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AORI, , , 7865 - [NUMBER 10
'1lIE TitI-W EERi 'NlIWS is pablished
on TIuesday, Thursoay Waut Shturdaye at 1.0(1
*per oupy.
Will be fnseruta' at * IO'a square, ten line.
or less constitutlngr a square, 6 .
lM. ru'L.- Stevease
that she is prepired to reli&it atd re-shape
I0 o P-:S.KI , s
Any work ofthis kind, eptruste4 to her,
will be executed to satisfactlop and at ita
aonablo cliqrges. Ordere left at the Winn
boro /Intet will be proiitptly 6ttended to.
tate-ofouth. catoitwse
COL.UMBIA, March 27. 1865.
TiJl invasion of (lie State lie rendered
It proper that lthe Legislet ive Doarth
im"nt of the Governtnent of t1ie Ftate should
be convened; that such meansura may be
*uttopted as the welfare (of the 8tAe,may re.
p:Itire. And $or *that piarpose tlie menmbers
i the 86ne and tho I OuSe of I repentp
tI#Cs Af the'tiateonf &utb CatIolmia ter here.
by invited to mAemble U. - I'eenflle. on
'I'UESDAY, the 26th dt by of April, 1865, at
32 o'clock m.
By tho(overnor: . A. 0. MAGRATII.
Official : W. 8. Eraa o'rT, ilvato Sea'y.
april 6'645-0
Oib"' All papers la th iate w1n .copy
tntl Ithe' tInie for the eeting of the Legi-.
iature. -sin o--h
C. & S. C. Uiauallroad.
8 -the immediate reconstr-uoston orthis
road Is highly : aportant, all materials
.of iron, ties and stri agers are needed, and
their reltoval is forl ddden by anX das..
april 6'06 WM . JOIIN8TON. Pres't.
- . "Gems" 5:. ErOildssu,
IS' the .tlie ofa collett6n *4 admilrable
stories, mnoipl:-' feunded bn fAdfa an.0
whicht briginally n peard In ~ihe Souiheran
Jigubyterial and 8 nsttde.ate- lqplit, over
the signaituro of - I C K.'"
Tihe rap4 -sale of this' work, coyer ,00
copies hlaTing been -mld,-) speas well M' the
favor Wth which it ihas beeh redelved by tho
Houthlean gmblio: There 'if notZ.0hg deota
viap eestatned in kthp autInor*" objeol be
ing ; je inculcali in oif.true 140ty Asongat
the rir'iug generai bon,
Copies catt be I 'rouredattlisl office. P: de
$2. M. j?* gIJ4 ,
R, F. 41 L.B.
- OPFICE A .-A, C. 8.. 0. 8 A;
WIXsso to, S. C., Mtlareh 81, 1866.
A LL, pertons: having'- demanida againat'
14ka ofRoe .inl please prement a s.ate.
-nma. of their c. ams f9eLwitb, .for settle
ar 1'65-3- dl A. A. O.8.
'Valna IWe Sook 1ouU4d.'
Kipgs.P ,ioverbs, how beea left, at this
- eie for tpg, amner, .wlo equ geUt by,oaU.
ng nd t ;g fr tisa verseppept.1
Milk .8 .-4,w- -
- Weisnedwavadls-3, 6
-1 RINDS I >*?i bif*Oursday, Friday and
Maturd: :g. Tw-*ad'hafm1fS below
*Winebro.' \teial giten--In exchaogb for
oft abd tallo; at old frioes. *
Mh 2V'66.-tw "I WoWOODWA1D.
CaxP NeAa RmocamoWSe
.-"%ro-10; 865.
PP~FICP RB and,' Soldiere of- the Seventh
Regin et of Somuth '94tolit*0aGval,'.
tuo 'wabsent witlfout'leveawe lled
uSpost amee wlita.delay to &619emmn
Mvay' ling1' t'po testsii
aufferink' 'odel engage' .the vaty
upon tie C y .ls5 O'Warde' a the
same exeurneA-ti by' ni*eglue'it flos
their podtp iin the **iel4n our.
strength a adJpostpoO . *ietory
and peace . :oldimys nfdhtfrp - retura
or be pub lEdhed as - Pdeseltate, is'
"dserterm. (" ran4punished iis du t,
'Che dec Ig-ruction oftyelte ds is e,
TIrave me a twill make thetvyddef 0j~
orOon hoi; sidbsek, and trjoltk th'el
duty In tli .oM'ray. -It *1ll be n
apsolier; t~hat he lii doin duty 16'
.cdnadr t~dc' en on bo peti'm k i
amt order keom the Ot andersid*-ief
- without ' .ie dtder it Is- ua!t~ oerise.- '.
It'is e a n outg - "V rmbt.gImlg
WIth e' & iibfr t' edissott
,wll not elnta . ghe, 41p
. fkset i'sfi RAS B r.
11tiTr ?RaVAnT, 1865.
dai*NaAL Osuna'
No. 8.
frf 91 di'gene1ae/rfthe obrdy
. he. 'tI14 1geatly 1itpaired-by' nen
leaving hibol proper ,ommands to joih,
others, 1n.which they fiddserviop mote agree
able - 1- 1 . .1 1
This Pr tiod' almost as Inturious'iu its
conseqt9e ea as the ctlime of disertion, b'
the Ailttlesof War, eiposes 'the offendet to
a sirpilar punishnient,'and subjects, theoffir.
cer receiving him to dispisase from the
Jt in thireforio 4eolared that the prdilsioni
,6f General'Otders.No.2; of this date, from
mamy headquarteres aplply to such !toun nW
hare-left thtir proper commands-and joined
others tithout being regularly transferred,
They will e the. .fdon prowwsd in
tjui., order upon couipij g. wit h its oondi
lions, ot pder the oonsequotieces %thahed
to negleotink it. -
The names of suoh. abseatees WIIk be
forthwith repotted Ao QhesE headquorters by
thp oierg with wioqthoy are surving, and
Immediate ineasatea teken to return thlbm to
their proper 6onlmnds
' 'As soon do piotioable an itspetlIon will
be -made, and hhatiges. '*III be beeferred:
against tbqse who neglect tp enforce, this
.uch 28'66- - l. z. L!,R her1.
f4 gsee AW'tmhIes 1 Athfc. Sae
11th' EJ anur,"1865.
N6 2...
.N tdlering upon, the onmptign abiott to'
open, -lihe General-in -Ohier fenis natur.
ed thatthe solierS. who-have so long .od
so nobly, borne, the hardqhips anli aangeradf:
tao war,.reqpire no .exhortatlon t respond
to the 'oalls of honor and duty.
'With iho liberty -transmitltid by their fore
fathers they haVe inherited the spirit toede
(end it( -
The ohoioe betlben Vtar and abje4t sub
mission Is before thetn
To such a proposal brave men:w4il arms
ia t ielr handsanen bqve but one apawer.
Thiy cannut borier naishlopd for Peace,
ner the rigit ofIelf.g4ertieht for lifo ow
ut justice to them requires a iterner ad
nonition to those who have bq0adoned their
comrades in the hoUr of peril.
A mne~t opporiunity is oeefe4 them to iripe
out the disgrace and escape the punishment
of their crimes. .
By aut ority of the Presldent of te Cobt
federate .te, ;a paedon -I, OPnpoquasd t
stuchideserters atid metn 1gjproperiy pdhent,
as shall return.to the copinpuds. to which'
hey -beting withitu tis6soItpat jlejible
tithd, dot Vxceeding 'twintydaye' front the
gubiloation ottehis ee atthe adquar.
lrs.of the deprneat, in, jtiph, theyinay
Those who maly be rvented Vy inter.r
ruprion of ofaminicAtldta,' my-Ieport,
within- the thin specifled"to the nea~fet n
Volling Offloor or other o$loe. on duty, to be
forwsnt*d agsseqn pa practicable, d.pon,
pesenting ,a esr gOate. frott go g~iper
i or-ing conipliamoe wh hii , atonI,'
*ill rdteivo 'the pardoa' hWeb erd.
; Ti12 'who'hitte d64etted 1t6e'4rvime of
the edemy. or -Wo' have des'rted after ha-.
,ing bleenns 4tdosedsfar lbs SMe oftentee
.nd si whp qhall deseh or. absqntit I m
SOTO *1wit *60authorifter thle pubicai
.tih'odothle'orr,'ar4biebudoeftom iitiene
tt, Nor doet fh 'dter pt pardonextend
o' oW6e'i tEtro than dsaertiok Asd Absenou
without poViniissip. .
'.y the smnme .tuthomy, til, Is elso alsfrq
that, no g4eqra1Inuefs ytllagais. gb a
.0, and th9se Vio.re4e tok ,Qpt tepa
don now offe , or If Oa'l iqr*We do.
soft or''bieki thonSie6 '$ittbiit' ideveo
ehall sufde addh 'Obushm~ ke btah14burt.
tesyAiMpose, 'add no appiGtAon; for alme
4 1 o ptrjlsd
.h 0 l eo oate
qlhiirse les In hd .bt e
- 4 ill MS "o -
.*Outresoures awisly and igoreas qs.
ployed ,ate ynplq, and unktavo ry s
win t ei u n t eop
hops aI w~ ao niielaoe, csanot
The ndata irs of the e iemyktw hatve
bu Itts~al~1Y~ rt mi heiip
Jp~o S44i940Gt sdwerdity,i fs6tide$
.euferleg hnd dout~ge. -se 4esght, with tise
rp ,that 4 - ays e.,49eoMo
a o 4*.~ Ef aNe,~o G iledil,
flon. JstADi'v s~f~i~ r ~n
kqon. A. i.' fi-ina*~Pt~et~
.YP. 85WA KIaur;tof ,~4~~ti
'0. A. Talatuetl, ef 8' O/t Z
J, GPBISUOVr.s1ase, 5 - M.A g*
daat . Re~i~
U'$ h i W a.'
I rf44 9
8. n
ceaed oldifers.
CoLDauiat, Janu y 16, 1885.
U ' EB-a ppointneat by. ip Legislature
to p e thl Recd, I earnestly
th il y f1 i dof oif do
solieretoas i eat, dethefitaamo
&., while there is an opoilnity'to seourel
aobtae tif rlaatos. . H ital registers
and repott-ofoegualies fro ti aramy are
de It I informnaion irjulred; it must
b ' 4. 'Ao bi t tbbegiining
of the wir,'add ihtende all, bo have been
killed in-blttle or died of wound -received
in batd, or from, disase of aocident.; If
you.bovebeen so fortunate as not o los.
)end or relative, yet rynember that it iq
hobi to r'eboue'om oblivion the name of
but one friendless youth who had gone frnh
your itelghborhood to ite in our cause.
Qidi-1, [email protected] in fgll 2. From what
DA.trigb. ;Rpk. 4. Compafty. 6. egi4mint
an grrn of servtop. 6 Died, year, ipohth,
y. 7. staife of doath, at plmarS r'as
w1 J pIdne , agN p' i ded, &a.)
Circularsa'na.blank$ to be .filled will be
sent to suohas.deslro tP.4m. N'fee or.expense
is;ilaourrC4by # ope for b ing the record
An6, .Tie 8ote is ndeaa in to'f$i
'ace o a'~tlo it:,seetiring nb, and re
dordtnk'br' potAerity, Qie names of ill her
9ons ho'hae folein. In this -war. . In 1862,
the Convention unanimnously resolved that
this should be done, 'tasa taken.of respeot
.to thor memneries, and a legy of inestima
,bo'vlue 1otht'i frioeds;" theresolution
wis sent-foth; by their 'order, to be read to
OUT' rigitnehs, battallo .and comiannies
everywhere. Mny -.ar brave saldier may
have lit4 14 soliltde or rushe upon tle foe,
wi'th the thought in his heart that his patne
woqld he honorably proerved at ho.
f At18'66--48 YWM! J. UIVRS.
it- . F a 4 i ol4Is4
I ./Qoaa4Tspuf8;rxaR P ! 14J$PAUX *Tr,
.alxtd Purgap, lkohentio,Feb. 20,'64.
HE f'ign<)s n r)ativeb of soldi'r in
,t 0 Army ofNorthernVir inia are rea
hy fietlthat an arrabgent t hat this day
beent'esflted with'thel Southern Exptess
O9m oany,,to carry all .packages of fool& and
wearing apparel toJMohpon, Va.
To Neouo the, advantages thus obtained
throjihthe ixpress Compay, the tollo4ing
I u erlictions, tput, be obeeved:
1 gaogs -tir not oobtlin'.oro lhan-one
'huacded pounds; bewell secured, and plainly
qtwked anid astt, at the expense of the, ship.
per. to 1itherof.the Poldiers' Relief Assooia
ti s,whioh.aro loo.ated'as follows:
north C'aroihia, at; l(oalh'; In Sonth
Carolla atUolumbia;'In Georgia, atAugusta':
in -Albamta, btfontgoutery, or. to any.other
4eint: at whieh.one of thebe Asooiaions have
. 1sooiion''will9ere
ke -k Uthe" 'and ship' daily, by
86ni " prisu '00pany, to the ropor
Agens vf ths reapoUlive States at Ricko d
who williao them disributed to, the prqper
le9lvidgal ,pers_
~ pe.'e the wighqs 3t6the 4oldlersaod tp
give tlie a ner'alt and 'speedy esMoMminlea
tioti'Withlioene; th Boithern Express(om
pany has agreed to give this freight prt;
*ec over everything else I and, in prder that
89 batple.mosy ooour ;o the suodess qf sc
I" l atz.qter .,, the several iwli~q,
oo0 i ai Ofee hereby requested wo'6ttdi the
B i as i ompaay Apich faelli'ties et-will eaa'
bii it to akke this urrangement a, oomulete
suoe . ,
M2t !Soeithqgn,JAspt'es Compiao. ad
ie respp lsibillLy of the Trans ra
ton i 411 k*s be Itelief A -= .
onete 4eta i ahdfaile1r4 'n(4
411 : .ed as trave ing
messengers. , If: the lielie( Associas~oawil
establish agenolsein.the rear of other ap.
1ee, tbvyit.y oy 4e seas prtvilege'hero.
Sy eotjte4,.o we army Of Nort x.
g V. W.A 1176,
4 rdted, Lt.'Co1 .nd Qdeterdr,
AR.IAmtou,.Qtartertaastev Oea'l.
Oyraos SqQwuuan SzvessCq ,'
Augn0ia. igiaFeb. 20,14,
Th outher prss Cothpany hereb;
not , ' e frieui udidivstives of. soldieh
in th Arthy of nlien- Virgitlda dd elei
wtseret4ab iheyt ar'prepared to carry on
gffpntenats as zace4 In .tba fth9
GWldp't, ddAotn he's.gw5
-.: dieV 4hFs~tb ku fl~oritewn
o a & pebd phc4/lh .~
jor eof iha sf toyer TheUnaeel
we~ 1 p apape
po. th o gcy4qa.i
60 te* ru" 3j.. a/ - -
'2%b mue. Couservativ. pla -vi.-T he an
pregiacy,.of %he iivil over the miltary law.
A quiet siib'Mliuidn' tbia la*k, Iwhether
god r' bad. while theY einaik upon byr
No regne uAo,tio'n, oi ubuission, blt per
pvbtal-ihdepedbnthe. ' ,
: !4M nolgen freoj, WOO henmmon enemy;
but time y Vad repeated Aiegotiatione for
PSAox by the proper authoites.
No separate Ska 'teation thrqigh a Con.
vention; no counter revolilion; no com
bined tesistatide Lb the Go*trnmenct
Opposition to 4espotjm % overy form,
and thie preservaton' of, Ropublican institu
tions i all th6l- piriSy. - -
We haaye 4etegained, toiaae the 6'onser
vativap perplenept paper, for the mainten
ace or our principles, tad.to render a
.vlAwrotta support tto :4o "tae of Southera
independence., Tho.utd 'nistration of Qov.
V1dne will fiti in th4 o servatiio a steady,
houest dtralght-foisdrd shppottee and de
fender, qs will also thp National adminlutra
tion, when Its acion is noa ,in 4onfliot with
our pyinoI les.
.I.he-Cnseraive, phall be.a loaoing, rella
bl paper, and will be conducted with vigor,
but. with a proper regard to trnth; and right,
and the courtesy due to others. - It will not
oncourage or opuutenance personat or, polt
;cal rangling and discord. It seeks to
n"It' ,1t upon thjO great and 'al-absorbing
int brits of 'the Co'ffederhay'.
Itahall be-a th6rotigh nes-spaper, and will
'give the latest telegraphio and other. news
most le siraole to,tbe publio. Tle prooeed
ings of 'the Legislaturq whe'n in session, im.
portant aetbn of Congress,'%hd general in.
telligence wil be served up daily for our
'I QUlj~ThTi8:.
,For,the Daily, one moDtl,. $5 00
Por the ball?, three Inonths, 15 00
Pot- the'D il 'bixr ont's, ' 5 00
For the Weekly, six months, 16 00
No subsoiptions to either Daily or Weekly
,recolvqd fora longer tiame thgsn pix months.
feb 18'65,
hae.o i V.stago.
Single letters not exceeding a half opce
in weight, to any part of the Confellerate
S?tates, sall be10 eepts.
An additional rate for each additional
half ounee'oV less.
Drop letters 2 cents each.
In. the foreaoing cases, the postage to be
peepaid by,-itanips ah -ata'nged''envelopes.
Ad.dr*tised letterst2 cers each.
oi NP~VsPAP5na.
Sent to re'gular and bona'ide subscribers
from the ofice of publication, and.,nst ex-.
ceeding unces in weight.
Weekly papers, '10 cet'is'.pei'quarter.
Fcmi-weekly'abdr, 10 cents per quarter.
Tri-Weekly paper; 20 cobts per quarter.
* Jgur timen 4 week 50 cen per quarter.
Ive tinis a week 60 ceqts per quarter.
ix titbes a week, 00 .caits per. quhrter.
IMaly paper 7.0 cents per qtierler.
Pet.iodida1s published oftede- than semi
.moutbly shall be oha'ged ma iewspaere.
PeVriioatq' plblisied monthl), ot ex
oeddUti 2k "oucn a in V1gb't 2 e ts per
Iquaret;' ajdfol every addlin 1 o'ne.or
Sesto'iilhly, doub . Ne tadditional.
Di-ruo'nthly -or "Quar.erl~y, 2-ents an
onlune. -
" jrfy other newspaper, Vaeuphist.,petiod.
j JaI#_ magasize% ,eoh oireulr not. SeAled,
handbill a engraling, not exceedIng. 8
pvitobei'od Ight, 2"dents for hkty distance,
aaent addjtional for qh.4dditionalopnee
,r less be'otd thO Gr tree ounces.
i ' If'eadeste j e irEi6id by
'ttah or 7t1m Pd deI0l e,. -
%esAhga q5131)kATK4N
*-M O usesTA, -04 ., AiE
- 07.
ohidm onatied' under th* old pop.,
j,~ ular , q of, tbpe
r'PBt Proietidhef the Veruby: h&ting
Spu ie .the' 8pugass Fsps anb
1,ei;aod fieding po~iestble to molte
tau upeainty f ras rtion for
ut,#xD Jaarb it' 'ife 'Ga.,
'h th ae:h.atpg lb. be utipplIed-ftam the
'uills ag~lgh .N. C., heye remeted the
Pi his F U4b 4 to Italeigh an '0om..
Rit -Ldt'awy (Touai.,
hei4ang Tre. 4h~ re ,i~~t t klie
Spu e V aIJa AW nast, and wi lbe
so j6ifl ahdutM th'st'eof tadhry
Sp ett al Iieruuegitn q o ,,$~eI as
r4elie the -pber. to the ,4l1 slaut ofnsub
ee ed to a toi-pa
Amt sare ,4tslkt on te emeg.
- tit~et, a te 'anll
i be ler et saver'Sr ozb
f stembe 18 5 e' gb 0.
Reyltt of -thed ~rne 'As6elition.
MAcON,, Ap'il 7.-Advices frW
Montgomer. t'o the 6th, say that official
reports say that there is no enemy this
side of the Alabnam river.
The telegraph is working to Benton.
Commodore Montgtnery ias arrived.
Ho left -Demopolis oni Monday night.
Jackson's cavalry division whipped and
forced to retreat, .the enemy's 'cavalry
colutun, 3,000 strqog, which were ad
'vancing via Tuscaloosa. The figfit oc.
cured 'tweqity-six niles from Solma.
The eney's main body was moving to-.
wards Demopolis. Forrest is. reported
advancii$ against, and fighbing the one
my around Sedma.
Therd is nothing definite from Mobile.
- AusUTA,- April 7.-Tie Charleston
.Courier states that 8;Q0.0bales of cotton
has been discovered in 'portions of the
city. The Government has a dray line
on the streetshauUng. King street ex
hibits an immense moving- throng from
morning till night. The merchants and
trados are doing a good 'business-which
promises well for the future prospeiity
of ,he city. There is a remarkable
change-in five weeks, since the Union
forces entered. A. torpedo 'exploded
under the bow of the United States
steamer ibb, in the usual sailing chan
nel. - Thq vessel was in twenty-five feet,
low water. A naval order has been is
sued for vessels to avoid the track. No
injury was done.
I ! I I . Red-path and others have issued
a mernorial to the loyal people -of South
Cawlina.to furgiish means to erect h
monument over the Yankee ,soldiers
who was buried on the race course by
the rebels I 11111
The Cotirier gives a long account of
the meeting held on the 28th. - It pass
ed resolutions of thanks -to Geh. Hatch
and Admiral Dahlgreen, for their kind
ness in giving assistance in suppressing
the fire, when the Union. troops entered
the city.. Vhe largest number of the
signers of the address were negroes and
conternptible fellows who never had
character i position. A few pronii
nent citizens. took part in the proceed
-ings. J. P. M. Stitson. opened the
Charleston Hotel with grcnd demonstra
tions and a banquet display and grand
expedition of'the, celbbration.
Northern characters arrived on the
lst of April. They are visiting South
ern citie# (4) and will remain for the0
grand demonstration of the .13th-t.he
raising of the IAg over Sutvter,. and
o'ther imposing ceremonies.. Weles, the
Secretary of the Nqvy, is expected. On
the 24g rard prepAration.s were made to
salute and receive him and other distin
gdshed petrsors.
''he paper claims victories in North
Qarpli'nk , at. K tiien,' Averys'bofd and
Bsv6?,111. It locates Schbbeld's anid
a aame at dldsgoro, 60,000
'rtigln papers efMarch 27th state
i 5j900 al#ry 19( Matport-on the
agd ege'ad sh on Alabama,
wit'a fiew ofaroyisg dhe raioads,
isra. in'-Alabara'aMhIsI1Pii, frd it
co qperatod with sover~ddt expedi
the the l'hey
n~ Jefh$' (le'th dAthy corps
at Khoxv'igh'lt/fbn tlousand.,men'
under.Stonemana, left Knoz4Itif the
bo Trst rd, wit~ ?000
~The'L ' owassg tt rgle
in flamingth o

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