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VOL 1] *.WINNS13ORO, S. O~TUSA MkT~ A~rTo~iA
, TH&.TAl-W KEIUJY,NWSis publinhed
-on Tuesday Tbursday and Aaturday at i.00'
. por copy. subder ption reoeivcd.
Abvua'r1saN Elf
W l be ere a 600 a square, ten lines
'or less coet4=tleg a square.
Flow-cit&ens : The -result of the
"Peace Commissioners" is known to the
country. The hopesof those who have
hitherto believed thaf an honorable ter
inination might be put to the war by
negotiation have bedn rudely disappoint.
ed. The enemy, after drawing us into
a conference,'abruptly terminated it by
insisting upon terms .which they we I
know we could never accept. Our' ab
solute surrender and submission to the
will of conquerer are the only condi
tions vouchsafed by our arrogant foe.
We Vre told that if we will lay down
.Qur arms, and place .our lives, liberty,
property and domestie institution., at
the feet of President I4incoln, that he
will be merciful to ne I Upon his cle.
niey we tmust rely to save us' from
ilniversal cnfliscation and extermina
tion I Yes! these, are the conditions
upon which the people of the sovereibn
States coinposing tbis-Cbnfederacy may
be allowed to do-what? To-return
into "tie Union" for which they solemn
ly and deliberatily withdrew themselves
bdcausp their interest and their heonor
required it, and their repugnance ,to
whicll four years of remorseless and cruel
war have served but to intensify
Thanks be to Qod, who ooptrols and
wverrulos the counsels of-men, the haugh
ty insolence of our enemies, which they
hoped would intimidate and break tii'
apirit of our poople, .is producing the
very contrary effect I From every part
of the punitry there comes up in res
ponse a ,shout of mingled indignation
;and defliance
A nobleeahusidsm re-animatos our
gallant army who have been battling so
long for freedom and .iudopendonee I
Let us all be united now. Let there be
no parties-or faction among us. Let
ui rise to the height of the great occa
sion. Let us all be ,willing to spend
and be spent in the cause of our country.
Let us - coxtrihute freely, all that we
Jiave, if need be, to carry on the war
until eur froal triumph is re-,ured. Let
iss take fratiernal couns '. dogether and
cahmly consiaer opr condition and pros.
pects. -Such a survey, we b'olievo, must
tend to re-nssure and encourngo even
the least sanguine. We have, it is true,
recendy. met. with .serious disasters.
Our fortitude is being'severely tried.
Are have suffered, -iueh, and must be
prepared to suffer more in the Oafuse' for
which we are struggling ? Is the cause
worth the sacrifice ? To answer correct
ly we must constantly keep in mind the
end for which we are contnding.
What is our object in this war? The
'establishment of onr independence,
through which Alo * are to be secured
tile sovereignty of the States, and -the
right of self-government. WhAt is the
.alternative.?' Our subjugation as a poo,
plo ? Is it posible to ever estimate-the
horrors of 'this terrible alternative ?
Can the imagination ever color the pic
ture which would be presented in the
event of our failure ? If we fall. not
I political dogredalion, but aocial hu-'
* 'i nnut be-ouirwrotehedlot. We
woul only be polithi vessels, but
serfs. A em I that has shofrn 's
self destituto- e ordinaryemsiblll es
of human tm whose worst pa.
..uions ake embi .' ed against us,.
wvould assume khe -control- 'of
car politica' and~ ' os. In
vain would a proutb is~ hed
' ople loolc eu fbr th~ nie 'h
~onquer iroeele frons#
hlaveOl)ee taught- to priri so 4
as.En*~eatest bulwarks of Constlto
ti *i borty, 4dad whicht" frt the
ieriod o our bIatorgwe-have ab
d would be anmlthilate&
nf.~iat es~ w.lb* held
a9otq~e provb b~ thv.'&wpotlo
~~ at Wa4tn' Thhey
i C - by
the refinement of malice in our euemiiel
did not, induce them to elovate the
negro slave above his former matter
Not only would the property and estatet
of vanquished "rebels" be confiscaitcd
but they would be divided and distribn
ted among oue African bondsmen. Bul
why pursue the hideous picture further i
Southern manhood revolts at the bare
idea of the spectacle presented. Car
you think of it unmoved? Can proper.
ty-can life itself-be so dear to you as
to allow you to weigh them for one me.
ment against degradation- so abject
against misery so profound? We d<
not and cannot believe it. If the proud
memories and traditions of our first
great revolution do not nerve you tc
eternal resistance to such a consuimma
tion-nor the example of our forefathers,
who wrestled for the Independence they
bequeathed us during seven long years
of suffering greater than we have endur
ed-let not the precious blood that has
been already shed by our bravest and
best in the present styuggle - cry out to
us frou our yet reeking soil in vain I
Fruitlessly indeed have these sqns and
brothers-martyrs of Liberty--bled and
died, if we falter now in the path'which
they have illummod'before us I
In the revolutionot '76 our armies
and our people suffered far mor&. thau
we have done. Our cities then were al.
most all in 'the hands of the British, and
we were entirely cut off from all supplies
from abroad, while our facilities for pro.
ducing them were infinie)y .less than
they now are. Greenb tells us that the
battle of EutawI was won by men who
had scarcely shoes to their feet or shirts
to taioir backs. They protected their
shoulders from b-eing galled by the bands
of their cross belts) by bunches of mo~s
or turfs of grass. A detachinent march.
ing to Greene's assistance, passed through
a region so swept by both armies that
they were comp olle(d to subsist on green
peaches as their only diot. There was
scarcely any salt for fifteen month', and
when obtained it had to. be used spar.
ingly, mixed with hickory ashes. We
need but allude to the terrible winter
which Washington. passed .at Valley
Forge with an army unpaid, half-starved
and half.nakod. and shoeless, to convince
us that much as out own bravo soldiers
are.now enduring, their fathers, for a
like cause, endured far more. Wash
ington did not then despair. Lee does
not now despair ofithe final triumph of a
righteous cabse. Why should we be
doubtful-nuch less desponnent.'of iun
ultimate success?
The extent of our territory-the, food
producing capacity of o'ur soil-.the
amount aid charactet of our population
are elements of strength which, carefully
husbanded 'and wisely employed, are
amply suffipiemt to 6hure our fin4 tri.
umph. The passage of hostile arrnies
through our country, thogli productive
of cruel suffering to our people nd great
pecuniary loss, gives the enomy no per.
manent advantage or foothold.
To subjugate a country, its civil gov.
ernuent must be supprbssed by a con
tinuing military: forge, or supplanted by
another, to which the inhabitants -yield
a voluntary or enforced obedience. The
passage of hostile armies through our
territoy iannot produc ' t4i resplt.
Permanetisgaris6ns woild lpve to be
stationed at a sufftefent numb6r of points
to stran e all civil govenment hbfpre
it could epretended, even by tl United
States Goveruinnt tself, that its anthor.
ity ,was extended over these States.
Itw mally garrisonis would it require?
Ildw oah' 'hundred 'tho'usand' soldiers
wolmld suttice to shpres 'thecibril-gov.
errnemtt'sf'all the Stifis ofrthis''donfed.
eracy, and to' establish over them, even
in name anid form, the- autho-ty* 6f the
Utiiled States?- In adogh hideal pioint
of vie, therefte, it th. -' be ased
that the ee~qiwt of thee (Isufederate
Sthtes'is iniprabticable.
in offical dcle's tMt ,b -
occiurrbd in Notti C
Sn end,,from afl 'we hfl I>i
't Shernian maf t '%t&no
'his ch 1k66 .hi
rdes's dityt$tit
ins~at or m r n Uta
tweeii Raleigh and Fayettaille . Guei
ral Johiston's defea6 of the enomy last
Sniday, the- 19th instant, occurred at
Bentonsville, npa teNeu river. . By
theso facts, )vO Aro,iuorth thath
'"a"~ b-o hoe"' Pishingw t...,rda RaWleih
ill two columns --ope niovidlg (lug liortj
from Fayettevill thoIotharitlirtlivedt
from Newbern, Qezneral i trdeo fought
the former, Gonetal. Joh tont tl( lat
tur.--Rihm~ondl Dapatch K.
Tho IHous'e of Representativos hiw
passed a bill reported by thb Comm'jtep
on Orgnanco and rdnarnco Storej 1
establish an Arsenal atm Eoudr in
Deep River. Valle teSteo or th
Carolina." i hft 1
VaInabie 1ok i und
SCOTT'S COUkME TARY, vol. a.v '1'
ii Kiags--Proverb, las bo'i0iett thid
office for the owner, who can 0 t 'ic- by call
ing and paying for this advertisement*
mch 80'65-.tw
0100 I4"wur4l.
STRAYED from tboplantatien of .ls L.
Elliott, Esq., tWo.cows. Qne, a, ley
middy white, or ligh toat co*, dty at'rc.
sent-the other a large daik red helfer-perd
haps calved by this time, horns spread ott.
The cows have benU-40a :since the Ylinkee,
raid, and have perbsipswstray .Ino. some
adjoining, psturo. . py one 1ding. one of
the cows *111 r cel $60 re ard ot tipon
delivery of both 6ow1 will rec iv 5100 by
application 'to '4ns. JAB. H 1110N, -./
inch 80'65-tw Winns o096, -8.C. /
Woodwaadu Mit
G RINDS Corn, o Tursda Frid*y pqd
Saturday. Two and a ha miles hel w.
Winnsboro. Meal given In ;chang for;
oil and tallow at 61d-prices.
mch 28'65-tw. T. IV. W )DWARD.
To the Pabile .
HiE subscre w pay a eral rewav4
. for the recovery of his b ks, namely,
two day books and two ledgers- Theyvero
taken by some persons from ,t b lot where
the furaItar.was, also one dr er belong;
ing to a buirn'u. S. VOOLFK.
rnch 28'06--2pd
H'dq'-r't Iteg!tc'8. C V t Iry
CAxru Na' 'Ru ob
March 10, 186..
OFFICERS and Coldiors of the Seventh
Regiment of Sent It Carolina Canvalry.
who are now absent. withatit lonvq are called
upon to return without delay to their com
Mand. . *
Many brave men lingor to prOcO&thdir
suffiring. homes, or tb Ogage the enemy
upon their own soi-cewards. makge the
same excuse-but by. ronisinirtgabent from,
their posts in the aimy thoy wveakeu ouk
strength and Postpond the hotir of victory
tind perice. Soldiers rust prondptly retnin
or be published as "desertorse," ai-rested as
"desertem" and punished as "deserters."u
The destructiou of railroads is no excuse.
Brave men will mako their journey on foot.
or on horseback, and rejoin their posts of
duty in the Army. It will be no exonse' to
a-soldier, that he is doing,' duty -iri another.
command; this can only,bo permittei. by,
4a order from the Com doru,-in.ilef
wiUhoutid oider It isa s ary pe- .
It is badiWly urge41 'u on mbh to hi
with them good horses; being dismounted
will not obtain for them now furloughs, but'
transfers to infantry.
Col. 7th teg't. S. C. Cavalry.
mch 25,65-4
IV he's the Owner -
LADY'S HAT has been left at this
office for identification.. The owner
will please come forward prove property.,
pay charges,.and get the hat.
moh 28',
B~de'rs' Armnaes of. time 4eS~
llTH FatunValY;-1866,
Noh8, in j ,..
heavseben greatly .0 dempairdb en
Lhe Artioligg op,WaYdpxposess the offender to.
a similar puntshmnent,,and sugejotdits og
o'er. receiving hin to dierassal .reqn the.
16 !&s t-herefo deland~ thkt thepqvlo
ofGenea erstd No.-2,-of this' dte'rfymnd
a qy arters, -sppyto 'sneha on as
bavo loft t,lrpropekoubiaus'ndjigt
otherg wit o 1bl~ re r reds,
that order upon o(f1 Fd tifi 'dit.1
tions, or safer theb .onsequen..e attached
to lwetingi
e ae fglc
het qn
nestre tke d
Ildqlev Arntes ot %No C. States,
11th faDnUAnY, 1805.
JICNF.AT, Oou1s)a
No 2, .1
upfr ton chaimalig, aout to
Iea,4lhe g~enerallin 'Chjst feels -assur
sqlI~bogne 'qho.lygve, Io long ,tand
01 bo . Ino t to hordshi e ang Ilangers8 of
thelAll Aft#10'& 6'/d ihor l'ibh o respoidd
to the calls of honor and duty, e .
With the liberty transmited by ther fre
fathers thoy havo Iiherited the spirit to' d
fend -it.
The choice between, war anda1ject sub
tiision is befer'e (hem. "
To'mueh a proposal brvo'in'enwIth arms
In their hanls can bayo but one anuswer.
They O&nnot' barter pinhood for pence,
nor the right of self-goverdment I for Ifb or
But Justice to thom, requires a. sterner ad
monition to those who have abaniloned their
cougr4ae in the hour of-poril. ! 4,
A last Opportunity is offered them. to wipo
60u the disgrace and oscapO tle Punishliment
of tWeir qriues I .
By -nut hority of t1) 'Preoseilnt ( 'e 1on
fedotvgtte ffikt~,- it' A6 '.ami ounceil to'
suc'dsrerrs-'ando iset pr absent
as shal roturn to the epnumads to whioh
they ' belong. within f9 hortest possible
tinme, not,, p0PjinX wet *a it tile
ubica~ rftil dd at (1h loqq
qru bf-the departniet in -which -theyi ay
ho- who n ay be prevcifed by inter
ruptiow .'of- communicagWndI may rAioif
h'm Spie specified .to-the 4t.relt, Ma
f Tcr or .ffor offlcer on (,uty, to be
forwarded as sooh as pedtidb6, ind tijon
preseoptsg a, qqrtifipato from suh qIflicer
Sshowibg compliance with his reqdr'evroit
will-reive' tfie pardbn h&r6y o 'Ad.
' Those who have desertedio the soiYI6e of
the ouoey, r wko haveqdeseptoaq ifter hav-.
nin 1on-ond 0pardoned falite saf o oftence,
mnd those who shall deser4 otf ab nt thoth
sdIves without authqrity. afler.s4o publica...
tion of this ordtN are excluded from its beno
fitsa ieor. does the 'tffer -of parddn extend
to other offences thal dqsertipp amd absenor
withouf permisop.
o hly-the sa'rno atitlvority, 'It Isalso deefated
Ibatno generalapnesty will uguiln be grnt.
cd, and thos e ahp ref# tqe
d~yl.46 Miedor *ieo shh aocoptn &i der
art ar, obent - themselves- withotitelr tive'
shall suffer such punishment as the Courts
may isp6se, and no applicatIon ior elemen-.
. 'kI4SP9y-T;resolutIon fromthe fate
wAhihour enemies intend for us,.let emery
man devoto all ,his energies to the common
uy resources wisely and vigorously om
ployed,tro aMiple, and at brAve Army, sus
tained by adetermined. and uniited people,
suicess, wit,i God's assistance, cannot be
I The advantages of the enemy will 'hive
but littlo value. If. we do gOt peralit thomito
inM~iaouj r resolution. Lot, us, then, op.
POse- constanoy to adversiti, fortitude to
maijf'ring and, courage to dgnger,wIth tit
firm a'asurante that lie who gave free'dom.
to our fathers will-bless the efforts of their
Fi preservit.- . I
1n1h12. 15-- . E. LEE, denoral.
R tIPe of Postag.
Shigle'lettori not excoeding a half'6nineo
inWvight,, to.anyl ,parl-'of the- Confederte
States, sall be 19 cents.
'Ai' Addttfonal rate o e'ah -additioval
halftounoelou liee. :' .' i
Drop letirs 2 cents each.
In the'fordohig oas'b, th' post e to be
prep idby aaps,on stame legs.
Advqrt'isd 9tters 2 cemrls each.
; I Nrws Pilki.,
St tto rekular' and bboa fide subsexiberg
froeajb ofigo of publication, and no ez-,
ceedi g 8 oglnoes'in weigli*.
Weekly pidpre, 10eents per (uartetV.
'cmiWeqe ly paper, JQ coets per qwurter,
Tri-Weekly paper, 20 cents per quarter.
'Four timesi a weel60 'eents peauster.
'ivtims. week.60 cents. per- qoarter.
Six times a week, 60 qentq per qqarter.
3tllypaef.'70 centh poi qkarter.
:IVdioalf publiqeid oftqueor tian seni
mont? sljall be.charge4'i newspapers.
"Pei ialktibfiledmonthly, not ox
coeding 2& ognces 'in weight4' 24oelute-per
quar'ter ; and for ovryuaddlitional 6unce or
'Nery! ohot 6Neupep4, a'hlt dei
leI-nagasine,;aeaoh cIrculari not~ desed,'
p$- eigreviug5-Ee foecldig -
6 eats Itb en4ge.' 4 J < ?
Reports of the Press Association.
CITIZENS, &U. : ' - ' , ' , . 11
AO1T0o1IY. Mrtrah 28.-A ,ede
ral column, of 'il'on1 1,500 to l,'80
strong struck tho Alabama &."Vloridu
Railroad seventy miles below here,. yes
terday morning and burned a train.;
The passenger train, which left hero on
Thursday evening ollided' wih tho,
wreck and was captured. Conductor
Winn, and. soino pissngers, %ero
woundea. 4
Tho passengers were robbed, ,nd'thd
rolling stock destroyed.
The enemy left, stating their destina
ion to be Grpeiwillo. . Goy. Wa4s call
oil out the citizOs to proparo fgr--tho
defeheo of the city.
Thio comiandant of tho post ordered
an okganhatign of all belonging to tlo
arp)y p repQl. tho 4ovoient onl the
Tho.steanor A"lly and- Dieic ollided
on the rivet,' f6ur thiled above-the city,
n8.t'ltiglit. Tile D'o. *aq sui. The
seegergIh crp woro saved. .Fivo
hunkdrCe4 balQs of oottou, that'was on
board, was lost;.
juddan flt8I'Aoer.]~.
AMeTQOSuiir, 1Afarcl *8.-Tho enc
ny. that wa# . on the railroad below,
moved down 4lje road after the capture,
and dest'uction of the trains below
Gr6envilfo. -Thelt force is 2,500, prin.
The railroa is littlo injured so fisr, a*
.-Forces are rapidly accunmilating for
defenbe, aacrthe'alartti 1ibsidirig"'
The repo th4 captlire of Glanton's
conlrpand, bletwoe Pollard and Pousa
cola, is unfounded,
NiItiuono 9 pch 9 --Noiw York
aprt o'Ui i i e. 1cen' roecived,
Y~otn which~ th fllong summary is
g t,Atdi ntlr to1)ix roati'vo
Wthoenem ,.says that by'strong ajd
sul rault the rebels captured ForL
an'deis, but after senbus contests the
frt.ere ro'capturl, 'iithi 1600. rebel
lrisonore, two ba Iq fgs and all tho
(nns which we nninjure4
Alate ftelegraj claintstheicapture of
2700.; qi4 says, Ordnt,estimats,:the
-bol-killed-and wouided at 3,000. The'
Un-ionlqs is less than:8P0. -
, dispatch from Sqhongld dated the
11Ar, rbpdr'ts that he occiidGoldsloro
thAt eoning, -ith but a slight oppbsi
tiort. - '
.h6rman's left-was engaged with the
anemny uiar Benfdusville o. Sundaj.
Iis rigbf the l1th corgg, was 4ear t.
O11V6 on gunday night.
Schofiel eports the da ture,iat Gad( .
horo, of seven carm- 'and Says that Terry
has captured two6'ldcorhetves and two
cars, which, heds nowmushmig. '
Robert Cobb Koniedy,. conviAtod of
~orthern news has boentedein~dV
'ilton :on is return to Washii.
og i~iuld~tterenewa,.of the pec
pr ha is nort lieba any mu enirogg of
mdan The~ris kt om theo*N' h
Ljudes and.he sam'number athDex.
inland and the UJnded Steas e
~ogethet amnic~ile. -
~ ~ 1

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