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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, May 06, 1865, Image 1

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IVObUMEI __ !wf3 V: tJRD*Y M; RTG.A, MAY 6, 1865. -b
; WMR.
NDEI _.r4._y.___
Vihotlyfw IWO~l Iwoittlrii1, 'wml
1 A 1.m Gaf o* D l ~ ~ s s s 1 ~ s t q s a
at a hoppitablo looking, vAwi*,4 nd
'yez furlit,s*.d the :pmrervligly'N Lt ii.
rephoediho.ismataq. '$iOeyeiltAkydbiug
t. Itsk-pay ye InI qadl-jistavfurbtho
moldier II it qxuokvshaceeiiuof- -v6l.
lies jutoendcd solelr-foi'- the veatk points.
tY tb i Wce The leoas-'4
tiiPituied -RiviW Inett1'4 of a -gl*a t46o.
poor eMkr- Whe oquS1t ju~ Mdt1,6a.
hoIdA lef 6104 ~ haw,1wh'l~.
Ibftl.o Zey rill(IS oi ti
ihg- die Cfedtsr~j tile" 'sokldWP uli #.#'d
'Witid*Ib t ~ht~~i~f$
in my otAker ithoot"e of c .'~i4s~
*tji t .hrtdi hk, -.ixnf ye/lru nohbjiiW'
kin&yib Ali mbet Trinhnni'aAj kvv
yex a eb~tifikato .paynblo in-goold oUjAui
ifie~wttr., rIIe.propdaltionfl; videlmtyr
itit cotAajwx- the; timne t4~.hir:ahi~dI;,
4ud thle security '1ns6luld,' atnd th11 Iopil
'Who , 60en son twegiwoly- Owiwell
,k 'tile titirsty ehirsptieI-oo
ivi his btce And left ltigb'.rt L"k .461101
*Wily '110to wt 014fV
A lad. OLOP.lRn AIjbW0.t'.t
cars yederday, anld fond every, sat,
taken. A gsnimwoia asv rind iiivitedV
ber woabeept.sli.~iu'ui4 U.lmhaih.Metd.
kindnesa. THd liad~vwote'a'it&k d~ih
dress, 146n ehawlaudd "atordiniftrtuP
colored1 etrniw 6Vt I Sh4* had -a., fair
com elxell,.ewilingowMk"Aiceb, idwqih
dicaaed %,go o 1WISUve
Hear appearance w I 'neat and titly 'hen
face was tree from , W. aAj'iin4'er!
x hair wa~q emoothly*A th1~, J1611t&Wu
lns-or f'riMyosr, ei dalthti iee
wpA nothing in thb. An'd~v4*K-'
special attention, -or!,144 t' nqt
suspdet that she W'afflot,.snd i,
Have th6 fat: that ehol hiowO1*1,*ljtl7
and thanked the" Otdhj~ti -*hQ, owe~
herx his seat,;: This cot 1L).is m(flieit.
to 611o# that .'tho. 1kad'A16VA0,86ulotac
UWA Cla.y 4solved ri ,ip p d
Pjiig, "iol voon
12750.1 . h' W1 i,1r I~ t r
spr.,Opp It,
A" it A lIF.n, '
ur T 1 ap~olui!e" by 0dM Leglalturo
Ipea to. fri9uids our.4
acocurate ipt'ormation. Ilo~p1thV6'k6*
antit toports of Wuadtliea froum thoe ndaw are
Icc of bA
j 1cita I~ di uid tV b k 1'
frl ~ ~ rL ielT O
Give-1. Name in.fiill 2 . Frm " if
+hIabtolvs ionsuAhlui -.. &.tgbl e t )
Ahd should be 'lono, ) y"o*A r~ I~*l
FT7.b~ due o 6ua~4Q ~ew
w1 4iff, I i o 41 d
the shudbednapitp 0 '
u.Aabm, , l.MW~it& 41*l 4
. 0 17 Ptt! wfIe 1 '14 h 114 aO bIwo"ns ha
.1 r 61 aw
W,~iA ~ i
on *X iof
It u"
To sp 4ec a
}ipetoelr qP,!,~~
Ir 4& 'ti pm*m' 6 .4
'A AM ho
~$~e~outtbtsviiE ?w~t C4&pkh~o
It,&tBh lit 6
4r~ q14 4 141%1w1,%3 1
^0 PA IV pq~A
makinge If th 6BtA661ihI
r hire
Nfinlil~c ,no io inij ~4;ffjJ,
n weight, to any part of thit Cqhpdnte
Ap d'92 b~obi:&
in Ih lie oregoing caiues,' le g.oo
?repaid by atatuipaon--saniped envelopes.1
PKUi 'to i~uIfAnt oh Aif.
rrqu, the office of publication, and 6414i-.
-pr ole nop r lpikae, le, r .i:
JIM T or) tin
iim I. Ven v Jng#,A4
mme Pk~~~~~h w 9e hl 4cotsI i 4 h
n / 4~~n
ecie h pp ( the ull i ii
)no Albrb, VIT A~ui ID
- B '4lY & O., It A"I. N.
rem0e6 *f time civil ov6r.L e ol& ry law
A qUt umialnI p Ulw',t te
k4.Waat B~teeoiItliri~l A$d
iinted tho e to Jiv~g,41trr Joras.
orip JbouL 6du~te, iWorJft
1on 0. i 0h prt.~
Wel .. d 4. Arn gTW"
k~fon or praenitever~ befoer i
Moder a1~t-o u~ds,:i-.t d 4.-i20(
rneo wl ont te Ntewl a
Wou 411 JMe At) AN~t lr1I
V U E l XC11RH- tot -j r~l
2%egft ~ ~ ~ - litralv~laAW4fao
f04 1S4
ftjuvp~Av~a, OR'1 au,,rsei
Tis abinel:
&apo te.~t
1UtI2 eaO*t:ue'rmi.
Re~ri nty
U a -44e liel idtI.tr.nt 'eyu
liveOI XO4I~ir~ v )odqqhIdi poirt i
40 ho b~ t, ir
IA~ot a1A 10&04.J npreanlr
It 0 1fg'
pj to 60m.aters OVSft oa inIjresl, icr winc
ptroy am compee forEiffm anll ar
;B~eii rear~ped y r eady o'uip~
TY. (MqftkXPS'#,il jo 9
j .n 4aa i"~ y,p &b
p;iofW~nponnea~o wiew.
wJI1 embrac. r 9 bWciyt
~ompt, co' e"
p6e instriuction will begv. o. e I&ner
7~i1, ss "rptj by6 4 0
eiWrath t tv ie: ii& of thle Acy Th
b.eti601 ofm lubic-tIo 'to dest. ft STAN
P~I~P0 o r" tb1 tfqv. 6*11mu cofored ltnd beau
V&6~ ,at itifpo ig be learptJ eve
I= h~e Tose whpo
ilq~~i ~ b eois lqu dt~. (bok :ePMt the
lgt *OjA 0,14 14 1 the
di - aD
peIsrciofn l e ietfo. eg nr
t1 Phonllg4tpv: Wit lithoI-v
, ma, eqObyoeo
4ISF~'0 Th AN't
N I soirnal ever issued in America,. hab
been reviyedsl e.0 'publication of The
Countryman. Ji~i'JonrpAl Is a fac-simile
6f its original intu number and sze of its
.peet its typ'ogaplig 'and all the features
which gave 'alue to 11he standard publica
tions issue1 by Mr. Niles.
Beside; the feattiv'~e f Niles' Register,
The. Cc autryman haa6ther- which should
Jeqjer It, still more attractive, to wit: a de
partment of elogant literature, rejecting the
style of Yankee literary journals, and mod.
cling itself after the~beat English miscella
noous weeklies, but at-the same tinie being
staiped with an otil pendent, southorp tone,
ofgini *YWh tleoullar to itself.
An altogether-i lo feture with it, is that
it is published in the vottntry on the editor's
plantation, ninesldIfrDI any town or vil
lege,-;4pd 40.6tes. JP1i "ttietion to agricul.
tu porte gud everything that in
lte u ti enan.
Thbo Countryman as a handsome quarto, of
sixteen pages, published weekly on the edi
tor's plantation, near Eatonton, Ga.,- to
which all oondtuulcations should b- ad
i.Iur t4Xmnsye,$,A forthree months, or$20
by e ress.
- (I i r IJ, A.'TUNER.
Jatonton, Ga.
A 1ePisU r:la MIelbautond.
HE ii , abi publish a
Day 'en d e tUlo'of' -The
Richobend ,' son .or abou6 the 15th
ofJu1i u iht id n in ptId,
but IriLihbvfthelsaedrd to: She AdnW.
may be deemed9 9eliw of the good of
the gAn #hOi we- pre engsged. A
oper oraltms 'of suoe rdm' as will be
eem a* e~s t o this bjt')w1: be, of
oonroe opsint.p, 4 tq i~isdepodent
%c vn~der I.hi ho a.Tob ho
ao be
In the matter of Qbin * [ews it-will b
found to keep paae. ViIl the leading jour
nals Ot tiXOde , .i have added to
t in the,mf tipt fr1ant)4 intelligence a
aturo such. Ovour tosiy, tio pa
piln'athE OnidrAcy can boeast f. Eidi
toipials from tbs pen~f engp~the ables6
financial writers in thie or any othet coun
try Will be presensdAneboh lumber..
e fl' reasns, no 401. r9W 0o be men.
11dged, we for to ite the names of
those who 'shall 'kgaose -ths, t6gular edito
rial staff ; but, we flatter oursolves that
w4eq they l 1ppa, they will be found
td'constitut en ad raf of talent as can.
t.ot be'eice~etop tis continent.
Th ell n a haraoter of. the Indlvi
aual Whos6'n s~jiars Seow,is a ste
hatgephie reprier, furn~shesi wepresume,
, guannge Oa 1i . 4t. aie to ir
pqtan ct lh~i 6hbot ndeat es.
Wethe i egI lative asmblHe de out of
them, J rJK ' wgl.,pregem advanta
ges certbly nOo be' eiciTled by any pa
per i th adflid6y.'
The farniog i#1r~ta; wil1 be faithfaly
)indioad, and care taken to disseminate
the earliest uitelligjice aWhch a proper re
gard for the welfare of that great element,
of national wealth and power shall demand.
In the matter of correct commercial in
telligence, equal seal shall be manifested,
our object being to assign to each of these
delartments an editor of known experience
and ability.
Arrangements are on foot by which to
secure the earliest foreign ne*s, and the'
paper will contain such editoial talent as
will fully elucidate the bearing of foreign
diplomscy upon Southern interests.
In short,, "The Richmond lerahil" will
be found Iq coinblno every feature of inter
est which the requirements of the presene
orlsiq demand.
The enterprise Is respectfully commend
ed to the. favor and patronage of the cti-'
sens of She-Southern Cenfbdiwae.C
.P. IKEAN 00C.,
fib 18'06 14idhmond, Va.
" Gemas" fr hlldren,
8 the title of' a oollectiona of admirable
Sstories, tmostly. founded on fac ts, anid
l 9.11jsjll,apgred in the 89utterS
~~ anQ ji(.eate Baptist,'eve?
- tiJal eo ti work, (over, 1800
~01 sol4,) speaks w*ell Abr the
~Ut'~~ t-hath been received by 'h
Sdukss ~goa.,' There is nothing sootad
riangontin~ n 4, the authors' object be
ing thd iioaln of'true piety Aapngt
the rising-geeation.
Copies can be proourodat this otoor .P le
$2. R. P. 3itLLEKR,
ay1.1'85 -
South. The Ianot'$ aio
lioa, at Railbh 18, was .pleas
ed t the foil
ciM' hae otuaet .19.o [
oln astw t 0i 5
e in~

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