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Saturday lorpng, Jtne' 9, 166.
MrT. P. Si,im-:n; R-o., ile
sole agent for this paper in Charle.4on
S. C.
Old Ireland.
It is not a lt tlo rom arkald,' that in
civil commotions of any great. mianl.
tude, in whatever countrY, mider what
ever' govel'nmeit, hi.story slhmw- thit
the same radical emise is the foundation
of all. Birth, growt h, succe', deline
and downfall, are the descriptive terms
which may be uzed to give a cliracter
istic epitome of de history of everY im
tion and; of every government. Man
is the Same terIII forever Ised to indi
chite the lori of creation. 1*t every
M.1n1 is distiict. in clinracter from every
other man. Eng;land is the mnme of a
nation and a government that has ex
isted for half a dozen cmnturis ; but,
England of to-day differs from Eingland
of every other day. O'no man dlies of
cholera to day, as one man lied yester
Ua'v, bilt more on affected with Chole
ra to day are eired thai wrer cured ves.
terd;iy. Men still die of cholera. but
cholera is less terrible to men. ivili
zation sprcad cholera. lint. civiliza!i.m
spreads also tho antidoto of the disease.
And while the former has not o;it-rn
the latter, nor has k -pt pace with it. y,t
the (Ierge of the latte' is the real in
Centivo of the former.
Tyranny is the disease which giaws
at tho vitals of govornmiiqnt. Ci viliza
tion is the antidote oC that lisease. .I t
is this disease which hko a bilious iIfh.
sion discolors to the 4yes of Eiglisli
rule the real cause of Ireland's sickiiess.
It is this which has kept Eiglind back
from a fair and candid diagnosis of her
migIIy patient. It is thiis which impels
that patient to sue far redress by reject
in.- the partial and indilloront attention
of its family physician, and alling in IiI,
a.sistance of a physiciant of it. own
On the 23d of Mareb, 1797, ii ti
louse of'C>miimons, 1rt1h I'riament
Mr. Fox made Lthe f->Mowinig mollioll t.1
"if ilherfore mo>ve. Sir, Th:it:mnlImn.
ble address be presentied to his in
that his m11jes V will le gra'Iviollnsi V
plased to tu.ko ino his r oya I conoidr.
tion the disturbi-d stato of' his li! gdom
of Ireland, au,l to :idopt suh haliig
aid lenient meaitn-- res ias m-y appar to
his iimjesty's wisdom best. caluilat -il to
reistoro traminiih ty, *al.I to cmnciliat" ihe
affctions of aill lde e r:iolis (if his ImaS.
ty's ,iIujtcLs i ' at. in: g limti hi lls IIm
jestv's person :wid governmi-t."
But strange to say this very ehl-;,
enod motion, this antidote I.-Ir <isase,
wal r "jtned by a vote of 220 against
* or of his ir.rs upon
his nidtmoi Mr. lAx e aid :
"The disconi.ents~ of' no class of m.-n
whlatever ouight ito he yicw''d wit Iiii
repngnanic- wh ichI prehldes ain imiptr
tial e~xii n.ii~ * * * * *
Numer wei)'ii~'re ta ken up unider chiarg.
of higlh Ire:gson - aid when neiii.i. it
appe-aredh that no ground oif susictiott
conall ever havye boen enit'ri.aiill'l
agriloit theiti. Ii,vate aim:Ositieu too(,
arose, and prodneied those dIiffereii
classess of disturhers of the public peaice
about which so m'uch has bee.n said.
The remedies applied tended to foment
liht evil. The authiority of the laiws
"'as simporseded. Tlhose against whom
it, was thought convictions conla be pro.
cured, were:takun,p ; andv hose whom
it would have bee-n imposshbl' to con.
viet, wvere transported in great imbehiru,
without the' eremony of ii trial;" *
"Buit suppose you were to suicc'ted in
disarming the whole of the north of ire.
iand, you must keep themu ini subjecuioi
by foreg. Can you co!mvnvie theum liv
ihe mutsktet, that their ltrinci[Ides are false?
Can yo. prove to them by te baroetmt
that their pretensions are tiunjust ? Can
you demonstrate to them by maritial
law that they ejoy the, blessing of a
frete oust,iItutioni ?"
We tmiiht ask hmYre parteti aelly,
has th&ja'nto Congi ess at Washington,
the idea that tihe affirmative of Cuitii,a~
J. Fox's qgivries is the tf &aia&-r ?
-JBitt Engl~anidfils to this dany to mdk .
an impartial investligation into the dis
tttrbed 'condition of Ireland. Like tik
United 'Statoenhe is naominilly un,i.,. a
i a lad kniws not or w.1l not, know
.lreand's true clracter. -As a gPle
it rislk are remarkabl u
gover grent.. ;anl ar y
OVe t >odjgoIveri. Ci.
They .%iI long submit to an evi gov:
ermient, and1 --ratier hear tihe ills they
have, tall fly to thosethqy Iiojv nor,of
Th 0 "Utci iA i 1.7
After drilling the elila sliicrQty inl
calling upon it i say vhat fett rit de
sires ,o tuake, .that is untii it Ia i
nakell the very loiter it seltets from its
miemory, then, begin again - Wich a clerar
slate after this method.
You inme the letter you vanrt thu
C!JHIl to d1.1aw upon thu slate.;. . not in
alpiabeo ial order, but scaueringh'.
Two goodI rostills follow this. kind, of
primiry tecichin. The- child, having
:mlghtl I huehape iof tl!- letter from ne
Itially iiaking it, that is by the eye, arnd
having uanght, the soil trlieI f by hav
ig it callet-d luit and then iie<Iiatev
driwing it, t h o oc-l soind of the letter
and its shape are is1arabV associaC
in the child's iirl, so th%t produc one
fo6r it. anid it. wvill prodlee thie other.
Arid Hie second resit iq, that withii: a
e.:nI)ara!ively short tirme after having
larne1 i h.i afpthalet th; -h:M! will easi
ly Iictinir, tlt] art of writing.
By a free use ofl tie slate children
ba v" beln tiight inl six months to read,
writ nnd ciplier.
ii proper at Iti Point to call tle
anti05 of muChers, or teachers wio
have primary tcholars, to one ihet,
And it is that the same I must
noiit he xpeerd in every child. li re
gri to Ow h atte exerclso, h.l a doze.n
v*'rk t ' ,imako the first let.i.er will dis.
cover to the infstrmcor the prohnble ca
pacity of lie child to make frir pro
gres.\ Aun w here there are 'severai
Child1rell, Iho comparltiVve pr-ogre-5 of
chl onQ in the finst few eil'rts can be
prety well dle-irrmined.
Bit thore ic anlotler point that .lifr
the sae of t hbidd. and to regilaO
I!uw1 iato-iv of the leaiber, otII-ght not to
cc "'e - We will -rlppose a
probable c1asv. A Iolhur hogris ll
t.oachun o!* Lvo chibiull on the .'afo
phil. Both make .inmragig progres
in ir m tho IIlphIb;L oil tie Siafe,
but, une xch Lihm other when it comes
It reading in words ' oie ylabe.
'lhe Iiotot- i': imrprrtlrint to'wnri!1 Itt
tr, and by action- *;Iprptd Iy her
dlii4ppu I.iuei. in thati casie, dhe put5 an
"UIMl, il the Way (if that ChilI'll pro.
gress that. it perhaps will never, never
"V"'"Ic'Ine. And that obstaclo is ti' (f
t(* of ruproving tha1 chihl >r I.not, do.
ing wlatl I h tenider hearted ilttle biing
i mmsts conscious of havi tried its
Ire to do, lt t is tt it lvc. Thw
e 05- enivice is, that having .met. v itlI
ca arce whirn it did its bisrt, there iS no
inctUti Ue, no iri ineinenft to dra w' omr
is Ittle enierins to iirake ainot her u'<pmal
e(forr. lint etionigh for thin timie.
The Expclet War in Euirope.
'The last; ne~ws fromi the Co:rtinent.
'ives reason to aniticipat e a war of the
g!randep~ scale over ,yet, carriedI on in
Europe. ]f thde armies of Prursin, Aus
tria, Italy, F"ranc and the minor Gecr
rmarn States nre all brronight into act ion,
utheire will be nota far frorm thlree million
warriors eniiggd ini timortal strife. An
toi Ii hessuie of snah strnggle, there cn
be no~ aCcotinrg. - Aistria is curt ainiy
behiind thn 6other grerat pouris in keep
irig,,rp with thie agi', augi :ist y nio
was;1 serverd uip onve na a great plumpnd.
ding, so rimyi Frnce, Italy ami Prussia
attemrpt to rem'vodel thrW nmap of Europe
to the exuinsion' of t7ic siparait, nition
u!ity .of. A.ngebi'.
$iou.(dea wIlboew formnedu of the inr.
nlftise strggl& 'ihun onue hbeh, fto i
hi o.(#00,00t0 rind wifl s,onlihavc 000,0QO
mref Iii th/ field, whiiie lfji / ise
tinted tog iraveM oo,ooo. Ttrd''40Q9
ind Wthinee 100, 000, lito latLr of corgq
raipable oif beiing arugment,g to
iunriher liked,v to lie needed shioulil di
1nggruo it1 t'he (co!ift, wiv,h as g~r'jt a ,
nihity as nni na(,?n c.xtut-..
t-Oy be,exagg ted as to the present
stato of tih T ies. bit, the ultimute
jkbilit-y of' tbe pwers to put such forcet
1' the -m. d - ly I,000,000 of mon
of lstria and minio Gr.
Wes co- mrating with Hir, ai
A seamu nber on the gaft
.Vh ' and 'alv-is not dout.et
This would be i a;ddition to the aug.
ipentation of feces in Dolgian, Dvn-,
Iark, Swiizor:nd and other ' states
'itheii'llip rada of the impending ho.
itis. In t4ie neantime Turkey and
lussia.aru bothnuoving large bodies of
troops, that whih dist,urbs their rela.
tons pertaininiore to the provinces
Walbachia and Ioldano tlan the quar.
r(l of Austria nd Prussia over the
spoili of thie diies, and the eigerniss
of-ftaly3, to rcqiire Venetia. Yet
neithet Turkey>r Riussia can be indif
ferit to the later quarrel, especially
Russa, a?-the Vir would'infringe upon
her boundhrres.
How Interpreted.
J1t for the hin of it. we compare
the a-o telegrni with it interpreta.
tions as we fin it in three of our cx.
ebhange ..
"Thvse opira "Operation, pro
tills propOse to p)su(i to cut. on,
ciit off .\lutI.l Montreal from Sue
from succor." ccssor."
"Great a I a- in "Montreal a In.
prevais in )oi. leitary p a Ii i C,
treal, wiich eat.anl a I-II Oil tie
ed a Inaoneta1 ry pan - SRyigs, BRa1.
ic ; anl a rut on God is at high
the S; vi(nrgs' a kpr.
placed gold a thigh
preimiumn." C
" Alo:a er 's A atlr'
n'irill, by jP,Mrrl-I.-Lv
1i on, wo t c ingtol, Wol II
Drby t.ike, jt the Durby stako at the
PAttlerson I We e s Patterion r a c P s
A nbine Vin
hey started. Imlle Ad(.
"The N6va Sco. "The Vom S
tin mmil-ltaves this timr. taking out the
afternoon for the iail, lea yes thi-4 u
Soutth." ternoun for L. 11 e
south of Hlifax""
"An Italnian pa. 'The Ralian pa.
Inot appeared on trioti bave appear
Q(oier q( Caf. el on the frontior
troaid tiouk nvay of Caffro, ,nd
half thn bride on taken n\n' h.lt Of
tit() Italiarn side of' tt( brido on the
the river." tialian sidtof of tl
publishe"l 'The realAShed.
i I IIent g tve4tl, smtayil. givei I,
1111bic 10-111 1 lIass the amblic r elu , less,
caz4 it) thI,Tv:ist- it eAi r in tIm
I'),,G s at *2,
19~i 1 9,00. 670,2.38.000. Do'
" Aextolr'
Ofti)i Ali r. T i, creaslof b 19,L,.
Cirteh li 'nIAl 000 i ll y. The
ryI is,1414.11a ii NiDr. viwi in Tream
Iy N;(t00,(Ou. ry kiht iated n~t nen r
ly *Il00,oO0,000.11
'rwlieoit Pattion "The conait ion
of t1u choyrat pa. of' the holar. pa
tiews isdirplorable. tientsis deplotable.
7'rc(e live sty Twont r inoo OR4.
cIII be Cavelljor. " he N a Io
14a r.takingout th
Bli tes' ar it m il, tea So that
it.here fo w.hhte
\Vltt wa thc "The'.-' ahamnipa
or ononttafro'tie
erc thr-re taien h nway htarted or
tho brdgouth the
'th rv."ITtalian io" st ohe
been powfuli er."
W's pulhe pulicdb n o
Woh ndri thhTreas wetu.ae
Byron May. the Bbe
Tahi he rrbelo w li oma
ry lmis t ted t ler. eineet uta
"e. cnd it t tion ci~jeNi
of thechlra edtopa. n f Vle
~Timrs norel the isafirtyneit
whihre nasestntoce eeo
poety, wich lTe 'pblisnhed
tukct twstfoundentg ish
thusel n h
Acrease of $ hey o,000,.r~
r000.'t ea,t 'oo ho M,i,~ay The
"T hlaca rth conitio
Tw etr a eua'~ent ore as
ut~,tes dab rre hein to show wha
,isntwh. lnshv,g~pl
at, nne o'lock
quoted al Lord Ilyronowu; -bhu. t*v
are probably Walter Scot t's. Yet,
they well illustrate that peculiar thought
and feeling hvihi made:. Lord Byron
palaiemi.in ihis Biblf .. Ime ofl 1 the
profond,md sbn m yste 5of the
Clit4 i s ett * .. pro d that
each age mr Inegly flds I deieths
and wisest m1en of each age feel it most.
IL4lt A H P40.
From Richimond,
RtCHMND, June 6.-In the Case of
Jefferson Etavis, the District A ttorney
said he was not, in the custody of the
court, but was a prisoner in the State.
Attornvy-Goneral Speed could not h
presint, ie therefore moved the court
adjourn until Octo>er. . Brady said hi,
client wani.ed it speCdy trial,, and waived
all f ims, but he kne%w they conid not
control the action of the A'torffey.
Judgy I4derwoodl' said tfirtt Justice
Chase expected to preside-, and had
1named October as convenient, and at
Attorney-General Speed could nt be
there iow 'ho gianted the Ilotion,
The di.stict. Attorney advised, the colin
sel for,Jef'. Davis to mako applicatioi
to the Premdent for relief,. as all powe
rested in him. The conrt. adjourned.
Charles O'Cunnot, senior counsel foi
Jefferson Davis, had an interview with
the President and Attorney General
Speed in reference to the case of, the
Washington News,
WAs1NGTON, 3u O.-ry 't.he di
rection of res Pr 'id4nt, Speed, the;At
tornev General, his iisiired' acircular to
District Attorney Marshal instructin.,
the arrest of.tl pronnet ,laders, 01
conspicnons' rAmants cnlled'Pehiinn.;, 'wht
may be guiltv of a violation o'rLii neil
trality l1ws. The '?eniian pri-soner at
lltffhlo have been- rileased o4y order-ol
thp government, the:!men on their owi
recognizanoe; aind the officers in tvt
hundred 'dolars'bail; all to rep,,ir to
Canandlida. w1ion regnied, atn 1 to
subscribe that. tlay will not take n
arms. Olleial advices have been receiv
e4 hro that l-,vvo no ,loiht th r.t a large
body of Peniatis nre still threatening
Canada. Gi-at alarm is fell, in Mon
treal, and quite a monientary panic has
t'lken plaIv, 'knd a run. on .tho sayinlgs
hank in coneqtuenle of it.. Gold is at
a high -)ren inn,
The Fenitiis Mar-hing Onward.
N.:w Yom,. Julie 5.-A special dis.
palch from 'Montrt-al says the attchori
ties have reliable information that, th
Feiiinns are marching fron Fairfieli orl
St. A rnds. A bWtte is expected
dutinig the dray,.
A d1ipatch fron Toronto says the Re
g,dars and volunteers hkavte been recalled
ftrmi Ih front and will cocetrat lere.
fThirty l'en.ian.s, captured at Iort
Erie, hmve be*en.brought here and will
prob)ably l>e tried'by court imartial. and
POT'sJ)^I, N. Y.. June 5.--It is re.
port,ed t.hat General Murphy will cross
at St. Reis or Corinwall withs four thon.
sandmi .Fenians, intfattry, arnd then a col
tumn is to cross at Beanharnais, and Gen.
Spentr, with Ithree Itotsanid Fe'ninm, i
to move from St. Albang on Phillips.
burg, andti to etat dhe rairoad at St.
John's Junchiot, on the 'Qraud. Trun
These opertations propoAe to dmaL off
Monmtreal from suceor.
Gen. Sweeney bnoved last nighit from
Maloe. A baeh s exgdete4 to.dhy'.
a column of Fenitans. marching into Ca.
nadat is not confh-ml. SN'ebney Is
said to be at ManTtn,' NeW fork, but
the pogiiisrta..f naini
at oan end.. .Prgidrnt.TRbers, however,,
issued a st.rianget address' to thle Irisi.
me,and p?rmoted' Colonel O'Neil to a
belonging to ;i" gzies1.ave b,9n
seiz.ed et, vatrine poittteb The ,United
States is esing all oefot to preserd
cines'tle mon&at 'e "a~
1~~lAaW ,.0, ky aknto r gtan~
bissionerLo t approlnd atll Fian o1.
c.-rs now on boarl V:e Michi.-an for dx.
a ninationl before it Comnilbsioner who
will decide 4hother i ley sholl b>e livd
f r.'&rail un4l thq writ .9f ha>mas covrpus
sha}l Ve e",it h...bevin postion
ed in order to give' Commander Brysoin,
o-f the steamer Michigan, time to col
stilt th , Uovernmient aiithrids at
Troepi Leivinlg Idolleb.
AVASIIINOTON, June G.-It is undt.r
stood at the 8tate Department that a
>ntra-:t has beeni inado by thtb Proch
Governinent; -iidt the trans-Atlantio
kt9aish-ip Company, to. transport t.h
firstdetaciment or French. troops fVoth,
Mexico to France in October. ' MAr
shall Basaine ncconipanying'this detach
1aAMburg alu Columbla Railroad.
AUDUMTA, Judie 5.-A meeting of
the Citizens and' phintrs- of Edgefield.
District,. in aid of the- Hamburg and
C10h bir Iaiload, was held ,a Edgefield.
Court, House on Monday, 4th inst.
Addresses were made by Col. Win.
Johnston, Governor M. L, Bonhani.
and Luke Culbreath, Esq. Fifteen.
thousaud dollars were subscribed in aid
of the enterprise.
Gover'or Pickens is very ill, aid
consequently, did not attend the mee,
ing.as .)>vas expected.
A barbacito 'a aid of the project is to
bo givoh. at Aiken on the foufth of July,
Governors Pi-kens and Bonham, Gen..
M. C. Butler and other distiniguished;
speakers are expectu.] to be present rn
the occasion.
Mb-rTr. SRTAnvl1?-"The Commission
or of I he Poor fot Pickens DIsirict publish a
statement in the Courter that there are not.
less thanl eight Anudredfamidie..ntil allowing
live to each flamily, we have a population of
at. least four I housand in that district on the
eve of satarvation. Of these, at least two
thousand are widows nnd orphans, almost -
ent irely helpless, and made so by the mis
fortunes of war. Some of the others are re
t orned !ohlicrs, who reached hoiwo last year
io ie to it aoe anything like a full crop.
and almost all without the present means tf
buying food."
The above we clip from the Columbia
Carvliniun, and subjoin its beautiful con
ments. We have 4een requested to state
tholl t11pumbers of letters have been received,
in this city from Pickens Districet vet ifying
the statement: y
"Will not the fair ladies of Charleston,
who reco0tly oullected a thousand dollars or
more to expend in decorating the graves of
solliers, listen to' the silent, appeal from a
starving population ? Better the life and
comfort of one child ef the dead soldier than
flowers strown on ten thousand toombs.
There is a tribute ' to the dead in every
heart, and there is time in which to honor
their memory. hut stuff-ring wives and little
ones cannot wait. It Is cheap charity that,
follows the fashion while gaunt want stalks
unnotided in otia midst."--harle#ton News.
P11osPOTs or PIAoH IN ErRopi.--Tho
Paris correspondent of ihe London Herald
discredits the ruaore of a congress:
"Let not your roaders be deceived by any
amount of telegraphic misrepresentations.
'At thte present Jtneture there al'o ottly t wo
chanets of peaco--the firstlie that the King
of I?ruyta ltay At the eleventh hour get
frighttened~ at the magnituade of the war .he
has prtovoked, and byl abdliqatiop faoili
tate ant ariangemtent;t tat Is oge chamnce; its
improhabllity Is toe glaring to make li ne
cessary for mne to demonstrate It.' The oths
er ohantce is, that the Emperor of: the
Fretnch may, at the elaeienh hour, doolare
against, otte of lbe belligerents. As this
step would be deoIdedly premiatslre,, and
compromaise French terests wlthou , any
correspondinag advantage, I hoTd ii s smill
moore heprobable than the hflOis'l Of
Prussia envinag in. As for th~ e qts oon
gress, itlis a 'mere 4eceptiopW, ,w$i is .not
beheet ed in oven at the Foreign noMqvand
I can only conmsider- this ae itt extrp9ais oP
the part, of the Prebelf gdet-stll ne si~ d
V;Oe to Cover Its tebpombliym 16 is, at
bost. but, a cltuayqcfL4Iv4,.Tobeeee
tual it should havq bi q ~
1 WOiSAL.,Twe I*u*dmd 6'86eh
e1. eeof. Wt. AtWhit,-e. , --
'Jttno V 0-2
DY vihwof E~rY.*t~ a tJ%i I
r see I(g wlll 7'6etFl.
I etiaiwped the iset-tEuda tin
ILe pro Whb bl8ie#to rik, , .idfllth.
404 ,7 . &an n(&Panother) anlt
Mhne n. .024LNVER
e M8 - u4Wh 8 ..dD

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