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\su tiNUto"v, June 27.--Yesterdny,
fio' tle fir1st (ine 'during the session,
the Middle States nid WVetern mem.
bers of the Houe . .o-opertited as
against New England interests-the
Latter wore defeated in thir effortsto
s;eeiire the N6rthcrni Pacifle Ra ilroad
route, the inaj.ority adopting what is
terned the central route. Th'is bill
tllw 1 t:e Union Pacilo Coli"iny ti)
clang their route so am to go by ]kn..
ver City and Colorado.
N.w Yoltc, ,iun 27.-ThIe stemnier
1loro Castle brings Ilavania dviees to
the. 23d. Estvette says the 313exican
Empire depends upon tie Nuems dff
the departinetts of war an flhe treas
ury, in emtablishing a nattional army ;
but whilst .the Empire liui neithir
men nor money, its situation is prean
rious and endangered. J.u Mexico,
Puebla and Queretaro th'6, Emporor
has oi'dered a draft.
New York Mlarket.
Nls E oW n K, Jule 27-Non .-4 oill
55. xcliange I1. ('otton h ill, at
38-40. Sale of thie week, 10,0(m
PRIoF:sSOn lioT N (- iO i.:K.-.-.y.
f<,,,or liltot' in :i rvcet. let tire at lioslfu)l
traoted of' makiigi eoWVl. -it. -id.
The hest Inixturo of cor-e-wonhl lt in
flth . prloporti.olns: Ime pk(1lld of ji%,I
Iwo otitces of Minchi, I wo Uttt-on of Rio
:Mid Io of MArniquo.. Itoat,.' (of.P
imtm, he kept itn a tin box and ground
iih evry day. It. is exrrei ttIv odli.
eilt. to fil gd cofi-v nd it re4.h'
se m t'a i f 11ch 11s l,-mus.pj.ird to 11n:1'o
it a1. had4 as po il.Mkniri;!-l. avo
it few ster.-1e of t ho tr;tde, 0 t at1 u"a (.
ip hv CoIll*! wl-d 'I rq stin?, thi it, 1mv,
nlt. lose weigi t, its it, dimttiishi-s aihoilt
mitin lPr coi.., diuing tin opir%ition.
U.vfol hnlit.s ill rIgaild to "'Ome l ti a1'l
w-ere 'l(ee ,fl'ofe in*t u er
"-uil -I-v so dointg il door nit gainl in
rt, bit loses thIo dclicat., arout.
'l' Prolfi"sor tisd frour t41loofiifp.
of..J;tvat ndm one of Mouhtv to- Wiqliart Of
- v;tt ar. The wir wit, >oil(-l and the
itofi'oo Wasl iloi-t'le ii With the boilinl"
lWat.4r,; a't.t lie seond boiling of' tho wa.
ter it. was ai potred in (the coffee;
t. wa t)wld to,fett.O -a fw mtme
td it oAn4 done. Tho reeilt as I Ii
tid .s phro iri p-ig R v vof.
Iee mt111A Reldomill l t1o i,ployed. W Alt
Co1'e nLt be obtaitned a vary potl
('lflet ea ib foud inwet..ue
11c roist andlrei.aro .ie coll'e.
iuBOIE .,a YESTON & 6.,
-*nuio 3 -f ' N.o. 3,1 Udt ei RaingQ.
Ketchin, McMaster & Co.,
JADSA WS, PI.tnes, Angers, Chtidis,
0Lile oeveraul kitnds, Soiew., littg s,
Scre w Driters, 'D)orr -and P'ad Loeksi, Dratw
ing Kntives,, Steel 'to.d Iron 8plaires, Cotm
lpa4'es, fine UntuIerty
(Garden Trowels., floos atnd Fotrks, Per.
enionuu Cape, Colt's Cart ridges, Fanoegs atti
M~olaqses (fatcs antd PorcelIain lined Saluce
--Pani and Prarving ostle..
* .ALSO,
*ShtooTht're:i4. Wrnpping Twine, Plowt Lines,
*Well Ilope, Shot.
A fresth supply of "no: ions~" as TiVk Comibs.
*Dressing Combs, Tooth Birushes, Vetit uand
Uot. Itutone, - LadIes\ Bettim, Laidies' ilote,
. .gies' ollsy.s, Port Monrtaier,1. Lnen
Jrittds and Tapes, Elatje Braid, &oi, &o.
A Igpotrsons, qilter wt)Io or Coloro a,I,th.
L. tween the agew pf 21 and 60t yeaire,
'who fail to miake their ret urns 'to mie bie
twoeet this dato1 and .the dr.b day of ,TntIy
~lil be double Taxed, without i'repet, ti
[ will be In Winnabetro gin on MolniThr,
dJ8th inst., and ott Monday 2d .inly.
1,.'J ENN ING8, T. C.
june TG1
, LI. thoqi Indehted to the' itat'o of
.AUOU$TUS DESP'OlTM, de'co'd, for
'adverising in, orsanhacription to the Fali
itl hIiAI.ni, or Winns~boro l a(ren a
"herebty notilled[ to tmak, settlmniti b'y noto,
or oth:'rwi'm, to 1f. A. G'artlr, At4orppy at~
. .Lw, Wiitsborno, SI. '.
* TI. F. .DESPdROlTES, Adtm'r.
.June 2-21
A cobbler who att"nded the piblic
diTlitll,lons in Paris, beiing aske if h
11md1.r.'ood Laatim, rwTliud, " .No, buit I
L*mw '1%who is wrowr il tillh arg1ient."
"1Io." lie wa1s asked. "\i'h byN.e
ogi who gets anr firs "iy ys*
A' C T C!N y Ag L A W
7N1.VxSR1101-0', S c.
IMf" Office. No. 2, Law Itange-in rear
of 'the Court iouse.
feb 13'116--mo.
14ttorleLl at Katu,
r-cW' Oflice af present in the office of the
Winsboro Niws- may 22.
ril,H,o%evcisP.s of this School
. will he resumed Monday,
t'i1le Ith of*-July.
B l1 14 i fiitMiltin in'till- tihe branche -
co eupt Phielophy Chemimy
T 1it Iiion o. I sehp lars ju thw 8. i
eplorfr .:serT.Ilishl and Ma;h.
MMIm).iVirl diepar41 tkl tt, :4.
i oinil lf t e ' ranches fi'.-n $12 to 20
(iise of Clhemistry or- Phiiosophy, I -
F rellch, - '. .1
The; lmlve 1'1(vq v!r le ne inl fill (.arr111n1Y
of the10 elmnUY. Paytuivient t'i'i. hi in
04%*mTee-lhe -rgesid4e at tie close of' the
Sesln- U. A. WOOD)WAlUMi
.bine 2-f)x1 Principal,
Tilt Ulrhnomer at'greafly redagelJ
'191t,itLM 8TOUR~ OF
Dry GoAn, lir.trimro. Cl-oclkery, lfollnw.
ware. Shoem atind fancy nrii,les. No lRim
htig, TI-10.\PSON, WIT.L'ERS & Co.
.111n ne'0-Jtf.:
Jahn R. Cook Alid N ife, ]
,liwl * flr
. Jcsie J. owen, for
jalineR M Owenls, sco%Very
SWm. J. Al91nn "11
Thos McKinistry. j
Ir aIppon ri.w to- the atiiTci ion of the
Commissioner that James . Owens.
one 'of' th Defendmilaits in the a0ov stitted
ens. rosides beyond the limits of this State,
(in mo ion of Me.irs. Robertsoi ait itin,
Colip's Sol'rs.
It in ordered. mhal the said Defeml-wt do
plead, answer rie demi' to,the Bili o, CoQmO
plaint filed ihl llhis case, withi three nionth
froin, the poilieitioi hercof. or Ow Saille
Ivill be olderledpro confes,i agalist him.
Con. in EuItity.
12t h May. 18AI!
may 1-'66f-livw3nin
* C t'QtYITY.
Ex Parte - Bill to
C 1). Melon, Perpetuate
Solr. Nortihe n irc't. 'est iml1ony.
TOlHN S. POUGLASS having filed his 110.
l lition unider above Bll in order to per.
peinat ith 4estimny to tle past - xistene,
loss nnd contenits of a Deedi of Conivoyance,
to) hull of ia ctini tiract of handit situiate iin
l'.'itld listictn, on thie waitere of Lit-tle
lIiver,. by thb lieir at Law of Alexander
lDouglass, deedi All pries j intere'sted iaret
non ilied to aippeari at thle ex,pirat ion oi' hmrod
month If tromi this date, to cr'oss examine thle
witnesses that tmay be piroduced On I,.p
tcaco estiibony in .'eply,
C. Ei. F. D).
Conmmissioner's Office,
flinpnshore, 8. Q., June 15th -1866t
junie 19-tlA8m-.
TWihe Sie eWtsoutta car,ojma.
adlmir. iad.IM'un pf
*Mr's. Adeline~ Mobley Attachment.
~,TH iNRMlAS tieTIfaintiff<lit on the
-'dt8th' d>.pot Mar'ch, A., D1. l1866, file
hjp dCciagaon aginst the berpandanit, who.
(as it is s4id) in ab.4btit '%p .and witlitni
the litidef i.itiiate aindlli h,nithler wii'
ntoi' ialtorney kn'iown wit htin tho'em 511 ponI)(
whertf'aop,f et lb*Aaidilecilaa ion inight
be' 'r'ed. " I .
'iVie,tberefov4'Orderedetha~ut t.ha.sluid Do
'fondain'de appear aid pisat4 ihe said 'deo.
tartit lfon tn or' bef'ore the .st day of Marebi,
A., D 1867, otherwise ntal and. nyusoluit'
jitrIdment 'will-'thoni -.bs:give; and awarded
toi' eo PWkint iffiaginaL-hi i, ,
ED ROCK 01L a. :10 centi less (liah Iny
I 'other. Also Lanips. lhsrners and
.1'ACOT,.RINIts & Co.,
S-0' Agents for P.xirliold Diktricl.
juulke 9',-tf No. 2, llotel Uange.
OF il kinds. for'me I,v
It\COT, tlv;:is & '0.
j itne V66-4t f No. ". Iloioel l1ange
l'ntent Sell-Filillii u i111 Self-Eiiiptyinug
With Curb and Rop Complote.
r l bhest nud chenpest dovice for r:isilg
L water ever used-connen nt, simple
awl durnble. Over 2.044 havo been sill
ft oml thiq city, (1ltihmond.)
8iith's No 1. lattice,li e.
No. 2, with heake, latticed, 21)
PevokAkill patent britike. 15
Well ilt-ecr . Woll illipe., til We
Chains, art. Iurnisholl when dloired,
-Sole .'eA t ls I r r fied
An dGl- f N .2, M-11ijt lI!m p.
- ce
diery, Dry od . IIaI .)i-. ,l G.o oOdS
.h tners.1' Wines. 6 i r,l n .N e.a
Such prieet4 is q offelr imlic'me' A s11)o Pu
anchasers.t 3 igr
('aI liand s . 1:l T .1 '
juno t''UG--G No. ;. 1-u:k1.41 .
Chv)in Tcoa.,
pT -. iest. itio
4CItfee, Adanlmit'hie 'C:alidles, .lca
rold and Mixed llieklvs.. At
t' '.MeMASTER& C's,
Du rh 76- SS
01'l101. R d.
a nt it t'ic. haveill 1111y rCal etd.
Iel evrvhin [ Amn l k 1tinlai'.c%
Dr lilr'tanti A c U ligoet., d
l CiI Ir I,ing in te of
I and lmor e . i .ltiioAi tw lv,l
lr.I~lo ll'S Pcal ic ls, lilu:nh Sulplar~
n. d .\11g ils nci.q , S roi le. ; I4 (t le l.
ol t I 1n* mlA 141r nghm-1. 11-ii. '.,ltck~a~
elt 'nMdin ilmi , lmip a h r t
1 ,b1 vi so - .ind e.. ll 0'
- Cove. ad I:icseg utioAd 1wd P\1w rd
i . Si liguels-Ji ti. ith . w S. p e ,)i.s ens o I
ly ' olatinem Ci aul . oIL'; (e
P arltents iledinei,ingap, lotr- i d
day t id? Rynight. roi.MI:ms4n
I'llt,iCwIn ill fl W(II (,y pWCt Mf callr
before Ptnl.de.ai
ilsy21,66es an-oltPw
Ga. der's, OTAoh -_a-IlC IS
Ra il Rad.
Vil" \ W% CUTT Ril,
G 1.A IN skV Y 1,i:W and C H.\D 1,'U
HRASS SCY r'ill.
Orderm filled Pind goois eit to Catheart &
%hews with hiN1 for collecIOtio on1 tie.
ivery. FlSI1 ERIZ, & 1.oW N \NC 1-,.
.!nne OG-- x:C buh , S. V.
W ''3. C.,;Ib0 iR-%.A & cu
('II ttI.1:SToN, 8. rc.
V1. C. MI1KIS, T. V. 11. IiV yg,
onIN P. Dt'KCE4, .1.. M. "AltimN.
moay 12)'l-1avwm
!87 I6nj St., .duors3b lkbun Wcimdwortlt
l' N'.ave nowv oponled a splendill
v . of' i* Sprin t, od., I.'nglish.
nr. neh no-l Ateriti . whit-1h are of Ihe1C
n4ot lit iralet' i style' thp t e lt 'in i vor
V i :.hu -rs firn iing the Fic'.tmein t either
rI l' liagor tr r wilth ho . olr
h *0411i1a s offer every i n1dncellelet.
l ai:a i Loe dS inl ivry Vi i itly.
i li bg a buisy tason withi the pl nter
%Iour lt vist thie city, oler-e ov.
It1'ft wi!i.ciyit c -0id ei c a oie will mel
yhh iro- sp'hui1ention
' pi l, w -ic i t' , Ment to
mly I.rt* O h State, Ouv 4tcck conbisle
I t ulf
0ii ' i tif ll1ghs. strili e ll. o 0 ab1t1-r,
t;mv Dleniivm, Birown Delillns, livavy lB-own
'1h r a ' inv Sea islainl BIrown Shiriig,
htachevd Shirlintgs, PIitched and Brown
'hil-lin;Z4. Gi -1, 1. 4,1i, 12 - Illnid 11111C
ind Stiinplel Mie . 1mn spins, M'leche-1
11nd lt:w0ni Drills, Mahvk French lr-f
1:4hs0HsivvY Uvnd G41lves. Irish Lillenlb
h pivct, T'kl , Toweling, Lin en ll a m-1
i tk, a in : t-wilitiv-, Cahovl .. ill < up lti'ef.
)rei ithrod,N. O'l"meti Than, 1in.
iemehlinhkns 1prwing ' ilk, wind Illaclir
'ik (1,1o. lsrid nCls, in evtery variet y,
i ' l ch l lugi huls. t l hit all li'aok
itit v g ilu s' irO wn Liel Ditki, Fa lim
nI'%V!1w Linen Dirilks, Fanicy Drills and
Together with every variely to le foiuid
n our line iich -we offer ill
All ))i'aneqlic Godds are sol at a Very
ail vanmev on A:ieis' prices.
ie woud respeielity l l heIl aileriit-n
0 ihe Muut , M g cltilits nd i tim d.
't W (1:1evall of I%irlielhl Ditrict., il. *
idvetti iment aid mulioit ia call lro . vw
h111-i they Viit ith flity.
No. 24 King S1.-, 3 ll oo-rsI)>1ow uw' % -e 1y
J i 1,' ti it - l yr
1F0 R1 D'S
Iib mprover of ithe Lund, Superior for
11,11vid, Colloll, 01ri, C,.mi, k. of
Cii.irti-O -.' utinte', . Un.
'l! P t an we ~ gurne if toh sg
An Old Song, set to a New Tune.
-1 1866. a
"s .lt.rringj approachte.x
Anhs 11nd Rolichex
'rom their hoed come ond,
And Mice and Rlts,
In .pile of cas,
Gnaily .,kip about."
/ ,..
"18 years established In N. Y. City.
"10nly infIdlibIe reIneCdiCV kno4Wnl.
"Free froni Poisons."
"Not daugerous to !he Iltiman Family."
"lRt coue out, of their holes to die."
"Coster'0' R r8, ai,&'.:x
a apfiife-ised for Rats, Mice, Roaches,
I/tinck and A ni. &C., Ic., &c.,.&o.
"COM:er'" i3EI-Itet Exter iman
1, a lituid or wa4i-tusel to destroy, and
also s t preventive for 1kd-J)ugs, &c.
**1*ostia'' Mlectric Po wtvier fo'
is for MIth.v, .oasuoes, /ra.t, /le/-/Bq,i,
Inerts on 'lan.s, FivIx, Animaul, &c.
p-?r' ! ! ! liew.1AR ! I of ail w01-11ess
tOola Ion.
. .ee that "CoSTAn'S" m:10 is oil
eneli flox. lot tie, and Finsk, hetor von buv.
address, HENRY R. ( OS'AR,
484 1road way, N. Y.
*J-ty- 1y
All DIrI.kists and letailers everywhere
soti.. 11arnes, Ward & Co., New Orleans,
INCAE'ASE' OF RATS.---The /'arm,r'-i
Utee (Elglish) -issers anmd piroves by fig
lires I ht htote Iair of It ATS will have ia 11r.
gely and duconditis nio les 1t1,n 1*151.050
it I yiiiv ears. Noy utnlss this i s o
Inmily can be kept d.n ihey wotld c1n.
s.iine more food than woild mustain t5,4 t0
h einigs.
IL.benefit of' til(ll-* expJ vIveu. ill diing
mi t"sti "cos- rWn 'saver' time lia, be
i 4fe 41":!S,' e:114,Sj an t i 11 r6l . 3i: 6I blAT. *
Hillipie, sat'e andi Ftiveth Iif liev~3Ict.
It i i l et. n wel( S - a e ever a g-11
evl.E e tid i it atinl . ivs befac
pi-'nor We il ul aitk it e ne t'o giv'1 11at.
o St re be it of .thi '' e ice indriving
ot.l thite petts We n e 'abeci i.
"COLSTAl Iyi'S"tiii ItTn ENTt.\llN.\TO i
situp1e,8 at'e itt lue. t.---th n pee
it A Se T-'co .titeeti we haer.eer abver
edl.lIltno v ery R t thlat. li en getls it. lpro 'ly
prepad. wrri.a P3iotas every one (nat
eatsa wll die, generalby t s me ph air t
~thsiitat: possile frx'omo.- wee w as loaken.
--be Shre.db .fic uh/i-ror. otii
J."See ''CosTran'&'"adver'isemnent n'ov.
Alelb I)u'so nodr ilery ce-'ywcn's"
terinouti. W ioin. sl i o got sit
t. We Uve trid poists,bitiey erfcte
- tlen,hno.1yUh. Ga i

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