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..- -, i fa-6,
-TEP TRI-WEEK16Y NEWS is published
on Tuesday, Thursday ad Saturday at 0 I.OQ
per opy.
Wilt be iaserted at 06.00 a square, ten lines
-or less conatituting a' s1uare.
As the Initnedate'ieonstrutction of this
rood In higly important, all materials
-of Iron, ties and stringpe are noeded, and
their remioval i% forbidden by any one.
april 6'06 WM. JOIINSTON,.Pres't:
" enae" fos- Children,
IS the title of a collection . of admirable
stories, mostly founded on facts, and
which originally .appeared' in the Southern
Jrersbyteriam and onfederate Baptist, over
the signature of "TRACusRa."
Phe rapid sale of this work, (over 1800
copies havingbeen sold,) speaks well for the
favor with which it has been receivid by the
Southern public. There is nothing seoea
rian contained in It, the authors' obje'ot be
ing the incouleation of true piety amongst
. he rising generation.
Copies can be procurod,atthis office. Price
$2.. RFMLL .
Wood wa r s .Mill
G RINDS Corn. on Thtsday, Friday'and
Saturday. Two and a half miles below
Winnsboro. Meal given in exehango for
vil and tallow at old prioes.
meih 2't66--tw T. W. WOODWARD.
N'dl'e ~ta le't8.O.Cavalry.
Maroih 10, 1865.
FFICERS and Soldlirsof the Seventh
legiiiicnt of S'uth Carolina Cavalry.
-who are now absent without leave are called
upon to return without delay to their com
Many brave inen linger to protect their
sufferin g hones. or to engage the enomy
upon their own soil-oowards 'nako the
vano exquse-but by rquaining abpent from
their posts in the army they. weaken our
.rength and postpone the Uour of. victory
and peaco. Soldiers must prompthy return
or be published as "deserters," arrested as
"dsertors'lsand-punished as "desorters."
'The destruction of talroads is no excuse.
.Mrave Xsen williniko their jqurney.oki foot.
or on hlorsoback, anl rejoih their posti of
duity in ArImYo . .t wll be, o exoeu to
a,644-dkhils dohg detr i-'-an$ur
eommagd; 1s. ,an only be permitted by
i order from the Comiander-in-Chef
whiti;i qpi JtqrderjOAA nitary, crime.
It is especially urged upon men to hring
'with thg .qo.uajW. n dismotinted'
will n A, t 4rloughs, but,
do'l; 7th )4g't. #, C. Cavalry.
mcih 25,_44 .
The .Key tone.
W AS commenced on the FIRST OF JAN.
UARY, 1865, a publication of a
Ionthly Magazine plder he above title, de
voted to the interest of the Ancient and
Honorable Praternity of Free and Accepted
I believe that every good Mason will agree,
with me in the opinion that suoh a publica
tion will be benqfoial In enlightening our
less informed brethren, and in dispensing
luany a calm, kind word of cheerfulness to
the hearts and homes of thousands of wor
-thy brothers, their widows and. orphans.
It. will be my earnest purpose to bear what
ever hiemble'ibility I may possess o 'make
'it a reliable custodian of' sound Masonic
Law aud Ten*tl, ever adhering closely to
the Aueient Landmarks of the Craft in all
. their pristine strengta sad symmetri6al
Trembling, lest I' err, in olothing myself
- for so responsible - an office, . I shall engage
uipon the Kay Sious suloh skill editorial
talet ss shall keep the light. we trinned
a brightly burning, with the sincere hope
that as our work goes forth each month,
frot. the quarnes of ur labor it'may pass
an labbroved Insphotion aa'd'be aneeptable i9
tbe h and ,to the -tU' of every g50o1
' Mas '910044R9 etds it may be
d a thei
Bal gh.. C,
8outh. The'Gr~nd. 1hodge e
tied,'d&e Iih; Dt.e 7th 1864,
od to pas6 4he Asilowlgg readetn r *
Wher.s, Brotho W~f. B3. Smrith' -t
'eity, heq oomeded- the publioatm ef
Motthly Periodiethdevoted to the 4etees
of thp Manico.-raIitsehit, eotSite .i.d
Karsvox and wheraa woris of shlakla4
is vey'se t44 b er Cvafe tough~.
cu 'ehaevte th 0 4:,ose eo
snldsi Wbk 9 h eordittJeLodge
Hdq'rs A'mies of the C. S.,
11Tu PInBAUY, 18065.
No. 8.
T HlEldisipline and efficiency of the nrrey
have been greatly impaited by men
leaving their proper commands to join
others, in which they find service moro agree
This practice almost as injurious in its
cousequences as the crime of desertion, by
the Articles of War, exposes the offender to
a similar punishment, and subjects the offi.
eer receiving him to dismissal from the
It is therefore declared that the provisions
of General Orders No. 2, of this date, from
army hleadquertors, apply to such men as
have left tht ir proper commands and joined
others without being regularly transferred.
They will receive the pardon promised in
that order upon complying with its condi
thois, or suffer the consequences attached,
to negiecting it.
The nameq of such absentees will.. be
(orthwith reported to these headquarters by
the officers with 'whom they are serving, and
immediate inoasures taken to return them to
their proper cohunands.,
- As soon as practisable an inspection will
be za4e, and oharges will be. preferred
against those who neglect to enforce this
moh 23'65-6 R. E. LEE, General.
fldq'rs Armies of the U. Stlates,
11th IaNnUAnT, 185.
OxNSaAL Oinnes,
IN entering upon the.campaign about to
open, the General-inChief feels assur
ed that the soldiers who have so long and
so nobly borao the hairdships and dangers of
the war, require no exhortqAion. to respond
to the calls of loner and duty. .
With the liberty transmitted by their fore
fathers they have inherited the spirit to de
fend 4,
Thl 9oige betweon qar and abject sub
missi bbftre them.
'To such 6 propoial brave men with :arms
in their hands.oai have but. one answer,
They cannot ba ter manhood for peace,
nor the right of self.government for life or
Ilut justicb to thema requiresa sterner ad
Monition to those who have abandoned their
coirades in the hour of peril.
A last, opportuqity is offered,l e t .ipo
out the qdisgroe and escape th6 h 'uikiteh
of ih6ir crimes.
By aut hority ofthe Presideit lo thte Obtk
fddorate States, 'pardon -i'.go. *oed'3a
saolaedeserters AJpiV 'n-sM .t
tho Uel q)gthip o
tinb, n et exceedg tW efhe
publicitf on'ot this ord akth
tots'o tho --deprtment; kn .wdh h *Isy
Those who .say be prvefitd '* lute
rkiption of communications,' may report
within the tine specified to the netiest;1n
rolling Officer o- other officer on duty, ib be
forwarded as-soon as practicable, and upon
preseating a certificate from suoh 'officer
showing qompliancb with his requirement,
will receive the pardon hereby offered.
Those who have deserted to the service of
the enemy, or who have deserted after hav
ing been once Prrdoned for the same offence,
and those who shall desert, or absent them
selvda without authority after the, publica
tion of this order, are excluded from Its bene
fie. Nor does the offer of pardon ektend
fo'other bffenees than desertion and absenoo
without 'permission. .
. By the same authority, it, Is also declared
tha no generalamnesty will again be grant
ed, and those who refuse to. accept the pae
don now offered, or who shall hereafter de.
sort er absent themselves, without leave,
shall suffer sukh. p*ishuent as the Courts
may inipose, and no applosties for clemen
ey will be entertained. , . . -
Taking .new resolution from the fate
which our enehiles intend for us, let e' cry
man devote-all ,his energies to the common
Ot1 resource* wlsely and vigprously sta
pipyed, .are ample, an , bravp army. ssa.
t4ined b a determined 'an'd' quited pedilb,
atocess, with .16d's asatande, oahhot 'b
doubtful -
The adantages of theA.en-my wial &msL
but little value If we.do ndt pariA. - em5
impalr our resolun~q. L se u -
go e ionstanpg to. a4versity, I
su ing anid couisae tos diabr * 4he
hrza assurance that lie who ge
.to our fathereWiIl bltqighe eorts of 9
Qktae$n q
State Reco'ard of setes of De'
Cekoed ere.
COLUMBIA, January 10, 1805.
BR appointment the Legislature
to prepare this eqord I earnestly
appeal to the families or friends of our de
ceased soldiers to send me -t onice theirnames
&c., while there is an o rtiunity to secure
accurate information. ' ospital registers
and reports of casualties from the army are
deficient in the informati n required; it must
be obtained at, home.
The Iecord will date bak to the beginning
of the war, apd inlude tall 'who have beu
killed In battle or died o wounds received
in battle, or fron diseald or- accident. If
you have been so fortu ate as not to lose
friend or relative, yet lmember that it ii
noble to rescue from o l.ivion the name of
but ono f6iondless youth who had gone from
your neighborlzood to di in our cause.
Givie-i-. Natne in f6U. 2. From what
DIstriot. 8. Bank. 4. Colapany. 5. Regiment
and arm of seviog. 6. iled, year, month,
day. 7. Caqis? of death' and remarks '(as
where hedied,aie, previnausly wdunded,'&c.)
Ciroulars and - blankAtto be filled will be
sent to such as desire th . No fee orespense
is ineurred byasy one . rnhaving the record'
made. The Sate Is ouavoring to fulfill a
acrod obligation in seting now, and re
cording for posterity, tue names of all her
sons wh6 have tallen in thi war. In 1862,
the Convention dnanim6usly resolved. that
this-shoold be done, ' a token of respect
to their iemories, and legacy of Inestima
ole value to their friepdj " and the resolution
-was sent forth, by theiri order, to be read to
our regiments, battall6 pnd companies
everywhere. Many abrave soldier may
have died In soljtude or rughod upon the foe,
with the thought In hiaiheart that his name
would be honorably preserved at home.
feb 18'65-48 -WM J. RIVERS.
To 143 Fr'Aed Ol tise. Soldiers
Railroad Iiureau, Uioh eond, Feb. 20,'64.
T HM friends and relt ivpe of soldiers in
. t he Army ofNortiheenVitginia are here
by notified that an at-rangementi has this day
been ffeut4d with the Sbuthern Express
Company, to carry all packages of food and
wearing apparel to Itiobmon Va.
To seoure the ddvamiages thus obtained
t.hrough t)iegEiressCepupan, the following
instruotious mdst be oliservell
Pamkakefi'aiubt not centtIa rnoro than oto
hundt-d pounda; be well- seured, and plainly
aiteked, aodesent at thp e penasof the ipl
yor to either, of the 3olIJ. '.Relief Associ'.
h are 0o as lows:
(rh'a i lua Raieigh l in Aouth
hlinast~blibitl; iGe3orga,.a ta;
PwAlabams, At, Montgomery, or to e,4 fper
o)ehsabi.4 ontof thes oe a ss l s have
hof theso AssooiatioseWill theroe
tak lay A othemd, and ship daily, by
Xi iriE X ress - Oompainy, to tbo proper.
Agnta of the respecLive States al IfIeibmond
Who will see them distributed toethe proper
individual oners.
To moet, the wishes of the soldiefs, and to
give them a certain aqd-speedy oommunicn
tion with home, the Southern Express Core
pany has agreed to give this freight, prefer
exte over overything.else; and, in order that
no obstacle may occur to the success of so
laudable an enterprise, the several railroad
companies are hereby requested to render the
Express Company such facilities as will ena
ble It. to make this arrafigement a complete
As the -Bouthern Express Company as
sumes ill responsibilIty of the Transport&
tioh of these paokages,% the Relief Associa
tions are requested to withdraw their agents
who have heretofore noted as travelling
Messengers. I ,the Relief Association will
establish agencies in the rear of other arm
ies, they may 9njoy the stun, privileges here
by seoured tw, the arrty-bf Northern Vig
glnia. F. W.-$Ime,
Approved, Lt.Aol. and Quaytir'r.
A. R,,LAw-ros, Quartermster Gen'l.
OrrIos SoU'ua* 'EPRusa Co.;
Augusta, Gi., Feb. 20, 1864.
The Southern Exprese Company hereby
Aotify th'hishdrg and relativew of: soldiers
in the Army of Nirthern Vin aadelhe
wVeye, tbo thpy. are propered to qarry oUt
~ tesa 6t oesd In the above
btitth d06allIn thtr power
a s'8qp4 ad AetIpeg At
ow~A~ ~t~- -~mdb
esyPxr $, for
Ap7 poetIPRidI te n
- e #
Mates of Postage.
Single'letters not exceeding a half ounce
in weightj to any part of the Confederate
States, shall bo 10 cents.
An additional rate for each additlotnal
half ounce or less.
Drop letters.2 cents each.
In the foregolpg casfe, the postage to be
prepiid by stamps on' stamped envelopes.
Advertised letters 2 cents each.
Sent to regular and bona fide subscribers
from the office of publication, and not cx
ceeding 8 ounces in weight.
Weekly papers, 10 cents per quarter.
Scmi-Weekly paper, 10 cents per quarter.
Trl-Weekly paper, 20 cents per quzlrier.
Four times a week 50 cents per quarter.
Five times a week 60 cents per quarter.
Six times a week, 60 cents per quarter.
Daily paper 70 cents per quarter.
Periodicals published oftener than semi
monthly shall be charged as newspapers.
Periodicals published monthly, not ex
ceeding 2j ounces in weight, 2 cents per
quarter; and for every additional oubco.or
fraction of an ouncoe, 2j cents additional.
Semi-monthly, double that amount.
1-monthly or Quairterly, 2 cents an
Every other newspaper,'pamphlet., period
ical, magazine, eaclt circular not sealed,
handbill and engraving, not exceeding 8
ounces in weight, 2 cents for an'y distance,
2 cents additional for each additional (unce
or less beyond the first three ounces.
In all cases, I hee ostage, to be prepaid by
stamps or stamped envelopes. - _
Souttlieras Field and FiresI
Combined and continued u'nder the old pop
ular title of the
r HE Proprietors of the Mercury having
. purchased the Sou-iraN FIRL AND
FAnstns. and finding it inhpossiblo to make
arrangeinents which would insure a regular
supply. of paper, upon account of the irieg
ularity auid uncertainty of transportation for
the FInLD AND- FIRtSID at Augusta, Ga.,
the samo having to be supplied from the
millq at Raleigh, N. C., haveI removed the
Ftszan Asa) FIRN.sION to 1talo 0h and dom
blned these two sterling Literary Journals.
The MaRouaR is therefore iuerged into the
SotiTius Fistn AND Finnatna, and will be
so published until, lho,statlp.f the country
'will justify a qivemtemant, when. both pa
pers yilt be resumed and continued as hde
tdfore. 4ubscriliers. to both journals will
ieceive the paper to the full time of sub
scription without delay or interruption.
The entire eilitorial and dontribut.orial oqrps
'of b tpa re are.retained upon the emqeg..
In; ournal. . It'is announced, without
of contradiction, that the extensive A
splendid'array of nombined talent now ema
ployed in writing for the FirLD AND Fzits
sins surpenses in genuine merit, ability. ce
lebrity and numerical strength, any combi
nation or engagement ever before attained
in the history of Periodical, Literature of
Europe or America.
One subscribar, six months,:':: $20 00
Eleven subscribers, : : : : 200 00
Address WM. B. SMITH & CO.,
feb.18'66 Raleigh, N. C.
Prospects of the Conservative.
OUR Palu2olPLUs:'
'A., true Oonservative plaoform -The su
preinaoy of the civil oyer the military law.
A quiet submission to all laws, whether
good .or bad. ,while they remain upon our
statutk books. -
No renstruation, o submission, but per.
petI4al independenee.
AI unbroken front to the common enemy;
but tmely and repeaed. negotiations for
PVAcE by the proper authorities.
No separate State atidiir (brough a Cone
vontion ; no counter teviition ; to com
binedresstqnoo to the Goternment,.
Oppsition to -despatiserin every form,
and o. p rveation of RepublicaI instltu
their purt
*~e hera m Bt ylo'r the maanten
snefr-tSoI es; abd -t6 render a
~u e} .. ~ah l of Beuthorti
,hse ai rt * u de-'l
Te-(6nmwiative shall ea4u 11Al'
bla 'pr and willbe o eo 4.wtl ~r,a
skd thoh e." will f
~oetragt d & o&e or~ polit
feal, wwigln M& *ada 1 seks o0
unite' gll libgr4wi Wbsorbing
intreo Ofsltb
From the North.
AUGUSTA, April 18.-The Chatta
nooga Gazefte of the 4th says that the
first dispatch of Federal movements *as
received on the 30th March, from 4rants
headquarters. Lee made seven demon.
strations to find the position of the Yan
kee forces, and recoiled every time. On
the 31st Lincoln telegnphdd from City
Point that there was much fighting'that
day. In the forenoon the Confederate
troops were successful, in the afternoon
the Yankees occupied their former posi.
tion. Grant moved one mile towards
Richmond. On April 1, Gen. Stead
man telegraphed that after hard fighting,
Gens. Hoyden and Warren drove the
Confederates back, near Baranow and
occupied their five works.
Grant's dispatches say that Sheridan
carried everything before him, and cap.
tured three brigades of infantry, a wagon
train and several- batteries, of artillery,
and several thousand prisoners. On
April 2 Lincoln telegraphs Stanton,
from City Point that Grant had cap
tured 12000 prisoners and 'fifty pieces of
artillery. Foster's division captured an
important fort, with its entire garrison.
Everything was carried on the left and
Pet.ergburg closely invested.
Petersburg was-occupied by the Yan
kees on Sundsy night. In the fight
before the city the Yankees say they
captured over 3000 prisoners. On
April 3, Grant dispatched that he car
ried everything before him. and after -
three days hard, fighting had occupied
Richmond on Mqnday morning at 8
o'clock. Theirq w"g great-rejoicing, on
the 5th ir.st., (at the North) over a.
Washington' dispatch which said that
the war is over, the programme of Grant
anticipates all the possible movements
of the Confederates; their rStreat is cut
off at all points; Giant, Sherman,
Thomas and Hancock is closing around
the fragments of the Confederate army,
New York! continues firing salutes.
In Philadelphia there is a large proces.
sion and the locomotives whistle "Inde
pendonce I" Among other demonstra
tons in Baltimore the Mayor 4 au -E1the
jells to be rung. - In Cincinnati tliere
was a general suspension of business,
and a grand display of fireworks for an
evening effect.
The New York News says that Grants
su-qesses has almost suspended business
in the market. It is difficult to esti
mate the 6ffect; on prices until the fato
of Lee's army is known, and the pros
pect of ajunction with Johnston, to offer
battle at somepoint, or a possible fall on
Gold opened at:148, and fell to 145.
The stock market has been gradually
oversold, hence the scarcity ' of gold.
Cotton fell five cents, the lowest prices
being thirty-eight.
wausted -
ton.R1ags, for which market price will be
paid. [apI 18,65
.VaAlable Book Found.
- Kings-Proverbs, has; been -l01 tt this
office for the owner,.who can get It by call
ing and g%na brthisadvertisercnnt.
Riiesai 14jgutes' fteVed.'
ILE' EG ldti' the moat useful
of its original in the nastbes~ an~ ige of its
iob iued lib' Niles. -
und f si attractive,0to wz ade-.
eeseemisch at the siame tine.eing
~~~l~besture oi 40ae Uthr a
I ' , d
ob l8 ? G

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