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"I~ T w T--KvTN.EWS
THE TRj.W( NWS apubebed
'ouesd..ay, Thuralty and Sat rday.
. Persons'going to point. pyond
this will confo? a,4avor on us by calling
at our office and procuring papers for dis.
tibution along thqir fouto.
Any friends receiving papers, or arri
,Ang with papers or n'evs fronauy places
-not now in full connedtion'by mail, wilt
.oblige us specialliY by reporting to the
Nzwa office, aid, will thin aid in pre.
venting exciting!rumors.
The Daily BorO Carolinian, publish.
'eI at Chester, . C., s temporarily
spended publicatiep.
. A fuli0sa ity
M~e learn that an awful calamity has
*befallen some eight citizens, and bhree.
'soldiers of Chestet, S. -0. It seems that
theo persns d6n Abd~1 and received
'the gef's belonging to the 'Medioal Pthar
Y.eyoro Depvtpewijt, ond :entered the
'building. looking for. ner wines an4
liquors. In their sarci they came
adros 'a ftsk'q AbfhnoniaI Wine, and
e1eh took a heaty 'drink. thereby cans'
ing dQatlh to twoor three,in a.fow hoinr
afterward& The other* of the party are
not expected to live. ' It-is feared that
-there are more .. pereons who drank- of
this wine, tiot knowiiig its deadly poldon
,when taken in largo dodos.
'OF GL48.-That glass
resisL the action of most. acids, sciences
lIhs abundantly proved.- Its weight is
not diuninshed by tse or ae. It is more
;apable thim aniy other substane of re.
Clving tho' highest degreo'of polisli; if
nihlted several tinmes Qve,r, and properly
.cooled down ih the fir'tre, presenitnhga
joliph which almost tivili the diamond
in brilliancy. 'If it b inade itito a Ai;
*ith the bottom much thicker than the
:aides, and suddenly cooled in the open
air instead of being tempned in the
usual manner, the result on its suscepti.
lief~ to fracturo is the, most extraordi.
zary.', It will bear.a heavy blo'w,.or s9
yor9 prqssure from any lunt. imstruneut,
Up1iiied; but i(any hard ,and -angist
=jhstancq, eyou so -small as a grai of
itor,.a shmurp sand, be dropped into the
, 4lio~botton will ..rack all aropid
11fdll o'. - A sinali fpgient of iron
l bes 1peon pa44ed~throUghl the wvgI
afaspidqr. Instauces 1ave oceuxod is
w lgpga of tleqo tia s has.bori strucik
Wylth , with (gpq flicicut to
d4*o a nail intosoi, description of w9g
Witheit causing frq19tyjre, whilq a saiall
tof nt dropped geitly intf Ia
Crad he gs p ;
iui'WN y You AjwXysToPP'.
'e Veriont cord' tells A' d otory
of an innocent old lady, who nev'er befio
Wud "rid on aruilroad," who was passen
dr on one of the Vermont railroads, at
timeofa recent, collision, when.a
Eight. train-Collidyl, witli' a passenger.
train, -umnshing. one of the cars, killing
everal passengers and ;upsetting thinge
gaorally. As soon aa he poi ..recover
ka saoattored senses, the conduotor we1nt
ins rW of-the vnerables dam,' 1ykom
hef Nsittipg solitary anfd g ei th~e
'car, (th $tfier pashengers' hAtg 8bughat
find ~~~~~ ,) wihW ey-li-come
-ndObtithdtdnding'she hia 'made. a
donntte'swththerAmit over-the' sett ha
front ahid h f ba'udbox adft' burale 'lfad
ducayddwnpas' Way
"H~~I 'ilh ' ht old lady. ."We
$ildA lged safQeratl - rely'11n'
jd~i':' theiaid't thait
ot roud, Is s'iiI adu Iir6 Udhd, u
their'tenovu I Ifbmebtden 'by yeo
aptrl 6'66 W . JOUN8'B~ Prb 6
flID hda of ilOB WORK nqauly execu
ata ps ee
State Iteeori . of Namnes of De
ceased soldier. - . -
CoLUMBIA, Janutry 16, 1806.
ER appointment.by the Legislature
U to prvparo this - 1lecord I earnestly
appeal to the families or friends of our de
ceased soldiers to send me at onco their names
&.', while.thereis an opportunity to secure
adeur6te information. Hospital registers
and reports of casualties fwom the army are
deafioent in the Information required; it must
be o'btaiued at home.
The Record will date back to the beginning
of the war, and include all who have been
killed in battle or died of wounds received
in battle, or trom diseas' oi accident, If
you have been so fortunate as not to lose
friend or relative, yet remember that i4 is
noble to rescue, from oblivion tho name of
but pne felendlekss youth who had gone from
your neighborhood to die in our cause. ,
Give-1. Name in full. 2. From what
Ps.rjct. 8. Rau. 4. Company. 6. Itogiment
and arm of scrteq. 6. Died; year, unonth,
day. 7. Cause of death, and remarks (as
where hedied, age, prevkously wounded, &o.)
Circulara and blanks to be filled.. will be
sent to suolIae desire ihen. No fee oreipenso
is incurred by'aty one for having the record
made. The State is endeavoring to. fulfill a
sacred, obligation in securing now, and re.
cording foe, pesterity, the names of all her
sons who lavo fallen in this war, In 1802,
the Convention unanimously resolved that
this Should be done, "as a token of ziespoct
to their mesmories, anda legacy of inest ima.
le value to their friends;" aid the resolution
*as ieni forth,' by their order, to be read to
our regiments; battklio ind companies
everywhere. hiany a bravo soldier may,
have died In solitude or rus)ied upon the foe,
witl tse thlought in bis heart that his natio
would bo lgnorably preserved at h'ome.
feb 13'65-dd -WM '.1. R[VElit. ,
TQ tihe Friellds of time Soidldi
QUArtTaxxASran OF.'s UjPARTitANT,
Railroad Bureau, Rliqhmond Feb.- 20.'64.
r l 'frienls and relatives et soldiers in
the Ariliy ofNorthern Virginia pre here
by notified that a an aangonoit has this dag
been effected with 1 fi-ntithern Etpress
Comniuny. to carry'all packages of fbod and
wearing apparel to Rtidhmond, Va.
;.To secure the advantages thus obtained
through the Express Gotupany, i he following
)nstruetiont i4ust le observed: -
Packige mut tiot contain more 'than one
hundred ponutids; be *el secured, and plaihly
marked, an-l sent at tho exponseor the 4thip
per to either of the Soldiers' Relief Associa.
tioup, which nre located as follows: .
In North Carolina, at italeigh'; in S'uth
Carolinadt Coliinbia; In Georgia,'at Augitsta:
in AlAbama, at Montgomiery, or to any other
point at which one of these Asociations,have
Au .oficoC... .
' Tho Agents Qfthefe Asqociations Jill there
take charge of them, and'ship daily, by
Southern Expresp Company, to the proper
Agents of th respectLivo States at ichmwond
wIowill see th* disttibuted io tho'proper
.To ineet the wishes of the soldiersL and to
givetheti a certatri and.spqedy comnwuoi.r,
tion wi4h 49me, tiho.gIg rn lxpress '2ou
ppty'lau pgtced to give this frqight. pretet
olce o verwerytliig dAle ; and; in order fliot
no obstale 'May beour tW the success of a
laudabls St enterprise, the several railg
oempanie are hereby requested to reuder t.
prpas Cerpan y puch faellitie.as will en
ble..it to snko this atrfingeAu a0om
'As 'the Southif-Express Company.as
sumes all.responsibility of the Transporta.
tion.*f, thpse pagkages, the Jatlipf Aspi' -
&bs61Gasn '.' if theo liilet Assldeia'ibn
estalils agencies in the rear of other arm.
ies; they may enjoy the sameprivilegeq her.e4
- seoured to the arpiy of, Nogtlaqn Vi;.
gnia. . . F. W. 810,
od ' l. and Q4a trm'.
AI, a'Quatrmte Gen' .
OiiroaSouWasaw Espussa0 C,
.August*, 0a., Peb, 20, 180f,
h #.outherp P-%.xp *Coi h hereby
do the ienidm p 'ltl c!' 'holdiers
in th Atmy of Notherti-Virgtis and else
where, that-they are brepared to.carry out
rangemaent as hatnbonuoed in the ,above
anSI tat theywhldosslip theqir power
jauf#m Aeti l e.
A'cR 80 1U4nLte
Confederate states Goveruuneat
The Executive:
ion. JErF DAvis, of Ulis., Plreident.
lion. A. II. STVENsy Of Ga., Vice-PreeMdrnl.
The Cabinet:
J. P. BEZJJAMIZ of La, 8ecritary of Statc.
G. A. TuRENIOLM, of S. C.. Sec'y of U'easury.
J. C. BuncKTNuIDoX, of Ky., Sec'y of War.
S. R. MALLORY, of Fla., Seo'y -of the Navy.
Hon. GEO. DAVIS, of N. C., Attorney Generdl.
Jon11 I. I(eAGAN, of Texas, 'ostmOter Gsa.
1ieads of Bureaus :
Rufus R. Rhodes, Commissioner of Patents.
G. E. W. Nelson, Sup'L of Public Printing.
Gen. Sam. Cooper, Adj't and Inspector Gen.
John S. Preston, Chief of Bureau of Con.
Brig-Gen. A. It. Lawton, QuartermasterGen.
8. P. Moore, Surgeon-Generai.
E. W. Jolns, Medical Purveyor.
'ime Sutiern Confederacy.
D EVOTED to the interest of the Soldlerf
of the Afrmy of Tennesseo and th(
people of the Confederate States, being #
National Newspaper of news, Political, Miii.
tary, and Miscellaneous, Foreign and Do
mestic, prepared by ready writers and cor.
The Editorial Departmnont of the Southeft
Confederacytncludes a combination of po
litteol, literary and industrial (alent. Pyste,
matised in the several departments of en,
larged j6urnalism, whoso chief duty it wil
be to present the public a daily mirror o1
popular thought, action and event, atler itn
own fashion and from a purely, independen
point of view.
The News Department of the' Southerr
Confederacy will embrace a careful compila
tion from all the Southern papers, apd fron
late Northern and Foreign sheet s-nrrange
ments having been offected for the receptiot
of these.
A larg9 and capablo circle of correspont
dents f'om every section of Interest, wil
contribute no little to the prompt collectiot
of trauspiring events. Especially will it, bi
our care to note the affairs of the armyq ii
our front, upon which hangs the destiny am
in a great part the entire South.
A very largo share of attention wIll b<
paid to matters of a local interest, for whiel
purpose a competent' Local Editor, with ai
efficient stail of reporters, have been.employ
- All communications should be addresse
to the
feb 18'05 Southern Oonfederney.
Tie Ie)orters irectory.
H AS been published, a book with th
above title, prepared b$' tho.subsoribe
who has had nearly twenty years, practie
in Photograplio writing, haying been at on
me eniployed as pn official reporterK in th
SS.Senato, andl who has'been for the las
vetteetimonth:t, and is now reporter c
o Atlanta Intelligencer.
The Dictionary will contain indigationq
means of a simple nompuelature, for wri
ug with Phot6graphio letters, abOut 20,00
oras of the English langiuge, or ninety
ine one hundreth.s of those in conmon us
.-01ao romaining words being easily writte
after these are learned .
'In the instruction of the Dictionary, Sim
ple instruction will be given for beginner
of the study, of 'Phonography, 'with' lithe
graphed' illustrations, prepared. by Onec
the best, artistp in the Confederacy. Th
oa oct of the'Rublication is, to make a saA
DARD for Confdderate Reporterg, and to ren
der itpossible for the muehcoveted and beau
tifnd-art of Iteportiug to be learned evo
without the aid of a teacher. .
As tjho work will bq oxpensive, now (yp
raving been procured ei'ressly fg it, onVt
* small edi(ion *111 -boe.issued. Those wh
deiri copies Ate requested' to send to th
attbqr their ordors at onob, (to be reobrded,
aoompanied with the price for the samc
which will be .we dollars per copy. Th
book in paper cover, and, uitablo for us(
will b6 sent to all subscribers 6y'mail, w1t
out additional expense.
feb 18'65 Atlanta, G(I..
W~di'rstta lleg't S..VCaavalrj
, y a VAer NBAR RrcaMown,,
i '. - , laroh 10,-1866.
J501(RS an$i 66'diere of the Sevett
f.Jeghnaeit of Southt Carolina'Cavsfin
*hor are aevgsbtent witihout leave are ejile
bponish retain without delay to their eona
Mqty bfrv men linge. ,to prote'et thei
uzferin ho e,~' or to engage tlie eriem
ethir' own -soll..'owards. .:Uske :Uh
e0ut e'euose,-but, byr maining-abset, tkou
tu. a$# lt d har of flator
eade f~3e et4 i rtit
"'ekertfriW'pnd'puihEd-ab> t'deerers.
SThe de~tsti oa~ot railroadplai no.eggsy
a&lto 'Erd te'i t g' dittyIn an~thu
~an--ordes frois& the Sei , f
*lthosti er eit iqs ltry
6A0 it *~f Clloa be
t nfrst nfanity. * >t s .
Rates of Postage.
Single letters not exceeding a hplif Quce
in weight, to any, part of the Confederate
States, shall be 10 cents. , L
An additional rate for eact fdditional
half ounce or less.
Drop letters 2 cents each.
In the foregoing cases, the postage to be
prepaid by stamps on stamped envelopes.
Advertised letters 2 cents each.
Sent to roiular and bona fide subscribers
from the office of publication, and not ex
ceeding 8 ounces in weight. I
Weekly papers, 10 cents per quarter.
Semai-Weekly papor, 10 couts per quarter.
TrI-Weekly p por, 20 cents por quarter.
Four timcs a week 60 cents per quarter.
Five tihnes a week 50 cents pqr quarter.
Six times a week, 60 cents per quarter.
Daily paper 70 cents per quarter.
Periodicis published oftener than semi
monthly shall be charged ;s newspapers.
Perlodioals - pdblished monthly, not ex
ceeding 2) ,ounces in weight, 24 conts per
quarter ; and for every additional ounce or
fraction of an oiine, 21 cents additional.
Senil-biontlily, double that. amount. .
Bi-monthly or Quarterly, 2 ceitts, an
Every Qther newspaper, pamphlet, period
ical, magazine, each circular not scaled,
handbill and engtaving, not Wkeceding 8
ounees in weight, 2 cents for any distance,
2 cents additional for each, additional ounce
or less.beyond the first, throo olinees.
In all cases, the postage to be 'prepaid by
stanps or stamped envelopes. .
Soutliaerat Field anid , I residel
OF RALtoti, X. O.,'.
Combined aridcontinned under the old pop
ular title of the
' 1Proprietors of the' Mfury having
-Lpurchased the SOTuHnn FiRLub AND
Finvsim. nnd finding it impo sible wo make
arrangements which would in uro a regular
supply of paper, upoq accoun- of the irAteg,
tilarity and uncertainty of tras jortatidt for
the FIELD ANti FinasinE at . geista, Ca.,
the same having to be sup led from the
mills at Raleigh, N. C., have 'removed the
Pix.u-AND VInUSsiDE to Ra10 It and com
bined these tw9o sterling Litot Journals,
The Mynuny Is thereforo me ed intq the
SOUTIICtnN I~R.il ANDi FinasiIn, and'will be
so published until the state of the country
wil justify a' divorgenient., waen both pa
pets will-bo rosumed and continued as here
tofore. Subscribors to bot,i journals will
receive t.he- paper to the full time of sub
sciptlop'without, delay or interruption.
'The entireditorialand contributorial corps
of both papers are retained upou th emerg.
ing jianal. It is announced, withot
of contradhiction, that the exteti'
splentid array of combined tale
ployed in writing for, the Fir.
an) surpastes in genuine merit,
lebrit y nd nutnerical strength,
nia u engagement ever be
.history. of Poriodical L
rAmerica. -
ribar, oix months, :
subscribers, :
W ,I. B. 81TI I& CO.,
CtuaS 6I tihe Conse'rvtlive.
1silan hAILYAND wl:FKYET n
ourV rawNcurr#is: :
The true'onaervative platfor-t-The au
premacy of the civil over the military law:
A quiet stibnibilon to all laws, whethel'
good or bad. While they reainin upon our
tatute books.
No reconstruction, or submission, but por
petual indepenadonQe.
Ah ithiokei ftbut to tho common enenay;
but .Ahely and repeated negotiations for
DAPoU by the.prop9r authorities.
.,o ueparat. State action through- a Con.
ventiot;' n coutite, revolul ion ; io com
blaied Weafstanoo to thd Governm6nt.
' Opp Ition to' despotsm -in otory form,
and the preservation of Republicsn.1na4tiu
t4ons in all their purity.
We have determined to make t1e Co__er
pdtiee a #ewnfaueht paper, for the ritaintena
anee 'if dar prinei e, and .to' render a
vigorous support to. tecause of Southern
independence. The administration, of ,Oby.
VanceyiU find in the Conaervattoo a steady,
bene~t, Atitaight-forward supporter' adid de
fender, as winl sled the fational adniitra-~
AMon, en~o Its ugerisn Is- not in 4on. tetywIg
T ~~e aiv sll be a los d%g,sAlf.
ble a g'ri Millbh conduoted *itt'vigor'
but' Wt.a ptoppV ' rd to trutthand-ight;s
adte eourtsg du to others.' IAwill uoA
eneo~ ApsgoJeg wonie np rsio,.eolit
heret oi h h ederasla .
"isliuf be.a thovugh newsphpdr, and-wiUl
yd i e1st$i hsa i and 911W ss 1
kp i gblip.. D roh~
re whn
Niles' #LegIster Revived.
N ILES' REGISTER, the most useful
journal ever issued in America, has
been revived in. the publication of The
Countryman. This journal is a fac-simile
of its original'in the number and size of its
pages, its typography, and all the features
which gave value tq. the standard publica
tions issuvd by Mr. Niles.
Besides the features of Niles' Rtegister,
The Countryman Pas others which should
render It still morq attractive, to wit: a de
partment of elegant literature, rejecting the
style of Yankee literary Journals; and mod.
eling itself after the best English- misella
-neous weeklies, but at the same time being
stamped with an independent, southern tone,
original with and peculiar to itself.
An altogether novel feature with it., is that
it is published in the country on the editor's
plantation, nine nifles front any town or vil
lago, and devotes ranch attention to agrioul
tura, rural sports, and everything that W0
terests the country gentleinan:
The Countryman is a handsome quarto, of
six4on pages, published weekly on the edi
tr's. plantatiqn, veav Eatonton, Ga., to
which all commhunications should be ad..
our terms are $6 for three months, or$20
per annum.
Sond ill remittances by express.
J. A. TUlNER .
feb 13'%o Eatonton, On.
A New Paper in Richmond.
rtliE undersigned p'roposo to publish a
Uaily Paper, onder the title of ,The
Richimond Hierald-," on or- about' the 15th
of January Ult.
it will be entioly inglopendent, in politics,
but, will neverthele s accord to the Adnin
istrat.lon. a just support In all measures
which, ip the opinion of its conductors,
May be deemed promotive of the good of
the cause in which we are engaged. A
proper o'iticiam of such. acts as will be
udoomed adverse to this.objqct, will be, of'
course, consistant with the independent
ciaracter under which the paper is to be
inaugurated. -
in the matter of General News it will be
found to keep pace with the leading jour
nals ot the day, while it will have added to
it, in the mutter of financial intelligence a,
feature such as, we venture to say, no pa
per in the Confederacy can boast of. Edi
torials from the pen df one of the ablest.
financial writers in this or any other cotun
t ry will be presented In each number.
For roasons not now proper to be men.
1ioned, we forbear to give the names of
th'ose who shall composo the regular edito
rial staff; but we flatter ourselves that
when they shall appear, they will be found
to constitute such an array of talent as can
1.01t be excelle'd on this contiinent.
The well known character of the indivi
dual whose name appears below, as a ate
nographic reporter, furnishes, we presume,
a gumarauteu that, in all that relates to im
portant political speeches and debates.
whether in legislative aemblies or out of
them,'tha "I1ersd" will present advanta.
ges certainly not to be excelled by any pa
per in the Cdnfederacy.
The.farining interests *ill be faithfully
vindicated, and care taken to dissominato
the earliest intelligence which a proper re
gard-for the welfare of that great element
of national wealth and gower shall demand.
In the matter of correct commeroial in
telligence, equal zeal shall be manifested,
our 6bject, being to assign to each of these
D dopartments 'an editor of known experience
and abilit(y.
Arrangements are on foot by which to
secure the earliebt. foreign -news, and the
paper will contain such editorial talent as
will fillly olucidato the bearing 'of foreign
D diplomacy upon Southern interests.
In short, -The Richmond Ieraild" will
be found to on)bine every feature of inter
e *L which the requirements of the pyesent
crisis demand.
The enterpride is tospeetfully comniend
eI to the fivor and patronage of the piti
zenstot tle Southern'Confedbracy.
- P. KEAN &CO.,
feb 18'65 Richmond, Va.
"Genus" for, C)uidrenl,
8 th title of ; colleotIon of admirable
Lstries miostly founded on facts, and
which originally appearedt in the Southern
Pres it.e'ani and Confeder'ate BIaptist,. over
ithe signature of "Tzacuva.".
,Thte .rapido sale of this work, (pver 1800
I copief itaving been sold,) speaks well, for the
-Nmr w-th which It has been received by the
Som horn publie. There is nothing secta
r rian contained in it., the anthei'' object be
v' ing the ineulestion of true, piety amongst
e the rising generation.
a Copies dan be'lproeul'eda athis office. Price
e $2. - .* F. MILLER.
leggv Beasty.
rpIlJ'anatry htiber of Ture KursroNE,
,j7themnl aanic Maktaine in the
,South. The Gratilodges ofNorth- Care
t flda, at Mleigh, Ded. .7th,.i4, ,was pleas
6 ed to pass the felloWi3 reselnl :
r Whereas; Brother WMI3.* Btth, 61r this
y oly, had 68nimaihi tifeo rpabllOation of a
- Mq nthly i'eridtdid~lde4died to the interest
, tsf d~hfasonld. Fratbiniyr enitit'ed. TiNt
i Egygena, ad,. oeaj a wprk of this kind
I miteit nee e4by the Ci-oft through
ae.d. ThsCtrilsGa- Lodg egerp
~4spi work t h u dut oge
t'1 eb4 '(~ ' gbneteully .
e11' hv

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