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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, April 25, 1865, Image 1

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W, 'tl 1-1;
it~i t' T'
74 X-: #-_WR:
IVY J.- R. B ITO .
THE T1'ti-W!EKLY NifWS Is publistl(d
in Tuesday, Thursday. and Ma tuday at $1,00
yjqr oopV- y. V,
Wille Cinsertet at'&.0 M sqare, ten lints
or less coAnstituting a squarr.
.that she is prepar4 to rep .irnndre-shape
Any work qtthis kilkd, endaust91 a4, her,
will be in tsaliefaction, and at -
Jionable cbarges. Qrdeis lift at the- I no,
horo Hoit will be ptmtly attefided to
a pill W05-i.-w4'
M t e eit CiWOldea.
COLUS.Dilk aich 2'. 1866.
T lilt ffnvttasion 'of' h 81tate hO reodi4od
it. proper that' tile Legislative DepetH.
vtwnt of the Govorument of thq State .shob11l.
be cotened, that ach, neaa4res -may be
adnpted as the welfare nf tile qi may, r
<juire. And for that purpose t h9 msemers
of the Sendte and the iouse d'r Reprbsenta
tiNes of the State of .South 6(oli*Ahbre here.
hy invited So assemble at -Greville. on.
'TU.ESDAYithe 25th 4ay/of April,, 180, at
112 o'clock ta.
By the (tevernor: A.-G. MAG t'1'
Oiial : W. 8. ERWOTT, Friste geby
apvil 065-0
' All papera in the State will'.odpy
-lntil the tibae for Ihe meting qf the Legi.
I re.
C.4 * . 0. Mtaiiroad.;:
A81the 1itmeoat" ruqstrtkcion of this'
road ishighily importnut, all'fItials
et iron, ties and stringers are aceAted, And
their removal Is forbid4eq by any 4e : i
p 65 . Wb..OISOrst
WoodwarAlv, .t1,
R 1IINDS Corn on Thursdy, Friday and
" Aurday, 'Two anda jof miles be ow
Winnsboro. al given 1i4 exchange - or
oil atd'tall6w at old pices.
ich .28'05-t* . W.400DWARD.
IT # fisambiu' ik' 1G W- *
; OT"8T'S CON1C NT A'ly, vol I.,' .
IJngs.t-Proverbs; ha.'bees eft-de thia
*ffied for the owper, who can~gstby14call.
ing and payinj.for this adveMigeraes.
meht et't6--tye
- - AS commtenoed,4o the ItIRSTOV 4,14.
UARLY,- 1$60,s ublicaogn of . a
4anl17 ?hi.dagase.uidertht tItle, de
tj tyie inttor~cst of t kItefeqa
.rWbokeb4 Frpatraily bf 'kV LAd Ad opted,
Masons.. '' .Ia
ibelieve that every gopd,Maa s wllegree
-"it lne 1s the 9P tion OpakuGe~r a pg1b ior%
.Wop will ,ePbe al aIn 1h g,our
bea. inforned bt'thret,' Vj indlasensies
anan a'Ciam, iipd wod'6t lheerfolanes to
t he'beatte add: Womise of thiDUsands of wor
chy br4thers, 4beir *idows.edr4c.rphns.
Jt-will'be Yeariea sgpoq tobe , wat.
p o abilJ}y ay possess to make
2L 0% re0 e 'sted of' soi6id Midonle'
Low and Tenets, ever -adidring telosely to
he Apinlnt'lindmaths oftlte Cta't In al
ehir predtlne Otrbfgeti a1d ' metrical
btiaty. . .
Trevoling, lest!, err, i elot,ing myself
to so responsible an office, I Ihall engage
espea the-ae eoxa-akalld ulitrie
that s our woft' a forth each mont
.frata the q~arieto ourweben timag pas
.air insproed-inlspeotion- ataaeaptdle to
ethe' head and tet 51W itda o aepy ,good
Maetf at whse htom. 'E b-,d., -may be
- no subseribe -siaone~ a 510 00
~5~~.orl~rauI~mat~a,2 00
Maeo' I apters, Councl.s agt
Sa ss h~in . ubJ
- e Jnaye nubse 3
tis at Relgha, 3, 7th.8~~~~4
Neathi7 Poriddiaf9 9 b inter
@f the MetIol ofNiEssa .aptilade a
Uarevewagdad A %ustbA ft~I,d
II very'mokeeeI 45ho 469b1
men -ol et 4 gd
feblg'68' .': o
. COLUMBIA., JanMarY.10, 18MO'.,
rr R F11ppoi m Jy jhe 14Oxj#tM
'4 to'piepau~iT0l4 feo~rd, IeArnesmLy
appeal to Itfe famslles or fretids of ou't de.
ccase4l soldiers tosidme att once Lheltnathea
&o. -vhiWd theroeisln opportunity to-se'-ure
aceukea informs I oal l. Hgeplial orqs! tier
"4~ sepovtto of ipmuajtles*t9tntJjP A' my *Po
b a el kk tq llrpni~~io requre,!; it must,
The Btecord itill date back toi the beginnlmg;
of (Hle *Nr,"nbd Inolude all. wild havei been
killed in btle op died,of wquka Veooeiv ed
~i~jI~or frqXdjeaso. or, acooidrw If
you havye bf *fo orf unat as. ot t o Iose
friend or relitlva. yet reaeiibirl ,t1eit is
noble t6 fesolia from oblivion the 1'fae of
' but, one friendless ytiuth who had gone from
-your helgiuborboo to din cku met j,
* Gixer L, l. iole 1 In . A.i rom w4At
Pietriot. 0. Rank. 4. Coinpa4y. f, ttegiment
and'xinof secrvice. 0. Dted,r yowi, Vtih,
day. 7. Cauise of de~th;- and riimaritt .(as
*hbebIvedt, ego, previousty woutkdodi &o.)
i 'iteoaare. 46d blanko 19 be, fined, wlI e
soot to subitasdesire. Lliap. No feq i ppm
Is Ioncurred by say otie for h~vr lrecq *r'
loade. ,The'Itale Is endeaVring 16 flft 4
Mad~rgation~n Meorilij nowt io
cording for posterity, the namosot W~jhei.
sona who havb!fAI~eo 13 jINp.!jqjT~~ 802,
the Con,49etion, uni rept9
~lb0ooliO~be done.6" o, o r6gt
to I eir nieniorles, n d il'JJ6v of1
.rie value tt~~lid; adW'*6tf~
*as Pont. fort W,,bY their -OrdhV to b~erbadto
our -regtnental battailo , Ln4 copolaee
evitrywhore,, kisAny :jL bXyp sqldier maiy
A&VO died, n solitti Ic r rvusited a on aiuo fpo,
W1 1ugik in his - hart Wk~ 'bislmauf
would be honorably preserved at borne.'
TWo '6 rijausds ii ftuei 19o1IdmMr
I(Wlroid fl6hr4M, Ilchmoiud, Feb. -20i'64.
I" ifilE friend 6 And relij ,i6 of.soiers'In
. J''m. Atny-ofNdMheun Wx~iniaari iu~ie
by:tqotI Redtthat an arkungemenidma. tkills ay
been'dffeoted- with, 14he .6ottor i Bnunemv
C43nipny,. o. pfrry all jtacisesof fy04p~nd
1RF;Voppmrel to Iloi~ niVa.:
Tbeoiiro ilhe adtanuked'titus. -OMWIned'
through the 1EzpresComlpany, thatbiloming
intruesidn, moaust, he observqti .I
Paaekagesinust. not, oontaij4 more than Quo
huodred popundq;- be well secured, and paituiy
aterke4, and sent at thle expente of tbo ship
per to either of thea goldlers' Relief Assools.
1.1-ni, Vhich aivo WNWt. as-Mfbllo:
In North 0mrohiea.,:at. liib; ipa Soth
C0n%iaacColunibi in Clsprgis, at Au9gosto;,
in 4igpbau1% ta,N~nucry, or to any otkJqr
Vp w it ou~e, of these Abboolatldni hivye
' i6f~'ttdtthii6 Asgdolons will thire*
iaUkv oitarg'bf'tn, andi #%ip,4a~iy,. by
r w t~~to uteen.Ixw ,Cppl.Jt hA10jfer.
givi4 4 hem or , ertsisuis nspeedy opa
th100 withhoe, Oha290khJeru Expolql euau-1
cover * 1 hng s''A& t-t.ta
3"'ob'stitt. us aebur to the satcesa' 6f 4*
iuuda6ean 'eiieu'pie, Abe sowees aioad'
.ompabls avehere4TrqquWt4bqu4or the
ble it tQ,i"IO4 tkiq atO~fI
btnihs all Eftipilty o ibhs Tiesnopqta
tiotof.theis* akg&,A4et4Uef Aso"*~-,
whoi have, hetitl~fart,, seted as crave nop
meese ger~. 1~Iti41oc(Assocslat~lo will
qst,~bh '440461451DWe iw of otbo armz
lea, to'aenjodr the'eftboe'Pirfleg: her.1
byi sedaed to &be &vwy-of..Notrj~4,WrJ
App.rved r, QusXeb aasernt
Ovi1 Squilniiui W08 C6
* Au~ust4,.Ga4i.jOA, 1664.
T~A Pontheto uEuptee6 Compfty -heeby,
nottify theifliondis and, relatAtls of seluii*r
4n.-th.Army,of Norohmaa Virgiuals 40 1d
.Wifil, oo tue7y *rm~prpr4 ! .to catry oun~
Rates di 'Postage.:
single letere no . e .eeding v hti 6nnee
in wiljht'o to104'' 'ps bf- the po0ifdeoite
Stateo'. bI11,111%os
h p '1171ate lr i SaikAaddi i 1
Drop letters 2 oeta oach.'
pr4pald y 6 'pa A tped es b e1~1t
Advxi:4sed lettd"2 cents each.
* ~ o.~rsweArnas.
.80iito r'egular Ensoa f4IdAuSoM14
fromn th6'of~ ofpubIldation, and 'note
ceeding 3 ounces in weight.
Weekly pers, 10 eitki per qnrtov
$cmlrI& 'ly pipet, 10 coats pie qadrter.
. Txi-Weektly, paper .g.
Four tines a weeg 40 cents per quartqr.
FINe tibieie week 50 cents per'qdarter.
1ix .t1imes. a week, 6% cents. per ) quartqr.
Daily psper 7,0 cents per quarter.
Peribdieale publihed. ortener than sesi..
montly sgil.beviharged n4 newspapers. .
Periodicals published monthly, notl o
eeedkig 74 :ottkoev anweiht. Sj cents per
quar4er4 apA.(rqyery. tiopel, ottage or
fraction of a ounce, '2 e 'addionl.
;8ethI-fiionthly,%Cnble that. aiut'
Bi-monthly or Quarterly, 2 cetsa
0i ,K T PnlNT r. M TV1R.
Every tl sir h 0aperddeymet., period.
*66l1 nAsk nWlejwh iqlroular not sealed.
he 11tan, gra pon,_ -lpeing 8
ounces in w.ei it, 2 cpkith tor a lnydilfance,
'2 e 4nsi'ddif t a firaoh additional ounce
or. lesi beyond'tie.Iiut tliree '4:noeq,
Ila All c.se, the postage'Ap be prepaidb
stamps or staped,aedlgpeq.
iotheira ield ats JAI readelr
qE 80 4IY B1N FIELD ANJ)- FI148 I,
Of AUO5TTA, GA., A' 6
di RAMssoi, .I. O.0
Combined and continued undewthe o*1 ppp
u! lar.1109 of, the.,
TFlE P'ropriltors -t eplefiur havI g.
1. purchgeff t'hiISolrrsti' 'Prarn -Akl
lFIfttenD,. atd finding itmipossible to make
arAngrnents.whioh-wulk ineidte a regular
oupiply of tpper, ppon aqqi~ of -the Maeg..
uigs vpd.uUp(12t;axjy of transpqrtat ion for
the IktM AND FIRn n At XS gdAfa,"(1,
the same having to be supplied from th
biIlls at Raleigh, N.' C., have) remoied the
FIstD AI)O Ifavsaux to RaIe1sh and copi
blued these. two sterling Litetit'y Journald.
The MIruty is therefore merged into the
BOYT$M1n FIKL.D AND Fintssnx. and irill be
so published until 'the state of the country
ill justify 'a divergemont, when both pa
'pers'will'beirseusedo an.eontinuhd.*; bere
tofure. Subsecillers to both journsla igill
xeoeive the ,paper. the-full time o sub.
po ~ onitout slay or nsrn o.
'161bH Pptes at*e riltaiked v3pon the esserg,
intd 'jounah it is announoce. ithout..fper
of contradiotion, that the extensije .on4
;qplqen t# rryof.o9mLh;*ed talen~t niso~W.em
ploy3 , .riMrtinjor the' Fa. iAn Fins
51DME4uf isei ii' gentine ieritkblity..
'ebrity ud fmerical strength, anyeousi..
1ahion-or engagement, iver, befqro Attainid
In the history of Periodical Literature of
Eurpjpe or meIoa.
On subdeibar alraddlhs, : : : . $20 00
Elyen subscribers, : : : 200- 00
Addew v 'Mi.;M.FSMIT H & CO,,
eb_1 4%, . ., aleigh, N. C.
Prospectues of the Cosserval I ye.
jasar~v ny
T'i4ru 8ensexatise pl(form -The su
A i.zn p; tke ojVjyver fhe. iltaylw
A e subm iion to al li'd, wlet:er
good or bad. while they remaln. upon our
1t k1j . Ni
qj uhyUicoi pr qtbmisaon;'bit per
Ie dence.
i ro eti front to'the commoh enepay;
bot'StnIe1y:,411repekred negotuatgond for.
vAo&.bykh*.,Oper otbhorities.,
N 4,41par at. action thro thja tn'u"
1; qno. gounter revolution; no on,,
.d t96-st0 uet Oovernment.'
~ppioition''epottet Inheey fwr
ati s"presev on of Repebllpam instith
tina: L eeeir to)*, ; .- 'i.t
V.f~eiv,eri4 ta make ,~ er
tya pubtenytppr, for the
al~9' p oa pt slI~a and 6 e~ '
hdaas of' 8outerAl
i i theaduizistratioulbt-Goy4
Vand.VilbWI'Nlthe (lonerztpty e~
k~gg0% st uppQ ~ a4e
,feng t~,m ~e~onal s4h~ traa
tion,*1e ~i(p1 n lWid tle,
" $UO~Ase.vislrwe .ea be a lesdg elwla.k
ble paper, and willbe conducted u w
:44* 5 afpygge ekwlkam 4 j th
viF anondob ut,
. n 4l ts t
ti- o 'iegraen (lkaistbp
Heon' Jxit', DAvis, or' Misst., Preuidenf'.
Hon. A. 11, 15'rVVMN, Of Oa., Vice1reidia'.'
11on.. ttm o e~ A~o~ tnrai..
ain. 8db'Cl6Per4 -Adyt'L at~U41MMtor'Gen.
,Jqlin ?,,P~qatqp, V~iie of I~j1rj#tt,.Q'.C
kI JARO1Tjy -,))NAP*. I.
Vl~ OT),D to the Interest of the So.I. ley,,
60010 bf t. Coitfebrat., Slit j haiA
meatiej: pt~pat~d by. ready writer. itd oor.
ThM IWL~~Il p ~to . ~ d~br
b'1al it a VI'd tal pyd?~tek
Msartkd Jo0*nl1s~jwk~qp;0hW~a dtdjy It. ',il'
be w rqn=Ute zublio 4ily wirror of'
a~wn flilon -nd from'a pilriy,, ihdepjie46jt'
pointeof view.
The News Depiilrta'%t iW 'Sofiteiran
Conf~~coy will oth~aft bosrtail. 0otpiIaK.
tjq% fr9w all. tile 804trnp~prn 'o~
late Northern aqnd FpreI~ j
'1i~8f%6 beenleffcdted#V
,of thkpe.. I; A' ,.
AAyge aipblo ciircleoC oorrespon
or transpiring events. Espefially will iU be.,
our care to note the affairs'of'ile 'jrn, n
'our front, upon- whiohv fiangsA deeliby sa
111 a Zreatpki t~e, ec l~rp .1110.
A very lafrge sliartl of ittehx1oun .*IIIt be
paid to matters of' a. local linterest,. Th~ whtch
.6r pttesaye been emiploy
*All comminloations, sho.x*1d be addressed
W~ the
fob.)18'04 oiqi iiUtpPafederafy.
TJAS b~tf publishd &' book wfih thle
E.aboVet~l( preparcdLby she sbsoril~r
,1P Pbotograpluc wri'ting ,avintbeen at~oe
tj %me nioloyd* Asi 4I oiial r6portet 1h~ th~e
...8bliat4,, -*Pd .y~boihv*..bo*4 (oai e, lost
say~it#4 Mtits, vidis ow, reporter of
T e- ~db*iloMatrArAit.uiaions,
by.m inea.ofa uixi0'lp hoekgpturpe, for wri-.
ting with Photogr~ohlolriterb'abont,20,OW
w6oU'gf &bet nglI~h :.aikgtwg, or niey
sino one hundreflia. ,f Alppekc0qmmgn.use
.,tho, re'maining wort being,'elaily written
after th eso are Jearfied.
Ilk t~ie instruciftl uof., 041j_)Pqolto aim.
ple lnstruedpgn wll be gefor-, "eginn'ers
of thei study' of Photjdsfhy 4witl il&u0
gph4illuletratios,. prtpa~qd .by. one of
the hp artlsto Ip thi Confederacy. The
6bj61 ~ the Obbwl4 i () It %Wi 16 "H'A N.
1DAvi fer ConfederAleolXepQi't4s,am4 to tens
leritppossibletprt, emxiohcetJd4 bear=
60tad b Replng obd eir 4 OAl6I
withut. bea aid ofit athe*..,.
harngp96rvepe*l sfw It, 6xny
desire cqp :. Ie a'~4qe Ct040 ~9,
authorfelrrdrerasatoneq, I t4000ob"fixe,
io~oipahMeWlwith the.' Wt Uef -same,
,wWo vill be, flYo 49Mpw per ,0P7.., To
tilIM sntti-kl stso 1*1u
"N6b'legapnws~ha.been received'
ile follotving coidilt!,nfirationur the,~
-death: bf b dz; *e, takel -from ,the
Rnalih P)oyrea mtw-,VubjuhbA~ within
tile lines Of.jKTl jT jt will be re
:D)O~ed~'tha the.PrQressa."the,
jv li ,Iliith!"40~zr d1 1 , e
, ilipied,spaqniel, adlilekedItt e.r 4's
:ter's feet., GOD, saVe.is froin ove he
,Q9Unifg, o, ow amji degade# no- tQci
Wn the OK ~ i,'pif7 G
The General comuwnili 'annunce
Nvtlpoinl ana"A'briow i 'the eve
'n I~ 6f the 11 Itl irib' 1at."lth6 itt
I~~ietcftbi iiQ St' #
'co~~n,'4Waa~ninated .h T one vh'lt
broken arm, was8.also s'tabbhad' .ii
athlertkirdeiet, Inhiic 6**'I'Hougi4 but
still stirvive,'. and ihies soufwasm.wundod,
.ovppowed, fatall!;..I.
I't i., believe.d by " of. .t
pqroqna capable o
judgihg, that other !gIocers* W'eteA.
9igned *to 41id-i'the' sahlI fife. ' i'hbs
it seemsg that our enemy, despairing' 'of'
meeting us in fn~nlyw'are; "begiim to
resort to theassassvs'la t014 Yourp en
orf&4 dqes,not'*iplh you to inter 'that this
iiuntvrsal, for hie kzfinvsjtlatl' I L rea4
thte Coiti~~te' array *6uld
SConh to'sanction SuH 'ch cts, buh "'e
lieves it , 14O.Wti~ato ,cq~iseqV.PA , C of
iebellfcii a iiistrigbtf4d authoritf- WVA
,hOmteet'every p lase. wiuifhb tlia war
'has assumed, anl muist' 11;, b' 'pae
.o t nits last atid wvorstshbap , that of
as~assing aild 'guerrilas - .61ut' woo unto
thle people. wivjjo speek to expend th jr wild
p~assions in sutch 'a manner, Ibr' ttq're is
but one'dread result.. % '
AIAJ. Gi-N. W. T. SH1ICIts
"' fViitddlo lfi f .7A
TWO Inoamithi, (pod hseehoers)
.U rXL'orra PI ' >RIT,
SP 18'86''. a A .M
tQn Itngs, for )which zarket. pr1Ioe 11 lbe
plaid. L V at ae
Nilex' ncqtster IteviVe.
PjtO8P P rj 'Q. F Tfll.E dOUO ACN I
NT LES"'REtGISTER, 'themot~u
N ~JouiiaI ever liued in Aqieric*, baaq
be~qu.revived in* thme publication of The
Countryman.* This'Journal Ii a fAd-sliie
df .118 0 niginl the number avA. Awl its
p.;jej, 4 typography, andahxeatfs
Wl 0 1 gave value 0~b Ia I ~ l~b
13,td~Ah, p 4a pZ~u IIl~a~
ThelCountr mai'h i othil 1 cuhi
part menX of:eeg skr ttlhrsk~q qA9t9~
9l of. yankpetr~ .ual nd w le -
Afrgtelf afeti69 1%hAIk misoelia.
eus weekiek -but&I,the, shaeiaimibeingp
PUSg1. With and jpvcitp~r to itse1 a
'A l "JeteVove)ttaf tire ith it, li at

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