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By Gamlard, Desportes & Coo] WINNSB3O1RO, S. C., T HORS DA Y MORN IN.' A Y tit.18.N
Governor Brown's Arguincut--Contincd.
I will proceed to show tit this in
Aetmnlit. is obloxiOn1.) to a2101 licr grave
conlstiLlIitionl 0obj(-etionl Thelws u
tiotn of till Uited 'States d-clars Ilo
bill of attlaiinder, or ex post facto law
dball be paSed.
By a btll of tiltaindt-r, I uiderstanl, :a
jidiial .-Ielince bY Parliameit, or a
legislititisnipalion of ji-licial power.
As when thle Parliament passed at bill to
attaint IV. I . of high t srea-on, an di.
rected his execluo,1 ad the confisca.
lion of his e 'l at l. This act of Con.
gross is inl the 1n tilre of a hill of au-amll
der. It does not. IlLIaint a lIwv<.r of
high treasoii, but it (loe.s asstime jdicial
fliiec.ions. and coifiscatt-s his properi v
vithot. jiidicial nrial or jtidgmenm.. A n'l
it iurps lt power which properdy bil.
lolgs to the Courts alote, of denirin
ing who Sha11li aid who shiall not fill tIh
oflce, which is iiist-parithly inicident. to
the Conrr. This Ohiection enlrices the
('as of thlie applligant for adiitsion to
the har. Tho Court prescribes a rule
upon conformt v to wich, Wn% Citlz-iI
lis a right to b mrimitted to'the bar.
It bvloi;gs to tit Court to fill t his inci
denm offico, aid C'igress has no right. Io
mlterlen-t, % Ilhi lit- who coilhes vil i
wili ilie rule of tle (Coirt has fill till
< i'lttiableI , righ1t to he admillitted to
practice. Tihto sident exeidths is
Illoney alld fifle ill preparatIion, I'd
whel Ieady to comply with it I rul'. (if
ihe Court, he a pHps for admlisi'nli .nd iN
met by a quasi hill of' alliin<t-r, i ih(
the Iiatur of a jidicil setllbot- pas
by% Cmngress, that he( skall notI bm mid.
lmitl!d onl coAiplying wdit.h tIhe tille! I
bi l . hni. luat, it i-4 tlhfl jtidid- llit, (
Congress I hat le nmisi. Illso ia kc: a cer.
Niol (,eil. oath, not require, by I:Im- C,rs,
Iwf-freecan be admiti-ed, doitin
Sreflisal la take it, hie si'luids v l eoi v ii
or ailling aiid 111hbetting reuLlionl, If
Collgress Ilay i XI elitit! all apgliants f,,i
andinission fiil th-% call in e l l iesi, w,h
t llay so dilkpit the oath tit1 ft lo n:111
ever cim lake it, anid it may tIIus cra1
a moopo!, iin he office of ILLornY. in
! bhaind of the few nowi at. ti- bar,
who enli lake the oath, at their dealt
desroy tJm Ollice- altogether, notwi Ih.
NlandIlig the (olsitiuuioial gialrm1nm-4e
that -very pers,i :ivncti-sed of a cri in11al
offensti shall ha ve I assiAalt ne of colilI
sel for the defense.
Thiis latw is not only in tl, n:lll.ar of
a hill of attaiider, which is forbiddenl by
the Constitiltliol, bill it is clvar i a-e.c
Joist facto lw its wheni appill-i to atlisr
nys8 of' h court, or' applicalts ir mui.
mission to practice. An tx post fict
la% w* i.s; t hus de'finedit by Il 1r J1stice Chl1asi:
deliveriig Ihe, pinilm of thl Suplelni
Court of thIe lUntiltd Sht(s Ink tihe Case
of' Calder and w'ife vs. 1Unl and wife,
:<i Dallas. 386.
i. Every law that mitkis an action
done beforu. tile passing of the. laws,
and hIjich was iiiocent whet don!e
criminal, and punishes silch Act.ion.
2. Every law thnt aggravates at crime
or makes it greater thai it was when
-i. Every law that changes tho pin.
ishment and inflicts. a greaier puni'h
lelitt than111 thie law aniit-xed to the crimne
wien cotfimitted.
4. Every law that ters the legal
rules of evidence and receives 1-ss, or
differeit teMittimony thanlI lh law reqair
ed at the time of the commis,iol of Ihe
offense in order to coitviet. the oflf.ndear.
See also, 1 Kent's Coim. 407,.S.-rguanIt
ont Coaist. Law, 356; Sith's C6m. on
Coinst Constrnct ion-'872.
Ia Fletcher vs. fee-5, Cranchi Reps.
138, Chief Justice Marshall, delivering
th10 pinion of the Supreme Court of:
the United States, says: An e.c post
facto- law is one which rend(ers an: act
puttishable iln at mnnir ill wi h it was
nIOt, punfiahable when it was comiated.
Sucoh law iny inliict perities ol iihe
person, or may inlet prennttiar'y penal
ties which swell the, publio treasury.
The Legislatlure is proluhited from pass
ing a la w by whichl a man'smestate or any
paurt of it maly' be -seir.edl for a crimec
which was, tnot declared-by s ome. pre
Viousa law to render him h lable to" that
Ini t,h ecaseo;fE Ross (2 Pi.g 169) it
was hild tbat'if is .stuite add .a new
1)anishmneist or. increase iho olde'v one,
'oran fene orpnmitted before I,Me. pas
sage, ioch ian act. wouldbe e.:post/'acto.
The party ouight tod.know, says thes
court at the itme of' Jomm)itutir thle of
tlse thu. whole extenlt of the punish.
Now I beg the court. to bear ia mind
tIhat tile act -1f ap1plying the test oath to
attorneys at Iaw was passeid (it til- 2-4th
of January, 1865-very near the (tin
of t he strmlgle. li is In pril of
tIit , as lll;It he has tat ai<h-d IIIe reliel
ionl since the i t dale of thIl net, bit, it. i
geieral. The Iangtage is I have ievver
Vanitartly borne arms, &c , emracing
fite whole perioil of It-,lo . Now s-p
pose the I-wyer r the applicant for ad.
mis,,siont, did hear ,arms aigainst Govern
mwnt, or did aid or comniteinance those
who did i I M61, is not, ihis an ex ps/
flcto law ns to himl ? Was thie i>rfei.
ir.- of alis propwrty in Ills oflice, or of,
his right of beving .amitteid to tihe offace
)nt com111plying with tle rules prescribed
by alhae court. any iart. of t l pitai (l l.
:acrtd Iv Congrw.s rigainst tie Oimftrier,
at. or 1i)-Ilore Ilhr I imo of its commnission ?
It. celiliily w;-s not. It. fo im-di ) mln it
of tila, p(.11nbily plrebcrihil by law 1 agamlist
tI histlire in 1M I ; it oniY ailds to : I
p-amit alredady inl existence ti forfti
itire of Iis righ to practick hav in thev
courts I the Unit.t-d Strate.s, or. inl tIre
latigage of Mr. Jilstici Ciiase, illlicts
Sgrreatr intai,inrinr. tian ta th IL.w ali
tatnexv.d to Ile c inlif- when e. iia,.d.
InI aidditi'na to tlh. ohl p1iary, it.ir S
and fpu it t a - IWip in lik iici0, "ieb
(ou1lid not he dniii, beea .0 p-i*V S
hawn, in tha' larrgi. of !r. ,IIsIe
Ia r:hall , "rt -n-di h:m lial.h. to thr
plailishlovill." A )1d in1 tA-ingie
t heSupr:nCt r .\Siielm-14, inrrMl(ofil
loss' case, iab.ve cnvd, it Ilm., not in
(rFcase I i v- (1ld. it 'r dh il vw pul i ilo.tart "
for iairfic comimitited ht-,re how -'.
Ia. . H,w c uld t Ie ll. aIr t
Ian" if cman:aiing Ihc onL.i in isi,
know, irn thie ii lagaag of the Last mIaed
colt, tre w ha- exal-ti of, pOmIish
Imlent which wVtaint pr!-scrii.d till JVill.
nary. 1863. It is alo x p1;I /fied
w la1n titi- 1y ti be fola. h il laid fl.%w a
lay \ar. J-i.sir tlao,;e it ch:ain.ges Ifa'
I ( b-gal rIl' of tal evidnIre,- and rciv
ps less ai l am.. -
Low I(epires a t the timaa. of IIi comimrnis
.ioll of thae oll-ne, to coavit. ti ollnid.
ern i b Iais. tiat. it mrak iis t bar r.fii
Sail to ann!sweir l ith, whether ihe ha4 or
has nat oInit.d 11". rnc oi elr .
sive evidllerc If Ilfirs grailt, :tal1 is ira I'.
le t a j adg ieaa ft f o lteil ar .I
It may fia b. coilte d hrtb , :s i
I.a.; beta e!.rn ir I at t v I t:- it at hi is
naot a penrIrby or dhe act of ilosing" a
-a i-a-:J sian t -.1a1at, Iat it is rita mIlit- .
li pilahi.-alai-ta for oIlice prriscriivl II
CoIlross. I is inot tv-, arv tha I
discins lvre Ilwii ptower of Congre.ss
peccrib ther qIa ieia:l i, rnas, I ar hosi
prescribed iai tihe- Conastit ttaa fir ats owa
omber-A, or iany athei oflirer of Ilmc
Unllitamd S.nles. I pwsii. tiwritn
frw Ildvocals of Ilwv fImsil itnl ilat, &n.
grms ha p"wi-r to prusciaha tho (11mlifi
c11noais of :ry offtcer., of itie Utin.(I
Stratas. Wh at pow(r' er a ( '.mg:zrac to
prescribe tiht (pinalifications of thr ( ,ver
taor of a Stic, a memt,er of the itMvn
Legislaitare, a Jmtigo of ta Cirt? It.
ctrminly la.s naoane, t hiugh try aran all
citizi-ns of tI-:r United States, and tall
ofliaers. At Attorntey at law i H
olicer of Corttrt, but, taot ana officer of
tle United Stales. Ile is air]trai1t1d y.
the coirt mnder ritles presciribed h t to
practice ira far' Cotrt, and is answerabh.
alone t0the cotirt
This is tle cotirction giv.-nl to it by
Congress itst. Th1 tact of' Jitly. 182,
pr#!:.:vrii*d ti,- test ioch for all allici-rs of
tha Un1rita ttas Th.at of Jr I ,
1865, drcliars thait A;ttaarne's at Law
slit Iit ackr thle ramear a oat a b.-fira' fthey are
pearmaii.tedu to pactice~ in faie Unaitedc
S3tateLos Couarts. if' Co'nres hadn consad
eredl themt omee'crs c.f ther Unrited States,
thecy were faally emabr.aced in tham Act of
Jutly, I 12, tarnd it wacs an idle wiaste' of'
timeti to plassi the A ct, of' Jainuiary 1865.
It is vary c'le'ar thtent thaat thae tet. onata
ii 'nt prescraied ras art adrdititotaal quali.
ficationia for ana ofi'eer. Thae oath as'in
tenadd ras a paenaalty, anid th3 sitattueas aIP
penratl oate, aigainlst, thtosea who atidud in
thae wcar agrhinst the' Untiteda Slaies. It
wa'fs not inatendeud to qalify thaer lawyer't'
of' this bar- for the practico. It was irn.
tentderd to forfeit thecir right to praictico.
[ rContinued in our net. j
Whenor Cmra'ran wars in his irast ill nesspr,
thes doctor reinatrked one mrornaing th art
hei seethaed to e'trgh wiath rnrore diiT'ieanly.
",Tef.at is aarpriainag,t" sraid Ia" dyiang wt'it,
''for I've been nyad icing tall niigbat"
r r-wm mhe retersbury 1a:.
The AW lnestlgast .lr. D)avis.
A iilt.imore paper having- Iublisled
wVha t, was 1111thI t to lbe I a rel0-etcionl on
tie wtn 01 Wh wosv evidence Mr.
livi a s iiicit of t lvsponds
as fuolh>ws.
Nercihant.s' and ahchani's' Exch.an,,
-Norrfidk. Va., May 17. 186U.
Edibw.r: idimorq G<ucrUc :
(-' i-miT-: .N -,My a t teI tiol has been
Cllid t '1 an l a l In y)ot pafe of Vq.S.
ttrdav, holding ml# tip to en:vibafle light,
aq Mlne of' lie icelters of' ex-Presid.int,
dAlferson Davis. To our own comimo.
til V ie x I !:a!It iOn i a ssary - my
ntcdt4viis til present position are
Wvl kiowlt. I11at I i;IVe frifI-ds aid
hamil y connectionis in your citv who are,
dhalitves. strprised nl mortified to set
MV m1im:ti' in tils list of witnwsses befr)l.e
the Grand .Jo1ry.
I ah-nm it at dnty to tlim 1.11il m1ysiIf
to i.-mi yt-)n itat I eni -rei tiie ('ot
I-d rai. arit . as a orila l-r, ri','igniiig
ih I a tt itise ah pLly respetah
sIlian i wir city gorti nne1141r, !-it of
I Miter (b1y virat of which olflici I
W;IS (1xeIIIIp from militar y service.b v
IIli- a-t (d Legi hIt re,t-) rai d a.;m c1 omlp:t.
I)y, colitriillte(I I,f Imy in.;anq 1) its:
#,quipmotir, nwi Perv(.d az Ca-it.i if
nrdlb-ryv witil the surrender of Gen.
L v -s .11*111 ,.
wis siianed blulefor t %i Grand
.utry, aas we'ria iai:itny ote rent.i'.
na' ly *' int mly in, 'i so
I i It : i in t. r I lg Y evjid.-I,.... re,
I \It. D.i% ; it< g1i1Y of tr-aon, I
c''.11l1i atill to : greater igi ; ,
ii ,i ..n. ly nb y.... t;"1. tnal ill
nitl'l V vo tII'f ir wholf. ( ' I1f. lea V
whi:. I % Tnttetred mv lin i o,- t 'a
carw:( % %ieb I cisid4-ruil jt ,iand hilv.
Y lo (J! '11 111 il l "r :111t,
FUJ .I,n Ilr\-NIlFN.
l 1 .v ! lin t o sta utill-N
siltn o| tll witnsses.
.aia-i' P. .\ ili'aa wat a tah' wIll
_W101:11 ffied.Pli
It.rslmtrr. bil i -w r.119,4 A i'''
Go'ir.g, P.a Sl -oarg is, wI. prt'nine,
)r. 8.. ta'0il s in ii' C. 8. A .
iliitn Aol''., .It., w-la it - i-r of
aiv.'-, fram ih.;.ird ~Districl. iM tlhi
S; at'.- Ti' wuai onte of :hi urigrial 'at
r -i . 4."- nh-.' aml ai ai lawyr-r
a -I lielaa, ranks with i h- t:iost
Il;lr 4)1,of14h State.*
J. Hlardy,1 lnitdriii was telw eaitill
of' at rI1Iclbrited IBatery from N r1lIk.
1'atrick 0'1rien was General Lee's
I'he(- Emieror al Empres.' visit. to
t.nxrre Will be r'mebere as tr) alts
hi,4 New Yeair' 1):iy con-p-liment to) Ihe
Alitsnia n Amlimssatlhr i i I.55. The
Imerii parly arrivid at their dest,ina
tarot at [21, aaam'a rtai
, iasvs of' the popilation
Ihai ing atsmet l at wt r1ilway stat tons
r'ec'iviniig aheir NlajeTijs in tht- Iost e-t.
th,zmstio manner. Thbv ywvrf riweived
at aiw sta tion of Aw.orre bY .N Challe,
thie .\nyor, the Maicipal Coicil, anIlid
sveral persons of mote comn'cted withl
aii town. Thm Mayor nddressed the
Entperor antI EIIpre:is ats follows:
".S n:: fifiy-(ne yvars since the
Empwror Nap,h-vn I. was i'r'ceived in
this town with sich proofs of devoteid
1Ps an idt1 joy hal. Ie rt'taind ia viviD
Trcollecioni of them, wi'e h expreso
ed( on Il dienth i b It the mowst. Tm
inf, to-rims, as recrdel in the Afemnrid
(Ie Sintf. l kne. Voitr Majest'y his
just. lwia.rldi he stme embtuas'iastcic iaceblt
mta ioans, I th amne eres.. f'rom the deapthls
t.f the. haieart of ai popilittiona, wh'Ioser d.
v'oateen to athe Enitero r, as your Mia
jisty w' 11* knrowis, ha no nuore beten
tOilnid wnan! tig itn dupa of triaitl and adai
vrsiaty thani ini hose of' prospiriay and
trtmmplh. i. atho impieror, athe.ri.fore,
prmai me Io preseat It him n the kt'ys of
this fail I'fail to wnl, in iv hieht tIhe sacred'i
fire of' itehmena't ii the empi re hast ali
Watys beten ke'pt~ binig, evena in h
d rkeiat timeos.
-'"MnAux:J Comr andl r'~eee the aur
dent ble'ssii of or ptopaaletiomns, w tho
veanertate, adu4ao aid love Voib;, arnd, ant
their rioward, di'ign toa tell he young
Prince Imnperiaflth likat his grat uncl'
anad has father, ho n y eveir rely on tIe
affeeriont of hits oldaid loyal Lown, of'
Thae FLntperor re iedl in. Lhe fillowing
1 tam happy to e that the riniis
ceances of t he Firmanira hav vao ,.noo.
4'14ild riniat ywt, m y. Be evItlitin
thal. oll mv Sde, 1 ive finhe-ri-41 the
svntteini t o f the be..d o In fanile for
Hith eiiergorie samd paI riotic pop1 it)
who supporteld Ihe Kmpeoror mI o410I a.;
inl evi! lortne. I .ave t3oreover, a
<hlt of gra IInJe to lply' to the J4par3
313-11t. (of th1e4 Yonie. It wa. : ne o f
firr. to iv l nw t s suTrage ii tsi,
C: it kil-. likv the m jri l t ft lilt,
Wrench nalitionl, that it. inl!$-rests Well
mill'i aind llit t. [ <I.test 1, like It, I hI os
treaties of 1815 wiie sm partii.s of
thi-A ldav widh to mnakc t stdc hi (
our for':-m poliC'.
I thaik voltnto 14r v 'oIIr !enti IeInIv ts. In
ti milh I of vm 1 breal le at I'a so-, for
iI. Is a3n4ng 134Ilh,eII.,I I h 11 l4rifitis pI pul ionIII or
IIi 11 owvnI is 3n i r :Id dilrici ts tIha I find
thI. t r1te g,-nIis1. of f Pranfivv.
'l'hi, aiwer was greettd with the
lom .m'st. acclai 3lllionm.
BISIIOr 'L* .K'S I NT1:1V1.:w 1 W -r
B SIi P M.\-:AD.: (,1; VX" I NI\I.\. ----Th.
N--w Orliemis P;cayunc sayvs :
Vell d owe%I reim-ijibwr Iis d.-partuire
fron 16-bim-rff to seek persolniallv till.
:iviv o. lii)(* ihol .\lvad., tiln thl :
.-F 3III- l 1-n1. o1f h,11 hops, .i hi.1 hIm.-.. inl
Nor.!4-r3 \1' inia ne m .is r-' tr1n, to i
"\ till what did 14 4-11 You l " S b -.I .
i:Illlv -:iI i i ii mll. 11 'I.m IS33'l
"'1 sainted4( I hhn," sni< I4 444r 3ool h11 I p,
111d 1aid too him, ''Sir. I have . n of
4-re.I If e ol issio il t il '- Cil i-th-r
A11n.'. .1111d h-ivo Come t o .1", votir. all
".nd What dtill bill ?
1 said ti.) m --Sir, VmI . hol.) -
re:4, a higIn-r emumi.sion ih il ms Ii
" I I ? n e f tlvdhat. right rIVer
ir ; n. i .e ni.it in3 -u i'3i r, i' n i t. 3 .
hz )pv to hi!dohl I it i lle ci.t-c.. trum0:1p0
\W .'ll, lilt s tior hi.h01, ti3.n. 4i
nlot trivet h ilt co3 4n
"Yes lie-id ." -i-Id vir b,'lh l,1 1
w i 3. a 341k.' fh 1:-i 4',e (n i 4.4 conti
4110't fom i:.-ir v . p l' i C . 01 i.
v mI w h Ir .i b v, wc! h .. iI Il..
0.'4 1,343.3.( 1*111 1 1. Ihl .11%, .
I 1 I i 1 1 .- I i-. di4l4y lt :el1t .Ill
C- :11 s1io 3 h4 443 hI 1. li .11 . i . ..
Tei F'r1-1 Al, 4 ....... cq,.T r--; . ,..
g -illt-Ilw ily i3sti' in. , it) ,i, 3,anc -ir .i
4-.34 ii h.1g rehv ,lvv- 1i , i i. .., . Ii
i' eed Ilhe memory Of'.Nir lil-81.1n , vwe
in Cha130in14' folr ihe pld1 i 1.4indb tti
ldI Shights wiich he ItA-.cd I1o' b ii
N .ple '- * 11n e p'isOner n' .* Il Ilih-n) .4 i
Whel .vtvIesoII Dbavis w < 3l 1lr'41rSi1n of
I1he "OlnederAIC SIMal. the eo'Oplet 1:31 ka
Ilonild were nlo(l : t he h11. mbil 4uniOver-ing 311
hli, lpproach . hu, we ven r I 1prel.h Il'
i-iat whmn tham li.vroic ;;n-l uniowr ate ;,
na-lyr'isAhlang;1I to Ifhis cily 1. vrial,:.
n00 le:IJ l l I l plityill;: Ili l, IV ,,t.l i 4114
chid rel wl il ll Ihm sircees fill'l hr ll I l'.
he 40 his prikon,. to te-4't' 3 . inl every '
wviay c,nis!ent widb law hm-3 I mrIer ieIi
e1IP.f1t ee4m,l.leet 1n14d3 1) 4nAhy for Oh per.
scet.ed I'tatesmnn.
%%e h1oo. secteli ry \l tn4wle for h.
upen diiregard fir the oni, q.i1i rn< |
and order toI which we have refered, for h '
is saidi. Wil het- illed up1 1 's, resident D:,,
vis. to hav3 warmly gva.sp.ed . is hawd. and
to have expreti3ed t ill that sympthby whiebl
mIlisfotneii exci:e'4 inl eVery gOO34 In4 n's"i
breaslt. We altuo 03 n from the New York
H/erild. that dhe ientions kid poliviie,s
Which w-ts exhibid to owa4d, NMrs4. Davis b-,.
.everl F'ederd ofliveri4. have nk.o been ri,>
hibiied by special ortler. I' etictii:g po
litl3 1n ' 3t ] ilady i.,. a14 1 3/r sugg4 st.3
i sitarulingr n 'ovehyor inl f . way of m it
exhibi33 'Ptons~ of331 ma lity to Ihe inefortur.ato
duin3g the wr i noti of kied aedi
tsc befis reat lyDi4a to be3 rege- --ric/wemd ,
Wraiitn If tLAnon.-One~u of.th nlinagest
ian esine thi par ofu the. Stat tohl noft
was ge33t t.ingi alln fviiy lfVlie refused' 3to
mloy oloru men3 breanse hew un.
nyt bfore the oBuredn onathe.-Crivlons
Licom litry soee boe'd tevi diposedp
freedmend. 4.l3Ih e urea ish co.tinfed
.in eistence,4 wise 3think thei day list far
fare for th cobrliled ma.-Calot
'411e Cthaurcha V atllimaccr,
) EVOTE 1) lo tho interests of the P,ro
. 1 "A I pimiopal C','1rch, is publhI ish -
el it C'htilmle. N. C. Terms of' subseip
fil, cahill in 4adVance.
FI i :-:ix monthllills, t,-h Io
L)r moe y var, .1 i
Tri?%t or nenTrixa---i I en Vents
a1 'lin1 . or for' thel 2pneIe of1 at tlnu. ToI year-ly
nllven-isq.IS. a flbral dteduction onl the*
ab,-Ve wiill be Intle. .
Al .1 itiuari f lther Notices chagd
ihbcrbe S .iVing It, have- their Post
Ollives callge.ili t ael t nlk. )Imhl whtrr tiecir
pa pr, re nw1binI-:Sf1It, :til where t.hey
wmil linve then, ilh e l in futiue.
For o rimonh hioire each subscripion
ex-ires, a peo il -I nI the un -gilN will
I(mint I l a rr i if r i sNIC II m bscrip
lin'lby l n irl y remif Ii ince.
-ll 0""-iaiosonl bo athdressed,
ohn Wilkes. Tiensuirer, Church AItellilencer,
Char/o/1. N. (|." Fehl
I 'a '11.- , I . E 1 cA I.
I l lS t P . l II I p - " i i mi i t i> A l i1 h i . T h
T li- i i.O amlitirm;slied to sub
i h .n 'l' ' M1!w. lerms :
Daily Timets. nti . .yr. ;10.0)
" six Inonfill: . 0.4 11
It :vv ih:' ltl . 4. . . 41
Tri -WMyli'. , w. y.:ir, g
'' ix ib1 s. :00
iv: cu imorL i r:n:Ii,(i -t of a th,r Daily
p every Tuesday, lit
.- :NIaan.'lb .ol tn r. more 2.0
- B e iy to 1 he trr.ny P rapt t.,
AM p:y n. lie. g- l t -i!v nni.
T Il.I M ,: ,,. . 41111, - Mri. Oull l iie s i .
it' - 1 .-i!i er C iti.se t ., a l-n .-io enis f'or
(- 'h ' u b- i n1l101t inl-Itioln. A vire s1n A
1. 1:: i t It:"ie tm a tivr ii m keos insmert ed
1,)6 :t 141 i, I i -l p .e ;.-;1 hI.I-Ill M
A i Vt In[ nt, invs-ril in tIhe Weekly
N wV a; k I o S 1 ;t-4 . f or e:n-b1 in-er-tionl.
\il let fir ln h invs ith tie above
1 hl :: !!:0 O,1 1 m 1 ' ft.
.:I Ita !'r on ott25 Ce, or 7NI
FA i 'harl'te.N. C.
Cits S V.1h) e .% i - l .oir Il i .rC.
I' l l'inc. e11 1,1Ar l O1.I-3 i 1811 1,,1AY .
1) -iibDihPmiotdx. iitsdi <- ry mornn-,
C.I ,O!d " , I . - fill- 0 w%;itu Ihe III -!i
lrt t.h(i t(eivy r.o- or ,) Ff , ii0 1er al
rm -peon nce.iin7et b. often yad..so
l'vii r1iN the prin the Sltt
T..e i - .., !;- he 't mr cot r 0V eiren.
1. en 'o e addivT y, al iuntinoy
a '-r-loy.. : :i:, d1i th - re:i'-tiv iiatter
Tie eI i nit i oin ifm i 1113 the
i n e ti nt , i v in i . - it Ia tily jimrnlal
mdL is p. ait.-l ve v, lic na. It .- I'C
' Y di Ap' - Poriv Odmnn. Thl
'' li" "llh Doll an Tri-Wly will bo
r..t l nu ts or .s it - (1111.1
Dk rly, one vcrr....... ..............V|10 aO
11 '-.-1: I. o l!tl--................. 3 00,
C I WVt-Ily.oonc ye.ar................ 7 co
thret ilm linlhs...--............. . i 00
W el-di .1ton ! year, ...,................ 4 00
14hr 1111 .nn b .................. 1 125
Ad nel I rO,1.&e,d1* inl the Daily or- Tri
Wo ly ar i Iscqu*Ir a;ior le flist, ifertion,
b.e 7i eni, - r vachi aheoq inrtion.
- - kly a1-1VerLiltj-jlnS $11it a quare every
A Ar W1 SE1'R/g I ' p
By the Formner Proprietor.
ANI happy inl bein)g aIblo tomaeh
above annoitunmn. Tiz Bamner will
wpuiblishedi every SatI-tigy.
M;;y Snbhci-ptiionu nre respecl\illy so
icited. $*.-0 per atnnimn. A ddress

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