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THE TRI-WEEKLY NEWS is publiihed
,oi Tuesday. Thursdaay aud Saturday at 1.00
per copy. No subscription rceivcd.
Wilt be inserted at $5.00 a square, toen lims
or less cotstituting a square,
To EDITORS AND PaIr:ns..-Severai
kood friends, in and out of the army, have
tendered a cordial approval at ' promile
of support, to a suggestion fo) a news
paper sheet or slp,, to be issued from
camp, and as nearly as possibio from
IHead(quarters or from the headquarters
of anydivision or brigade.
In the decay or suspension of the
Journals published before the war and.
from other considerations, it is believed
that a camp organ, edited with proper
de:retion anld reserve, And with the full
est independence, and containing official
orders and notices given by authority,
and general- news and imiscellanty, wotlIl
be acceptable alik' to our uiterrified
:awl mivincililo soldiers and their true
fienas at home.
81lucl AI issue could aid uitchi in im
prov' ing thie tone of the armay, and by
o'pelimg up coomiunication het.weeni the
army % and the conitry, do inach towards
bu ilding tip at home a spirit like that of
the armny.
. Is the proposql approved dr is such an.
issue lesirable?
Editors and printers in service and
Others iliterestel in the resouree and
mhillences of Jofurnalism-draded only
by punty-politicia anitd ilcolinpetent o'r
ii O1\iexte Getierals-will oblige malny
iiqnirers by coi.nidering the mIla!tr, and
reporting through OhO Wm111bo1-o New
(r any other organ. -
Confederato papers in this State and.
Nol th Carolina will oblige tho cause nf
Juiialism,- by reprinting this notico anld
in each case soliciting reports.
' A NiAounoni.Y A (c.--it fu lteV iSae
ofthe Rah-igh. 'onfederate, we fitd tie
following. If true, it was nobly don-e,
and Ihe nSie of the hero ought. to be
known :r
A widow woian residing ini. Ith comnty
of Robesoin, 1 fe% nights ago teceive'd
nider h'er oof a ConfdeiatAe soldier, anld
'odged him for the night. ('in tlie Pame
aighit asFet oftlieves coticeived tlhvdesigi
Srob tle old lly's dweling: and piro-ik
.leded to put I heir de-sign into excenition.
ter house was broken open aind entered,
lit instead of ph der tlhey foil the
i-earted Cotf-derite, who put two of
,li to death, inortally wotndeA a third,
'id left Oe fort ih to escape With a slight
oMd. On exaliination inl the mormnig
.e threds robbers turned ont to be three
f her neighbor.e.
YAx-- LOVE FRN ME.X-r i.:o.
')nuring the passage of SherimAn thr.ngh
;outi.Carolina, a 11at ladeni vitdh about
bre* huudred negrees was swaped, in
t.teipting - to cross the Sahida river.
Ny two of the unfort,\uyis eyeapeOd,y
d no effort whatever was limale by d1e
(Ankees to save their colored brethrenl.
Gen. Jeff. C. )avis repeated in Caro
matIa his Georgia tactics. At the crossing
>f Broad river he loft behind him several
indred' st ar\;iiig and Itepless r egro
vomen and children,. who haid beenl
I educed fromt their ltappy hoiiies and
ind masters. It -wais Io part of Wj"
>olicv to Lie encumbered with ouch worth
less stuff. The sound, athlete men, how
evrhe eared for
A corre tmdent of the New~ .,York
1/c raid, wri ib fronm Charleaton sayA:
"Gov. Aiken. Dr. 0. Mackey Are
meni whose UiT1os gtents have ,begn
k nown in Charleston sjf tht war b~egnn.
They opposed'.jecession io p
I had the pleasuro of mnpit -Dr.
Mackey' this morning, and conwit
wit h~hinm on -varioni topics. All his ol
friends. will ' gla ' learn that he is ha
exc'ellent heath, anitaa strong in his love
for the old fltg and~ the U nion as over.".
The conflagration-of olumlpia involv
ed 1,400 hiouses and 879 acres *I'early
the wvhofb Wpqinlation is now~ drkwinug
rationsf wihich onhy wofiftl~u.are patid
- (i anw) '~~pro~visions
for n ~ y usa~ned a~
saying i~k 2-that
could not, and should he fed. The
action of this negro speaks well for his
patriotism, and should imake many. a
white man who is hoarding 6His provis:
ions, and, when appealed to for aid to the
soldiers, swears that lio has nothing to
givo to keep then from starving, blusli
for shamo at his unpatriotic conduct.
IN front of (the Daily News office, a SEW
ING MACIIINE, which the. owner can
have by proving property'and paying for
this advertisement. Enquiro of
mnoh 28'65-8 - R. WRITE.
Woodward's Mill
G RINDS Corn on Thursday, Friday and
Saet'rday. Two and a half iile? below
Winnsboro. Meal given in exchange for
oil and tallow at old prices.
mcli 8'05-w T. W. WOODWAlRD.
,j To thie Public. -
r H E subscriber will pay a liberal reward
for the recovery of his books, namely,
two day books and two ledgers. They were
taken by some persons from the lot where
the furnituro was, also one drawer belong.
ing t4) a bureau. 5, WOOLF"E.
tol 28'65-'pa
11'dq'clrs 7thk Efeig't S. C. Univuilry.
CAM NSAan lttonsitoN,
MilItc 10; 1865.
O FFICIRH and Soldiers of- the Hevotht
Regiment of South Carolina Cavalry.
who are now absent without, leave are cilled
upot to return without delay to their'com
MAany bravo met linger to protect their
sufferimg homes, or to engage the enemy
upon their own soil--oowards make tie
same excuse-hut by renmitntog absent fromt
.their posts in the army thety weaken otr
strength and postpoue the hour of victory
and peaco. 8oldiers smtv promptly return
or be published as "deserters," arrested as
'-deportersP atd punislhed as "deserters."
The destructiot; of railroads is no exetise.
Brave mten will tmako their journey on foot.
or on horseback, and rejoin their posts of
ditty in the Artmy. It will be no excuso to
a soldier, that he is doing , duty in anotlher
corniiand: this can only be permitted by
an order front te Colnander-in-Chief
without his order it is a military crimin.
It is especially urged upon tnit to bring
with t1emu good horses; Iein dismounted
will not obtain for thet k iew turloughs. but
transfers to infantry.
Col. .t7h Rlteg't. S. C. Cavalry.
meh 25,'65-4
- V lao's i m me ner ?,
LADYi'S liAT has been left. at this
' office for dentification. The. ownbr
will please coio. forward, provo proprty.
pay Charges, ansd get tho hat.
mnch WLa3,
ldq'ss Arusiaes of. - 11e C. S.,
liT11 FEURiAnY, 18(5.
N o. U. j
r - ll disciplinoantlefficieticy of (te army
. havo been greatly impaired by m1ien
leaving toir proper comiands I-) join
others, lu which they find service more agree
This practiceo almost, as injitriotus in Its
consequences its thl crime of desert iti, by
tihe Articles of War, exposes tle offender to
a similar punishsmttnt, ul sibjects the offi.
cer recoiving bir.i to dismissal fromti the
It Is therefore declared ihat the provisios
ofG6neral O'ders No. 2, of tbis 'date, fron
army h.eadquarters. apply to suct mien is
have leff. t1sir proper cotsstsnunads and joined
others witliout. being regttlarly trusferred.
They will receive t he pardon promised in
(lit order upon complyitg wit h its condi
tions, or sntfer tle conisequences attached
to neglecting it.
The names of such absentees Vvill be
forthwith reported lo these headruarters by
the ollicers with whoni they are serving, and
immtediate measires taken to return then to
their proper coimmaitds.
As soon as practicable an inspection will
lbe jundo,. and oltargos will be prefetrred
against those 'who neglect to enforce this
* mnch 28'15-Gl R. E. LEE, General.
Confederc to States 4A overasen
LOCATED A TicttatoNi), VA.
Thes Execute :
Hron. JIr.r It'ii, of iss., President.
Hots. A. If. 8-rrvras, of Ga., Vice-President.
J, P. BENJ.Att1, of ha.. ,%ere/ry, of /Ine..
d. A. Tar.snor.xt, of 8.0C.. Sec's, of 7N-easury'.
. . lRnxuxtxunaxo, of Ky., Seo'y, of Iyur,
I., MALLSYro, of Fla., Sec'y of the Nav;y.
Guo. Davis, of N.' C., Aftorntey General.
Jo~t *RoaAA, of Texas, Postmaseter Gen.
H~ead. of Bureaus :
1Jufuts bodes, Comissioner of' Patofats.
G. IA. I ' op; Sup't of Public Priniting.
G*en..Sam,, pear, A dj'. and Ispector Gen.
John tfi' Chief of lureau of Con.
Brg-enrA 1rtoQ, Qartratr
S. P.-ifoore 8 on-G .bral.n
i. W. Johns, At 1 X eym~vo.- .
Reports 'of the Press Association.
RicIImOmD March 26.--Tlhe- follow.
ing oflicial dispatch was received at
the War Department lag, night, dated.
Itadqu<tw&ters, March 25-1 1.20 ). i.
Ion. J. C. Breckinridge, Sec. of War:
At daylight this morning Gen. Gorddbi
assaulted and carricd the enemy's works
at Hares I li, capturing nine lpices of
artillery, eight mortars and between five
and 6,000 prisoners. Among then is
one Brigadier-General and a number of
officers of lower grade. The lines were
swept for a distance of 400 or 50( yards
to the right pnd left. , Two effort were
made to recover the captured vorks,
and were handsomely repulsed, ut it
was found that an enclosed work in the
rear, commanding the enemy's ma i line
could only be takenat a great sa riice,
and the troops were withdrawn t> their
o 'gial position, is being imprac icable
to bring off the captured guns, oi 1ng to
the nature of tlhe ground. They were
disabled and left. Our loss, as re orted,
is not heavy. Amog the wouni ed is
Brigadier General Terry, having flesh
wound, and Brigadier General Phil.
cock, in arm. All of the troops agag
ed, including twio brigades under Brig.
Gen. Itansom, behaved most hmin one.
ly. The conduct of the siarp-sl ooter.
of Gordon's corps, who lead 'the isat,
deserves the highest, comamenadatial.
This aftevnoon thoro vas skir jbing
on the right below Piekett's line wit!
varied succesSes. At dark the -Wmly
held a considerable portion of t 1 linme
ihrthest. in advance of our mllain - orks.
ItcuIMoxi), Myrehi 25..--An order
fron tle Adjutant General relaiv e to
the recruiting of negro troops m tht Con.
federacy says:. An officer vill be ssign
ed or appointed in each State, c arged,
with the enrollent and dispos~i on of
all recruits. N\o slave will be a('epted
as a reeruit unless with the owne con
sent by a written instruim;t.tcoferring,
as'far as he sees proper, the.rigiits of a
free man. The appointment of illieers
to- companies, to be formed of r(erlits,
will be Iade by the President. Officers
employed in recruiting are enrjoinetd to a,
provident .and considerato humatne atten
tiona to whattever concerns the health,
comfort anld disciplinao of tle troops, and
to a uniform oh rvanc of' kindnaes and
forbearance in their treatient of then.
Especially are they to protect thei frota
i.njustice ad oppression.
1Hm Mo-N), March '27.-Tho Brirstol.
correpondent of the Richmond Whig
says that Stoeuin was at Mos;y Creek
on the 18th with four thousand cavalry.
Ilis. destination is 'Supposed to he Sahis
bury, North Carolina.
Persons direct from Knoxville report
the arrival there, from Chattanooga,
-within the last fewv dayvA, of a largo nuam
ber' of troops. North Carolina dndi
Liynchbutrg, (Va.,) seemued to be 'the
theme of cotiversatioat between the offi
cers and mxen.
X:GnoEs ox. A nlAFT-MorEMEatNT '0oF
A UocsT., i\arch 23.-On the 20th
of Mareb a number of naegroca built a
raft on B~rier Creek, about one hunadred
miles ,belowv this city, andi float6d out.
tand attemtpted to navigate tho Savan
'nah river, down,, to, roach tho Yankees
tij8gevanDah. Theo craft struick a to
Vedo, W'hich. blow Athe .aaft t&r pitop.
Ne one ofthe parbyaae been~ hea'd
ofsnd.41fare ilqst. .
Thedikes reportod iui Gr e~.h
1 Iss*n Ial
demonstration against Tupolo. They
wero iet at Chamers' by a part of For.
rest command, and retreated in haste to
ward Memphis.
There is demonstrations against Mobile
by a flank movement from. Pensacola.
Milton is still threatened.
Thomas' forco is in northern Alabama
and Mississippi, moving with uncertain
ty, and with no indfeation.s of their in.
teltions. - It is Supposed they will con
tinu., to threaten Selma, as soon as op
portunity offers and the weather per
. I NTEI:RESNO N F.,M 'r H E -.f
AvOUOSTA, Marich 25.-T;.o Yank-es
burned, destroy Al and evacuated )al
ton soveral days ago.
About 1000 of Wolords cavalry
moved eighteen miles above on a town
of observation. WolTord ii sutpposed
to have 6000 in his entiro command.
(en. Taylor hx:s issued an order for
the future to field And linle Officers. All
coMnniands in the. departmentt are held
personally respousible for all danages
committed by their solhlicl upon private
and public property.
Two traisports came up the Bg
Black river, nine miles from Canton,
Miss., and removed the ottoun placed on
the bank for Government- pirposes, our
troops being ordered not to interfere
with the movemenllt.
A Yankeo force of 17000 is III thl vi
einfly of (Gum nstown and TuIp-lo, MNis.
Tihey are beginiing activo movements.
A sirong Yanike. lorce, w\'ithi a large
vwagon train, is moving on Co1l m,
Mis., from I Iuntsville.
Gen. Lyo.' bri, gRe is watching the
enIy a. Oimtown.
Gen. Forrests' quarters are at. West
Point, Miss. Ire is wathing the move
ments of Armstrongs brigade, and ope.
rating to .cheek the enemv's advance
from Salville.
A. eonsider1b1!e force of the enmmoiy is
reported between Liberty vnd Clinton.
Gen. inger is opposing. iis preparn.
tions -for the defence of Mobile are very
coiplete. Ie hias pIrovisionis for sIX
months siege, complete.
.Gen. Taylor has done everything for
a successful defence.
Tho. Yankees Vllo ioved out to
Conlsltes, filfi cen Imiles from Pensacob,
are water bound.
The late term of the grand jury at
M-,idison County, O(n., presented C.- C.
Dorrough and ciavalry command as a
Tho Savanmh fdeputb. an of tIe 17th
says thm last Iight the Lelegraphie cable
of the Yank(;qe was cut at St Augustine
Creek by negroes. There is mich en
ergy being- displayed- to recover the
The British subjects of Charleston
had the followving order issued to t hem:
iriJtish (onsulate Charleston, S. C.,
U. S., Feb. 20.-Uriish sutmbjects, resi
dents of this placo and vicinity, will reg
ister at this consulate the:ir nmem, resi
deaco and Ocenpations, at their earliest
convenienoe. Trhose who havo already
received certificates of neutrality must
bring them .for inspetion. A.ll others
mumst be prepared to exhibit papers, not
only ra to their natiomnality b)ut also nonu
(Signed)- -
1[. PrINC~e wY W.grx u~n, Tr n
-Acting Consul.,
In Charleston thero is a very activo
trade, anid large stock sales.
Ex-Oov. 'Aiken is claimed 'by the
C'ourier to latvo been a consistent Union
man, and utterly Qpposed to thes Con
federacy, and never used nmeasures
against the Yumnkeo Qovrmnmont. Lo
gree Yatesm, the foriner Prsident~ of the
Vin'aueComnitted, llas beeitdisims
od'from thm o siin as qbief os fire de.
parthi.Len .aa er, of the tizr~r office,
has been orb ~lypd ey toY m aO e,
pi'itus.[. J 4 uo fr a th
the Savannah rive, on tle 7l. She
iIs been raised and towed to a place in
tle dry dock at Savannahl.
'Phe Ranger, a new Confederat imn.
of-war, has been crnising on I .ocoan.
Two Yaiflheo vesse's-or'war lave b-t
despatchel to Watch tne New England '
Negro balls muler Ihe auspices of the
military authorities with furnished gwud -
are adIvertised nightly-they -..ro -
nouinced first by negro troops-%we stp
pose tis is i Charlestont-1d. Ncwf. I
Some prisone.trs were exchanged on
Feb. 22.
1'ditorial notices and ,full extrmets of
Gov. Brown's message are given.
Passengers to the southwest from the
North, go vi'r Charlotte to Washiigton,
Ga.. thenee byv. rail, ob..
A large unher of our paroled prison.
er. passed Washington, Ga., during
the past veOk,.to await an exchange.
Ricilmo1), March 27.-The New
York Trdiue (i' the 25th March says
that. the fourth army corps, under Gen.
St4niley, 1s reported on its way to Knox
ville, to join in thie western Virginia
enimpaign. I is. strengtit is estimated at
fron 15 to 18,000.
A. cavalry force of 6000, tinder Stone.
man. has left Knoxville and is moving
oni Yesterni Virginia.
Fille-en thousind cavalry mounted as
infittry left Easpport, Miss., a few days
ago i a gigantic raid, with Mobile as
he Ilt iumate and abjective point-.
A Washin-ton telegram says that
a donhle-leaded artille, by Forney, is
imi hlit! C/ronic tRi mornin ng, onpea
and the proprietyV of pardonling even the
rehel leaders, inl in order to seenre and
att.roct ,atentionl, it is contnectel with
tle 1'reiltit's visit to the front.
A report. prevailed in Memphis oi
Friday that Mobile lihd been evacuated.
(obli is still excited, closing at 15.1.
Ildq'rs Armics of the C. Sutaten
1 t1 FUtiunUan, 18013.
GIN F..\L On 9r2,a8,
No 2.
IN et'iim uoh #e campaign about to
opeir, the tieneral-in Chief feels assur
ed that the soldiers who hav' so long- and
so nobly boric tho hardships and dange-s of
the war, requirio noe xhortation to respond
to the calls of honor- and du1ity.
Wit i hie liberty tranmit tled by their fore
fat hers they have inlherited the spirit to de
tnt it.
The choice bet-een war and abjeck sub
mission is beforo them.
To stuch a proposal brave men with arms
in ilheir hands can have but one answer.
They cannot harter n'mnhood fur peace,
nor the ri-ghlt of self-government for life oir
Itut jist-ice to tlem requires a snenr ad
monition to those who have abandonet their
comrades in tihe hour of peril.
A las, opportunity is offered then to wipe
out tihe disgrace and escape the punishment
of thrir crimes.
- By authority of the President of the Con
federate States, a pardon is aninounedI to
stuch doscrters anti inen improperly absent,
3- shall re thru to i1he coaniaisd. to which
they belong wiithin the shorteSt possible
tilm, not exceeding twenty days froin the
iublict tion of this o-Ar at tie hiadquar
ters of-the department in which they may
Thoso who may bo prevented by ircer -
ruption of coml muinicat ions. I 1miiy report
within the fimoe specified to the nearest En
rolling f1ict-er or other officer on duty, to be
forlwarded s soon as p-acticable, and upou
presenting a certifncio . frem such otlice
showing complianco with his requirement,
will receive the pardon'hereby offercd.
Those who hav'o deserted to the service of
the enemy, or tv o have deserted after'hn -
lng been once pardohed for the sanme otfeiice,
.and those whlo shall desert, or absent thenm.
selves without authaority after the -publica
tion of t.his ordea, are excluded froin its bene.
tits. Nor- tdoes tho offer of pardon exteind
to other offences than desertioni and abjsence .
withaout permissIon.
lBy the same authority, it is also declared~
that no 8'eneralatmnesty will again be ginant
edl, and thoso who refuse to accept thme par..
donaow offered, or who shalt bereafter de
sort or absent 'theinselves withrout leave,.
shall suiffer such puiihmnt. as the Ceurts
.nmay impose, and no application for elemeh
cy ttill be entertained.
Taking new r-esoltitiona from thae ftie
which our enemies intend for us, lot every
man devote all his eniergies to the comamon
Our resourcesdisely 'and 'ligorously em-.
.-ployed, aire ample,Mend. a brave army, sus
:ttined by a detortnIned. and inited people,
sulicess, with God's assistaaoe,' e annot be
The advantages of~thq.enemy will have
bpit ltd1e value, If we do not perpmit thopn to*
Amphhir otf. resoentilon, -Let its, then, op-.
p~,coinstancy to, adversIfy, fortitude to
ffeitg and( *ottrat t#\ dafitrev, with the
Irm ssuance that. di who gave freedoma
to outm fathers sifl-bless 41e effdris of their
Awhihren t6 irserve -t ....- -
melh 23'0 6.t I. ~. LEE~General.

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