Mi''dida
.'This force, of tilo enemy 1ad leen, sent
out to ibtercept aid 'eapttu-o a-eoetasx.
pedition -known to hwveibean dispatched
in,that directo repently :by o9ur, goy.
ernenetw \While regti6g--at Bperwnll's
hay, this force was vegorouafy ,vittheked
by the f uf and Signeburp8 unn, *
eeiafly*esucoeeded: in kiflib'p.: and
Iwoundivge uutuber. at*.l t4ting: the
balance to Aight. -Sixteen dead bodies
were sitbsegntlyftu id"-asix lying on
fbe rea4i loading~d Snlithfald. ., and
ten in S fieldo w19 had .died of their
*ouadr. tIbre. We did notheden whether
a~ny prcrs wore tekon, but, a numher
'fow) Yankens.were carried off by
theatopides. So the. party -who came
out to wbip,: got- whipped.--Richnmnd
i VA! 1IaoN. she OwAgaei..
A.kA'W8 HAT I'as bee left .at this
N f4i,94M Jfor ,ideatfipaetion, Tie QWqe
01, q&,pq cone Torwatrd provn pr9pesy,
paY ii58. aid get,this hat.
No 'l1 es. Board- of. VelEt .
$PARtA5va. C H., .:Toh[ 1, 60.
psrent, ip lovaipo forUthe pte
T T laco. . he ollpr' loar4
to anld Varhe8 with whiph
-ihererk f coinithstaslinh f mill." wilt 6i.
ward thek ret4tm by horte ebovici's iii(e.
<1diyi Upotr thle recei'pt. df th In notice. - Thk
010e of O LV ,e -.copriers will be; pid .al
0g otc. , t~ her 0iorat oipi
llsc 1 A ehr spn~i~te couevwJe4
0t 140ftn riv Ie ' iould bw fqr1rled
s i th s'i.
A of- 49 .
11N'the tfane 0Py tw
Gaxsqi Oansas,' ~ *
J e ering up4ot the campaign about to
ep i, the Gencral-in ChieC feels assur,
'6tha he soldiers who have so long and
so'.he borne the hardshipteand atngors ol
Abe * require no exhortation t'o respond
to the ails of honor and duty.
i'pory transmitted by theh fore.
ftte ititttrefi 'aph-rw lae
fend' It.
The qhdice betreen war apd abject sub
aission is before them.
To sutch a proposal brave mon with arme
in their hands ean have but one answer.
They cannet barter manhood for peace,
nor the right of self.governuent for life 01
lit justice to them requires a sternbr ad
inonition to thoeo who have abandoned thei
comrades in, thhhourof peril.
'A last opportunity is otlered them lo wipc
out'the disgtae a'nd c'sc~po the punishetb
of their critkee. '
By authority of the: President of the Con
fegrto Staqes,. 4 par4q Is announced to
squh dserters and ween improperly. absent,
a's shall retuirn to the eo'eneands to which
they belong Within the shottest potsible
tinte, not 6xceeding. t*enty days fr'om the
publication of this order at thd headquar
tqrs of the departxpqt, In vbioh they way
Those, who may bs preiented by inter
rption of dgmmunfettionst mey report
wilhin the time specified to tie neartest En.
rolling Ollice- or'other offico'r-on'duty. io I
forwarded as spon" M practieable,'and up1o
preseuting acer ificntp .froun soh oflicet
adh6tving compliaeoe vith his. reqirellment,
will receito the atdoft itereby offered. -
Those whosa e deseeited to the sorvico d1
the eiiemy,.or whkt have-deserted after'hav.
ingbeen once pardoned for the same offence,
and thqsq wif. hall 0e Xt,.or alieent tho
selves withou "Alh itl after the pubJlic6
lion of this o 4ex tuded from it's be'ne
fit&.- Mor dd6b Tie offer of pardon extenm
to-ther offences than desrtion an& absenp<
wiliot, permissilonl , 1 1 . .Z
By the sawe autkoryj it ls o deolare<
that not generalamrtesty will' aain be griant
ed, and ihoe Wilo rhtste(6hedptthd par
don now offered, or t s0al4 hereafter - de
sort ,or abseq- thgqp.olves 'rlehop lsege
shealr suffer suoif'punishmentqe . t)s Qourt
tsy impose; 'h tdd'4p li6&ietor oiseem
py will be entbataied.'".". M
*Taking new''raoloomt the. fat
defence. st eopi
OoreutdNsly6 f4 %
pled, are aeqile;' avid a v~a~ -rt u
'tattled by a deteshiined' sad .enlti 4sople
'auoces. wsith GAod'q apeas
'The dvatm .~ of tSt4
and, e* 4waeteAg
nera .i~l~~
Bd~q'r Arites of thme 4. S.,
ettFa -1ntAnt, :1845
No.8. :
ltE disciplie abdeffictency of- the trmy
have beqn giitly impaired b inen
leaving teir troper cotninands.' to join
oters, in which they find service loreagroe
able. - -
Thi'praet;Ie'alm'ost as injnrinotin its
consequences a the ilofme of desor n, by
the Articles 9f War,.Qxposes the of'e4der to
a similar ptisi~egt, an5 subjechi the oii.
eer recelag. hiAi to 4tmiss al fron the
It is -hetefore 166red that. the -proelsions
of General Ordes No. 2, of this date. from
army lieadquartera, apply to' snch ien as
have left thdir proper-conmmands ann.joined
others wit-hotsbeing regularly tran- erred.
Tihey will' receNe' the pardon proTV1sed in
that ov2er Ipon''domplying with itscondi
tions; or sufrer! Hipa consequences attache4l
to neglecting It..
* The names gif.such absentees -.will be
ortliyith reported to these hendqunters by
the oficera with whotm they ar terv'g, atnd(
liinedlat4 menstrebitaken to return hem to
their proper ootomands. ,
As soon n prabticable an inspect n will
be -made. -and' chprges will be p)eferred
atinst. thosc who neglect to enfo cc this
inch28'06-6 Rt. E. LEE, Ge seral.
St se Iecord of Nasnses De
ea"4dd Soldiers F
WTN1' _0A RIt ,1N A C6 IlEGo E.
xLicl;A, Jatnuary 16, 1865.
D apintibelit by the Le islaturo
1 o prepltreothts 1tecord, I irnestly
agpeal to the fatidlilor frieteds o our de
ceased soldiets to sond me at once t h ir names
&9, while there is an opportunity o secure
aqcra.to ifjhtqoigt. lospital *egisters
atid reprts of casualtirl fron the rmty are
4i06Ibent in thab itifortnuion require ; itst
b obtainod a v'h6tne.
-Tholtoeerd4ill,dite back to the. ginnping
of the war, nod ineltdo all who Jtve been
titi}le in,bule br dipd of wounds)received
in battle, or fromdip ease or acoklent. It
you have hen so foftit'nate as tI t to lose
friend or relative, yet remember .hat it is
noble to' reseieufron oblivion i h, ntnineof
but one friondless youth who hart oe from
your neighborhood tio die in out 1u1e.
Give-. Name in full 2. 0 im whpt
District. 8. Rank. 4. Company. 5. egimtenlt
an~darsasof. aos~uinias. .2ied4. nonth,
day. 7. Cas~te of deati,' and roiarks (as
where hodied4ge..prpously-wotded, &e.)
Circulars and blanks to be illeil will Le
Rent, to such as desire thei..No fee orexpense
is incurred by any one forhaviig the record
ntaie. The 8tnte-,is enideavoring to fulfill a
sacred obligat ion in. securing now, and re
cordmng for posterity,, the 'namnesof all her
sons who.hnve falleu, in this war. In .1862,
the Convention unarnimously resolveil that,
thiii tshouldbe done,"as a token of respect
to t heir memories, and a legacy of inestina
ole value to their friends;" and therosolution
was sent forth, by their order, to be read to
our regiments, battali', nad companies
everywhere. 1atty' a bravo soldier tny
have died itf solitute or rushed upon. t he foe,
with the thought I-% his heart that his name
wou)d be honorhbly preserveil at home..
, fob I8'05--d WM J. RIVERS.
Prospectae of the eservitive
oult rtikviPr.cs:
The tred Conservative platform --T he su
premaoy of the civil over the military law.
A qict subminsion to all itws. Whether
good -or bad. while they remaltn upot our
statute books'
No reconstruct ion, or submission, but per
pethai independence.
AV'tiunbroken front to the comOton enemy;
but, ,timo'y and repeated negotiations- for
rxupr by the proper auth9rities.
,o separate State action through A (fon.
vetion ; io counter revolution ; no comt
bbhed resistance to the Oovertment.
Oppositiot (p despotism in every form,
and Ihe'presorvation of ReptibUban institu
ti'ons in all.their purity.
We'htavedetermned tonake, the Coser
veativea permn t, paper, for the. rnainten.
an9e o our principles, and to render" a
vigo'rons support ,.o the cause of Southtet'n'
lndep4ddeoe. The'adthinistration of Gov.
Vaeill find in the C'onservatieiaseady,'
hionest,'sraight-fo~ ward suppofter and do,
fonder, as .Will also the National adroi~stra
tion, whep ItS action Ia not In eoatligt with
'Th~,eroaete aball be aleadig; teiae
.ble paper. and'wllrbecndutedwith- 'igor,
lauht w4th pprop.errEgard to tfut b'nu4 wight,
mand te courtesy due' to others.' It *111 not
en'ou~r e or csountenance pegsonal orpolit.
i* l wenln abdi discord; If' sees' o
Suu'ihe all' dpoatit4 geat and - ll--ab4orbing
# ie4 of thCo fbderacy.
Bushtede Directo 111.
Ja. Mc HaRronT, Ink a
D.'it. Tiroxesoir,
Dr. W. E. AiKEN,
L. W. CA-rOAcan-, fad
110uitederate tatee G ovneri ent'
The Risutive.
on. JaPF DAvis, of Miss., President.
Lion. A. 11. STaVIn, of Ga., Vica-Freident.
ne Cabinet:
. 1. BENJAMIN, of La., Secretary of Statei.,
U. A. TaYNnIOLt, of S. C., Setp 6f 7reasury.
J. C. Bli Isanitim, of Ky., Sec'y of Warr.
S. R. MA.LORY, Of FMt, Sec'y of t/i: Wsay.
lo Go. DAvre, of N. C., Attorney Genwpt
Jpin. H. RCAOAN, 9f Texas, Postmaster Ges.
Iteade of Bureau#,:
RUfus R. Rhodes, Commissioner of Patents. I
0 E. W. Nelson, Sup't of Public Prin't inj. r
0iei. Sanm Cnopuv. Adj't and Inspodl r1e.
John 8. Preston, Chief of Bureau. Of Con..
Brig-O on. A. R.Iawlon, Quartertnaster Oen.
S. P. Moore, 4 otgeQn-9eneral.
E. IW. Johns, Afedica l'urveyor.
- ates of Postage.
Single letters not exceeding-% half ounce
in weight, to any jprt of the Confederkto
States, shall be 10 cents. ' *
An additional rate for each additional
half odnce or. less.
])rop letters 2 cents each.
In the foregoing oases, the postage tobe
prepaid by starmps on stauped envelopes.
Advertised letters 2 cottA each.
ON NiwsrAPERs.
Sent to reguln' and bona fide subseribets
from the ollice of publiontiori, and hot ex
ceeding 8 ounces it% weight.
Weekl papers, 10 cents per quarter.
Semi-Wcokly paper, 10 cents per quarter.
Tri-Weekly paper, 20 cents per iarter.
Four tnes a week 50 cents per quarter.
Five times a week 50 cents per quarter
Six tirhes a week, to cents per quarter.
Dily paper 70 cents per quarter,
1t4'riodicftls published oftener than senil
uiur lily siall be charged aoj newspipers.
Periodlicals publiebed month11y; not ex
ceeding 2j ounces in weight, 2.1 cents per
(uartier ; and for every additiontil oufice or
fraction of uh, ounce; 21 cents additional.
Somi-monthty,.daIhhI that.amout,.
Bi-monthly or Quarterly, 2 cents an
Kvery other newspaper, pampilet, period
ical, magazine, cach circular not sealed,
handbill atid engraving, not exceeding 9
otudees in weight. 2 cents for any diMance,
2 cents additional for each additional ounce
or less beyond the first three ounces.
In all -cases, the postn'go to be prepaid by.
stamps or stamped 'velopes.
To thc ri'acas of ile Vodi rilr
Railroad Bureau, Richmond, Feb. .20,'64.
r 31H friends and relatives of 91diers it
the Army ofNorthern Virginia are here
by notified that an arrangement has his day
been effected with the Southern xpress
Ce6nany, to carry all papkages At iod and
wearig appa'rel to Rietinond, Val
To secure the advantages thus .e talied
through the ExpressCompany, theifp owing
instructions npus, be observed:
61ackages must hotoitein'mr tl no.
hundribd pounds; be well secured a'ia Ilhi fly'
ratirked, and sent at the expense 69the, ship
p#r to either of the-Soldiers' Relief 4 siocia
ilons, which are located as follows:/ .
In North Carolina, At Raleigh; Soutb
Cardlina'ai ( ohrhin o deoeglfa :ugts;*
in -Alabama, af Montgomerf,- or toa uy -other
polit at which oneof theseAt-sooiations h e
anl oce. - .
ThoAgentsofthese -Assoolions illthete
take charge of them,, and ship iaily, by
Southern Express 'Company, tt i proper
Agents of the respective States at ichpiond.
who will see then distributed to te proper
individual owners. - . I
To meet the wishes of4hie oldi. , and to
give them a certain and speedy e mania
tion with home, the Sopthers4xpo 's Coln
.pan~y has agreed to g le ihis freiglt ' r-r
eo6 over every~ ag else ; and, in o zdItat
nto obsiaqle may occur to.the quec se 'of'so
laudable an enterprise, tho general tailrpad
coompanies are hereby reiesdd e e pthe
'Express Q yuo faiite as f aa
beit to- ~tiis artgeiserita geaplete
Ale S olhern Express Com any a's-,
~sweim.' .responelibllity of the Tre diota
tlion of' these packagesar the Relief Assapia.
itiene are v qested to withdr~~;) 4 jtos
w hat e 9 o ce~ecpd tes~
e~Ch~X N fs~ he ,th.o
e, iidf eb be i
een e ar
Leports 4f ih YIN "doiao.
AOTI1El in kL 11M8 i .
RiduxoDxD, 4h 20..-The folo
i despatch' "l eneh redeiy d
M .10,865.
oJ..'Brechn. giSMretay -Of
Gen.3. E9. Johst'on pa'rtiinlat ab
Yei o'clock, V." n., onitl t I dif tlt,
tiacked the enemy near Bethpil
nd routed him, 'Capturing three gtidia
Aile i. their' rear. He raill'e4 upon
resh roops, but was forced back' ilowly
itil x o'eldet, p-. 'in., wlibn receividg
lore troops,'ho apparently assunid the
BAni've, whieh ivk4 'esisted wuithout
ifficulty until dark. This morning he
S entrenched- 'Our loss isArpall. The
roops behaved 'admirably ,*eU. "A
ens thicket pnevented rapid dperations.I
M. E.,LEEx.
PE~assnun, March24.-Thb enwmy
a believec to b' 'malkng prepardtions to
nowv, Ikit nothing'lia trans pired to in
lIcate'lti'What direbti6n. Gtoat activity
1t4 been observo near. his lines for the
ast day or two., It is revortod that' hIs
olumns aren ain'I hit on the- Jorusa.
ein, lank r6'ad. . r thrisedlI AsI quiet,
Rrcudoxo, March 24.-r-Northern
)apers of the -21st inst. havo been r
Privateintelligence teceiVed at New
Yorc from Nassau reports. that a rebel
irivateer,- the 'name of which is undr
itood to be the -bnfde'rate Stateas Ie 1w
ing off the'harbor on 'h 15t6 inst., haax
ing been refused admission by t~he au
thiorities. Shi is 800 tons burden,
bargue rigged,' and has two funntels and
two propllers.
Report .froni New Oricns of' the
.5th ai ht e.lmnwiee
route to liAkico was shoti by- soliml .per
on unknown.
Late#lVices-[rom Ni'rth Cnrog nprep
resenLt Slirpun'ls arnlf! la .marching on
Goldsboro. A junctiofa with $chof a
At w ineeting o~ the e zizi .of VYit.
mingtpn, on the 14th inst., hel at tho
theatre, they adopted" risohitiions rco 'aag
nizing the Authority of the'Utiited Stati-s
G6vernment.' The stage 'waa daqd,
wit~h Aprerlean flags. , Thq nvayor an'ld
others muade speeches'ini favor of..: b
sion to natioulaatnhority. T'-ian
of aises to the'citrzens to visit GriU's
arm lis bsupn 11d
The QoYsmnmene f oava4or,- liaa
releCd, Butdsha,* aft -Roynolds, two
ien -sippos'd to 'V ~fflichtin in Ihe
rhel- plot wikh I' disclosea, "oine
mPi? .,gW. qap aq the . 4'nkee
ste'arner Salvado'.
:fheJfera/d -sayl.'thkre 4ag intense
exbitonent' on~ Tnesd I. 'Gold. closed
at'157.. Thio lep't 'fictnous of'
gold portends to a. enersferah among
the mereaktile gnsbIlei akfloah
QGbeinf~rne m~elrd hybtte to frt
~4j~~~crot ?449a pQIvaar! a
Tkhe adresof Fri. 4peo
ptv4 of apie ic
ss 'b
As 4~a. eR

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