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Thursday Morning, September 17, 1866.
T. P.. SmAt R, Esq., is the
sole agent for this paper in Charleston
S. C.
Cp- Mr. JAS. H. SMITU,. formerly
pf this place, but now residing in
Charlotte, N. 0. is our authorized
agent for the Naws.
Mr. SITH can -be f6und at the
Times ofiice.
The Ouniou of. Dourti.
We will give the friends of the
above-named meusure credit for-moan
ing well in their action to euspend the
Fall term of the 'Courts of Commoi
Pleas, bnt the right and even the poll
cy of such action we must tell them
candidly, we doubt.
How stands the case ? Why, in the
first place the people are brought di
rectly in collision in their sentiments
with the Jfidiciary.' -Their iepresen
tatives..have given them an example
not to respect the decision of the high
est Court in the State. What may be
tho eonseqience? That popular clam
or may call for reorganization of that
Court. Supposo this action of the
Legislature lead eventually t8 the elec
tion of Judges by the people. What
in all gcod conscience would become
of tliathigh dignity of the JtLdiciary of
South Carolina? - It would become
subject to the mocre caprice of preju
died partisanship. Suppose the faith
of creditors in the Legislation of the
State b6come shaken by thia suspen
sion of the.means of justice for the
benefit of classes, will any one be sur
prised that at the very first opportuni
ty those same eeditors will yield to
the pressure of their doubts as tQ how
long that opportunity will last, and
press their suits with a vengeance un
known in the history of litigation ?
In a word, will not the effort at the
session of the Legislature to relieve'
debtors. only prove a burden which
will compel them to cry out, "save us
from our friends." If any doubt this
Will be the effect, we advise them to
hold themselves in readiness to watch
the labor of lawyers next Spring,
provided the regular Session of the
Legislature does not suspend other
The late Aot of Belief for Debtor.,
The extra Session of the Legisla.
ture was called by the Executive'. for
two specific purposes. Neither of
these was that to which most of the
time of that body "was devoted. The
pressure from their constituency influ
enoed the representatives of the peo
pie in their official capacity, to discuss
and finally pass upon measurcs of re
relief to the financially distressed.
The Governor, tnahis first message,
plainly expressed his acquiesgenen in
the deoision of the Oourt of Errors on
the constitutionality of the Stay Law,
but recommended seine mode of relief
to which thero would no6 be the same
When the Liegislature met, it was
very soon evident that there was less
disposition to act upo'a the mes sures
mentioid in the ball fi1 the %xtra
sessiow, then'up$n such as promised
relief to the debtor claus of the SIte.
Various t#*heblea were 'deviAed for
this end. TlJie :oiary' and the Es
oentive Departmints of State Govern..
meut had pronounced upon certain
Acts of thme -Legi;lative . Department,
and yet there was 'a - voice from the
constituents erylng'for aid ,to defend
the doebtors from thieeal attacks of
the oroditors. T.iat this- lstter: pres
sure was considerable, no one who
watched the proceedings of the extra
Session of the Legislattre could fail to
discovers. Whether it -were well to
hee'd thmat voice in this' pattcmlgl in
the matu6r alrea'dy inade linows, is a
question the,1mpotance of whiobh tile
present' eo.6,determnine,
Between the'demandgof the con'
etitution and tias of tfe Constitue$
cy, it 'was the lot of thoeh represerita
P .
tives to fall'uPott'ytgtImn..: While
there was a universal ispositiou to af
ford relief to the debtors there wayo
wqy known by which it cou'4 be6 et
ed without running afoul of the aon
stitutional ob'tructioah. Ifil-ally a
scheinwas devised against which, lit
erally, onstitutional objections'could
not be i'r6iglit.'The'cfri'ends oft'his plai
challenged .liqir- opponeta to point
but one objeotionable . f6iture on-that
scre. Solne of these latter yieldc.d
th4t point, but. doubted the oxpedion
ey or policy Auch a measure, but at
'the mine tim'e' challeng6d the adv6
Oates of the scheno to dbny if they
'could that this plan was intended to
efieet that very end for which the 0An
constitutional- Stay. Law had- be6n
adopted, and was theieforo doing by
ind irection what they f6ared to do di
rectly. The only reply to this was,
that those against the bill had no right
to go behind the record and impeach
the motives of the friends of that bill.
Strange lcgislatioTA! When forced
oonstructionis of th-e Constitution are
seriously put forward, it;is, to*say the
least of it, very disingenuous legisla
Section twenty-second of the first ar
tiele of the Coust itution says,
"Evry Act or Resolution having
the force of the law shall relate to but
one subject wnd th<t 'shall &e e:j?ressed
in the title."
Mark the words italioised. This
Act of our Legislature now under con
sideration has plainly a Iiteral consti
tution support, but it is rather far
fetched. A violation of one clauso of
the Constitution is made to appear
coqstitutional by being cloaked-with
another clauAe of the Constitution.
But the great objoetion is not so
niuch against the disingeIuousness as,
against the tampering with a principle
of vital importance. But of this again.
South Carolina Bank Notes.
For the information of our readers
who may have on hand any notes upon
the Banks naned below,. wo give tho
buying rates paid in Charlotte for the
Bank of Canden, -5
Bank of Charleston, -21
Bank of Cheiter, 21
]lank of Georgetown, 21
Bank of .1amburg, 17
Bank of Newberry, 58
Bank of South Carolina, 15
Planter's Bank, 15
Bank of the State of S. C., before
1861, 22
Commercial Bank, Columbia, 18
Exchange Bank, Columbih, 17
Farmers' and E.change, 5
Merchants' 'Cheraw, 21
Peoples' Bank, -46
P lanters' and Mechanics' Bank, 21
Southwestern Itailroad Bank, 55
State Bank, -5
Union Bank, 60
Georgia, --5a60)
Virginia, about 25
G EN. GRAN.- Western writer
says there is one thing connected with
Gen. Grant, that *l.1 roll-dw
through history like the pea1 of a
g rand old Cathedral bell on the Sab
bath air, That is his speech at In
dianapolis, when called upon 'to tuake
a speech to the crowd that had jost re-'
fused to hear'the President umd -See
retary Newttrd, and other distinnish
ed gentlemen. Hie apppaored' on' the
balcony--a sitenee likeNorth -feil en
,theovast eofieourse. 'He1saldh ,
S"f1dntiletner 1iitn ftska-rned of you!
Go hozno and be 'ashamed of y9ur
Ai~~tj STJUCa'T. DiJSoQvRaKrD
ENOLAND.-Ner Basingeu>oke, in, Eng
land, the ancient Jtoan and flritish
capital- of Southern England, .some or:
cavations have, recently been made which
have laid bare a Roman street, with an
other smaller one runnmng from it.- .Two
lnrge Roman thouses with tesalated
pasvements, and site of an amphitheatre,
and a portion of tho alhe surrouriding
thte.anetent capital, have also been dug
out. Several coins of periods anteribr
to the Christian era ha.ve boon fotina,
a'rida 'brick wikh parte of th inscriptmyn
pon i. EnNnd"ls, h mn6y parts,
~rjd the exposu o n b : V :ctf711
cu;riewIit of' th dagt of the Citsnis.
Tbe:wahW cf the efty,' a p6rtioni of whfelh
Hj~ veben "ep'sed, dre qaid to hn
be~en three miles -in eirctrmference.
AT Aot'
To Droi.tait TnE 'iHTS OF. BERHSONS
;?nas 1Etn8ON.BF CoLotj.
t. Be ii enaced by the Senate
Hou'se of Representatives now met and
sitting in General Assembly, and by the
authority or the same, That all persons.
hitherto known in law' in this State as
slaves.-or as free persons of color, shall
hav, tie tight to inake and anfor'ce,4on.
tracts, to slie, be siuwi, to e affliant', and
give evidence, to inherit, to purchase,
lease, sell, hold,. convey - -and assign real
and personal propcty, make wills and
testaments, and to have full Wnd equal
benefit of the rights of personal securi
ty, personal liberty and private proper.
ty. ant qf all. remedies and proceedings
br the enforcement Sand protection of.,
the samo,' as white persons now have
and shall no be subjected 'to any other
or di(Terebb punishlient,. pain or pell.alty
for the cmtssjon of any act ot offence.
than such as arb .prescribed for whiLd
persons commiting like awts or 'olTen ces.
If. That all Acts and' parts of Acts
specially relating to persons lately slaves
and free persons of color contrary to the
p'ovisions of this Act,. or inconsistent
with any of its provisions, he, anl([ tile
same are hereby, repealed : Provided.
That nthing herein contained shal be
construed to repeal so much of the eighth
section of an Act entitled "An Act t>
establish and.regulate the domestid*Ya
tions of persons of color qnd to'amend
the lkw in- relation to pauprs a'nd 'va.
grancy," ratified the t'wenty-firatday-of
December, in the Vear of oAr Lo'rd one
thousand eight hundred and sixty fiv#,
as enacts that "marriage bet.ween a
white person-and a person of color shall
be illegal and void."
In Ithe Scnate lioitse, the twenty-first
day, of 8eptember, in the year of
otir Lord one thousaud eight hun
dree and sixty-six.
W. D). Port;h.
A Presdent of tho' Senate.
r ~U. H1. SINONrO14,
Speaker House of Representatives.
Approved: JAmns L..Oart.,
0oloItor's. Offioo,
81co.,41 SoUT dAtoaiNA,
C 2ao, ptember 21, 18'6.
Cotto from 4Ao Collection
District ore a ducd i - either of
two Tnode fully F .
1. Upon plyh:4tAt of the tax of three
cents per pourid, the Collector or Deputy
Collector will allix to each- bale 'or package
the aot llto stamp hititetq used _o 0ienotv
tax paid cotton, al'i asepo h a permit fi- the
removal of ihe cotton, whioh peraii muon
Ptate thea'mount and payipt, of tIhe tal',
the tithe and placa of payment. std the
marits, oiumbers and grosp weight of the;
lbalen 9r pao4oges, so that the same I'ay at
all t imes 1;e fully identinedi fp .the permit,
under'the proper headng, the Collector or
Dep4ty Col0ctor sholF Ids0tt the letter
and fitmrlbers of the Ahitiis or thgo. On
presenttion of this permit the cottln cor.
respoading to the defpr.1pt)pa and dily
tagged, can be removed fr9pi.the Collection
2. When it is deAlrbd to rempvq o9tton
without payment of the iax ,It, is neossary
to apply to the Collector an make in entry
on aftrrm'pirepared f0the.1uirpole, and
which will be furnished by. te Collector,
and exeoe a bond for the payment' of the
ax to the Coleofor of tp Pap-r-p to. which
it is proposed to transport, thieeotion,'wkthin
ninety days of the date of Lbe bond. Urpon
the execution oftthis bond, the Colleeter
certif,es the facts to the AsesoWand the
lat ter gives a permit for, the reme~val.
l'orsons remuqving or attoppiing to resqy
cotton except on these den 1t91s, reader
themselves-liable to heavy nose 'and pebal
ties. .- U
'Cotton may, however, b'o removed m1y-'
where within the limi-ts of the Colleotion
District whore it. is prodoqe4 ',ithbout, per
nmlls or either A ssessor or delot or,.
FaF.DEnicK A. SAw'rEa, Collector.
-The Texas Legislaturer fhrough the
action of the:. CJoiiitnittee- on' Federal
J1elations, has respeqtftully rotlsret
to the GoV,ernmrent thh Oonitituthin'
amend ment, doolining its firthef~ cour~
sideration. The gro if assigned i
thuA exprtsced in 'the 'ef$ort'
Article thirteen, a tions"ons a
two, have the honoi t report' asf
lows: *
et The"people of, Tea in Convention
ossemabled, have alread , by their or'
dinance, ackno'wledgod the.snprerpacy
of the Constitution 'the Uinited
States: in's which' -C stltton , the
abonamed. article thli en is,emnbrac
ed, as part of the sam 'the conr' 'of
law so hold and admnini er said'artiple
'thirteen. -
The Legislature luas o authority in
this ynatter; any 'actio 0446h6 same'
*iould be surgliani, i(nDtintrasive.
,The committee, th tre,' kto 1W'
excused from thiefmt 4~pdrti
'f the sante; anat ' ,wti. rej
'United States. -
'A .,Tr ; gtb .
TW4 04#I.Pteimber 24.-The
Preside tri 'ippoiiited A. L. 8now.
de, Chief -Coiner of the United States
Mint,at Philadelphia. He has been
eonneated wt-tti
-Secretary Sdiwvd ,' at. 4bte
Department @to- isclia is
official dii(Ibs.
. Dr. 11. C. Farrow,. of Atlanta, ..GA
has been tpp9inted Exariliins .S6
goon by the Comm1nissionor of In'sion
era.-- -- -r--- ---- -
The Orpgon Ro'Us of Aepresvqta
tiyephts passed te,,Cpnotitutiona}
Amnenidinnt by. a voApro(25 to 22a.
Win, Byeroof Arkansas has been
appoiatd Southern Supprintodet of
Indian Agency..,
Nr-W Yon, -Sppt eiber t24.-Iiio
blaoks of the .Union. League t-day
celebrated the ALniveksary of the
oumancspatiqu of the 41aql race at the
South, by a procestiouthrough Broad
way, and addresses at Myrtle Park,
e rod,
EWy ORLIJANV3. Septel) ibr, 24.
Mataio'ra adyi0s st.ato that Qopoles
had,!mpTisoned L,Qpez, tNe NewGov
ernor appoiu.,de., by,.Juarc, depqsed
Qra Josa gud assumed oomouiI4. un
er Ortega.
M4ximilian was in Sag luis Potosi,
where Vicliaurri.and Mejja bad niiko
thousasd inqA...Great, eonstoratiov
prevailed amopg the Liberals at Mong
terey, wg.l wero4e.xpecting thei there.
'The' Markets.
.N'w Ypmnc,.Septembor 25,-Cotton
firm, at 3839 ,aalen of the y,ol 20,
000;;reeipts 14,0Q0,; cxpqrt8. 4,791,
Flour Eriper. Wheat 3a5 cents . bet
ter' ork $32.87. Xard dull at 1la
MOBILE, Septeiber 24.-Cottou
sa4ws.to-ga, 399 its; kiddlijg *;
*iha et Grig. Sc
?W ORLFAN.s, * tembor 24..-..
Cotton firn; svle#'.gf 1,200 bales, Low
Mid4ling at23aS : Qold 14.
VORTREss IoNoE; Sepepner 2
-The stetnuer City... of AlIbny re
lJorts having spokon offThe Capes t'i8
Morning, steamer .. J. &Knight,. from
ilmgton. N. fC., whilch r6porti a
larg ?ttner ashorp on Body Island
'70 eilq soutk' of dip: Henry, signal
Ing In 'distrcss, but owing to -heaj da
and breakerb was upable, tprepdoany
Death, of e 90 sWna.
NEW Yon 'September 25..-John
B. 'Steele, Ex-Congressman, was
thronfrom a wagon in-Kingston yes
,terday and killei. .
Talo0 X a.ls.
NEW YORK, SEpiember 25.-T.io
ibuwl special says, the trial of Mr.
Davis oannot take- plabe in October,
and its postpond6onb Is a legal necos,
eity4 conkequent.upon irreglaritibfisan
the adjo xrnsunt of the $Jircu.it ourt,
at Norfolki-asti April. - : . . '
Chief Juskied Chae announee him-.
self,reAdg. tb.dIll a, spedial-sesuion l'nti
pr'oceed with thme trial.
TheBJerda sye that a .treaty 'has
been nade hbe ,wed1l Brasil, .Buenos
Ayres and Uraguay, agreeing to over
throw the present legal authority of
Paraguay and-institute a aoverei,gnty,
Peru, Chili and .Bollyia ,have indig
nantly~ prote.tegl.-againat 'the p9ojects
NAsui'r.L, T ANN.J30t-$ b
eases Qholera .foii24 hour, endi0 i rs
ter'day.a Feery bodyse,1avinkt S *city
thatgto able; busiosa togoant.4
the Produce Bank, *rith 'the .dev op
pients, oauses greoat serisa4one'- 'a
bilities nearly $2,000,000;. assets
$111,000 .inoluding four riotes for
$243000 oaeh.
N,ew Xonx,sSopt. :284.Yra Orua
intelbigavne to -theu 194. has bton res
.The French .are .'ereoting foriSem
tion, on the land -'ide' 'of the' ely
whic mkus1,6 afIab 1
co.Th h rr
Mcend'"Ba3Tn' hi fii et istriod
44tifae tl1tai jt ko
The %ieAAn .lfnister 11omro: has
ad v icos stating that Juarez and Cabi- -
net are about to remov6 from Chifiua- -
ha tc.hrlt?erav. to 1ccupy, a4 tho"
European VwM
DRESDEN, Sept.'21.-P'ace tas'cor
e, 14 pt%ve 8raxoy. at
AutAria has sent Chargq 4' fairi
nl/rNii Sept,-2A.-Thet K-ing. .has
**ued a-deqree-of amnesty fbr t sundry
ARiI,. 8ept. U.-Napoleon has
gode~ t9 Darier .
fre in w ~taik-Loss of Life.
NEw ORK, Sept. .24.-A four
story tenement house, corner Avouxle
A tuid 13th stroot,' was destroyed by
fire yesterday. Cornelius Rittetiger,
his wife,and thro'e, lvildren porishod.
Two men- who loa'ped from the fourth
sto.ry jihdow' not expected to live.'
Three others jumped dowriibut -were
caught,on be's- and Iesoaped serioup
injury,- -he fire is setpposed to have
oo the work of an incendiary.
Arrest of a Mail Agent on the Oharge of
Murddr Ootninittd *hfle Actfig as Pro
v6st Marshal.
C1So NN%T1. September.- 22.-The,
teimdi Oeher4l itioll, mail 'paket be
tween tii city and Louijville, was
boarded ni WarIaw, RnruckI, night
before lalt, by two oi three hiundred
m'en, who forcibly seized: C. N. Perris;
Tifited States .mail agent, and took him
ashore. Ferris was Provot' Marshal
at Varsaw durng tie wqr,' and was
11trinental 'in. the execilion -of. twds
guerillas by ordor of Generad Bilrbridge.
.."iw c'ude and Ctmmrcial say ie
soradstdd "lithout, a. warrand,.while
the engineer affirms that a true bill had
be"6n found'1g.in *t himby -the griand juri
of Carroll Coun:tV for inuder.
Jom. ashigton.
WASUIxOTON, .September 22.-The.
president. has decided that in 6onise.
qience of the pressure of public busife'is
he will hereafter be obliged to- declitie
receiving kuy committee or delogationt
whoUe priniple ,objei.t is to present pro.
grainies for removid.liad appointments.
to (ofice. ,All such business ist neces
sprily be referred. to #.hw appropriate de. -
irtiuinta 6f the Govugmient for atten.
By,General Order No. 77 from the
War bepartment, the headquarters of
the. Department of Tennessne is transfer.
red from Nashvill Tennessee, to Louis.
ville, Kentuckyr revet Mojor General
Robinson, commanding t.h Departmeit
of Viorti Carolina, having been granted
leave oftabsence, line transferred the
command.temporarily to-Brevet Briga,'.
dier General,N. IGof, Colonl 7th.
Regitient United States Colored Troops.
Janies I Hood; formerly ol the Obiata. -
nodga Oaeue, line been appointed See
retary toClorado. Territ6ry.
The difliaelty between the United,
ptates,'Brazil and Argemine.Republie,
n rf.stecetoMr. Washbttrn, -our
inister to. Paraguay, passiig through
the military lines-of. the allied army,
has beeni adjutsted..
The United States Government noi
fled them if they persisted jn their refid.
.sal it would be regarded 'Nva .violatiQul
of internation. custom and courtesy.
~These repiresentations had -'the -desire
eiect, -.and . aishburn -was allowed to
A large numbei- of promineit support
oe sof the- President's poliCy,- from Maine
and. New.HaImpshir. are here, urging
,ta6 Frsidernt to remoute certain tQV.
ernent. o00legrs in jiioee States who -are
hitterly opposed .te his ademiiaration.
s ept2T.-2 -FWo
0N1. rserne OiNI ~Ad RNE0S.
- TCllN, ,AR1t&c

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