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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, June 14, 1866, Image 2

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801 Agedfe r it h e
Having reyoived our now tyyesO
e xpect~ to issue the ir.t num . o; the.
IIERALD onl eVdnesdayu ncu . e
will end out i great, nm r I th i
first iAdeN terugh th varian pir
tionsof the District. it will be to the
i'terest of' aivert tier:,- to an il clmii
selves of the oplpor*iIIt IiNty ltl aimti-6.1
to the public wit ltey h:ve and
where t hey can ibe fmind.
All such not.vc4 should Ile Iml",
in as early as prctie:thle, Iy Sat .
miorninig, if po~ssile.
Editorinl Ilittling.s.
"1Tie garmen is a heii l % l0nIle I
of* agricultural lifi vl writl,I ill l.w-)tVV
lf there is pe-niry inllp-,w,, a .
Icets and tomiatoevs, %.We u.tteptr 1Ic, 46
filitiolnantd call lor at least ono eilliN
of t.he revised cditin i f . -h h li
S A :A
t M yis 6 l n othinl., ii l it 'li'. 1i
isloly welt) e.
It oughti to br mi!l .. l e
this w%ay 11w-l, for-I il - all ,e.etd
-r"the Pr'n I.;. tU erill %Vo n! r1I
Iigh t gowin mi i lit co a- . ",-, 2it
it recent Itall in I ri-.'
W1ell, ta a o h i ;n
thatt na*hit errini-ty app4rti.1 qn H'
Tie 'olowing i. 11- i b i F i
a biography aw was ever writteit : -A
felon escaptd from a cuctuiv , :id
e1ed from a N ew .lrsev trtitn iii,
L"Winity last weck."
('of. lellnsler I.s. Gll . Ishermall.
We knew ontce : goo,l 41 ! , w ho
When asked byN i.,ati.i i
"what he was doil", V.' >od,
and see.*1
A r,- tile pulili wt ill
ba in regard to tlie hurni-e (.1, t tat
city, we saw a (li.g I hi
rolunds ot th ' i t rh:- -
u port ien ei tT. e roll ;-s iuuie
Col. McM ia on that Oee: n.
As-we then belit,eed that he w:; i
understood, or unfiirly reported. \v
declined to notile aid t rnl.b.
The letter below whiih we i r
the Patrit shows til i. cu.r cone -.
was true.
In the repor, ot o te nie 'til ( -
red to inl tie subjonlir tttr i-h
appears in the .fp.', T...-f
the 9th inst., ilth (olon - iGO rpre~lt
ed as Sayitg that he "eid n d Ihe.
manl at grea! .:oldicIr i'.d anll! r
the couutr'y," and .1 it \ i t
G rant, whoi, ,u11er : 'i " .1 . ;.-II
odin one tht coutry." it
were rortedoi. H;wren ibi- b-.r
andl the re-pilt tIloro i a a suirt.i'
ig the righit toi eet, dlo.- - wih
Mit. kiewron : Int hii itme . t ho
1 9th inlsftant, yo(ur a otmi-ents i n a re
port (so-called) of pr(eOeiingtZ. of ei
public imeeting, at Columbia, iiormmi
nicated to thei New York Wiorld, were
brought, to :ny att.entiont b)y a f~-rind.
You naturtilly mianifest. : rpris" at
certain e.xpressionis aittribut eil to tie..
With your knowledge of the gonv.r
91, persistent and diabolical p"rver
siori of Southaerni :lentiment, vont m igtt
have known it wpis a baise eat bonnyii ,
when you read, in ai Noth.'rn pp'r,
that a coiitone l lof i the ionfl'mri:t,
armyi, whoi cons.ecrated Iihi- .swori' in the
noblest caitm that freemn.- r-vrt fought
fr-- the causec of George~ Wa,hingt;on
and Rlobett Lee--uttered one0 sen ti
menit af regardi for the generaI of~ the
ninecteenath centuryw, whoe only pa ral-.
helin history is illustrated .byv a cer..
iain other generail, described in Gib
lon's D)echfne and Fall1, who, inI A. ID.
410, gave the EFternaul Cir.y u,p to th
pillage olf hiis soldIierse, with this'
p raisewvorthy re.-trictioni: "Sa.ve the
hQfOnrafth wvomein,iiaid>ttbild ini a
d ce s,tad to religion," .(butt wht
4aric sp3red, Sheman d id. not pro
tect as wvomen were iinsulte .,and
% i~ere burn:ed. ffred
90Nprenmble ofre by
updzeniumonhc. grouund thnt- the. nor.
d -it I,
a Nd it I.: ;f lihlt - 0,0
raice irvuho id t'iuge to the
tn . : - V O 'l* l lIl ', i N it .
Iyii nocgin4tr' nightda 20,000 rwo
m fn I n Ii I ghtee, Irth t I f o hr
kn Soli"ry, gadtorodfroin ahll nat-lot
tril leis, iti drc $ anm d to Iu I It ON a ftr (I ht
hec'ilt' sill w" V Epwewd inl all its de
hIuty , ti).I(-*nv.ldwil the ;4 WN i'h Woul li,
br:;IIIdv4 w%,ith Ilhe illfiIN,y M do e
amd 1o'hing illeit(ti,'6os wlould cai l
lii nevIa I-,&.
In advociti'1E i611 Ad imhpartial
invi 1i t intV !'f tlloir t. ed thle
rvinark 4i k " IW't(;ver wh tnyi a thinkll o)f'
Sltmhema,-& qtood high ini the Inil,
Of t h the t r of I?, coultry.'' o e I *
the a nth h:VP 1. , '0tiry - int ile
\.Iat 6.1bil thait,i hl a gev er I-n l o
"4hw inl onlinrlY :iTid - rohier" P4 ll
hE ti (Io :mn ost r
i i n rho il -vort, (So-cAlifel'a - i,4.t1w
.111 (-11111 II v iiit iolw to vimldii o
IlIl :tmpl hOi n t. 1 wlit m h Irl i ( i
- i '- il "dI'. T e --r-ent It nn -rii v
of th e m inii a kdid I.,t consid e .
nudivilliol orconivir-:ion ofeth .>r.
ty -1 ,!itim , u1bjoet of' i.bat.
Th bil"il.ri of' 1111niptoll, tIII). iIv dur.
il" Ii h w-Ir bi t durini h lii whof li.t'
i.4 rrt 'r om reproa.h . hiI-m oe c .
11u 4S ,I : nohh, i n, h I is pric .b
m it i -nI ti -I.' ' lE
(er h61 L to titivo1 i of 11..,
e f in. i VIE hl I f 6 rv his knil ht-..
loro oq f tho fifl II generl.,E i
'111101 yi , eni II II lmd
d l I!t N LI'illvl A w h imli , millO f1 .1,4gng te~.
C vh er Ki \trl of :ii\ rii-t - .
Iii' ~':l'E II ig al'nu h e FAIltil i.
wr-el o Pr tif f e-hii d th ili eonth
i I I Inu 1 nit gf,h 0 - 1ntln lof th '
N rIIIIh hit i' <b1ily hohil',ll h, -IIuI( euom -
"tri 'ils I. r.o ro - et th:m1 s"1114 Ill ti,
'.ibn'ow ,'' invi ir who lie r!fli im t1
i r1 Eit i 1 1 mXf : v e;a n iti t In
i.c l'oil d t e."o. :il lvflv,.elemi
ie.11118 '1, 1li 'o;- Tho I rbpot d Ai r1d
\l m ,J . --The joint rest-1111.
-iont ni. amner4ded in fte Sennwo. -%nio m-vt
. k to the 1 i.se for onm urrtiec t te I thei
illl inient 1 ni ed So s J-.1111 : y
a ". '1 .1 - 1.-11 pi rsIon s he n111tv%
tRda.l l in h qll.; ned hu i'lh. r h
i n i 'l te0 or lit w, o i 1 i)
]i'L '' ( iiE o (I lii (W ilnii ti ' i h e m O.Itn
ernil Withlinl .1 1riSd itio the equ la pr
X ki i.e e aen ativ ;11:1ii es hall bo il
lilt'a im\cya 81;let;
'1te h'n nl~ the~ Duveal'Statei accordaig
ii ti.hr a livo ninhomrs, fountig ine
it hol i.nher wi r ea h talf.
.''gild dians " 3Of tad. , u he.i n er
- 11m \':ever , and i n'll y
e:,e'-t :ives It ;ngres 4, 'xceih
OF a Itid I r , ittile 1 te tienie'so
h I . A 1r Iller-of, s denie(1 tiny, t'
..'m -e i,.iriiants of 'ich- State, b tI:n
I v.li!:n-, erl Inl anIY n13Y a ru n .e
- pal-6cirpilang tit rebellion or' Cie
r-1.'. thhi i., Af rNMeS0namion thereInl
Ile wuimb1erI of Flvh mmne -it.irtnlhll hear
ulie 1110umb r t ? a le ttize!Is I%Vw,U
Stt,o tlay sta,wh o hvigp -
,3n., jr asVI 0a1 membe It Ih oeila r,
t di gir I itudy at scooi
s We 11 een, they are capable of
ahievi,I llplte success in all the
lepartll of art, science, nnd liter
atire ; a( erhaps no better courso
of s-ildy ihem can be adopted tian
that whidt coonIl to m.al0 Col
legA, it me slight modieivations.
spvcia it tion to Frenci, Bottny
ad 1'oll trvsi might be substituted
for tfe t t abstruse ecs in
3atim lm , detimcting nothing from
extn of ilm ur con(sidelr d a a
Vho:)le. WOuld, of course, advo
entt, lusi -oth inl.strliitol nld vo
el, drawi :id painting", and Pill
The ;t ai il i our female collvges
is toO how, Ithouvh, perhaps, it is a.1
hi,I as it I e ill the presvit stIte
of' 1ub1io >pinion. There (re too
priiv evil the youlng ladies eiter
wvithoutl , 'icit preparationl, widl
they gr:IdI e at too early an11 ago.
TIhe gain u ul be very great if they
cIIohl be li nght ito t hoe institution
at sixteen, ;ithl. such preparation as
ma1 it, colo re1 ire for mat riculation,
and graid:1 -d a t twenty. Bult we
muitist h c:, l1 how we Suly inec such
antiluated iews. This is a /cst age ;
the "arel of miind" is rapid, and
Imalny con.si Ar th( teirm yoU1g a tlis
no 1w1 hO aVIlelipplie tod ( ol who is out
of her ton. ! All who triink, howov
er, kullw it o be a t1ct that the min4
does not Its ally mre.h it.4 full matuiri
t,y initil aft r that period..
- It will 1 "een that we advocntc a
tholrough- ni d comprehenisive educai
tioni forgirl:, Id that we havye n o
IY11pa1thy vithi thait theory which
wotild give to the boyssiuperior adva
tages. W alk f11or the VOTII! ladiC
the higlhcsl dlcgrc of p'lito accolifish
iew's ; b1ut. we take the grouiid that
rIlorzalce Oiluot bo adorIted. A soft
,vhii!c h,vrd subitllnves m1ay be. fil( d. na
1Urni h I th y :
Vou 'a a wiell drvies.ed voilg
radv to a/'.Iente/e boardig schoo!
o 1:e I..r fm ,i Iathema:i.s aa all
:'ard , ie ; give her .IHei1ii.1
km;.w1di of rilet.orie, It is ory,a d . e C
o! thoe lin. ; a1.11 ; lt Ie* mI gl. fL ee
ly with the :aind pl4a3sur1,e-seeking
people arm r, and thlon d i rit.,, her
home11 to thi ) beneath01 her Latlillve
Akio-4. Biut i- hie educiltedl i--accom
ph ished ?--pr tred for the storn real
ities of lift ? It 11(it a pf r nt to
all :en1libl 10 he that her lear11ig
and refiicinemvit rel the Imerest tincl
or, Imlight we I ra4her &y--the go.
and vaant ritn ?
Thlere i - uphi *' aout stucessfuli
studyol that my I called fashionable.
"A f'a.shional harding school"' is aL
mere shamln-. olusion---au cheat
and i~n. /itq t it "leads to bewil
der and udIaz/4 lind(1." A indl
tilled up with1' ghts of dress, visi..
tors, plecasutr(-i p next party, ball,
or exhiblitin4.. WIn it n1o home for
arithmetic, Iro omy, criticisni, etc.
Tfhese unwei guets come in as
intruders, a4ny ffrontly entertain
ed, and are nii cd at tho earliedt
momlient posDe.
lRoardiing'ho Is are' nleessa ry.
The facilit.iqr thorough aind fin
shed .eduoasJ 0 J)ilQ be 4florded l
by ordiarymitryj or.villa oschools.
'rhe yonndjly skotild fihd1herself
aA howm in tInsitiftlt6o ; l ep d ieck'
s'mu1)ld he gestie eifgrt-soihit'
e'ijoymen1.ti1th app lan4onof tasto
a'tl retiniem These will-promnote
Wbiile, .the ', ils'AhoIht1"li a!.' '
})owed to h g Gj1io.g.*
ing theo se rm thoy shioubl lane.
ltr-rfrr AT Jthudl's vif yt'iu. .
"Ti"Wil N' W"td miist be
reasog r es u y. ,Let lp School
VOure.3 i e a0d ap there
t trat 1I b or in
MoMg. 19 Is ta contailo
with y, , All
reading. G i vv us the vigorous, Iixii
ri;ult plant deeply rooled in i1fIr't iile
s 1oil and the flower, with it. exqii-site
colors and dolightful fragrance, will
come oi Isef. Draw out-strengtlen
-discipline-the minds of our young
ladio, and the polish will eoiio spon
taneoutly. Who im it that is prepared
for thee lihents? The tupcr
ficial, h.alf-educattel inatterer;or shec
who hos :a well-trained intellect 1
Who will make the greater progros
in history, poetry, and nll that is ori
menaLd ? In other words, will the
stropge' o1r the wracr one progross
miore sucessfuilly ?
Elegant lcetmplishmients are the
off-spring of a. thorough olin complote
edueationl. S.
PxLrai-t. froi a litter %%;,Mvn by W il.
iam G. ITai11pht of New Yorik
Everv stiio t, of' Irish history will
rec-d1eel that, a chieftain existv-d i~n ]r
land, just. anterior t) thw Christi:ui ra,
Wi:lied Vionl NCiiul. Thiispr.na
was C1nanidant, of the Fteonian I'rin- or
Iish. Imllitsa at. : period when [Ireland
wa.s a niation, akid her1 poop!c plrotecte d
themselves agitist the encro:-hiueits of
al, invaders.
As ths. prese-nt organiZaLion is iiMl
Utvtd far. thusimne purTOs!, ali.ur tho
foreign robber shall iave been expell,i
Ihe 11rn11o oif Felianl wa:is ndoptedi, for th<
branch l' fiom broi.jerlood in .ic U7nite1
Stae s.
IA ni.:i.:ss' Ust4: oF ra:.T)--oVi:t,
Tilm.1-Milm)I11:1) Pr'.:mi Pinsoft:n
-Overt,bre1 hundred personshavu beer
poisonied, of whom I inmor havo flitid,
in Orang comtiy, New York, ly ii,mg
flour and Imtal oontai ning hI-all. It. ap.
pears that Iad being used by a miller to
ill clivibies worn in 1 thimMill ioes, it
was dist,ribitged 11hrougli tile meal tiil
f1(lr dispenied t& the ctmn(ieri of the
nil!. In this form t lal wis harm
less, .Iv. wheni forment.ed 1111d baked ill
bread it, was tantsformd ito carbonate
Rays of thilOfiCor 1ha1 erved eighit
Y.'111I n hLe 1 'l'ie States nily.
Ned, it I l ,-lrilemmbred, wn4 Ihi(
officer who eapteirrled 11he guerr1 Jioni
.2"".and he Is 'iht r
in I n' p S (1-i l i 'h o r- - i g
to forgnm by oo m ;rni h sy mpti.s. -
w l the ;1*. -t wi 1 . .tld it it nOW
I i d lila in,;e. d n' 1 Hrit h aut.hor;
IiOA of, C .1,i11i. W I*t. 1lit 1n11xionl y
for fiurther informnalion r o. -
hore is some1hing e.Xqu. i h
I)kee reply to the- Eutropean Itive
1r i-n he azkdii him 'lthiethr he hid
QA VNPSNu 4 Ikhe \\*al, I)>w yol
wvi 1j;d? 2Iui i I' A, I gt1(t4
- dogui i rv kppt, at i r ar . .
tiit 'icmlI, og atre bituen1 by thom in h
kii ' han cont)hstanht 41uppJly of' mili
ilg , d~ier to iLWdy this~ straItgui diii
N T~ ** 't.''hioi1
mtentlonued ini th Ne lCtnrm ari
fewv in nnhuier, -wh )fmc lstament are.
almost, withot 0 ofemnh sterest, and
with t he impn~resi. -2 iIg or h00en ie
parablest useOd by 4;irsyt or bet1tamiful
hisi teach1inig. 'Theg riti mOl dIustrating
hud ilvetr were P'cppr.he el my1
dthoughi soime of th bv.~e pi.Roman;te 1
ty cities iln P'haicia \m wehrea coied
rass were Roman, *n d .Sna he
yt oi rge.
A't.houg~h.tly thtlorit widely(ierL
ni their estirhates of vahn v iie
ables presenrt a~ very clo ~aowg
ton to the' .wOrth in or- approx ima- il
ltinc(ipid c'rt anhd 'reptn vofth
oms4, culilig inl BIJib i~ s
ht-ke (,Ifvbrt). - 0
)rachu'(ivor .
kekA(half s ~eI8 t,ni
mein I . h go
8 r c)coh t * .12 and
fite....... ....., -
pr hin
1( atii.
AdditJoAnI F0Ign N
46w YwtxJunc 1Q,--,4he st iers Ae
mania. Alailta, lenmark and Eden rg, with
diates to tile ;itli tilt., have arrav
The government was beaten i parlia
uent on a motion looking to the p entioii
ol' bribery and corruption at electio
Tihe Conisolidation Pank of Lotft his
sIpIel l:y'ItC. All tie powers h1 e aC
cepted inivitations to the Couereice hich
was to meet, at. Paris at un early day.
IT tIeligerant4 were still preparin for
tho coutliet, notwithstanding this penoful
augnry Italian voltiuteers wore rnobiling
'Ilhe Ausitrittn army now nti>uber., 600,010'
men,. with numerous pieces of artillery unl
seige gius ready.
The Prissitint are conoentrating at Gaiz
The second conscription at Vienna had'
caused gi-eat ditcentent. The army coin
menced miiaretbhing towards Vionna on the
2Ith of Ainy.
It-ly has engiaged not to attack during
tl setting of the conference. but is rebuild
ing- ad si rongthening oer forts to r'sist new
atl i mproved artillery.
Another Military Commission.
WAsIINGTON, June1C 11.-A special order
to convene a military commission at Raleigh
oni tie li7th inst., for trial of the offlicers of
the freednen 's bureau, who were arrested
at tle intance of Gens. Steedman and Ful
ler:on, has been issued by the war .deparl
monl. . The delinquents are Oen. Whittle
sey. Majors WVickersham, Mann and Seely
and Olipts. tosenorans and Otavis.
On. Turner is the presiding officer.
T'e enlistime,ts for the regular army aro
statel at three thousand per month
Destructive Fire.
Pill I.TnVLr.lA, June 9.-A destructive
tirt'e occrred this morning on 25th and Cal.
tobill streets, on the Rehuylkill, destroying
Davits' water-mills and other establish
ments. The loss is estimated at $200,000.
Tie Keystone Mills were saved.
New York Ilems-The Markets.
N.w YoiK, June 11.-Foreign mails by
all late-trrivals ire, left Sunday evening
for tihe South
f!ot ton 1 @4)2 cents higher, with good de
mandi at 49 to 60. Gold 38}. 8terling 91;
sight 11.
.ioi'>lk Vinqilrgmtm, in stnnonein; the visit
of these gentlemen to Ex-President Dtavi.,
thlltr desvriteA them:
Th;eso two distinguished lawyers, both, of
Ilem New Yorkers. have acquired an envia
le repitation at the bar during years of
pirtinI', lnriwull kIowi to all metro.
politan. O'Conner, it Bill be remnembere,t
was .irs. Forrest's lawyer during. the pl-o
grAi of that famous Aivorce ease in New
York city, and as figuring in the varioul
nriminal and other cases occuring of late and
in former years. IfHe is a n
aboutsixly, sparely built, neatlyppreney
in black clothes. and altogether' devoid
pretentin to olthward appsarances. His
I:tir i very gray. anti also his whiskers and
If-ird, which lie wparscleltrm d
i s silk hat thrnAt cArelesly back on
his head, 1 n1d A clear piesciii y,h ak
ed carelessly bakward an for a e walk
mr 9,ay m 1rniuf in front of tie hotel. always
t,inking. slut in and apparently some
1lat.ahsent-m nded. A utile incident if
lustrative of this occurred this morni
After eating breaket i stepped tp to the
cerk,'and inquiring the. amount fe the
sanme, was infrormned that it- as '~nts
Quietly taking a two dollar.,bilt f'orn his
pocket 1)0 gave it to the cleric sad walked
nui toWisrds the Fort with ishdrj don
hisi hands behind him, perfootly foip
if' the change du*shitn, -ti
Shea is a mueh'* younger tn 85
rears or age, and hs. decidedlyite~ p~ ~
tearanee. Rather good lo00%t -V~J~ t
sigh an albuudaoce oA wu tht
inged with firay, and posead ~k
like, it is sali with Jam s
inking loniglrhetoWeal sp~e hes dqim
me. while brothe soeins mela
ndtnagigt ntfpint~
obs, ad!of law. 7s
TJt)teN be ov figlitch Valu' 4ants
'eKbfh stant.' '
1hair ee6;ple tyoi nv n# t h*'was
ix ions tow fite an SI6phant4| jiles
nehwmsing ov us hg~ hVr' ip u0k
m i 'uncnxt day,' ad tbh *ant
etrng ord uge tely us tha A *4 itaf
tow a doed mft~
Plit'ck iz a rnWn,al Wh'tue, at)d rm&y be
de iahlinm onde, IL ia onu htuff
r hatv ue no th6 t*f*t ei
f'QIh use jtost'r nd4ruts 4
rhrde~ ? Plek flNut' U~o
hinig but"tvhttf ri thud Alayv
a to &o iImtt thiM. pu.le b.... lt

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