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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, April 18, 1865, Image 1

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44, 5>" Jo 7Aj k; A ~LU
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VOL.I~3~ ~V ~ ~ $),~'U~D4YI~!~eNNG. PBX4. 8. ~O$ ~ 7 ~~" tNT1I*1h~R IA
. Iiaf ' WI! li ipbffd
-on Tuesday, 'Thriredefaad Saturday at I '.00
er klss onsti60its a square.
.0ett'N s etol telrate. -
A FINE Colt' Pistol, sllyertncwieu di ca
'be urehsed by opplying atk thk oflie.
april IWO.
Whte4 ti. - EIke,
TO good horso-uhoers.)
T nters.
S1X Labe A I'M.A.1.' AHFT T,
apt 18'45 -- pt. A. Q;
Multe f~r'Site.";
O MonAy' next,241h prtil, '86 Is front
ef, py stble an4 14the Ighest bid
der, rill be sod one con ned MU Y. be
lon'ging' te'thA6 b-d1ne*4,
apI Z8'85-8 . Capt. A, Q.
-npl l'05
Woodward's .4111
- RINDS Corn. on-Thunday, Yrldriyan
Saturday. Two anda half niles belo
Winnsboro. Meal given in exchange ft
-il and tallow at old prioes. ,
mch 28'U5-tw T. W. WOODWARD.
del're491P '1.11, 99eg99 S. U. Cavat ry
CAMP. NNAn'Rroonn,
Marh 10; 1865.
O FICERS and soldlerseof the Sevent
0 eimtiten. t 8'uthi iatolina Cavalry
who are no# absent without loave are callei
upon to return without delay to their coni
Many brave men linger to protect thei
mufferiu hboes, or to engago the enem
upon their own soil-cowards nake tho
samo exquse-but, by remaining absent froti
their pQts in the army they; weaken on
.atterfgth and postpone the iour of. vietor3
qyid peaco. Soldiers must proroptly, returI
ot be published as "deaerters," arrested a
'leserters'? .and -punished as "daeerters.'
The dostmrntign of railroads is ns.Oa"-0
* rave xcen willnake tihei V ss00**
ton gket, fo' let ilaikef, le
paxid. ' [xpt; 18,68
I93rs. . Steves_,
that ske ls prepartd to' rep atvde-hAps
"Onable ohargesA I, OMsitilets 44 the 0
boroe. ote V1111 b sy
-tage,. feta
0 o lentu 1 Ih'r er
'o'the - bb' r
ad for tha furposete mevabbro
-of Ute Senate Qaihelouse of Representi,
OVAs of 64b W f 8poikQ0dlna-are'here.
Ito 4 t#$l,,,Grp ,%lej lon
t 4 ,~i *4p a
~.Mtal : W. S. po:eetr 4ate de'y.
which originally a
Prvesbyteris and.
. hoi I ft ok
laeu .W 0. Mimy eia lld y
nf athe tal a 1 trAl - /t
mech tQ9'65-t- w' ' . :WodDWAhlt~
-.%~irS -, Arnon e I.V the4L&
1, , - 1 - Ma U5SUrw 186&.'
T Edisciplin.e mefaftedsy of Abe arm;
T ve 4a:ff~tiy, mp&4r0b $psi
able , I .
Thtb-prhcloe alin04*L '"~irie~ ~I
oonsliquio*o as Ihe, art"- of , Asirtion.b
Ithe Awlb ofe oWar,.exposP4 jq -qffea4le.)
aju wa %UIvkegt. amd9.,bJ4 thoo
ovr receivin4 lst kdioki fr1%01''o0
Iisthevefdre dedc&A~k~wtt6hrprovhIOv1
of Goetb Otdae Nor. 2, of thid -date, (roin
army headquarters, apply to, suq~.m~qu'&
pvouimiwclj~ end
thst orwerirtp ciomfplyt3 ing d.1W. OQudI
tlos~u~ffr~ tb~oopnqqaqimqps ateAqkf
Awhirth i li' ti0MA
Su r 4 W
anteripi *poA $ ft k'G6J
4A e . hto betr IV''6arIP
Wtf661.f.i si n 'd ity1. -L ,"~ 4 ' - IT
tufhel~a'nw~.t , - I ,i
out, th4,dhpgIn,
fer, ov l s'a
k0*1alkbof 00 bei~fierc
10141Gw or, be4Ifts o .4 40-b~
ftlpjltoq ibe eAw
A4 too
"aob#&JQ 0ftth *Vo
51JA Y "Wl b t r(W04I
L. O. v
~~~o~ J' pea cbid 11,0or41 ; I4awhsig~y
spi 1,ko the f iwrfizts~ Ocq e- i
010 WWI itms
o., *1db 44 tl~e iaa o ' 11 f~ who h e
or eu01WoIi."- 1t~.h16P
sk.h;~t ''kewso I Wti #0 0Vto os
$stte Infsnmam~eT , kqt Acs.
1*m kIQt. wsotligo. .&! Wspmde VyaT,~
Ca *4~f.~ ~q~~ ~reM.~
of dvA Anbgppe id~oh A. ) .,0
~ lU '#?U~~Yflg~J~btn4
lio bea &hI*~S a1 OML
.; ujoco4~~ d
"cueea't H yi ?W~wdee torAt
8&p~weVa~41 b41,~l
1h~~ei , Iuke . d108syof) Alms
1 00111 le 0 diey .9
D c;. SW~~tag4'tle o fay 81
WpU10 beOnobbl e, i.
e It t Uhft 1 't n 0u #A& Orfi" El t.*
ofn pi'e* ~fm
T9 #ci.;J . Pa.ou
0. isikgW1,6A nt~ thism tht p'. a, b i
lo l ie a o o -
y' 0 h~~~tdt'dih
mBte Mbs iith ixn,eetccm de
ci'~ ~j io~ J~.'jjta Reilot '
ch $ a dI ..f~u)arp 11~anz,
en ~ s jeahf o wm ,
~J V "icw e$t~ itow M. 1%4g&iW"fk
Ina R~,M0toePs
jgi&jIrey d A r4 i pl parled ZA #too..1
if'enor voevrytin sde 04 [io~I4
4 4Ot njri4,ieSvrli o
&ft 64 116416*11,04;
as Il to 4q
solo4um Re M*''O*Uat
tweight, to smij $i% of the Confederate
Lat".. sbil b410 tkenq. t . . .
. ad1Li~u~l te fr 'cov. i, nu
Mif oQUne Or Feab.
Drup letter*2 cents eaoll.oe
A1 te f'rbv*4-00141e 04 -,1049 t b
Soot IQ:73t511%, .4 bons fldetborbers
:om the ofio. 01 P4ulitoaio"ln '
rdftluqfp* oeti off~taer.
FI luiftla !*Odk 60 pefuw - quarter.
lbosypoO l#t V61q qterte9
'i ibi-bitge ao I*epapid.
1b sbl6f*.J%4t'uIwthbnte
~4diu.2~i~~ vr*1gI1t42. !eosbepar
P&YR~4~&W a, $ 9 r?
j, Off TIRAlltfUt PDE3TU NA'vM,
6111an oweapic pitd, It :a!
sI#~v~ 0 "ek It 8
ct iditina inVfr 6
rIfls 9beyond the firmci h kw"j
14 all peae, the postageipt be owpoIdu2
'tp.~or. Lpnpeoi ptbyqt~u
b.iekhlkn Field all* dR low~~'.
bol "'6a-oifa m*~IS#, wO., Svj ~'
bmb 1ad.'nIuA I 0adte~w o~
i~ 41"V~ he, it 1v.4b1* NDk
apl*- of I' "A:pw ** .p
rN rot
ile "M 46 f.in AZin ieie~ nt
Iw fIIa.'uiD #o ~Ralbih X- Ila ioeoti
QpIf , i ANwisp oR&I ?Vkl)N as *1It,
uhhid "nit the b14to ort b 014~
Or. iusrers e
ton ; ou1ea0'ovan ,
pOty1a W~ oruI 1 6 -
iiqfxik bm_. t it fkA nit.Y . eier
Wo * wE"e atle
14 ~
.9 5
1 U "_ 44r i , 1 i
Aila1th'~i 41irMished. with - Ytr
I~iie through U 4tli :edt.' Atasihaot
theYv*oOuie t66 ci%.Y1W "9h cbifiinsd
idv9icP& 'ftonw n i, Veft,
perty in Mont oor a reeti
Cotton, GovernaeniAid manufacturing
esAbbleliheent, thr railroA antiboants,
W. ...d r ye .....,.
Eo Ad'o 'cu18lt. l was.
ped31 s treslwok a u turnar,, 0 by
vatehpopert N:eurl prTho~d
Geo. Lci', 'ntqtd e'.
Ittotof t the' enemy near W n a
after a spirited ahld h116 r~~kl,, t
i)i.'Hu 'phrey WMafhlt i j~~i~
toa age orowd inthd ity tAis ei'ttIlr'-fg
ThqMeI4Av-Iw hUthUsiasti, notwitthstanw:
jvag theoj~eVAoi the Yno.~V)8~i
various [email protected]'.
- rom the Mith..
MACON, April 17.-The Nthih
t~9 P.4~s ?io' xr ah Y ank. .,
General Seria, datea, Lila th,. stating
that .Uha Corifbaekat~s -Adepa 1tind P. t,
B~wvile~Jnidton' hndhe 'attacked
thermz 0ap tiauig. Genlk.: ' 'ouetus, Lee,
.ioJiors A,. J,,urton, comse and
belarry,,witp9qvoFP! ilousata Prison
'Ph Ne VOk ~ of* the -7th
ban .inforlwhildf *061 eIWhzncid that
Preeidet lint was! theri,.and, was
"tueJ~y opgagoO. in. tbi business, of
04Coj Tft .the, A h Ah.d.pri.
Ce -6iloir wit U gq at fbefl,
Pid"7th~h ~vc ati ~is"Aft of
didnDomes~4, htike *t*inedi' M'to
GATyt ' WSfkha .ootil )i?'done. ! -,t mwas
understood that pkt~p~ j Iiyfw. Wes
zn l or r6tmit W aol~r
,A 1-d~i 4 '1 t) BV 92
'Ji'bo~orthen w~emd~ W trot~
eaite wisete the -ptoUiw,Ioufede
1eade" Were.. '
NJIlsR8 EO8TER, We m. jusqfut,
pual. vte k t tu~a

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