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TiIsIeany. Mhariing, Juio 26, 166.
-j- T. P3.IS.U, Esq., is the
sole 1geil, for t.his paler in Charleston
S. C.
W e welcome 'Petit-e" ,o otr
coliumns, and hope the pen wielded in a
!nnner -o facile will continue to grace
our paper.
Jefferson Davis' Prio Lire.
We again give sonio et,racts from
CRAV9N?s di.4y of ex-Presidenit. DA
via' prisonl life. Every one feels 'kn
interest inhimi. This 'id fanaticism
of powerful and viidiotivo foes blind.S
theiml to the irresistible fact that being
what le was;und ' having the honor le
had, Ive can feel only the more honor
and sympathy for Mr. v IV)s, the More
they oppress hiii.
"The unkindest eit of all" i that a
n ition (we use the word literally)
which had over a million men in the
field, and ole por old captivo, and
that old man captive inl one of the
sron:ge,t fortresses5 thley possesse-d, and1(
that fortresgs gutrded anuI doubly
guair(led, the uildest cut is that he
should have been manaolod a< an i
ro-ul y conidenmed criiilal, WIhile ie
(God ble,s hima) stood and st-ands the
iloblest Roil:1i of them all.
Such treatlent of such a man will
leavo a sti:pnta upon that government
. inidellile as lie branad that mnarked
the brow -f the first murderer, and as
invradicabi,, too.
Politcal Elements at Work.
A gY.Le at the elements at work to
adminimter our gONvernnent reveals
three kinds. 1. Those acting pro
- grcssively under the Constitution. 2.
ThosI e acting conservatively, and 3.
Those ignoring the Constitution. The
first desire changes, progres.sive chang
vs, but, in aceordankeo with the provi
Siions of the Constitution. The socond
wish -to pteservo as long as possible the
f6gime already vitalized by the Con
t.itution, aid deprecate not only in
uovations upon the Constitution, but
eon upon the working of government
under that instrument. The last ig
noring the h16lin of the first, a; well as
' tihe mooring of the second, would cut
laose entirely from both and lanneh
upon the broad and trackless sea of
that governmient which knows no
gui(de but the caprices of the lement
ila power. This last is the party now
in Washington. Like Henry the
V I[ fthey would buru as heretics, those
who avow the authority of the fathers
of our governmnCIt, :ad hang as trali
tors those who own the authority of
our Constitution.
Iiisory lepals liself.
- Our attent ion has been called to
that pourtiona of 31lAcAa.au's IIistory oif
I nglanad in which he describes the gar
risoinmig of lingland with lrisha troops.
It rerpiires no stretch of the iningina
tioni to run) ai paallel hetween it and
our own experienace, especially since
thoegreat historian has illustrated the
huge error of .1 AMs. the Second byv
P6inti4g to tis country for an exam
pie. What MAC% 0.sy barely eoneeiv
ced merely to show what En~uglishugen
felt, has really happened, andl now all
the Month can read that part of MA
c.av with an interest severely folt.
- Iiut here is-the extrauc'.
-Of the many error's which James
-committed,- noneO was moare fatal than
tMis. Already ho laid alienated the
hecarts of his people by violating their
laws, confiscating their estates, and
prosecuting their religion. Of those
Who ha,d once been nmost zo&louas fo
mostauiih,y, he had alregtly iipgj~
reMis lp hearts; yet he. Jight ati1
,wiAh om.e chane of suceesa, have- aph
pealIetI to the piatriotic spirit i of- his
anrbjects against an invader,, for thuey
iWor eT sjualar in temper as well,
~~aphial positaona. Thojt
pthies, were indeed, ini.
, o unl'oasonably and unamialily
*, st rong. Tjhy laud never been accus
3,6m'ed th scontrol'or interference of
ny at r. . --
hj'o ofta t4eilr whavle nation b)oilj
Jdls hought Tro be qre
by Fronchnien or by Spaniards would
have seemed comparativcly a tolera
ble fate. With Freiiehminc and Span
iards wo hd been accustomed to treat
oin c(ual terims. We had -sonietimes
envied their prospority, soniqtimes
dreaded their pgwcr, sometimei eon
gratulated ourselves on their friend
ship. In spite of our unsocial pride,
we admitted that they were reat na
tn; i6ldn t1i' 't16y "oid "yoltst of
meni eminei !A the arte%f war And
peace. But-to be subju;ated by dn
inferior caste was a degradation be
yond all other degradation. Tile
En11glish felt as the' white inhabitants
of Charlestoni and New .Orleans would
feel if those towns were o'ccupied by
negro garrisons. .The real faots would
have been sufflicient to excite uneasi
ness and indignation ; but the real
facts, were lost amid a crowd of wild
rumors which flew 'without ceashig
from c.offee-house to coffee-house, and
from alu-bench to ale-bouch, .and be
caio moro wonderful and terrible at
every sta-ve of the -progress. The
number oFthelrish troops who had
lan,ded'on 'our shores might justly ex
cite serious apprehensions ai to the
king's ulterior designs ; but it was
ilagil ified ten-fold by the public appre
hensions. It may - well be supposed
the rude kerne of Connaught, placed,
with arms in his hands, ailiong a for
eign people whom he hated; and by
whom lihe washated in turn, was guil
ty of some excesses. These excesses
wele exaggerated by report ; and, in
akuiLioni to the outrages which the
stranger had really committed, all the
offences of his English comrades were
set down to his account. From every
corner o.f the kingdom a cry aroso
against the foreign barbarians who
forced themselves into private houses,
seized horses and wagons, extorted
money, and insulted women.
Amerlean Medical BIography.
Dr. J. M- Toner, of Washington, D.
C., is engaged in compiling and writ
ing a biograpliical dictionary of all do
ceased American physicians of whom
he can collect data of a sufficiently ac
curate character to enable him to give
a brief sketch of themselves and la
Physicians and others who have de
eised relatives or friends who studied
ind practiedd medicine in any part of
tile United States, and will take the
pain* to furnish the Doctor with
definite facts, comprising the full
name of the individual, with his birth
place, date of birth and death, his' pte
liminary education, -medlal stuiqs,
place ofgraduation, locatiop, success
mn any particular branh'of -practice,
and whether filling any and what pub
lie stations during the life, and if an
author, the exact title of his publica
t ions, aind where and by who publish
oil, will besidesconferring a favor on
Dr. Toner, servo the cause of medical
literature of a very attractive and
useful kind. It is, .expooted.te col
leoction will reach about ten thousand
nam es-Medical and Surgical Report
ers .Jmnrnal.
When the claims of Science are ad
vnTieed, the South Is in the Union;
when aniendments to the Constitution
are to lie ratified, the South is part of
thme United States, b)ut whien rep)resenlta
tin is claimed, tile Southl is a stranger
in a strange laind. Well, this is just a re
flect.ion, and is suggested by the aibove.
If anybody knows any M. D. deceased
who ought tolhave his name enrolled,
he'll know where to gend the sketeh,
as by dikections above.,
Public Laibraries.
Below wo giv'e. a brief account of
the Charleston Library clipped from
the News. It is given na enco4rigo,
macnt to the effort now makiung to os
taublishl a library in Winnsboro. .Al
ready the Club has a library contain
ing over 500 volumes of valnrable
works. It is to be' hoped this will
form the nucleus for a permanent one
in which all the citizens' of .the town
will becomne interested..
Tihe Cher e,o Jibrary wsg'44
on the ftht '',. 1748,.-h sa n
young genltlemecn, whIo associaed'fdr
purchasing anid collecting 'such fow'
pamlphl1ets"' uIshould be occaaio'n'atlf
published, in Great Britain.'
On the ' 28th December,.- 1748% a
Constitution,.with the presentnaame of
th,scey a formally adopted.
nth sAp 1749, offleers werq:
firM' elected, ani~ before 1751 the'so
ieyeolled 1members.
3lesarising frorn jemalousy iand appr.
iomhioon of political applications, ja
3harter was obtained in l'hn doma '
'Govervor Glen, and confirmed in 1755.
For some years nCsureb were in con
toiplit6n.f4r a 'school or.acadeiny ;
and in 177) a Uibrary was bequeathed
by Johli Iackuzio, to be used and
kept iAd fortlie "Charleston Libra
ry-gooiety," natil a college should be,
foundea. - Are any books of this be
quest thus marked yet preserved 1.
T49.. isaotrouA, r_ 9.. 4pasary,
11781 almost destroyed this library,
'witil 4ADy pa+is*|pd rc6Xd& 6f fthe
provine and city. - 185 v'm and
amnphlets alone were rescued. The
inekenzio Library, bolng''sebaratclh
depoited, was noarV Allftved. Thioj
the zeal and cars of Mr. Varian, libra-.
rian, who remained during the Brit
ish occupation, tho library did.uot Auf
fer undemiiilitary ruloasotoly and sa,d.
ly as books, church bellsiear-rings and
watches have suffered In alate ige of
Christian war. A catal oU of Not.
3, 1790, records the h1M r' of Vl..
unies then on the shelves a842 in. ad.
dition to'tho volumes of tha Maeken
zie collection, tlieh trdaced4k ,403.
Through 1790-'91, the 'average of
books taken out was threecagh month.
In 1798 the library was repbhod pt
4500 voluies. In 181.1 -,the report
reached 7000'volumes; and for the
catalogue of 1826, to which we - may
refer again, the collection isestimnatOd
at 12,000 volumes.
A wag says the above sign which is
seen everywhere is the brief history of
Drake, viz': "Started Trade in 1860
on Ten Dollars,"
There is another nuqn Who gives his
autobiography after tis fashion we
think : "B. T.-186-...& C;';"
which interpreted mightb b I"Bree in
Trade 1861; Since, Convalescent."
A Chapter on Hats.
Hats I hats hats 1' Nothing but
hats-mon's hats, and women's hats,
boys' hats, and girls hats, tall crowns
and low erowns, rims 4nd no rims, but
still hats. When are our eyes even
again to be blessed with the sight of
a pair sf bright eyes and a modest lit
tle face peeping out of a cottage bon
net, of course, to keep pace with the
times ; but 4rtill,.a bon"f- a,. boiia fide
bonnet, and noqa hag4 .
We don't want coal scuttles, noo 'ot
bonnets without crowns,.nor bonnets
with huge bags behin4, nor bonnets
alternately ascending'to th'o skies.an4
descending upon thd nose, nor three
cornered baskets of flowers mounted
upon the head but we want, what an
old friend, who rathet roughly speaks
h1is mind, denominates, a deasnt bon.
We are savage on hats-women's
hats-which have assuited every foran
and shape, until at Iast, we bve. im
pressed our freediwomen's fanners, and
reversed them, oversome of our loveli
oAt, faces. Well: t it is a.atrang ag;
an age of *Jats and cravats!
Shall we gently remind our young
sisters of that explanation, whierein,
we are told, that women in the chtirch
es, go net "with their -heads uncover
ed" "because of the angels,".and sug
gest, that they barely fulfil .thEe agos
tolio requireme'nt, by appearing to
borrow at thme doors of the ' sandtuary,
thd "covering" which the mn are
equally enjoined to east off. If they
must wear hats-let themi at any rateo
be something else than men's hat.
THE OnPs -TIn New England the
crop. are generally" repo rted good ; In.y
will be abundant, and the fruit yield gilh.
lion ofdo1llars in 4lyanecs of last year.
In tthe South the general report is that
thy,crops will turu out well, although.in
sonle narters ekeeksiveirairns are e'ont.
plaif ofThe 'whyat '.frduliutit
Geeoja )j I ,hfrve)alq44, hJjfrgh
tuamnta'-better than- *as'antcipated
somer timb, ago.' Along the low'er' Mis
sihs1ppi fgeint 'erevd&aes fmiamtede
gi'agd4eftruction, Join Soutlierni l'lipois
th.ew1hey propsis ain d'to po a failure,
hb .as;~u promishig ,well.! it. Ohuit
and n ndthe ket prtruia .very
i. 16 is etellent. raI Mary
a4nd. *r4Ipqnsylvania it is only mode
r Er '. . ir b 1 - t a.ln,
FUL E1A, FLIGHT.-The most re
markable escalie ro% persotni, injury.
if not death, thathasgima to our knowl
idge'for many a' sy, ucured on Satur.
day 'last. a few miles,West of Iowa City.
As the ftgnI%psWhger train coming
east',as nearing that point, a man was
disco"Vered walking on the track. The
whistle was Qounde4 once twi;e, thrice,
and no attention paid toit by the slowly
ploding VeAbstrika. 'The etgiaeer sup.
posimg that it w4a some laborer walking
home from his days work, and that he
'hewould off as soon as he engine got
too'irear him for safety,,did not tt first
reduce speed, but kept on at the rate of
about twenty five miles ati hour. But
when he saw that the cowcatcher wai
at the man's heels, and he yet iade ho
igas ofleaving his rail-lined path, stea
was shut off and the train brought to a
stop, not however, until after the man
had been violently thru'st asidt In a most
fearful inanner.
In much less than it takes here to de.
scribe thke shock, the man was kicked up
by the swiftly approabhing cowcatchor,
struck, ai it is 6dppnsed, betveen the
legs, and' thrown in the air a dist4ance -of
some twenty feet, ,makiug at the same
time' one of the most frightful leap and
summersaults-that a man need ever wish
to make. As soon as ' the train'was
stopped, the employees rushed back; ex
poeting to find a mass of mangled flesh
and bones; but imagine their surprise on
beholding the man walking. towiArds
them just, as,calmly, coolly, and deliber.
ately, as if notI.ing had happened. lie
proved to be a deaf and dumb-man. evi
dently on, his way to [owa city, to nt
tend T.he mnstitition for such- persons at
that plce. His name and plade of resi
dence cou4 not be learned, as no ong
understood his signs and mtiQlwns. The
onlyinjury lie received was a slight
bruise at the back of his head. He w-as
saved by the novel manner in which the
iron Jiorse hustled him aside, id t ho fact
that after performing his wonderful gym
naatio feat lie landed qpon -a bed of sad.
[Davenport (Iowa) GzOette, Jwt 3.
FATAi. Liui.-A most singular and
distressing ach$ent occurred in Chelste-r
fielld a few nights since. Oi ih:,t eve
niig in question Mr. Jo iah Keswick, of
Pittsylvania, but formerly of Chester
field, left'the residenco of his uncle, whim
lie was visiting, and. proceeded !t
"Lover's Leep," a romantic Spot near
the centre of the county. This place is it
cave ity feet deep, from the precipice of
which-,ir. K. sprang to the rocky bed
below, where he was found next moyn
ing with bothlegs broken, left arm shot.
tered, head severely contused. and body
bruised. As soon as possibh- the assisi
ance of a colplo of citzenls was obtain
ed-one of whom desceendd t he ca ve
and succee-led in fastening a rope nrotund
his body. by which lie was drav n ont.
and afterwards carried to t he residence of
his uncle. Here medical skill was
brought'intp reqisition, and one of the
broken legs amputated; but the other,
and nrm were reset. During the oppe.
hation the patient was put unler the in
bfluence of morphine, und after ilie er.
Tects had %6orn off reason returned. lip
thein explained- that after tea lie has
been much interested in reading an iie
count of a coupile of lovers, who, mnti
years since findng strong paiternial'ob.
stacles to their uniojs. repaired to the spot
where lie had been founid and( com.mittedl
suicide by jumping int-o thme nhyss.
After retiring for the night, he thiniks he.
must have, in state of somnaumbulismn,(of
which he~ was "ommewhiat amflicted,)heft,
his bed and,.unkuownm to any one -on
the premiises, paoc'eededl t.o the historic
"l.'ap," and jump~ei in. Mfr. Keswick
lived'only about'five hours af'ter his re
turn to consciousn'ess, durtng which timo
lie seemed to be suffring from intense
pain. He was a most estemable citizen.
and his uuimnely,demise will'he keenly
felt, by those wvho himvo'kuown mbst, inti
mat ely.
This is a most, singuilar dircumstamice,
and has been the theme of conhverqAtion
*ith the neigehbori M6teri'it;'occairedi.
There are in ?hflielphaia 460 oil
companies, of whieh the took of only
about fifteen have any value in the
marketr Thes tobJk of the j'est cannot
be, dispd d pfqt thw stoeo } ,erd at an~
price2., ,h e nogl:4 ( inyestAe
in oil omipanse Is 0048O0,000, anid
the amount of money that has sunk in
these speculattiot S furlif $20,000,
.A itharquls ( L'aItracier, "I
would hava yo4ti thM, Uat I am a~
man .of. quality" A ..n'dT," sopliled
the finanoierj"mai athan ,df quanti
.. ake awaiy )y firs.t letter, take away
Local Items.
'ife Concert.
On 'tursday nnd Friday nights last
1anic off the Concert of which notice
had been 'given. "Robert 21eCaire,
the Itoney-Moon, Luke the- Laborer
%nd Box and Cox," were the priniil
itiuusenients of the two evenings. The
interludes wore the Quaker Courtshipy
and the Phaton Cbous.
The first scone onl Thursday night
Was an illusAration of "All quiet along -
the Potominao.
On the whole ths6 Mi.trionie ehter
tainn'ents gave mneMh atisfaction. 'the
larget aud ience was pi-eseut. on Friday
night, and notwithstanding the time.
required for the exhibition they all ap
peared to enjoy it.
Wve learn that in' a difficulty oil
Sunday last between Seild9 and Smun
two freedime'l), Oi the plantation of M r.
S. Woi.rr,near this place, the lat
ter was shot by the former in tho
siall of the back, and seriously wound
ed. The gun with which the injury
was inflictod wits charged with a in 1
nie ball eutt into soveral parts. We
do not know whether or not Scipio has
been arrested, but presume of course
the case will receive due attention
from the proper authorit ies.
0 0 M M E R 0 I A L.
NrmW Yoitr, Jrie 22.-Flour dull
and decliniiig.
Cotton dull. Sales of 1,000 bales
at :3 a 40.
Wheat declined 3 a 5c.. Sales un
Corn decl ined I a 2c.
Beefsteady. Sales of 1,200 bbls..
Mess at $132. a 32 28.
Lard dull.
Whisky duill.
Coffee dull.
Gold 4931.
FiVe-Trwent i es, 3}.
Seven-Thirties, 2..
NFw Yoni, June 23.-Cotton dull.
Sal sef 500 bales at 37 a 40.
Col 1 524.
E!xchan1ge 1 Oc.
f Illns.
GoLD S:NT TO EXuoi.-Thn specie ex.
ported on freight from New York and Bos.
ton within the last five weeks fools up as
foll ws: -
Week coding May 191h. $8,763.295
Week eiding MAy 260 h, 11,35-1,81(0
Week enlding .3tne 24. 6.873 278
MWeek ending J one 9 t. 5,835,1100
\Veck ending June 161h, C.163,199
Total, five weeks, $38,979,9'.".
Cnor. k ix BAI.Mion. NEW Yon C1 rV,
six dosiths froim cholera in New York city
6 1 Si ud ty. On Friday there was one dh a- I
tron i ie sanio causeo in Alhany, and during
last week the pestilence is sidil to hmve kill
ed three vietims - in Selieneoteday. Mr.
Willifmn 11 MIq*nn. of ldlitnore, being iii
New York on last. S uirLv was taken sick
and staried hmomet hy tihe first,I itra. lie am -
rived in Baitim-r on bundiuay miorninig andi
walked to his residlence. P'hysiciiia beinig
caill ini, prnounceed his case Asiatic chuolo
ra. lie died Sunday evening at five o'clock.
Tnik I-rrALIA ?MAs.m.L,AIS.--Tito foliow
inig is a literal I ranslat ion of thie first 511an
zas of thle famioncs Itianii war hymn just.
comphosedI ini Italy by M. llrofferio' iat, .ho
request. of the Minister'ofiWar, and iui on
oivery pqp'ular .AoiCSoni. ialy :
Let the bri'ght, flash of (lhe sword awake
the throne and thie people. hIalians ! to the
battle.fleld ! Your miother contry eaIlb
yotm ! Form yonr bit talions to the roir o
the cannon, helmet oii head, anid steel 1
hand. Long live the King of the Alps to
thes sep; of the Po to the Tficino ; of thue soil
of Siell.o thme land of Tuscany I Arise, oh
Latin peoplul! Arise and conquer I II, is
God who w'ils it." '.
* ~~Rof LOST,
?.aiorocco case. A reward will be given
for their recovery. Apply at, this01oll. .
Jno deJ-tl
WrINNsBoRos Ss 0,
(049 alies i School
.L ile rgstiof~pmed Monday,
Board wItlTnitioh in all thie branch
es exoept PhIlosophy, Chemistry
and Freoh,$1t
Tul;ion of day scholars In the ciss
cals or higher English and Math
emat loal d epartnmento, 8Cl
Tuition in of.her branches from $12 t o 29I
Vourse of Chemistry or Phloohp l
French, Ph.oI a ir,
The above r-ates reckoned in the en eiy
of the -ount ry. PmAyinent, requi~lI l
dik4ee-the re#idt,e st the

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