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The tri-weekly news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1876, June 23, 1866, Image 2

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Ji ij dI & i Ii. , be eitforVd at iaiy. cist.
'-W ill y 11n k,10pel !w..- lie rid. -io .14,1 11he
f rh -r . i IIIi IinI y o r pe rson,ital i i ,oiece to thIe
not si y us yotir being ironledy"
-1 an a prisnuer ol war," fieivly ro.
torted D:tvis ; :-1 havi een a Soldier in, 1he
orties of Ainidiieil, f6it know)V how 1.o die.
()ly kill ite. anti niy' last broath shill be a
blu<sing on your hetd. Bit.l wiailo- I have
life antl t;treugLh tio. roiat,.for .mi'el tutil
fe' iIi people). this thilg shal itil bel done."
ll0reupot Captiin Titilow called ill a sei
gett ani file of solileriin'om 1h1d iext
1*oom1, lilltiho mrgeant advankled to selzei
Jlepris.uqr. Ariiv ly Mr. Davis flew
oi him, plIzed his,mikat and atnIpg< ;,o
Wrgi' i,f,o'.Hiig
OI coikr4e pt441 ip eo v i
one1 15ssuo. hfere waIs aI ibtili, gi.ssionh
aFi. Tu a mo*ton I Thi v1i'W11iii'g n1i
'his bett aid beforwhisotr. powerful itaseai
late rdimved their hands front . lki%- (hd
blackemiiti and .hil assiatatit had done- theiv
-work --one sootring i he rivet on th0 right
uhklce, *lIc thu otlher t1urned the key. orl
the padlook on the left. . 1'. , . .
This dorle, Mr. Davis lay Tor a moment as
if in a s1ipor. Then Elowly rui-iog-bhimstIl
and iriting rotund, lie dropped lis shacl.o
feet to the flor. :The hiatah Clank -or*
strikinl-g claiii sceitis first zo have recalletl
hia to his siituation, Itnl propping his 1u1e
it4to his hand,l, lie -urst into a 'p:.it4ioinf
flool ot' sobbinh, ro kinig if -:iid Irk, inl
Izutitring t,brivrt jntvr%al6, -li, the
a4auie, 1lttit.hamle !t
'If*may leri be 0taaA thoug;j out il'..iig
d rjer-Ilitt we iay ge. it in liasto' e
e4 le:aitnt bijeel -lit M Ir. vi
som lt0v o inlol1i nt I , When:1 fieilienl vifits
lialle him Iimitore Ire o eu ere. gav
lmte a 60anti explanai01 of the last featu
ol' thil iicideto.
ilk! hatd been :, ettking ot' stitle, and dle
noninlg it H: :ho*orst fol-11 of' cowardlivo
kind foliy. -'L4i. i c-n t liko.n, collifiissionl
that we cii resigi witen dh-igusted with tihe
iorvico. Taikinig it by yone own uil is i
Co1l1i iio i (t' li .j1111i ellt. to till that your
worst celies ennll allego. it luis ol-til
l lasi r t.iro m t a1 1 Milolilig a 1g ietly lvr
ieuall-igili Wtrtire ; .but, th tak il, I never
sough W ownl dviti Iilt olv, alild lhen
V m rpletely lienzie'l and lot, m.ster of
muly netions. Mwihe a tte C11Ia) itoll ]ild
lint dlay, as.a last resomcre i uni'liprat ion,
I pcizoA a soldier's iniskot imil att.eitlped to
wilell-h it froim his grasip. hopitg IItt in %,i
setillt and surpkriso sollic tioe of his couni.
raidos -would slot ot i.: vtauet me."
Gm:nu. L6::.-ALtt(er fromn tx,
ington. Virginia, to Lite BAtinAort i Sun
says 6'Generd Lee is in all rospect.s..
real. activel worldtg and tiho-st. cllcient
Prc!iilnt. Bosill's attendling 'to the
general intere.,ts ind administrations pf
tle insztiti ioa, he viiits, Iroam titmlij to
timiv, the diier,nlecture roois, attends
recitaition, and receives weekl1'y reports
of the stanUIlding and progr..s of "all, thI
iaMv' niela linlormed, yjv good' n''inhoril.y,
tbat lie Geieral kpeps snch ciisutant ualti
AltI ntive slIpervisionl ov the n6irs o
tLo colloe. 'that, ht- i., alwayv 'an1fi,
With ti.e rvlativt te sta1nling it' Iis a
hel.1 Iy each of I !i )Ite huitindred atd fiId
St idets nojv il attenidinco.
TIhese stilnits are from Mf+Itatidd
Nirginia, Keniticky, TenniWSSeN , NortlI
Ca11otin, Soith Carolino,(,jeor. tia Lda,.
alia. Alabama, MiSSi-Sippji, P(t8a .1nd
Ohio. Thoy nppear very -getma id -
in their doportmintiit, and atre rvpreAnt,e*d
to be reniarkaly hsi,d j(nIolsill their .tit.
In bi"% letter of last A igiast, ncceptin,g
Ivn prendcy, Geneal Ib'e a.ed the
ilow in hitrll nge "I thiank it, tho 1li11%
lf' vr iti, itIii th 'pre-.fut Miad
Io) of 61hle conitr, to do 111 it .pMS pi%.
tir I.o ai"I ia I lie rtt,t sf pctc upd
Til let,tvr was ext ensinlly puibli.4sh-d,
ta its p tri'otic St' in - (t. l naLtnttlIj
f'roim such at so)urcot Ihad a veot- saulut ry
a*aai L eo' pesoal exalitnpih. itn devotling
haaslf iin his pr'tuent wmitk of impur
'inneh:l to it:reaiso the~ pruoig to-, 4f
et'.s of ihie se'ntiaienl tsion.ttird in litis
It.i'. \\toau l int lie for inn~a lot
herepublir if thtose shia setimnttt, tat
fauvor of II he "re'stor:rtiinaf til lncetu tail
miityriiy of thii prI entvdi
Itow A Striti usit LitY I I~,I
IANA.--AWe had te privih-ge of
piernsing a letter faom- a tady, uad~ 'a real
genni le symtpat htiker. from Lfjfav6ttd
Indit. lin rettuin g tho.t int ny inaaigtai.
tlais ahe h4e.Jmud to E'tdorae, shi' sava for
thine impjle-nect if' wear,ingi ia buatirnut
ym islar wias assa.iled~ from thle hptalpit anda
thtre'at ed~( khu i ' slit mais ia; a steni
poult 'a comtilt b;o oiyountg ladieg 1o (tar
it oif of'herqt ijke~ a tiue. Southerer,
ais sha is, site was rrot to bie Iterified by
a butlly ig p)Iacher, but aippl!ar ni asisuaI
ati he(r clitnrch with tI fL oiims pin nag'~
heor btosomta, wheropunlii this pkfi:ccIr 'I
meekneises atnd tminiuter inl holy thtiings.
did appoint said comitaitee, but for.sorme
reafsn thet. pin was not displaced. H-ow.
over, shte tann.tediately' racti ted a' ntot
farom alto sI)p'er i Ita ndenltaof , hter Stibba th -
school, re'quest ing her to.retiroe te'la.
7rfo adsho, o h esno
Satturdaly IIornlIItq ffie6
7 T T. P. SJ th
solo agent for t pipor.in Arlostl
S. C.
. %rW Ivelcoue "Petite" to our
colunn10op 1tho I ee illS
magi:er soIfc,e w ilIl.cor et
ou per.
For [email protected]_,
Ladd & Bro.s. call be8en worns
hTc~iig:initTfv - d iia T i!
Iorse ui b1 )0pt at long time in rin
wa r :.,domi and seithien
> -:The.'Ma1In Fatt
The;Clincinati Con mercial, in rp
erriig, to. the pulitical situation 4
"The maiii, fa'Ceiicn.be stated iia
short sante'ide. Geti.0rant is to be
lhe i#, President, of the United
a T-s. rb In ashingtoh .i;
agreel upoin that."1
'. whihlve add. that if . he be, h
will f-drevorldogtr6y his falno GRANM
enmot. mile a ptesident, ie ean a die
Cilhoun ofi Nuionality Again.
An osteemed corres-pond4ntsendsu
an extract from CA LHOUN' works, prc
faced by a note, both of whih will bi
found in another wglumn.
Our friond hus evidently misappre
hended the fendcleici of out first ar
.tjile under' ti oabov4 taptiop. 'W
Iever .1s?cj6A, ti- A I uouN 'had'
1!.Wtielo 14 vonobdation ii his poli
ties,. We know ho was fai from 'it
h'le issue we iindo with'the writer o
the ilcidilt. ill CI,Oul's life il
wIielI that miktiigpislied stateqma'n i
itAado t' speak, was upon the fiot tha
''WASIINTON" 1111d the "foundord
both us'ed the word "national" nnm
beispf tinics. We wero defendink
C.LIIOUN froin i iilplied . lugp ol
ignorance of history. Thd Ivritet al
ludod to makes CALuOUN-say, Y6Wo:aft
not a nation, and wbord wai never Aear
but.hat,tte word "nation" had beer
heard of scorc-tf tinyes befolc thiq "re
een 34a'rs i e -1 -
As 'for oitr "cog4o eio,
to the "pVolitalI degl;adiktiqnIof th<
81014 We 'canl, only point with the-fin
oer of Silencetd pns'sig eves*.
(olt TurNEiiva.)j
Calh0*n1i oi INat'ona1t.
Mr. 'ITO''s;ne. n, ' i'Ilomed w Wtl
tlis I scpd you ani, pxtraot fron Mr
CAlhionn' workis whiiovIreq,nest you
p,nbUh ,Kecanxi9t, e toocyf
ill tll! failirs of tie United Statc.)
%vhm -by thgir ihd.icriiijmtft use the
ltorIJweM may ht t1oduced -that 'vc
Imeall coslhation which is -synony.
umous wiath the political dldgradationi of
it hi.i 'whiolo tifo wias onei continuoii
< tOrt a4gi mghf'e eh,tixol iant.ive tenden
cius oft thme federal govermencmt.
,.iy':it'yernpf government.e,
eO3iipounided af&the separate govern.
i10tsI of the , ( fs 5,afio
orminomit oif all its hiembers, called the
#V9me0 qf tNh "Un'ited1 '. States.
It'hlo former prCe~(dtdtiho.latter whiehi
Was eveted'bf thpi~~ ttgehey. Each
was framned by tIhe written .constitn
Ihh th~idose of th sI ievergi ,Stattes gy
the.peopule pt oneh, not,ing. suparatoJy,
thait of'"thc'Unitd'Statess bylhe
stono, neing in 'the ane ehdrabtei4,-.
hp joiptly, insteMil of gemed "
The UGovrnmenmt of 'the 'NJited
of.the UTnited&tateg r.. ones Ou is Ia
d<hinnrpt It,,ferkdl'refutblic." r* *'
It is federal -Uavmoll as, demuoerati.
feea,hi d'oistrtdilst'inetieoft f'2:dttluk
-4 it is federal lecause t' 'i o
*oernment of the Stated United "h a
political. uiont,;in. V9Iddftlistnl t o
't fgoveimanent r'rf' in ivirhenis u4.in1ly
ed, -'social 'coiipait?' r express~it T
more' onci- 't'is federal and not
Uation14,' ai e it is the governien Z
otA cornpuiuitf6f States, and not tl
g<grn 1t ofa single State or na
t rt ghat Ifla federal and not ia'
tional, we have the 'A . authority I
of the conveition framed it,
oeneral Washin~lon, I orai n
tt. sur g the%
Cotfolde4ation Con o the e
4hen -Oonfedersoyr -, le---in- one
plI6"y(hMb< genqral' )go*prngg4 M
the Union ;"-and in anothor,-''the
federal government of these States." t
It is thus cl4'? "hati t.o
coivention regarded the dif'ornt. p
pressiots...."the . federal governmont
of the Urited States,"-4the gneral
go.vornMxnt o'fthUio -nd
gov9rnpIent <f thq Uoitedtates,
as meaning the salnethiugy--a federal
in contradistinction to a . national.govI
erdnent." CAM.ON'S WOhKs.
RC;Aatkable Spetth 1Ir thia-ouie Ot Rep.
ut these are not all the difficultks
interposed; soni fAr an alnost, indefi
nitq postponelient, nrging with zeal
that the South is too ignorant, too Un
civilized tW be trusted with any share in
this Republican Goverinent. Norjh
e'n eiucation' and civiization must and
shoidd be more extensive.1y apread
ati, g them before their admnision to
representa,ion will Cease to be danger
ous, The"honorable oimpber fr 'ini 't
nesota' (M utInelly) WKthe o lead In
thert. po tion. In 4spedeh' deliveadi
the eclared, "1 great
bulk of the people of the South are
rtae, illiterna, semi-civifred. '1ielr
condition in this -epcet would bo shai6- .
lul'to any'semi civilized peopd, a 1is
such as to render a Repubian 4Gverg
nh'fnt, re:'tinig on .the inAelbgtvin~i.ud~
Ilp4t ot the people, an n
Pht, let us criticise somewhat further this
IhaRfaseeism, this ciimed iqd boasted.
r supiiority of the North ove the South
h "nlligitennctt and C ritIanity.
I'Aducation is certainly, wi4ely dIusi i
bivei the N#rh. fier pdople arte great. i
bnteI fli b6t thyo tr
Lhea aisi, even ufti a nlinete eni~Ol
eelidined and Ch'ristan orth is ent
tied to aedit or h t
hltrinw Spiri,iudim Freloveisin,
tift ty shou0 spetbyn ls
ra,husett:) Strongi)) inil dimnn,
hiaMe all sprung .an spread ove list
hiily-Civilized eun Cihristian pegion.
LCe poo ign6nt Onedupted fosht
was nIIe-apable of,pro n mg such evi.
dece i advanceinent, s id progris.
iBpt let us continue tie epntrast a lit,le
Booth, the in .wasit-caug1it,
hkt. ravely shO v apart ot soldiers.
as broughtt thi city depa,
orde that the xeward for aii arres.
migIt. be secured by proving Ills identi
ty. After that his entrails were torn
out and thrown tb the hIdjV; his head
3dorns'some phronologipal mysem.; i1
heait preserved.in spirits; his spid
column can be seen, which will dusplay
to the learned how much lie must, hav.
sulfThred by the necar approach of the
bullet to the spi.al mafrtuw ; thu balance
of lis remaims are d.eposited, God and
our Northiern Seereiry of Waur onily '
know where. WVe know they were Trot
haiided over to his pioot, heart-broken ji
mother, so thayshe might exclaim over il
is grave in a burgt of egonv, "WVonld t
God I had.4ie4fofr th'ee !, ;Qh, A bsaIona hi
my son, myrson.".
. Mary 8Wriatt * s'cbnvict d. of corirs'e. g
She wvAs tried'Iiy ' cduvt-martial. Her 'i
i'rrirnediatp exebh1tion wfts"ordered. She d
entreated for fohr daysif6 enaible ber to ti
o'vercomne the shock' 'and th'e better t6 A
prepare her sonl to'rieet her God. Not 'e
an hour, thundered'%foith thie voice tro -h
:the War Ihr.attnwnri, oni witir -the gal.
dtalte lr'Ab iithiejorave e pia o
tpeniarint sinneir.: Agepts of tmerry 6
'Aotighit the ear ilf hlighgr rihthority, and fc
#*dhebly a muoio -tunte~fidl shirt,-. buit h
Prest.on Kind was janitor ttt' kIky and P
'the7 were. eedd Me i.Prt.uon a~
KJjtng? Echo anIswrs-where? She W
was thus ,ejecstef" 'ee'dit;. ari not. 1
'witlistan'd(ng aupiciu6 bad t'eeu made y
m behalfof her h'err.'roken daughtdir st
e i,d'l "hi a' daughI . fgts hA
delivor r.l bardy of r.e..s to -r.:p1i g
Is thi 4 irpel, of Northern eivili.
Ltion at Wris n1hy? These things
er . o by rtoern mien without
uca the great North-.
n hl tened, 'Y ed and Christianu
e 11 'n ot one word have
re or heard Fm your Phillips, your
eec hrs, your Cheevers, your Greeleys,
,onon,',rebukQ of th.euo i198s denor
I cin s; ank. as : the ' -tpon
verythttg widbhK thy thilknicious,.
ay.4 4),by...410. jUk,tji4apprqYq_.qf
tv trWactions as coIAi11,9 in ghe wayi
Ihistian adva'ncement laid prhgross.
Lot usaow .loak at a.. Sou.hern pie
,rc. John Brown was arrqsted for a
ry4 lindrfd to tht oto13ot). jo
? ig the niq-tfr I' manner tried,
eij r1wgd every hc'y for.d4ne.,
o sPtC'Al.Ys Iata bel I). urg.'d to pre.
ei.it the 1ryices o any advr ste. He
asgyan; tv dted to be
ng. llo'twenb. avny,t?on and cxC
nti9n pinple time as given him for
Ike3 tleiint ot his worldly iffairs and
r thre pietarat'on o6his soul for eter
ity. Aftqr exocutioe his remains were
Inced in a decent coftimn and thi hand
d o'ver to his friefias that they tiight.
>bserve such obsequies, as they ,Dight
11lik becoiing. TIna.1 took place amaong
hat "rude, : illiterate, semi-civilized"
>eopie called Virginians, who hand for
heir Governor at tihe time even flenry,
. Wise. Look tpon this picture aad
hen on that. The North is very learn.
d,' but I do not, think she has any,
br'stiaini,y or* civilizition to spare.
,Nrlhap she has Ohe had better relain frr
aqIc consvinption, and, as I hope, for
niprovemcht. She ig more .l-earnl,d]
lan th, Sout.h, but which is the best
Iuc.,d.,' 11it, sir,' denitnpiatimiou
eyenffe nwst, as was expected, have
Weir, ing lgpinst an hoiorable re-hmiion.
e rescutnaintoI the vivibzid andl
'Aristian North it'is attempL'ed to rolse
igainsp the unfortunate ini of the
Southi srq epithets inbeconinag.the leatbi
id 11),n or the, patriot. They are de.
Qminated.. "mgrderers," "red-handed
tbele,", "conaliou8 iraitors." Those
Olo uye these epithets. must,see. if thaer
.ill r,lec, tllat, tley are not t rue. ''hey
niistknoxv that Jp'ermon Davis, Robert
P. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, aind thit
hotasand ot,hers wio i-ngag, ed I thale )ate
ontest, noib'cotnld be answerable for
he, chirge' of inrjr'r nfid conisciotls
441olik. StoAPeWall Jackson rest in his
as illustated hifs chAtracti and ipsen
.,t from sucl. ain iinpatation.. Time
vill fend t,he 't d tctr of Davis and
le. Thbt their aet iloposed uppn
hem i dn'csi)eqi of crin. I have
- Palrting-wordhs 0 Jefrer.
o6id tii,ihth, projence' 6f the Sen.
le, breitli the' tr6iges con ictidn' 6f
ectitude A 'a desire fp' pece t sad to
bid bhiodra,
Avafytheni, -ith '.theso elarges that
lhege. pelppe are. murdermrs, red hiant ded
ebels and, conlscious traiors. They
pring only 'from unreflecting excitenwlt
r frow a depraved spirit of, revelige,
aid with wise annd ednside,-ate statet -
ion 1aid petriots shoilld never be allo-w
11 tgrp ;4t$pho .to the ro.tinlio.n
;iicll all Vu611 m1y11st.,now desire. Away,
Do, with the.expectLtion that the South
in People will ver degrade thnruselves
y freely eppiting go1d&itons from jip
Pe4t -of.wilek .volt exel vlet ieia owl)
hosen leaders..,Let the peCOPle aweep
bese,oheJaelg apside,,-an,d .as we werae
nlemies an wiar m peace let, us be friends.
'"SEra.".L''-al'hen er 'e arE div idhed
afiintion nes Id the! 'ofinir of thais
Ford, which occm-'s W (ten in -th.e
'salma.' Thae Targnams and'most of' then
ewish' commeaantAtors givo 1o the word
imwmenningafet ernallhy, forever. Rhab
PKmhtea-si as ai sign-to elevate
ae ybhce. Thae-althdnra of the Sepr a-,
mt trnsisa timon appear'to have reguir,ee8
a.q A n'iel oir rythmaiceal tiore. Her
"i' regards it"Ai.indicatg-a - ch:agge of
aei MAt begon- hsa r*usichl'note equaiv
Etierhians, 'to thei~dWepeat. 'A
Irdh g to Llather-atid. bhetra it 'mnenns si
ti* (en'entis epliis' it to hianani
Ub the~ Ihstrn'tiehts pihiaynd the sing.
i 'Wocher a'gards'it as equiv.
~'en to rArskg4t der la-a~p any son),
otin qr xminrg Al the aevent v.
ip wahuaihih od en
c6 &~Canz "an actual ap.
MIAb tvhos to Jlehovah."a They.
e calls for aid prayers to be( hacard,
MOtin thi 4'aftat'vb "Hear, Jehao
m1bP'n og aw'aa,; Jeihvah and the like,
all ea,rniest addlresses to God t la hat
~aidftnethie Rnd' hear, &c. Theo
hrd ivAkIf he dA'ettrdW' ms indicating a
Aof oft'nupels by- ike' piests. Seiah
elf,' heo thinks -an) 'abridgad ek pression'
ed for IHigguaion Selah----Higgaion in.
bating'ith6 suntt hW'the striaAud itauru
ent" anidola!t,Wrigourous bhmet of
Local Items.
The meap temperature for the week
70. The tem peraturo has been re
u4ikably uniform.
" Nai on 1 Gh and 17th.
a eligious Services
May be expected to-morrow as 116
M. E.'Chach, Rev. A. G. Stacy, II
A, IV. vind 71.P. M.
Rpiscop4l Church, Rev. W. P. Dii.
.o4e, 11 A. M. and 5 P. M.
A. R. Church,. R."V. C. 11. Betts, I 4
A. M. and 3 P.'M.
New Advertiscuents.
See good things to be had at Thes
pian 11ll.
W,ssnono, June 20..-Cotton-28
Floor, $14. a 15. per barrel.
Lard, 27 to 30c per pound.
Corn, $.7. a 1.75 por bushel.
Peas, $1.76 per bushel.
Bacon, 20 to 25c per pound.
Meall $1.75 per bushel.
Sorghim, 75c per gallon.
Sah, *5.010 per sack.
Butfer, 23:. per porind.
EggA, 20 to 25c. per dozen.
Tobacco, 415 to $1.10 per pumil.
Gold, .10.
Coim.o. June 21.-Cotton, 18 to
23, gold; 20 to 32, eurrency.
Corn, '11.55 to 1.70 per bushel.
loir, *11I to 15 per barrel
Oats, $1.10 to 1.20 per bushel.
Pe,, c2.00 to 2.25 per bushel.
Hay, .i2 25 to 2.70.
Rice, Itngoonl.. prime, 11li to 12.;e;
Carolina 12 to 15c.
Tobacco, 40c. to 1.50 per pound.
Goiu,golj 45 to 418.
CUAiRI.QTTE, Jun. 19.-A few bales
sold to-day at. 28 a 30 currency.
T1-.P.--We are happy to imform our
readers that the Militiry Commission,
whh-h1 huQ hi- siting for Ponio time on
the case of Major John H. Gee, have
unanimously acquitted him of cruelty to
fuderal prisoners, while in chargo of the
Confedera'e States prison, at. Salisbury.
Wo nro also reliably inforned that
Gon'l Riger will approve the findings
of 11hel Commniisgion. ..
. We hope the Major will be speedilv
released and allowed to return to his
homn1e and friends.-Raciy1A Prgress.
- The Jols,on victory in Nebraski
seems th lack no elenetit 'of complete.
nes. The retiruis- of the e"ection nre
not all in, but, (11ogh- to Show that
"State" has carried ; that probably Mor.
ton (denocrat) and the wholti ticket, is
electedi and that the fwgmslature is about.
equal. lien it is reinembered that
this has been nn abolihior. Territory,
and thalast dellegate was ecthd over
M1iller (democrat,) two years ago, by
hbout 1000 majority, you can appreci.
ite the-wonderful chang of entimt
saya a letter to the Newv York E.cpres..
All the local OleCtions in Souther~n
Ullinois show Demnocratic gainis of'
from 50 to 100 per cent. over the last
tiIis H4L[L wull he- regularly opened
ifrom 1t0 A.' .M. ;o 9 P. M..
*Ice Cream, ice i..emonade, Ft nil, Confec
tionar'es, with1 a valriety of othier refresh
mients, wvill be kept on hand.
Ladies catn atse them,selves at Graces
and other games prepared for them..
A fipe Soda Fountain .wilt soon be nudded.
5%P A verny preti; uasortmnent of articles
left from thme Ladies Fair for aa.e at
Gen. Sup'ts Ofice, C. .Q
Rail Road.
8UPEguxR.,NENU,'s OFrice,
Charlotte & 8. C. ltailroadl,
Columbia, S. C.. June 1, 1806.
ON and after Sunday, thie 3d instant, a
JPasonger Train wilt run over this
Road as follows :
Leavo CohimbIa at- 4 15 P. M.
Arrive at Charlotte 11.15 P. M.
Leave Charlot te at 12.15 P. M.
Arrive at, Columbia 7.15 P'. M.
nno b'6n Su......... .'

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