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Any ofour friends ha g p 0es of
the FiRim CouxiE, - our weekly
paper, will confer a favor by sending
them to this offico, If required. they
will be pai4 for. -
Having made arrangements for a mail
supply, we have concluded tospublish,
for the benefit of our citizens, a tri week.
ly issue. Copies will be sold ott the
streefs, by carriers, to all those who wish
. to Purchase, at $1.00 per copy.
Those of our friends who wish to
nrake a transfer of their suiscriptions from
the CouaRIa and DAmYu.Nxw, to the
TR[.WJCIEK.Y Nws, will please call at
our office, and make the w-rangentent.
The Tri-WeQkly will be issued Tues.
day's, Thursday's and Saturday's. . Any
charge made over ox,.: DOLLAR for thu
papor if not authorized by us, nnd our
friends till please lot us know if such is
The folloVivg glorious news we copy
- from the Daily &suth Carolinian, of the
22nd ahd 23rd March. That of the
23rd is based upon rumor, but, in the
main. confirms iwelf, by the order to the
Salisbury Prison. We hQpo 'hat Gen.
JOHNsTON is not done with that vanda!,
SatpixM , and that he may aeurt-the
munconditional surrender of his whole
Col. WVn. Johnston, the President of
the Charlotte ind ':outh Carolina flad
y.Id. vesterdaty received the folhwiig
- ' h, which we are permitted by
Ni ib:N-roxsvI.., March 20.
T. - tiihut yesterdyIV was suicces4ifil.
I w lon the right, anld saw Bates's
a - C-bnrne's divisioiis charge Pin(d
carry two linesa of breast.worka, driving
I le eneliy two imiiles. Iill coiiiinnd
't Lee's corps, and Lioring command
mg Stewart's corps, did similarly on the
left. The troors fought pillantly. Gen-i.
Rates comnl)uttlI1ded Cheatham'.; corps.
Brig. Gen. iteynolds, of Arkiasas, lost
a leg. Col. Talbert, commanding Lor
ilg's divinm, iwas badly wounded. Col.
- Keenall, of the Floridah brigade, also lost
a leg. Major Wiilhnson, commanding
Tyler's brigade, - was killed.",&uth
Carolinohwi, March 22.
If street-reports be trte, we have
achieved a third, and'this time, a devis.
ive vict.ory. The rumor repeated is,
that on Monday Gen. Johnston again
attacked Sherman in front and on his
flank, and after a severe battle, drove
him in contfusion from the field, captur
ing a large number bf prisoners, 'and
xitterlv demoraliving flhe Federal armv.
Generals Johnston and Hoke are both
reported to have hat their horses shot
uinder t hem. The last .word we have
fromn Shieran is, that lhe' was "double
Cjlicking for a new-base w~it'hmout tuiumun
nition, and withi the loss of seventy
pieces of artillery."' It .seems to hav'e
been another "nulll flun"' afTatir.
These behng only rumors, our' pople
should receive themn "einm grano salis;"
but where thdiro is so rim ch smolke th'ere
-must be some fire.
gr Orders lhnvd been received at
Salisbury to prepare the prisons for five
thousanA prisoners. This is direct froiu
a reliable source. -ohl, 23rd inst.
Th jllfp0r thie enmployinent of negroos
to, actu , em ekliers in~ tlie, Confederste
States Army passed Cougress onth
13th March. Wetarve nor' received a
copy of the billyet, but as soon as we
do wb 'hNtnd plIblibhink it for thme'bee
fiut of o'ur tenaders. in our opinioni, it~ is
a wise tucasutfe, aba iill iebt with thb
-approval dit a lAe'ge majorit# of ihe citi.
Zens of the South. We-endot~ the ac
tion ofontgrbssa. . '
Qol iric, thinotgr i9 butl whacker,
made a aidr in to N~th Ca ona a out
tlf.1st'f Ptnbrital-y, arrii 4 Watnos
'Illo on/t lie 4th uilt He f,.trogell thi
-jails e ad. several- prifate- residencis.
A but xtyIndians of Thomas'- geion
attemnj ted 'to hold. him% in check, b~ut
it o aail - da 1igk was wdt
was passe4 by '
to , og WAJe HAMPTON, before
Mr. Wigfall, of Texas. introduced the
following joint resolution, which was
.- ,Jesoved b the Congmres of the
Confederqe. States of .Amerne, That
'the thanks of Congress and tho whole
country are due and are hereby tender.
ed to Lieutenant-General Wade. Hamp.
'ton for his manly' letter of the 27th Feb.
ruary, 1865, addressed to General W.
T. Sherman; and that in the opinion of
QQngress. Ohe Executive Department
should sustain Gen. Hampton in carry.
-i.ng out the policy indicated in his letter."
t.JsA-S.oCLM's CorPs IrEPVT.s8iD wIrn
HIr.ty Loss.--We have the following
reliable intelligence fronthc front: On
the 16th instant,- four mi.les below
Averysboro, which is between Fayette.
ville and Smithfield, tLwo corps under
Slocum, and Kilpatrick's cavalry, were
met by Rhett's brigade of Souti (aro
lina,5egulars, fnd held in check for five
hours. until the arrival of Geii. Stephen
Elliott's brigadle, (also Charleston
troops.) when. the eneimy were land.
somely repulsed. * We have no further
details of the fight, but the result spolr-q
ted to us by an olicer who participatled
in the engagement, show that the .d
er-al lbs, a;3'is estimlted, about 3,500 i
killed and weiided ; our own loss being
about 500. .
(ol Alfred Rhett. in command of the
'brigade, is reported missing.
Kh! "in 1"st. Inufanitry Reulnrs:
Liet. C'A. DeTrevife, Iient. 'love,
and Capt. Qiuat'Iebaumi. Voiided:
Capt. Press. Smith. badly ; Capt. ar
I(ett, thigh; Capt. Calhonn; Capt. P.
Bacott, knee; Lit.1lorlback.lefteve
Lient. North. W\ennjded( and Captued)
Lieult. IMt venel 'Mtelledh.
1st. A rtiller'-Killed: Capt. Lese'ne
sion of 11 V iy Lesesne ; ideutenant a Ijl
orde atndNtewhrt.. 'Woiield: Ma jor.
BadnCapt. Ithett. LiNtw Fickdling,
Lienit. J. Mi41lletonl, Liolnt. det Lorns,
Lieut. I iobert.;on. MIissing: Lieut en
ant Edward Middleton, Lieit.' Frost.
We can safelh say to oi readers that
our arm v is in the right place, and that
Sirmnan will find the toil of Norih Car
olina a Jordah that will be a hard road
to traveh.
W'e have rumors of som skirmishiig
about A verasboro, in IIa ret t. A ilso tlt
A vernsboro had beii hitried. A iso t hit
the emym had reach (Goldshoro, &e.,
n&e. We think it probial there mn *
have been some ctvalry skiishiirg,
but the 'other iumors we attaeli 110 im.
portaicei to.-ROeyqh Progress.
un4u.ut.-Sheriman's army have
Maltreated penecalle citizens, inl the
mot. ernel and bru1tal momner. ,itico
their advent into this State. Bishop
A tkinson. of' the Epiteopal Cliarch, has
been one of the victimis. Him they
seized, thireatcid, pitting it musket or
pistol to his hiend ynd plundered.
An excellent lady, tile wife of a pliv
sicianiving ini Ccmnberland conty, itid
the daughter of one of the best families
im Fayetteville, her rnags torn from hi
finger, iand under the threat of' instnt
deg hi, a musket levelled at her he(ad,
she unas fored'( to point onit w'here the
hinabalea of thle famnily hiad bieen con
sssomr Sor-rui Ca nol.ix~t -T1he
lollowing4 is a recapitutlat ion of t lie w'hole
lou's of South Carolina, killed in h'atles,
disease or accidlent, since the war begmn.
It is fio1n .he report, just maid'e.by .Major
J. M.ID'anure: 1
I'Brigaieir-Generals .1
C~olone'ls '1' II
Lient niunt-Colonels 1
fajor . 18
Captams 122
Lieutenants .34L3
Non-O~otnmissionied Officers anid
Tri'a~tes ' . 1,7
TIotali 7i,623.
TJhe g nboab iprocess of construction
at Wilmington was burnt by ihe atnthort
ities, 'Wpremne thanta like disposit.ion
was mzade o such of tbe public property
as hhd- niot .b'en remnoved-nti :much,
we supp ise; 1da~ngbeen left to be'burnt..
Sine~ :the faWk to'ort F'ier the ca~p
ture of Wilmtington lraf beent rgatred
ias morely a qsien of time. Ifore thtan
~ve Wee~ our Astrail but brave aity had
9natii & keep it; bay tlie nemuy's
erioide oiin ~d
i R*~ous t4h .They hIVE
Mne ~tt'ielding
hp he were nt strong
eC4, b tIW
burg, bniaryr lath, fArm he.e g
mbad 15 6dier wih the, ollowl" r
'tictalrsg6 % aa L
On.yesterday fifteen armed deserters,
from Evan's South Carolina brigakde, en.
tqred this count, ad expressed' their.
determination to proceed on their way
home, in defiaico of law and order.
Ereven inen (citizens and furloughed
soldiers) assembled at New Plymouth
and proceeded in pursuit of them. A f
ter having pursued them about ten iniles
we came lip with them, and sent two of
our number to detniand their surrender,
in the name of Capt. S. Bolling, of thq,
9th Virginia cavalry,, who they were in
formed, were ordered to fake them,-and
had a squadron of cavalry for that pur
pose. Their alisiver to this demand was
defiant, and expressed their determina
tion to resist to the death. ,Capt. Bol
ling, under whose command we placed
ourselves, wisely determined not to risk
an open fight in. the road against sipe
rior numbers, with very superior arms,
and determined to nako a flank niove
nent front the pIlt'ic road by which we
might be abde to reach Stafford's bridge
before they Came up)). Weslucceeded in
getting to ihe bridge, by &mry hard rid'
ingr, just in time to conceal outr horses
nid make other necessary dispositiona
befi're the deserers caimei i).
On our way to the bridge.otr little
p rty wvas auiigmented 1 sevenl rermte,
umking in all eig..rh teen uen, which was
coilerod amply ndieiate for our pur.
pos. We concealid ourelvds -behind
a high emubankmient 9n the.MAfeckleniiurg
side of the river, and awaited their co
ing. V were, at a signal from out
Captain, to rise, up in a body anl de
mainl their surrender -as soon as they
we.-e well on tie bridge. and in ease o
refusal, were ordered to fire on thon
In response to thlie stimmonis to surren.
d r, they prepar(d to fight, and presen
( ed tir n The- ligiht was ininiedi,
atelv coimaem cedi, and hotly cnntested
for a few lionit nts, at the expiration ol
which time they (the deserter a) thren
down thir :ios and surrn'lenred, bill
not imt. N ii of their io umber se is
atbled frq a wouids received duriing th<
Igress pf ihe figh t. Only two (2) o
our side 4 ere wounled. not withlstanlding
t de- Ili'serters were sph-midly armed %% itI
Enfweld rles, and a hirge quiantity of am
munit ion.i Mr. - Joseph Jenninge I
wealthy And- pattiotic citizen, was 184
veiely-thiough not daingrously--sho
throt'h the thigh.' Mr. Peter J. For
rest, a iiiember of the 9th Virginia cav
.i rV, at hmomte on fitlough, was slightlj
wOin:led in the ari.
On Tnsdiay iforniig, about 1 o'clock
a haul of' de;rt ers anl escaped Yanke,
prisondrs, 15 in iinilu er, anl led by i
Yanlke c ni lav-il oihc4r, at t ackel ilie hous
of Mrs. Dr. McNair, in Rbesoi countyi
and, aft er spemnling nearly anit hour in ti
altimpt, forced an entranice by breakin
down the front. door. Mr. Wim. Stantou
of this ounty, was staying at McNairl
on tie night li (utestton, awl beig cle<
by that ladY to her assistance, 14001
ufter Ite ni a(k connieineud, proimhli I
"re(iport ed hOr dmy." Ai exing ("ites
followed, Mrs. McNair and Mr. Stantoi
both being provided with Colt's iepeaier
and a~ rifle, which thev used 'with fata
efliet; oime oft the attaickiinr palrty bo'iw
killed andl anothier woundel in the b reas
We regret to learin that Mis. McNi
wau bnri:wid anid hecr face otherwise in
jure I by frag meits of glass and poiwdler
Mr. Sfaiitoii was nilso slightly woniidd
Mrs. MceNair and M'ar. Stanton havin,
ex'~haeemd their amuanition, thme lant to
nt lhe utrgenmt. sol icifationi of'Mris. McNai
(who feartad thie desporadloes wonl wrea
venageane on hiim for tihe death of thei
comirade, ) ureti red, and'f she rermaiine
alonte to brave their flur. Oh' approchin
her. the Yankee officer i commanand wa
so strnek with her bold and. detramitie
macm, that, inste.d ohf furming her, hi
congratuilated her warmly on her herei
condnet, statiingiiatshie iv'as thte,first pel
son, man or Vomian, wvho had 00'ere
any) r'esisanice to his bnuna,x
They carried ofl'nearly allthe vahlmthlh
thuey couhd fa inc'ludiing silver ware at
jewelry, stix thuousantd d~lja.rs. in ,Cou
federate notes, and two byrenattpina, co'
taiinig the picture of her lhuad' an
son, the latter of whomi fell in defence
his cotmtry pn one of the B attle fildli
Virginia. Thl e 4dirAgo fd' Atternii
tign.f this tieblewav pcivora more,
jromance than reality, butithe -incidenl
given iuj this article are ,Jiterally trt
It carries onie back~ to. hi d aor' tI
won~derful darings. 2le ~ er~~ of Mu
MoNair inwoJrthy toIbe ii tieAtby-mat1
of the maleINwhoso~,u. pshiniy
.togetherg, like JB6ishazaar'es, they 1
attacked b~y deieten.r anid atiher.y
desneradon... lu gwmple.
eipapers we get the
1~i8 et3 reference-to the ex
,ecibut . Of ta ohn Y. Beal. In
-plain terms, the Yaikees murdered this
martyr to Southern lndependence:
i Trne to their cMai'dly instincts, the
Yankees carried out their mad purpose
.of hanging Captain Beal] on last Friday.
The Yankees, it wi'l be recollected,
trumped qp the charge against him of
being "a spy and guerrilla," but the
truth is ho was merely a prisoner of war.
Captain Beall is a'native of Jefferson
county, Virginia, and was about thirty
two years old. 'He was educated at the
Virginia University, and at the breaking
out of the war he joined the army and
became a Captain in the Second Virginia
Infantry, serving a.part oftie time under
IStonewall Jackson." He remained in
that branch of tie service u.ntiljast year,
when he received a commission in the
navy and going to Canada, assisted, iti
Soptember last, to seize the steamer Par
sons, on Lake Erie. The steamer Island
Queen was niso seized by Beall and his
party, all of whom had gone on board as
citizeus. Tie'y scuttled th Island Qtieen,
and subsequently attemrpted to get pos
sessioi of the United States steamer
Michigan, with the design, as it after
wards appnared, of liberating the pris
oners on Johnson's Island. This plan
was frustrated, and .Beall was after
wards arrested near Nmagara Falk, and
in February wisconvicted by a Yankee
court-martial as a "guerrilla and spy."
For this gallant service for his country
he met Withi a felon's doon. le wat
hanged off Now York on last Friday.
He met hisqfate with the most te'rrihk
courtige. From a long ,account of hei
execution in the New York papers, wc
make the following extracts:
Beall was of medimin size, lad lighi
-colored hairnhd ioustehe, blue eyes
and his countenance wore a pleasant
expression. 11e was aileterniined rebel.
Though a person of 1n111b1 intelligence )m
was alosr blindlv dovoted to thle caue
of Jeff. Davis, and did ia cruple' to helh
it forward by any eians in lies power
After his conviction, le was taketi
from Fort Lafayette, where le ha'
preyiously been confined, and placed it
the "garrison,"a prison in Fort Colunt
bus, on Governor's Island. On Wed
nesday, before the t mine first appointe
for his execution, le was put into a ccl
and closely guarded
During his imPrisonment, le lhas at i
time been disorderly, hut lens treated the
officers in chearge of him with unifornt
coirtesv. anted siomerimes conversed free
lY. Ile did not at. any tine waver, bu
deplared that le had done right, atit
that his denth-'would he that of a patriot
()n Saturday last Beall's -moi her ar
rived here ferom Iarper's Ferrv, net
whee're the' family resided, and o;tinlin
a pass from Genral Dix. saw the peison
er. She reinained with him for a con
siderable timo; bit it is underettood re
ttirw.ortheward immediately, and dio
see hin al erwards.
Three, clergyinen-two of the Rioma:
('atholic cl 1.re anld one of the Epiece
pal (Rev. ). Westom)-having visitel
Henil Iy his request ; aned a few othe
Iacqtuaintanices or friends hare seen himr
It. appears timt Beall was a religion
mnan ;ee beloneged to thle- Episcopi'
chuirch, andl whae euce a la y unemer a
the iucesan C'onve'ition'of his Statr
T wiel' on lteriday he~ took the snerrnmene
adnmiisermedl by Dr. WVeston.
In thce coim:se of them muoingii 'Beal
ex~pr essed1 a desiro. to lhave a pheota
graphimc pic'tutre of himseelf nmade, anmihun
w ish as conmplied wuith.'
r PIREi'ARATloWS 1Oi FoR EKC~tlO*.
I Shortly before one o'elock F~rida'
Safternoon, Captain Talman, .who hai
acharge (Cf the arrangemenets for the ei:
ecution, ifnited States Marshlal Mu[erras
ewhmo wale preseent by request, and th
cexecutionef, entered the cell of the cor
demnmed nman.
H le promrptly, reso and, said lie wets
their service.. 'Iel added theaf lee kuc
s their erratid4 and said lie wished- th
d work toe done quriekly.
u- A roment aftertvards he remarked
- It~ is otnly a qujat ioni of nlitectijlar' po w
d --I think i'Oan hear it."
. Is arms were then pinioned, armilitar
it cape wats thrtewn ovhr his shoul~
s-' black cap Wasf~ut on, lis heatd a tl~
f oflere nd'tlm'e'prisonir emprge $ro
as the cell and took their place bet ~en tg
.lines of sliers who form~'ed e gnat
0 to toeIltc6'of1 t~F
f et$ iaq) ft t garrisont
s hj ide rr gto who read S
y comme atopgspteor te Eipiscop
g l%5uh9. adV ' utior and it
Sfriy oqfthe ppeis followed.;Se
mnarbed with a ~stop a the direti:
of'the gllows, which had been erected
on thie aitkite of Fort Colunbus.
.As he scended the brow of a hill from
which the gallows frame was visible, he
looed huryiedly at the instrament and
seemed tosmile.
The preparations had not been com
pleted, and a halt on the hiltwas ordered.
A tt his point he talked with'his spiritual
adviser. Looking upward, he remarked
that the day was h plessant one. Im
mediately he added: "Th0 sun shines
brightly ; 1. now see it for the let time."
He was, however, perfectly calm and
composed. The order was then read by
the Post Adjutant, Lieutenant Keiser,
Second United States infantry.
Whei the Adjntant had finished, Rev.
Dr. Weston intoned aloud the prayer
for the dead, the, soldiers lietening with
breathless anxiety, and many- tears
running down their cheeks.
Marshal Murray and the Provost
Marshal of the fort stepping up, naked the.
prisoner if he had anything. to say, to
which lhe replied :
"I protest against the execution of the
sentence. It is absolute murder-brutal
murder. .1 die in the defence and service
of my country."
Bofore the cap was drawn over his
eyes, on being asked if he wished to say
any thing further, lie said: "No, I beg you
to make haste."
At thirteen minutes past one o'clock
the black cap was drawn over the culprit's
face, the Provost Marshal drew his sword,
a noise was heard from . inside the box,
and the form of John Y. Beall was
dangling in the gir. The-oily movement
noticeablo in the body. ws a convulsivo
niovement of the right leg, a shrngging
in the shoulders and a few twitches of
the hand.
- After hanging just twanty minutes the
body was lowered down, when k ruedical
oxamination by Dr. Connor, United
States'Army, proved that the neck wns
broken instantly, thus ending-the earthly
career of Beall *ithout apy agony. it
-was thin taken tso the hospital, whence
it will be given to the fricnds of the
doceased for interment.
Th'oiugh the courtesy of a friend, the,
Augusta Constitutiona list his rec'eived
copies of the Charleston Courier. which
han fallen into the hands ofthe Yankees,
and is puli'shed by them.
Tet ed.tors of the 'Courier Pre Geo.
Whittenioro And G. W. Johnson. Their
terms are $20 per annum.
-Ou editorial coitains a lugulgionia
acomint of the condition of the city ; an
oliercomplinienteitself upoon the assuim
ed fact that the Rebelhloin is whittled
down to a finepoint.
Recruiting officers are reported to be
heels over.head in businessa.The negroes
are enlisting by the score. A recruiting
onicer' had arrived for Sherman's army.
lie is sifter whit4 men and advertis n' a
meeting at the Hibernian Hall
All "oyal citizens" are invited by
General Ordors No, 8 to 'call at the Pro
vost Marshal's office, registe. their
names and take the oath. No passes and
other favors will' be granted to the con
Rdpat I of .he John Brown notoriety,
I is announced as Superintendentof pub.
r lie instruct ion. Ye Gods I
-Genieral (Gilnmore is ini the city. lie
a is co)mmander.in-.Chieif.
1.Citizens are orderedl to> give up their
F shooting irons anmd doff the rebel uniform.
-Brown's and Benanett's -whmanes are
the only ones at which marketing (s-,per
mmitted. .
INo soldiers are allowed i he ci,
-without passes and( strict, sie on
All abandoned propeorty has nturn
ed over to tl-e U. s. Trreasutry. .
TVhe people are b~rvited to cpen
schools, churches, etc.
. A liniited trade is allowed.. -
oldu and~ slivr are receive,p . se',.
e at the port of Charleston, y jge follfw
ing rates: Gold, 100 pe oWt. primi m.
t Coloinel 8. .. dftrd is Commtdd
v ant of Post, jor R. fl. Willoughly
Provnst M kh,
- -Nat 4,ndvertiaes t'hat he has re
at su Usinosa at hip' old. standl,'and.
r o ,.er lunch, boned turkey,' mock
rtTe soipadote ehais
Gen. Gil oeffers to ex angeprim
R onecrs witlh the roy Contiaor to eJn
avid Birrow ii006the chI~ .s
o that he han re-opened his stock 6f g ds~
da Rice is being serrid Ute'to $te weddy.
of the Ashlehaib en d e4d~

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